Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get your Amazon Pre-Order In Now!

As part of the scoming marketing barrage for Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jerry Bruckheimer have contributed an afterword and a forward, respectively, to a book about the movie: We Make Our Own Destiny: Behind the Scenes of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

I think that's one colon too many!

The book seems to be aimed at children - the reading level suggested is ages 9 to 12. But I have a feeling some older readers might make a purchase.

Product Description
When a pioneering producer, a visionary director, a dynamic cast, and a talented crew come together to make a movie, the result is sure to be epic. Such was the case with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Inspired by one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, the filmmakers set out to tell the story of Prince Dastan, a young man who is falsely accused of killing his father. Finding himself on the run with a kidnapped princess, Dastan discovers that he is in possession of a mystical dagger that could give him the power to travel back in time and prevent his father's death. But there are others who covet the dagger for more sinister reasons, and if the dagger falls into the wrong hands, it could unleash a potentially disastrous sandstorm.

A story of this scope could only be brought to the screen by the most enterprising and creative of filmmakers, and so it was that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Mike Newell teamed up to weave this tale of courage, honor, love, and adventure. Joining them in their quest was a star-studded cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Sir Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, and Gemma Arterton, as well as a world-class crew, including stunt experts, costume designers, sword makers, and camel trainers. Together, the company embarked on a quest that would take them halfway around the world, from Moroccan deserts to London soundstages.

We Make Our Own Destiny: Behind the Scenes of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time immerses readers in the filmmaking process, recounting the saga that began with Jordan Mechner's video game and culminated in a production of monumental proportions. Every grain of sand in the hourglass is examined-from horsemanship training to set construction to ostrich racing to the art of parkour. Detailed cast biographies reveal the personalities underneath the charismatic characters, and fascinating sidebars divulge insider information about crucial props and weapons, feathered and furry co-stars, and the lethal Hassansins, each of whom specializes in a different brand of death-dealing. Abundantly distributed throughout the narrative is gorgeous photography shot on location that showcases the awe-inspiring landscapes and meticulously constructed sets that coalesced to create the world of ancient Persia.

Also featured within are several spreads of photography by Jerry Bruckheimer, whose unique perspective provides a window into the realm behind the camera. A Foreword written by Bruckheimer and an Afterword written by Jake Gyllenhaal provide ideal book-ends for the spellbinding tale, and quotes from the entire cast and crew are liberally woven into every chapter.

With We Make Our Own Destiny: Behind the Scenes of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time as a magic carpet, every fan of the film will be instantly transported to ancient kasbahs, Persian palaces, and Moroccan dunes. But readers, beware: be sure to bring sunscreen, avoid black-cloaked villains, and don't provoke any camels!

Let's hope the PoP script isn't quite as cheesy as this book description! In any case, mark your calendar for April 13, 2010.

There are also two more books for children: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: The Visual Guide and Prince of Persia: Beneath The Sands of Time

And let's not forget this guy:

It's PoP in 2010, but right now, it's still Brothers time!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

The latest in the have they/haven't they split.

Anonymous said...

Break up rumors are great for magazines. A treasure trove of unsourced storylines, and if they are wrong, more "reconcilliation" stories. (yawwwn.)

bobbyanna said...

Wow! Thanks for the news about the book. Seems that Bruckheimer is over looking no detail on PoP marketing.

I'm waiting for a plumber. My bathroom resembles a small duck pond. And a very good morning to you! LOL!

lawgoddess said...

I'm way over the age group, but I'll buy the book. :)

Chica said...

I'm home too, Bobbyanna for the same reason: a leaky sink! I'm waiting for maintenance.

I Don't care what age group that book is targeted for, i'm buying it!! Thnaks for the info UV.

mary said...

ill be buying it too already added it to my amazon wish list

bobbyanna said...

We digress...but Chica,now the water's leaking thru the family room ceiling AND the bathroom on the lower level of my house.
(I've just filed a claim!)

Jake's going to have an incredibly busy 2010,between Source Code,the promotion stuff for PoP, Liman's untitled Moon Project,and the LAOD stuff.(Who knows, maybe Nailed will get a release date.:))
I'm happy for him. He must take satisfaction in the wonderful reception his work is receiving in Brothers. Eventually he'll have to start prep for Damned Yankees, too.
Good times.

agent_krycek said...

Strangely enough I'm at home as well, but in my case it's my nose that is leaking - horrible, stinkey headcold, had to leave work early

Yup, I'll buy the book as well, be pretending its for one of my younger nephews, but he'll never see it ;-)

Anonymous said...

I totally love this new J&R gossip.From Reese's smile on Wednesday,I choose to believe that Reese will get a beautiful ring on Christmas.

Office of nancy Pelosi said...

I have nieces and nephews in this age group but I have no idea if they are even familiar with Prince of Persia.

This is going into my Amazon wish list as well!

Jake is going to be so busy next year, great for him and us!

bobbyanna said...

Well, I have no one in that age group, and no one I have to "explain to" so I'm going to buy it...and a Lego set, too! :)

Feel better Agent K!

UltraViolet said...

Wow, I hope everyone's leaks have been contained! It's a tough day out there.

The name of the PoP book sounds like something for kids, but the description didn't really match it. I mean, are 9 - 12 year-olds really going to care about Jerry B's spectacular photography?

In any case, I predict a wider range of readers :)

So we're all going to have Legos and children's books. I wonder what other age-inappropriate merchandise we'll be buying?

bobbyanna said...

Hell, UV. Jake might be considered age-inappropriate...!:)

(I say "might"...)

mary said...

i agree too bobbyanna:)

Chica said...

The leak is all fixed they finally showed up! I hope everything is ok at your place Bobbyanna.

I forgot about the Legos!

Keel better (((AK)))

UltraViolet said...

Ditto, Agent K. And glad you're all patched up, chica.

Jake makes Jimmy's numbers go up. Of course, it could have been the other guests or a slow night on CBS, but I prefer to give Jake the credit :)

bobbyanna said...

"it could have been the other guests or a slow night on CBS,"

LOL! but the demographic that went up was women. So, I agree with you, UV, it was Jake.

ServPro is here drying out my mess, plumber's come and gone.(He fixed it in 20 minutes!) However:Insurance adjustor on Monday,ceilings being torn out tomorrow,dry wall not dry anymore, etc. I'm fine. Never better, Chica.

Tweety said...

The book sounds a bit "grown-up" for children in that age group, JMO.
But I'm sure looking forward to it, anything Pop related is fine with me!!!

Take are of yourself Agent K.

Glad everything is fixed Chica, sounds like a mess Bobyanna, hope everything turns out with the insurance adjuster.

I would like to think Jake was the reason for the ratings on Kimmel:))

Sag actor said...

Interesting that the books are geared to children ages 9-12, the movie is getting a PG-rating. The first book sounds like something I would like, thanks for the heads up UV.

Saw Brothers and I actually liked it better than the original, strong performances all around. Jake stood out from the rest IMO, I also liked Baille Madison as the older daughter.

This is Jake's 3rd war themed film, Rendition and Jarhead being the other 2 and it's his best. (Although Brothers is really a family drama with the Afghanistan war and it's effect on a returning soldier and his family)

As far as the gossip and rumors: I guess Reese's Christmas present won't be a surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the question is popped I really hope Reese's answer is this!


Oscar the Grouch said...

Just a Reminder: Your man Jake will be visiting my Street today, so don't forget to tivo it!!

BTW: He is ugly!

Anonymous said...

Well, if the question is popped I really hope Reese's answer is this!

Awww very sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'll treat these
"engagement" rumors like everything else. I don't believe it. Since Kimmel's show,on
Dec.3rd, Jake's become invisible, except for the sighting at Yoga on the 6th, and a report he attended his sister's movie premiere.

Tweety said...

This tweet was from yesterday:

TuneYouOut: Oh hey real celebrity Jake Gyllenhal (sp???) at Sprinkles. Cuter in person.
about 14 hours ago from txt

I don't believe the latest rouund of rumors, it seems like they are always trying to marry them off during the holidays, and speaking of holidays: HAPPY HANUKKAH TO ALL THAT CELEBRATE!

PS: I do think it's odd that some blog i never heard of posted it and it seems to be spreading very rapidly, I thought after the 100th engagement rumor that they would ignore this one. Even that Perez posted it.

Anonymous said...

This "cuter in person" stuff makes me wonder if I could survive an encounter! He's so adorable in photos!

Sheba baby said...

Saw Jake on Sesame Street with the octopus attached to his head, short beu it was the cutest thing! I'm sure IHj and Youtube will have it up.

Ah, something for my stocking this X-mas, even though i'm a bit too old for the book, heh!

Sheba baby said...

And here it is!:

UltraViolet said...

Yup, Stephanie's fast! New post.