Sunday, April 17, 2011

Man on the Streets

On Thursday, Jake Gyllenhaal attended the opening of Art in the Streets, "the first major U.S. museum survey of the history of graffiti and street art presented in the United States," at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. He met up with old friends Seth Rogen and (the art of) Banksy:

Catching up a bit: on March 31, Jake hosted a silent auction to benefit New Eyes for the Needy, where "told the packed house about his poor eyesight, saying he reserved wearing glasses only for when he “has to look smart.”


bobbyanna said...

UV. Is that actually Banksy? I thought he was "invisible," a man of mystery :) I'm very "impressed" with the size of his arm and his hand. He looks like he could punch thru a wall if he wanted to.:)

Nice to see a pic of Jake & Seth Rogan, too. That MOCA exhibit is definitely something I'd love to see.

To Shondra & all who celebrate, Happy Passover!

mary said...

thanks UV yea i thought he was never seen either

happy passover to allwho celebrate

UltraViolet said...

No, no. That isn't Banksy. Jake is standing in front of Banksy art in the photos where we see Jake from the back.

Anonymous said...

Hey UV

thanks for the pics. I was wondering if Jake was going to make it to coachella this year. but I don't see any pics of him. I am glad he supports the arts I would love to have gone to moca with him (as opposed to MOMA :D)

I don't think anyone sees Banksy, I mean he could be in the room and who would know, does anyone know what the man looks like? he is so reclusive.

I'm glad he and Seth got to hang out.

Chica said...

Jake and Seth!!

Bansky's art is interesting, the exhibit looks amazing.

Love the pics from the auction, I hope they raised lot's of $$$ for a wonderful cause.

Happy Passover to all that celebrates.

Monica said...

I saw some of these pictures last night, but was tired to post ...

Last night, before I go to sleep, I saw a television show on solid couples in Hollywood, where they were talking about Maggie and Peter.
They showed a video of Maggie at the event of Rock The Vote, and when she was giving an interview, Jake put the shirt of Rock The Vote in front of her. It was funny. He came from behind and put the shirt covering her face. She laughed.
Never seen that before.

Monica said...

Happy Passover to all that celebrates.

Anonymous said...

Happy Passover! (I celebrate)

starts Mon night

Shondra said...

Thanks for all the Passover wishes everyone, it starts Monday! It's a big deal for me this year, it's the first time I'm hosting the festivities. I've been running around like a chicken with my head off getting everything ready this weekend.

I hope that anyone here that hasn't seen SC yet, run don't walk to your nearest movie theater!!

I don't think Jake attended Coachella unless he turns up today.

Love the Jake and Seth photo, I see that they are both Bansky fans!

I remember the Rock the Vote video Monica, I think their Dad made it but I don't remember that part, sounds so cute and funny!

Variety said...

Weekend Box Office Estimate
Title (Distrib.) / Engagements This Week / Est. Weekend Box Office
1. Rio (20th Century Fox) 3,826 / $40,000,000
2. Scream 4 (Weinstein Co.) 3,305 / $19,300,000
3. Hop (Universal) 3,608 / $11,200,000
4. Soul Surfer (Sony) 2,214 / $7,400,000
5. Hanna (Focus Features) 2,545 / $7,300,000
6. Arthur (Warner Bros.) 3,276 / $6,900,000
7. Insidious (FilmDistrict) 2,233 / $6,900,000
8. Source Code (Summit) 2,557 / $6,300,000
9. Your Highness (Universal) 2,772 / $3,900,000
10. The Conspirator (Roadside Attractions) 707 / $3,900,000

mary said...

if jake was going to cocachella i think he would of gone yesterday mumford and sons were performing yesterday

Anonymous said...

It's looking like Source Code will probably do big time numbers outside the US. It's only opened in two major markets (UK and Russia) and is already past $13 million BEFORE this weekend was even counted.

It'll be opening in big markets every weekend now, for the next several weekends. It's foreign numbers should rise sharply.

Also, they're showing this film in both China and India. That's good because very few films play in those countries and they have lots of people.

It's numbers are also holding well in the US. All in all, like with LAOD, people may have jumped to conclusions when they declared this film a financial disappointment.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

A mini Donnie Darko reunion! I wonder who that guy is with Jake in the first pic, probably one of the artists.

Nice hold for SC but I wish that it was placed a bit higher than #8.

I didn't realize SC only opened in the UK and Russia, I wonder why Summit decided to do such a conservative roll out overseas?

Anyway the numbers are good, not blockbuster but solid.

JF said...

Source Code's b.o. numbers should have done better with all the great reviews from critics and viewers. I have to wait a few weeks before I can see it.

Jake is looking very good at that art event. :)

bobbyanna said...

Cute tweet:
"A shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal ran past me on my hike an hour ago. I've already won Sunday. #winning"
4 hours ago

Tweety said...

I saw that tweet and that it's being re-tweeted over and over!

I'm not really a fan of Bansky or street art but I think it's cool that Jake supports the arts and was at the exhibit.

I forgot that Rogan was in DD, he had such a small part!

It must have been fun watching Jake auctioning off those items for charity, I would love to find out who won the bids that night.

I agree JF that SC should have had better #'s, not bad but it deserved better. You will love SC, an outstanding film.

UltraViolet said...

That tweet was very popular! Too bad they didn't get a quick pic.

Don't think I've seen that video, Monica. It sounds funny. I'll have to check it out.

UltraViolet said...

Oh and good luck with the preparations, shondra. I know everything will be great.

bobbyanna said...

OT: To my surprise, it was snowing when I woke up,(and it's still snowing!). There's almost two inches on the ground!...:(

Monica said...

I'm no fan of Seth Rogen. But he and Jake seem to be good friends.

UV, would be nice if you found the video. It was so funny and cute.

I read that Source Code will end with 50 million domestically.

Extra said...

Seth has had a intersting movie career since DD, I can take or leave him but it's good to sse that he and Jake still are in touch.

50 Million domestic BO for SC sounds about right and the international BO should be healthy as well.

Snowing in MI!! I hope it doesn't pile up too high Bobbyanna.

I did my taxes a few months back but for all here that hasn't you have until midnight to night to file!

Happy Passover to all that celebrate.

Extra said...

Jake on Shalom Sesame Street, this is too cute!:

Dutch Jake said...

WetDark have an interview of Jake translated from Dutch. Interesting.

At the end of the same year, his godfather Paul Newman died. A year later, in 2009, his parents divorced and his two-year relationship with Reese Witherspoon ended in a break-up. It’s been a process of growing up quickly, Gyllenhaal says with a sarcastic tone of voice and ditto look in his eyes. “Some relationships last a lifetime and some don’t. At least I’m more comfortable with myself nowadays; I feel better in my own skin. All that’s left is becoming a father and then I’ll finally be a big boy.” A subtle hint? “Oh no, not at all. We should talk about that a few years from now.”'

bobbyanna said...

Extra, the snow was gone by late afternoon, but it was downright depressing to wake up to the sight...and watch it accumulate to a little over two inches!

The Shalom Sesame Passover related video of Jake is a big hit on FB. : )

UltraViolet said...

Snow, nooo!

Hope the first night of Passover went well for everyone, especially Shondra!

Good to see that Variety has finally learned what we already knew: Michael Pena starring in End of Watch.

Jake was spotted this morning:

sat next to Jake Gyllenhal today at Square One #Frenchtoast

I thought someone had tweeted him at Comme Ca tonight, but I think the person was just hoping for Jake to be there.

That is an interesting answer from Jake. Interesting that the reporter noted some sarcasm. I like it when Jake is shown to be more than lovestruck.

mary said...

wow if jake was spottd there this morning he must have een there pretty early its only 750am here in ca:0

Tweety said...

That sighting was Monday Morning Mary not today.

That is depressing to see snow in April Bobbyanna, glad thet it melted away!

Sheba baby said...

Rogan reminds me of one of my old BF's and not in a good way, LOL!!

The Bansky exhibit looks really cool, I would love to check out his work in a museum, I've just seen stuff online.

I'm curious to see how SC holds during the week, it did very well last week.

Happy Passover to Shondra and everyone here at GB that observes the holiday.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Sheba. I'm not a Rogen fan. Especially his laugh. It's an extremely annoying sound.

A couple of tweets of Jake at Runyon Canyon today. And I just saw a tweet of someone who said Jake was on his plane. No details and no other plane tweets.

mary said...

wonder wheres hes off to now guess we will find out soon

bobbyanna said...

I saw hiking tweet and that plane tweet, too UV. Not sure about the plane one either.:)
Usually there's more than one siting.

Poor Seth Rogan! Not many fans around here. I don't much care for him either.

(((sheba!))) I agree. ;)

Seems like Maggie and his mother were both in L.A. maybe for a Passover gathering?

UltraViolet said...

We'll have to see where Jake turns up. New post in the meantime :)