Friday, December 11, 2009

The letter of the day is S

Okay, technically, it was O, but S is for Sesame Street and "separate," which was Jake Gyllenhaal's word to demonstrate on today's show. S is also for Stephanie/IHJ, whose quick work means we can all watch. Thanks, Stephanie!

After the high intensity of Brothers, it's fun to enjoy light-hearted Jake.

We didn't see this version of Jake today - maybe he'll be on another show!

And I don't remember this watery background - guess I'll have to watch again!

(Photos and clip courtesy of IHJ.)


Sheba baby said...

I watched it 3 times already, he is just so funny and Cute!!!

Monica said...

hum...I don't know ...
I did not like. Nothing funny...

UltraViolet said...

Aww, Monica. That's too bad. It's just a short, sweet one-off. Nothing major. It wasn't spectacularly funny or anything, but I found it enjoyable.

I found this podcast that has a rave review of Brothers. Ignore the misleading description and just click on the link for the cast. One of the commentators is not a Jake fan, but described him as "perfect" in this role. It's a fun listen.

get real said...

Awww, how adorable was that! Jake is seriously the cutest!! I loved it. :D

Sorry you didn't like it Monica. I thought it was lovely and Jake was adorable and sexy in a goofy, kid friendly way.;)

Thanks for the great review, UV!

Have a great Friday everyone. :)

UltraViolet said...

Glad you enjoyed it, get real. I'm always annoyed by people seem to dislike Jake irrationally. So it was nice to hear someone turn, even if it's just for this one performance.

I should say that I found the podcast on Don't want to take credit! for discovering it.

Monica said...

I sent a message to you, uv!

sheba said...

I'd hate to 'separate' anything from this gorgeous man I admire so. He's got IT in spades. I wonder how large I can get that 'courage' poster - it's fascinating, mesmerising. Nothing much else to say other than I hope and wish good things for Jake and his family.

bobbyanna said...

Sesame Street is directed at children. So Jake was perfect. I love that he brings a sense of fun to the skit. (See? I got thru three whole sentences without saying "adorable" even once...)
I loved it! Will listen to the podcast. Thanks, UV.

UltraViolet said...

Nice job, Bobbyanna! And hello Sheba baby and Sheba! Sheba, I forgot to say in the last post that they have PoP posters on Amazon. Not sure if it's the Courage poster, though. But you can check it out :)

Tweet from Production Weekly about Source Code:

Duncan Jones' sci-fi thriller “Source Code” begins pre-production early next month in Montreal and is due to begin filming early March.

I think we sort of knew both things, but this seems to be confirmation.

suvee said...

I really thought I was reconciled to the promotion for Brothers by now, but this kinda ticked me off.

It might not bother Jake, but it bothers me. It's criminal that his performance is being virtually ignored by Lionsgate.

Off to watch SS!

FluorescentLamp said...

I found this podcast that has a rave review of Brothers. Ignore the misleading description and just click on the link for the cast. One of the commentators is not a Jake fan, but described him as "perfect" in this role.

I loved that they were falling all over themselves with how wonderful Jake was in this role. Loved it. Thank you for finding that, UV. :-)

FluorescentLamp said...

It might not bother Jake, but it bothers me. It's criminal that his performance is being virtually ignored by Lionsgate.

I know, I know. But as everyone knows, the showier role - Hey look! I'm ACTING! - always gets the attention. Whereas Jake's role in this film is more slow and steady stays the course. His character moves the film along, which sometimes, like this time, gets overlooked.

bobbyanna said...

If you go by the tweets, everyone is raving about Jake! I'd say his reviews are at 98%. I'm very scientific that way!:)

The other thing I liked on Twitter are the jokey TDAT references where girls are waiting for Jake to come rescue them from the weather!

Is it possible to wage an Oscar campaign via Twitter, vox populi style ??? (I'm a way.)

suvee said...

Okay, I feel better now after listening to the podcast. Thanks, UV.

FL, I agree with everything you said. But just because I understand how things work doesn't mean I have to like it. :)

bobbyanna said...

I feel better, too. They were gushing about Jake. (Tobey who?)
Altho how anyone could say such uninformed things about Zodiac and BBM is way beyond me!

FluorescentLamp said...

Altho how anyone could say such uninformed things about Zodiac

[quiet voice] I think he was miscast in Zodiac. [/quiet voice]

bobbyanna said...

But he was really good.:)

mary said...

thanks uv i had to work so wasnt able to see it on tv jake is so cute

Chica said...

Awww, that was funny and cute , I can't believe that Sesame Street is 40 years old, I feel so old!

I read the article at the link you posted Suvee and i'm pissed off as well. I have nothing against Tobey but Jake gave a better performance overall. And it's not just the Jake fans, just check out the reviews.


Looks like Source Code is a go for March, I'm really excited about this film.

Off to listen to the podcast!

UltraViolet said...

Loved Jake in Zodiac. I think the script and the director let down him/his character. Didn't see enough motivation, enough of what made him tick.

Suvee, that article just enraged me. I go back now to your summary of the poster, where they seemed to be pushing Jake out/barely including him - yet he's the only thing you can look at. And as you said, that sums up freaking Lionsgate's promotion of the film, as well as their awards push.


I do find these awards-related parties fascinating. I remember reading that Jake's parents threw an Oscar party for him, something that was just mentioned offhanded in a gossip site. I never heard anything else about it. And now you've posted this about Tobey's party. I had no idea all of the awards parties had individual parties attached.

On a separate - and shameful - note, I read in the comments on PerezHilton (I know, I know!) that Jake was at Tobey's party and "flirrrtting with models chix."

Yes, consider the source. And the spelling.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that it will kill me if Tobey and Natalie are nominated for GGs, but not Jake.

Coming April, 2010: PoP Legos!

JF said...

When will the GG noms be announced?

As I've said, I doubt Tobey will get a nod, he received pretty mixed reviews. Then again last year Michelle Williams was completely ignored for W & L, although she gave one of the best performances that year, but some mediocre performances got a nod instead. Sometimes the award voters just arent' fair.

If Jake won't get attention for Brothers, he'll get it for another upcoming role, I'm sure.

JF said...

Btw. thanks for posting the cute SS video. :)

Anonymous said...

The majority of reviews for Zodiac gave Jake excellent reviews.
Tobey's character is considered the main character in Brothers so he is going to get that attention.
But whether nominated or not it's not going to do anything but continue that long string of great performances.
Also the movie going public are going to like him in this movie.
There hasn't been one movie or one performance ever - overall - that there hasn't been some critic who didn't like it.
There was a book out about critics who gave bad reviews to movies that are now considered classics
I rem. one saying "Wizard of Oz" lacked originality & imagination.

There are still The BAFTA awards, we can only hope.

bobbyanna said...

I don't mind them promoting Tobey for Best Actor. I mind very much that they seem to be ignoring Jake's outstanding performance.
I wonder too, if Jake is too self-effacing,sometimes. Jake for Best Supporting Actor, is a no brainer. His role really is eligible for consideration in the Best Actor category.

Office of Nanci Pelosi said...

The SS video was fun too watch and yes it was a adorable!

Love listening to the raves about Jake's performance, after reading that link that Suvee provded I'm a little it more calm. With all the reviews about Jake in Brothers. it's a real head scratcher that Lionsgate isn't pushing him.

But as you said FL, Tobey has the more showier role.

Zodiac is one of my favorite films but I thought that Jake was miscast as well, the only time I felt like that regarding a Jake role.

lawgoddess said...

Jake teaching us about "separate" was adorable. (I know, I know, but it's the only word that works!)

Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Robert Greysmith thought highly of Jake and his performace. Had commented on asking people who worked with him at the paper did he really seem that obsessed and they told him - yes - .
When you see pictures of the real one at that time you see how young he looked. He really was "the kid" to the people that worked there.
It does start off with him going to work there but nothing before and i understand that wanting a back-story.
But the fact the movie is considered by many to be a movie to be remembered Jake didn't do anything that made the movie any less in the eyes of the critics who think it's one of the best crime movies ever.

Anonymous said...

Zodiac was a great, absorbing film - yes and no about the casting, yes, Jake was quite young in it, but, there were times his face and the way he carried himself even looked like the real Robert Graysmith to me. Jake's performances are very subtle.

Monica said...

I think these campaigns shameful. They ignore what really matters: the performance.

Anonymous said...

The way you see Jake as Robert in the beginning and the way you see him at the end..of course some years had passed and it shows. The young, naive boy in the newsroom and the person who was, esp. think of this scene, talking to the woman in prison. He looks as tho the years & his obsession had worn him down.
Of course we see Robert. G. as he looks now, but as said, when he went to work there he was in his mid 20's. RDJ's character and Mark's were older.

FluorescentLamp said...

I thought he played Graysmith as though he thought Graysmith might have been slightly mentally challenged. Never bought Jake in that role. Loved everything else about the film though. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, people had brought up the subject of time passing, and you can really see the cut off where the young guy in the newsroom has gotten older - I think it's halfway through the film. I didn't think Jake played him as mentally challenged - hardly. Robert Graysmith is highly intelligent. I thought Jake played him as maybe a bit challenged socially, he walks by the bar that everyone is socializing in after work and either doesn't feel comfortable or wasn't included. I think the scene after that say "X years later" or something like that, and Jake looks like some years have passed. It's very subtle. :)

Anonymous said...

And speaking of Jake's roles, I loved how Jake played Tommy when he first got out of prison - a bit like a rough, wild thing, but who kinda gets to your heart. I loved when Sam dropped him off at the pawn shop after picking him up and says "now don't rob the place." ;)

mary said...

zodiac is one of my favorite jake films along with october sky and bbm

Paula said...

That Sesame Street video was the cutest thing I have seen in awhile, I wish it was a bit longer.

Loved Zodiac, one of the best crime dramas ever. Jake was fine in the role, my only problem with his role is that he didn't seem to age at all, which was odd.

Anonymous said...

But Jake did "age" in the last part of the film he seems more "mature" in look. As said, he was worn down and you could see it in the way he dressed and the kind of haunted look on his face.
I rem. the 2nd time i watched it how much more aware of it than i was the first time.

Box office said...

Looks like Brothers will come in # 6 this weekend:

Anonymous said...

You can't hardly beat a "family movie" at Christmas and from the reviews a very good one.
I think making close to 5 million its 2nd week is pretty good, because think some thought that is around what it would make the first week.
When it comes out in DVD will probably be #1 or close to it.

Extra said...

Glad to see Brothers, still doing well. It's one of the few adult dramas out and Jake gives one his best performance on scren since Jack Twist. Tobey does fine as the returning son/father/brother/soldier with emotional scars from the war.

I liked Natalie but she wasn't given much to do. Solid supporting cast, loved the soundtrack as well.

But it's Jake that is the standout here, pity Lionsgate doesn't see it that way.

I liked Jake as Graysmith in Zodiac, from what I have seen and read about him, Jake played the part just right, smart, awkward and obsessive.

Now why would that octopus want to seperate from Jake?? That is so cute!

Don't for get to watch Jake tonight on the VA on Spike TV tonight.

Anonymous said...

Another blog says Jake was seen having dinner with his mother before they went to Maggie's movie premiere.

Anonymous said...

Jake usually doesn't do the red carpet thing but here is the link to the VGA arrivals:

Tweety said...


scotteh: Walked by Snoop Dogs trailer and it smelled like weed. Saw jake gyllenhaal also
3 minutes ago from Tweetie · Reply · View Tweet

The VA awards are on now!

Love the S. Street video but I would have preferred him doing that skit with Elmo!

lawgoddess said...

I saw Jake on the VGA awards. He only had about one line, but he looked very good!

The crowd seemed to react well to the PoP trailer.

mary said...

stephanie has pictures up of jake at vga looks good still waiting to see the show here in ca

UltraViolet said...

And the letter of the day continues from yesterday - S for suck! Man, what a torturous waste of time that was. Except for Jake, of course. He looked great, grandpa sweater and all!

The PoP clip wasn't really much new, so that was disappointing. Always nice to see Jake, though. And it was very funny at the end when he couldn't get to the mic because of the "tall, blonde woman" in his way.

Mike Tyson and the cast of Jersey Shore is probably the most mortifying thing I've seen on an awards show since that Rob Lowe Snow White debacle at the Oscars.

suvee said...

Man, what a torturous waste of time that was.

No kidding! But the much beloved grandpa cardigan almost made it all worthwhile. :)

He did look awfully good, didn't he?

I'm thinking that's the first and last time I will be watching Spike TV.

Chica said...

What Jake fans will go through,ugh. I'm with you UV, horrible. But Jake looked good and there was a good reaction to the Pop clip, nothing new.

Loved his bit about the blonde!

Anonymous said...

How could they pick just one game when they all looked pretty much the same.
But seriously - it's like saying all this or that kind of music sounds the same but to people who are really involved - they can tell the difference. (probably).
Jake looked fine and am sure he enjoyed it.

Josie said...

Never heard of any of the nomminees for best video game so I could care less who won, but it was so good to see Jake rocking the Grandpa swaater!

The Pop trailer wasn't anything new but the crowd seem to like it.

Anonymous said...

He looked great at the VGAs, and the blonde woman had the most gorgeous legs ever. :)

Sheba baby said...

The return of the Grandpa sweater!! I miss him doing stuff like this, even on a crapalastic show like this!

He looked good, great response to the Pop clip.

Anonymous said...

First clip is on youtube:

Monica said...

I like this look! Older and more mature!
The trailer was good!

Tweety said...

The Good: Jake looking fine and mature( I like this look too monica)intoducing the Pop clip and giving out the award for best video game.

The Bad and the Ugly: The rest of the show, what the hell was that? And I'm not just talking about me be totally clueless about most of the gsmes they were talking about, the show was like watching a train wreck!

Oh well, it's over and we can just watch Jake's part thank God.

Monica said...

The rest of the show, what the hell was that?

What to expect from a program designed for teenagers?

bobbyanna said...

I had to flp back and forth watching other channels,because mostly the VGAs were unwatchable, but I'm really glad I saw Jake. He sure looked good.

Monica, you'd be surprised at the age levels of gamers. They aren't "all teenagers." They just seem that way! LOL!Hardcore gamers are scarey. This is like the MTV awards kind of. Only much worse...

The tweets are kind of funny. First Jake is all wrong for PoP, then he "looks exactly like the PoP!

UltraViolet said...

New post - please feel free to continue the "appreciation" of the VGAs there :)