Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glacial pace

As Jake Gyllenhaal comes down from his Icelandic adventure and heads off, there are still more Source Code interviews floating around.

First up, a couple of Jake interviews with the questions en Español. The first is a fun interview with Terra TV and a very animated reporter. Jake seems to be having fun:

Back to the Queen's English. Jake talks to Empire:

And here's a teaser for a UK show. I think this woman has interviewed Jake in the past. The full video isn't up yet.

I never saw this interview with Jake and Anne done for that same channel. Or I've forgotten it if I did see it:


UltraViolet said...

Tweet from an actress who auditioned to play Jake's girlfriend in a movie. Assuming it's End of Watch.

bobbyanna said...

"Are you squeeing because you can see him or because you can see he's unscathed, Bobbyanna? :)"

Yes! LOL!

Chica said...

Animated and I think a bit too much caffine!! That was a fun interview even though she scared me at moments, LMAO!!

Yay, He made it through his Icelandic adventure in one piece!

End of Watch is going to be a small indie flick with the budget being 5 million and a supporting cast of little-known names, except for Jake of course.

I think he may have even more to do with this film and may even get a producer credit, just a thought.

Monica said...

Jake is with a guitar? Because that looks like a guitar!

Sheba baby said...

Great catch Monica, it sure looks like it and we know he can play:))

SC is a fun ride with some surprising emotional moments. Jake is teriffic as Colter : tough, pressistant, funny it's one of his best roles and he looks awesome in a flight suit!

The direction, soundtrack and the rest of the cast deliver. He scenes with Michelle are touching and sweet.

Thanks for the the SC interviews and the new/old LAOD interview, I will have to savor all these goodies because Jake will probably go MIA until End of Watch.

FL said...

Would he have brought a guitar from his press tour straight to his most excellent adventure? Could it be perhaps a snowboard bag?

From Iceland Review

Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Man vs. Wild’ on Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull

American actor Jake Gyllenhaal spent last weekend at the site of last year’s volcanic eruptions, Eyjafjallajökull glacier and Fimmvörduháls mountain range, in fierce weather to shoot an episode for the survival television series Man vs. Wild, hosted by English adventurer Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel and Channel 4.

Gyllenhaal flew straight to Iceland from Rome where he was promoting his latest movie, Source Code. He is not the only film star who has starred in Man vs. Wild; it has also featured the survival strategies of US actors Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell, Fréttabladid reports.

“We can confirm that we were with Gyllenhaal and Grylls but I’d rather not comment any further on the story,” said Thór Kjartansson at the Icelandic production company True North which assisted the show’s crew on the glacier. “But they definitely got the wildest and best of Icelandic nature,” he added.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the shooting on the glacier ended on Monday night. Before heading out for the wild, Gyllenhaal dropped by the store 66°North on Bankastraeti and the Laundromat Café on Austurstraeti in Reykjavík.

“He came here twice, on Friday night and Saturday and was totally relaxed,” commented Steinn Einar at Laundromat. Apparently, the actor wasn’t anxious about the experience that awaited him on the glacier.

Approximately 1.2 million people watch Man vs. Wild regularly, so Gyllenhaal’s adventures on Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörduháls might prove good advertisement for Iceland.

How cool that he hit up the volcano that only a year ago erupted!

Monica said...

snowboard!! thanks, FL.

bobbyanna said...

FL, thanks for finding that article!
I remember twitter complaints about the snowboarding festival, and disappointment bcz a mountain had been closed due to a bad storm and high winds. So the idea of Jake & Bear battling storms & wind, and being around that volcano is cool & scarey! Can't wait to see this episode!

Just watched the Terra TV video again. That lady is a sweetheart. So fun!

Tweety said...

I have not seen that LAOD video, it's new to me. Thanks for posting it UV, they are adorable!

That women interviewing Jake in that Terra video reminds me of Charo, not the looks but her mannerisms and even they way she sounds but maybe it's just me:)

The taping of Jake's Bear Grylls episode sounded scary, but he looks just fine and look he bought home a snowboard as a souvenir!

UltraViolet said...

LOL at your "yes," Bobbyanna.

"Charo" was a bit hyper. It must be fun to have a few people break up the junket monotony.

Sheba baby, so glad you liked SC! And Josie, too. I think she checked in at the end of the last post. Jake does run the gamut of emotions, and it's great to see him do it so beautifully.

And yes, he does look awesome in a flight suit.

I wish the Iceland Review had translated all the other recent stories. It was great to read the full story and not google translation's version of it!

Apparently it takes a long time for these episodes to hit the screen. I hope we don't have to wait too long.

bobbyanna said...

Aww, I hope we don't have to wait too long!
As I see it, the "problem," UV,is, Jake very likely will be decked out in gear, including a parka with hood, goggles, etc. Too bad they didn't shoot something in the tropics. :)

UltraViolet said...

Too right, Bobbyanna. What was Grylls thinking?

Apparently Jake flew to NYC yesterday. Well, if this tweeter is right:

With Jake gyllenhall (@ Google Inc (Chelsea Market))

Also, fascinating read on Hugh Grant secretly taping a former pap who's confessing to secretly hacking celeb phones.

Tweety said...

Yup, he is in NY, all the tweeys are from NY!:

tffnyxx: My mom left me a voice mail to tell me that she was just walking next to Jake Gyllenhaal #dead
10 minutes ago

melissapresti: Jake Gyllenhaal is outside, no big deal. I'm leaving for lunch and not coming back.
12 minutes ago

dlgann: Jake Gyllenhaal is walking down Hudson Street!

FL said...

Also, fascinating read on Hugh Grant secretly taping a former pap who's confessing to secretly hacking celeb phones.

Fascinating and truly mindboggling that these paps were able to break laws, get away with it and then try to justify it. Unbelievable. Good on Hugh though.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I deleted that anonsense for you :)

And big props to Hugh Grant for that story. Loved his commentary, especially the end. The ex=pap was completely shameless. Amazing.

UltraViolet said...

I wonder if there's been any reaction from the guy to being taped. Let's hope he's at least not a hypocrite about it.

Anonymous said...

Always smile when i see one of those - saw Jake Gyllenhall..no big deal.
If it was no big deal then why was it mentioned at all. It's a "see everyone I'm just so cool" I'm above that type of thing. When, they probably aren't.

UltraViolet said...

It's intentionally ironic, anon. Pretty sure they know that by posting it, they are acknowledging it's not nothing.

Anonymous said...

Latest box office for Source Code,

Domestic: $29,517,767 69.0%
+ Foreign: $13,242,777 31.0%
= Worldwide: $42,760,544

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. It's doing okay in the U.S. but not holding like Lincoln Lawyer and Limitless did, which is a shame.

New post - had some fun with it :)