Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Código Fuente

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Weeks of reading Source Code press, watching interviews and flipping through photos has made me feel like I'm reliving time. I can't imagine how Jake Gyllenhaal, Duncan Jones and the Source Code team feel. The movie is finally out in the U.S., U.K. and a few other places. And Jake and Duncan are pressing on; in Madrid for a photocall and press conference today, then Berlin at the end of the week.

Looks like Jake is "impressing" as usual:

Very nice, handsome, polite and smiling. Jake Gyllenhaal has landed in Madrid to present his latest film, 'Source Code'. The actor was lavished with smiles and jokes at the presentation.

Very fun interview, with a transcript here.

Here's a cute story from a Vanity Fair reporter who got to interview Jake. Full translation in the comments but here's a snippet, loosely translated:

Before my turn came, I heard gossip that last night had led Jake (and Duncan) to a flamenco show and to eat chocalate and churros at San Ginés chocolateria and this morning has come late to the press conference. Therefore, I expected a boring man who'd send us yawning. But nothing could be further from the truth. Charming, funny and incredibly attractive, Jake is an expert in dealing with the press, plus he's a joker.

There's more video here. And here's Jake at his hotel:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Since Jake is in Spain, here's a Spanish interview:

Maxim has uploaded its interview with Jake, and there are some fun questions/answers.

Tell us about Source Code. It’s a tough one to explain.
Yeah, I’m going to try to only make movies that are inexplicable, so people have to go see them. It really helps ticket sales. But, really, Source Code is a weird amalgamation of genres. Ultimately it’s a story about someone who is unconscious becoming conscious of his life. ...

Every woman, from our girlfriends to our sisters to our moms, is in love with you. What’s your secret?
It’s all about getting on a “Sexiest Man” list. If you can work that out, then I think you’re pretty much golden. No, you should read Maxim; that’s where I get it. And always be a gentleman.

You’ve dated some beautiful and talented women—Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon. Which of them would make the best Maxim cover?
Uh, I got nothing for you there.

Finally, what do you wish you could tell your 18-year-old self?
I’d say, “Lighten up, dude. Bubble Boy is a lot better than everybody says it is.”


mary said...

thanks UV jake looks good see duncan back to wearing tee shirts again:)

bobbyanna said...

I love the color of Jake's shirt.
He doesn't smile much in pictures just lately. Then when he walks away he gives a big smile. Jake!

Yes, mary. Duncan has a very "Bohemian" (?) style...: )Even in a suit & ties his eccentric side shows.Altho, to be fair, he cleaned up really well for his BAFTA.

That Maxim interview is cool.

mary said...

my son gave his copy of maxim when he saw jakes interview there

sass said...

HI friends in Jake!
I've been missing you all.
I hope to get back to more activities online...My Rheumatoid Arthritis is in flare and no one caught it probably for more than
6-9 months. On RA medications since last night and I already feel better.
Going downtown in a bit to E-Walk to see SC for third time. Thank God for Senior rates especially here in NYC!. YAY!

Ive seen it twice, once with my son. It's a GREAT movie! Jake's acting is Phenomenal. I can't wait to see it since I'm feeling less pain.

Hey there bobbyanna!

Be back later to read interviews and magazine articles.
I didn't get fired up too much last year or so to post unless I'm upset that Jake is suffering personal pain. I'm his mom's age so I guess he's really in my heart. I do love him. Glad he has a hit and a potential nominee for all awards.

bobbyanna said...

hey there, Sass!!! ((((Sass)))

RA is no fun and the damp weather doesn't help. Glad your taking something that seems to work.
Yes, SC is great. This is one of Jake's finest performances, too.

Great to "see" you! Don't you be a stanger!

mary said...

jake and duncan are headed to rome before they go to berlin for a screening over there

Chica said...

Jake does look good, very casual and cool.

Duncan and his T's, I think I like the Sid Vicious one the best!

Hi Sass!!! I saw SC at E-walk on Friday, Jake, Duncan and Michelle were there to introduce the film.

I plan on seeing it again over this weekend.

Hope you feel better (((Sass)))

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Sass! Glad to hear you're feeling better. I think Jake is in a good place :)

We have some smiling pics, but Jake does seem to prefer the serious look at these photo calls/photo lines.

A tweeter from Madrid:

#KATYCATS!! I saw Jake Gyllenhaal!!! ;D He is really funny and lovely!!! #JakeGyllenhaal!! =) about

Today I went to the premiere of "Source Code", in Madrid. And I saw the sexy and handsome Jake! He is really beautiful and hot!

UltraViolet said...

Added a bunch of photos and a new video to the post.

Model Dominique Piek likes Jake.

Apparently the gang is in Rome. At least, Duncan is.

bobbyanna said...

Awww! Good for Dominique! She & I like a lot of the same things. South of France, pizza, chocolate, and Jake.

I've seen SC twice, now. I've decided it's damn near perfect. I'm serious.

There are certain movies I love, like The Departed, and as much as I love them, they lose something on a second viewing, bcz the suspense factor's missing. With SC, I was noticing new things all thru the movie.

And Vera Farmiga was so good and so nuanced in her role. She killed it! This movie has so much heart and so much compassion. Duncan told this story with such grace.

Jake is absolutely brilliant. Talk about grace and compassion. He was remarkable. never, ever a false note. Never a single scene where he says, "Look, I'm acting!"
The scene when he's asking Vera if she's married, etc. I was just blown away. Crying.

Jake did an incredible job and I hope he gets a ton of recognition for it. He looks pretty damned hot in a flightsuit, too.

Oh. And the very first shot of him sleeping on the train? Hall of Fame! Right up there with Gavin Hood's first shot of Jake in Rendition. :)

Tweety said...

I love the first pic of Jake, what a gorgeous smile!

It sounds like Rome was added at the last minute before Germany, love all the tweets of Jake charming everyone in Spain!

I've seen SC twice and I'm still blown away , this is about as perfect as a film can be and yes he is hot in a flight suit!

Hi Sass!

UltraViolet said...

I put a snippet from this story in the post. Here's an online translation. I didn't clean it up, but you can catch the drift. Spoiler warning for one of the questions/answers!

On April 15 debuts in Spain 'Source Code' , the latest film by Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie), starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The mathematical formula of the film would be something like: 'Matrix' + 'Source' + War on terror Romantic Comedy + Afghanistan + = 'Source Code'. So if you're not a big fan of action movies and / or science fiction, you can save the film and see it in rent if possible. If, however, you are explosions and time travel, run and advance purchase your tickets right now.

The best thing about this release is that Gyllenhaal is the promo in Madrid and a few journalists have left us looking at him and ask him something (not much). The appointment was today at the Santo Mauro hotel. Before my turn came, a fellow I have gossiped that last night led him to a stage flamenco and eat churros at San Ginés and this morning has come late to the press conference. Therefore, I expected a boring master sent us yawning. But nothing further. Charming, funny and incredibly attractive, Jake is an expert in dealing with the press, plus a joker. Here is a summary of what he has told me and five other journalists in 20 minutes.

- On his relationship with the director, explained: "Ever since I saw 'Moon' wanted to work with Duncan. I sent the script for 'Source Code' and he agreed, but would have continued to send scripts to find one that we liked them both. "

- He also told us about how this act to the rhythm of the tune of Bowie's son: "If Duncan does not like something I never say it, nor demonstrated with gestures. And this is great. Because the actors are very insecure and always seeks to reaffirm the director. So sometimes, when he makes no gesture, you might think you're a genius, you do everything right. And this sense of security gives you the freedom to take more risks. "

- At one point in the movie, he appears without a body from the waist down. I asked him what he felt to be well on the screen: "It was weird seeing him live. Although I think my mother found it harder. "

- At one point he told us a story: "As a kid I liked to play in cardboard boxes. I loved pressing buttons exist than I thought was inside. Filming this movie was like going back to childhood, to use their imagination. " Much of the movie goes into a kind of ship.

- I gotta ask one last question: What is the most difficult to act in a science fiction movie? "Science fiction films are very cerebral, are full of ideas, so finding the way to the emotional and keep alive your character in a world with rules and strange subjects is difficult."

I can only imagine Jake's mother's feelings seeing that (not saying what, due to spoilers).

Glad to see Jake and Duncan are having local fun!

Here's the chocolateria mentioned in the story.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. WOnderful pictures, BTW. Love the way Jake looks. Lots of smiling ones:)

OMG. Hard to imagine Jake's mother's reaction to the movie. There was some pretty dark, powerful stuff to process.

At one scene, my hand's at my throat, & with tears running down my face. Very real. My second viewing, I really appreciated Duncan's vision, and Jake's acting. Really amazing work that you can apppreciate on so many different levels.

Chocolateria. (sigh.)

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I love it that you appreciate the photo selection. I do try to pick the fun ones, and there were a lot from today.

I really appreciate your talking about the movie. I feel like I'm posting tidbits and not discussing. The first time I saw SC, I was surprised that I teared up. I expected not to the next time. But I've seen it ahem a few times now, and I've teared up each time.

Trying to do this unspoilery-ly: The first time is when Rutledge plays that radio interview for Colter; second time when someone thanks someone else for their service; thirdly at The Phonecall. And sometimes even at the freeze frame.

I seriously did not expect that to happen in this movie.

I've seen a few good discussions of the movie online, as well. When the promo dies down, I hope we can return to that.

UltraViolet said...

Very funny Spanish interview - wish we got to see more like this. Jake sounds like he might have a touch of cold.

There's a lot of chatter/silliness about Jake that I didn't understand for the first few minutes, then (as far as I can tell), the reporter asks Jake:

1. Who would he want for president, Obama, Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton.

2. She asks if he has any regrets about his SNL Dreamgirls performance. She wants to see it again, hee.

3. Asks about love stories v. time travel - love his answer.

Couldn't understand the last question. Maybe some of you Spanish speakers can decipher more for us. Very fun.

Very bad video of Jake and Duncan introducing the film in Madrid.

Also, someone needs to tell Jake how to pronounce "feral" if he's going to keep talking about the cats on the soundstage :)

T said...



Monica said...

He is handsome as ever, but a little tired.
Thanks for all information in these days. I'm back!

Thanks, T. He is much better in Rome! The film received applause!

Another thing is making me happy is to see that is happening several discussions about the movie on the net. Very good.
I saw a thread on Source Code in the Nolan Fans!

FL said...

There's more video here. And here's Jake at his hotel:

Oh those must be the new Sunglass Hut sunglasses from T3 at Heathrow. :-)

Shondra said...

Thud indeed, he is looking might fine there T! He looks hot in the pics from Spain too and what in the world is he doing in the first pic, LOL!!

I'm afraid my HS Spanish isn't going to help with that translation UV! Sounds like he and Duncan are really enjoying this junket.

I'm a bad Jake fan, I haven't had a chance to see it but my hubby and I plan on seeing it this weekend.

It's hard to stay away from the spoilerish stuff since it's pretty much out there but I'm still looking forward to seeing it.

mary said...

thanks for all pics from madrid and rome jake looks a little tired but i guess jet lag is catching up with him but with all the traveling/promotion stuff it can be very tiring still one more stop then hopefully jake can rest up but he looks gorgeous i guess michelle didnt do this leg of the promotion some of the pics from madrid are pretty funny one with his hand in his pocket he looks breary eyed like hes about ready to kell over and the first one you posted would like to know what he was doing:)

I havent had a chance to see SSC again going to my duaghters place this weekend and she went and saw it with her boyfriend last saturday im anxious to hear how she liked it

bobbyanna said...

Great, shondra! I hope everyone who can, will see it this weekend.

I have to see it again.:) I'm getting more out of it every time I see it. And UV,I just started with the tears sooner the second time:)

Wanted to mention Jeffery Wright's performance. He was spot on as one of those "Think tank" experts who live for government funding for their pet projects. Huge ego and so obsequious. What a manipulative bastard!

Vera was really, really good. She was so subtle and so effective. She and Jake established an amazing connection in their scenes.

monica seems like the Nolan fans really love SC! I'm so happy this movie is getting such raves for Duncan and Jake, and Jake's performance is, too. Well deserved.

Madrid, Rome Berlin, London. Exhausting. Hope they get to spend some R&R time in London.
Jake looks as handsome as ever, but tired. He has to be really happy about his reception. People get so excited to see him.

mary said...

i guess duncan is doing a G&A in london on friday dont know if jake will be there but i would assume he would be

mary said...

stephanie has pictures of jake duncan out shopping in rome up in the gallery

Anonymous said...

US WEEKLY has a story about Jake being a randy dandy in NYC before leaving for Europe. Go check it out.

Anonymous said...

I'd wanted to hit those reporters upside the head for making fun of Jake's last name as many times as they did.

I like the pics of Jake and Duncan.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope Jake and Duncan get to work together again soon, it's obvious that they like and respect each other and make a great team.

I love all the pics of them in Madrid and Rome and I'm glad that they made room for the UK, It would have been weird if they skipped that!

SC is the type of film hat needs to be seen more than once IMO.

There were some things I missed the first time around, and I "got" the ending more this time around.

Jake's range as an actor is on display here and he shines. The scene where the temp. drops in the pod and he is desperately tries to fix the heating system is nerve-wracking, Jake makes it seem so real. (I hope that wasn't too spoilerish!)

It's great that the film is generating so much chatter around the net, it's one of the best films of the year.

UltraViolet said...

That was a great scene, OONP. And not too spoilerish, I don't think.

I was disappointed because it seemed like Summit had stopped advertising. But I did see an ad on LEtterman last night.

Here's yet more affirmation of Jake's looks and charm, from a tweeter who happened by him in Madrid:

yessssss!such a nice guy!really handsome(even more than I thought).I was just passing by and couldn´t believe my eyes when saw him

UltraViolet said...

Jake's reps, in an attempt to further prove that they don't pay attention to the right things, have apparently denied the Jessica Lowndes rumor.

Pity, because she is pretty.

Shondra, you're off the hook! Someone on IMDb translated that video I posted last night, and it makes much more sense now! I'm really grateful to the poster. I enjoyed that interview so much.

As did the interviewer, seemingly, as well as Jake.

Running a little behind time today, but I will have a Rome post up soon.

Monica said...

Source Code cost 5 million? That's what I read in several Italian sites.

mary said...

SC cost 32 million to make i beleive monica

bobbyanna said...

I thought in the past Duncan said Moon cost $5M, and I recall Jake saying, I think it was Jake, or maybe Duncan, saying SC was around $30M.

OONP, the scene you describe was pretty powerful. A real "moment."
I just can't say enough about Jake's acting. It's early days I know, but I hope he gets recognized for what he delivered. Duncan, too.

If I recall correctly, The hotel in Rome where they are staying, is just steps away from the most famously expensive shopping street in Roma. The Via Condotti. I smiled when I saw the pics on IHJ of them coming out of the Borsalino store. Hats.

Chica said...

That was such a powerful scene Nancy and I should point out what an outstanding job Vera did. The way her scenes and Jake's were filmed, it's amazing they were some of the most powerful.

I laughed when I saw the Rome pics with the BG, I still remember him guarding the restrooms Friday at the Apple store!