Monday, April 25, 2011

Jake's on another train

Jake Gyllenhaal has a thing about saving trains. While Colter Stevens rides to the rescue of Chicago Metra passengers, Jake has joined Mumford and Sons and friends on their Railroad Revival Tour.

As we know from Source Code, you can't save a train without a cell phone:

Jake enjoying the the San Pedro vibe:

The tour then moved to Tempe and Marfa:

Lance and Jake don't seem to be in the revival spirit!

Jake in downtown ATX on April 25:

The tour is receiving rapturous reviews on twitter and Facebook. From all accounts, it is a great ride.

IHJ just uploaded Jake's photos from Men's Journal. So we get to see the cover without all that distracting text!

(Cell phone photo courtesy of Carl Morrison. Photo of Jake on the train from the official Railroad Revival site.)


FL said...

Beautiful train pics. I can think of nothing more fun than riding a train, and what beautiful cars they are, than with a bunch of friends and musicians. Oh except for the whole lack of sleep and too much drinking. :-D

Also, you posted a pic of Jake and director Emmett Malloy - who just happens to be the same director who did the Giving Up The Gun video Jake did for Vampire Weekend. Small world.

Also #2, I think you posted a pic of Jake taken yesterday in Marfa with his documentary filmmaker friend. Cool beans.

Anonymous said...

Who is the documentary filmmaker friend?

Is that the real train they were on? I love train travel and wouldn't mind being on a train with Jake (so long as it's not the one from SC ;D)

mary said...

thanks UV jake looks like hes having a great time which im sure he is wonder if he will ride the train all the way to new orleans where it ends on the 27?

FL said...

Sure looks that way, Mary.

@ Austin Amtrak stn & stopped to look at an old-time Pullman car. Jake Gyllenhall + Mumford & Sons stuck their heads out the window. #austin 41 minutes ago via Twitter for Android

UltraViolet said...

Yup, those pics are of the real train, anon.

I hope we get a photo of Jake on the train.

Here he is dancing. Thanks to an IHJ poster who posted the video.

UltraViolet said...

Love how the other guy is telling Jake to go up onstage.

I forgot to say that I agree with you about the train, FL. There's definitely something special about that way of travel and to do it with all these musicians and friends must be wonderful.

Love how the train is at the venues.

bobbyanna said...

What great pictures!! This looks like an absolute blast! Nothin but a party! Looks like they had enthusiastic audiences too. Love the night shot of the stage in the RR yard.

Chica said...

That was fun to watch UV, loved Jake jammin!!!

That is a beautiful train, what fun it must be to travel by train and also to travel with one of your favorite bands!

Monica said...

The video has been removed.

Thanks for the pictures, UV. Again, good to know that Jake is having fun.
And that should be a great adventure.
Imagining Jake playing guitar with the band.

Paula said...

I love travelling on trains, Jake must be having a blast, good for him!

Too bad the video was removed:(

The documentary filmmaker friend of Jake's is David Modgiliani Anon.

UltraViolet said...

Damn. I wish I had ripped the video. Oh well. Maybe it will turn up again, since the tour is being filmed. Hope you get to see it, Monica and Paula.

Jake's out and about:

guerostacobar Jake Gyllenhaal was just in enjoying a little bit of #tacolove. Small world!
25 minutes ago

bobbyanna said...

Looks like Jake's doing the entire tour.: ) The next/last stop after Austin is NOLA I think.

The link to Carl Morrison on the front page of this thread, he has some nice pictures of the interior of their train.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

The last show will be on 27 in Louisiana, New Orleans.

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:
"Meredith's friend just met Jake Gyllenhaal at The W here in Austin!!! I'm so jealous it's not even funny :("

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This is the first time I can say that i'm jealous of Jake!

Traveling via train is the best IMO and to travel with a band that you are a big fan of is awesome.

I'm surprised that one of the stops isn't Nashville!

The pics are great, thanks so much for finding and posting them. I'm glad that Jake is enjoying himself during his down time.

Tweety said...

It looks like Jake can't escape riding trains!

This pic was taken yeterday on board with a stretching Jake , Marcus and crew:

Thanks for all the great pics, it sounds like this tour is being filmed .

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the Jake updates guys. thank goodness for Twitter!


UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that, Tweety. Added it to the post, plus a pic of Jake in downtown Austin today.

Some fun tweets tonight, including this from a Mumford taping of Austin City Limits:

Mumford and Sons was beautiful. So was Jake Gyllenhaal, who definitely waved at me AND brushed my shoulder at the end of the show. #goodday

Jake Gyllenhaal was just within 3 feet of me. Trying not to hyperventilate...

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and credit to FL's eagle eyes: Jake and David Modigliani.

And a funny tweet:

wanna get into an ACL taping? Walk in with Jake Gyllenhaal without knowing its Jake Gyllenhaal.

Extra said...

This is so cool, I feel like i'm along for the ride with Jake. he looks like he is having so much fun.

I like the pic of him in his hoodie, looks like he dozed of there!

ACl=Austin City Limits, that show has been on forever!!!

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple of new photos, one of Jake at the back of the stage in Tempe and another of Lance Armstrong and Jake.

Very brief flash of Jake flashing a great smile at SXSW, around the two-minute mark.

And a couple of photos from today

Just ordered my coffee next to Jake Gyllenhaal. He is HOT, people. Hot.

Monica said...

The photo with Lance is fantastic!
Thanks for all these pictures and news!

UltraViolet said...

De nada, Monica :) It's always fun when Jake is on an adventure.

According to Rolling Stone:

Along the way, the Railroad Revival has turned into a caravan of sorts, with more than a dozen new passengers jumping on board, including actor Jake Gyllenhaal – a friend of the Mumfords' camp who decided to join the tour on a whim in San Pedro, without even bringing a change of clothes.

Hope he's picked up a few things or done some laundry :)

And I hope we get to see Jake joining in one of those on-the-train jams on the documentary. What a blast this all sounds like.

Extra said...

You beat me to it UV, LOL!!! I was wondering what was in that bag Jake had in one of the photos you posted, I bet those were some clothes he needed.

The article mentioned that Marcus invited a Minister on board on Sunday for Easter.

I wonder if Jake will make it into some of the fottage for the documentary?

Love the pic of Jake and Lance!

Monica said...

without even bringing a change of clothes.

hahahahahahahahahaha I like that!

FL said...

How very rock & roll of you, Jake.

God he must smell ripe. *whoosh!*

UltraViolet said...

LOL. Someone saw him in bike shorts today so maybe Lance helped a guy out.

mary said...

thanks UV love following jake on his train adventure interesting that it was unplanned which makes all the more fun:)

bobbyanna said...

"This is so cool, I feel like i'm along for the ride with Jake. he looks like he is having so much fun."

ITA, Extra!

FL, not just Jake, can you imagine how the train must smell! LOL!

He was spotted at the W hotel in Austin yesterday, so maybe he got a chance to clean up.: )

Guys are generally so lucky,they can afford to travel light, just a few toiletries. In the Lance pic, it looks like his hair is growing out.

Anonymous said...

So Jake decided to go all vagabond and hop on the train and go wherever it went. How bohemian :D way to go Jake. I wish I were with you. I'd love to smell you (I know that sounds crazy but wouldn't you all like to know how he smells :D)

Chica said...

I love hearing that this wasn't planned, I would love to do something like this!

The photo of Jake and Lance is too funny. Guys are lucky in this dept. Bobbyanna:)

FL said...

He was spotted at the W hotel in Austin yesterday, so maybe he got a chance to clean up.: )

Doubtful. Austin City Limits is taped right there downstairs in the W Hotel.

UltraViolet said...

Well Jake can get a shower at Austin High, where he is apparently currently playing some basketball.

Tweets also placed him with members of the three bands at Barton Springs, where the musicians had an impromptu jam.

So Jake has hopefully had a chance to freshen up :)

UltraViolet said...

Some fun FB posts from the Austin High afternoon:

Omgosh I huged Jake Gyllenhaal!!It was crazy to meet him.:)

Jake Gyllenhaal was at Austin High today... playin a game of basketball with students. He sure is handsome in person! You should have seen the teen girls running to the gym when the word spread around school. LOL

definitely had the best time of my life in basketball today!! got to play basketball against Mumford and Sons and most importantly JAKE GYLLENHAAL and be in their documentary film!! :)) took pictures, and wont forget he said "this is my girl right here, north carolina is my girl" (hint the NC shirt)...This MADE my day! ;]

And this:

Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros,,, in Marfa this past weekend. never seen 3 bands of 20 people play an encore and everyone do a solo. they were all stoned minus a couple key mates i'd assume. Marfa's on the rise and im happy to be around. and saw jake gyllenhaal with his model gf

FL said...

This one time at band camp...

Here's Jake in the Austin High Bandhall before going off to the gym.

FL said...

And another

FL said...

Enjoying the high school band

And the student body

UltraViolet said...

Ooh he looks great! Love these high schoolers. Tweeting and papping. Good job!

Two separate tweeters:

And in under 10 minutes the entire school found out jake gylenhaal was in the building. Sorry jake, youre kind of a big deal...

fancypantsATX Jake Gyllenhaal shot hoops with kids at Austin High today while Mumford jammed with the band. Stellar.

Sag Actor said...

This is great, Jake is beyond lucky that he can do this. He has scored so many cool points, not that I didnt think he was cool before but he definately has added some points!

Anonymous said...

really nice that he's hanging out at the high school. what model gf was someone referring to? I think the twitters are imagining things.

Is Jake going to the end of the tour in NO LA?

I would love to see the documentary.

bobbyanna said...

this is SO fun!!!! He looks great. Thanks for finding all these cool pictures!

OT but not: I lost power. I hate this. It's been windy, but we always seem to catch the worst effects of any "weather." Very frustrating. I'm using my sister-in-law's computer, but I'll have to give it up. Hope I won't be without for too long.

FL said...

Just seeing him all sweatified like this makes me so uncomfortable. Lord I hope his other clothes were in the wash. And it can't be easy playing a game of pickup in those boots.

Monica said...

Great job, girls!

A great moment for the students of this school! Jake always lovely with his fans!

mary said...

loving all the pics and tweets yea i sure hope he has a change of clothes he been in those clothes i think for the last 2 days at leastbut im glad to see him having a good time

UltraViolet said...

I can't believe they let them wear those shoes/boots on the gym floor! Or that Jake didn't even have shorts he could wear. It looks so uncomfortable to play in that gear. But he seems to be enjoying himself.

Made a new post with the pics.