Monday, November 22, 2010

Total Film Star

Thanks to GB poster Ginny, here are scans from this month's issue of Total Film. It's refreshing to read a story that isn't all about the naked.

Total thanks to Ginny for scanning and sending.

We finally get to see the interview that caused MTV's Josh Horowitz to tweet: "I don't know what's going on between Jake Gyllenhaal and me. It might be love. It might be hate. But it's definitely interesting."

Some more from E! and Ben Lyons. Jake's hair is the star this time around.

Reelz Channel at the premiere with Jake and Josh:

Local NY TV interview with Jake, Anne and Ed:

An interview for NYU:

Dan Rickmers Talks To Jake Gyllenhaal, Oliver Platt and Kate Jennings Grant from NYU Local on Vimeo.

A red carpet interview from the NY premiere, for a change. Jake makes a Viagra pun!

This interviewer did a longer piece for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. That article is more of the same stuff we've read. But in her conversation with Jake, we get some of the usual questions but also some new material:

Do you wanna give any other shoutouts to the cast?

Josh Gad [who plays Jamie's brother] is the engine in this film. Josh Gad will be and is becoming a force to be reckoned with. He brought all the humor and energy to the movie, and was a huge influence on me, and an inspiration in terms of comedy. He's a great actor. Working with Oliver Platt and Hank Azaria, they're comedic geniuses but also really great actors.

What was it like to work with real Parkinson's patients in the film?

That was a hard day. It was moving in so many ways, but also really funny. Two of the women who helped Anne were at the [LA premiere] the other night and they're wonderful women, so funny and lighthearted. And with the passing of Jill Clayburgh [who played my mother in the film], I was just thinking, some people live healthy long lives and don't really ever live. And some people's lives are shorter and they live it to the fullest extent possible, in sickness and in health. Those are the people I admire and would love to mimic my life after. You can be some slick ol' pharmaceutical salesman who's #2 in the country and financially stable and got it all together, or, you know, you can have love. Which would you pick?


bobbyanna said...

Yikes! Such riches! Loved the article. Thank you, UV, Ginny. The Ben Lyon's reel was fun, even if he is preoccupied with the sex.

"the most erotic kitchen scene since Fatal Attraction???"
I am SO THERE! :)

mary said...

me too bobbyanna now i really cant wait

UltraViolet said...

The Ben interview was fun.

I'm a little dubious about how that ABC guy's judgment on erotic, but I still can't wait, lol.

Another couple of videos up - a very funny one from MTV, where Jake is merciless to the interviewer. And one from NYU students. They hated the movie but seemed to like Jake.

Anonymous said...

Haven't had time to look too closely, so this may be mentioned, but USA Today..22nd..has a nice little article too.

get real said...

Thanks for the article...can't wait to read it all.

And glad you got the NYC channel 7 video, UV! I taped the show this morning. I usually like Sandy K's reviews and it did seem that he liked LAOD but his focus on the sex was annoying.

Still have to watch the other videos. Am at work and can't turn on the sound.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, got mixed up there. It's the Total Film writer who compares it to Fatal Attraction. The ABC guy did call it the sexiest movie in ages, though, I think!

I liked the part of the article where Jake is talking about friending TF on Facebook. I wonder if he's taken the plunge or is jut playing.

The Nailed section was depressing. Jake sounds pissed off about it. I hope that it sees the light of day some day.

Thanks, anon, I posted the USA Today link at the end of the last post. There is a new clip there, though, if people want to check it out.

They called that a review, get real, but it was a weird blend of interview, gossip and commentary. But at least he liked it!

Chica said...

Jake does sound pissed about Nailed and I don't blame him one bit. That is a great interview and yes it was refreshing not to hear the usual there is a lot of nudity in this film, well no shit?

The Fatal Attraction kitchen scene comparison has me more anxious than ever to see this!

I usually watch CBS for my local news so I'm not familiar with this interviewer, but I enjoyed watching the clip.

I'll have to watch the Lyons, NYU and MTV videos whrn I get home, I better finish up my work!

JF said...

The Ben Lyons interview was great.
I enjoy reading and watching all their interviews. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute Jake going to Letterman:

Monica said...

UV, for me, Ryan is living his moment. I do not know what will happen to him tomorrow, because actors live their ups and downs, but for now his future films are much more interesting.

I just do not want to see Jake working on movies that we know will be bad.

I know that box office is important, but more importantly for me is to see him acting in good films and giving great performances.

It is sad what is happening with Nailed. This movie looks so promising, but I hope to see Jake working on more projects like this, even if they have difficulties to open in theaters.

Shondra said...

Same here Monica, the last movie rumor NYE sounds cringe-worthy.

He is a good actor and has had some intersting roles so far in his career including LAOD and the upcoming SC.

It's a crime what has happened to Nailed, he sounds really disappointed in the Total film interview about it. I hope that there is a way that it can get to the big screen.

I liked the Total film interview, thanks so the scan Ginny!

That has to be the first time I wasn't annoyed with Ben Lyon interviewing Jake or anyone else for that matter, it's a miracle!

suvee said...

The Total Film article was such a nice change of pace from most of the L&OD coverage. Thanks to Ginny (and UV) for the scans!

I'm not optimistic that Nailed will ever see the light of day. :(

Extra said...

Those clips were fun to watch, I love the MYV interview!

Thanks for the scan Ginny, it's one of the better Jake interviews during this junket.

I can't believe that that Nailed is still stuck in limbo. I remember my excitement when I first read the script:(

Extra said...

I don't think this interview has been posted here, from the Huffington Post:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Extra. I just added that link to the post, with an excerpt from the article. I'm so greedy - I wish everyone would do these extras. We get a lot of repetition, yes, but also some gems.

I also added a new video interview at the bottom.

Reelz Channel is interviewing Jake tomorrow and looking for questions.

Tweety said...

I appreciate all the interviews and videos posted, it's been a whirlwind and GB has been great in keeping up with all the LAOD news, thanks!

Love the Total film interview, Im bummed about Nailed roo.

I saw this on twitter, FOX59 is the affiliate in IN, I also saw that he would be appearing on a local TV station in L.A. Fox said that it was supposed to be live via sattelite and I'm wondering if the L.A. thing is the same. If so I would assume that would be canceled too? The Reelz channel thing sounds like it's seperate.

He is scheduled to appear on This Morning tomorrow in NY, I wonder if that is taped or live?

I hope he's Ok, probably just tired from all the promotion:

FOX59: RT @NikkiStroud: JAKE GYLLENHAL was SUPPOSED to be on the show this morning (via satellite) but he complained about being SICK and CANCELLED
6 minutes ago

mary said...

the early show interviews are usually done live but i guess they can do a pretaped interview but i would think it wold be live hope jake feels better soon i guess we have to see if he still appears tomorrow on the show i wonder if anne will be with him they been doing the talk shows together

mary said...

oh i wonder if jake got his flu shot its flu season:)

Monica said...

I hope he's ok.

I read some reviews on laod and unfortunately, the consensus is that the film does not find a balance between comedy and drama, but the good thing is that whenever I see praise for the performance of Anne and Jake.

OT: I saw yesterday The Kids Are All Wright, and for me it was a great pleasure to watch a beautiful movie, great direction and great performances, including the cast of young actors.

Bening has a sublime performance in the film, especially in the dinner scene where she shows many emotions in just minutes. She is perfect in what I believe be the best performance of her career.

Monica said...

I forgot ...
Thanks for the scans, Ginny.

UltraViolet said...

I thought Bening was very good in TKAA, too. I didn't really like Julianne Moore's acting. But I enjoyed the movie.

It's a shame the reviews for L&OD are so poor. I figured they'd be mixed but not as bad as they've been so far.

I reposted the last video and article excerpt in a new post. We got some new videos and I didn't want to keep loading this post.

Thanks again to Ginny for these TF scans.

Hopefully Jake is just a little under the weather. I saw he cancelled on that Good Day L.A. show, as well.

New post.