Monday, February 13, 2012

Berlin Bilder

ETA: A couple of photos from Saturday of Jake doing his jury duties:

That's Jake Gyllenhaal with a man named Bernd Runge, ex-vice-president of Conde Nast and apparently a former Stasi agent. The photo is from the Interview Germany launch party, held the night before the Berlinale opened. Runge is one of the people behind the new magazine. I hope Jake didn't reveal any secrets!

Jake attended a reception held by German president Christian Wulff. Due to some controversy surrounding the president, the number of attendees was lower than expected.

And that's Jake with German actress Anja Haverland, who posted this photo on Facebook.

No, that is not a great photo of Jake, though it has a certain impressionist appeal. I can imagine this happening to me if I ever saw Jake.

I thought this was a funny front page photo.

A new angle I hadn't seen from the photo call. It amused me for some reason.

Jake on the wall at the Berlinale Palast.

Jake on opening night. I hadn't seen this one, though I'm sure Stephanie has it!

Hope Jake and Berlin enjoy week two of the Berlinale.


UltraViolet said...

More from a tweeter who was present at the Berlinale opening night:

He definitely had to feel the love from all these people, that's for sure! :) And it's been lovely he was signing SO long! :)

Yes, he said to some fans standing next to me that everyone looks so similiar with all these winter clothes because they had asked him if he remembers them because they met him before.. when he was right in front of me, signing stuff, some people asked for autographs including their names and he seemed a bit sorry but said he can't do this because he wants to sign as many photos as possible in the few minutes he's got and it's too loud to understand the different names, too. He was pretty lovely, honestly, and seemed so relaxed even though it's been busy like hell! ;)

UltraViolet said...

Copying my comment from the end of the last thread:

Some parts of the Grammys were just absurd and awful. But I did enjoy Paul at the end - that was a good song to end on. Adele was amazing. And go, Glen Campbell. Words I never thought I'd hear myself say!

I wonder if they'll rerun the BAFTAs. I'd like to see Colin and Meryl.

LOL about the 3D, Sag Actor and OONP. I guess it makes as much a sense as doing The Great Gatsby in 3D. I just assumed it was one of Franco's special projects. He's a pretentious ass, but he is out there, doing things. I'd love to see Jake take on a small film or play.

I think there are competing Linda Lovelace biopics, so Broadway Joe could probably have two, too.

Shondra said...

Thanks for all the Berlin updates UV, love that he is so good and patient with his fans.

I watched the Grannys last night and Adele rocks!! Jennifer Hudson made me cry, what a beautiful tribute to Whitney.

Went back to read the comments on the previous thread after reading your re-post. I had no idea Franco was directing a Namath bio and in 3D? And also The Great Gatsby??

The only reason I can see them doing it in 3D is to add extra $$ to the movie ticket, sigh.

Anonymous said...

The Great Gatsby in 3D, LOL!!!

I think you meant Grammys Shondra! I did enjoy the show and LL Cool was a good host.

I wish she named the film they were screening:

loudixonLouise Dixon

Sighting of Jake Gyllenhaal 2 rows ahead in my 1200 screening...what a treat!

3 hours ago

Tweety said...


That was me!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Jake. I am glad he is having a great time. He seems to enjoy signing photos for fans at these events.

I didn't watch the Grammys.


UltraViolet said...

Hi Tweety. Why people don't give us details is beyond me! LOL.

I read an article over the weekend and now can't find it, where the author talked about seeing Jake at a screening and not being able to see the movie for some other reason. Then said something like, "I know - who cares if you can't watch the movie if you can watch Jake." Hee.

I have no earthly idea why TGG is shooting in 3D. It is Baz Luhrmann, so it will be visually spectacular. But 3D? Of course, the casting is even worse than the shooting format.

I assume Franco wants to add 3Director to his box of tricks.

Added a nice photo ofJake from the presidential party/address/whatever that was.

bobbyanna said...

That President guy was allegedly misusing money for personal perks.
Merkel said she was standing by him...for now. ; )

These are some great pictures. That front page photo of Deiter & the jury made me smile,too.

I agree about TGG. Bad casting and silly to use 3D. Just don't know what to say about James Franco.

Joe Namath was supposed to be backing Jake, and a particular version of his biopic, or so I thought.

I was touched by Glenn Campbell's energy and his enthusiasm. Really glad to see Adele's wins,& Jennifer Hudson and LL Cool J did a good job in a difficult situation.

But I was so offended by the mere presence of Chris Brown I had to change the channel.

Don't know what effect the BAFTA wins will have on Oscar.

Mary said...

I only watched part of the grammys did catch Adele, Glen Campbell and the Beach Boys thought they were all amazing but i missed jennifer hudson

Gad to see the artist do well at the baftas hope it takes the oscar

UltraViolet said...

Kind of quiet on the Berlin front today. There have been fewer tweets and sightings than I expected.

Having tasty Italian dinner with a view on Berlinale jury members jake gyllenhaal and mike leigh #shedbff
3:37 PM - 13 Feb 12

And this was posted on FB:

hey was nice to smoke a cigarett with you yesterday outside max und moritz in berlin
Like · · Yesterday at 12:51am

There was another cigarette mention. I wonder if Jake's back on the sticks.

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple of new (from Saturday) photos to the post.

Chica said...

That pic from that German newspaper is too funny! Why are they walking in opposite directions???

Maybe it's quiet because the jurors are busy screening the films? We are getting dribs and drabs, thanks UV!

I wondered too if he was back to smoking after that series of tweets on the previous thread :(

Mary said...

Hes such a health nut I wouldnt think he would start smoking again but who knows maybe just the persons he was taking the break with were the ones smoking

bobbyanna said...

I agree with mary. You can't do SoulCycle as much as Jake does, and be a smoker. I think maybe the other guy was smoking.

From twitter via Google translator:

"Now I've just missed it actually Jake Gyllenhaal at the party."
1 hr. ago

Thanks for the new pics. Good to see him hanging out with Mike Leigh.

bobbyanna said...

The Cinema for Peace Gala was held in Berlin, and I think Angelina was given an award. Anyway, Brad Pitt was there with her, and Luc Besson, Christopher Leigh, etc. No information on whether any of the jury members attended it.

Anonymous said...

"Brown Eyed Girl. @juliaapowers

My aunt is in an elevator with jake Gyllenhaal. Jxnebskabs. WHY AM I NOT ON THAT ELEVATOR?!"

Tweety said...

paulavarjackpaula varjack

on way home I get a nightcap at tiny bar in my kiez. see a guy that really looks like jake gyllenhaal... because it *was* jake gyllenhaal

3 hours ago

bobbyanna said...

OT but not: I was looking thru my Feb. issue of Vanity Fair, (Hollywood issue) and they asked Sophia Coppola what her favorite charity is, and she said, the Edible Schoolyard Project.

(Everytime I look at the ads I wish Jake were there. James Franco, Eddie Redmayne for Burberry, Mila Kunis for Dior,etc.)

UltraViolet said...

A couple of translated tidbits from German google search. Seems like Jake is keep gin a low profile:

Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal was one of the first Hollywood stars who flew to the Berlinale. But the jury member is hard to see. He looks at films rather than for celebration.

Jake Gyllenhaal already traveled on Tuesday. But since the jury member is hard to see - at least outside the cinema halls. Unlike most of his American colleagues, he saves himself extravagant trips to Berlin's nightlife. Too bad.

Too bad, indeed! Have some fun, Jake :)

That party sounds like it was, to use one of JAke's favorite words, awkward. It's weird - as jury members, they were probably obliged to go. But then you realize there's all this controversy and scandal, and no one else is going. And apparently, the president lacks charisma. Sounds like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Who is the guy whit him and Charlotte?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

François Ozon, anon.

Anonymous said...

The guy on the stairway to the party of the German president is Francois Ozon the director?

Sheba said...

Loving the pictures of Jake and the gang. He looks so at home there. Not awkward at all. Love that he's focusing on his job at the festival.

The BAFTAs were so good this year. Stephen Fry was superb adding a real distinction and sincerity to the event. He even gave props at the end in the poshest way possible. It was so glam. I loved Michelle Williams in her beautiful dress that gobsmackingly from H&M. Lots of star power but the only thing missing was Jake.

I went to pieces over Heath and Michael so I'm keeping calm over Whitney. Just too sad. My thoughts with are with Bobby Christina.

Now that Jake has got this experience under his belt I hope he does some of the other festivals soon. He's been a real boost for German tourism and attendance at the festival itself.

Twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhall im Soho verpasst! Damn! Daaaamn! #berlinale #soho #berlin
28minutes ago

Spanish Producer/Director said...

Very great moment talking this morning with JAKE GYLLENHAAL and CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG about the Festival !!!
about an hour ago

Anonymous said...

Yes, anon 06:35. François is hot!

bobbyanna said...

UV, I don't entirely agree with who ever said Jake's only watching movies, bcz we've seen photos and tweets of Jake out and about. Maybe there's just not enough of him to go around. People expect to see him whereever they are. : )

I've been in Toronto for TIFF, a few times,& I've discovered it's similar in most cities. There are levels of participation,($$$) & invitation only, inside industry parties. Certain hotels,clubs, & venues are promoted as "official", etc., places for delegates who've paid, and groupies to hang out and feel they're part of everything.

In Toronto, I saw lines so long, and clubs so crowded, that Orlando Bloom couldn't get in, and left, and Gabriel Byrne had a temper tantrum,threw an outdoor cafe chair,bcz he had to wait in line.

Late evening @ one club,I met Mos Def, wandering around, inconspicuously, but Cuba Gooding Jr. sat in the "VIP" section with an entourage, holding court. Tons of random people crowding around to get autographs. A mess.

People, including jurors, can dress up and attend galas, and "official" receptions every night.

Usually for the jurors, who aren't getting paid,they'll plan outings to make them feel welcome and enjoy their stay.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. and thanks for all the Jake reports/tweets


Tweety said...

I was going to say the same thing Bobbyanna after reading what UV poste. We have certainly seen tweets and FB posts about Jake in Berlin hanging out, perhaps he isn't hanging out as much as they want!

Happy Valentines day to everyone here at GB!!

bobbyanna said...

I just read that Paramount pictures is remaking Alfred Hitcock's "Suspicion." Haven't cast anyone yet....

Mary said...

Happy Valentines Day to everyone here at GB

bobbyanna said...


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!: )

Today would have been my father's 100th Birthday!!

(My mother always called him "her valentine" when she was getting ready to throw a frying pan at him! LOL!)

bobbyanna said...

Just found this on FB from today:

Mari Kodama:

"quick note: Jake Gyllenhaal is here as jury member and I have been seeing him almost everyday at the Club Lounge at the Ritz Carlton....! Not bad."
22 minutes ago ·

Marco Dabus no too bad! enjoy it, honey ;-)
17 minutes ago.

Thais Yamanishi not bad at all..."

Sag actor said...

Thanks or all the updates, I'm so jealous Jake is getting to this.

Happy Valentines Day!

UltraViolet said...

It seems like Jake might have spoken at the Meryl Streep ceremony tonight. From twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal rend un magnifique hommage à Meryl Streep

Jake Gyllenhaal presenting Meryl Streep now at Berlinale!!!

UltraViolet said...

Damn, I hope they put that up soon!

Anonymous said...

From twitter
"Jake Gyllenhaal presenting Meryl Streep now at Berlinale!!!"

UltraViolet said...

Meryl Streep: He [Jake Gyllenhaal] was a bad influence on my son @hankdubs
4:55 PM - 14 Feb 12


UltraViolet said...

Jake looked good, but had the dark shirt/dark suit combo going again.

UltraViolet said...


what an emotional moment: Meryl Streep receiving the Honorary Golden Bear during the Berlinale with a touching speach from Jake Gyllenhaal

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I can't wait to see that, I love Meryl!

bobbyanna said...

This is thrilling news!!!! I'm so happy he was able to do that. And delighted with her comments.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like I was wrong - saw a tiny watermarked photo, and it's a light blue shirt. Anothher (translated) tweet:

Jake Gyllenhaal, who will give the presentation, acts nervous. How sweet!

Chica said...

I am looking forward to seeing pics of this. From the comment she made about her son, it looks like he and Jake's family have known each other for years!

UltraViolet said...

New post with a couple of pictures. I can't wait to see the video!