Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A grab bag of images from the Berlinale. The official site posted the above collage of Jake from his tribute to Meryl Streep.

Jake with editor Roland Rödermund, courtesy of Gala.

Jake's signed wall portrait.

Jake at a reception held at the U.S. Embassy. Video from the event below.

There's a nice shot of Jake at about the fifteen-second mark of this news report.


bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the "Randomale! " LOL! As I've looked thru the photos and video clips from the festival I realze, Deiter seems to be everywhere! I wonder if he ever sleeps or do they just plug him in and recharge his battery for a couple hours! : )

I think tomorrow the festival is doing a tribute to juror/photographer/filmmaker
Anton Corbijn.

Anonymous said...

oh this is wonderful. I love all the pics. and the big smile Jake gave at the US Embassy. What a wonderful experience, how many people get to go to a party at an embassy?


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Jake's friend Austin Nichols in the US Embassy video. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Good morning people! On IHJ there are new Jake's photos!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Williams @MichelleWFans

Today Michelle will present "My Week with Marilyn" at the Berlinale.

Chica said...

Dieter does seem to be everywhere Bobbyanna, LOL!!

They give out the awards on Sunday right? I can't wait to see who the winers are, and how hreat that Michelle will be there, thanks Anon!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Loving the contining coverage UV, can't wait to hear the winners for the Golden Bear.

On a side note, it seams the Pres. of Germany resigned because of a financial scandal, happened after Jake met with him!

Hop we get some pics of Jake and Michelle:)

UltraViolet said...

I thought the festival end date was Sunday, but it seems like Saturday is the awards ceremony.

Here's a German article that talks about the contenders for the top prize. I saw a tweet guessing these picks:

just my guess: TABU: gainsbourg/corbijn, BARBARA: ozon/leigh WAR WITCH: farhadi/sasnal, SISTER: sukowa/gyllenhaal

No idea what he's basing that on.

Here's another article about the contenders; it's in English :)

UltraViolet said...

Glad you liked my pun, Bobbyanna. I forgot to credit you with finding that gorgeous black and white shot of Jake. Thank you!

It's funny that Jake met the president right before he left office. Interesting times in Berlin.

I didn't know Michelle would be there. Hope Jake goes tot hat screening.

Dieter does seem to be a whirl of activity. He seems like a fun guy.

Would love to know what other movies/events Jake has been to.

Anonymous said...

I don't see Austin Nichols with Jake.

I didn't know Michelle was going to be in Berlin, I hope Jake and Michelle get together.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure if it was over on Sat or Sun. On the official site it said

The Best First Feature Award is given annually to the best debut film, considering films from the Competition, the Panorama, the Generation, the Forum or the Perspektive Deutsches Kino programmes. The winners will be announced at the official award ceremony in the Berlinale Palast on February 19.


Sheba baby said...

The b&w pic of Jake is beautiful, thnaks for finding it Bobbyanna and for posting it UV!

There is nothing random about Jake, love the post name!!

I thought that the festival concluded on Sunday too.

I didn't know that Michelle would be there, what gret news, thanks for the link Lily.

bobbyanna said...

From what I've found in the internet, it was pure chaos @ the Berlinale, with Rob Pattinson making his appearance. Craziness. He's there for his movie Bel Ami with Christina Ricci.

bobbyanna said...

OK. Found this Twitter exchange, from someone working the festival, maybe a professional photographer, or doing PR for the festival. Anyway she's covered a lot of events.

She's talks about running into Anton Corbijn,& he invites her to walk with him. They talk about photography, and then she mentions running into Jake: Start and the end and read backwards to make sense : )

"Hmm maybe Jake Gyllenhaal actually likes the smurfs. This look would totally make me stand out lmao"

@xJameelah I know how to impress him-he likes those animal hats with little ears n bobbles,he said they look so cute. so just be creative :P

9:26 PM - 14 Feb 12via web ·

@xJameelah just go to central Berlin&watch out for a green parka, Jake strolls around every day, sooner or later you'll see him ;)
8:05 PM - 14 Feb 12via web ·

14 Feb Jameelah@xJameelah
@_trythis_ wow was that even possible? lol sounds amazing!

@xJameelah famous or important for other people.Act.I was walking a bit with Jake G.yesterday as well,it's no prob to "hang out" at the mo.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. Found a bit more. Seems like Jake had quite an effect on her. She's a photographer.

@xJameelah I even know which flight he wants to take,but maybe he'll change to a private plane last minute if the strike carries on :(

36m Meli@_trythis_
@xJameelah be a strike on the airport the next few days, what a coincidence LOL

Over these past few days I somehow got a little obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal,just maybe&just a little... can't help it,he's just so nice :/
42m Jameelah@xJameelah
@_trythis_ Haha shall I translate? Full on obsession going on! :p LOL

@xJameelah (c) shit it's really bad, I don't want that.But on the other hand I never want him to leave again LOL actually there's going to

37m Meli@_trythis_
@xJameelah haha,I'm actually getting a little heart attack everytime I see a green parka in the corner of my eye. (c)

In reply to Jameelah
42m Meli@_trythis_

Anonymous said...

nice exchange with the photographer. There is an airline strike in Germany?


bobbyanna said...

Not sure lily. Maybe.

I think the awards ceremony starts Saturday, around 1 PM EST,with the red carpet, etc. starting around noon. which would make it 6-7 PM in Berlin, followed by a news conference. It will all be live streaming from the festival website.

bobbyanna said...

OK, from what little I've read, there was a strike by workers at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany that affected the Berlin airport, flight canellations, etc. It lasted for the past two days, but seems to be over now, Saturday. There has also been a very sudden transit workers strike in Berlin. Today. So I hope Jake wasn't stuck on the subway...: )

Anonymous said...

SISTER: sukowa/gyllenhaal


T said...

Thanks for the great coverage of Berlin 2012, it's been great seeing so many daily pictures, I fear Jake may dig out the khakis, grow his beard and go under ground again for a while (hopefully to NY so we still get tweets)
Stephanie has pics of Jake getting an hair cut today he doesn't look pleased to be snapped x

Anonymous said...

Who was the coolest Berlinale-Star?

Extra said...

Yes rhe coverage here has been fantastic, thanks so much for all the updates!

The pics at IHJ of Jake hiding from the paps are disturbing, I'm sorry I clicked on them.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the link to the poll. I voted, and was happy to see Jake leading :) it wasn't much of a haircut, but he looked really good at the awards ceremony. They'll be having a press conference soon.

The films that were recognized all sound very interesting.

UltraViolet said...

I put up a new post with watermarked photos.

Interesting choices for the winners. I wonder if we'll hear how the deliberations went.

It's been fun but frustrating to find/follow the news from Berlin. Glad people have been enjoying it :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the link, anon. AndBobbyanna, loved that twitter exchange!