Sunday, December 13, 2009

Video Game Awards

Jake Gyllenhaal was a presenter at Spike TV's Video Game Awards. He looked cool in casual duds, including the infamous grandpa sweater as he presented a "first look" at Prince of Persia. We've seen most of this before, but it seemed to get a good reaction from the gamer crowd.

Jake returned to the stage to present the award for Game of the Year to a game I'd never heard of, which won over other games I'd never heard of. Worthy challengers all, I'm sure.

Thanks to Stephanie for the fast uploads on the videos!

Some new shots of Jake and Tobey Maguire at the Variety screening of Brothers last week.


Monica said...

Tobey is beautiful and hot!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica! I have more regard for Tobey since seeing some of his Brothers interviews, but I don't think he's hot. He just doesn't do it for me. His eyes are a beautiful blue, I'll give him that :)

Little anecdote:

David Lynch, who works the front desk at La Fonda, was particularly excited to see Brothers open last weekend. He had the pleasure of driving star Jake Gyllenhaal and his assistant Megan Milner around Santa Fe during the movie's filming. He also can be seen as an Al Qaida fighter in the movie. He's the one whose foot is shot off in the scene where Tobey Maguire is being rescued. You can see Lynch next in Love Ranch, starring Helen Mirren (Lynch is in a Thanksgiving scene with the Oscar winner). The film is the story of Nevada's first legal brothel, set against a background of infidelity, boxing and murder.

mary said...

as i dont play video games im not familar with any of the games either what we do for jake :)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. I sure wish Variety would upload the video of the screening Q&A for Brothers.

I'm always impressed by Jake's poise. No matter what situation he's in, he seems to be "present" and engaged, and accessible. If that makes any sense.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Mary, the things we do! Jake did make it worthwhile, at least. As Bobbyanna said, he always has the perfect attitude and demeanor for the different venues in which he performs. It's a great skill.

And heheh - he said "balls." / beavis

Anonymous said...

These are cute twitters from someone who met Jake tonight:

had an amazing time at the VGAs , so lucky to talk for a bit with Jake Gyllenhaal he was awesome!!!! :)

@KitCatFilms he was just amazing he gave me 20dls tip lol

@KitCatFilms yes he is hotter , our type of guy amiga and he is a nice man now I understand why Whiterspoon doesn't let him go away lol

Shondra said...

Never heard of the games nominated nor the winners last night but it was so good seeing Jake on stage! He looked so yummy and love that he wore the Grandpa cardigan,LOL!

The show was so, um loud and distracting, but there was a great reaction to the Pop trailer.

Thanks so much IHJ and UV for posting the clips from the show.

Tobey does have pretty eyes, but boy is he short!

Happy Hanukkah (Day 3) to all that celebrate!!

FluorescentLamp said...

I confess to knowing several of the titles mentioned in the VGAs tonight. I don't know why that is. Maybe to do with having a 15 year old gamer nephew might be part of it.

I'm in awe over how the graphics of these "games" have evolved over the last 15 or so years from the basic Super Mario Brothers to those I saw last night, especially the graphics of the winning game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Truly amazing. A tad too violent for my tastes, but still pretty amazing.

Jake looked great. He is able to adapt his wardrobe accordingly, bless him. Grandpa cardie over tee shirt worked well.

Anonymous said...

ITA, I was amazed at the technology and graphics of the games, but some of them are quite violent. It was interesting to watch, and there was just enough Jake to keep me interested. ;) Love the Grandpa cardie, he looked really good. I like the Bravery too. ;) Liked Jake's comment about the blonde. ;)

bobbyanna said...

More and more actors are voicing video games and allowing their likenesses to be used. The lines are blurring more everyday between feature films and games.

The graphics are spectacular, FL. My reference point is PacMan:)! But these new ones are really violent,a couple I saw last night were pretty extreme.

lawgoddess said...

Jake looked really good. But three layers? The poor baby must have been cold!

The line for volunteers to warm him up forms tight behind me. :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Things sure have changed since I was into video games, I'm talking about Super Mario Bros, the original! Not familiar with most of the titles except for the Batman one which was nominated.

I wonder if he was a bit chilly with those layers, poor baby! He lookd good, relaxed and was having a good time.

mary said...

what was the comment about the blonde he made i didnt hear it too clearly he did look gorgeous

bobbyanna said... did a live stream last night with cameras in the backstage area, and it looked as if there was a lot of activity, people, equipment, even a wall with monitors,outside in tents. It was a rainy chilly night, too, so maybe Jake needy his grandpa sweater. I'm almost wondering if he owns more than one grey grandpa sweater.:)

Sag actor said...

It was on stage after he gave the award out for best video mary.

There was an amazon blonde in front of him and he was trying to exit the stage and said: "there is a tall blonde blocking me" or something like that.

The clip wans't new but the fanboys and girls liked it. Good move by Disney to have Jake appear.

mary said...

thanks sag actor i saw her blocking the mic but couldnt hear what jake said

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound fangirly, but did anyone notice how he was striding around last night? Reminded me of Jarhead.

UltraViolet said...

Fangirlishness is perfectly acceptable, anon :) Jake did have his strut on last night.

Jim Sheridan mentioned Jake's confidence, and remember Ben Kingsley described Jake as having an unwavering confidence, or something like that.

Maybe I'll reward myself with a trip to the movies...

bobbyanna said...

OK. 2:08 was me. (blushes.)

get real said...

Jake was seriously sexy on the VGA's. Looked sexy with the new haircut, which I love and the grandpa sweater never looked better. He was so funny and adorable. I know I use that word alot...adorable...but he is and it only makes him more charming, if that is possible. :D

Thanks also for the Tweets about Jake at the awards...people sure love him. ;D

suvee said...

Jake did have his strut on last night.

Oh yes! And I swear, even his voice sounded different.... a little deeper, a little rougher? Okay, maybe that was just my heated imagination. Whatever, he was in fine form last night.

Paula said...

Not your imagination Suvee, he definately sounded rougher:)

I swear I can't think of any other man that can make that Grandpa sweater look sexy, he was working it last night!

Bette said...

Suvee I thought it was sort of his I'm manly, in front of a mostly manly crowd voice. That's what I took it as, whatever it was, it was sexy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Golden Globe nominations will be announced Tuesday, December 15th.

Extra said...

A lot of the stuff last night on thr VGA's went right over my head I have to admit, but Jake was funny,cool and sexy so it was worth watching it even though I had to sit through a lot of tacky crap!

I feel like we may be in for a drought for awhile until Source code starts up.

Monica said...

Foolish Golden Globe Predictions

Best Actor, Drama

Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
George Clooney, Up in the Air
Colin Firth, A Single Man
Morgan Freeman, Invictus
Tobey Maguire, Brothers

I suspect there'll be one big surprise here. So I went with Maguire in Brothers since I did see a gazillion HFPA voters fawning all over him at a Brothers event. I'm rooting for rising dependable thespians like Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker or Sam Rockwell in Moon to surprise here but I suspect the Globes obvious preference for household names means that we'll hear one of these three names called: Tobey, Viggo (The Road) or Johnny (Public Enemies) when the nominations are announced tomorrow. Am I crazy?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the link Monica! I have nothing against Tobey, but I would prefer Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker to be the in the 5th slot.

I know the haircut Jake has now is probably for his next film but I wish he would keep this look!

bobbyanna said...

The Los Angeles Film Critics Assn. just voted "Hurt Locker" best film of 2009,& "Up in the Air" was first runner-up."Hurt Locker" seems to be gaining momentum.

Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster got very positive reactions for"The Messenger."Stanley Tucci, Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie, and Jake's performances all got very positive responses.

I'm shocked that "Inglorious Basterds" is being mentioned at all. Ditto for "The Hangover" and "Public Enemy," was just awful. Critics dumped on them.

I don't know how competitive the BSA category is, but I hope Jake is recognized.

mary said...

just watched at the movies and they have been counting down the top ten movies of the decade this week is number 3 and film critic scott had bbm phillips the other film critic had put zodiac as his number 7

Monica said...

I enjoyed reading the description of Colter in Source Code:
Colter looks to be thirty years old. A military buzz cut. A disciplined physique, lean and spare, almost gaunt. Skin burnished by years of desert sandstorms and equatorial sun. His expression, prematiraly aged by combat, is perpetually wary, sometimes predatory, accustomed to trouble.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jake doesn't "over-prepare" by losing a lot of weight for that "gaunt" look like Tobey did for "Brothers."

UltraViolet said...

I don't think he'll go the Tobey route, anon. There's gaunt and then there's ghostly/ghastly, which was Tobey.

Great description, Monica. Looking forward to Source Code. Though it's killing me to read about Chris Pine getting ready to shoot the next Jack Ryan movie. That role should have gone to Jake, damn it.

It will also kill me if Tobey and/or Natalie get GG noms and Jake is shut out. I am not prepared to be magnanimous about this!

Here's a nice Brothers mention, from David Edelstein's year-end movie review:

Now the best:

"Brothers" centers on very different siblings - Toby McGuire's ramrod soldier and Jake Gyllenhaal's dissolute ex-con - and shows how they switch roles when one comes back damaged from Afghanistan.

Irish director Jim Sheridan skips among three protagonists, including Natalie Portman as McGuire's wife (left), but never loses the emotional pulse. For this great director, empathy comes as naturally as breathing.

Yes, the movie is depressing, but the undying love of family is the most uplifting message imaginable in this season of miracles.

UltraViolet said...

So I did see Brothers again today, an d I have to echo what I read earlier in a blog review: I wanted the movie to keep going and going, so we'd know what happens to all of these characters.

For me, mostly Tommy, of course. But I do wonder what will happen with Tommy's relationship to the girls, to Grace and to Sam.

But one of the things the blogger was getting at was how interesting it was just to watch this family on screen. I think that's particularly true of Jake/Tommy. In that funny painting scene, I realized I could watch Jake like that all day - relaxed, charming, funny, playful, mischievous. There just wasn't enough of that in the movie.

I do wonder what other scenes were filmed for the movie, some of which I hope we'll see on the DVD. This article about Ryan Kavanaugh and Brothers refers to some creative differences he and Jim Sheridan had:

-- Asked about his reported disagreements with Sheridan, Kavanaugh said, "It's not contention as much as we both had ideas. When you get as deep in a movie that's this emotional for three years – we were editing for a year – it's hard to step outside of it.

"And Jim had his ideas and we had our ideas, and we did like 42,000 test screenings on it, and every time you do one you read a note and you have to recut the whole movie. (I love the way Hollywood works – we make movies for a certain audience and we don't actually show it to them until we're done spending all the money and then we go back and fix it and try and make it work...)

"The movie is so much about what's not said, if you tweak it in the wrong way, it just felt off. But I think we have the best version of the movie. I've heard [Sheridan] on these panels say, when talking about our disagreements, “Oh, I f---ing hated him. But he was right and I was right, and now we have the best movie together.”

I'm so curious about the specifics - what exactly did they disagree on and why. I wonder if there was ever an attempt to push Tommy/Grace a little more or to show more Tommy/Sam scenes. Or if the differences were more philosophical.

I can't imagine Sheridan wanting to be more obvious/"say" more, but I can imagine him wanting a bit more of an edge in there.

I wish we'd gotten better reports from these screenings, so we might have more of an idea what he's referring to.

UltraViolet said...

I'll stop spamming my own blog, but I had to post this, from a blog I never heard of and its Brothers review. I click on random reviews just to see what they say, and I really liked this description of Jake as Tommy:

Gyllenhaal, however, is the best part of this, and this is the best part of his career. He's given the framework for a fairly stock character and invests it with so much humanity, grace, and tenderness. There are so many obvious ways to play a guy trying to turn his life around, and Gyllenhaal is never given, nor does he seek, a shortcut. It's just there in his face.


Yes, I ignored what he said earlier about Jake - anyone who can call his BBM performance "middling" has issues. But he was spot-on in his summary of Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this tweet is true, hope so.

2 Hands Diamonds Cab for them! RT @JasHmineCorpuz Last night Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon came in to eat. didn't get to see them :(

Monica said...

Critics Choice:


•Jae Head – “The Blind Side”
•Bailee Madison – “Brothers”
•Max Records – “Where The Wild Things Are”
•Saoirse Ronan – “The Lovely Bones”
•Kodi Smit-McPhee – “The Road”

Monica said...

I don't care whether Jake will need to lose weight 20 pounds or gain 20 pounds for a role. I just want to see a great performance in a great movie.

He is beautiful, very beautiful, sexy, hot, but he doesn't have to be beautiful in every film he is acting.

bobbyanna said...

"He's given the framework for a fairly stock character and invests it with so much humanity, grace, and tenderness. There are so many obvious ways to play a guy trying to turn his life around, and Gyllenhaal is never given, nor does he seek, a shortcut."

That's a perfect observation. Well said!

Anonymous said...

2 Hands Diamonds Cab for them! RT @JasHmineCorpuz Last night Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon came in to eat. didn't get to see them :(

It seems the break up rumor was false.

Chica said...

Well the blog that I never heard of either, hits it on the head. It is an actors film, don't agree with what he had to say about Jake and BBM and Zodiac but he is right about Natalie's part in Brothers, she is the weakest link IMO.

Not surprised to see Bailee on the list monica, she gave an outstanding performance.

I will be pissed too UV, if Natalie and Tobey names are announced at the GG's tomorrow and not Jake's, I'm still pissed that he wasn't nominated in 2006.

Anonymous said...

The J&R twitter doesn't seem to be from someone who would be making it up. He apparently works at this place and was told by others when he got there or he was busy somewhere else and missed them.

Anonymous said...

2 hands Diamond cab is probably the wine they ordered/Napa Valley.

I believe the tweet, why would someone make it up.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for the good wishes previously, despite my OH diagnosing me with Swine Flu on Friday (via the internet of course, he's not a Dr) it turned out to be a case of Piglet Head Cold and I'm nearly okay again :D

No reason for that tweeter to lie at all - I believed the breakup story as much as I believed the engagement one. We'll see, I don't think any of the mags have the inside track on Jake and Reese, they just like to speculate, throw enough out there and hope they'll take the bait.

Still can't believe I've over a month to wait to see Brothers *pouts*

bobbyanna said...

I'm thinking maybe they were at Drago Centro in downtown LA, or at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills. The tweet said, "last night" so maybe it was after the VGA awards which would put it at around 7:30 P.M. LA-time.

Anonymous said...

In some mag. or column or something it had been mentioned Jake and Reese hadn't been seen together much lately. Whoeever said it must not of been aware of them making movies at the same time and also of them getting together as much as they could during that time. There were no paps. around and there were Tweets and such and one try at a picture in New York. Also that one time on the set.
Jake will be doing things to get ready for the next movie and maybe Reese has some things also.
They've got a place they can go to and hide-out.
They also have both been seen shopping or being somewhere without each other through the whole almost 3 years they've been together. Thinking of the kind of "breathless" People.."Reese Witherspoon by herself."

Anonymous said...

People and the rest of the rags are full of crap as you can see by reading their BS. You can tell they are spinning their stories based on the lack of pap pcis which they are so used to. Very few actually were aware that they were filming and that they wee meeting up, I guess their interns didn't bother checking their IMDB pages or saw the twets.

Te lack of mention of their filming schedules even in People shows you that not only are they clueless but have no "sources".

People originally had no reason for the break which is absurd but were forced to tell a tale based on their own archived stories on them going back to 2007, none of it was recent except the "source".

Talk about lazy and sloppy.

And as you pointed out, there are enough pap pics of them alone and doing errands and guess what, they were both in L.A. at the same time! Or the BS about them attending seperate screenings for Crazy Hearts. If they actually had any inside sources, they know thst Jake and Reese don't do "events".

Extra said...

My head hurts thinking about all the are they or are they not stuff for the past two weeks. Their reps said that they are still on and that's good enough for me for now. We will know one way or another soon.

In other news: Jake is a Hanukkah hottie!:

Anonymous said...

Thats strange that tweet has been deleted!.

UltraViolet said...

Well, he retweeted a private tweet, and he works for the restaurant. Not very discreet!

PoP sticker book, anyone? That picture of Jake is not the best one they could have used!

FluorescentLamp said...

PoP sticker book, anyone? That picture of Jake is not the best one they could have used!

*snicker* That

bobbyanna said...

No. Uh, Uhh.

They need to fix that. Like, yesterday.

We're talking PoP, not SNL.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Uh, Ok. well it's for kids right???

This is the first piece of Pop merchandise that I give a big thumbs down....

Anonymous said...

On the People site - why do i go there? - anyway, it has their various pictures section and there's one of Jake at the awards - which says "a newly single Jack Gyllenhaal".

Anonymous said...

Jake was never married, maybe People is confusing him with someone else!

Monica said...

his film "Nailed" had its set of massive problems too and still hasn't even seen the light of day; though recent reports suggest an eventual DVD release might be possible).

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the link, monica.I read about Natalie attached to the P&P Zombies, but I'm really surprised to read she might be working with David O Russell. She'd be his boss, actually.

I'm beginning to think "Nailed" might be another "Bubbleboy" for Jake.

Extra said...

This footage is not new, I think this is what they showed on air last year:

Not feeling that Pop sticker book at all and I'm not surprised to hear that Nailed may go straight to DVD.

UltraViolet said...

ET did actually have some new behind the scenes PoP footage on tonight, showing a very ripped and shirtless Jake.

My sister exclaimed at how good he looked, and she isn't really a fan. (She then said the movie looks awful, lol.)

And yes, the sticker book photo is just awful.

Yummy! said...

IHJ has the stills up from ET:

bobbyanna said...

I hope and pray there's a special "making of" or "behind the scenes with Dastan"...

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Bobbyanna - I'm counting on Disney overkill for all the PoP extras!

New shirtlessness, new post.