Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sorry, it's late and that was the best I could do. There was lots of chatter about Jake visiting Iceland's capital but only one small, blurry photo emerged. Various reports detailed Jake's visit and all the women trying to get his attention. One says that photographer Björn Blöndal is the only one granted a photo. No sign of the photo so far.

Also, bless Google Translate for having Icelandic as a language. But they definitely do not have all the kjinks worked out, so much of this might not be true. That last site linked had an obviously satirical piece about Jake but the photo story seemed legit. They did get the hotel right, for what it's worth. The tweets and FB sightings seem to have died down, so perhaps Jake has gone off on his Bear Grylls adventure.

Getting back to Source Code, here's another video of Jake on making the movie:

And a new behind the scenes photo of Jake and Duncan, who've taken the movie from page to screen and are apparently officially done with Source Code promotion. Nice job, guys.


bobbyanna said...

LOL! Yeah, UV, despite the kjinks it's been fun translating all the excitement generated by Jake's visit to Iceland.

I was "in the zone," working the Google translator, until I got stuck and finally realized a particular "Icelandic" passage I was trying to translate was actually Malay! :)

I sure hope Jake "resurfaces" soon.

I knew that video with the Patrick Stoner interview was PBS before they said it was PBS! LOL! What a voice that Patrick has!

Altho, he did ask good questions, and it made me wish that Jake would do an Inside the Actors Studio session. So many actors with a lot less reason to do it, have been on...

FYI: There's a wonderful interview with Sidney Lumet from 2007, that's on the lower half of the NYT Online front page. I disagreed with Sidney's final pronouncement about art affecting change, but it is a wonderful, insightful 13:48 minutes, that leaves you wanting more.

Tweety said...

SC came in at #7 @ 9.1 million. The total domestic BO is 28 millions so far.

I wished that it would have at least stayed in the top 5 but Limitless is still hanging around and who knew that Incidious would have legs?

It's a decent hold and it will probably earn back it's budget next weekend but it deserved better.

At least it got great reviews as did Jake.

The one good thing is that Your Highness bombed, I heard it's pure dreck.

It's been fun using the google translator to figure out what's been going on in Iceland! I guess he and Bear Grylls are off filming his segment, I would love to know what it is.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned before not everyone who goes to movies are as involved with what it's about, etc.
Maybe people seeing the ads for SC are thinking - well, wasn't there a movie about a train 4 or 5 months ago..another train movie - probably a lot alike.
Just wait for the DVD and those people who may decide to rent it will probably be surprised.
Anyone making any comments about Franco's movie (and Natalie) too coming in so low. Gee, thought their names would make it #1.
People have favorites but sometimes they aren't always in the mood to see the type of movie they are in.


Sag Actor said...

That's true Annie, also SC is a thinking person's movie. It asks you to think, ask questions and ponder all types of possibilities.

I was hoping it would come in the 2nd week at #4, there was speculation on some movie sites that it would.

Incidious is doing well and I don't think anyone expected that.

Thanks for the heads up on the Lumet interview Bobbyanna, 12 Angry Men is one of my all-time favorite movies.

RIP Sidney

bobbyanna said...

SAG Actor, there's a treasure trove of Lumet interviews on YouTube as well. Found them early this morning.:)

Tweety, factoring in the foreign box office, I think SC will be close to (but less than) $40M by Monday. production costs paid!

I was hoping for 4th place too.
Marketing fell off, but the movie is well received, and both Jake and Duncan are getting praised for their work.

IndieWire seems to think the folks at Summit are pleased and feel like the movie is doing exactly as well as they hoped it would(!)

Monica said...

Great find, UV! Thanks

About BO:
“Source Code” continued to perform up to Summit’s optimistic projections. The Jake Gyllenhaal thriller also posted a pretty strong hold below 40% and like “Insidious,” it could lap this weekend’s newer pictures within a few days. This likely gets Duncan Jones on a few more shortlists than he already was, though if it’s to be believed, apparently Fox is begging him to take the “Wolverine” gig. This is going to do only a small percentage of what “Prince Of Persia” pulled in, but it also gets Gyllenhaal a few more leading man gigs, even if he’s not as popular over here than he is overseas - after the early returns, “Source Code” looks very much like his third straight film that will do way more business internationally than aboard.

Internacional BO
No. 5 was Summit Entertainment’s Source Code, which has generated about $10.8 million so far on the foreign circuit thanks to a $3.2 million second weekend from some 20 overseas markets. The thriller nabbed an estimated $1.3 million in its second U.K. round at 416 screens, putting the Jake Gyllenhall vehicle in a tie with Hop.

Chica said...

That was a great interview with Sidney Lumet Bobbyanna, thanks. There is a wonderful piece on Lumet on too.

I saw SC again and came away with the same conclusion: It's one of th best films of the year so far.

I saw it with a few friends and all but one gave it a thumbs up. My friend that didn't like it said that she didn't like the way it ended and would have preferred that it ended at a certain point in the movie, I won't give it away since it's kind of spoilerish.

I'm happy to hear that Summit is pleased with SC's BO and I can see Jones being asked to direct Wolverine.

Viv said...

What's wrong with American people?? Jake is becoming more and more popular overseas than in America.Jake's films did very well in my country(POP,LAOD and SC)I don't know why American people are hesitant to see Jake's films? :/

Also,did Nikki wonder why Portman with Franco can't open a movie over 15 million ? LOL(jk)I still like Natalie and Franco, but everyone overfocuses on why Jake can't carry a film is getting annoying...

bobbyanna said...

"...everyone overfocuses on why Jake can't carry a film is getting annoying..."

ITA, Viv! Very annoying. It's a phoney argument, too. Jake's gaining more & more respect, & more fans with every role. When I see what's #1 at the BO, I'm very happy SC is doing well. I think opening weekend is way over hyped.

UltraViolet said...

It is annoying, Viv and Bobbyanna. I apologize for my own part in it. I can't seem to help it. Because I know other people are harping on it, I end up doing it, too.

Thanks for the figures and analysis, Monica.

I thought this was interesting, from from Deadline

Last weekend, this film opened in line to pre-release expectations even though jake Gyllenhaal got rapped by myself and others for not being to open a movie to $20M which bonafide movie stars can. But would it have legs? Well, its -39% hold is better than expected this weekend. "With its modest production budget and targeted marketing spend, the film looks be a solid performer at the box office in the coming weeks," a Summit rep says. With a "B" CinemaScore, the film attracted 54% male vs 46% female, and 36% under age 30 vs 64% over 30. After rebates, Source Code's budget is supposedly $32M, all financed by Vendome Pictures with Summit distributing. Interesting how adult thrillers of late have been holding well: this, Limitless, Unknown, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Adjustment Bureau.

So I think she's sort of admitting a little shortsightedness in the instanalysis. While still saying that Jake hasn't reached Leo-level, she's acknowledging that Jake makes money overall.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, we all do it, UV. (I'm such a 'mother hen' it's pathetic. :))We want everyone to see what a great job Jake's done!

Thanks for this. I've about had it with Nikki, and people like her who are glib, and uninformed, and unnecessarily dismissive. She needs to enlarge her world of contacts.Get better information. Glad the Summit person dispelled her "concerns."

Maybe Nikki & others also realized, that with the exception of HOP, of all the movies that opened this weekend, none of them did as well as Source Code when it opened last week.

In 9 days, it's made back all of it's production costs. When we "met" Jake he was making thoughtful, intelligent, well done movies. He still is. He's a superb actor, and his audiences are building. He's not Leo level...yet. (Was Leo, Leo before Titanic?)

Viv said...

Jake doens't reach Leo's level.So what?? If only reaching Leo's level is a success, almost every young male actor failed.XD
Leo is a great actor, but he also came through a hard time before.I am glad he overcome.
No doubt SC will do well overseas, but still a bit disappointed about US BO number....

virginia said...

A bit regarding SC box office from Duncan Jones.

It’s the end of Thursday now. Im starting to pay more attention to the box office numbers coming out from the US and UK; I get email updates daily from Summit and Optimum… I also get a bevy of producers comments about what the numbers mean. The consensus is that we are doing well, especially with this bloody rabbit movie defying all logical predictions. We’ll have to see how things hold up next week. For now though, Source Code is making its money back… not Inception good yet, but a damn solid start. Another late night, but never mind. We only have to get up at 5am.

Extra said...

I see that Nikki "corrected" herself regading Jake and SC. I've read some stuff about her on other sites and some in HW consider her reporting unprofessional and is sick and tired of her bullying tactics when she doesn't get her way.

Summit said before it opened that it would make around 15 million the first weekend sand it did.

It's doing a nice solid business and they should be pleased.

Not too many actors in HW will ever get to Leo's level, it's not a fair comparison and it helps that Martin Scorcese thinks he is his new muse!

Anyway, it took Leo awhile to get where he is today.

Thanks for the new SC video UV and Jake would be great on the Actors Studio Bobbyanna.

bobbyanna said...

I think a lot of people forget Leo @ age 16,had a re-occurring role on three different TV series for a couple of years, before he worked with DeNiro.

Leo's had his bombs, too. The Quick & the Dead,Iron Mask? And he had movies that people only discovered either because someone else was in them, like Johnny Depp, or people found them after he got popular by drowning.:)

Depp, Clooney, Denzel, Leo, all became popular thru TV. They built an audience. Big commercial films' paydays buy artistic freedom & increase name recognition, I can't think of any other reason for a serious actor to do them. Except maybe for fun(!)

(Extra, James Lipton was at Charlie Sheen's recent show in NYC!)

Anonymous said...

It's likely that Source Code will make its money back, and even produce a nice profit. But it hasn't made its money back yet. The studio invested $32 million + P&A which likely puts its negative cost (the amount the studio actually invested) at around $70 million. Also, a studio takes in only 55% to 60% of the actual box office grosses.

After its foreign run the film will likely be at around the break even point, give or take. It'll make a profit in home video-TV/cable sales.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, we know all that. But at this point, SC has made its budget back.

The stats you site are the same for all movies, so you have to add all those factors in. But people often refer to a film's budget in discussing box office numbers. And at this point, SC is doing quite nicely.

Might we have a Jake release in 2011?

Film Music Reporter has learned that composer John Swihart has been hired to score the satirical comedy Nailed. David O. Russell (The Fighter, Three Kings) directed the film back in 2008, but he left the production before it was completed. According to various reports, the backers are now shopping the movie to distributors and a test screening was recently held in California, indicating that the project is finally nearing completion. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Catherine Keener, Kirstie Alley, Paul Reubens, James Brolin, Tracey Morgan and Jon Stewart. Nailed centers on a small-town waitress who is shot in the head by a nail gun and later goes to Washington to fight for better health care, where she meets a clueless congressman. No distribution deal has been announced and it is unknown at this point when the film will be released.

UltraViolet said...

But Leo made Titanic when he was 23. He was a big, big star from an early age. You can't really say he wasn't a success until Titanic. And his TV work is incidental to his success.

Of course, as someone said, not everyone can be Leo. Most actors fail by that comparison. And even Leo doesn't guarantee success.

I don't think Jake wants to be Titanic Leo. But I don't think he'd mind a successful working relationship like the one DiCaprio and Scorcese have. I sure would love that for him.

Thanks for that link, virginia. Interesting comments from Duncan.

Oh, and bobbyanna, I forgot this:

finally realized a particular "Icelandic" passage I was trying to translate was actually Malay!

Hee! My head was spinning last week among Spanish, Italian, German and Icelandic!

Monica said...

I do not think that cost around of 70 million. Too much for a movie that was poorly marketed.

Before Titanic, Leo became a success with Romeo and Juliet.

bobbyanna said...

monica, yes, Leo's Romeo & Juliet caused a big stir. It was an exciting interpretation and he was the perfect Romeo. But it seemed like R&J was part of the arc that exploded with Titanic.

I never felt it had the huge mass appeal & $$$ success of Titanic. After Titanic,it seemed like everyone was on a first name basis with Leo.

UV, you're right,not well known at the level of Depp, Clooney, or Denzel,on TV. But I think his TV work helped build his audiences. He was only enough for people to know who he was.

I'd love for Jake to have a collaborating director to work with like Pitt & Fincher or Scorcese with Leo & De Niro.

BTW: Read a tweet from some guy who's supposed to meet Bear Grylls next Sunday. Hope Jake will deliver Bear home safely.:)

bobbyanna said...

"He was only enough for people to know who he was.

Oops. I meant: "He was ON enough," etc.

me again said...

Sorry to spam. UV, I hadn't realizedLeo was only 23 when Titanic hit! I remember the movies he made rightafter Titanic getting slammed by critics. But he was wildly popular by then.

You're right about there not being many actors at that level.

Niceland said...

So I work at this restaurant/bar in Iceland Called Laundromat. He came in around 6 and I just saw his profile, and I thought “wow There is a hot guy,” Ten minutes later he was gone and my workmate told me that it was him and I was like : WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS JAKE OH NO WEUIUYGT.

Then He came in again at 10! And I thought I had missed him forever! someone told me where he was sitting and i walked past him, when I was just behind him, he turned around and I swear to god everything was in slow motion! He sat there for like an hour and we were chatting to him, he’s on some Adventure trip here in Iceland with his Friend, and he is going on a glazier trip tomorrow and shit. When they were leaving he had around 14 dollars on the bar table and I asked him if it was his. He looked me in the eyes and said no, this is yours.” And blinked me. I died.

Seriously, His charisma is amazing. He’s just. Sexy, that’s the only word for it, I was eyeing him the whole time he sat there and I was smiling the whole fucking time. I couldn’t help it. If he looked at me A little part of me died.

I was so red in the face XD

Anonymous said...

Viv said...
What's wrong with American people?? Jake is becoming more and more popular overseas than in America.Jake's films did very well in my country(POP,LAOD and SC)I don't know why American people are hesitant to see Jake's films? :/

Because the (particularly young) American male is still homophobic and won't go & see a movie starring that guy "from the gay flick". I'm a great JG fan & love BBM and all it has achieved, but in the US I sadly believe it has held him back from mainstream popularity. Perhaps he should try to get roles alongside megastars such as Leo or George Clooney and ease his way into the American mainstream that way (IF, of course, that's what he really wants.)

bobbyanna said...

Anon, I've seen the comments directed at Jake,& I know there's a segment like those represented at the CMA awardswho feel that way, but I think we'd be wrong to give more weight and credibility to homophobia than it deserves.

First, the Box Office numbers tell you "what is wrong" with the American audiences. Studios make commercial garbage because that's what gets a certain demographic into theatres. There are other ways for people to watch movies. There's still a market for good films, but it isn't a huge mass market.

The U.S. movie business's anxieties about it's future profitability are projected into this ridiculous preoccupation with opening weekend box office.

It's all business investments and commerce to them, and not enough concern about product. Foreign countries subsidize their film industry. They don't spend as much money for "tentpole" productions.

Secondly, Jake's management hasn't been agressive about marketing him. I'm glad he doesn't make the usual round of parties and openings, but he needs a clearly developed public image that includes the things make him unique.

They also need to anticipate problems, so they can avoid trainwrecks. They're lucky to have someone with Jake's poise and class. But I think he's such a nice guy, they get lazy.

Josie said...

I loved Source Code, this is my kind of film. I love puzzles and this was like trying to figure out a puzzle and then they threw you a curveball.

Jake was outstanding, he does some of his best acting here and Michelle, Vera and Jeffrey made a fine supporting cast.

My heart ached for Colter, his scenes where he was trying deperately to contact his Dad was so raw with emotion.

Kudos to Jake, Duncan and Co for making a smart, exciting and a head-tripping film!

The BO is what Summit was expecting so I'm sure they are pleased and it had a good hold over the weekend.

Jake's team is clueless and lazy and it's clear that they don't know how to represent him.

I hope he is enjoying his Iceland adventure with Mr. Grylls!

UltraViolet said...

Just wanted to say what cool story that was from Niceland. I'm glad we got to hear a personal account of Jake in Reykjavik. Sounds like he made her day.

mary said...

lucky girl glad jake is having a nice time hope bear is taking good care of our jake out there where ever they are

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That was a really cool encounter with Jake in Iceland. We aren't getting much from him there with the exception of the Jake Gyllenhaal is in Iceland tweets and the cell phone pic that you posted UV, I think it may be the same place where that luck woman had her encounter!

I'm not sure about Nailed, I thought that there was a scene or 2that had to be filmed and now we hear that they hired someone to do the score?

I did notice that Nikki Finke had to do some backpeddling regarding her initial SC BO report and Jake, I think it's doing what was expected.

Anonymous said...

From Twitter

@BearGrylls Bear Grylls
just got off the glaciers and volcanos after Jake Gyllenhaal Man Vs Wild. Full on in a storm. We both survived! See ...

Monica said...

Bear Grylls :
just got off the glaciers and volcanos after Jake Gyllenhaal Man Vs Wild. Full on in a storm. We both survived! See link!

bobbyanna said...

Whoa. Well, gee, Bear. Thanks for letting us know you "both" survived. :(

I've read other accounts of storms and winds in Iceland over the years. They are no joke. It's like stepping back into prehistoric times.

Sweet story about the girl at the Laundromat.:)

UltraViolet said...

Sounds like Jake got an adventure! This is from a couple of typically hard to decipher google-translated articles:

U.S. actor Jake Gyllenhaal spent much of the weekend in the eruption/storm? He was making the television series Man Vs. Wild. ...

"Yes, I can confirm that we have Gyllenhaal and Grylls, but I do not express myself any further on the matter. At least they got everything they needed and the best of Icelandic nature, "says Thor Kjartansson, a producer for production company True North, which serves the people taking on the glacier.

According to sources, the news was a complete grasp upon the ice last night. It is of course no coincidence that this area was chosen. Volcanic eruption in the paralyzed all air traffic in Europe and elsewhere for a year, Iceland gets a little better promotion through this series. It is estimated that 1.2 billion people regularly watch Bear Grylls and his outdoor adventures around the world.

It is therefore not surprising that Gyllenhaal would have kept a low profile in Reykjavik over the weekend. He dressed up in 66 North at Bankastræti and ate (or "picked up the vital nutrients") in the Laundromat Austurstræti.

"He came here twice, on Friday and Saturday and was just silk poor,*" says Jeff Stone in the restaurant Laundromat. Gyllenhaal is obviously not kviðið (?) for the experience of going on an Icelandic glacial adventure with a man who appears to have no fear.

Make of that what you will!

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

I really want to know what silk poor means, lol. Dressed casually, maybe?

Monica said...

kviðið: apprehensive

thanks, UV.

Anonymous said...

So he was not apprehensive?

UltraViolet said...

Damn, I almost put something like that. Thanks, Monica. You must have a better online translator than googl!

Do you have a translation for "silkislakur?" That's the word translated as "silk poor."

And yes, anon. Jake was not apprehensive. Or so they are assuming, lol.

FL said...

In case anyone is interested, Bear has done this same adventure previously and it's on YouTube. Search: Bear Grylls Iceland.

Tweety said...

Glad to hear that Jake wasn't apprehensive at all! Wow, that was some storm they were hit with, glad that they are oth Ok!!

I'm trying to find out what silk poor means as well, google is useless!

FL said...

Wow, that was some storm they were hit with, glad that they are oth Ok!!

Yeah I don't know why Bear linked to that article, it's from February 11th. This is April isn't it?

Monica said...

silkislakur: not found

Doing a search, I realized that a person or a situation calm, quiet. One type of expression.
Type a person without stress. Or without problems.

I think.

UltraViolet said...

That makes sense, Monica. Thanks.

Looks like Jake is at the airport:

Monica said...

wow thanks, UV.

Forgot to say that I saw Rio on Sunday. The movie is good, but it is a feeling that could be better. Do not go see with great interest.

bobbyanna said...

(squeee!) Thanks for the airport picture!

UltraViolet said...

Are you squeeing because you can see him or because you can see he's unscathed, Bobbyanna? :)

I don't think I'd be seeing Rio either way, Monica. But it was fun that the cast came to Rio for the premiere.

I forgot to make the picture clickable, sorry. So I put it in the new post!