Saturday, December 5, 2009

The man with a thousand expressions

And none of them the same.

Just a few bits and bobs I found this morning in my travels. I really have nothing much to add except - Ooooh look at the pretty!

A quick peek at some early box office numbers shows that Brothers will most likely finish third for the weekend.

David Poland's Hot Blog goes on to say After early reports that Brothers would be opening under $7 million, it will open closer to $10 million. Pretty respectable I think. The film probably would have finished a lot lower had it not been for Jake's appearance on Kimmel Thursday night.

Please keep those reviews coming in. We love hearing what everyone thought.


FluorescentLamp said...

As I mentioned in the comments on the last post, I thought I'd bring over the last few comments to keep discussion on the film going.


get real said...

Hey all,

What to say, the movie was great and Jake was excellent. Jake's talent shines through once again. Some of the scenes had me tearing up and they were mostly Jake scenes. His chemistry with Natalie was brilliant. And I loved him with the girls. I really loved the original but Jake brought something very special to this one. Overall though I think the original was better except for Jake.

And I was furious to see the new ad with all the accolades for Tobey and Natalie and no mention of Jake....WTF Lionsgate, WTF!

Also, there was a very good crowd for my showing, almost completely full and the next showing had a big crowd!

Carla said...

Great that you guys like the film - I am very excited for everyone who has the chance to watch it...

Lionsgate messed everything up - Jake is getting mostly very good reviews and I don´t understand why they are not treating the three main actors equally.

UV, the Box Office for Brothers is really great - I have to admit that I have not expected it doing so well. Its a difficult plot and surely not a feel-good-movie. It did much better than most predicted and I am very happy.

Now I have to watch him at Kimmel again...what a riot.....:-))

Paula said...

Saw Brothers last night !:

Jake, Natalie, Bailee and Sam had the best performances in the movie. Tobey was fine but I felt that his performance was a bit over the top and seemed a bit false. Jake, Natalie and Sam felt more natural, i liked Mare but she didn't have enough sceen time which is a shame.

Jake just shined in his role, one of his best since Jack Twist IMO. The only edge I would give to the original was that the actors were older, there were a few times I thought that the trio were a bit young, especially Natalie.

A became weepy over several scenes, the theater was about 90% full, it was a good crowd.

It looks like it will come in at #3 this weekend which is great!

It looks like Jake was giving you a shout out FL with his fake tattoo, LOL!

Love the Q&A pictures and thanks for posting that quote from Jake Leonore, it was the perfect thing for him to say.

Anonymous said...

Think word of mouth on "Brothers" will keep people going.
This time of year with a "intense" movie its not expected to be a "blockbuster"..but it looks like it will do fine.
And it should do esp. well in DVD.

The majority of people fighting now are young people in their early mid and late 20's. There are older ones of course but i think the characters in the movie fit a demographic that is correct.

Wish there was an e-mail for Lionsgate to tell them Jake might be the one that holds the movie together and I think the one people will feel the closest too.
Maybe they will do a better job on a supporting actor nomination after they see the impact he has.

Some comments have been made about how being someone in jail he should of been meaner or tougher or something not have this kind of sweetness. Not everyone who commits a crime looks like someone to run from. Would think his put-downs by his father through his life (some say cliche, but there are enough people who have had those very same circumstances in real life) led him to be just what his father expected. That doesn't mean that his real self wasn't bascially a person who could care and wanted to be cared for.

bobbyanna said...

Jake's scenes at the airport (no dialogue) were really heartbreaking. Understated, too.

mary said...

yea especially when jake just leaning there after everyone is walking down the hallway to the door his look just says it all i really got teary eyed there

mary said...

love the one of him and tobey just laughing at something wonder what they were laughing at jake looks really good and really happy

FluorescentLamp said...

Yes, a video transcript of that Q&A would be most welcome. :-)

bobbyanna said...

I got impatient and e-mailed Variety asking when the Q&A would be available online, FL. I hope they get more e-mails (hint, hint! :))about it.

According to Twitter,Reese was at a liquor store in Venice with...a "huge, Scandinavian guy." Could it be Jake's "Sasquawtch?"

FluorescentLamp said...

He's huge and looks a little bit like Sasquatch's Scandinavian cousin. ;-D

Anonymous said...

That sighting was from last night.

Brothers numbers are good considering it's the only new movie in the top three,but it's not great, when you consider it opened at 2,088 theaters.

Anonymous said...

Another Anon.
Brothers is still going to do better than the expected "projection" and they knew how many theaters it would be in.

Anonymous said...

Most of the reactions to Brothers on Twitter involve, "I couldn't stop crying" and "I fell in love with Jake Gyllenhaal all over again!" or something similar. LOL!

Extra said...

Very pretty indeed FL, love the pics from the press conference and the Q&A with Tobey. I usually don't like him with his hair so short but he looks good here.

I haven't had a chance to see Brothers yet and I won't this weekend for sure. Hopefully I will get to see it after work during the week, I can't wait! Thanks to the posters here so far that have posted their reviews. I'm thrilled that it looks like it will come in at #3 this weekend, i'm so happy for Jake and the rest of the cast.

We may have found "bigfoot" FL!!!!

mary said...

yea im glad too that it looks like it will probably take 3rd one of the blogs i read said it wouldnt make the top 5 doing better than expected im glad for jake and the rest of the cast too great movie

suvee said...

Saw Brothers this afternoon..... the 2nd matinee showing and the theater was probably 3/4 full, which I thought was a good sign.

I thought Jake was wonderful..... easily his best performance since BBM. ( And I am capable of being somewhat objective despite my fondness for him.)
He really made this role his own...... he crafted a very specific, multi dimensional, complex character.... a wounded, charming lost boy, struggling to define himself. His Tommy provided the emotional "glue" and grace in this family drama I thought..... an elegant performance that really shows how he has matured as an actor.

And despite a few moments of cliched overacting, I thought Tobey was very good. Actually, Natalie was the one that I was least impressed with. Not because she didn't look old enough..... but because her Grace never really rose above a sort of generic "Marine wife left at home" character. And that Bailee Madison deserves all the accolades she is getting IMO.... outstanding job.

The movie itself did have some issues...... It should have been a bit longer IMO. It felt rushed. I think the movie would have benefited if more time had been spent showing Tommy's transformation. And the ending seemed sort of slap dash to me. But those are minor quibbles. Needless to say, I will be seeing it again. :)

Josie said...

I've enjoyed reading everyone's review so far, thanks so much! Once I get to sse it, I will be adding mines as well.

Wow,# 3 for the weekend! I was worried about how would do this weekend.

He looks gorgeous in these pictures and such an expressive face and eyes!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I will be seeing Brothers tomorrow, love reading the reviews here. Thanks so much for taking your time to post them. Coming in third place is pretty good!

I sent Variety an e-mail too bobbyanna:).

suvee said...

I just wanted to clarify one thing from my review. I didn't mean to imply that Natalie's performance was bad..... it wasn't at all. I just thought in comparison to Jake and Tobey, hers was the least defined of the 3 leads. Could be the fault of the script though.... her role was primarily reactive.

Anonymous said...

Well, breaking into the movie discussion..seems to be more "talk" out there.
if Reese was seen with Jake's big-guy friend..why would she be..

Anyway, this was something that was out there in April..and then in June..

Brad and Angelina Break Up Rumors Gain Power already split. The Brad and Angelina break up would reportedly be made official in the next few days, with a costly battle over their fortune and kids ahead. However, representatives for Pitt and Jolie are denying any break up reports, keeping Brangelina intact until the next more concrete rumor comes along.

According to the National Enquirer, Pitt and Jolie are in the midst of an official break up. The report says that the mega stars were tired of "glossing over" their problems throughout their relationship.
They're a much more high profile couple.
But it's so disturbing when J&R have been more low-key and it doesn't help when things like this get splashed all over mags. and the internet...however things are.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

lawgoddess said...

Very pretty pictures!

You guys have been working overtime- thank you!

And I love bobbyanna and Nancy emailing Variety. Jake fans are on the case!

UltraViolet said...

Going to see the movie again later today - maybe I can be more coherent now that the initial excitement has died down!

I agree, bobbyanna, that the airport scene is devastating. Another one of those times when I wish we got to linger more on Tommy.

I've read a few reviews about how Jake isn't tough enough to be an ex-con. Not only do I disagree with that sentiment, I don't even think we're supposed to think he's a hardened criminal.

I do admit that the movie could have used a few more badass/bad apple Tommy scenes. As well as, and I think I mentioned this, more scenes with Grace and Tommy, something pushing past that kiss. It didn't have to be sex, just something else a little dangerous.

Dave, the bartender from Brothers (that scene is hilarious!) is also in Maggie's movie, "Crazy Heart."

Interesting story about a woman with Parkinson's who will appear in LaOD.

Been trying to remember when I see a review with a particularly nice comment about Jake. Here's one, from Rope of Silicon:

I rarely like giving film's positive reviews simply for having excellent performances while the film itself didn't necessarily work for me, but I find myself straddling that line with this one. Like I said the three leads are spectacular. Tobey Maguire is a hard person for me to take seriously when his characters go to dark places, but with this one he really nails it, particularly in the film's final moments. Portman too, hits all the right notes and Gyllenhaal's performance and character are the most fleshed out and perfect parts of the film. A final exchange between Maguire and Gyllenhaal is certain to hit many moviegoers quite hard. It was the stand out moment for me.

UltraViolet said...

I haven't seen the original, get real, so I'll have to wait to see if I think it's better. But I do agree that Jake brought something very special to this version.

Paula, Tobey didn't really work for me, either, at least not 100%. Curious to see how I'll feel about him on re-viewing. I liked the fact that the actors were younger. From what I've seen of the original, the actors seemed too old.

Suvee, I was surprised by hoe much I liked Natalie. I realized before seeing Brothers that I don't think I've seen Natalie in anything. But I was expecting to be underwhelmed, and I thought she delivered. Her role is a little passive, and I don't think she shines in every scene. (In the kitchen confrontation, I thought it was interesting that she didn't play it totally frightened. But she didn't have any dialogue to support it, like, "I'm not going to let you do this" or something like that. If she did, I forget it.)

Okay, will hold off on more discussion until later. Keep those reviews coming in, folks!

Cathy E said...

Brothers was wonderful - Jake was great in it, really convincing (and very hot!) as the family blacksheep. His volatility was really surprising to me, and believable. I don't think he was supposed to be a hardened criminal either, just a guy who made a mistake when he was young. I thought Tobey was great too, and really believable and real for what he'd been through. I couldn't even imagine carrying around a burden like that, or even how he could talk about it. I really thought something awful was going to happen to him because of it. Natalie was like a ray of light - I thought she was beautiful, elegant and perfectly believeable as a young girl who married her high school sweetheart and started her family young. Sam Shephard and Mare were great and also very authentic - and the two girls were too. The oldest girl I think was very bright and testing her limits too during a confusing time, but I think she'd be fine. I was so impressed by how Tommy grew up.

Chica said...

Good morning!

Saw Brothers last night, the theater was full, just a few seat up front were empty.

Jake and Tobey had the best performances. Jake portrayed Tommy as a lost soul looking for some kind of redemption through his brothers family. His scenes with Sam Shepeard were his best IMO. He also shined with Tobey, Natalie and his on screen nieces!

Tobey was totally believeable as a soldier, emotionally damaged by war and the effect on his family, his scenes are explosive.

I wasn't too impressed with Natalie, but I think that was because the way her role was written. She did have good chemistry with Jake but she didn't really bring anything to the role like Jake and Tobey, any actress could have played the part.

The 2 girls who played the daughters were amazing, especially Ms. Madison.

There were a few things I had a problem with, it did seemed a bit rushed . I wished they dealt a bit more with Tommy in jail, and some of the supporting characters cold have been fleshed out more.

But overall I thought it was a good film. There were some very emotional scenes where I teared up. I liked the performances more than the direction.

It was great seeing Jake up on the big screen again and in such an incredible role.

Glad to see that it did so well at the BO this weekend.

Cathy E said...

I wished it had been longer too. :)

bobbyanna said...

Another scene that struck me was the one between Sam Shephard and Tobey outside, "If you ever want to talk..." that look on Tobey's face as Sam walks away. Whew.

I think the story of a returning soldier with PTSD could have been reduced to a cliche', if not for the actors, and especially for Jake. Tommy just broke your heart. It seemed as if Sheridan gave equal weight and respect to his pain, as much as for Tobey's experience. I just thought Jake gave a very raw performance, keeping things understated, and yet, emotionally draining for anyone who was paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jim Sheridan does Director Cuts but it would be nice.

That was a good comment about Jake's performance - If they were paying attention. Sometimes when someone gives a nuanced performance some people just see the surface. They also can be so involved with Tobey's character and his volativity they aren't completely aware (until they, we hope, see it again)of the greatness of Jake's performance.
That happened with BBM. It was such a surprise to many that Heath could give such a great performance that it wasn't until later viewings (some critics did make comments later on this) they understood the performance of Jake.
Of course he did get an Oscar nomination so it worked for enough.
Sure would be nice if that happened again.

get real said...

UV "I've read a few reviews about how Jake isn't tough enough to be an ex-con. Not only do I disagree with that sentiment, I don't even think we're supposed to think he's a hardened criminal."

UV, those reviewers clearly didn't see the original because he isn't supposed to be a hardened criminal. He is just a screw up who got in trouble. The original actor also played it with some humor. Based on that Jake played it perfectly and was just right for this role and was even more charismatic and charming and brought a depth to the role that I loved.

Cathy E said...

It seemed as if Sheridan gave equal weight and respect to his pain, as much as for Tobey's experience.

I agree - that scene where Tommy almost lost it at the dinner table was surprising to me, and I thought very real.

bobbyanna said...

"...he isn't supposed to be a hardened criminal. He is just a screw up who got in trouble..."

I agree, get real. Another cliche' exploded: the "Menacing Ex-Con."
Jake was protraying something much closer to reality than to Hollywood with Tommy.

Another "Sam Shephard moment":
In the kitchen with Tommy after Sam's death. The "you never finished anything..." scene.

Made me tear up to witness the struggle that was so obviously going on there, two drowning men, floundering,not at all sure a lifeline was even being offered.

Cathy E said...

. . . the struggle that was so obviously going on there, two drowning men, floundering,not at all sure a lifeline was even being offered.

Until that scene with the cops . . . I really was affected by that. We had to take a walk after the film was over. I wasn't even that aware of the film's music until the U2 song at the end - I was concentrating so much on the dialogue. Everyone was wonderful in it.

bobbyanna said...

The dinner table scene with the balloon, as it played out,you noticed Tommy watching Isabel and Sam, resisting the temptation to interfere.Was he remembering something,looking at Sam as if Sam was turning into their own father?

OK, I'll stop.:)

Chica said...

The comments by some reviewers about Jake not being tough or convincing enough to be believeable as an ex-con are ridiculous as it's already been pointed out.

Tommy was someone who just messed up he wasn't suppose to be a hardcore ex-con, just like in the original.

He gave a very complex performance: lost and confused soul,looking for redemption, charming, funny. He hit it out of the park. Not to many actors his age could have pulled this of.

Cathy E said...

^^You're right - in Tommy's Daddy's day not as much was known about PTSD I don't think? So Sam and Tommy may share an even deeper bond. I think Hank even mentioned something about it, how he couldn't talk to his own wife about his experiences. What a powerful film.

Anonymous said...

I think after WW2 they called it being "Shell-shocked" tho don't know if it was completely what it is now, it sounds like it might be.
Rem. after "Saving Pivate Ryan" so many WW2 soldiers began to talk about what it was like for them. Many had not talked much to their families about their situation.

suvee said...

I thought the scene of Tommy in the bar, being bailed out by Grace, was wonderfully acted by Jake. No, it wasn't a heavy drama moment...... it gave the audience a brief moment of lightness, the chance to laugh and a glimpse of Tommy's charm.

But I think "playing drunk" convincingly is not that easy. Most actors think that just slurring their speech, and stumbling around is sufficient. Most RL tipsy/drunk behavior is not that simplistic. I thought Jake was absolutely perfect in that scene...... you got the message that Tommy was inebriated, but it didn't come across as acting, at all. Sometimes, it's these little scenes that can really showcase an actor's talent IMO.

Anonymous said...

I wonder was the bar scene in the script?

JoeAnn said...

Beware, spoilers.

Bobbyanna, that scene really struck me as well. Those girls are essentially Sam and Tommy all over again, age switched. Between Isabel and Tommy the parallel is strong. In the balloon scene Tommy is clearly aware from the very beginning that Isabel is frustrated and about to act out. Everyone else is trying to ignore the girl and keep up the convo, but Tommy's eyes keep straying across the table to watch his niece. Add in Isabel's non-resentful observation that everyone loves her sister and you can see that history is repeating itself in this family.

The pancake scene utterly charmed me.

I think this is Jake's best movie since BBM.

mary said...

the birthday /dinner scene was another intense scene where jake didnt say much but you could see it in jake facial and eye expressions definitely one of jakes best performances

UltraViolet said...

Hi JoeAnn. Good to see you. I'm eager to rewatch the dinner table scene. Okay allof Jake's scenes. You could see that Tommy knew something was up.

It was interesting to hear that the bridge scene between Tommy and Isabelle was improvised, unless that was J Sheridan misremembering again. Great job by Jake and Bailee either way.

I think FlL said the bar scene was in the original.

Anonymous said...

I read a movie review that gave away the entire story...which they hated, by the way,so I don't think you guys are too bad with your spoilers. At least, you make me want to see it in spite of that review.

FluorescentLamp said...

Yes, the bar scene was in the original as well as being in Benioff's script. But I loved this scene better with Jake. Biased? Yes of course.

The birthday dinner scene I found to be more tense and intense than just about any other scene in the film. As mentioned, watching Jake watching everything going on at the table was fascinating.

Monica said...

The interview with Jimmy Kimmel was one of the worst interviews I saw with Jake.
He was behaving like a teenager doing these stupid jokes. I thought he had matured, but that is not what it seems.
He is a man who will turn 29 years and not a clown or fool.

I am loving all these positive comments about Brothers, particularly about performance of Jake.

Shondra said...

I need to go see this film like right now! Thanks for the reviews everyone. And thanks for posting the yummy photos of Mr G.!

mary said...

sorry you didnt like the jimmy kimmell interview monica but that is typical jake he always has a story to tell and he doesnt seem to be able to sit still during a nterview but that just the way jake is he was great in brothers one of his best performances

mary said...

plus also thats just jakes personality and people dont usually chage their personality as they get older

Anonymous said...

Jake loves what he does and he works hard on learning about the character and putting him into motion.
But Jake is also a "joker"..he's a storyteller..he has probably been that way since he was a child and he will continue to be that way it's just who he is.
It's also a very good type of personality to have on a movie set because it can be a tense thing at times.

bobbyanna said...

Monica, I understand, but just so you know: I've read that the Jimmy Kimmel appearance was a "performance." Jake's people and Jimmy's people got together before the show to go over the skit. The tattoo, the story, all pre-arranged. It was mostly true, but Jake turned it into a skit.

Jake likes to improvise. The merkin thing is something he's been fooling with too. I believe if Jake had to run to the drug store he could come back with a story. My youngest daughter is kind of like that.

I can definitely see how he could appear over the top, or edgy,to some people. I've felt like he sometimes forces his humor in some E! type interviews, but I didn't think that of Kimmel. The Kimmel appearances generated lots of positive talk online.

mary said...

oh yea i read that some where too but jake does have a bubbly personalty

Anonymous said...

Joss Gad on his Twitter site -
Just wrapped "Love and Other Drugs.". Think it's going to be a great film. Coming out next fall.
10:03 AM Dec 2nd from Twitterrific .

Almost all the talk shows know ahead of time what the person is going to want to be talking about and since Jimmy K. is a comedian and you see other "skits" that are done he had someone very good at them as a guest.

Anonymous said...

Jake was raised on improv.

Sag actor said...

Brothers comes in at #3 this weekend!:

1 2 The Blind Side WB $20,440,000 -49.0% 3,326 +186 $6,146 $129,264,000 $29 3

2 1 The Twilight Saga: New Moon Sum. $15,704,000 -63.4% 4,124 +82 $3,808 $255,639,000 $50 3

3 N Brothers LGF $9,700,000 - 2,088 - $4,646 $9,700,000 - 1

mary said...

so glad it came in third i think they did better than expected by some of the articles i read i plan on seeing it again probably next weekend

JoeAnn said...

Glad to see Brothers did decent business at the box office. I hope good word of mouth helps in the coming weeks. Looking at the chart, the success of The Blind Side is yet another reason Jake should do the Namath movie. Audiences love a sports movie--especially football stories.

Tweety said...

Jake has another incredible performance to add to his resume, definately his best since Jack Twist. He was the emotional center of this film IMO,

Loved his scenes and interaction with Natalie, Bailee Madison, Taylor Geare and of course Tobey. The birthday/dinner dinner scene was tense/scary, I had a knot in my stomach watching it played out. A lot of scenes were difficult to watch, Tobey was scary/good.

In contrast his scenes with his nieces were so real and natural and fun and he had a nice chemistry with Natalie.

His scenes with Sam Sheperd broke my heart.

I can't compare it with the original because I didn't se it but I thought they all were perfectly cast.

I saw it last night and the crowd was really into it and a heard a few sobs along with me.

Happy to see it came in #3 at the BO!

PS: I saw that tweet about Reese and the big Nordic guy, SASQUATCH!!

Dail Mail said...

OT: I know there is a video of Reese on the JR show, I really love her dress and shoes:

Anonymous said...

Jake does shout outs, sends messages, or signals, or includes hidden stuff in his TV appearances sometimes. I need to watch Kimmel again to see if there is anything else besides his Sasquatch stuff.

Anonymous said...

" ivanna just went to yoga & was positioned next to jake effing gyllenhall. why didn't I stay in LA for 1 more day?!?!?!!!! "
about 1 hour ago from mobile web
Reply Retweet

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, it's too bad you didn't enjoy Jake on Kimmel. I don't think Jake was being a fool or an idiot. He was just playing around. But I won't try to persuade you - I just hope you enjoy his future interviews more.

I believe if Jake had to run to the drug store he could come back with a story.

Hee - perfectly put, Bobbyanna!

I saw it last night and the crowd was really into it and a heard a few sobs along with me.

Saw it again today, and there were other people crying apparently.

Jake was just as wonderful, if not more, the second time around. I was reminded of a couple more issues - like the fact that Tommy's record never entered into the equation in the police confrontation. I expected either the cops to assume it was Tommy causing the trouble or for Tommy to tell Sam not to fuck with the cops, that he doesn't want to piss them off. Anything that referenced Tommy's experience.

I think we also needed more scenes with just Tommy and Sam, and something more to make us see why Sam was so convinced Tommy and Grace were doing it. And as mentioned before, I would like to have seen them push the envelope a little more with Tommy and Grace.

Maybe some of that will be in the deleted scenes.

But I was struck again at how Jake commands the camera. FL had mentioned how it's interesting to see Jake in scenes and then imagine what happened filming them, knowing, as we do from jim Sheridan, that Jake is constantly moving and reinventing and thinking.

It kills me that the behind the scenes clips we got focus so much on Tobey and Natalie, who don't do anything of much interest.

In any case, all of Jake's thinking and rethinking really work in this flick.

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say how much I love seeing all of those pics of Jake - scrolling down is like a comic/flip book.

Something called the Women Film Critics Circle has nominated Jake as Best Actor for this year:

Jeff Bridges: Crazy Heart
Ben Foster: The Messenger
Jake Gyllenhaal: Brothers
Kevin Spacey: Shrink

Though I don't expect it will be, it would be nice if this were the first of a few nominations for Jake.

Also, did anyone see that Jake was blamed by several Steelers fans for jinxing the team this week. Hee.

Sadly, he also must have jinxed the Patriots!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Reese injured her foot in her hotel in the UK. She told Jonathan Ross she thought it might be broken, since it was swollen and black and blue. She was taking a nap, got up to answer the phone, and fell on her foot. It had fallen asleep. She went thru her schedule wearing heels making it much worse.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of names being floated for BA honors by various individual critics, and groups so far. Colin Firth, Ben Foster, Peter Sarsgaard,Jeff Bridges, and George Clooney, as well as Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

In the BSA, Stanley Tucci comes up pretty frequently. In addition to the Julie & Julia turn he is in The Lovely Bones.

I really hope Jake gets some recognition. He certainly deserves it. The Women Film Critics is a good start, but I hope to see the awards and recognition just piling up for him!

UltraViolet said...

New week, new post :) But please continue the wonderful Brothers discussion. We want to know who else has seen it - or seen it again :)