Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo basket

Look what the Easter Bunny brought! After trumping Source Code's opening weekend, the rabbit makes amends with some new and recent Jake Gyllenhaal photos. The baseball-capped pics are from the Railroad Revival Tour stop in San Pedro on Friday night.

And the more formal attire was for the Oscars. From the Vanity Fair party:

Thanks to Bobbyanna for the heads-up on the VF shots.

A Source Code interview for AlloCine, a French site:

(Railroad Revival photos from flickr/bluereins333.)


UltraViolet said...

Some FB posts from last night's show:

Edward Sharpe, Mumford and Jake Gyllenhaal and Carrie Mulligan standing next to us....Lord. So beautiful.

Up close and personal with some great musicians + Jake Gyllenhaal coming out on stage and dancing to "Home." Good night.

From a Cartel employee:

He's friends with the people at the show tonight at the tracks in tempe. He was really nice.

This is from the conductor for one leg of the revival train:

So the Railroad Revival Tour owns. All the bands are cool jamming out until 4am on the train. Oh and That Jake gyllenhall dude is on the train too very small guy.

Nah ah! I ♥ Jake Gyllenhall!

I forgot to put "That's Awesome" I got caught up on Jake Gyllenhall....

Damn all u girls are the same.

if jake gyllenhall is on your train, its probably about to blow up.

So cool!

Dude there are so many crazy girls on the train I have no clue how they got in?

mary said...

thanks UV but jake sure loves mumford and sons.


Anonymous said...

Jake is a bit over 6 feet tall so that isn't a "very small guy" - unless that person is 7 feet tall why the missinformation - hmmm, a bit jealous?

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the new post, UV! Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

Shondra said...

Thanks UV, what a nice surprise!

Sounds like he is having a blast, Happy Easter to everyoner here at GB that celebrate!!

Extra said...

I love the SC comment about Jake on a train, LAMO!!! It must be a trip to get to hang and travel with one of your favorite bands.

Wishing everyone a very Hsappy Easter.

Anonymous said...

happy Easter everyone.

Doesn't it look like Busy Phillips in one of the shots at the concert, Then there is this other blonde who I don't think is busy but not sure who she is, Jake is chatting with her

UltraViolet said...

Off to Easter dinner. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating. Or just happy Sunday.

UltraViolet said...

Oh and yes, that is Busy next to Jake in some of the photos.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Great pictures and happy to see Jake having fun.

BO this weekend:
Meanwhile, the lowest drop in the top ten belonged to “Source Code,” which should safely cross $50 million next weekend. Those are fantastic numbers for Summit, who formerly had a reputation for not being able to open anything non-”Twilight” related until they made a killing off their purchase of the domestic rights for “Red” last year. It’s a nice calling-card for Duncan Jones, who can now boast a brainy box office hit on his resume when he takes meetings on thankless tentpole releases with the studios.

Happy Easter to everyone!

FL said...

Up close and personal with some great musicians + Jake Gyllenhaal coming out on stage and dancing to "Home." Good night.

And there he is dancing during "Home" last night in Tempe. I think that's Carey Mulligan next to him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks FL for the pic of Jake in Tempe. It does look like Carey Mulligan.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Carey is dating one of the Mumford guys. :)

UltraViolet said...

Yes, we have all heard that, anon. Thanks for sharing.

Monica said...

Thanks for the photo, FL. I don't like that Carey's hair!
And I did not know she's dating a member of M & S!

Chica said...

I hope everyone here had a Happy Easter, mine was well, very noisy...

Glad to se that Jake had a great time hanging with his favorite group and thanks Monica with the great SC BO's news!

Monica said...

International BO:

Summit International reported that Source Code grossed $5.1m from approximately 1,500 screens in 32 markets as the tally climbed to $27m. The thriller opened in France, Belgium, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I feel people who go to these go fairly casual. They spend a lot of time there and aren't spending a lot of time in front of a mirror. Besides didn't notice anything unsual with Carey.

Tweety said...

I hope everyone had a great Easter, I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, I should have taken off Monday along with Good Friday.

I think Jake is still traveling with Mumford and Sons, I saw a tweet of them from Marta, TX!

I just finishing watching Godspell on TCM, it's been awhile since I had seen it and I had no idea that Victor Garber played Jesus, talk about clueless!

SC is doing a lot better than a lot of people thought, yes!

UltraViolet said...

Tweety, good to see you. I had the same thought about tomorrow. Don't know why I didn't take it off. Dumb!

Lots of tweets of Jake in Marfa and at the concert tonight. He seems to be having a great time.

Great news for the SC box office. Wish it had such a tight hold the second weekend, but it's wonderful that people are still discovering it.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ditto on taking off Monday, I'm running a bit late this morning.

My weekend was filled with family and friends. I hope everyone enjoyed Easter.

Love all the twicpics of Jake with Mumford on tour, I hope he had a great weekend!

That is Busy in the first pic, I have no idea who the other woman is.

What a great find Bobbyanna (the VF pic), Jake , A.Cooper and the woman Jake brought with him to the party!

SC has a good WOM, i'm really happy that people are talking and are excited about it.

UltraViolet said...

I loved the VF pics, too, OONP. I always wish these places would open up the vaults. You know they have thousands of pics we've never seen.

Speaking of which... here's Jake's freshman yearbppk photo.


I forgot to whine about the Indiewire report on SC's boxoffice. They managed to give props to Summit and Duncan but not Jake. So annoying, even though overall it's a good thing.

Viv said...


This is so-called double standard.
They blame Jake for poor box office number(just like Nikki), but they praise studio and director for good box office number.

We have to get used to it*shrug*

But I am still so happy SC doing good.Duncan is a nice person and I want Jake work with him in the future. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV, for the yearbook photo, I have to wonder who gave that up to Just Jared (probably got paid a pretty penny too!)

Last year Jake had a summer vacation this year he'll be working for a portion of the summer so maybe this train trip with Mumford and Sons is his vacation before he has to start getting ready to film "End of Watch"

I have to wonder if anyone brought up being worried traveling on a train with Jake after seeing Source Code (joking of course)

It is a shame that Summit and Duncan are getting the accolades for SC success but Jake isn't being mentioned. Now mind you Duncan certainly should get some cudos, he is an up and coming director and I think Jake was only too glad to help him out, getting SC to him. And Duncan couldn't sing Jake's praises enough during the press junket. But the SUCCESS of the movie, ie those BO #s lies on Jake's beautiful shoulders. I've seen the movie twice so far and I'd love to go back for another edge of your seat round

bobbyanna said...

UV, when I "found" those pics of Jake, I felt the same way! There's this "vault" somewhere with lots of cool pictures, we haven't seen. :)

I read on FB or Twitter or some blog, (can't remember) that Lance Armstrong was at the Marfa, Texas stop for the Revival Train concert.

I love Duncan and Duncan did a superb job on SC. All of us've seen how spotty directing can sink a movie.

But without Jake, SC wouldn't have been anything special at all. He found the perfect director to do justice to the story. He worked with Ripley and Duncan on revising the script, and he turned in a stunning performance, to make it work.

SC was Jake's movie thru and thru. I don't like it when some writer who knows very little, marginalizes or ignores Jake, when it's obvious that he carried the entire project.

Jake's personal PR people really needs to be more agressive about promoting his interests.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, you're right. It is a double standard and one we are sadly used to for Jake. As long as the money people give Jake the credit, I guess it's all that matters.

Anon, I think Jake is having the time of his life on this mini-vacation. And I'll definitely be seeing SC again before it leaves theaters.

Yes, Bobbyanna - open those vaults! No photos of Lance yet. Not many photos from Marfa. Maybe some will pop up today. I did do a new post though :)