Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Today is the opening day for Source Code and Mother Nature is playing a snowy April 1st prank on the U.S. northeast. But the real joke will be on people who don't go to see Source Code this weekend. Hovering right around 90% fresh, both the film and star Jake Gyllenhaal are earning much praise. Jake, Michelle and Duncan looked like they were having fun at a New York screening of the movie on Thursday night.

Jake was interviewed before the screening:

Jake on surprise romantic moments, like the engagement on Regis:

Another pre-screening interview with CBS.

Fun and fashion faux pas with Duncan and Jake from SXSW. Some good stuff in this one:

This interviewer could explain why no one is on MySpace anymore:

Buenos dias, Jake.

Michelle wants to take Jake to Paris:

Jake started the evening presiding over a charity auction for New Eyes for the Needy.

There's a very brief (and sideways) video of Jake speaking at the event.

From earlier in the day on Thursday, Jake signing autographs and being generally adorable:


UltraViolet said...

Some very nice words about Jake in an Irish Voice reporter:

It’s fairly edgy material for America’s favorite boyfriend Gyllenhaal, 30, but he’s note perfect in a role the presents a new side to the pec-tastic everyman (if everyman looked as consistently adorable).

On paper Gyllenhaal may be one of the highest paid actors in America, but he’s still one of the most approachable (thanks to careful career guidance by his mom, he says). ...

Having interviewed Gyllenhaal face to face on several occasions now, I can tell you it’s really not an act. He really is considerate, straightforward and smart, and completely devoid of the otherworldly weirdness of more obviously cosseted actors like Tom Cruise, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Robert Pattinson. That sincerity and straightforwardness serve the film and Gyllenhaal’s performance -- you buy into his confusion and fear, and you root for his escape.

FL said...

From the last post - Michael Pena wasn't in Jarhead. Just needed to clear that up.

Happy Source Code opening day.

bobbyanna said...

The Myspace Guy was comical. I didn't mind his interviewing...much. His asides when he turns to comment to us, are hilarious.

Duncan's last tweet of the night was that it's all up to us.:)

If I had the chance, I'd take Jake to Italy! people seem to always associate France with food, but I always think of Italy. : )

I'm so happy for Jake getting such positive press for his acting. I'm really really glad the praise is shared between Duncan and Jake.

In the past, Jake's worked so hard and often, the movie itself hasn't measured up, but this time it all came together wonderfully!

Jake does the Apple store in SoHo at 6PM tonight.

Chica said...

I think I still have a MySpace account, LOL!!!

All of Jake's hard work looks like it has paid off Bobbyanna. The reviews have been great Jake and Duncan are excited and proud and they should be.

I prefer Italian food to French Bobbyanna so it's Italy for me (and Jake) too!!

It's dreary day here in NY but it will get a whole lot better later thanks to the Apple Store and the Regal:):)

mary said...

cant wait to hear your report chica please keep us posted

the weather here in LA is warm wonder if jake wishin gfor warmer weather:)

Anonymous said...

Wall-Street Journal gave SC a good review as in the acting is first-rate and Jake is superb.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Says There’s A ‘Source Code’ Alternate Ending We May See On The DVD & More:

The Playlist

UltraViolet said...

Just added an interview with Entertainment Tonight, wherer Jake talks about the Regis surprise engagement and another one he witnessed. It's cute.

Not to get too blogger-needy here, but I'm curious if people watched some of the videos posted. I know it's been a whirlwind. But that one from the Harvard Westlake film festival was adorable, I thought.

And in yesterday's post, I just found it fascinating to watch the Jake roundtable interview. It was fun to see how animated he gets.

In this post, the sideways video from New Eyes tested my ability to restrain myself from making a bad joke about seeing things!

I can't remember this many reviews even for PoP. Maybe I tossed in the towel when it was clear the direction they were heading. It's so much fun to see the SC reviews pour in, though.

Bobbyanna, you are a nicer woman than I. That MySpace guy was trying way too hard to be cool, I thought. And he could barely eke out a real question.

Chica, good luck today!

bobbyanna said...

But UV, Myspace Guy made me laugh outloud! I don't think he meant to, but he did :) I still haven't watched the roundtable, but I've seen all the rest.

I just want to say how much I truly appreciate all your hard work covering all this media stuff!

A lot of it isn't that accessible and it takes a very determined "researcher" to find it!

chica I'd forgotten I had a Myspace account until UV posted this video!

bobbyanna said...

OK. I had seen the roundtable. Just didn't remember. This sounds so fangirly, but I love watching Jake talk! He enunciates so clearly.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for indulging me, bobbyanna :)

It's been fun finding stuff these days. We will have to remember this in the upcoming Jake news drought.

Jake's involvement in this is unclear still. Guess we will see:

RT: You were spotted at last summer’s Leadville 100 in Colorado with Jake Gyllenhaal, who is rumored, along with Sarsgaard, to be the talent in the movie adaptation of the book. What can you tell us about that?

CM: It looks like it’s happening. I was in New York with Sarsgaard and Marshall Lewy, who is writing the screenplay, and they already had a pretty polished draft about two months ago. There’s a producer, a director and a script, so I think the next step was to lock it in with a studio. I really don’t know. A lot of this is just me wishful thinking, but it seems like it’s pretty real. They’ve all been great to me, but it’s really their project. I’m trying to keep it at bay. Until I’ve seen the movie five times, I’m not going to believe that it exists. But to see a guy like Sarsgaard re-conceive the same story as a movie has been really fun.

mary said...

picked up my tickets for the 630 screening tonite my sister going with me cant wait

thanks for all your hard work UV getting up with all the videos and great reviews

UltraViolet said...

Hope you and your sister enjoy, Mary!

Monica, thanks for that link. I hope we do get to see the alternate ending and some of that out-there stuff.

I really liked Vera Farmiga before but I can't tell what I think of her now. She has annoyed me in some of these interviews. Some of it is her purposefully offbeat way of speaking/answering. But there's a bit of resentment underneath, or seems to be. I can't tell if I'm overreacting.

UltraViolet said...

Another pre-screening interview with CBS.

Cute screening report.

Interview with the SC costume designer, Renee April.

Some funny tweets:

NBC anchor introduced himself as Jake Gyllenhaal (while on camera), followed quickly by, "No, Happy #AprilFools Day." Best prank ever!!;

Jenny_Baker: DREAM COME TRUE Just told I'm interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal this afternoon!! #freakingout like a small girl! #WhyDidntIDressCuter???

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This is going to be short because anything longer is being deleted by blogger for some reason, this is my 3rd attempt at posting!

Thanks for all the interviews and videos UV and yes I viewed the Westlake video, it was so cute!

Have fun tonight Chica!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This is going to be short because anything longer is being deleted by blogger for some reason, this is my 3rd attempt at posting!

Thanks for all the interviews and videos UV and yes I viewed the Westlake video, it was so cute!

Have fun tonight Chica!

Monica said...

Have a great night, chica!

bobbyanna said...

What.A.Ride. Source Code is a terrific movie. Jake kills it! He was just incredible.

At least twice, maybe three times, during the story I got kind of choked up, and was fighting tears. He was so,so good.

And there's one truly harrowing scene, where I just had to cover my eyes, but then I peeked and all I can say is ths is a very powerful movie.

One observation, and this is just my very personal opinion: I think this movie was a very personal journey for Jake on a lot of different levels, and he acted his heart out.

If he doesn't get recognition for his acting in this movie. then, I just don't know,but people are nuts.

I just want to say the fight scene was really good. Very authentic.

Can I just say: We need to tweet and harrass Duncan because this movie deserves a sequel...or two.

I loved Vera Farmiga in the movie, UV. WHEN they do the sequerl, she needs to be in it.

mary said...

thanks for your review bobbyanna off to see SC now let you know what i think when i get back

FL said...

I don't know if anyone had a chance to read Jamie Reidy's column on HuffPo today; it's totally worth it. Very funny, tongue in cheek.

Cinema Infidelis

Anonymous said...

According to box office mojo early projections/forcasts have Source Code doing $30,000,000 this weekend.

Holy crapamoli!

Anonymous said...

I think that's Hop, anon. Unless you're being facetious.

Anonymous said...

No Hop is still number one with $31 million, then they had Source Code a close second at $30 million.

With a budget of $37 million, a $30 million opening (second or not) is spectacular.

bobbyanna said...

FL, thanks for linking Jamie Reidy. Cute article.

I'm looking forward to hearing how people on GB are responding to Source Code.

mary said...

just got back from seeing SC like bobbyanna said what a ride jake did a fanastic job and i did get a little teary eyed at the end my sister enjoyed it too but we were a little confused at the ending i was able to understand every thing elsee guest ill have to see it again to see if i understand it better cant this weekend because i have to work

like those box offfice figures hope their right

Chica said...

I'm home but I will need some sleep to gather my thoughts!

Just a few things: Jake's BG wasn't playing around at the Apple store appearence, he was standing in front of the entrance of the restroom for the entire Q&A!!

The Q&A was less than hour because it started a bit after 6:00, Jake was funny and really reflective, as was Duncan and Michelle.

I loved the movie, a full review tomorrow, Jake, Michelle and Duncan appeared briefly on stage to introduce the film!

bobbyanna said...

I just went to BO Mojo and couldn't find any projections.

Is there a link? Last I heard Hop was doing much better than expected. But that was all.

mary said...

i looked too bobbyanna and i couldnt any figures either not even for hop

bobbyanna said...

According to Duncan's tweets he and Jake have been making the rounds of theatres to intro the movie.

He's asking people who've seen it to tweet and "spread the word." I really hope SC does well for all their hard work. And because it is an outstanding movie.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I think anon is confused. Deadline has Summit conservatively estimating Friday at 5.2 million for a $15m weekend. Hollywood Reporter had been forecasting it from $15 - 18m, so it's the lower end of that expectation.

Duncan said he'd be happy with anything over $15, so let's hope Summit is conservative and it bumps up a bit.

Theater was packed tonight in Boston, so fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

"According to box office mojo early projections/forcasts have Source Code doing $30,000,000 this weekend"

That would be really great but I think Hop would have to do much better than 31 million in order for SC which has a horror movie opening this weekend as well which could take away from SC. I think most outlets based on the buzz (which is low for SC) has Duncan's movie at no 2 or no 3 making 14-19 million for the weekend, which is probably alot more realistic than 30 million.

Anonymous said...

The above is for the USA.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and the Deadline headline was something like "Hop's a hit, SC doesn't flop."

Not exactly high praise, but better than "underperforms," which both PoP and L&OD got, I think.

Anonymous said...

Here hoping SC makes the box office overseas. I am actually more anxious to see how it does in the UK since its opening this weekend as well. Since Duncan's Moon was so well received there. But it is nice that Jake, Michelle, Jeffrey and Vera as well as Duncan are getting such great reviews. That's so far has been the highlight, people now are reminded of Jake's astonishing acting ability when he has good material and a director who knows what to do with it. Ang and Duncan seem to bring out the best in him as well as Ron Howard.

bobbyanna said...

Hop- is on about 600 more screens than SC. Insidious is on
about 400-500 fewer screens. Insidious is projected at around $10M.

Twitter is really positive,so is FB. Duncan is "rallying the troops!" : ) I've been tweeting about it. Saturation tweeting LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets from tonight:

Sitting at the table next to Jake Gylenhall at Rosa Mexicano


Bowery Hotel. Jake Gyllenhall, Chris Pine, Sam Rockwell sightings. This place is buzzing.

From the NY Post:

Jake e Gyllenhaal seems to be taking his single status in stride. The hunky actor, who has previously dated newly married Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift, had females flocking to him at the Cinema Society screening of his action flick "Source Code" on Thursday night. Celebrities who packed into the Coach-sponsored screening at the Crosby Street Hotel included Howard Stern, along with a chilled-out Lindsay Lohan, who slipped in, watched the film, and left before any late-night shenanigans began.

Others at the bash included co-star Michelle Monaghan, Gina Gershon, James Marsden, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Seth Meyers, Dana Delany, Rufus Wainwright, Karen Elson, Reed Krakoff and Courtney Love, who swanned in at midnight.

Gyllenhaal is rumored to be making a surprise "SNL" appearance tonight.

Hope that is true!

UltraViolet said...

Really bad video of Duncan and Jake at one of the NYC screenings tonight.

Speaking of which, thanks for the report, chica. Look forward to more details tomorrow :)

Report on the LA post-premiere party

Someone might want to explain what "mixed reviews" means to the writer.

The Guardian has fun with Jake numbers.

Variety on the SC on-set humor:

Jake Gyllenhaal addressed rumors about playing train traveling, falling in love in eight minutes and being a jokester on set at Thursday's New York screening of Summit Entertainment's thriller "Source Code."

"OK so this guy walks into a bar … if you really want them, you wouldn't be able write about them," Gyllenhaal said. "I am a somber, very serious actor. I take myself way too seriously."

At the Crosby Street Hotel screening, hosted by the Cinema Society and Coach, director Duncan Jones said things were sometimes not so serious on set, especially when it came to Gyllenhaal and cast mate Canadian comedian Russell Peters.

"I had two secret weapons … both very very funny guys," said Jones. "Russell made the jokes, constantly. None of them I can repeat. They were all very blue, as in adult humor. Very dirty."

Chica said...

Good morning! PT. 1

It was standing room only yesterday at the Apple Store in SOHO for the Q&A with Jake, Duncan and Michelle. The host was that guy from The first thing that he did was announce that SC was certified fresh on RT, something I already knew from the updates here!

They showed clips from the movie throughout the 45 min. or so talk. I was struck how much Jake was involved in this movie, I know it's been mentioned before but even some others around me said that they were surprised to learn that he was one of the producers!

He talked about how it was so important to get the right actress to play Christina because if the love story didn't work then the audience wouldn't feel invested in the story.

He talked about his and Michelle's dialog and made sure that even though they were playing the same scene over that they were able to connect and make it real.

He said that Jarhead helped him prepare for Colter since both characters were in the military and they had the same mind set.

He mentioned that Duncan was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with him comparing him to Ang Lee! But that he was just pointing out their demeanor when directing.

Joked Duncan's next project was Pacman the movie and that he was set to star,LOL!

There wasn't really anytime for that many questions, someone asked Jake what was the best path to take to becoming an actor and Jake said: Is there something wrong with you? Ha, ha!

Michelle answered that you just need to stay focused and push hard, she came across as cool, very smart and fun.

Someone asked Jake who his favorite leading lady was, Jake was very diplomatic at first saying that he enjoyed working with all of them and they all brought something new and fresh but then he said that Michelle was the best because she was so spontaneous in trying to bring something different to the scenes and that was needed here.

Then the suits from Summit hustled them off stage after The Apple staff thanked everyone for coming, Jake, Michelle and Duncan thanked everyone too.

There was a black curtain set up off the side of the stage and they spent a few minutes posing for the press.

I mentioned that BG was standing in front of the restroom the whole time, I guess he wasn't taking any chances!

BG was in full guard mode when it was time for everyone to leave and giving the stink eye to anyone trying to get close for a pic or for Jake to sign something. He did manage to sign a few things and take a few pics but BG was not a happy camper.

Then they were whisked away in several vans to take them to The Regal, etc.

Chica said...


My friend and I took the R train and made it to the Regal around 7:30, we already had our tickets. We got really good seats up front.

Around 8:10 Summit introduced Jake, Michelle and Duncan. Some in the audience obviously had no idea that they were going to be there to introduce the movie, including the sisters sitting next to us, they fangirled big-time!

They were on the stage for a few minutes; they thanked everyone for coming out to see it and said that they hoped they enjoy the movie.

After a series of tedious and lame-ass trailers IMO, the movie finally started.

I loved how the movie started, fast and to the point right out of the gate which would be expected considering the theme of the movie.

It was exciting, nerve-wracking and suspenseful with just the right amount of humor and even a touch of romance.

Jake did an outstanding job with his scenes.

In one scene his emotions were so real it's something you don't see in a flick like this.
Some in the audience gasped when the train first blew up (I'm so glad they changed the location from NY to Chicago).

Several gasps when Colter jumped off the train, that looked so painful!

Michelle did a terrific job, Jake and Duncan was right about her.

I thought Vera’s character was going to be a hard-ass, but she turned out to be a softy, she did a fine job as did Jeffrey, I just wish they had more screen time.

I read that some didn't care for the ending but I liked it.

There was applause at the end.

If this does well at the BO, I think that there will be a sequel!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, chica! So glad you got the chance to see them! I'm also glad the audience was so responsive.
Source Code definitely is sequel material.

I even foolishly tweeted Duncan and told him this had all the elements for a killer franchise.:)

Wasn't Jake amazing! He was consistently excellent thru the entire movie, but his scenes in the pod were just so powerful.

I'm going to see it tomorrow again. (Maybe today too, if I have time. Jake's movies are always amazing the secoind time around.)

Extra said...

Thanks so much for your reviews Bobbyanna, Mary and Chica, I will be seeing it later today.

Thanks for your report Chica, he is sounding more and more like a producer.

It looks like it will come in a solid 2nd this weekend!

Tweety said...

Thanks for your reports and reviews everyone, I love the bit about Jake's BG Chica!!

It looks like SC will hold steady at #2 with Incidious coming in a close 3rd.

I love reading all the tweets, most are blown away, I will be seeing it tonight!!!!

Jake is still in NY, spotted at a matinee performance of Book of Mormon today.

Anonymous said...

Chica, I was also at the Regal yesterday for the 8 pm showing and saw Jake, Michele and Duncan speaking to the audience (us). I loved the people who held up their cell phones taking photos of the whole thing and the guy and then girl who yelled " I love you Jake" after Jake was introduced and started speaking to the audience. Jake is very hot in person but I also thought Duncan is very cute (reminds me of his father).

The film is an excellent, tightly paced sci-fi thriller. It's extremely well directed and Jake gives his best performance in it since...BBM. This doesn't mean that I don't think his subsequent performances weren't that good--I think some of them (i.e. Brothers, Zodiac, etc.) he gave very good performances but Source Code like BBM brought out the best in him.

Chica said...

I heard the fangirl and fanboy yell of I love you Jake too!! I took a few pics with my cell along with my friend, I haven't had time to download them yet.

I agree, I think that it's one of his bets performances since BBM.

He has to play such a range of emotions and does it so well. The direction was top notch, Duncan Jones has established himself as a fine Director with only 2 films under his belt.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the report, chica and anon! I'll comment more later, as I'm running out.

Glad to see everyone is enjoying SC.

Thanks for the Book of Mormon sighting, tweety. FL and I were wondering which show Jake would attend, lol.

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