Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Odds and ends

It's a grab bag post today, old and new. First up, Jake visiting the (victorious) home team locker room after the Celtics beat the Magic in May, 2010:

That's Rajon Rondo in front, then Kevin Garnett in back of him, with Glen (Big Baby) Davis on Jake's left.

Jake with a Belgian reporter, who seemed to think Jake wasn't forthcoming enough:

At least she got a half-smile out of him!

Fun video interview with a reporter who managed to ask different questions. Find out Jake's favorite TV show, what music he'd listen to if the end was near. And what he thinks of Portland:

Jake, Boston is the city you want to film in. Not Portland!

Also, these artists didn't make Jake's end-of-the-world playlist, but they are apparently on his iPod. He also says he still writes and plays music. (Not sure if the interview is new or taken from old interviews. A remix, perhaps?)

Another SC interview:


Monica said...

I remember that game of Boston. It was incredible to watch him during the game.

thank you.

FL said...

That's Rajon Rondo in front, then Kevin Garnett in back of him, with Glen (Big Baby) Davis on Jake's left.

And while I don't doubt Jake was happy to have his picture taken with those guys, I can't help but think he probably wishes it was Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum flanking him. :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh that's right FL, this was the period Jake was trying to pretend to be a Celtics fan. He was called out on TV right?

Good one call, FL.

Our Jake needs to find himself.

UltraViolet said...

Rolls eyes

Extra said...

Whatever anon.

I remember Jake at this game also, thanks for finding and posting this pic UV!

And thanks for the SC tidbits and interviews, there will be more of these since SC has yet to open in a number of countries overseas.

Monica said...

From Iceland
The most famous celebrity I've met in Iceland is certainly Jake Gyllenhaal. I served him at the bar where I work and witnessed how the people around him behaved. Yes, they all wanted a piece of him.

I felt almost embarrassed to watch Mr. Gyllenhaal being approached by several fans. Ok, mostly by women, who were basically throwing themselves at him. So classy.

Even hours after he had left people were asking about him. One guy even ordered: “the same that Jake Gyllenhaal had.”

Don't get me wrong, I understand the attraction such a famous person has. I, too, was impressed and a bit star struck when the Prince of Persia suddenly stood before me and ordered a beer.

I even bragged about having served Donnie Darko, I mean Jake Gyllenhaal, and about the tip he gave me. But I stayed totally cool while serving him.

I might admire famous persons from a distance, but I would never approach them and try to hit on them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV, for the pic of Jake and the Celtics. I think he has varied interests and I'm sure he roots for whatever team he wants to. Maybe both the celtics and lakers.

I liked the Iceland report. I'm glad she remained professional but I have to admit if I were serving Jake I'd find it hard not to drool and oogle. Or want a pic with him. It's a once in lifetime meeting so you might as well go for it

bobbyanna said...

OT: read some sad news and just needed to share:

Tim Hetherington, the journalist who co-directed the documentary "Restrepo," was killed by an RPG fired by pro-Quadaffi forces in Libya. Three other photographers working with him were critically injured.

I really admire these people who risk their lives to bear witness, and get the news out to us.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I heard about this earlier Bobbyanna .I had no idea that Tim Hetherington co-directed Restrepo.

It's become a dangerous job, they risk their lives just to get information and news delivered.

My heart and prayers go out to their families

Nothing wrong with rooting for 2 teams, it happens more often now when people have ties to more than one city or state.

That woman in Iceland that served Jake should be admired for her restraint, i'm afraid that I would have gone into fangirl mode!

mary said...

very sad about that jouranlist my prayers and thoughts also go out to his family.

nothing wrong for having more then one favorite team my son has several

bobbyanna said...

OONP, I usually root for my Pistons...then whichever team goes up against the Lakers.:) It took effort for me to develop affection for the Celtics, but I do like them. I do.

No way could I restrain myself if I were in Jake's presence. I'd be
fangirl all the way. Bet the girl who wrote that piece regrets her missed chance.

FL said...

What is this strange language you speak? Root for more than one team, in different cities, in the same sport? I don't understand what this means.

bobbyanna said...

FL, I know it's hard for a Celtics fan to understand! LOL! There are no fans like Boston fans. Whether it's the Sox or the Celtics they are EXTREMELY loyal; fair weather or foul, win or lose.

Chica said...

Well I root for the Red Sox when they play against the Skankees, well I root for any team that plays against them!

I'm a Knicks and Giants fan but I also root and support the Nets and Jets as well.

The woman that blogged that about Jake must be kicking herself even if she has vowed to never spend the tip he gave her (except for a chocolate emergency!)

That interview does sound like recycled bits from older Jake interviews UV except I don't recall reading about Jake writing songs.

What sad news about the journalists in Libya, it's becoming more dangerous every day there.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, looks like Jake brought Ramona to the MOCA opening.

Tweet from an LAer:

For an awkward lunch, just add one Jake Gyllenhaal roughly 5 feet away.

UltraViolet said...

That news from Libya was very sad, Bobbyanna. We need these people to show us what's really happening, but they are definitely risking their lives.

I haven't seen Restrepo but would like to. I also still want to see that Tillman documentary.

Lola said...

Oh Jake, Portland is definitely where you should shoot a film, it's just 2 hours away from me. I'm not into sports at all, so i can't comment on rooting for two different teams, although it seems like it can be done. I love how that girl said she is going to keep the tip Jake gave her and not spend it, i would tottaly do that. I don't think if i ever saw Jake in person i would go up and talk to him. I would just probably stare at him from a far, like a creeper.

mary said...

saw a commerical tonite with bear grylls for degree deordorant

bobbyanna said...

I have to confess, I don't recall ever seeing Bear Grylls in my life! I'll have to pay attention, mary.:)

How great that Ramona got to go to the MOCA/Street Art exhibit!

mary said...

hes actually not bad looking

Paula said...

Jake looks so short in this photo, hee, hee!!

That is so cute that Jake took Ramona to the exhibition, his Mom was there too.

Such sad news about Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros:(

bobbyanna said...

mary, Bear isn't bad looking at all, I just never paid attention before he worked with Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Waiting up for the Red Sox to pull this one out. Not much happening on the Jake front today. A couple of Runyon sightings ( Maggie and Peter there, too). And someone saw Jake at "the Mexican cafe near Union Station."

He sure is getting his hikes in.

Viv said...

A bald Jake in uniform!!!!

My first reaction is "shock to faint" LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow Thanks Viv, I thought they started filming in July?.

T said...

Thanks Viv

Jake in uniform, Jarhead cut & those arms - Faints.....

I thought filming didnt start till July but maybe they are training for the movie to make it look realistic??? Either way thats one hot look - now why dont any of my local police look like that??

Monica said...

Thanks, viv.

maybe they are training for the movie to make it look realistic???

I thought the same when I saw the photo.

FL said...

Hahahaha...ohhh I so called that one! I KNEW he'd shave his head if he wanted to look like an actual LAPD patrolman.

Monica said...

Promotional photoshoot:
End of Watch

Tweety said...

Whoa, he is rocking his Jarhead look! I have to say that I don't mind, none of the cops where I live look like that!

A promotional shoot 3 months before the movie actually starts shooting? Is that normal or has shooting been pushed up?

bobbyanna said...

Whoa, twice! LOL! I guess I was prepared for him to look kind of like he did in Brothers, but I was totally unprepared for this return to his Jarhead look.

He looks muscular, but tall and lean in these pictures, not as bulky as Jarhead or Brothers. Looks good.
(Reminds me of Heath in his prison guard uniform in MB.)

Wonder if they were leaked.

Monica said...

Yeah, Bobbyana, I also remembered the uniform of Heath in MB.
Well, I did not expect this look. But I liked it.

FL said...

He reminds me of every cop in latter day LA cop movies or television shows. Or, Billy Baldwin, Richard Gere, Michael Beach, etc. etc. in Internal Affairs (guilty pleasure).

Monica said...

Forgot to say...

Happy Easter!!

Chica said...

I'm a fan of Internal Affairs too FL and his look here, definately:)

This is a surprise, I didn't expect him to start on EOW until the summer.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links to the pics of bald Jake. I wonder how he felt shaving his hair again. Going from POP long locks, to shearing it shorter for SC and now OFF with it ALL!

I'm sure that will feel good in the hot summer. Jake looks GREAT! I love a man in uniform. I like cop shows, was a MAJOR NYPD Blue fan. I wonder if there the Jake and Michael will be riding along with the LAPD. maybe do some target shooting on the range.

Jake looks Lean and MEAN (in other words like SEX on a stick :D) yummy

UltraViolet said...

Loved Internal Affairs.

Jake looks very much the LA cop here. Wonder if he'll keep the bald look until filming.

New post with more of the pics.