Thursday, November 18, 2010

Any given Wednesday... or Thursday...

...Jake and Anne will be promoting L&OD. And naked.

Jake on Regis and Kelly:

Jake and Anne talk to something called NewNowNext, via AfterElton:

Jake and Anne on the Today Show:

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on the David Letterman show Wednesday night, promoting Love & Other Drugs. He talked about running barefoot, growing a beard and "playing football." Dave talked about naked people. Here's a clip of Part One, courtesy of the Amazing Stephanie/IHJ:

And a link to Part Two.

A couple of twitter photos with fans outside the show:

Dave had a copy of the new Entertainment Weekly with Jake and Anne on the cover. Letterman's quote? "If everyone in the world looked like this... " Here are all three shots:

There's your Sexiest Man Alive, People! I love it that this will be on newsstands the same week as the wrong SMA. It's like a counter-point of purchase marketing.

On Entertainment Tonight, Jake and Anne talked about shooting the cover:

(Pics courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Oliver Platt disses JT?

I wish Oliver had done some more press for the film. I like him.

mary said...

jake was great as always i hope i get that cover on my EW magazine

suvee said...

I am so happy that I decided not to cancel my subscription to EW a few months ago. :)

Loved Oliver's JT quote! Thanks!

Chica said...

I wished Oliver did more promo too, what a great quote and what a fantastic cover of Jake and Anne!

Haven't read EW in years but now of course I will have to run out and buy this issue.

Jake and Dave were really funny last night!

bobbyanna said...

I like Letterman,& last night he was really fun! Obvious when he likes a guest and enjoys the visit, and he's a Jake fan,no doubt.

Before Jake came on they kept cutting to scenes of him outside signing autographs. In his opening, he mentions RR as the SMA to tepid appplause, then says, "Yeah, well. It caught me off guard too."

He held up the EW cover,after Jake left, then teased/chastised his producer for not telling him Anne was upset that he teased her about her ex-boyfriend. He kept on, wanting Anne to talk about the movie. I was hoping she'd sneak out and whack him in the head! :)

Later last night, from FB:

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Victoria Beckham were at dinner tonight. OMG : "

Anonymous said...

The three different of the EW magazine, all lovely.

Get Real said...

Heh, love Oliver Platt. :)

Jake was adorable on Letterman! They have a very fun chemistry...great to see.

And OMG do I need that EW cover, like, ASAP!!!!

Get Real said...

Just read that Jake and Anne were just on the Today at work and didn't tape it! Hope some catches it on YouTube or that the Today Show puts in on their site.

bobbyanna said...

Dang! Missed the Today show, but I caught Regis & Kelli. Of course Regis held up People magazine, pointed out the tiny picture on the cover and mentioned that Jake had missed out...then held up the EW cover!

It was just a fun, lighthearted visit. Jake said he'd be with Maggie, Peter, & Ramona, brining a turkey the night before, then cooking on TG Day.

Jake's very smooth about deflecting any questions remotely related to his personal life. Even the ones that seem rather general.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those EW covers! They are really beautiful! Maybe this is silly, but I'm glad to see Jake's 'unwaxed' chest! Very natural.

You're right, UV. That EW cover leaves People Mag in the dust! Great timing.;)

mary said...

thanks foe the heads up about the today show im off today and have the today show on hoping maybe they would be on i was surpised if they didnt do that how or gma because they are one of the big talk shows will let you guys know what goes on

bobbyanna said...

Oops! Anon 10:15 is me :

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway get comfortable (and naked!) on new cover of Entertainment Weekly



bobbyanna said...

From FB:
Hey KRZ Fans! Today @ Noon On Air with Ryan Seacrest it's JAKE GYLLENHAAL with his new movie "Love and Other Drugs. Why is he so hot?

Extra said...

They must have just added the Today show appearence, can't wait to see it and the Kelly and Regis appearence too!

Loved him on Letterman last night, he always has such a good time on that show.

Those EW are hot, all 3 of them!

An compared to the Reynolds People cover, no contest!

FL said...

Here's the Today Show appearance"

mary said...

i caught jake and anne on the today show nothing really new was said just tlaked about how it was to film the nude scenes mainly but great to see jake and anne together and how well they get along they kept joking with each other plus they showed the EW covers and mentioned jake as being named one of the sexiest man alive alive jake responsed thanks someone had to do it or something like that now waiting to watch regis/kelly.

BTW anne will be on jimmy fallon tonight

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, thanks, FL. Loved it. Love them. Updated the post with that, that great photo from EW/NYDaily News (thanks, Monica), as well as the first part of the Letterman interview. And the three covers.


I have to watch the Today Show again, but I loved, loved, loved the Letterman appearance. Dave was in much better form than last time and Jake was really on.

Love all the talk from his representation about the beard. It mimicked so much of the idiotic internets blather about how Jake must be depressed, blah, blah.

Also, I watched that Anne Hathaway interview Dave went on and on about, and he was not as quick about mentioning her ex as he made it seem. I remember how uncomfortable she clearly was, but he didn't let up.

Thanks for the Seacrest alert, Bobbyanna. I think that's online. Or maybe they replay it? I'll have to check.

also, I just have to say how cute it was that Jake congratulated all of the couples who got engaged, when ET (idiotically) asked Anne and him about Wills and Kate.

Thanks to everyone for keeping us all up to date.

UltraViolet said...

Oh my, you guys. This video deserves its own post. Sixty seconds with Jake Gyllenhall from Cinemax. Anne asks Jake questions.

I can't even. I am not getting any work done today!

FL said...

Random musings at lunchtime: Sitting here wondering which Entertainment Weekly will show up at my door tomorrow (hoping for the Pensive cover) and which body part(s) will be affected by the laser address label.

FL said...

And here's the Regis and Kelly appearance from this morning.

bobbyanna said...

"I can't even. I am not getting any work done today!"

LOL!!!!!!! I know!

The Cinemax clip is hilarious!
As we continue with what you've dubbed:" The most adorable promotional tour ever!" or something like that!:)

meg said...

New here, thanks for keeping up with the updates!! Love the EW cover and Letterman interview.

I don't know if we can talk about his personal life here but just wanted to post this link where Taylor basically confirmed backstage at the BBC Teen Awards that her and Jake spent time together in London last weekend.

Love the website!!

UltraViolet said...

Welcome, Meg! I saw that and am not sure that it's the most reliable source :) But I don't think it's plausible to deny anymore that something is happening.

Added a link to Anne's 60 Seconds.

Thanks for the Regis clip, FL. I'll have to watch that after I actually do a little work. Or get lunch...

Thanks for the Today Show recap, mary. We posted the clip. I was a little irritated by Meredith, but Jake and Anne saved it, as usual.

mary said...

UV i cant view the enire front post it stops after the video clips and theres nothing showing on the right side its all blank dont know if its the site or my computer i can view previous psots though just wondering thanks

Monica said...

"I can't even. I am not getting any work done today!"

Me too. hahahahahaha

I have to say I'm loving all this much more than the promotion of POP. Jake seems much more relaxed, and I think Anne is responsible for it.
So good to see two great people promoting a movie together.

bobbyanna said...

"I was a little irritated by Meredith,..." ITA.

Liked that Jake said this character is closest to who he is.
He was happy with Ed's comments.

Couldn't help notice the little look, and the eye thing from Anne when Jake said he was "familiar with her..." vis a vis the love scenes. Gave me goosebumps!:)

There's a lot of great stuff with Anne & Jake and the movie! I need to do several viewings of it all. A labor of love.:)

What an indescribable treat! From the first Q&A reports, thru the generic Fox produced material, and all the radio and TV appearances and interviews, etc.

At this point,I give kudos to Fox for the publicity roll out.'Course Jake & Anne are so professional, focussed and yet funny and intimate, and spontaneous. There's no false note regarding their relationship. They really enjoy hanging out together.BFFs for sure.

I wish we'd seen more of Zwick with them, and Jake with Oliver Platt would've been fun.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, everything looks fine on a Mac in Safari and in FF and IE on a PC. You might want to restart or clear your cache. All these videos can clog things up.

The Regis interview was great, too. I know a lot of people are annoyed by the Regis appearances, but I always enjoy them.

And the Seacrest interview was fine. He does seem to like Jake. Here's the link if you missed it, like me. Thanks, FL.

get real said...

I can't turn on the sound at work but I have to watch these clips just to even see them being so freaking adobrable!!!!

I agree, Bobbyanna, this has been a great rollout to the movie! Everyone of these interviews, etc. are making me squee, lol. :)

Anonymous said...

Loving all the videos I can't keep up am so not getting any work done.
Jake sure knows how to throw the talk of his personal live I think with POP he was more out there "I'm single" but looks like he is wanting to settle down and have what Maggie had and that talk has'nt changed
I wouldn't take the TS interview as gospel as who knows what she was asked to give that answer could have been anything
I'm still not feeling the whole TS Jake thing as can't see her ready to settle down least not on the time frame he may be wanting xx

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm just popping in for a bit because i'm at work and I have to work through my lunch but I have to say Wow!!!

The EW covers are gorgeous and I will echo Monica's comments in saying that i'm enjoying this promo better than Pop.

Fox must be thrilled with Jake and Anne and the reaction they are getting just from them doing PR.

I will be back to watch all the videos, thanks so much for posting!

mary said...

i tried restarting my computer didnt work not sure how to clear my
cache does the same for me at wet dark and wild but i get get on all the other sites i check and i can click on cooments so i can post here

bobbyanna said...

This made me laugh:
From twitter:
_thar Moch Athar

"The devil wears: NADA!"

mary/UV/FL, etc., If you click on "Tools" then click "delete browsing history" would that help?

UltraViolet said...

Hee. The devil wears nada. I saw a tweet or something referring to L&OD as dirty-something or flirty-something.

I posted the Regis clip and an AfterElton clip. This has been a busy day!

Someone tweeted about Jake on the subway yesterday, so keep your eyes peeled, NYers.

mary said...

i think i got my problem fixed thanks every one

UltraViolet said...

Glad things are working again, Mary. You can't fall behind!

This article shows pics of Jake and Anne thumb wrestling on the Today Show. I wonder if anyone out there taped all the little cutaways, too. Would be fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying all the coverage. Jake and Annes's chemistry in interviews continues.

Hearing the audio interview with Ryan Seacrest was interesting. Just different to focus on the voice.:)


UV said...

MaraSiegler: Not obsessed or anything. but...jake gyllenhaal at capitale for finca. Ahhhh!!! Luv!
2 minutes ago from txt

Wonder if Natalie Portman is there.

UV said...

Sunflower, it is different just hearing the voice. And Jake was alone, which he hasn't been for most of the promotion. A different perspective is nice. And I do love jake's voice.

bobbyanna said...

Good call, UV! Natalie and Jake pictured together at the 25th Anniversary Gala for Finca

bobbyanna said...

Did I hear it wrong when Letterman asked if Jake's beard was for a movie, and Jake said yes?

FL said...

Even though Dave asked that, I think Jake was referring to where the picture was from, i.e., the New Yorker Fest, which was for a movie, the movie, the L&OD movie.

suvee said...

I haven't made much progress getting through all this L&OD stuff. I can't seem to get past the incredible, beautiful and awesome EW covers!

I have watched the Max 60 seconds clips and loved them!!! They were both awesome. I much prefer seeing Jake in that kind of setting than in the standard tv talk show interviews. (The Daily Show being the exception.)

Thanks for all the Jake goodies, UV! So far L&OD just might be the best Jake movie promotion..... ever.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL. That makes more sense.

OK. I am not trying to start rumors...:) But faced with the silly question of reacting to the news about Prince William, Jake gave a shout out to "all the people who are recently engaged," or something like that. I was just looking at Natalie's left hand in the Getty pictures, that's all.:)

If she is, I think that's wonderful! But I hope she isn't.;)
I'm just glad Jake's getting out to the ballet and to more charitable events.

mary said...

i saw the thumb wrestling it was funny ann kept winning

FL said...

Isn't that ring on her middle finger? It's huge whatever it is.

Monica said...

Natalie is so beautiful and I'm happy with all the success she is doing. Seems like just yesterday all that promotion of Brothers.
So happy to see these two together again.

Interview: Ed Zwick

mary said...

stephanie has posted the pictures of jake and natalie at the finca affair

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I finally have a chance to catch up and more stuff has ben added, i'm not complaining!

I can't stop looking at those magazine covers, they are just perfect together.

He is looking so good and relaxed during these interviews, its a joy to see.

Love all the videos, expecially the Max 60 second bits, I can't remember enjoying Jake promoting a movieso much and Anne has a lot to do with it::))

That is some rock natty is sporting, she looks lovely. Glad to see her and Jake supporting such a worthy cause.

Lola said...

It looked like that ring was on her middle finger. Why are you hoping she isn't engaged bobbyanna? Is it because you have someone else in mind for her:) I'm loving all these videos, and i still havent seen all of them, one day I will. The 60 sec. one was adorable. I have to get that EW magazine.

UltraViolet said...

Glad everyone's enjoying all the clips. Or trying to catch up on them!

New post. Sorry if I missed a comment - I'm sleepy.