Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Night's All Right

Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live. He did a sketch with old friend Andy Samberg, who played a hilarious Nicolas Cage. If you missed it or just want to see it again, watch this before it gets pulled!

Backstage, Jake met La La Vazquez, reality star and wife of fellow SNL cameo-er, Carmelo Anthony:

Saturday Night Live was AMAZING! @carmeloanthony was hilarious and look who I met, he's the nicest guy ever!

Saturday afternoon, Jake attended a performance of The Book of Mormon, a new Broadway musical from the creators of South Park. The play has gotten rave review - wonder what Jake thought of it?

Also getting raves? Source Code. The tomatometer is going strong while the box office is lagging behind the reviews. Predicted to fall in the mid-teen range, Source Code deserves a bigger audience. Here's hoping great word of mouth leads to greater legs for the film.

Some cute tidbits from interviews that have mostly recycled news: Jake on his daddy duties:

It’s 6 p.m. on a Friday night, and Jake Gyllenhaal is keeping someone waiting. No, not Reese Witherspoon or Taylor Swift, with whom Gyllenhaal has had high-profile, tabloid-manna relationships in recent years, but a German shepherd named Atticus, who Gyllenhaal insists is the someone special in his life.

“He’s not getting his full workout tonight because his father is working,” the 30-year-old actor says in his good-natured, soft-spoken voice. “We might as well get it out there on the table: I’ll be going home in about an hour and watching a movie with Atticus.’’

One thing Gyllenhaal can count on with Atticus: the dog isn’t hanging with him because he’s a movie star. That’s important to a man who says that, in choosing roles to play onscreen and people to be in his life offscreen, he’s looking for the same thing. “I can smell when it’s not real.” Gyllenhaal says. “I can feel it. It has to feel real. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.”

And from another account of a SXSW roundtable, we get a flattering perspective on Jake:

On opening night of South by Southwest 2011, Duncan Jones’ Source Code celebrated its world premiere with a packed house at the historic Paramount Theatre in Austin. There was an electricity in the room, and most of it was buzzing about the arrival of Jake Gyllenhaal, the star of the film and the object of affection for more than a few of the females present.

A brouhaha in the bathroom, where a patron tried to snap a picture of Gyllenhaal at the urinal, circulated quickly and became legend, but you wouldn’t notice a hint of hesitation from the actor when he strutted to his seat on the aisle and kindly addressed the adorations of nearby fans. I was sitting rather close (I must have photo-bombed a hundred Facebook pictures), so I had a front row seat for the uncharacteristic nuttiness over this 30-year-old.

Which is why I was thrown when Gyllenhaal sat down with us the following day for an interview and he had ditched the confident swagger of a major celebrity. A charmer and a jokester, without a doubt, but Gyllenhaal was also equal part Donnie Darko, slouched with an uncomfortable shyness, and spoke with an eloquent intelligence you might not expect from an actor best known for his glistening Prince of Persia pecs and tough guy roles.

You spend half the movie with an actress and then the other half by yourself. How was that? Because this is the first time you’ve been isolated like that, you know, besides Bubble Boy.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Right, I guess there’s a similarity there. [laughs]

Michelle Monaghan had more nice words about Jake in the Hollywood Reporter:

From a professional standpoint, he cares so much about the integrity of the script and the story. He puts his best foot forward every single day.”

“And on a personal note, I had so much fun. He’s super nice, he’s fun, he’s charming, and he doesn’t take anything too seriously and that’s like ace in my book,” she adds. “I promise all the girls out there: He’s a dream.”

Finally, a belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday to FL, from all of us and Jake's eyeballs:


UltraViolet said...

Some funny tweets last night:

beckbeardall: feel bad for cineplex workers, having to clean up my big puddle of drool from awing at jake gyllenhaal @sourcecode
about 5 hours ago from web

pnuts_mama: I may have just said: OMG IT'S JAKE GYLLENHALL very loudly just now & been shooshed by my husband #snl
about 6 hours ago from Echofon

flynnofilm: The last words transcribed by the closed captioning on tonight's #SNL: Jake Gyllenhaal. @manmademoon Brilliant plan tonight! Summit's idea?
about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck

Chica said...

I caught Jake last night on SNL, and thought the skit was funny, too bad that he was only in the one skit!

Loved his line about Nic being the white Samuel Jackson, ha, ha!

SC deserves a bigger BO than the middle teens, I know that it was expected to come in 2nd but the #'s should be higher.

bobbyanna said...

Belated Happy Birthday,FL!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and this year is filled with many beautiful experiences for you! (((FL)))

Jake & Atticus...:)

UV, I hope Summit keeps advertising all thru this coming week.

I know I'm "preaching to the choir" and I apologize for it, but there's so many things Jake's large "family" of fans can do to support SC.

Not only seeing the movie, but by voting on various boards like Rotten Tomatoes, Yahoo,and other boards that rate movies, or writing brief positive reviews in local newspapers' movie blogs, or tweeting, & using Facebook to help 'spread the word.

I'm so inspired by how hard Jake & Duncan are working to promote SC, asking audiences to help get the word out, etc. Jake's done such amazing work with this one!

Some critics/ potential audience members are dismissing SC as a re-tread, & haven't even seen it! SC is a lot more complex than it first appears. It's got substance, & it 'll be around a long time, like Jake's other movies. : )

bobbyanna said...

I just realized Josh Gad (LAOD) is performing on Broadway in Book of Mormon! :)

Tweety said...

I agree Bobbyanna, SC is much more and shouldn't be dismissed as something that was done before.

I saw it yesterday and it was a trippy ride that played with your head and made you think. Jake's performance is one of his best, he has so many emotions to play.

His fear and anger/confusion in the pod is some of his best acting. Michelle's role could have been a thankless one, but she brings heart to the role and she makes you care about the character.

The rest of the cast was fine, especially Vera.

This is a smart sci-film, it makes you think and question, something a lot of movie goers aren't used to.

I'm thrilled with the reviews but I would be more thrilled if word of mouth, it should be bringing in a better BO.

I love that story about Atticus!

Thanks for the clip of Jake on SNL, I didn't get a chance to catch it last night. I thought the skit was funny!

I will take your marching orders Bobbyanna, starting with RT and bomojo, i'm registered at both sites!

Anonymous said...

I.m just going to throw this out there, the box office estimates are from the studios themselves. I'm getting a feeling that Summit is underestimating on purpose.

Could be wrong but just a gut feeling.

bobbyanna said...

This is from the L.A. Times Business section:

"Source Code," a sci-fi thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, got off to a pretty good start after opening to $15.1 million...

"Source Code,"... went into the weekend with excellent critical reviews -- the movie currently has an 89% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes."

"Audiences who saw the film didn't love it as much as critics, but still have it a decent average B- grade. Men and women came to see the movie in nearly equal proportion, though it was mostly an older audience -- 76% of whom were between 18 and 49."

"Updated at 10:23 a.m.: "Source Code" opened this weekend in seven foreign markets, grossing a solid $5.6 million and performing best in Britain. Next weekend, the film will debut in 12 more markets, including Brazil and Turkey."

"The movie, which is about a soldier forced into a secret military program through which he relives the last eight minutes of another man's life, was the first film financed by French producer Philippe Rousselet's company Vendome Pictures, for $32 million after tax credits."


Numbers said...

"Audiences who saw the film didn't love it as much as critics, but still have it a decent average B- grade."

Boy thats wrong both the Rotten Tomato and Box office mojo audience ratings has it a very solid B+ inching toward the 90's.

bobbyanna said...

You're right "Numbers",maybe someone will call it to the attention of the writer of the article @ the LA Times. Let them know that. I guess they use their own measure not RT, but don't explain how they get the B-.

Extra said...

Well I give it an A-, saw it last night and thought that it was fantastic!

Not your ordinary run of the mill Sci-fi flicks and Jake is great, he can add this to his list as another great character.

I don't know if there will be a sequel, the ending sure set it up like it and I will be there if it is.

I love how even though the characters were playing the same scene over and over that the characters kept you engaged.

Thanks to Jake and Michelle, and teriffic directing by Jones, they made it work.

I plan on seeing it again!

SC was always tracked to come in second place, I guess some people expected it to make more than it did this weekend.

I saw SNL and thought that the Nic Cage skit was funny, especially when I read a rather snarky SC review that described Jake doing a N. Cage impression in SC. Nick only wishes that he could pull off what Jake did, maybe in the past but not now.

I guess Jake and Duncan are off to Spain and Germany, glad to see it doing so well overseas this weekend.

And again thanks so much for updates UV!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for letting us know what you thought of the movie, tweety and Extra (as well as sag actor, bobbyanna, mary and anyone else how checked in that I missed!).

It makes me sad that this wasn't a breakout hit, but the box office stories are such BS. No one expected SC to do more business than Hop. Hop outperformed expectations. That's the story.

There's also such an animus against Jake. Nikki Finke made the point that a movie star is supposed to open a movie over $20m. But Bradly Cooper did not do that, and he got tons of kudos. Despite having freaking Robert De Niro as a costar.

Don't get me wrong - I wanted this to be the movie that pushed Jake into that category. And it is a disappointment that it hasn't. But it's not a box office disaster or even surprise, really. It came in right at expectations.

I did a little Box Office Mojo investigating this weekend, and there are very few stars who consistently open over $20m in non-franchise/superheo role.

Anyway, I know I'm doing some rationalizing here, but it just gets to me. I hope Jake can take all of the positives from this - the great working experience and the very positive reviews - and move on.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of tweets:

Jake Gyllenhaal checking in first class. So handsome! Hope he's on my flight
35 minutes ago

ClaudineGrant: At fabulous NY brunch... Jake Gyllenhaal and David Schwimmer also here at Laconda Verde...
about 3 hours ago

Chica said...

Nikki seems to forget that although Pop was a disappointment, it opned at over 30 mil. and TDAT opened at #1.

True people saw that because it was by a director that had another blockbuster under his belt, Independance day but she can't say that he hasn't opened a movie over 20 mil.

Jarhead opened at #1, I don't think it opened at 20 mil., I will have to check.

And again nobody predicted that SC or any other movie would beat HOP, it was expected to come in 2nd, just a little higher in BO results.

bobbyanna said...

UV, I share your frustrations. Ive gotten my blood pressure up several times in the past 24 hours! I hope you'll use your research to write a comment and put it someplace where these jerks will see it.

I know I'm stating the obvious, but Ive decided to be more agressive (!) in challenging this crap. I'm commenting on these sites, and call them on this slanted, negative, misleading garbage.

We won't change the authors' minds,
but their readers will see another points of view on the record. I've noticed, if something nasty is left unchallenged, it attracts more nasty. If someone stands up to it, other readers speak up.

I've been tweeting like crazy, & responding with comments to challenge some of this crap, like
E! headlining that "Jake Got Dumped!"

I saw Nikki Finke's trash. I tweeted her back strongly disagreeing...:) This is at least the second time in the past two weeks she's been nasty.

Numbers said...

UV, I understand you feel but don't forget Jake is an actor first, star second much like Ryan Gosling who has never had a huge movie opening in which he starred.

I think the success of source code will be how it does mon-thursday of this week. You're right Cooper had De Niro and Abby Cornish who are both better actors than Bradley. That being said, Limitless has had staying power and hopefully because Source Code has higher numbers from critics and the audience alike, it will have even better staying power. But its the luck of the release week. Limitless was release around the opening of weaker movies and modest sequels. Worldwide Source Code has made 20 million dollars which is great.

Hopefully Summit will keep the ads going, I hope Source Code will gain during the week, ya never know. I know 15 million may not sound like a lot but this is what Summit was projecting. I know some other boards (who claimed to be Jake fans) are all over the 15 million as a Jake box office flop again. But those people are the same nutjobs who think Jake is Jack Twist in real life.

And some people in the press likr those nutjobs seemed to want Jake to fail, some were even writing off his career which is not fair. Jake is a great actor, he's only 30. He ain't over in Hollywood unless he wants to be. He's too well liked and too damn talented. I believe if he is meant to be box office King, nothing can stop that, its his destiny.

Haters will hate until it eats them up. Take a cue from Jake, you can't let them get to you. There's a reason for the hate, they fear Jake's success. Mostly importantly Jake is a good person who is very happy in his life.

Anonymous said...

I forgot the final four was this weekend. Lets not get to upset until the full week's numbers are in. The final four kept alot of the target audience, and the final is tomorrow.

Also most outlets (who apparently are not bias) are saying that Source Code opened well or met expectations.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, Numbers, my whole point was that people manipulate the numbers to make Jake look bad. I specifically looked at the numbers of other actors and if you take out franchise/superhero/cartoon movies, their numbers are not, generally, that much better.

I don't let haters get to me, but I can't ignore a general perception that is building and that was not swayed by this weekend's numbers.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

@lovelyjojo he is so yummy in the flesh. FA said to him " I love your sisters work" he chuckled merrily. #hotandnoego
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to lovelyjojo

I have just seen Jake Gyllenhall boarding my flight at JFK. He fell into category of better than on screen. *sigh*

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I saw SC this afternoon and I plan on seeing it again during the week after work. This is a thinking persons Sci-film and I wish that HW would make more just like it.

Jake does some of his best acting here. The scene where he is talking to his father over the phone is heartbreaking and devastating.

The direction is first-rate as is the special effects, action scenes and soundtrack.

I wasn't thrilled when Michellewas announced as Jake's co-star but I quickly changed my mind. You can see and understand why he fell for her in those 8 minutes over and over.

I did have a few problems with the ending, Jake said that alternate endings were shot, I would like to see that on the DVD release.

Summit predicted that it would make 15 mil. and sites predicted 14 mil. to maybe 16 tops and all said that it would end up in 2nd pl. So why all the foaming at the mouth from some like they are SHOCKED ! that HOP cam in first, they predicted that from day one.

HOP did mak more than expected as did Incidious and it would have been great if the BO was bigger but hopefully WOM will help it during the week.

Loved Jake in SNL, wished he had time to do more but it' off to Spain and Germany for SC promo!

bobbyanna said...

"Jake does some of his best acting here. The scene where he is talking to his father over the phone is heartbreaking and devastating."

OONP, I agree with you.

I teared up a few times and that phone call was definitely one of them.

bobbyanna said...

I guess Blake Shelton,co-emceed the Country Music awards show with Reba McIntyre,& made a joke at Jake's expense. This is on Facebook. Guy thinks it's really funny:

"I must share a joke I heard on the CMA'S tonight"Why would Jake Gyllenhaal break up with taylor swift she is beautiful,great girl" by the way that was reba asking and her co host said" Wait a minute wasnt Jake Gyllenhaal in brokeback mountain" i did the(WHITE MANS LAUGH FOR HOURS ABOUT THAT ONE)"

UltraViolet said...

Yeah. Plus Reese is there to pimp her movie/present an award.

I'm glad Jake's on a plane :)

bobbyanna said...

UV, someone should really call him on that shit! The implication is pretty clear:
Gotta be something "wrong" with him if he dumped TS...Oh, wait. He's gay. In the closet gay.

That was low and rotten and it needs a big smack down from Jake's PR people. A public apology. They can't let this fester and hope it disappears. He called Jake a liar and a fraud.

Blake Shelton's comments are going to make the rounds. It will not go unnoticed. Source Code just got bumped for a new headline on the TV talk show circuit.

Just saying said...

""I must share a joke I heard on the CMA'S tonight"Why would Jake Gyllenhaal break up with taylor swift she is beautiful,great girl" by the way that was reba asking and her co host said" Wait a minute wasnt Jake Gyllenhaal in brokeback mountain"

It will come back to bite them in the butt, all of them. That was a very homphonic joke and just proves country music it still just a redneck as everyone thinks it is. The facebook comment proves it, only that demographic would find it funny.

And Taylor, sooner or later what goes around comes around. Your 13 year old fans do grow up eventually. To Reese, the teflon will wear off.

UltraViolet said...

Well we know his PR won't do anything effective, because they are incapable. I don't know what they should do - certainly nothing public. No need to draw more attention to it.

I'm kind of hoping, no doubt futilely, that it will go away. It didn't make a total twitter splash, though apparently BBM was trending right after. But it was nothing compared to urinal gate.

Of course, that didn't explode, pardon the unfortunate phrasing, until the next day. I hope this will just die away.

Yes, I do believe in Santa Claus :)

UltraViolet said...

A couple of Jake sighting tweets from today:

Jake Gyllenhaal too, when I was at @wholefoodsnyc Time Warner yesterday.

Jake gyllenhall kicking it old school at the Greenwich hotel = reason 300043679 to move dt

Tweet from someone who got a tour of SNL and got to go to the afterparty with Bobby Moynihan, one of the SNL not quite not ready for primetime players:

we didn't meet Tom but we basically did. Also, we only walked past Jake G....but Bobby said Jake is SUPER nice

Anonymous said...

I would imagine Taylor wouldn't of liked that joke either.

bobbyanna said...

I really don't give two dead flies about Taylor and what she cares for.

I've sent an e-mail to GLAAD and I hope anyone else who is so inclined will do likewise.

Go to GLAAD's website. I think the e-mail address to protest is:

Also they give you directions on how to deal with defamation and slurs on Facebook. There are at least a couple of "good ol' boys" who I intend to report.

I cannot believe people like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will allow that crap. I have a modicum of repsect for them.

Blake Shelton is an ignorant, despicable pig.

That kind of crap has to wear Jake down. It is ugly.

Anonymous said...

"Blake Shelton is an ignorant, despicable pig."

I wonder what awkard moments will occur between Shelton and Jake's good buddy Adam who are hosting a new show together. Shelton had already said prior to the show that he intended to do the show so that CBS would fire him for good. He's trying to be like Ricky G at the Golden Globes. Difference is that Ricky is cool and a comedian. Blake Shelton is a country singer trying to escape the shadow of his finance. He is a joke and just once again has set country music back to the redneck status it so deseperatly is trying to escape.

Taylor won't admit it publicly but she probably loved that joke. No need to report it to anyone, Shelton will get attention but the wwrong kind of attention not only for the BBM joke but also about Leann Rhimes jokes.

bobbyanna said...

Anonymous, you do your thing I'll do mine. TYVM. I reported it.
I urge others to do likewise.

IMO, you can leave off speculating about Adam Levine and awkward moments. I have no idea of all this nonsense about TS and what she probably likes or not. This isn't about her at all. Don't even go there.

I don't care and dont know anything about Blake Shelton and what he said about CBS. I don't keep up with that crap.

As far as I'm concerned that is petty gossip and not germain to the incident that occurred.

This is about defamation. This is about a homophobic slur. This is not some small time gossipy intrigue.

I care about Jake being smeared and insulted, and I care about the vile, homophobic atmosphere people like Blake Shelton encourage. Saying that stuff on national TV gives people comfort with it. It's hateful and Blake Shelton needs his ass kicked.

Tweety said...

When I heard about Shelton's homophobic comment I thought I was back in 2006.

Jake's people will do nothing as usual, i'm glad Jake is out of the country.

I few tweets have called him out on it but most think it's a hoot and some saying that it's only the CW fans that think it's funny are naive, if this was a MTV setting and the same joke was made it would still get laughs.

BBM is no longer trending and the Jake tweets seem to have been replaced by his SNL appearence for now.

Unless Jake's team says anything, then don't expect any comment or apology from him.

Anonymous said...

I made the comment only because i just thought Taylor wouldn't of liked being brought into that.
After she and Jake were seeing each other (and not every day) for..what..two months. Thousands of couples have dated and such for that length of time and then decided to go seperate ways - it's really no big deal. Besides I think Taylor has had a number of dates and hanging out together with guys that didn't last more than a month.
But as said - this isn't about her...except....
Taylor just won a second ago and got a big hug from Reese.. by the way doing her little speech thing with Robert P. I've never seen her on one of these shows quit act that way.
I am glad people are complaining because as said you can't let something like that get by - maybe Blake didn't make that up - maybe they have writers for these..(they certainly did for the Reese and Robert bit)..or maybe some are writers and others him. There are joke comments about Sheen because he puts himself out there for that to happen but it's just showing ignorance for the BBM comment.
Rem. the thing Adam wrote about him being so tired of that type of thing about Jake and BBM.

Anonymous said...

"Taylor just won a second ago and got a big hug from Reese.. "

You are pretty naive not think this was not a setup by Reese and Taylor to get back at Jake. Why in the world would Reese want to even present an award for ex's younger ex girl friend. This was a setup I am telling you guys, Reese does nothing unless its well calculated. And Taylor is just like her. Both will do anything not too look bad even joining forces.

bobbyanna said...

BTW: There's a great article about Jake in the Sunday Telegraph, I think. IHJ has scanned it and it's worth a read.

Tweety said...

Oh come on with the conspiricy theories. Reese has presented at CW awards before on behalf of movies she was pimping like WTL and 4 Christmases. She is from Nashville and since Taylor seemed to be up for several awards there was a chance that Reese would present her with one.

I remember reports of Reese taking Ava to Taylor's concerts because she is a fan, this was back when she was still with Jake.

There was no set-up and all that stuff is written for the hosts, if Joe Jonas was her last BF they would have made a joke about him.

Some still see jake as one of the stars of BBM so its easy to make jokes, also Taylor is Nashville's sweetheart and according to the rags, he dumped her. No need for jake to look good, according to the rags she dumped him and is now married, I don't think she cares less about jake and the way Taylor goes through BF's I doubt she cares either.

No need to bring anymore attention to it, it's not going to change Shelton's or whoever wrote that minds.

Don't bame Jake's ex's, blame Shelton and CMA.

Extra said...

Thanks Bobbyanna, I'll check it out.

I'm not going to comment on the CMA's, just hope it runs the usual news cycle and disappears.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Reese presented her the award. From twitter, seems like they were sitting near each other and Taylor hugged her on the way by.

mary said...

loved jake on SNL able to stay up and watch the whole show wanted to see if jake would appear at the end which he did but when elton said his name i guess to thank him they cut off guess jake went to the after party too stepahnie has posted a couple pics of him leaving

no comment either on the CMA we hae better things to talk about

well off to bed im exhausted at least im off the next 3 days:)

UltraViolet said...

Nice words about Jake from Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley, who is starting a new gig:

Then there were the guests who were slightly easier on the eye, like Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal, who left Jo feeling more than a little flustered.

“He’s one of those people you always remember,” she grins. “I only interviewed him for about six minutes but he just has that kind of charisma that blows you away. George Clooney is the same.”
Needless to say, flirting with gorgeous guests is always as far as it goes.

“Sadly it’s always just for show,” she says. “When you have someone doing the full-on charm offensive, you don’t quite know where to look. Jamie Foxx is level 11 when it comes to being flirty.

“The day after our interview, I was doing Top Of The Pops and so was he, so I went over to say hello because I thought we had this great chemistry. But he completely blanked me! You get those humbling moments.”

I think there's still a link to the interview up. I'll try to find it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

An earlier FB sighting

"Amy Blitz
Sitting next to Jake gyllenhaal at brunch. Eavesdropping on what is obviously a first date with a Taylor swift look alike. Look to your left Jake, I'm right here!!!"

Anonymous said...

Yes..i know..Reese was in the audience when Taylor won the last award (not the one Reese presented). Dumping in whichever way just means one or the other didn't think the relationship was going anywhere usually so why stay in a relationship when one of them isn't sure about it.

Monica said...

Duncan Jones said on twitter that would be very happy if the film made ​​15. For him, 20 would be a surprise.
Movies like this are not easy to sell. Jake is not an attractive box office and no one knows Duncan Jones. Few people saw Moon.
I would add that the film was not promoted enough by the Summit. There's one spot where they say the film was critically acclaimed, but they cite only two reviews. This is not good for a promotion.

I'm glad to see had a good box office and also that the film is being very well received. And that people are rediscovering the talent of Jake.

Comments on Nikki comes from a few stupid people. I really laughed when someone said that Jake did more an action film to become a star. With this type of comment is not worth wasting time over there.

I'm having some problems on the net and hope to resolve this as quickly.

Yesterday I read everything by phone, but still do not know how to post on blog by phone.

Yesterday I saw the Battle of Los Angeles. The film has no story.
A succession of explosions.
The good thing is that I saw the trailer of Source Code. So good to see the trailer on the big screen.

Monica said...

This was posted on the DC forum:

Director/Writer: David Ayer
Producer: John Lesher
Casting Directors: Mary Vernieu and Lindsay Graham
Start Date: July 6, 2011 for 5 weeks
Location: Los Angeles
Budget: $5 Million


STORY LINE: This is a documentary-style look into the lives of TAYLOR and ZAVALA, two dedicated young cops who are doing their part to clean up the mean streets of Los Angeles. Good buddies as well as police partners, the duo never hesitates to rush in where angels fear to tread -- but their gung-ho style may have earned them some serious enemies in very high places...

JANET] CAUCASIAN/LATE 20s -- This petite, very pretty young woman is Taylor's new girlfriend. She is a brilliant engineer and a bit of a geek. She is every bit Taylor's match intellectually which means that she just could be the girl of his dreams. Janet is a straight shooter who makes it clear from the start that she's not interested in a fly-by-night relationship. She and Taylor wind up married in short order, and they are thrilled to learn that Janet has become pregnant. She also gets along famously with Zavala's wife, Gabby -- who may be her help and support when tragedy strikes...LEAD

There is much more there.

bobbyanna said...

Hope you get your internet problems resolved, monica! I'm looking forward to more reactions to SC! It won't be much longer :)

I hope Summit will do a lot of advertising for the movie all thru this week! I'd like to see SC hold up next weekend. Social media marketing & TV need more attention.

There's a Q&A in Maxim that's nice. I think we linked to it earlier, but I just saw it recently and enjoyed it.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the brunch sighting, anon. I missed that one!

I wonder if anyone trying to figure out why Jake isn't a box office draw will draw the straight line from that idiotic CMA joke to their hypothesis.

From twitter:

Nearly bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal, or more precisely his minder, in T3 Heathrow. He's now trying on sunglasses in sunglass hut.
about 10 hours ago

I assume they are going right to Spain and not staying in London, hence the Sunglass Hut visit, lol.

I think Duncan said it was off to Spain last night. But I find it odd that they did no UK press. They could have had a pretty strong debut there, I think. SC came in second, behind Hop but in a much closer race.

Thanks for posting the sides info, Monica. So Jake is going to have a wife and a baby on the way.

It's a very low budget movie, if that $5 million is correct.

mary said...

maybe london was just a stop over to change planes guess well find out soon if they go to spain

Anonymous said...

Was just thinking about "Hop" and how there are "real people" in it including James Marsden - a very likeable actor (wasn't he also in "Nailed") so since it is Number 1 and a hit and all does that mean James Marsden is not a huge star and can open any movie to #1 ..
Anyway, I think the docu-drama type thing will look good with Jake's next movie.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the info on End of Watch. Don't know if I like the "when tragedy strikes" bit.

I've read somewhere that Insidious only cost $1M to make. I find that very hard to believe.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam, but if you have not seen SC, please do NOT read David Denby's review in the New Yorker.

He tells the whole damned story! From his very first sentence, he just ruins everything. :)

He loves the movie, praising Duncan Jones and his technique and perspective, in particular and talking about why it all works, and Jake as Everyman, vulnerable, etc.,etc. but he tells the whole. damned. story.

mary said...

according to the website wet dark and wild jake and duncanare now in madrid and the priemier is tomorrow hopefully we will get alot of pictires from the premiere

Sheba Baby said...

Thanks for the warning on the Denby review Bobbyanna:( He does this for a living, you would think he would able to write a spoiler-free review.

Speaking of which, thanks to the GB posters that posted their own spoiler-free reviews, I will be seeing SC later this week!

I've been trying my best catching up on all the SC goodies posted here, I love the title of the post UV, using one of Elton's songs!

I'm more interested in how SC fares this week, it will be great if the #'remain steady . The Jake bashing regarding his BO appeal is getting tired, SC was suppose to make the amount it did and this is from Summit so I doubt they are unhappy.

End of Watch sounds interesting but that is such a small budget!

A BBM joke in 2010, really???
CMA and Shelton should be ashamed.

Ginny said...

Just came back from seeing SC with my son and his words "f***ing brilliant"!. I loved it too, could be up there with Zodiac as my favorite film.

UltraViolet said...

I don't believe that about the Insidious budget either, bobbyanna. I'm shocked at that low number for End of Watch. I'm happy to see Jake doing another indie but I'm not sure this is the one I would have chosen.

Mary, there's a photocall for SC tomorrow so I'm sure we will be seeing pics. No tweet sightings so far. Duncan tweeted that they are resting up for press tomorrow.

Sheba baby, glad you noticed the title. It's the little things. Hope you enjoy SC!

Ginny, what a smart son you've raised! So glad you both lived it.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone from Jake"s camp will do something about the CMA joke. It is really frustrating that something like this happened when he has a movie to promote. Also, the rags are talking about Reese and Taylor being chummy at CMA, with being Jake"s exes. It seems he can't get away from these two.

bobbyanna said...

Actually, Anon, Jake's doing really well, but it seems it's other people, including some who sometimes post here that can't seem to "get away from these two."

Aside from the direct insult to Jake, reflecting an offensive display of homophobia, I don't give a tinker's damn about anything that happened at CMAs, who was there, who presented what, or who talked to whom, or about any photographs.
None of that is relevant here.

I agree with UV that there's a direct bearing on Jake's bankability, and the CMA comments.

I think Source Code is going to take Europe by storm. I think it'll be a huge hit, very well received. They'll embrace the film and they'll embrace Jake and Duncan.

I'm very excited to get feedback. I even found a surprisingly civil discussion about the movie on IMDB of all places. They're usually not that rational : )

(I'm really appreciating Duncan's twitter addiction, too.)

Josie said...

I plan on seeing SC on Friday, I was going to see it on Saturaday but something came up at the last minute.

I know some are a bit disappointed that SC didn't make more $$$ at #2 and yes it could have been higher but I think it will have legs based on the reviews and the comments from people that have seen it.

I'm surprised that Jake and Duncan skipped doing press in the UK, you would think that would be their first stop before Spain and Germany.

I think it will to great overseas too Bobby!

Jake, Duncan and Michelle worked their asses off promoting this film and it deserves an nice run.

Love the post, and thanks for posting the SNL clip, Seth does a good N. Cage and Jake's bit was brief but funny!

I won't wade into the CMA cesspool, and i could give 2 shits about reese or Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that you are correct Bobbyanna that Jake is doing well. I am sorry that you did not lIke my comment about those 2 exes bur I thought this site is more open minded and can talk about any topic related to Jake. So I after this, I am not going to visit this site anymore. Thank you all.

UltraViolet said...

No need to go off in a huff, anon. First off, why don't you post under a name? Secondly, history has shown that anonymous posters who pop in and post only about Reese and/or Taylor usually don't have much to say about Jake in any other capacity.

Bobbyanna, there are a few good discussions of SC and its plot/questions/theories. It's great to see a Jake movie spawning all this talk.

One Madrid tweet:

Miguel_GaCkT: Today I met Jake Gyllenhaal. He is a very nice person. Can´t wait to see "Source Code".

mary said...

i dont think they ddidnt do any promoting in the UK becuase it opened on the same day asit did here i know they had screening over there but i dont jake or duncan attended those

bobbyanna said...

Anon,I'm sincerely sorry if my tone came across as harsh. In fact, I apologize to anyone who may've been put off by my rant(s.)
I'm a guest on this site like everyone else.

I'm focusing on SC's acceptance, & angry about the Reba&Blake routine at the CMAs. Strictly my own opinion, but I don't feel like "topics related to Jake" include Reese & Taylor's photo opportunity @ the CMAs. They aren't part of his life. If they were I'd understand.

The CMA photo op had absolutely nothing to do with Jake. It's all about Reese promoting a movie. Taylor's very popular with the audience she wants to attract. Since they know one another, Reese is riding her "coat-tails." If a tabloid uses Jake as the "hook" for the photos, it's still irrelevant.

I'll admit I get very annoyed when Jake's in the middle of promoting a movie and this kind of nonsense comes up...again.

me,again said...

"history has shown that anonymous posters who pop in and post only about Reese and/or Taylor usually don't have much to say about Jake in any other capacity."

Too true, UV. Hard to distinguish between several anons.

(((Josie.))): )

Viv said...

SC is finally on in my country:)
Yeah,I have to admit I am disappointed about the opening week number of SC, but this film is not the film people will go see it in a hurry like...say Twilight or superhero series.
As for "Jake G just can't be a BO draw or carry a film".....same old story by same old people.What can we expect:)haters gonna hate.
But I am SO satisfied about the tons of high praise of Jake's performace and the film.
The review videos from youtube are AMAZING!!!XD
They(boys) love Jake!!and treat him a real actor not a handsome one.
As long as the film is profitable,I am happy:)

And......I won't talk about the crap of TS and Reese.Those people won't leave Jake alone FOREVER!! and won't stop making lame brokeback jokes on himin the next 50 I have to deal with it:)

bobbyanna said...

Blake Shelton has a twitter account. : )

Yes, I did.

mary said...

good for you

bobbyanna said...

Duncan's tweeting:

"Think we have a chance of beating the bunny this week, or am i going to have to add a scene where Jake poops jelly beans?"

T said...

Found some pics for Jake & Duncan in Madrid for the SC Photocall

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, T. Just uploaded some for the new post :)