Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to Berlin

This can be part of "Give us a hug," round two. Jake Gyllenhaal was greeted at Berlin's Tegel Airport by Dieter Kosslick, the director of the Berlin Film Festival. Jake will be a member of the international jury for the festival, which begins tomorrow. Kosslick presented Jake with flowers, and a gaggle of fans presented him with many photos to sign.

It wasn't all hearts and flowers and fans, though. Jake actually had to push his own luggage cart at first!

Stars - they are just like us!

Some links from the official site:

Live streaming events
Press Conference Schedule

Please add any sightings or tidbits you find. Alles Gute to all the participants.

Jake signing autographs:

(Photos courtesy of Socialite Life and Daylife..)


Paula C. said...

What a great reception Jake had in Berlin.

He seemed truly happy to be there and so are we! Let the fun begin.

Anonymous said...

Kalle Kinnunen@kallekinnunen
Freelance film journalist. Cinema lover. A programmer for Helsinki International Film Festival. Espresso sipping Mac user. Collector of early 80's disco 12s.

There were 4 people in the elevator with me and only on the ground floor I realized 2 of them were Charlotte Gainsbourg & Jake Gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

I am remembering Heath's arrival at the Berlinale for Candy. There was the film crew documenting his arrival as well.

Monica said...

Video: Jake arriving in Berlin

Josie said...

Wow what a reception he got in Berlin, looking forward to all the news from the film festival from my GB, thanks!!


bobbyanna said...

Danke, UV!!! : ) Hopefully there's lots more to come! I'm looking forward.

The arrival video keeps stalling around the 9 second mark :(

I remember Heath @ Berlinale, too.
They were live streaming his news conference for Candy.

I found this link at their website. So maybe we can try it tomorrow when the Festival begins.

Monica said...

Thanks, Bobbyana!

Juri Photocall: IHJ

UltraViolet said...

Hi Bobbyanna - thanks for the link. And for reminding me the festival starts tomorrow, not today!

I'll add links to the post - looks like there's audio and video.

I did add the photo to the post. Jake looks good. Not such a fan of dark shirt, dark suit but it works better with no tie.

There's no pleasing me. I am happy the pants are not green :)

Anonymous said...

do we know who the other jurists are standing with Jake (he looks good)?


Chica said...

He does lok good, looking forward to hearing all the news from Berlin.

Thanks for the links!

Google is your friend said...

The jury has been listed in many articles about the Berlinale. It's also noted on the official site.

Daniela said...

When I saw his picture that comes with that baggage and green pants, I was "worried" about what he would use these next 10 days of the festival, but now I see that he knows what he does, is more beautiful than the day of Oscar

UltraViolet said...

Daniela, I had the same reaction when I saw the photos. How could I have doubted. I didn't really doubt. There was just a tiny spec of fear.

I was hoping to hear some news today. I've been busy but Jake does not seem to have made much news.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say hi to Paula C and Josie. 'Your GB" is happy to have something so fun to post about!

I think the tall man next to Jake is Anton Corbijn.

Monica said...

IHJ has new photos of Jake with Charlotte and Mike Leigh and another of him signing autographs!

Monica said...

I think the tall man next to Jake is Anton Corbijn.

From left to right: : Anton Corbijn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Barbara Sukowa, Mike Leigh, Charlotte Gainsbourg, François Ozon, Boualem Sansal e Asghar Farhadi.

I saw The Artist and I really enjoyed it, especially the work of Jean Dujardin and the dog.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica. The group photos of the jury look like they were shot @ the Ritz Carlton, but the regular daily festival press conferences will be held at the Grand Hyatt for the films and their

Both hotels are gorgeous. (love to look at hotel websites!) Berlin looks beautiful, too.

The jury will do their photo call and Q & A tomorrow morning at
10:30 A.M....which would be 4:30 A.M. DST, here.

Sag Actor said...

The Berlin Film Festival has some interesting films presenting this year. This is such a great opportunity for Jake, I'm jealous!

UltraViolet said...

According to this article, Jake was at a party for the launch of the German version of Interview. But they don't have a photo. We'll see if some emerge.

Not sure I'll be making that photo call and Q&A! Hope they have the audio and video at the site.

UltraViolet said...

This blogger has Jake pics in Berlin yesterday from IHJ, but they aren't up on IHJ right now. I'll wait to post, in case Stephanie removed them for some reason.

This blogger seemed upset at the crowd of fans at the airport, but Jake seemed to take it in stride. Those throngs can be scary, though.

Anonymous said...

Louise Dixon @loudixon
Jury press conference under way. Jake Gyllenhaal revealed he's a huge fan of jury head Mike Leigh's work

2m ago

Anonymous said...

Photocall pic thanks to Gyllencrazy at twitter

Tweety said...

Thanks for the link to the pic from Gyllencrazy!

I've been following her twets from the festival. A US journalist made Jake feel very uncomfortable when he asked if he felt like the odd man out because BBM was his only prestigage film. Hello, what aboout Zodiac and DD??


@Sasha4Jake I swear I thought he would up and leave, he had that face. That journalist mentioned Brokeback and then said "odd man out".Damn.

@Sasha4Jake first question was for him...and they asked him if he felt like the "odd man out"? WTF? He wasn't pleased at all.

@Sasha4Jake Oh yes he does! they're presenting him now!

@Sasha4Jake He's definitely hot. He was wearing a grey cardigan over a button down shirt. The press conference is starting.

bobbyanna said...

What an ignorant ass! That just infuriates me. Glad I missed it. Hopefully the rest of the event went smoothly for him.

The last "prestige" project Jake did was Source Code. You'd think they would send someone who's better informed to a news conference if they are going to be questioning the jurors.

As for his body of work, Jake has worked with some of the most "prestigious" directors on the planet.

BBM was certainly a groundbreaking film that left a lasting impression on a lot of people, and it got a lot of attention, but Jake's life and his career didn't begin or end with BBM. He's done extraordinary work since then. Too bad this person is so limited by his own biases to acknowledge that.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks and ditto, Tweety and Bobbyanna. You can call his prestige projects box office failures, like Zodiac or Rendition, but that doesn't make them artistic failures. I hope Jake managed a good answer but I can imagine he struggled. What a bad way to start things off.

New post with some watermarked pics. Will replace when Stephanie gets them.