Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal was here

Okay, not when the photo was taken. And not when the volcano was erupting. But Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls visited Eyjafjallajökull glacier and Fimmvörduháls mountain range over the weekend. And we have the photos.

Okay, that is totally not Gyll and Gryll. But that is the area they visited. The photo was taken in March. Here are the Gs on the flight to Reykjavik:

Looks like Jake was happy to pose and to sign for his fellow passengers.

To continue the traavelogue, some shots of the volcano and glacier. Luckily for production purposes, the volcano was not erupting at the time of Jake's visit. But it did make for some dramatic photos. I especially love the first Wizard of Ozian one:

More recent, more peaceful:

ETA: Here's Jake in Iceland, wearing some of his newly purchased 66°NORTH apparel:

The Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal spent the last weekend in Iceland. Mr. Gyllenhaal has starred in a number of movies, among the Brothers, where he was in one of the leading roles with Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman. Sigurjon Sighvatsson was the producer of the movie, and the actors got to know 66°NORTH outdoors clothes while shooting the film.

Jake was immediately impressed by the quality and looks of 66°NORTH, and since then, we have seen images of him wearing clothes from 66°NORTH in a number of magazines ...

Jake Gyllenhaal used the opportunity when he was in Iceland this weekend, and paid a visit to the 66°NORTH shop in Bankastraeti in Reykjavik, Iceland‘s capital. There, he purchased some clothes to wear during his weekend trip in Iceland. The photographer Bjorn Blondal took some pictures of Jake, wearing the Vikur men‘s jacket which the actor bought last Saturday.

And another photo of Jake, this time with Sigurjón Sighvatsson, one of the producers of Brothers. They apparently bumped into each other at the airport:

"I was coming home from Australia where we were sound mixing my latest film, The Killer Elite, and saw Jake in the airport," says Sigurjón Sighvatsson, film producer. He met Jake Gyllenhaal on Monday in the airport terminal when the actor was leaving the country after an adventurous weekend. ...

"It was a coincidence and it was really fun to meet him. He spoke very beautifully about land and nature up on the glacier where they landed. Jake had no idea that Iceland was so great and said he would come back as soon as possible on vacation. It had apparently also something to do with the girls

(Photos courtesy of: Eggert Norðdahl, jonasardottir, Ingólfur B, ©2010 Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson, Bernard McManus, elsa11. Jake photos courtesy of tumblr.)


FL said...

Gyll and Gryll...hehehehe. Much like surf and turf.

Love all those photos. Not a place I'm dying to visit, but the photos are quite dramatic. There are hardly any trees in Iceland. :-(

Anonymous said...

I like Gyll and Gryll. I hope we'll hear about an airdate. I'd like to know why Icelandic people make their words so hard to pronounce. It was funny to see the news reporters trying to pronounce the name of that Volcano. It will be fun to see how Gyll and Gryll do it.

And I tried to post to the other thread but it was closed:

I wonder if Jake is looking for a place in NY like he alluded to Ben Lyons.

And yay for the latest BO figures for SC

Extra said...

These photos are amazing!!! Iceland is beautiful, love the Oz pics!!

I casn't wait for this to air, what an adventure he and Jake had!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. These are just incredible pictures. I have to agree with FL, " Not a place I'm dying to visit!" probably one of the most breathtaking, physically challenging regions anywhere in the world.

I can't begin to imagine how harrowing it would be to navigate through these mountains in a storm with high winds.

I love these airplane pics of "Gyll & Grylls!" They look like htey're having a lot of fun!

Great news about the SC box office reaching $42M.

bobbyanna said...


Xcellent article about box office & marketing practices in H'wood!

Monica said...

Looks like they had good fun. Thanks, UV.

I do not know if anyone remembers that video of Heath on Jay Leno when he talked about BBM for the first time? I found the video:
"Jake is cute!"

Chica said...

What a fun post and the photos are breathtaking!

Iceland is beautiful but it's a tough place to live. I love the sneak preview of all the places Jake and Grylls visited, I just hope we don't have to wait to long to see the episode.

What lucky fans!

I remember when Heath was on that episode of Leno Monica. At the time i heard about it being filmed and this was the first time that anyone from the movie talked about it if I recall.

Thanks so much for finding the link!

I'm off to read the article you linked Bobbyanna and that is good news regarding the SC BO:)

UltraViolet said...

Full credit: FL found the killer arrow photo. And a few of the other glacier ones. We make a good team! Like surf and turf :)

I love the glacial, snowy areas. But the barren landscapes are depressing.

Anon, I don't think I've ever tried to say that volcano name out loud! LOL. Id love to see what kind of a place Jake would buy/rent in NYC.

Extra, it seems like it takes a long time for these shows to air. But maybe they'll rush the Jake one due to popular demand.

Which will we see first: a new Jake movie or the Gryllenhaals? (Sorry, I can't help myself.)

UltraViolet said...

Interesting article, Bobbyanna. I love going to the movies, but don't know if I go even once a month. Except in Jake months :)

I do love seeing movies with an audience, though. I always feel bad when people say they'd rather watch a movie at home.

Thanks for the video, Monica. So cute. You watched it when it aired, chica? You were ahead of the crowd!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. I usually go out for Jake movies, & award season movies.
I see lots of movies, but not in a theatre. Epstein wrote a book, "The Big Picture," a very good overview of the film industry.

That Hugh Grant article was just mind-blowing! What bottomfeeders those people are.

I vaguely remember the Leno video, now, monica. I loved seeing Heath on talk shows. I remember him talking about Ned Kelly and the armored headgear. Remember nothing about BBM or Jake.

I hope they won't wait too long to air the Iceland adventure. I have little hope for Nailed.

Recent article unsealed court docs showing Ron Tutor was lying about ending his closeness to the guy who bankrupted the production company. Tutor now owns Miramax.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who gets infected with virus' when I visit The Wrap site? I have now been "attacked" with virus' FOUR times when visiting The Wrap on my last FOUR visits. This has now happened on three different computers in two different homes. So it has to be the site right?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The first photo is classic! You do make a great team UV&FL, this blog shows that. I love visiting here for make Jake fix!

Iceland is such a fasinating country, I hope Jake soaked up some culture while he was there filming, from the tweets and sightings I think he did!

I still try to see movies on the big screen, but its becoming more common for me to see them on Netflix. Jake may be one of the few actors that I will go and see on the big screen.

Thanks Monica for the link of Heath on Leno, I've never seen that before.

Tweety said...

I'm in love with these photos, just stunning. I take such shitty pics all the time so I'm always blown away by people who take such beautiful photos.

Gyll and Gryll, sounds like a restaurant, LOL! The fans on that flight looks so happy and I can't blame them. Jake is so great with his fans.

Thanks for the link to that article Bobbyanna. I still enjoy seeing movies on the big screen and with an audience.

I think I remember seeing that video right around the time BBM came out Monica, I had forgotten about it, thanks so much for finding it:)

Some more fun tweets, I wonder if the Blonde is the same one he was seen with from that FB sighting, the T. Swift look a like?

I never realized how tall she was !

EdgarCasillas: just had a run in with Jake Gyllenhaal. Swoon.
16 minutes ago via web

explorima: sun + jake gyllenhaal sighting + perfect iced coffee from 9th street espresso = a nice start to the morning
34 minutes ago

jk0ng: fyi - jake gyllenhaal sighting at chelsea market w/ tall lanky blonde. #hewould
39 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, OONP. That first pic really does just crack me up. Kudos to the photographer for capturing it!

Tweety, tons o'Jake sightings this morning. I'm always amazed at how early Jake is up and about. As one of the tweeters said, if I were a celeb, I wouldn't get out of bed until 11AM!

Posted a new photo of Jake in his 66North gear, from this link.

mary said...

love the new pics of jake and bear sounds like they had a good time now anxious to see the episode and what thet did but i think it will be a while till its shown

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I think we probably have a long wait, Mary. We'll have to practice patience.

A shot of Jake from the back, taken yesterday:

Monica said...

I've never seen this video. I remember reading the transcript.
Heath so shy and funny.

Forgot to say that you chose good pictures of Iceland. It is a beautiful place.

I also like to watch movies on the big screen. I go almost every Sunday to the movies.

mary said...

UV the picture doesnt work for me

Monica said...

It's working for me.

Anon, The Wrap is normal for me.

bobbyanna said...

UV, thanks for the pic of Jake in his 66 North gear. He looks good!

Tweety, I'm loving the early morning sights around Chelsea market, especially for the reactions:) He does seem to get moving early, doesn't he.

I've had no problems accessing The Wrap.

bobbyanna said...

Saw this on FB, have no idea how accurate:

"Man vs Wild's Celebrity survivor this next season is Jake Gyllenhall...should be interesting. Bear said he was amazing - we shall see :)"

(When does "next season" start?)

Monica said...

The new season of shows in the USA have now all aired as well and we are focussing on the next couple of eps to wrap up the first half of season 6. (These include taking Jake Gyllenhaal on a mission which should be fun.)

Bear's blog

FL said...

The Man vs. Wild schedule on American Discovery channel is wacky. There doesn't seem to be a set schedule or a set number of episodes through the years it's been on. From the website it looks like maybe they air the backend 6 from August through September. Or...June through July.

Man vs. Wild schedule on Discovery

Anonymous said...

he looks great in his new coat. when is the episode supposed to air?

Anonymous said...

the shot of Jake from the back didn't come up. UV :(

UltraViolet said...

Both the photo and The Wrap work for me, so not sure what to say.

Added yet another photo of Jake at the airport. He ran into one of the Brothers producers. Story is here.

Bobbyanna, I loved that "amazing" post on FB but wondered where she got that info. It was good to hear, if it's accurate.

Chica said...

The only reason I remember Heath on that Leno episode is because he was promoting Ned Kelly and I was a big Orlando Bloom fan at the time . Orlando wasn't on the episode but I watched anything Orlando related, Depp promoting POTC, or Heath promoting Ned Kelly!

Despite my dislike of Leno, this has to be one of my favorite Heath interviews.

That Man vs Wild scedule is screwy(

What a coincidence that Jake ran into onre of the producers of Brothers, what a great pic!

OT: ABC has announced the cancellation of All my Children and One life to Live. I no longer watch them, I only follow The Young and The Restless now but I grew up watching those shows. An era is coming to a close, there are only going to be 4 soaps left on the air:(

AMC ends in Sept. and OLTL in Jan.:(:(:

UltraViolet said...

Chica, that news makes me so sad. I really only watch/fast-forward GH these days. But I still catch the other two occasionally and will miss them.

Wonder if Get Real is around. I know she's a GH watcher.

bobbyanna said...

OMG, my youngest daughter,Laura is an AMC person. She's probably "in mourning!"

UV, have no idea about the FB person. She doesn't seem to have insider knowledge. Maybe it's speculation.

How cool that Jakeran into the
producer from Brothers!

I've heard that the people of Iceland are very warm, friendly people. Glad they made Jake feel so welcome. : )

Monica said...

It's a guitar!

bobbyanna said...

Great catch, monica!!! I f9ound it on Amazon!

Taylor brand guitar cases, same color, @ $39.99-$49.99. LOL!!!

Chica said...

I used to watch GH back in the day, that will be the last soap on ABC.

We haven't heard from Ger Real in awhile, I hope everything is ok.

bobbyanna said...

Looks like Jake is on the move:

From FB:
First leg of our 21 hour trip up in the air for almost 3 hours. Jake gyllenhaal from Broke Back Mountain sitting in first class. so cute. Megan and Ryan surived the big take off.
(this family is on a Make A Wish journey.)

I love NY! Just landed from a quick visit home and immediately ran into Jake Gyllenhaal at JFK.
3 hrs ago

Tweety said...

He's on his way to L.A. This woman met Jake on the plane and she said she was on her way to LAX. She's an actress and Jake signed his autograph and said wrote something very nice:

nicolebadaan: I just met Jake Gyllenhaal on the plane :D
16 minutes ago

So that was a guitar, and he's carrying it in a Taylor case, ha, ha!!

bobbyanna said...

"So that was a guitar, and he's carrying it in a Taylor case, ha, ha!!"

Awww, tweety you just made me laugh out loud! (whew!)

(That's why I looked on Amazon.It's a brand name that's been around a lonnnng time.: )

me, again said...

Forgot to say thanks for the link.
I like his handwriting.

UltraViolet said...

Loved that autograph, Tweety. Very nice. And it is a guitar. And a Taylor bag, lol.

Jake's out and about on his first night back in LA:

Oops! Almost collided with Jake Gyllenhal...time to go. (how'd I do with the spelling?)

This a fantastic opening.

Spotted the main kid from entourage...who else is here?? @ MOCA #streetart

bobbyanna said...

UV, sounds like he's at the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) "Art in the Streets" opening. They have a huge Banksy exhibit.

This is something I'd really love to see.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why he bought a guitar? I know Jake plays some instruments (like a harmonica :D) I never heard of a Taylor guitar (but then I am no expert. I only know Gibson)

I guess he'll be getting ready to ride along with the LAPD in preparation for "End of Watch"

guess it won't be long before the paps will be all over him again :(

twitter said...

I normally don't give a shit about these things, but considering I had a crush on him as a tween...
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Oh and now they're sitting next to us...
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jake Gyllenhaal and his mom at Wurstkusche. Consensus: hot in person.

Extra said...

Berlin-Iceland-New York-L.A., I would be exhausted but not Jake it seems! I love going to museums, MOCA sounds like MOMA in NY. I bet he checked out the Bansky exhibit Bobby!

Jake plays the guitar anon., I heard about it several years ago on some fan site that said that he played at some party. Also Natalie mentioned it and I thought that thee was a brief video of him playing when he ws in Nashville a few months back.

He belonged to a rock band when he was a teen.

FL said...

Monica, always trust your first instincts! :-D Good work on the guitar. But it really needs to asked again - WHY? Why is he lugging around a guitar from press appearances/movie premieres to Icelandic glacial adventures? It's more than a little...odd. Unless the guitar was given to him in Iceland. Coincidentally, that young country singer girl plays a Taylor brand guitar.

Wurstkusche - not the first time Jake has been there. In that god-awful wasteland section of Downtown LA-cum-Arts District.

bobbyanna said...

"Why is he lugging around a guitar from press appearances/movie premieres to Icelandic glacial adventures? It's more than a little...odd. Unless the guitar was given to him in Iceland."

FL, I'm thinking it's a gift, too. They're sold in Iceland, but also maybe Berlin or one of his other stops? Someone with a sense of humor? I could see Duncan doing that : )

Not only Taylor, but Mick Jagger, Dave Matthews, Prince, also use them. Very popular.

BTW: Mumford & Sons plays Coachella Music Fest tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be something if Jake jammed with Mumford and sons at Coachella?

Paula said...

Is that part of L.A. that bad FL? You have a great memory,LOL!!!

The photos in this post are incredible, I hope that we doesn't have to wait too long to see the episode that they filmed.

After hearing so much about Jake playing the guitar, I would love to actually see him play!

bobbyanna said...

FYI: Duncan tweeted an updated list of countries and opening dates for Source Code:

Sag Actor said...

Thanks Bobbyanna.

Deadline has SC coming in at #8 this week. I was thinking that it would have been a bit higher like #6 since that's where it was suring the week, yestrday it was at #4.

It lost some screens this weekend as well which doesn't make sense IMO since it was holding well during the week.

Shondra said...

It's holding Ok but I think Limitless has taken some of the audience from SC as did Hop did to Rio and Incidious did to Scream 4.

Several sites have noted that Rio and S4 were expected to have a bigger OW.

SC has made 37 million domestic BO so it already made back it's budget of 32 million.

Source Code is the most satisfying overall Jake movie since Zodiac. With Brothers, Pop and LAOD I liked Jake's performances but had problems with the direction , script, etc but not with SC.

He strikes a perfect balance of toughness, heroics, vulnerable and poignancy. The pacing of the film was brisk and exciting. Michelle took what would have been a thankless role and breathed life into it, I love their scenes together even though they were basically the same scene.

I don't ant to wait until this comes out on DVD to sse this again, I want to see it in the theater again. The audience was enthusiastic and gave a smattering of applause at the end.

The photos from Iceland are gorgeous. I see he is back in L.A. after a brief stop in NY. I guess he will be prepping for EOW.

Family is here for the wekend and we are getting ready for Passover.

Have a blessed Passover to all here at GB that observe.

Monica said...

It's holding Ok but I think Limitless has taken some of the audience from SC as did Hop did to Rio and Incidious did to Scream 4.

Exactly. Funny to see people's reaction in the BOM.
Many hoped that Scream 4 would make 50 million and the film will make only 20. A big difference.
BO is disappointing these days.

I think I'll watch HOP tomorrow.

I saw some pictures of Maggie in Santa Monica. I also saw some pictures of her learning to surf.

Tweety said...

Jake at one of his CZ:

SciWriAlicia: I was retrieving my bicycle after breakfast at Square One and didn't even notice Jake Gyllenhaal standing next to me until the last minute.
about 2 hours ago

Anonymous said...

happy Passover Shondra (I am celebrating too)

I'm sure the paps will catch up to Jake eventually, though I'd love to have seen him on his bike

UltraViolet said...

I was hoping for higher than eighth place, as well, but at least the drop wasn't too bad. I really can't believe Insidious is attracting more folks than SC. Very surprising. I did notice it was trending on twitter on Friday, however, which was clearly a good sign.

Summit did run ads for SC last week during Pardon the Interruption, which is on ESPN. But I doubt we'll see any more ads this week.

It is funny to see the BOM-heads getting so upset over Scream 4. I can't imagine just rooting for movies to do well regardless of the quality. But they really get into it.

Source Code is the most satisfying overall Jake movie since Zodiac.

I think this is really true for a lot of folks, Shondra. Though I had problems with some aspects of PoP, it was a satisfying movie for me. I know because I still watch it when it comes on Starz.

But it's great that so many people, fans and non-fans, are thoroughly enjoying a Jake movie.

Hope you get to see it in the theater again! And Happy Passover to you.