Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Papers

Jake Gyllenhaal talks to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about his favorite local spots, the pharmaceutical business, Jamie Reidy, Jill Clayburgh, performance anxiety, privacy and that now famous tattoo.

As Anne Hathaway tells Jake Gyllenhaal in "Love & Other Drugs" after he rebounds from a thrashing with an invite for coffee: "Oh, you're good." And he is.

When the actor gets on the phone from New York at nearly 6 p.m. on a recent Saturday he reveals, "I just want you to know you're the last interview of the day. We saved the best for last."

If he's exhausted from answering the same half-dozen questions on a loop for the past eight hours, he doesn't betray it. Besides, who else would inquire about the ink?

Asked about the fake Steelers tattoo he unveiled on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in December, he says, "You know my devotion then. You know my deep devotion to Pittsburgh."

As for that team logo on his lower back, he playfully asks, "What do you mean? That's a real tattoo," but of course it will be covered up in any future movies. And then he lets the cheeky ruse drop and volunteers, "I really legitimately had a wonderful time when I was in Pittsburgh."

Pressed about some favorite haunts, he says, "Oh, gosh. Let's see, I went to so many places. I like to eat. I ate my way around. I ate everywhere. I wish I could remember the names of everything."

Without any prompting, he recalls, "I loved Dish -- the restaurant Dish. I did love the pancakes at Pamela's, I'd have to say, which is probably the go-to. 21st Street Coffee. There was a Greek place that was right where I lived [in Squirrel Hill], I don't remember the name."

Mr. Gyllenhaal, who shot the Ed Zwick film from mid-September to late November 2009, says, "I was surprised at how much I loved all the food and actually how much I loved Pittsburgh. ... I loved the change of seasons there, and I loved the people there and I had a great time. I would love to make another movie in Pittsburgh."

When it's suggested that 99 percent of the population can run out for coffee or stop for gas without checking in the mirror, he says, "So can I. It just depends on what you believe. If you want everybody to see you looking a certain way, then if that makes your life happy, then that's great. That would make me miserable. If you're aware of it all the time, I think you're not living.

"People are going to make mistakes, they're going to have amazing times, hard times, just like everybody, and people might document that and say whatever they're going to say, but ultimately it's just life. You can take a picture of it or not, but you gotta live it."

It's a nice long interview - check it out. And yes, the irony of a purloined Pamela's photo and the privacy discussion is duly noted.

The New York Daily News also managed to garner some new information - like one of Jake's favorite NY cookies (Nussbaum & Wu) and the reason behind his birthday plans:

Jake turns 30 on Dec. 19, a milestone he's keen to honor. "I was talking to my sister the other day about being 30 and celebrating the life you've had up to this point," he says. "I feel there's a massive sort of sea change coming in myself and I'm psyched."

To commemorate the date, he's taking the family on a trip to the Arctic Circle to scuba-dive with walruses. "The only reason I'm doing it is I wanted to do something that absolutely terrified me — killer whales and walruses and freezing cold water? That seems absolutely terrifying."

Love is lovelier the second time around:

“No question about it, the sex this time was much better,” said Anne Hathaway, laughing. “Even if it was faux sex!”

That line also brought a big chuckle from her “Love & Other Drugs” co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, sitting next to her in a suite at the historic Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

Hathaway was responding to a question asking her to compare this second pairing with Gyllenhaal, given he had played her husband — a closeted gay man — in their first film together, “Brokeback Mountain.”

“This whole project had a very different feel to it,” Gyllenhaal said. “Obviously, we were proud to have been part of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ but this was a completely different filmmaking journey for Anne and me.”

While Hathaway was happy to be part of a film that included a number of serious, dramatic scenes, “I did love how this movie lets people see just how hilarious Jake can be.

“You really need to make more comedies,” Hathaway said.

“It was fun,” he admitted, laughing about the film’s opening scene where he’s working as a fast-talking salesman in an electronics store, clearly using his sexuality and flirting skills to seduce female customers into buying whatever he’s selling.

“I love that scene,” said Hathaway. “If I ever met a real salesman who was as good as Jake was in that scene — no question about it, I’d buy everything in the store!”

Who wouldn't?!

The Boston Globe talks to Ed and Anne:

With Gyllenhaal eager to flex his leading man muscles in a demanding role, it was easy to woo his “Brokeback Mountain’’ costar, and Zwick says all three of them “worked for a quarter of our fees.’’ But that still didn’t mean sparks would fly once the cameras rolled on the film’s R-rated love scenes. “It’s a $30 million fix-up. You’re setting two people up on a blind date that’s going to last 50 days and be eternalized on film. You have to be intuitive; you have to be attracted to both of them in ways that are intense and passionate and curious. I have to be very interested in their inner lives.

“I’d been watching Annie’s work for a number of years now and she’s made brave choices: ‘Rachel Getting Married’ and Shakespeare in the Park. It’s very brave for a Hollywood actress to do that. But she’s not a Hollywood actress; she’s a trained New York stage actress, a brilliant girl. Jake I got to know, and I felt when given the right material, there’s nobody better. Some of his choices might not have been as good as others, but I saw in him things that others had not been able yet to put onscreen. He’s enormously charming and witty and funny, very attractive and male. Why haven’t we seen that?’’ says Zwick, happily fielding press questions recently at a hotel in Harvard Square.

Hathaway likened teaming again with Gyllenhaal, whom she describes as a “charisma bomb,’’ to a “high school reunion where you meet someone you knew a long time ago and it’s a different person but there’s a wonderful bond.’’

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald focuses on Anne. Don't forget the USA Weekend stories and the LA Times article. Lots of reading for Sunday brunch. One more, from USA Today:

Hathaway says that Gyllenhaal went out of his way to make sure she always felt comfortable on the set. "He's a very strong person, so he likes to give a lot to people, and sometimes I do worry about him giving too much.

"I want to say, 'I'm good, dude. Take care of yourself. Don't worry about it.' That protective instinct is really, really strong within him."

Zwick sees a competitive streak between them, but in the very best way. "They're both determined to bring their best game to every scene and every moment. They push each other to do the same," he says.

Gyllenhaal, however, finds the secret of their chemistry in the sense of shared rhythm between himself and Hathaway. "We're both incredibly musical, so all the rhythms in the movie — be they comedic, dramatic, sexual, whatever — we really feed off of each other really well," he says.

"I don't think another two people could have had the same thing, or me with someone else or her with someone else. We have something very special, I think, and I cherish that."


mary said...

jakes going to be on the early show wednesday wondering if he would do any talk shows this week
per stephanie at ihj

Chica said...

So he really is going to spend his birthday in the artic , I thought he was joking!

Watched SNL, no Jake surprise of course. Some of the skits were funny, Anne did a spot on impression of Katie Holmes but the rest was just blah.

Thanks for the heads up mary, looks like Jake will be doing promo for LAOD up to the end!

suvee said...

Great post UV! Nothing better than leisurely reading the Sunday morning news with my coffee.

"Charisma bomb" :) I love Anne!

Back to the discussion from the previous post, I also am sick of comparisons to Ryan Gosling. And you are so right about how upset certain fans would be if Jake were to do something like The Notebook now.

My wish is for Jake to have a career like Jeff Bridges, or Meryl Streep..... dramas, comedies, small prestige movies, mainstream crowd pleasers, hits and, yes, misses. Was Mamma Mia the greatest movie ever made? Hardly. Is Meryl any less talented or respected because she made it? Doubt it.

I have no problem with Jake trying out a mainstream ensemble movie (romcom or action). I would be bored to death if he only made Serious Important Films.

Just my humble opinion. :)

Get Real said...

Great Sunday reading. :)

Anne was cute on SNL but I hoped Jake was going to show up.

Watched that behind the scnes Jimmy Fallon clip and that was really great and funny.

So Jake wants to be in the arctic on his birthday?!?!? Um okay, lol. ;p

Thanks for the heads up on the Early Show, Mary!

Actually Jake and Anne will be on the local NYC ABC early news show before GMA on Monday. I will dvr it but I don't know how to upload that to YouTube?

bobbyanna said...

Great breakfast reading, UV!
Taking his family to the Arctic Circle to swim with walruses??? I thought he was joking, too! OY!

"...I would be bored to death if he only made Serious Important Films." Me, too suvee!

I just wish he'd work more...which sounds crazy when you think of this past year or so.:) But I've been thoroughly spoiled with all the interviews, magazine covers, etc. I'm eager to know what's next!

When I think of Jake's career trajectory, I sometimes think of Leo, or Clooney, too, who's really had hits and misses, but, unlike Jake, GC had the advantage of a hugely successful TV series to shore him up.

Jeff Bridges's career is a great model! I've been watching some older movies of his recently.His filmography's amazing. He was a hottie, too. I've seen so many of his movies, and just loved them!

I'd like a bit of Cary Grant's and Al Pacino's careers hiding in there too.:) Jake's created iconic characters in at least two movies in his young career. That's pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking - wonder what Ang Lee thinks about the Jake and Annie paring again. Bet he loves it.
There was a movie on tv a while back with Jeff Bridges and it was not an older movie where he was the gymnastics coach to girls going to the Olympics (I think). It was a very undemanding role and in a movie that I don't think did much business. When i was watching it I thought - here's the great Jeff Bridges in this and I don't think Jake would be interested in something like this.
Rem. Jake mentioning in his Indie days he had made a number of movies right after the other and it really was too much for him.
He will pick movies that have a script that moves him and of course a director he would like to work with. I think his heart will always be in the right place for what he does pick.

FL said...

suvee said...I have no problem with Jake trying out a mainstream ensemble movie (romcom or action). I would be bored to death if he only made Serious Important Films.

So so SO agree. But then my taste in films veers away from drama and "Serious Important Films" anyway. Give me a good romcom, comedy, musical, I'm happy. :-)

Lots of great reading this morning. Thank you, UV, for compiling all those great articles. Loved his interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Sounds like Jake has thought through this Arctic Circle dive thing. But I wonder if he's done all the prep work first...

From a site I just found: In order to dive the Arctic, you need to be an experienced diver (Open Water Advanced) and must be familiar with cold water diving and dry suit diving (at least 20 dives). When has he had the time to do at least 20 cold water dives?

Monica said...

The Notebook is a good movie. Of course Ryan made some silly movies, but since Half Nelson, he has grow as an actor. Always giving great performances in good movies.

And that was what I expected to see happen with Jake after Zodiac and Brokeback.
It's uncomfortable to see that that is not happening with him. And even more annoying is to see my idol walking to a movie that is already known to be a waste. Like, a tragedy in advance.
I want to see him grow in his career and not turn back.

Actors like Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, are at a career point where they can do whatever they want. They can accept only make movies for money, sometimes as does Michael Caine. They can make mistakes, because they know that anytime someone will call them for a big role. Always has great roles for them in great films with great directors.

But Jake is not in that position. He still has a lot to show.

I just want him to do good films.
I am very happy with Love And Other Drugs and Source Code. So nice to read the compliments he has received from LAOD, and expectations of people with Sc. This is a wonderful feeling.

JF said...

Thanks for posting all the great interviews. :)

It's only a few days left until the premiere. So far the reviews have been mixed. I do hope for good box office results though.

Not a fan of the NYE movie. I hope it's just a false rumor.

suvee said...

Hi Monica!

I guess I see Jeff Bridges' career a little differently than you. When I look at his resume, I see a huge range in genres and roles pretty much from the beginning of his career. His movie choices have been all over the map, long before he was an established "star". I don't think his risk taking in roles or projects is a recent development.

Annie, I know the movie you are referring to. I was surprised too that Jeff was in it..... until I remembered he is the father of 3 daughters. I imagine that might have been a factor.

Sorry for the OT! I'm done now. :)

bobbyanna said...

FL, he'll probably go with a group of really experienced divers, right??? Maybe he was doing some scuba diving and swimming stuff on MV? Maybe he'll just be in a diving cage? Like Richard Dreyfus?

FL said...

he'll probably go with a group of really experienced divers, right???

In order to dive in the Arctic you have to be part of a diving group; you can't do it on your own; these places aren't easy to reach.

Maybe he was doing some scuba diving and swimming stuff on MV?

LOL, somehow I don't think the waters off MV are considered "cold water diving".

All the information I've read so far says Arctic diving expeditions only happen February to April. So who knows.

Sheba baby said...

I enjoyed reading through the Sunday Morning papers UV, thanks! I loved the Pittsburgh Gazette interview.

I hope Jake has practiced diving because that takes skill and practice, I went on a cruise on my 30th birthday!

I missed Anne on SNL, i'm sure I will catch parts of it on youtube.

Sounds like Jake and Anne will be on GMA tomorrow and on This Morning on Wednesday, thanks for the heads up Mary and Get Real, I have been enjoying their watching them promoting this film together, we are really being spoiled this time around.

I hope the NYE rumors are just that a rumor. I have no problem with Jake doing light, non serious films but Valentine's day was horrid and I can't believe they are doing a sequel.

Anonymous said...

I love Jeff Bridges - have liked him from "early times". Always thought he was a great actor. Just commenting that if Jake is suppose to do movies constantly - then he'd be about the only one. It might seem like some are working a lot but some of it is depending on release dates. Can be not working for months and then suddenly have two movies out at the same time (which kinda happened to Jake with BBM & Jarhead).
Ryan G. is still mainly known from "The Notebook" tho he has done good work in other things (and upcoming movies that are getting attention) and his career is not better than Jake's.
The USA Today mag. article does mention him doing he has never done comedy before and also he and Reese were together for 3 years..not one.

Get Real said...

Sheba, I don't know if they will be on GMA. The local anchors did a promo that they will be on the very early morning show in the NYC area, Eyewitness News. That show goes from 4am to 7am. I don't know if they will be live or taped. My bet is taped because 4am to 7am is very early, lol.

Anonymous said...

Is the Joe Namath movie mentioned at all? I didn't see it.

IMDB took Jake's name off the New Year's Eve listing. reese's name is there now.

I have to wonder if Jake is really going to go dive with walruses or he is just saying tongue in cheek stuff. I'm sure something special is planned for his 30th.


Lola said...

Im going to see LAOD this wednesday with my mom and maybe my sister! This will be the first Jake movie i've seen on the big screen, im very excited. I'm not going to get my hopes up with the thought of this movie doing good at the box office. I sorta of fell like with the first installment of harry potter out and that it's R raited will hurt it a little bit. I just hope I enjoy it. I will love and support jake no matter what role he chooses, I will always be here:)

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Did they read well-known this one?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
At my 71 years I continue practising scuba diving (Level Rescue Diver). Jake is lifeguard but do not be if ithe certified as diver. I wait do it because it is wonderful. Also in very cold waters (I submerged in Channel Beagle, near Antarctica) with dry suit and it is wonderful. But it is more lewd to dive in the Caribbean Sea, certainly!
(St. Thomas, Cozumel -México-, Blue Hole -Belize-, S. Andrés -Colombia-, Cuba). ...Oh! Excuse me, but I love the I dive!!!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Scuba diving in the Artic? I guess we will find out soon enough if he is joking or not!

Not only is Jake's name gone from the NTE IMDB page but Taylor's name is gone as well. They seem to have been replaced by Reese and Zac Efron??? I just hope his name remains off.

Thanks so much for posting these articles UV.

I think Jake gets compared to Gosling because they are the same age and I would assume are up for the same roles.

I'm excited about LAOD and SC, he has an very impressive resume for an actor his age.

UltraViolet said...

I assumed Jake was joking when he mentioned the walruses on Seacrest. But now he's said it at least two other times. Of course, we know people often don't get it when Jake is kidding, so we'll see!

Thank god our long national nightmare is over and Jake is no longer connected to NYE!

Until his name reappears on IMDb, of course.

Monica, I'm afraid I don't see Jake's career since BBM and Zodiac the same way as you, nor do I see it as so different from Ryan G's.

Jake has made Rendition, Brothers, Nailed, PoP, L&OD and SC since then. I know you hated the idea of PoP, but if you tae that out of the equation, you're left with a pretty solid set of movies.

You realize that Ryan is in a movie with Kirsten Dunst that came very close to not being released at all, right? And you might think The Notebook is a good movie, but I can assure you that people would be upset if Jake attached himself to a movie like that.

It's understandable to worry/wonder about Jake's career but I don't think we have to panic just yet. Or judge his resume to harshly.

My wish is for Jake to have a career like Jeff Bridges, or Meryl Streep..... dramas, comedies, small prestige movies, mainstream crowd pleasers, hits and, yes, misses.

ITA, suvee!

UltraViolet said...

Lola, it's very exciting that you'll get to see Jake on the big screen for the first time. I hope you and your mother and sister enjoy it!

Leonor, you can be our expert if Jake does indeed go diving! your adventures sound exciting.

Here's another middling review. Mostly positive, but people do seem to be having trouble with the different tones of the film.

bobbyanna said...

All I know is, in 72 hours I will have seen LAOD two or three times! LOL! I am SO excited about this movie. I intend to see it Friday and Saturday, too! I'll go to different theatres because the locals may recognize me. :) Thursday and Sunday family stuff "intrudes" LOL!

I sure hope he's joking about swiimming with the walruses. Maybe he repeated it because he thought it sounded like a good line.

UltraViolet said...

Yikes, sorry for all the typos in my 11:04 comment!

Also, Monica, I don't meant to tell you what to think. I know there are other people out there who feel let down by Jake. I just think it's silly to panic over a movie he might not even do and to use that as proof that he's not doing the proper projects.

I can't figure out whether this is a positive or negative review. Though poor Anne - that ending critique is brutal.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Bobbyanna. I will be seeing L&OD a few times myself this week! I usually go to the same theater and just hope we are all a see of unmemorable faces to the workers!

Viv said...

Yeah...I think the reviews about LAOD won't be pretty, but I believe the performance of the cast will be the bright spot :)
And I really hope it can be box office hit.

I have a feeling that source code will be a huge critic success( but not sure about BO atm). Critics always love this stuff(mind-bending).

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, Viv, it's often a mixed bag for Jake. Would love to see critical praise + box office success. But at this point, I just want L&OD to be a hit.

Updated the post with one more article, from USA Today. It's at the end of the post.

I keep forgetting to say this. A poster on TWoP went to the Letterman show the day after Jake's appearance. Dave talked about calling Anne H to apologize for her last appearance on the show, when he questioned her about her ex. He said she couldn't have been more gracious.

Apparently what wasn't included on the broadcast was Paul asking Dave if she'd come back on the show. Dave replied, "Oh no. She made that quite clear." LOL.

Not important, but an interesting tidbit.

Chica said...

That is early to appear on Eyewitness ABC in the morning Get Real, they usually tape segments like that.

The reviews are mixed for LAOD and I think it's at 53 on RT so far.

Thank God NYE has been removed from IMDB.

Jake has made some interesting, daring and dodgey choices in his career so far, no more than some other actors his age.

I can understand that some fans are disappointed in some of his choices like Pop, it just wasn't their cup of tea, but it's what Jake wanted to do and he loved making that film.

bobbyanna said...

"She seems finally to have grown into those enormous features; her face no longer looks like a Disney Channel Halloween mask. But Zwick should have dialed her down a notch. By the end she’s a painful reminder of Liza Minnelli, another overeager, oversize-featured actress who tried to do too much with her too-muchness and left us crying for less."

Apparently Edelstein doesn't mind Jake's Mr. Smooth. He saves his venom for Anne. Those comments were just ugly. I hate when they do that. Shame on David Edelstein. He managed to insult Liza, too. And I love Liza...and all her too muchness. (Isn't Anne supposed to be involved in a Judy Garland project?)

Ginny said...

UV/FL I have sent you an email.

Extra said...

Mixed review from Mr. Edelstein and a nasty personal dig at Anne, shame on him.

LAOD opening on a Wednesday will give it a few extra days to add the it's weekend BO, with competetion from the new HP film and Disney's Tangled, it will need it.

I plan on seeing LAOD on opening day after work, I can't wait!

Thanks for posting all of these interviews UV,some of the stuff I have read before but there are a few new nuggets that I found interesting.

I doubt Jake will be celebrating his birthday deep sea diving in the Artic, I don't think that is allowed around that time of the year.

I'm happy that the NYE thing turuned out to be a rumor too. I have no problem with Jake doing light and fluffy stuff, but Valentine's day was dreadful and I can't imagine the sequel being any better.

mary said...

i know ill see LOAD at least twice wish i could see it more but my kids will be out for the weekend ill go see it on wednwsday have to work thursday and friday will go on saturday my daughter wants to see it i wont tell her i went on wednesday she tease about it so ill pretend i havent seen :)

FL said...

He saves his venom for Anne. Those comments were just ugly. I hate when they do that. Shame on David Edelstein. He managed to insult Liza, too. And I love Liza...and all her too muchness.

I don't find it venomous as all. But then I think she looks like a young Liza Minnelli. I suppose if you find Liza an ugly troll then it's insulting.

Reviewers have been doing that since the dawn of time. A million years ago I read a review of a Tim Roth movie which talked about his "shark fin of a nose", which had nothing to do with his performance in the movie.

UltraViolet said...

I thought it was a pretty nasty dig at Anne, with the Disney mask and the Liza comparison. Let's face it - Liza is thought of as a caricature these days.

Hope some good reviews come in to get that tomato rating up!

New post - thanks to Ginny :)