Thursday, April 7, 2011

When in Rome...

Updated with fresh pics: Berlin today, 4/7/11:

And Rome last night:

... you promote a movie. At least, that's what you do if you're Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones, who brought Source Code to the Eternal City. Both Jake and the movie were very well-received by the press.

From reading google translations of several stories, we now know that if Jake were about to live his last eight minutes in Italy, he'd call his family... then eat a plate of pasta. Also, he's not a big sci-fi fan; his author of influence for the movie was George Orwell. Duncan listened to all his ideas and used maybe a quarter of them. E.g., it was Jake's idea to offer to pay the woman for the cell phone, in the movie.

And now you can see Jake answer the questions on video:

Watching Jake and Duncan is more fun than the answers.

Video of Jake and Duncan doing an Italian interview. It's hilarious to watch their expressions as they wait for the questions and answers to be interpreted:

More Rome Jake: posing and shopping with Duncan.

And yet another brief Jake/Duncan interview:

Some bonus Jake in Madrid. First up, the press conference with Duncan:

Rueda de prensa Código Fuente

And Jake on Source Code, being an Oscar nominee and End of Watch:

Very interesting comments about his role in EoW. I wonder what he means.

Then more of Jake with fans:

(Photos from IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Hope she won't mind my sharing this story here. Catia, A true blue Jake fan from the DC forums (and GB lurker ;), had a great encounter with Jake yesterday:

And then HE came out...he's not handsome, he's not sexy, he's not gorgeous. There are no words to describe him. His eyes are even bluer in person. He had a grey suit and he was just stunning.

Ok, so I called him "Jake!" I just wanted him to sign my picture, but those fans gathered around him with their mobiles and even if he was not really in the mood he took a couple of pictures with them and then he got in the car, which was waiting there in front of me with the door open. I kept calling him but he just got inside the car and shut the door. I was right in front of it, staring at the dark window, I couldn't see inside but I was thinking "he's there, he's there" and I couldn't avert my eyes.

And I might not have a picture of him, but he did something, and he did it FOR ME ONLY: he opened the door, took the paper from my hand, and signed it. I think I said "that's kind of you, thank you" and whilst he signed I said "You're a great guy, Jake. Good luck on Source Code" and he said, looking at me in the eyes and waving his hand "No, thank you, really"...and he shut the door and off he went.

It was one of those moments when the world just stops spinning. I couldn't believe it.

I was so happy for her! There's more at the link. I'm still smiling.

bobbyanna said...

UV, that's a wonderful story! I'm very happy for her!!! I remember Catia from DC forum. I still lurk there once in a while, and while she & I have never "met" I know her as a sweet, very classy lady, and very dedicated Jake fan.

Seems like Jake might frown on attention from the paparrazzi, but he makes time for fans. What a lovely gesture, to open the car door to sign for her!

I think it's kind of cool to iknow that, as he makes his "progress," there'll be people we are familiar with in each city to support him!

Paula said...

Thanks for the link UV, I used to post on the DC forum .

I'm so happy that she got Jake to sign, he is always so nice to his fans even when he is dodging the paparazzi which he hates.

I didn't expect SC to have such an emotional punch for me since it's a sci-fi flik but it did.

Jake was just perfect, you felt his pain, confusion and determination in every scene.

The film had a touch of humor and romance that wasn't out of place.

Loved the supporting cast, Michelle, Jeffrey and Vera did an excellent jobs and Duncan Jones direction was just oerfect.

I did tesr up during several scenes
and if the BO holds steady, hopefully we will get a sequel!

Love all the pics, interviews and videos from Spain and Italy , thanks!

UltraViolet said...

Just posted a couple of fun video, one of Jake and Duncan doing an Italian interview. Then a longer video (18 minutes!) with Jake and Duncan at the press conference. Beware annoying buzzing sounds!

UltraViolet said...

Okay, that second video might not work all the way through!

Isn't it a great story? So happy for Catia, who is still flying, I think. And you're right, Bobbyanna. It's fun to think of who'll try to see Jake in the next city.

Paula, lovely is a nice word for Catia's encounter.

Jake was just perfect, you felt his pain, confusion and determination in every scene.

Yes! He really captures the range of emotions. It must have been great fun for him to do this role. And it's nice to know we aren't the only ones noticing that Jake can, indeed, do this.

Monica said...

Very happy for Catia. I read her account last night.

The video is very funny. It must be so uncomfortable, because I was impatient.

He looks tired in the photos of Berlin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, UV for the videos. I bet Catia won't be coming down to earth anytime soon. I know I wouldn't be. Jake loves his fans and tries to connect to as many as he can.

Someone mentioned Sequel? I don't know if there could be a sequel to this story the way it ends.

UltraViolet said...

I can't explain fully without giving away spoilers, but it's definitely set up for a sequel. At least, it seems to be. Maybe we should set up a special post with spoilers so we can discuss things. Will look into that.

This is a funny video of Jake signing autographs in NYC. Can't remember if I linked it before or not. Love his amazement at the spelling of "Stevin," and his response when the girl says she hasn't seen him before.

Chica said...

I agree, the ending of SC was set-up for a sequel:)

He does look a wee bit tired in the photos from Germany, this is week 2 of promoting and he must be exhausted.

I love reading Catia's encounter with Jake, she is so lucky!

Love Jake's response to that woman in the video, that was taken at the Apple store in Soho.

I saw her after the event with some friends. I also have seen her in front GMA and Letterman when I was there trying to get a peek at Jake or other actors so yeah, I think she looks familiar to Jake too!

bobbyanna said...

Ditto on the sequel, UV, chica. Definite set up for a sequel. Especially that scene with Goodwin in Rutledge's office. ; )

(hope that wasn't spoilery)

It would be cool if we could have a spot to talk about SC!

Whoa,Chica, guess Jake's got an eagle eye, remembering fans!

bobbyanna said...

I'm hearing that Duncan is being considered to direct the Wolverine movie that Darren Aronofsy just quit.
He and one other guy. Don't know how true it is, but it recalled the comment he made about his agent calling him about stuff, at one of these press confrences.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam, but I saw some interesting information about Mark Gordon, the producer for SC.

Monica said...

Bobbyana, he said he did not want to direct Wolverine. If he accept, will be similar to what happened to Nolan.
After Memento and Insomnia, he did Batman Begins.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a fantastic encounter, it sounds like it will be awhile before Catia comes down from her Mr G. High!

I noticed that Jake has been wearing blue throughout his SC press junket, sort of like Colter wearing the same blue shirt over and over again:)

He does look tired but he and Duncan and Summit should be happy with the reviews and response to SC, it's made around 22 mil. so far (17 mil domestic) and it hasn't even opened in a lot of countries yet.

I don't think Aronofsky was the right director for Wolverine anyway, sort of like when Ang Lee directed The Incredible Hulk, the one that starred Eric Brana.

That is so funny Chica, Jake does have a good memory if he remembered her, I wonder why she said that?

mary said...

thanks for all the new pics and updates nice pics to come home to jake does look alittle tired im sure hes exhausted with all the traveling and jet lag but its almost over then we will be in a jake drought again wonder if hell be at the london Q&A tomorrow i imagine he will if duncan is there probably he will fly home from london

just talked with my daughter and she really liked SC alot said she had to explain the ending to her boyfriend:)

bobbyanna said...

I think Source Code opens in Brazil tomorrow,so I will be looking forward to monica's assessment! Monica, I'm glad you heard that Duncan said no to Wolverine. I was hoping he would.

Mary, glad your daughter enjoyed it! Maybe she needs to take her boyfriend tosee it again so he will be able to figure out more stuff? LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna. I was just coming to say that someone tweeted that SC is opening in Brazil. I thought Monica said it was opening in June. I think I lost track!

Glad your daughter enjoyed the movie, Mary. Hope the BF did, too, even if he didn't get it, lol.

Still haven't seen Moon and certainly won't be seeing Wolverine, but good luck to Duncan if that's what he wants to try next. He did seem to hint that other things might be in the works.

Hope Jake's agent is fielding many calls, too.

Did anyone watch the press conference video? I love the hug part.

So chica, the woman Jake says he's seen before has been at Jake appearances before? Wonder why she wouldn't 'fess up!

UltraViolet said...

More video of Jake signing autographs in New York. He looks gorgeous in the dark light.

Monica said...

Bobbyana, I saw the twitter from Duncan Jones. The date was changed last week.
I warned on the blog, but ...
Not tomorrow. Will be on June 17.

Monica said...

Jake's mother is on twitter?

Duncan had great ideas for Superman. And if he can make a good Wolverine, he will get $$$ to Mute.

In the interview you posted, UV, Duncan said he is working on something to work with Jake again. But it is for the future.

Maybe he wants Jake to Mute. Or for another movie.

UltraViolet said...

I thought you posted the date info, Monica. At least I know I'm not imagining things! But I was happy for a minute when I thought it had changed back.

I have read a few translations of Duncan's statement about working with Jake again. one made it seem very specific, another one had it as more of a hope to work together again.

Did you see a tweet from Naomi Foner?

Monica said...

I saw her page, but there is no post.

Someone posted a video with the end of the movie on youtube. I have not seen, but a friend saw.