Monday, February 6, 2012

Left, right and center

IHJ posted the photos from Jake Gyllenhaal's video shoot, and we got a lot of gorgeous profile shots.

And the full frontal deserves another look:

This candid from the Vanit Fair photo shoot was posted on tumblr, apparently taken from James Franco's online photo collection:


UltraViolet said...

Jake's preferred hair products.

Mary said...

Love the first pic just gorgeous

sass said...

I love looking at pictures of Jake in his "Pasha" glasses and reading about his favorite hair product. He does indeed walk the walk.
I have enormous respect, in every way, for the way Jake lives his life.

Tweety said...

He does look beautiful, especially when he smiles. Hope he had fun shooting the video!

bobbyanna said...

Awww, thank you, James Franco! And UV for finding it. That's a great picture from the VF shoot.

I love to see him smile, too, but I'm still loving the eyeglasses pictures best of all today.: )

Anonymous said...

I love the smiles. UV where did they film this? The captions from Just Jared and IHJ said Dalston and when I googled the location that is way North of London. It seems odd to me why they would film up there, unless someone got the location wrong.


Greater London said...

Dalston, Hackney

UltraViolet said...

As the above poster noted, it's part of greater London. So not too far afield. I think they filmed all over. We don't know exactly where. Sounds like it was fun, though. bunch of tweets from different sources:

did you hear about Jake Gyllenhaal tearing up the Kingsland strip on Saturday? Madness. Plans this week? I should be about.
17 minutes ago

LeanneFlinn Leanne Flinn
@theshoesmusic I have time to dance in my head still but still loving it! Hope you guys had fun on the shoot. Good to meet you. x
5 hours ago
in reply to ↑

pierre le ny
@LeanneFlinn @theshoesmusic BEST CASTING EVER , THANKS !

@theshoesmusic @grosleny young @zoeengerer with the main man! Thanks all was a lot of fun!!x

Camera car stuck in snow shovel in hand standard Sunday morning shoot
5 Feb

Night shoot in the snow!!!
4 Feb

grosleny pierre le ny
@zoeengerer don t understand why you re smiling on your profile pic : )
19 hours ago
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Zoe Engerer
@grosleny Pierre!! Haha YES YOU DO!! I didn't get to say bye to you guys :( I cannot wait to see the video!
19 hours ago

Day 2. @theshoesmusic are you ready? Gonna be wild...
4 Feb

Chica said...

And he looks good left, right and center!!

The glasses gives him a totally new persona, I like it and I wish that he would wear them all the time.

Sounds like filming that video was a blast, can't wait to see it.

Twitter said...

Just sat by Jake gyllenhall watching a play, he is hotter in real life.
19 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

"Vanessa V @shewithcapitalV

*Klaxon alert* Friend sat one seat away from Jake Gyllenhaal at a London theatre this evening.Very,very handsome apparently. #jakegyllenhaal"

bobbyanna said...

Gosh, wish they'd say which play! I know Zach Braff is in London, but previews for his play, 'All New People" don't start until
2/22nd. Of course, there are a lot of other plays. 'Tis a mystery! :)

London said...

Źmicier Kachański@ZmicierK
Not only did I enjoy the wonderful Constellation performed at the Royal Court, but also met Jake Gyllenhaal in the loo after the show
4 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

looks like Jake is getting ready for the Berlin FF. already watching a show.

Monica said...

The photos with glasses are my favorite.

thanks UV for the photo with Anne, James and Ryan.

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Monica. I love the picture. Wish we got more outtakes/candids from that shoot. Jake looks the most relaxed and natural in the foursome, as he was on the cover.

UltraViolet said...

No more news on Jake and the play. Hope he enjoyed it.

Here's a THR article about the Berlinale.

This is a very funny blog post and photo about all the Jake sightings. All those Friends-only FB posts...

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love the VF outtake photo, he looks really relaxed and sexy!

Another vote for Jake in his specs :)

sass said...

I forgot to tell you, that the photo of the four of them is sooooo hot, and that Jake is and always will be gorgeous.

bobbyanna said...

I was reading about the Royal Court theatre and discovered that it's more than just a performance space. It has lots of programmes for playwrights, and seems to be an incubator for original, cutting edge plays. In the two character play Jake saw, Time played a critical role in the plot ; )

Hope there are lots of Tweeters @ Berlinale. Weather is supposed to be cold but sunny. Jake is the only American on the jury. Thanks for sharing that article, UV.

Twitter said...

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal @London Heathrow airport! #eeeeeek! #thedimples
16 minutes ago

Mary said...

sounds like he is on his way to berlin

Anonymous said...

I figured he would be heading for Berlin. I hope he has a good time, will he be there until the end of the festival (the 19th?)


bobbyanna said...

FYI: A federal appeals court has ruled a California ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I heard the good news Bobbyanna, yes!!!!!

Mary said...

yes thats good news

Other news RDJ and his wife just welcomed their son EXton Elias on tuesday congrats to them

UltraViolet said...

Oops. Interesting account from the video shoot:

OH EM GEE, who could have thought that when little me moved to London I would be dancing in a music video with Donnie Darko aka Jake Gyllenhaal himself? basically, we were at this party somewhere in Bethnal Green/Cambridge Heath shooting a music video for The Shoes. the video is apparently for a song called Time To Dance. the theme was Halloween, so when the video is out, you'll hopefully see me wearing a blue rabbit mask and Jake himself wearing an astronaut costume. and Miguel and Kieran somewhere dancing their feet off. which most of us did. so much fun! great night! thank you guys

UltraViolet said...

Aww, congrats to RDJ and SD.

Monica said...

Jake in Berlin: photo

Mary said...

Thanks monica and he shaved i wondered if he would he usually is clean shaven for public events

Anonymous said...

Wenn have pics of Jake arriving in Berlin

Monica said...

More pics: Jake in Berlin

Mary said...

Hey UV hes wearing your favorite green pants I guess he didnt forget to pack them:)

bobbyanna said...

"Hey UV hes wearing your favorite green pants I guess he didnt forget to pack them:)"

LOL! (((mary)))

Looks like he had quite a welcome, too! In addition to the Festival staff, the fans turned out!

Daniela said...

Monica, I was getting worried about the weather in Europe because of flights, saddened by the death also, of course.
But we see that everything went very well, he was very happy and beautiful, I never get tired of saying it lol

suvee said...

Love that great Vanity Fair candid! Anne looks far more circumspect than I would if I was with those 3 men. :)

Thanks for sharing, UV!

Shondra said...

Let's all hope he doesn't wear those green pants while judging at the Berlin FF!

What a great reception he got at the airport, this should be a good and fun experience for him.

He looks soooo good in these pics from the UK and thanks for finding and posting the VF pics, I loved that shoot and Anne was one lucky woman on that shoot :)

sass said...

TY, UV and babblers for all the tweets, pics and information from the UK and Berlinale.
Thank God Jake has European fans who love him, respect him, go to see his movies and buy his movies. His being the only American judge denotes his importance in the film world and the respect accorded him by the head of the festival greeting him at the airport and with a lovely bouquet of flowers is amazing!

Forgive the below post, but as I was
Checking all Jake sites, which I do when I can, I'm shocked and saddened to find that someone sent TED C a post using my user name sass. It's too bad that happened because I don't ask gossip columnist's or tweeters for information about anything or anyone.
I reply to posts or retweet human rights, gay rights, politics, medical/nursing news and Jake information, but not much else.

I am not happy because I would never ever do that. It's disgusting that this happened to me and I am not sure why it happened but it's wrong.

I had no idea my posting elsewhere and in particular on that board would cause me all this grief.

I am a BC survivor and I have every intention of staying that way if I can...this type of stress is not the way for me to survive...arrrrrr

Karma said...

sass don't worry about it. Its no big deal, anyone with any scruples knows that Ted C is the biggest jerk there is not to mention self hating. I feel sorry for him and the losers who actually take his blind items as gospel. The guy prostitutes himself out to teenage werewolves, he's a joke. And if someone used your moniker knowing you are a Jake fan who posts elsewhere oh well. I believe in karma, so don't worry sweet sass.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Mary. You wound me. Here's hoping the pants are just for travel and not for jury duty, Shondra!

Daniela, I don't think any of us gets tired of saying it or seeing it!

Suvee, isn't it a great photo. I wish there were more, but I was thrilled to see that one. I think Anne is having a premonition of how awful Franco is going to be at the Oscars!

Sass, it's a drag when people do that, but please don't worry about it. Don't even waste your energy on the cretin that did it. Or on Ted C. Not worth it.

Hopefully we'll get a ton of Jake news and photos over the next few days, and you can forget all about it.


UltraViolet said...

Did anyone read that blog post I linked? Because that photo representation of LadJake, or whatever they are calling it in London these days, cracks me up.

The Shoes tweeted/tumblred one of Jake's Minor Threat photos.

And they tweeted this, also:

@Groomers30 @Somesuchandco @zoeengerer XXX WE <3 U SO. It was an honor to work with you, Daniel & Jake.
5 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

New post.