Monday, December 21, 2009

New Dastan and Tommy/Beautiful Jake

Update: A great new Behind the Scenes featurette for Prince of Persia. Sadly not embeddable. But it's definitely worth a look. Go here!

Disney released a new high res photo of Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan in Prince of Persia. Very similar to another shot but Dastan is positioned slightly differently. And it's closer :)

Click to get the full effect.

And another new PoP photo, this time with Jake and Gemma Arterton:

In smaller picture news, I found this photo of Jake and "Dave, the bartender" from Brothers. Except I don't think that's the Dave who ended up in the movie. Not sure what happened there.

Interview Magazine has chosen the 20 Most Beautiful People of the Decade. (Of the people featured in the magazine, so don't feel bad for being left out!)

There's a lovely intro about Jake:

Since Donnie Darko, he's shown himself to be an eager actor. From oddball neuroses (Bubble Boy) to the raw emotional center he cracked wide open in Brokeback Mountain, he's devoted himself to his roles. Even in action blockbusters like The Day After Tomorrow, he worked to bring an "artsy" element to the schlock (to the consternation of his co-stars). He's been the same way with love; in his relationships with Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon, he was the one who's all in. That kind of person tends to be the one with the most to lose—but all told, we like his chances.

(Interview photos courtesy of IHJ.)


mary said...

while i was doing my daily walk at the mall today i noticed that the movie theater had 3 large posters up inside one of jake, ben and shhoot i cant remember the girls name now any way her picture

UltraViolet said...

Maggie is on Letterman tonight, apparently with someone whose last name is Witherspoon. I saw the names and did a double take!

Also, going to the first commercial, they often do silly voiceover announcements. Tonight's was, "Did you know that Maggie Gyllenhaal won a Golden Globe for 'Best Gyllenhaal?' Congratulations, Maggie!"

UltraViolet said...

Mary, forgot to say Gemma Arterton must be the name you're looking for. I haven't seen a PoP poster at the theater yet, never mind three!

Anonymous said...

Do you guys think that Gemma may try to go for Jake during their upcoming promotion for POP? I remember her, on several occasions, speaking of Jake's sexiness and the like. I'm thinking that she may have some lust in her heart for Jake. She's very sexy, now might be her chance.

Bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the heads up on Letterman,UV! Maggie looked very pretty and it seemed like they were having fun. He was extremely effusive about her movie, and both her performance and Jeff Bridges.

We have Dastan posters at our multiplex where Brothers is being shown, but there are two little girls working there that seem to be "guarding" Jake's posters.
(I've asked.:))
I have to take my daughter to the Mall in a little while. Ugh!

bobbyanna said...

IMO, thank you,Interview Magazine, for choosing Jake and saying such lovely things about him.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely comments from the Interview Magazine - I have never seen those. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks uv i just couldnt remember i kept thinking it was emma,anyway interview got it right jake is definitely one of the most beutiful people

Anonymous said...

Can't think that Jake would want to get back into a relationship soon. He didn't after Kirsten. Those things are big emotional wallops and tho you certainly can go out and have fun and keep on with your life you don't feel you want to get caught up in something where you "fall again" and it can make you feel wary.
Of course you can't be sure about anything like that and this time next year he might be married...ha.
Just know he's got a movie coming up and will focus on that.

Chica said...

Clicking on that pic of Jake/Dastan did me good this morning, along with the pics from his Interview photoshoot!

Jake is truly one of the most beautiful people inside and out and I love that introdution about him.

I missed Maggie on Letterman, that's too funny about the other guest named Witherspoon, there is an actor named John Witherspoon, I bet it was him.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, anon 8:22. You've never read it before because it is new, I think. I just assumed they recycled it from the FD interview. I went back to check. Mea culpa!

I'm glad they wrote something new - something so nice about Jake.

Also, from the original interview. I meant to put this in the last post, since we were discussing DPs:

JG: Yeah, Dion Beebe shot the film. He's so great and his camera work is beautiful. So often when you work with someone you can sense the lighting, but with him, I couldn't--I was never sure what he was doing. And my godfather, who's a cinematographer, told me that Beebe does a lot in postproduction with his work, so he's thinking fsr ahead of the actual shot. His lighting is very moody. Sometimes, there would be really beautiful lights around me, with chich he's defining a story that he could toy with later on. When you'd ask people about the dailies, they'd be like, 'The photography is so beautiful.' I was like, Okay, but how are the performances?"

DF (jokingly): I don't remember, but the light caught your eyes in this really neat way. (Both laugh.)

JG: Most of that movie was just Dion trying to make sure my hair didn't look too big.

JFK said...

Reese in New York. I wonder if Jake is still there?

Monica said...

Two New Prince of Persia Photos:
Coming Soon Net

FluorescentLamp said...

I feel like I'm missing big chunks of something here.

Oops, anon 8:22. You've never read it before because it is new, I think. I just assumed they recycled it from the FD interview. I went back to check. Mea culpa!

What does this refer to? What is "FD"? Who am I. What day is this.

UltraViolet said...

FD should have been DF - I initially posted the Interview intro and said it was form the magazine article. But it's new copy.

Thanks for the other PoP photo, Monica. I added it to the post :)

Reconciliation is coming... said...

Holy crap, I think Reese went to NYC to see Jake. After all, it's only three days until Christmas and according to US Weekly she "always spends Christmas in LA."

Also, in several interviews she said her family was coming for Christmas this year from Nashville (saying in one how she and her brother don't spend as much time together as she'd like, how she always imagined their children growing up together and how happy she was that he, and his family, were coming for Christmas).

Thus, why would she fly to New York, alone, three days before Christmas?

So unless she has some Avon events lined up in NYC I think it's a good bet that she's there to see Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Just updated with a link to a great new BTS PoP video - check it out!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I thought that introduction was new, I don't remember reading that in the original interview. The description of him and his relationships ring true here (((Jake))).

Interview magazine has good taste and this is one of my favorite photoshoots of Jake.

I have seen lots of Prince of Persia posters at the theaters too!

Thanks for the new pop pics!

Extra said...

That behind the scenes video of Pop is amazing, May 2010 can't come soon enough for me!

I still have that Interview magazine with Jake, I loved how at some point it was Jake interviewing D. Fincher, ha, ha!!

Love looking at all these photos again, thanks so much and thanks to interview magazine for choosing Jake for their list.

Anonymous said...

That's the best Prince of Persia video yet - nice trick at the end. :) I love when he tells Tamina not to press her luck. ;)

lawgoddess said...

Ooh, pretties for Christmas. Thanks, GB.

bobbyanna said...

Pics from today.

Guy looks familiar. Designer?

Can't help being curious...and optimistic.:)

Anonymous said...

She may have some work related thing she had to be in New York for and will be back in L.A. for Christmas.
But, it is New York, and Jake is in New York and she knows he's in New York. (not like there are millions of others there too...)
It may just be a coincidence.
But nice if it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Who flies across country on a work-related event/meeting TWO DAYS before Christmas with her entire family staying at her house and her children out of school for the break?

It's true that we don't know why she's there and it's possible that she's there for something else (she may be there because she found an awesome deal on a cool pair of boots, although not likely), but use your common sense: what work related event would be so urgent to require one to fly out to NYC (across country) two days before Christmas and, presumably, fly back one or two days later? Whatever it is couldn't be done over the phone with a meeting scheduled in the New Year (when she has nothing work-related scheduled)?

So unless we know of a specific event she may have planned (like an Avon Christmas thing), I think it's likely she's there to see Jake.

Monica said...

A great video and great images, UV.
I did not like the list of Interview! Where is Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix?
Pattison beautiful? Just kidding!

OT: I have two pc. Personal and other professional.
A virus invaded my personal pc and destroyed my windows. All photos of Heath, Jake, videos, family photos and other things were lost.
My friend will try to recover my information.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, I'm so sorry to hear that! I will cross my fingers that your friend can help. Good luck!

The Interview list had too many pretty boys. I don't know if Heath ever did an Interview interview.

UltraViolet said...

I can't reproduce them in their gigantic form, but you have to go here and check out the two new PoP stills, plus that old gorgeous one of Jake's face close-up. You can practically count Jake's whiskers. A must see.

And here's Lego Jake. Looks like there will be a few sets!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when Jake was in New York promoting "Zodiac" and i think it was "OK" magazine that had what they thought were Jake & Reese in the vacinity of each other. The early mention of them seeing each other. Back in the early days when they were doing their best not to be seen together. They did that for maybe 5-6 months.

brothers spy said...

I'm back peeps!

My two cents...

This is obviously speculation but I think it was Jake who broke up with Reese (possibly because he was mad about her refusal to marry? But that's speculation on top of speculation).

The reason I feel this way is because everything she does SCREAMS of someone who had been dumped, not the one doing the dumping: her leaking the story to People just as he was starting his press tour being the most obvious red flag. Can you imagine something as heartless as breaking up with someone because you're not ready to get married, "breaking his heart", and then adding insult to injury by hurting his promotional tour for his latest film?

She did it because she was mad that he DUMPED HER.

Then you have all the photos of Reese trying WAY TOO HARD to seem okay with it all. Smiling away like she's totally unaffected, etc. Again, if she just broke up with someone who had been with for the past three years because "things had run their course", wouldn't she be a little more somber about it? If only to spare his feelings?

The US Weekly story doesn't mean much only because it's obviously told from her point-of-view. It's likely (probable) that she has spoken with US and is trying to spin the story in her favor as to cause as little damage (avoiding stories like the ones that follow Jennifer Aniston for example).

Now you have Reese rushing off to NYC, which I agree (although speculation again) is most likely to see him (just because of the timing alone as someone above mentioned).

I don't believe this will be permanent, I just think Jake is mad here. He's only 29 and even if he gave her more time (like two or three years) he'd still be 31 or 32 when they got married --- hardly old for a man to get married by any stretch. Most men don't even marry at all until they hit their 30s. Even if Reese doesn't change her mind and still doesn't want to get married he can break up with her then and he'll still be young enough to find someone else and marry them, have children, etc.

Basically, he doesn't lose anything by staying with her.

If Jake was the one who broke up with her, as I suspect, then I just think it was just a premature decision on his part and ultimately he'll realize this.

Anyway, that's what I think happened. It's possible that i'm wrong, but I just have a gut feeling about this.

Anonymous said...

Love the new PoP pics and that Jake was named one of the most beautiful people in Interview.

A Jake sighting from ONTD, he is probably back in LA.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Reese returned last nigh (22nd) from whatever she was doing in NYC. That sighting of Jake at Yoga was for the night of the 22nd.

Could it be that she convinced Jake to come back and spend Christmas with her after all? Does anyone know where Maggie and Naomi are spending Christmas this year?

Anonymous said...

No matter what happened i would think after close to 3 years together they're probably missing each other or will be no matter who left.
There have been a number of pictures of her where she isn't laughing and smiling.(as there can be with the entire populartion of the world).
But one where she is smiling and reacting to something that might of been funny was a picture used and the comment made it seem like look how great she looks and happy and probably thrilled she's out of that relationship.
People can laugh and smile even after unpleasant things have happened.

Sheba baby said...

I really love the new BHS video of Pop, this is going to be epic, I can't wait! Finally,a magazine that get's it right, Jake is definately one of the decade's beautiful people.

Hey Brothers spy! I was thinking about you when Brothers came out. Did you see it yet? All the Jake and Reese stuff is speculation as you said but it is curious that she flew to NY when Jake was there. Now Jake is back in L.A. and Reese returned too (how do you know this anon?)

Anyway I did see a tweet of Reese in the Bowery/East NY yesterday. I thought if she was in NY for business it was curious that she was there. The tweet said that she looked good/happy. I also checked out the Smythe hotel where Jake was spotted at on Saturday, not too far from where she was spotted.

Could it be that he was staying at that hotel as well?

We will find out soon enough I think!

I'm so sorry you lost all of your pictures monica, good luck in recovering them.

UltraViolet said...

Brothers spy, it's like old times. Though much of what you and the other anons said could be true, we have no idea what actually happened and are trying to avoid speculation.

More importantly, did you actually see the movie for which you spied? :)

Tweety said...

That video is so cool, thanks! I love behind the scenes stuff like this.

Such pretty pictures from that Interview photoshoot and I love what they say about him.

You have to give us your review Brothers Spy!!!

I noticed this morning that several people are tweeting birthday stuff about Jake from last year. Not the dinner that Jake and Reese went to but the day after where Jake, Reese and Deacon went to get pizza. Just odd considering the Jake and Reese in NY not in NY stuff.

Anonymous said...

Google alerts say Jake was going to take Reese to Big Sur to propose,but now he's going there with some guy friends to celebrate the holidays.

Anonymous said...

^ Maybe they are faking everything and they will get married and surprise us all!

Anonymous said...

The source of the Big sur story: Popeater, the same source for the ring under the tree for Reese story! I doubt friends are blabbing to some obscure blogger about his hoiliday plans, most likely they are pimping the resort.

Just like I doubt that her friends are blabbing to E! her plans: sking with friends and kids out west! Both may be true but I doutbt it.

brothers spy said...

Hey you guys, it's nice to be missed. I'm sorry for the speculation, I haven't been around for a while. I just want to say that if Jake was in LA then I don't believe Reese was there for him. Good find, anon, on that sighting.

To answer your question UV, yes I've watched Brothers. My thoughts are: that the film itself is a bit uneven, but good; Jake's performance was the best thing about the film (you'd be surprised how many people think so); the little girls were a whole new level of awesome.

I guess I have deeper thoughts about it all, but will save them as they've been covered elsewhere.

The two things that brought me back here were the break up and the fact that I can't believe how good Jake's next movie "The Source Code" will be. I've got the script and it's one of the coolest scripts i've read in a while and will make an excellent sci-fi type of film. The script took the number one spot on "The Black List" a couple of years ago and has Duncan Jones directing. This can be the next great Jake film if done right, which I don't doubt it will be.

Anonymous said...

Popeater wasn't the orginal source for the Big Sur story. Jake has been up there before for holidays with his family.

Anonymous said...

Popeater is the source of this current cycle of fake insider BS.

I'll take your word that his family have vacationed there before, I never heard about it but the Popeater bit makes i sounds like he is there now with friends. Today is Wednesday,that means that it was either over the weekend or Monday or Tuesday. We know that he was at least in NY on Saturday and he was spotted in L.A. at a yoga class last night and it sure didn't sound like that yoga class was at Big Sur.

At big sur Sunday and Monday and returned on Tuesday? Maybe but I doubt it.

The Big Sur and the skiing back west (Reese) sound like PR plants for whatever reason.

I believe the ontd sighting over Popeater.

I've heard about the Gyllenhaals vacationing up near SF for years, theplace that caught fire.

brothers spy said...

What you have to understand is that there are people in Hollywood who are professional "sources" to some of these tabloids, especially the bad ones like Popeater and E! Online, who don't have relationships with sources who actually know the people involved.

Instead, these professional "sources" have lists of various celebrities that they "cover" and dish on to these crappy websites/tabloids. When a tabloid wants a story, these are the people they call. The veracity of their claims are always suspect and more times than not false.

Anyway, these professional "sources" will also acquire other clients (like hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc.) who then pay them to promote their establishments in these tabloids, (mentioning that a certain celebrity stayed at a specific spot, etc.) It's a promotion gimmick. The celebrity doesn't actually stay there, but who cares right? What celebrity is going to sue a tabloid for claiming that he/she vacationed somewhere or ate somewhere they actually didn't.

So the establishment being promoted gets its name out there, the professional "source" will recieve some type of retainer/payment for the promotion and the tabloid/website gets a story.

That's what these skiing stories sound like to me.

bobbyanna said...

Sources and sources galore!
I agree with UV, this speculation is completely pointless. One thing is for sure. There really is nothing new. And we really know nothing, except they're apart.

People will always be out here inventing.It's all giving me a headache! Where's Tiger Woods when you need him!:)

sass said...

What lovely comments about Jake. I saved that issue of Interview for repeat readings.

Was the lodge that burned over New Years a few years ago in that area of CA. Jake told a hilarious story about his family suitcases and underwear during that fire, which I think he discovered, thank God.

I often rant about the dumper vs the dumpee(the dumpee being my favorite actor in the entire whole big fantastic world:) but I agree with you brother's spy. That's one sad dumper. I've seen too many big sad red eyes in the dumper's pics for my taste....oh
Happy Holidays to all my babbling friends if I don't come back

Josie said...

I'm loving all of these Disney/Pop goodies. Like you said UV previously, they know how to promote a movie, unlike Lionsgate.

Hi Brothers Spy and Sass!!!
Dumpee/Dumper, who really knows what really went down. The NY visit is interesting especially if he is now back in L.A. and she is as well, has there been any pics or sightings of her in NY today??

I always liked these photos of Jake , thank you!

If I don't get a chance to stop by again, Happy Holidays everyone!

Monica said...

Merry Christmas, family Gyllenbabble!

bobbyanna said...

I'm done!!!!!!!:)
All gifts wrapped, house cleaned, baking finished, Christmas Eve dinner supplies in hand, and ready to go to my Brother's tomorrow. I. am. exhausted.!

Happy Christmas to you too, Monica & Josie! (((sass!)))

mary said...

on the daily ten ben lyons named his top ten films of 09 brothers was number 5, i have to work christmas eve but am off christmas

FluorescentLamp said...

Time for a Christmas post!