Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming soon

At least, we hope so. End of Watch has an official site. No release date, but let's hope this is a step in that direction. (Thanks to Monica for the heads up!)

Jake Gyllenhaal is currently in London shooting a music video for The Shoes, who tweeted a sneak peek of Jake in action. Or inaction.

They also tweeted this picture so things must heat up.

The video is apparently for a song called Time To Dance. I like it.

Jake was spotted at a party Friday night. Don't know if it's personal or professional time:

There's also word that Jake will appear at A Celebration of Paul Newman's Dream, a fundraiser for the Hole in the Wall Camps. Jimmy Fallon, Josh Groban and Trisha Yearwood are also slated to perform. (Last year's participants included Meryl Streep and Stevie Wonder.)

That photo has nothing to do with Paul Newman's charity work before, but I had never seen it before, and I like it.


Goku san said...

Wow the Paul Newman's pic, almost has frightens me for how much he resembles to Jake, it is as if it emitted the same types of charisma and energy. How weird, good kind of weird :)


Monica said...

I also never saw this picture of Paul Newman!
So many unforgettable performances!

thanks UV!

bobbyanna said...

That's a gorgeous picture of PN.
New to me too.

Chica said...

Wow, I never saw that pic of Newman either, it's gorgeous!

The still from EOW looks really intense, thanks for the inkand info!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV, for all the info. I'd never seen that photo of Paul Newman, looks nice. I am glad Jake is going to participate in this event for his Godfather.

I hope he had fun at the party. I can't wait to see the music video (he had a fun time when he dressed as a tennis player for the vampire group (can't remember the name of the band at the moment)

And I hope we get a release date for EOW soon

thanks Monica for the heads up about the website


Mary said...

Yea thanks for the heads on EOW web site monica

Nice pic og paul newman new to me too

UltraViolet said...

Hi Confused. I deleted your posts because, despite the fact that this civilized policy is not observed by other blogs, we do not discuss other blogs or other blog posters here.

I have no idea what Sass believes or doesn't believe. I can't imagine anyone of any intelligence believing anything Ted C says or prints. But apparently, some people do.

I am not trying to be rude, but if you want to know why something was said on another blog, you should ask there.

a little disappointed said...

You are right UV, I apologize me if I have unintentionally broken the rules of your blog, but to see sass that I have seen here always, in that cage of crazy person, I have been sorry , then since the English is not my first language I have thought that maybe I had not gotten the sense of its message, and I didn't want to launch unfounded accusations, that's all, thank you for having answered me and it still excuses

UltraViolet said...

It's fine. No need to apologize. Feel free to ask Sass on the other blog. This is not the place to discuss it.

Gyllenbabble is not the place to fight battles from/with other blogs.

Also, Sass has a right to post whatever she wants, wherever she wants. And you can certainly ask her about it. Just not here.

Twitter said...

Hannah S
Just said hi to Jake gyllenhaal omjesus
3 Feb via Twitter for BlackBerry®

3 Feb
@Nautical_Nancy really?? If I was homo he would be mine. #brokebackmountain #nohomo

3 Feb
@BenJammin_GLP YES they were filming a music vid for the doors, and I was stood next to him and said hi! Proper starstruck BABE!

3 Feb
@Nautical_Nancy lol! That's amazing. Ur profile pic is how I imagine u to have been behind his back haha! #blush

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Happy to see Jake involved with the event for Paul Newman, he is one of my all time favorite actor. And what a stunning photo of him, great find UV!!

Thanks Monica for the heads up on the EOW site,hope we get a release date soon.

I'm not familiar with the group the Shoes, I wonder if Jake is a friend of the band?

Looking forward to seeing the music video, I loved the other two he did For Jaime Foxx and Vampire Weekend.

Twitter said...

Went out last night, see what Wayward is saying, then Jake Gyllenhaal turns up. Hackney has become such a weird place.

Twitter said...

Went out last night, see what Wayward is saying, then Jake Gyllenhaal turns up. Hackney has become such a weird place.

Twitter said...

So we're at this random party in Hackney and who walks in... Jake Gyllenhall ..obviously.
2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

bobbyanna said...

I don't know whether to attach any significance to this, but Caviar Content are the film/videomakers Daniel Wolfe is affiliated with, and so is Alexander Payne. I'll post the link. Maybe someone will recognize other names. Maybe this isn't as random as it appears...?

Tweety said...

Stunning photo of Paul, it's new to me too, thanks UV.

Thanks for the EOW update and link to the site.

I think you are on to something Bobbyanna :)

dankskatemagDank magazine

Jake Gyllenhaal attended the Grey/Nike SB launch in London yesterday. He was really psyched.

57 minutes ago

bobbyanna said...

Tweety, Daniel Wolfe's among the very best, but it's nice to see that he's also one among many top film/video makers.

Caviar Content's international, a lot of commercials, (Nike among others) music videos, produce trailers for TV & movies, making movies, many top line directors/filmmakers.

So, I like to think maybe Jake isn't just hanging out to shoot a video, but also spending time with filmmakers and production company types, too.

I'm just speculating, but I think creatively and professionally, this is a good gig for him. As I said, not as random as it might appear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy for jogging my memory about the name Vampire Weekend (I just drew a blank at the band's name)

Well in the entertainment industry one thing usually leads to another and it isn't a surprise that Jake doing a video would most likely lead to other things (like meeting filmmakers and producers) I wonder if this gig was part of something his new agent put together for him.


Paula C. said...

Jake does resemble Newman on that pic!
So EOW already has an official site, excellent news, let's hope they set a release date and the trailer, once we see the trailer we know it's getting closer to the big screen.

Anonymous said...

" @mindandlanguage Zoe Gilbert
I hear Twitter's the place for celebrity gossip so here's my penny's worth: Jake Gyllenhal is at the Alibi in Dalston right this minute."

" @Kieranho Kieran K L Ho
@TuXiuBang Hey do you wanna go meet Jake Gyllenhal? He's at a friend's party tonight in Bethnal Green and I don't wanna go alone!"

Anonymous said...

Marek Steven @MarekSteven
Jake Gyllenhaal just came to The Alibi... tis the place to be! Dazed and Confused on Monday... some special news re: Film Club soon too!

20:44 - 4 Feb 12 via web

Anonymous said...

"Ismail Pirbhai @SimpyInspired

Just saw Jake gyllenhaal filming outside Super Kebabs in Stokenewington. #Snowing in London."

UltraViolet said...

Snot causing havoc - and beautiful pictures - across Europe. The Shoes tweeted a pic in the snow, but filming continues. Lots of tweets of Jake around the town.

Interesting link, Bobbyanna. I like to think of Jake making artistic connections. I hope he is.

bobbyanna said...

Good lord, UV!!! Those pictures say it all. Hope everyone in Europe stays safe and warm. Jake is heading to Berlin with a lot of sweaters I hope. It was in the
40's here in the midwest, today, but I find that kind of scarey, too. : )

I went to the Alibi's website. Quite the dive! You even have to go down a narrow flight of stairs to get to the basement club. They do have Karaoke, : ) and they boast about Scarlett Johansson as a customer one time!

sass said...

Me too Bobbyanna. Big prayers going up for Jake to do well...and make great business connections in the UK and Europe...he is much much loved there. Wonderful pics and tweets from his visit...God bless him and his family.
Paul Newman is HOT!!

I have no idea what Sass believes or doesn't believe. I can't imagine anyone of any intelligence believing anything Ted C says or prints. But apparently, some people do

I came by for a minute, and was upset about a post which is now gone, and I guess, luckily, I missed reading other posts.
For some reason...chemo turned my immune system off.
"Cancer the gift that keeps on giving" a favorite saying amongst my BC buds.
I am not in top notch shape...went to I am up for a while battling and babbling with a compromised immune system an elevated temp which I found out about at the docs office and losing for now.

I love Jake like a son *grin* NOT, and have posted on boards about him for more than 6-7 years...from all the huge community boards and my favorite, Cullens BBM boards, from here to ONTD to IMDB to anyplace I feel like posting... about him, his career and sometimes his life, which I know bean dip about.
Some of the people and owners of the other board have been my friends as has UV since the BBM boards started up in 2005-2006. I know and have communicated with them a for years...enuf said...They prayed for me as did UV and other friends here for my BC recovery...Thanks again. I had to cut my board posting way down though I am up and running a bit for now...

I actually made an ironic and funny to me post about TC and LMAO at him...who knew?

TY UV...again...Seriously I want more prayers and more prayers... going up and you all,

Anonymous said...

Sass I hope you feel better. People can be petty.

I can't wait to see this video I hope Jake does make lots of contacts and his new project comes out of it.


Mary said...

Take care sass our prayers are always with you

bobbyanna said...

sass you take good care. Do what you need to do to get stringer.
You know we are all sending good thoughts and/or prayers your way!

Well, Jake is sure a busy guy! Last night he was at a bar in Bloomington, Indiana, tonight a lady in a car stared at him as he looked right at her, while crossing the street in either NYC or New Jersey, and just a shhort while ago he was spotted @ Stokesnewington outside a Kebab place filming. Sheeeesh! : )

me again said...

I meant "stronger!" not "stringer."

UV, I know you meant "snow..." ; )
....didn't you?

Shondra said...

Paul Newman was one of the most beautiful man on screen and off. I'm so happy to hear that Jake will be there to honor his celebrity Godfather as Jake called him.

It's crazy cold in Europe, hope Jake takes care and bundles up against the snow and cold!!

That video sounds like it's going to be fun and thanks so much for the EOW update on the site.

Sending Good thoughts and prayers your way Sass.

UltraViolet said...

Oh dear god, Bobbyanna. I can't believe I can't edit my post! That's just gross. And sounds like the plot of a very bad disaster movie. But I hope people click on the link. Despite my intro, there are some very cool pictures!

Sass, hope you feel better soon. Have to be strong so you can handle it when the Patriots beat the Giants tomorrow :)

UltraViolet said...

Would love to see more tweets from these folks:

I just made eye contact with jake gyllenhaal TWICE. oh god why didn't I put make up on before hitting Dalston?? regret
3 hours ago

Fassbender AND gyllenhaal e a s t l o n d o n ! !
2 hours ago


was on the video set of jake gyllenhaal tonight #madness #London
1 hour ago

One more:

Jake Gyllenhaal filming outside my house right now. New series of Dalston Superstars?...
5 hours ago

Watching SNL. I can't believe Channing Tatum has movies lined up for months, and Jake has nothing.

Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you Sass,

UV I'm watching SNL too. I like Channing. He is hot. I wish Jake had movies lined up too

I wish he'd do a movie in the DC area I'd be SO there


And that's a wrap said...

Vid shoot wrapped!! Awsome weekend working with the director Dan Wolfe and Jake Gyllenhall! X

UltraViolet said...

Channing seems like a block of wood. He was funny doing McBongo, but mostly, I'm unimpressed. And 21 Jump Street? I guess there are worse things than no movie roles!

New post coming up - new pics of Jake on the video set.

UltraViolet said...

Channing does seem to be a good sport - I'll give him that. New post.