Monday, November 29, 2010

Love Hangover

Update: Variety has a series for awards season, with actors discussing other actors. Gwyneth Paltrow (unfortunately) was chosen for Jake as Jamie Reidy in Love & Other Drugs:

"This might be my favorite of his performances. It's the first time his edginess, insouciance and sense of humor all come through, as well as all of Jake's warmth. He's very appealing. He's naked all the time, too, which is another upside.

In the very beginning of the film, you see him in his womanizing phase. He works in an electronics shop and is this natural-born salesman. He's really kind of cheeky, flirty, naughty and kind of base. It's fun to watch him, because he's being very boyish. Then he makes this big evolution and his character finds a lot of depth. But he doesn't lose that sense of humor. He stays fresh and funny.

It's great to see both Jake and Anne Hathaway going for it and being gutsy and very open. She plays a woman with early-onset Parkinson's, and that pulls him out of his shallowness and immaturity. It's a sweet story, and they play it with a lot rawness and vulnerability."

Nice to see Jake included in this feature.

Love & Other Drugs made its American debut before the long holiday weekend. But like magic, we still have some Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway interviews, movie stills and photos to digest.

This might be an old interview, but I don't remember seeing the part about Marlon Brando before. Love Jake's reaction there :)

There is a new video of Jake and Anne talking to the Today Show, Australia. I can't get it to embed, but the link is here.

Anne talks to Australian radio about the nudity. Something different! And she has an extended interview with Terry Gross on NPR. I wish Jake had gotten that one.

A few stills form L&OD. Click for the bigger big picture.


FL said...

Mmm Jake feet! Feet of Jake!!!

Sheba baby said...

Ha, ha! I have a Jake foot and hand fetish too :)

What a great post, sort of like yummy Thanksgiving leftovers!

It's a shame that LAOD didn't do better over the weekend. Too much competetion, they should have chosen a different weekend to open.

I saw it over the weekend and I loved it. Jake was fantastic and there were no complaints about him being naked through most of the film! He and Anne worked well together and had a nice chemistry.

I did have some problems with the pacing and the movie was scattered, trying to do too much but overall an enjoyable film.

Congrats to Anne and James for getting the Oscar gig, what a surprise!

Cathy E said...

Grrr . . . I think this is the sexiest interview yet. I love when he says to Anne "God, I love you." :) LaOD was very enjoyable, I loved it.

bobbyanna said...

Dang, UV!!! "Love Hangover" is a good way to describe this post! :) It makes me want to go out and see the movie again.;)

I also have to confess to loving those bare feet...and yes, sheba, he does have amazing hands.

Don't know how I feel about Anne and James. I'm a Franco fan, even tho he can be very annoying in interviews. And odd. I love that his reference points are literary and he was an English major first.

I saw him as James Dean.loved him in City By the Sea. He's an incredible actor. Then he was unemployed for a while, then he made some awful movies.

Finally,he did "Milk." Brilliant. I read that he didn't want the supporting actor nom, because he felt it was Heath's time.

You can tell this is his "time." I don't begrudge him, but I think Jake would have been a much better,outstanding choice. Jake's articulate, and his stage experience, and his quick thinking, and wit, would make him an excellent host.

But OTOH,I'm glad he isn't doing it. I just wanted him to have the option. :) Access H'wood wrapped their show tonight with a big promo for Source Code.

Get Real said...

Beautiful pics...sigh, Jake is dreamy. :)

OMG, UV you watch GH too?!?!? I was a fan way back in the day in the '90's in college. Huge Sonny and Brenda fan, loved Robin and Stone, watched with all my college friends. I stopped watching for a few years, don't like the head writer Bob Guza. But I came back when Vanessa Marcil came back this August. Imo they botched her return but I ;ove seeing Brenda and Sonny finally having scenes together!!

I have to say that I agree that it is sad that Jake wasn't asked. I do think James Franco is a great actor, but so is Jake!

Btw, Extra just showed the Source Code trailer!

Get Real said...

Sorry as Bobbyanna said it was Access Hollywood that had the Source Code trailer.

Monica said...

This laod images are great. Thank you!

Finally,he did "Milk." Brilliant. I read that he didn't want the supporting actor nom, because he felt it was Heath's time.

Really? I want to marry him!

He was wonderful in Milk ... and hot too.

Chica said...

The stills are gorgeous, it makes me want to se LAOD again!

I watched GH years ago, stopped when it became the Sonny show. Franco's appearence on GH popped on youtube. I had no idea what was going on plot-wise since I haven't watched it in years but he looked like he was having fun.

I like him as an actor but I was surprised that he was chosen to host with Anne. How weird will it be if he is nominated for 127 hours! I rhink the chatter about Anne being nominated has died down.

Get Real said...

Chica, I understand your feelings about GH. I love Sonny but agree that the writing has been focused too much on him, Jason and now Dante, Sonny's son. I used to love the Quartermaine's, Robin, Alexis, Cassadines's, Luke and Laura et al. I stopped watching when I felt they weren't getting enough storyline balance.

I only came back because I love Brenda and Sonny. I did watch the James Franco scenes on YouTube and saw that they used "Mad World." I do like him a lot but I get UV's frustration.

JF said...

Finally,he did "Milk." Brilliant. I read that he didn't want the supporting actor nom, because he felt it was Heath's time.

Josh Brolin was nominated instead, he played another supporting role in Milk. Regardless, Heath would have won no matter who his fellow nominees were. He was by far the best in his category in that year.

I rhink the chatter about Anne being nominated has died down.

If the reviews for the movie were better, she would be in.

Love all the new LAOD images.

Congratulations to Anne and James Franco for being chosen to host the Oscars.

Viv said...

Wow!! Anne and Franco will host Oscar!! They may be the most charming hosts in Oscar history :D
Maybe we will see another musical show.Fantastic!!

But I also like Tina Fey and Steve carrell combination.They are so natual to make fun of people :D
God...I miss Billy Crystal old days(he is the best host in Oscar history and he is little Jake's daddy :D)

mary said...

i dont know if jake would do the hosting duties if asked doesnt seem like something he would do.

yea UV we are in love hangover but in a good way thanks for every thing:)

Anonymous said...

Jake, with his humor and quick mind, would do a great job as a host. In fact i had been thinking about him doing that but maybe later on in his career.
There was something a while back where he introduced something - can't rem. - but the person talking about it thought he did a wonderful job.

UltraViolet said...

Cathy, good to see you. And ITA. I loved that growl.

Get real, mostly I DVR GH and then fast forward through it. I'm not a Sonny fan. Much prefer Jax:). I was excited for VM to return but I agree: Thry totally botched it. All that boring time in Italy where she didn't talk to any real GHers.

I stopped watching for a while during all the fake Luckys. I was thrilled when The One True Lucky came back but they haven't really used him too well. At least he gets to yell at Jason sometimes. Though I like Jason.

We could do a whole separate post on this :)

Apologies to those who haven't seen L&OD, but have we talked about those beautiful polaroids of Jake/Jamie? You know they must have taken hundreds. I hoe they include some of those pics in the DVD. And more of that black and white footage, where Jake looks amazing.

Updated the post with a blurb from Variety.

UltraViolet said...

We have a few feet fans here, I see!

Jake and Taylor dined at a place called CityHouse in Nashville, according to someone on FB. No other sightings of them there yet.

Cathy E said...

Hi UV! Good to see you and everyone here too!

The more I think about it, the more I realize how good L&OD really is. It's not perfect, but very few films are. But there are some really wonderful moments, and some really subtle acting by Jake that you don't even realize until you've had a chance to think about it for awhile, like the family dinner scene. The black and white videos they shot of each other (not the sex tape!) are quite revealing of their personalities, and very beautiful. There's wonderful beauty in this film. I don't even remember much of the nakedness because it all seemed so natural. I was so surprised after a lot of the reviews I read, and to think I might not have seen this film. There are a lot of good reviews out there, too.

Shondra said...

Another feet fan here!

After reading the mixed reviews for LAOD, I didn't know what to expect. For all the talk of nudity in the film I didn't think that there was more nudity than other films that I have seen.

The nudity and sex were necessary, but it wasn't exploitive ar all. Jake and Anne have incredible chemistry .Their story was beautiful and sad.

I think Jaime is one of his best roles and he can say so much with just his eyes, they are so expressive. Anne did a wonderful job portraying Maggie.

Stellar supporting cast and soundtrack. I have some quibbles about the direction and the ending didn't quite ring true for me but overall I really liked this film.

I think the critics have been a bit too harsh. At least they gave glowing reviews to Jake and Anne.

And speaking of Anne, congratulations to her for getting the Oscar gig with Franco!

Interesting choices and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed that Jake wasn't chosen. I think that he would be great as a co-host!

Good luck to them.

Gwyneth summed up Jake as Jamie very well in that Variety blurb. Thanks for posting it UV along with the videos and lovely LAOD stills.

I see that Jake is still Nashville, I hope he is having fun!

Ah, General Hospital. I was a total Guiding Light fan, never got into GH!

bobbyanna said...

Bless Gwyneth's heart. (!)

I read the Julia Roberts gush about Natalie Portman, too. If Gwyneth is 'low key,' Julia really gets effusive!

I'm glad Jake got a mention,too. Really glad. I'd love to see him get recognition. His performances are too often overlooked. He was flawless in this one.

After watching the Australian interview, I couldn't help but wonder what changes were made, specifically, to the script and storyline. I don't recall this coming up in any other interviews.

Guess Jake will be heading out to Australia, soon, for the
December 6th premiere. After that Anne goes to the Nobel Prize concert event to host and perform, I think.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I think they have talked a lot about Anne's character not being as well rounded when they first sent her the script. They had to promise her the character would be more developed before she'd agree tot he movie.

Gwyneth's piece on Jake is pretty generic. Anyone could have written it. Julia's article on Natalie was over the top, though. Not sure which one I dislike more. I wish they'd gotten someone other than Gwyneth to talk about Jake.

Someone else on FB saw J/T at dinner last night. No details. But this did crack me up:

the pair showed up at my work yesterday..all of the women in the bakery were out of commission for a few hours, myself included... what can i say, im a sucker for some eyebrows..

I think we discussed this in comments at one point. Annie Proulx did a Q&A recently and allegedly replied "He's a sweet boy" when asked about Jake's performance in BBM. After gushing about Heath, as she always does. According to someone on DC: "Quite honestly, as I was there -- this is only a paraphrase. She didn't say "Jake is a sweet boy" in this dismissive way. She said she had corresponded with him as well."

That made me feel a little better about AP.

FL said...

That made me feel a little better about AP.

I still think she's suffering from dementia.

I don't mind Gwyneth, I really don't. But god bless it's not often you see the word "insouciance" come up when describing a friend's performance in a film.

bobbyanna said...

"I think they have talked a lot about Anne's character not being as well rounded when they first sent her the script. They had to promise her the character would be more developed before she'd agree tot he movie"

Yeah, UV, they did. It's just that I felt like this interview implied more than developing her character. Talked more about the shift in perspective.

Gwyneth would not've been my first choice.:) Maybe Dustin Hoffman, or Susan Sarandon. Both Oscar winners who worked with Jake.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, FL. Gwyneth likes to sound smart. And British. She usually comes off as neither (to me).

Yes, Bobbyanna, they did get into that a bit more, I guess. I wonder sometimes about how things are exaggerated. Like the CBS interview where Jake talked about begging Zwick for the role when every other interview made it seem as if Zwick wrote it with him in mind. And then Jake became like a producer, almost, trying to get Anne on board.

In other news: It's coffee time again:

josh just got back from frothy, "how was it?" i asked, "fine" he said, "taylor swift and jake gyllenhaal smiled at me."

Frothy = Frothy Monkey, a coffee shop in Nashville that Jake and Taylor have been to before.

Finally, I listened to this podcast yesterday. It's a discussion of L&OD from three film bloggers. One loved it, one didn't and one was in the middle. Some of it is pretty interesting. But fair warning: at the end, the woman (who didn't like the movie) trots out the familiar meme of "Poor Jake - he's always overshadowed by his co-stars." I'm so tired of that, and as I might have mentioned before, I just don't buy it.

The two guys don't really say of they agree - but they funnily assure us that they have no sympathy for Jake and his "poor" life.

So i didn't agree with much of what was said but it was interesting to hear a whole discussion of the movie.

Spoilers, obviously.

Also, the beginning has a very crude Kevin Smith thing. It's pointless and stupid.

UltraViolet said...

The more I think about it, the more I realize how good L&OD really is. It's not perfect, but very few films are.

I agree, Cathy. There were a lot of beautifully staged scenes and moments, and it's a shame critics couldn't see past their own rigid "It has to be a comedy/it has to be a drama!" concepts.

Shondra, I missed your post somehow. I watched GL a bit over the years. It's so sad to me that all these soaps are gone. Glad you liked L&OD, too.

Extra said...

More LAOD stuff, I can't get enough of it. Thanks so much UV!

Goopey is annoying, but I do like what she said about Jake''s performance.

I think Anne was talking about making the character of Maggie part bigger before she agreed to come on.

I think the original script was more about the pharma industry and the love story was just a backdrop. So Zwick and Co had to expand the character of Maggie.

I watched General Hospital back in the Luke and Laura days. When they left, I only watched it occasionally.

Remember when Laura "disappeared" and the fake Laura turned up played by Janine Turner and Demi Moore played her sister Jackie??

Monica said...

Regardless, Heath would have won no matter who his fellow nominees were. He was by far the best in his category in that year.

Yes, but it was a nice gesture by James Franco.
I remembered that it was he who spoke about the performance of Heath Ledger to Variety.

It was a surprise to see Gwyneth talking about Jake Gyllenhaal. I like her but would love to see someone else talking about him.
Does Jake will talk about the performance of any actor or actress?

Yesterday, at the Gotham Awards, Anne H. thanked James Schamus for having placed her in Brokeback Mountain.

Thanks for this information on AP, UV.

Uv, while some hate Jake in laod, others hate Anne in laod:

Monica said...

OT: Michelle Williams was nominated for Spirit Awards, Ryan was snubbed.

Anonymous said...

Monica, it’s not true that James Franco didn’t want the supporting actor nomination. He competed with Heath for Critics Choice awards. James Franco wasn’t nominated for an Oscar because Josh Brolin was better and had more buzz.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Taylor at the Frothy Monkey in Nashville this morning:

Anonymous said...

Jake gave an award to Gwyneth not too long ago and she gets to do this. Don't see anything wrong with it because apparently they are friends. They like each other and speak highly of each other.
I don't think he would like someone who was a phoney because he isn't one.

Anonymous said...

As we know..the movie Reese was filming last year is coming out in 2-3 weeks.
See where she is on the cover of one of the mags. and she is talking about wanting to have more kids, etc.
Interesting too that Jake is in Nashville. This time last year he Wasn't and that was the end.
The CNN entertainment show was talking about "new couples" and both of the people talking about them said - Good for Jake and Taylor. They think they deserve to have time with someone new.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I find it really creepy and invasion of privacy when people take pics of two stars trying to be normal and sell it to trash sites TMZ. JMO

UltraViolet said...

There's nothing wrong, per se, about Gwyneth and Jake doing these things. I'm just don't buy the friendship. And I'm not much of a GP fan these days. Plus, I thought her blurb on Jake was boring.

Hey Monica - there have been several reviewers who preferred Jake to Anne or didn't like her or didn't like either of them. But the notion that Anne "steals the show" is out there among quite a few and it bugs me. But such is the life of a Jake fan. Some people can't see his talent :)

UltraViolet said...

Hi KC. There's a lot of negativity about Jake and Taylor but some places are positive. It's a nice change :)

I don't know what to think about the fan pics. It's no worse than a pap pic to me, if it's like the TMZ photo. It's not a private, intimate moment. But there is something unsettling about it, I guess.

Office of Nancy Pelsosi said...

The pic is stalkerish and I do feel bad that they are now being stalked because the media is hot to get a pic of them together. Nashville has celebs but most people leave them alone. I assume that people that work at these places are taking the pics.

Paltrow's comments about Jake's performance in LAOD are bland but it is nice that he was included in the Variety article.

I loved both Jake's and Anne's performances, they were the glue that held the film together for me.

Love the stills posted!

It is a love hangover, they make an incredible onscreen couple.

Congrats to Michelle for her ISA nomination, i'm shocked that Ryan was snubbed:(

Anonymous said...

Anne's story is the "more dramatic" one thus the attention. But have never thought the majority of people don't see his talent. The Industry knows what a good actor he is. And so do people who have seen him on screen.

If the thought is that Jake and Gwyneth are putting up some fake friendship front then i don't think that would reflect well on Jake. When people who know Jake say he is "the real deal" as a person then why would he "lie" about a friendship.

Have always thought Gwyneth always had the same type of quality as her Mother Blyth Danner and that i know of people seem to think she's o.k.

suvee said...

Gwyneth's piece on Jake is pretty generic. Anyone could have written it.

ITA, UV. It wasn't particularly inspired, insightful, or even affectionate. I don't get a good friend vibe from them either.... never have. But what do I know? :)

But I'm thrilled that Jake was included in Variety's awards coverage.

Sag actor said...

I was hoping that LOAD would make the top 5 but it came in 6.

Tough competition, maybe it will get a bounce this weekend, I don't think any major films are coming out.

I'm surprised at the Ryan snub too.

Monica said...

Thanks, anon 12:57.

It was a surprise to see Ryan snubbed. But I'm very happy for Michelle.
It would be nice to see Jake talking to Variety about her work in Blue Valentine.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake is back in LA. A FB sighting of him at LAX last night plus a tweet of him at the airport earlier. And a tweeter mentioned yesterday that she would be seeing Jake today, talking abbot L&OD. So I guess there is still some stateside promotion. I wish they'd squeeze him onto Ellen before he goes to Sydney!

Monica said...

Perhaps a Q & A!

Anonymous said...

Unless this is photoshopped, US has the "exclusive" on Jake and Taylor:

Monica said...

I think I'll vomit!

UltraViolet said...

That's pretty harsh, Monica. It's been clear they are in a relationship so I'm not sure why anyone is surprised at this point.

FL said...

Aww I thought he had retired that PoP knit cap. I do wish he had pushed it back from his eyes a little though.

Monica said...

UV, I expected it would happen, but I felt an unpleasant sensation on seeing this cover. Simple.

UltraViolet said...

I understand people aren't thrilled. But that reaction was a little dramatic, no?

New post.