Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dastan's Destiny

Unlike the amateurs at Lionsgate, Disney knows how to market a movie. Yahoo Movies has a behind the scenes look at Prince Dastan, the titular hero of the Prince of Persia. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Newell are interviewed briefly. And we get to see a little more of the Prince - fighting, flirting and flying through the air. And using that sexy accent!


UltraViolet said...

I'm sure people have seen this, but both Gossip Cop and Us are reporting that Jake and Reese are over. It's the cover story for Us.

FluorescentLamp said...

Well what a...surprise. Except not so much.

You're right, UV, Disney does know how to market a film. But I don't think Jake will be in the running for any acting awards for this one. Of course should I be proved wrong, I'll gladly eat crow. With a nice side of risotto.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think anyone expects acting awards for PoP. But disney will do what is needed to promote a big summer blockbuster/action flick.

Lionsgate did almost none of the things they shouls have done to promote Brothers, which is obviously a whole other animal.

Anonymous said...

Sent you a PM over at IHJ, UV! =D

- Stephanie

Tweety said...

Disney has always been good at marketing, this is a fun, popcorn type of movie, i'm not expecting anything else but to have fun.

Love the new clip!

And to continue with the conversation about Jake's PR that I didn't have a chance to comment on in the other thread: I agree with everything others have said on the previous thread.

I'm not surprised at the break-up, something was up and the fact that Us weekly seems to have the "story", ie, cover means that their PR new weeks ago. When it was leaked they should have never issued a denial, just let it be.

And why would it be "leaked" the week Brothers was coming out?

I have my own speculation: Someone at People heard that Us was working on a story about them breaking up and decided to run with it. I think that Us was planning to run the story now, a few weeks after Brothers which would make sense.

How did People hear? Well again this is speculation but the "writers" that work at the tabloids I would assume run into each other on occasions and it may have slipped out. Also I'm pretty sure there were lay-offs at Us in the begginning of the year before Janice Min left,where did the staff go? People? Ok? Who knows. If it was People then they most likely still have contacts there.

That's why People were so "sure" about their "source"it may have been someone at Us.

Us was many of the outlets that reported the denial and went out of their way to trash People.

Tabloids are always trying to out-scoop each other, People has to keep up with the rest and in their haste and the fact that it was a Sunday may have been a factor as well.

Look at Us weekly so far: getting the transcript/tapes of Tiger woods 2nd Bimbo, the Arod/Hudson split, hell they even posted the video of Eddie Cibran and LeAnne Rimes, and you know they didn't contact their reps before they did that.

It's down and dirty now for People, they have to keep up.

The fsct that their reps were willing to play this gsme instead of them just telling Us: Look it got before it was suppose to, ditch the cover story that you were going to do in a few weeks.

But they decided not to which is distressing to say the least.

Boy that was long!

bobbyanna said...

I'm still in "wait and see" mode, but anything's possible at this point. I go back and forth.
They are definitely on a break. Don't want to predict anything, beyond that,tho.


This video clip is superior to almost everything I've seen so far about PoP. Jake scares me to death with all the leaping and jumping. Even if it was green screen, he still had to do it! Oy! This looks like it's going to be great fun!

Maybe Jake holds his PR team back?
I think he has a lot to say about how he's "handled."

Bette said...

Why is it this once I am actually starting to believe the gossip?

suvee said...

Well, clearly something has been "off" with J&R for a while now, so I'm not surprised if it's true they've broken up. I'm going to pray this is an amicable split...... the relationship just ran its course. Still, I'm sorry to see it end.

And I agree, bobbyanna, that Jake is quite involved in his own PR. I imagine he has strongly held feelings and wishes about what his public persona and obligations should be.

And how awesome is this new PoP clip! I'm in love with Dastan. Thanks!

Tweety said...

I think because it's Us weekly reporting it which IMO is the only tabloid on the same level as People, plus the other stories that Us has done on them like the moving in story. Their reps never denied it. Some reps have better relationships with tabloids than others. Jake and Reese's reps I think has a better relationship with Us than People probably, that's why Us is being "rewarded" for keeping the story at bay.

Popeater and Gossip cop probably heard about the Us cover story and decided to spin it like they have inside sources. Funny considering Popeater was the blog that did the engagement story!

Who knows what's really going on, I can't imagine Us doing that story unless they got the ok.

A split? A break? Who knows. There was that tweet of them together Saturday which seemed legit. Were they there as friends or as a couple??

Anonymous said...

If nothing else just the trying to be together while they are making movies at the same time and that wasn't going to change.
Sounds like it pretty much ran its course and i think they'll have great memories.
But, she esp., is such a busy person - doing so many things and first and foremost - she has her family. The kids. I can't see Jake not being in touch with them.
And that's another thing. Jake has always said he would love to have kids - 2..maybe 4..but not more than. Possibly a family of their own just wasn't going to be.

FluorescentLamp said...

You know when I knew it was over? When he was with his dad in Manhattan and bought those new boots. Nothing soothes a breakup better than buying new footwear!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Stephanie :) PMed you back.

I think we're all believing it might be/is probably true because the signs are all there. I can't believe how horribly this was bungled, and I'm trying not to think unkind thoughts about Reese and/or her "people" who leaked it just as Brothers was about to premiere.

I find it sad, coming at this time of year (holidays and birthday) and at this time in Jake's life. But they did have a great run and seemed very happy and in love. Maybe it's temporary, maybe it's not even happening, maybe it's permanent. That doesn't always last, but it also doesn't always happen.

Popeater's doing the big official split story just days after they did the engagement story points up the absurdity of all this. And the unreliability.

And Bobbyanna, I agree - this video is spectacular. I wish I had seen it when I was at work and not on my ancient Powerbook, where the video goes in fits and starts.

bobbyanna said...

I think this period, whatever it's about,is probably a very painful time for both of them. Agonizing, soul-searching, letting go, whatever. I wish them all the best. Reese and Jake are a part of each other's lives.

I know one thing: if it's a "BIG LOVE" it won't fade, or go away. People who think they know them, and say what is going to happen, or not happen, don't know anything. I'll just send out positive karma that they are at peace with whatever road they chose.

All magazines are bullshit.

FluorescentLamp said...

Or you know, even if he was "rebound guy", they had a good time. I know I had fun on the ride.

Life goes on.

bobbyanna said...

"I'm trying not to think unkind thoughts about Reese and/or her "people" who leaked it just as Brothers was about to premiere."

Ma Soeur!!!

I'm applying great restraint!

Chica said...

I love the video, a bit of flirty Jake/Dastan,lots of action what else could you ask for?

I can't think of a more ill-timed and unprofessional annoucement, there was no need to leak it on 11/29 the week his movie was opening.

Who the hell knows what really is going on, all the stories are making my head spin. I do feel bad that if true it's happening around the holidays. I do hope as you do Suvee if true that they will remain friends.

Anonymous said...

She'll never find anyone better.
I hope she realizes that.

Monica said...

I'm impressed with this video. So many scenes of the game, parkour, humor ... wow

Why confirm it now? Come on, everyone already knows. They could have confirmed last week.
What will happen? They will be speculating on the week anniversary of Jake. Great gift, PR.

They deserve all the happiness in the world. They are wonderful people who never hurt anyone.

bobbyanna said...

I really do hate these magazines. Relationships are so hard. Especially when things are getting serious, and there's marriage talk,and kids on the table, etc.

When things unravel,there is a grieving process,there's even a sense of failure. Or, at least turmoil, uncertainty, etc. It's hard,and to think you have to go thru it in public must be just awful. It has to be really emotionally draining.

I do think Reese handles sharing pieces of her personal life with the public, easier than Jake does in general. I think he stopped doing that after Kirsten.

I just don't think they've fallen out of love. I think they invested so much of themselves that was real and honest,and joyful, and it was a mature realtionship. He seems to have the perfect temprament for little kids, and he strikes me as a very giving person. So it won't come apart that easy.

Now, I'm getting sad. Let's talk about Dastan. The director looked so delighted after Jake jumped across those rooftops, and landed just right! (I hope they had lots of mattresses, padding and wires on him!)

lawgoddess said...

The Dastan clip is great, thank you.

I've always said that loving and respecting Jake means respecting his choices. If Jake and Reese are broken up, it makes me very sad. They had three years invested in the relationship, and I'm sure he was attached to the children, and vice versa.

It depresses me. I still hope it's not true, but it's looking like it is.

And I wish both of them well, no matter what.

Monica said...

Interview with Jerry Bruckheimer:

sheba said...

Bobbyanna and LG well said. I too feel for them both at this difficult time. I wish them both well and hope the children are not hurt by this gossip and speculation. When the fat lady sing then I will accept all this.

My wish for them both is that their work will speak for itself.

Loving the new pics of Jake. I was wondering why their wasn't any OMGs going on when that last video came out. Wowsa, the Body is back. BTW has anyone found a JG calendar yet?

Anonymous said...

Living together as a couple might not be happening now but can't imagine them not still being in touch with each other - esp. as time goes on.
Of course this is "news" but it's maybe not quite to the level it would of been if they were married and getting a divorce. They never made big headlines when they were together like some do.
Also the tabloids have been and will continue to be going big with the Tiger Woods story.
I think he was really blindsided by the break-up with Kirsten (and then they still spent time together for maybe a year after that) but being older and maybe feeling differently and understanding more.

UltraViolet said...

Well said, everyone. There are a lot of conflicting emotions, and we are not really going through this - just observing it. It's hard to imagine being Jake or Reese. Just wish them the best.

I was just about to post that link, Monica! I liked this part of the interview:

He's an actor who's mostly been known for his indie career. Is it a hard sell to get him to do the bigger movies?

It mostly depends on the screenplay. If he likes the character and the screenplay, you've got him. He's very particular and very smart about his career and we got lucky that he responded to the picture.

Yes, you did, Jerry! And so did we.

mary said...

just got home from work a little while ago sso much going on sad to hear about jake and reese but i had a feeling it was true dont understand why their pr people denied it wish jake all the best he has all our love hope to see him out and about soon

miffed said...

Don't you know that it's impolite to whisper in front of others, in this case *lots* of others? If the two webmistresses of two of the more informative Jake blogs have something to share with each other exclusively, is it really necessary for you to alert all of us to the fact that you're sharing something (probably about Jake) that the rest of us are not worthy to know? Y'know, you could just simply e-mail or PM each other, without announcing it here!


Anonymous said...

I knew two weeks ago that it was over. It was strange how people magazine kept harping on it but all the tabloids said it was just a rough patch. Usually it the other way around.

Can't say im all that surprised I knew when he signed on for the Prince of Persia it was the beginning of the end. They both have big careers and I knew their careers would tare them apart. I didn't think I would be so sad about them splitting up but I am. Both of them are good people and they will find someon else.

First Time Poster said...

I'm also kind of sad about this break up but I guess it happens. They might still get back together after a "break," after all Leo and Bar are back together the same can happen here. Whatever happens, I wish them the best.

Jake is 28 and his career is about to skyrocket with that Prince of Persia movie and that other sci-fi film being directed by the awesome Duncan Jones. Jake also just got the best reviews he has recieved since Brokeback Mountain, he'll be fine.

I have a question though, how do you know this will be confirmed in next weeks US Weekly?

Carla said...

The clip is great - love all the running, jumping, fighting and flirting!

No, it won´t get Jake any acting awards but hopefully some new fans who are also interested in his other films.

And looking at his next films - LAOD and "Source Code" Jake will continue to mix smaller films with those blockbusters.

The whole splitting story was handled extremly unprofessionell. The tabloids might be a pain in the a** with their stories but for that reason the PR people are paid....to minimize the damage.

I wish Jake and Reese the best for their future and I am sure they will handle this with class.

sass said...

Congratulations you two!
That was one FANTASTIC EXCITING trailer. I’m feeling more and more excited each month and can’t wait to see Jake fighting, jumping about, and taking off his shirt IN POP. I’m totally shallow about our Jake and will remain so forever.:)
I'm sure I'll fall dead to the floor in a faint, if I see EVEN one shot of his delicious chest muscles. Don't you love those gorgeous, whatever they're called, muscles men get in their inguinal area when they work out...omg!!

Jake and Reese HAVE SPLIT. I'm sad if they can't work it out, but I think Jake wants to marry and have a family, as have Tobey, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.

I know Jake doesn't practice Judaism beliefs, but I believe he has an obligation as a grown man to assume the responsibility of a man and have a wife and family. {{{{{{Jake}}}}}}
So many magazines have closed in NYC that I’m not surprised the tab weeklies are battling over the same unproven stories. This recession is unlike any I've seen in my life, and I ain't no spring chicken.:lol
It continues to make times hard for all concerned.

The entertainment channels did mention the breakup but sounded pretty bored about it all even as they talked about it. It seems...to them...that Jake is very sad and devastated about this. Looks like another Jake got dumped story. ARR..Reese...OK, I’ll be good.

Jake didn't push Tiger off the front pages yet, and probably won't, especially if women keep coming forward and claiming him as their lover. Who knew? Where did he get the energy? I wish the family well as they struggle to understand what happened to their marriage under the microscope.

I can’t stop thinking about that trailer.I love love love love that trailer. Imagine Jake looking delicious and jumping from roof top to roof top in IMAX .God is good!
And the accent...*THUD*

I've become a Farmville and Cafe
junkie on Facebook. They are welcome distractions and have helped me so much this past year. I wish I could see some of you there. I met family...more than 50 cousins still living in the Bahamas...WOW! The family genealogist told me more about my dad and my grandparents who loved me so much until something happened. Divorce sucks for kids if the parents don't get along. I have great grandparents and my great-great great grandparents who lived married and still have families in the Carribean and the USA.

I have a survivor friend who discovered on GB that she is Greek. The family name was changed when they immigrated to make it easier to pronounce and easier for the family to fit in, She never knew she was Greek and never knew her actual Greek name until she met them...last name in tact... still living in Greece and connected with them via FB.
I would like to keep up with everyone here too. My strength is still not as it was, but YOU KNOW I can’t stop Jaking.
If you have Facebook twitter{sassym) accounts please message me, if you have the time, and I'll friend you ASAP.
My user on FB is Mina Moncur over there. Their privacy controls have improved so don't worry if I don't know you by identifying data I remain inaccessible. I've kept up with bobbyanna when I couldn’t move, just tweeting a bit at a time:) I’ve met a few of my Brokie friends there and it’s all good.
It's amazing how much we can keep our friends close with all this new technology
Know that I love you all and that I’m overjoyed to celebrate my first Christmas with you as a BC survivor!
YEAH! Good times all round.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes, I'm all for new chestage! Thanks so much for this video, Jake looks like he had a blast filming this.

Well the fact that their reps have not issued another denial, then it's true. It was true two weeks ago as well and they shouldn't have issued a denial then, what a mess. I don't know what went down with their reps and People but the whole thing was handled unprofessionally.

I feel for them both, it has to be hard for them and her kids as well. I wish them the best.

Hi Sass, so happy that you stopped by!!

verdeblusm said...

I hope for Jake is eveything is ok...he deserves the best...lets see what the future brings!
Many hugs to alla Gyllenbabbles especially Sass!

Anonymous said...

Last night on the Joy Bahar show they had 3 people talking about Tiger, etc. and someone from US was on the show and they showed the cover of the magazine and there is J&R & "Split" under the picture. Didn't have a chance to see anything else that was written.
They didn't talk about them on the show tho.
Usually annoucements like that are made when the people want to make them and I think that is what they wanted, but People messed that up.
Of course they are both going to be sad about this. They're going to miss each other so I think they will still be in touch.
But this type of thing happens to lots of people everywhere but they don't have public attention.
The type of work they do - the filming that sometimes goes on all night - finding time when you are both working in different places as the same time, and that wasn't going to change.

Also Jake doing Indie films..could a more mainstream thing work. I'd think TDAT wasn't mainstream. "Rendition" wasn't an Indie film that I was aware of. The problem with that was the subject matter. But he goes with the scripts and what he finds interesting.

Sheba baby said...

I love that last screencap of Jake posted, it looks like he was goofing around! Disney knows what they are doing unlike Lionsgate, they know how to market a movie and get the audience interested: a shirtless Jake, Ha, ha!!

Very poorly handled all around regarding the break-up news. I'm very disappointed on how it was handled. As someone said before why deny it the first time if true? I know they will spin it and say that they were going through a rough patch then so they really didn't break- up then but I'm not buying it.

They may have wanted to handle it differently (tell friends, her kids) before the rags got wind of it but that's all out the window now. My sister said she heard it on some crap entertainment show and they showed the cover of Us magazine with the story. Obviously the story was in the works and they got their reps Ok.

Having it splashed all over a tab is not classy but that's what happens. A statement w/o a cover story on a rag would have not been the way to go if I were their reps but i'm not.

Bummer that it came out now, right before the holidays, too bad they couldn't keep a lid on it until after. Wish them the best, and i am sad about the news, I really liked them together.

Waves to (((Sass)))!

Anonymous said...

TDAT Was mainstream I meant to say.

Anonymous said...

The first denials were to 'kill' the story so it wouldn't distract from Brothers promotions. The relationship wasn't a really public one, and while it lasted for a little more than two years, it was not long-term, with babies, etc. Now it's out there, it will get a few more mentions, and 'go away.' Print mags will do the "What went wrong" story on a slow news cycle, but this isn't Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.
After the holidays, there will be awards shows and parties so people will move on.
I feel bad for them. They looked good together and happy.

Extra said...

Jake is looking so good in this video, May 2010 can't get here any faster!

Gossip news cycles are tedious, and I am growing tired of hearing about this, two weeks and counting. And now that it's official do we have to hear about it for 2 more weeks? That said I have to say that I'm not surprised but sad that it's over, they seem like such a good match and looked happy.

I hope they can move on and still remain friends. I feel awful for everyone involve, especially her kids.

Giving lots of hugs to Jake right now.

I have nothing further to add regarding their "reps".

Hi Sass, I was thinking about you!!! Sounds like things are going well.

Monica said...

Is Iron Man Ripping Off the Prince of Persia?
The Escapist

Are similar!

Sheba baby said...

The Us cover:


The spin is she left him and he is heartbroken. I have a problem with that, wouldn't they both be heartbroken??

PS: I find it funny that the online blogs are sourcing the Gossip cop for this story when it should be Us weekly. I don't know anything about that site and they may have inside "sources" but it's not a coincidence that they broke the story the same time word got out about the Us story, the same with Popeater. They probably saw the same crap entertainment show my sister did!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jake mention the "news cycle" and how you don't have to respond to everything everytime.
And they were known to people as a couple, but as said they weren't high profile like others. And as stated it is different than being married and getting a divorce.
They will survive and hope they can remain friends. And the kids will still hear from him I'm sure.
He needs and wants someone to start a family with. Family is very important to him.

Anonymous said...

No one dumped anyone. They wanted different things.

FluorescentLamp said...

Monica, thanks for the link. Interesting.

And from that post I now have a new favorite Jake surname - Gyllenheimerschmidt. Haha! :-D Does anybody of a certain age remember singing that song as a wee little child - John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt? Too funny. Hadn't thought about that song in yonks!

I know this won't stop the masses from speculating, but for myself, I've always been uncomfortable discussing and dissecting a celebrity's coupledom or eventual break-up on a public forum. And now to see the break-up become tabloid fodder? Bleurgh.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. If he wanted to marry and she didn't then they wanted different things. That is a matter of disagreement not being dumped.

mary said...

imo jake wanted ti get married and have kids but reese didnt ,she has said she was happy with the way things were there i wont say anything more about the split now its all about jake

Paula said...

Same here mary. I'm sad to hear about it but I really don't want to add to the tabloid blather.

Thank you so much for the video UV! What a treat, and he looks good enough to eat!

Thanks Monica/UV to that link, and yes we are so happy that Jake decided to do Pop!

bobbyanna said...

(((sass!))). Sass is a world class Tweeter! LOL! I'm not "advanced " enough for FB! I should do it, tho, bcz I'd like to be able to (cough!) "check" on my kids, so I should probably get a FB account:)

Disney and Bruckheimer are real pros when it comes to publicity. I always like to see stuff that goes behind the scenes. I bet it was great fun for Jake to work on a project where there's a actual budget.

Being a Jake fan is so educational! Now, I've discovered Sarah Chang.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, E! is running the Sesame Street Octopus "S" segment with Jake.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people who are not surprised about the split. Am I the only one who did not see the problem in their relationship? I thought they compliment each other and well suited. Both are family oriented and homebodies. Everytime I would see their pictures, they look so sweet and happy. There were no signs that something is wrong. Even though they are shooting movies, there are sightings of them. These show that they were committed and made efforts. Although the last time I saw pictures of them is in October in NYC, I just thought they were both busy shooting their movies.

Some blogs are saying that their love fizzled out and Jake is hearthbroken. I felt bad for him since the holidays and his birthday are coming up. But I am sure his family and friends are there for him and we would see him soon doing things that he likes. Reese is a strong woman and I am sure that she is also heartbroken about this. Maybe she really felt that Jake deserves more than what she can give him.

I am really sad about this (and I hate this feeling) but I am hopeful that they will remain friends and who knows, maybe at the end, they will end up together. Unless I see them with someone else, or they moved on, I will remain hopeful that they will get back to each other. I will miss seeing them together, especially with her kids.

Sorry for the long post...

Anonymous said...

I think they were very well suited for each other. But if the relationship couldn't go any further no need to stay in it. People do grow apart or see things differently as time goes on. You can still care about that person.
Get out there and continue with your life and have good memories of the nice times together.
There's sure to be someone out there for Jake.
I know he must be sad, but Don't think he'd want pity. He's not a weak person.

Monica said...

Chicago Film Critics

Vera Farmiga (-) Up in the Air
Anna Kendrick (-) Up in the Air
Mo’Nique (-) Precious
Julianne Moore (-) A Single Man
Natalie Portman (-) Brothers

Chica said...

Hey, Natalie was nominated as BSA!
Maybe Jake has a chance to pick up a nomination with one of these critics associations, there are so many.

Thanks Monica!

disgusted said...

Don't read the Us magazine story unless you really want to get pissed off. According to Us, Jake "wanted all of Reese," and she was afraid he was taking her away from the kids. What absolute rubbish! I can't recall a man more at ease with taking on someone else's kids! He embraced her whole family! Us is slanted towards Reese's POV, making Jake look childish, immature, and selfish. I say it's complete rubbish! I am swearing off these rags once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Once again People mag proves that they are reliable! I just think that the leak is premature that is why their reps issued the denial. The only good thing about this split is that there were no speculations, rumors or whispers of discontent, unlike the Jen-Brad split or for that matter, Reese-Ryan split.

I wish them both well and hopefully, they will find someone that will truly be deserving of their love and respect.

It's good thing we have something to look forward to - PoP. How I wish its May 2010 already.

Anonymous said...

I'd say work - making two movies and trying to keep in touch was a very time consuming thing.
But anyone who saw him with the kids knows how important they were to him. Don't think he would want her to stay away from them because of him. Hope very few people believe that.

Anonymous said...

Not through - also sometimes US can do a story and get some things right and wrong in the same one.
I rem. one about Heath and something was said and Michelle denied it completely. But other things in it were so.
US had a comment one time from Ryan where he said he didn't want Jake near his kids. Hated reading that because i didn't think he said that at all. He has always said, even after he and Reese were divorced that he thought Jake was a cool guy.

two cents said...

I don't think Jake spent time with the kids caring for them, cleaning up after them, feeding them etc.

He seemed like he was around for the outings and the vacations but also wanted a significant amount of couple time as well.

Anonymous said...

Weren't they living together - when she had the kids he would be there and there is the Farm - they were there too when he was there. Seems like he spent "home time" with them.

Anonymous said...

The magazines don't know the details,no one knows, everyone is speculating. There's really nothing new to add so the wheels keep spinning.

Looking at this video was much more satisfying for me. There was something about Jake's swagger in a couple of scenes that reminded me of an Indiana Jones type character.

Anonymous said...

E has online poll who will recover from the break up first and Reese is ahead...

About the kids, IMO, Jake treated them like his own. He spent time with them, in the farm or during their vacations. Also, he was living with them in Brentwood - the proof came from X17 when they reported 2 weeks ago that Jake's assistant was wheeling 2 large suitcases out from Reese's house and bringing them to Jake's pad. They even ran a marathon in MV with Jake's mom. The foursome also set-up home in Philly when Reese was shooting her film. He is committed to this relationship. I believe that it was Reese who instigated the break up!

Anonymous said...

We really can't go by anything these magazines say. I agree that Jake was very involved with those kids. It's pretty clear neither Reese nor Jake personally wants to get into a "blame game" thing about what happened. The magazines benefit from trying to keep the story alive, but to their credit, Reese and Jake aren't feeding these rumors and the distortions. I think we have to accept it that it ended amicably. I just want Jake to heal and move on and be happy.He's a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that the stories definitely are NOT true, but I'm puzzled as to why you're all believing the tabloids. After all, how ofen have they reported that Brad and Angie have broken up??

UltraViolet said...

It's sad for Jake and no doubt for Reese and her kids. It disappoints me if Reese chose publicly to impugn Jake's potential as a stepfather, especially combined with the initial leak. But as with so much of this, we don't really know who said what when, and we probably never will.

As FL mentioned, it's pointless for us to speculate on the hows and the whys. We know they were together, we know they were happy. We know it seems as if they aren't together anymore.

Mostly, we know we love Jake and that's why we're here.

Monica said...

My sister gave me a great gift: Catcher In The Rye. I read a long time and is one of my favorites.

Jake would have been perfect for the role of Holden.

I found this article:
Why You'll Probably Never See 'Catcher In The Rye' On The Big Screen

Mostly, we know we love Jake and that's why we're here.[2]

Monica said...

This is very funny:
Hot And Sexy New Prince Of Persia Featurette

UltraViolet said...

I know it's heresy to Jake (and now to you, Monica!), but I am not a fan of Catcher in the Rye. Though I do think Jake would have been a wonderful Holden, though of course, he's too old now.

At least he got to fake-play him in The Good Girl :)

Monica said...

He was perfect in The Good Girl with Jen. An amazing chemistry!

UltraViolet said...

Monica, that was hilarious!

I've been a little distracted with other issues today - have the gamers and fanboys reacted well to this new Behind the Scenes video? I've seen some comments to that effect here.

Monica said...

They are responding well. Many said it is much better than the trailer and has many scenes of the game.

agent_krycek said...

I'm a bit confused, are we taking US as gospel that they have split? Which they have may, or may not, have done, but, as a UK person, I'm wondering why this report seems to be taken as absolute truth.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. I'll have ti take a spin around. I've been avoiding that due to the other nonsense. Which, btw, was not what I meat when I said I was distracted - that was offline stuff.

Agent K, I think we're just extrapolating from the lack of sightings, the volume of stories and the lack of a denial. But this could be wrong, too!

Shondra said...

I think it's because there has been no denial this time Agent K like last time. Yes Us is a rag but they must have had some kind of Ok to print that even though it most likely fiction IMO. We will see but i had a feeling that it was true when it was "leaked" a few weeks back.

I really feel for everyone involved, I don't want to join in any speculation because it will do no good.

Thank you for providing the video to keep my mind on something very pleasent!

Catcher in the Rye is one of those books that you were suppose to like growing up because it's a classic but I never liked it myself.

Jake would have made a great Holden, but that boat has sailed for him!

Monica said...

Facebook Is Jerry Bruckheimer's New Casting Tool
Well, this tidbit is going to drive the aspiring actors out of their minds!
Director Jerry Bruckheimerfound one of the stars for the upcoming Prince of Persia on Facebook!
“In the opening there’s a young man who portrays Jake Gyllenhaal as a young boy, and he was a Parkour expert. And he’s ten years old. It’s amazing. Absolutely amazing," Bruckheimer told reporters.
And of course, they found the talented kid on the social networking site!
"They sent us online, like Facebook, things of these kids and this kid was extraordinary so we hired him," Jerry said.
Lucky break!

Anonymous said...

ET site is reporting that J and R have split and confirmed by an impeccable source...

suvee said...

I know it's silly, but what really bothers me about the published break-up accounts is the theme of "Reese Dumped Poor Devastated Jake". I hate any implication that he is the poor shlub left out in the cold. Okay, I'm overdramatizing a little bit, but you know what I mean....

I have always liked Reese..... I do not want to believe that the US story came from "sources" connected to her, to get her side of the story out first. We all know that Jake will never respond in kind..... he truly will keep quiet.

Sorry, but I needed to get that off my chest! :)

office of Nancy Pelosi said...

ET impeccible "sources": Us weekly, The Gossip Cop and Popeater, who i suspect got it from Us.

The Insider reported the split via "close sources" but added that their reps have not responded, oh boy.

I feel the same Suvee, the angle they ae spinning is annoying but i have to consider the source. Tabloids always spin the women's side because that's the deomgraphics.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I agree, suvee and OONP. The "she dumped poor Jake" story is irritating and doesn't even jibe with the "facts" presented. But they have magazines to sell!

This Joystiq take on the new PoP video is also priceless:

Prince of Persia vignette has lots of shirtless Gyllenhaal, never enough

We've been doing this Joystiq thing for a while now and, after sifting through years of traffic data, we think we finally know what you're all here for: shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal. It's okay, we're big fans of the guy's pecs, lats, abs, and peclatabs too. As such, we knew we had to post this behind-the-scenes look at Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, not for its juicy interview bits nor to see the picturesque locales where the crew filmed, but for those few seconds of Gyllenhaal in all his shirtless glory. The video is right after the break. You're entirely welcome, internet.


mary said...

imo i think jake and i have heard that it was jake who ended the relationship because he wanted to get married and reese didnt why stay with someone who doesnt wanted to get married and you do i think jake did the right thing and from all th facts we know some of that us magazine story is not true reese is not going to find the perfect step father if thatas what shes looking for any way all all love for jake

Monica said...

Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal while dining at Ammo's:

mary said...

had a feeling jake would head to new york for the holidys and his birthday to be with family if the sighting is true

Chica said...

New York? Time for a bit of stalking!

Chica said...

Whoops! I checked the tweet, that Ammos is in L.A.!!

UltraViolet said...

I think Ammo is in LA, kids. So keep those stalking shoes at home :)

Monica said...

What is the sighting are you talking about, mary?

I think the photo above was taken in Los Angeles.

UltraViolet said...

I think Mary just assumed Ammo was in NY, Monica. It is hard to keep track of Jake's culinary stops. but Ammo is definitely in the LA CZ!

Anonymous said...

Magazines and such want to have drama. I think they are wanting to have a "things are getting ugly" moment. They say that numerous times whether it's actually true or not in various things i've read or seen over the years.
I don't think we've taken it casually. It is sad because they were enjoyable to watch. But we're not 12 years old and think if the Prince comes by on a white horse to take us away and everything will be wonderful forever. We know that even with people who have a lot going for them can grow apart or see their relationship differently as time goes on.
Some work and some don't. The same thing is happening to the people who live a couple blocks away in any town or city.
Because Jake has said how important family is to him, how he wants children how he's wanting the woman who feels that same way.
He has stated that type of thing more than once, back to interviews 4-5 years ago. That's why we hope he finds that in the future.
Sometimes you have a good combination and sometimes you can find an even better one and that's what we're hoping for. If he had talked about not knowing whether he wanted to get married or not or have a family then it would be different.
The divorce was very devestating for Reese & it does seem like she has not gotten away from that feeling. If that's how she feels it's an honest feeling for her.
Am sure lots of women out there are thinking - yes, but i'm a single mother and i've got 2-3 kids and can't seem to find some guy to date me because they don't want to deal with the kids.
That never showed to bother Jake because he cared for her and he likes kids.
Good he's going to be starting a movie again soon - and he will be busy this May! And then in the late Fall with LAOD.

Anonymous said...

Just over looking at the comments on 'US" Naturally some of the "typical" ones but some for her and some for him.
The talking about "not much in common"..which is something i can rem. from things written about them in the early days of the relationship and even the one about wanting "all Reese" is something from the first year or so.
I hought they had things in common like love of their work and music and thinking families were important.
Someone mentioned E and a rep. saying how they got together to talk and decided the relationship was going nowhere. That would be nice to print in a magazine under their picture and that would be it.
(I know, why would they want to do that).

Anonymous said...

That would be nice, the only problem is that E never talked to a rep, neither did Us or People, etc. The only one that claimed to have done so was Gossip cop.

Malkin from E claims sources but admits that neither rep has spoken to him.

bobbyanna said...

Whew! I've been baking cookies and Watching Maltese Falcon. I needed to get away from the J&R stuff and work out my frustrations about my insurance adjuster. He came yesterday and he was all in my space trying to intimidate me than he sat at my kitchen table for 2 1/2 hours before giving me an estimate for two bathrooms,that might have been considered fair in 1956.

I am 100% in agreement with suvee, OONP, too.

Monica said...

This relationship reminds Heath and Naomi Watts.

Just over looking at the comments on 'US" Naturally some of the "typical" ones but some for her and some for him.

These people need something more consistent in their empty lives!

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Monica. Too true.

Bobbyanna, you should get an arbitrator or an insurance ombudsman. A friend of mine did that for repair work on her house and got all the money she needed.

Chica said...

We are on the same wave again Bobbyanna! We both had to stay home last week because of a leak and now we both are Watching The Maltese Falcon and baking cookies!!

Cookies are all done and so is The Maltese Falcon..."The stuff that dreams are made of".

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your insurance adjuster.

Ditto: OONP and Suvee.

Casablanca is up next!

Monica said...

I did not know about this:
Jones made Moon without any financial support from his father. Filmed entirely at Shepperton Studios, using old-fashioned models instead of expensive CGI, Moon cost £2.5 million. After seeing the film, Jake Gyllenhaal, one of Hollywood's hottest young stars, has insisted that Jones direct his own next movie, the sci-fi thriller Source Code.

Monica said...

Duncan Jones:
@loubel I certainly am! In pre-production up here in Canada for a film I am doing with Jake Gyllenhaal. :)
about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to loubel

UltraViolet said...

I think that part about Jake insisting he direct might be a little bit of hyperbole. Jones did confirm that they are shooting in Chicago, though.

So much for Jakey on the MBTA:

He could ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston
He's the man who never returned.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the suggestion, UV. I will certainly follow up!

You're kidding, chica! That is so wild! Like twins or something!LOL!
"Casablanca!" Yesss! Cookies are done,& now I have to decide. The other night I started watching"The Heiress"with Olivia de Havilland, on You Tube. They've posted 12, ten minute segments. Catherine's father died last night. That's where I left it.

Should I watch a heart-breaking love story, where a smart, tough, good hearted guy sends his ex-girlfriend packing, back to her husband, or do I want to watch Montgomery Clift get zapped?

Last week I saw "Mildred Pierce" on You Tube. The section where Vida puts her mother's uniform on the maid, ("You've never spoken of your people") was taken down, but the rest of the movie's all there. I love rummaging around on You Tube, and I love old movies.:)

UltraViolet said...

Done and done, Bobbyanna! I love old movies. Haven't seen Mildred Pierce in a long time.

Don't know if I could watch on youtube, though. I don't have patience for that.

all of this cookie talk is making me want some. We finished the last of our cache tonight!

Monica said...

They will shoot in two places?

youguysare funny! said...

"Should I watch a heart-breaking love story, where a smart, tough, good hearted guy sends his ex-girlfriend packing,"

LOL! Well, they'll always have Paris!

Anonymous said...

How about Crawford in "Humoresque"..but then it's the great John Garfield that draws me in.

Monica said...

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Featurette - Dastan:

Reese = stupid said...

Reese is so stupid, she just made the biggest mistake of her life.

Not only will she never find anyone better than Jake again (want to know when she'll want to marry Jake, but hopefully it'll be too late for her? After her first husband, Loverboy, marries Abbie Cornish), but why they'll never get back together is because she is now throwing him away like he's nothing to her:

1. She leaks the story of the break up just as Jake was about to start promoting Brothers? If that isn't low, what is? That's why he didn't show for the premiere, he got a heads up about the break up story coming out, he was probably freaking. It's why he cancelled half of his press engagements thereafter.

In my opinion, that day (when the People story hit) --- or maybe the day after --- was the day they broke up for real. It was because of the leak. He's probably super mad at her right now because of it. Remember it was the next day that X17 allegedly saw Jake's assistants remove his stuff from her house.

2. If that wasn't bad enough, then she goes out and sells him out to US Weekly and says that he's "not a suitable step-father." After the guy has lived with her and helped her with her children for the past year and a half? That's as low as you go, and she went there.

So, fuck you Reese! Jake can do so much better than this idiot anyway. Career-wise, his is looking better than hers and i'm SO glad he's doing a new movie right away.

Jake = rising star

Reese = three years away from being Meg Ryan.

That's all.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, settle down cowboys. I agree that Reese is coming off very badly, but we don't know for sure most of what you stated as fact.

We're not going to start bashing Reese here. Plenty of other places you can go for that :)

Ooh, HD Behind the Scenes. Thanks, Monica!

Monica said...


mary said...

i didnt know there was ammos in la when igoogled it just the one in ny showed up

Monica said...

It's no good saying these things about Reese. I believe it is not easy for either.
I want only the best for them, because they deserve to be happy.

Moreover, in 10 years he will fall in love with me, will make a proposal of marriage and I'll say: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
We going to have 10 children!
I know, I'm crazy!

No problem, mary!

Good night, friends!

Anon 5:14 said...

"It's pretty clear neither Reese nor Jake personally wants to get into a "blame game" thing about what happened. The magazines benefit from trying to keep the story alive, but to their credit, Reese and Jake aren't feeding these rumors and the distortions. I think we have to accept it that it ended amicably."

mary said...

i agree with you anon 5:14

UltraViolet said...

New pics, new post -it's been a while since we've had candids. Not the greatest, but a bit of fun.