Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love Talk

Update with a couple of new L&OD stills:

As Jake Gyllenhaal and the Love & Other Drugs gang answer questions and try to charm the European press, we've gotten some more material from the NYC junket. First up, some photos of Jake from the press conference:

Here's the "Whip My Hair Around" interview from Extra:

Sounds like Jake is saying "wave" instead of "whip." I guess he needs to listen to the song some more!

And the interview where Anne "tears up:"

And one photo from today's junket - Jake and Anne with a host from Dutch MTV:


FL said...

They really do have a nice easy chemistry with each other. Nice to see.

UltraViolet said...

It has been fun to see, FL. I'm looking forward to some of the UK interviews. Hope things will get even cheekier.

Good news if you're looking forward to UMP. Doug Liman says Jake is still on board.

The awards quote is a little odd. Not sure what it has to do with UMP.

bobbyanna said...

Good news about the UMP, UV.

I've run out of superlatives. I'm just devouring every interview clip! Really happy to see them together.

Interesting. Annie mentioning, "He can sing.":)

Dutch MTV lady is very pretty.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


Continue the holiday! Thank you for all the information. Great work!

UltraViolet said...

I think that's the head-on-the-shoulder video from yesterday, isn't it? They are too cute together, Leonor :)

Hee, Bobbyanna. We do want to hear him sing some more.

A few more L&OD reviews:




suvee said...

I really like that 4th photo!

Looks like maybe someone got his sapphire necklace back. :)

Paula said...

I love the 4th photo too, you have a good eye Suvee:))

They do have a nice, comfortable chemistry together, I am so looking forward to seeing this.

I'm glsd to hear Jake is still on board for UMP!

Keep up the great work in updating the LAOD news, can't wait for the UK interviews!

Get Real said...

More great interviews!!! Totally agree with everyone, they seriously have a wonderful, easy, funny and sexy chemistry. :)

Lola said...

I love the last photo. Jake looks real good in that shirt. I'm looking forward to the interview just for that reason alone:) Him and Anne are just perfect together.

Monica said...

They both are so adorable together. Thanks for all this!

I found this interview: Jake Gyllenhaal

Chica said...

Joining in the chorus, they are adorable! Love the Whip my hair extra video!

Another vote for photo #4!

I hope the UK interviews are just as fun!

I'm glad to hear that Jake is still attached to UMP, I think that is his most interesting rumored project IMO.

The LAOD reviews are all over the place, I just want a good BO for this film, most of the time reviews don't factor into BO.

lawgoddess said...

Gorgeous, sexy pictures. Thanks, UV.

mary said...

thanks UV jake looks gorgeous great find

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the interviewers loved the movie (and weren't just saying it) and from tweets over the past so many months the "everyday folks" liked it a lot and were touched by it.
Would love a transcipt of the intrview where they named the 4 things about each other.
They really enjoyed the people who were asking the smart questions.

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple of new stills to the post. Thanks to Monica, who posted them at IHJ.

Here's a good review for L&OD.

And this is interesting. A screening of Source Code, but the guy can't say anything. The fact that he doesn't even say it's good or say anything positive is troubling. We'll see if he responds or if anything else leaks out.

UltraViolet said...

Nothing exciting, but from a reporter at the junket:

Aw, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are lovely. Only got three bloody questions in though.

Anonymous said...

Would imagine a screening of SC now would be a very rough cut. Just giving people an idea of it I would think.
And there will be the can't say anything about it type thing so can't judge one way or the other what the person might be feeling.

Monica said...

UV, I'm a little skeptical about the test screenings. Much will change before the final version.
Moreover, he could have spoken up if he liked it or not, but said only that he saw.

Extra said...

I'm going to miss the LAOD express when it's over, I love Jake and Anne! They are wonderful together, so natural and comfortable with each other.

Love the photos of Jake posted, he looks perfect with just a touch of scruff.

I'm curious to read about the amount of nudity and sex scenes in this movie based on the reviews I read. Is there more than the usual? If not then maybe some of the critics are prudish. It's not like we haven't seen Jake's ass or Anne's boobs before unless they are talking frontal nudity perhaps with some of the other actors?

I hope that in the case of the SC it's because he saw a rough cut of the film as Monica pointed out UV rather than he didn't care for it.

UltraViolet said...

Obviously there's no way of knowing whether the guy liked it or didn't like it. And I know it's a rough cut. But his comments ("I definitely have an opinion") made me wary. He's already sort of gone against the NDA by saying he saw it. Hinting at a positive reaction wouldn't get him in much trouble.

Some notes from today's London press conference:

From OK's twitter:

PLUS Jake Gyllenhaal was so gentlemanly with Anne Hathaway! #Love&otherdrugs
31 minutes ago via TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

OK_Magazine: Yes ladies, Jake Gyllenhaal was looking oh so yummy in an olive green jumper and jeans!
33 minutes ago via TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

OK_Magazine: Sooooo, here's what we learnt at the Love & Other Drugs press conference.... Jake Gyllenhaal is even fitter in real life!

Their picture is very bad!

From Radio1Natalie:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway v cool and friendly - phew! Not allowed to play out interviews til December though boooooo

Daybreak woman:

Think the normally lovely Jake Gyllenhaal must be having an off day - not much fun at press conference today

Also saw this one:

Very jealous of @AnnekeHak interviewing the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal earlier. He was very sweet apparently.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "daybreak woman" wasn't having a good day..ha.
Sometimes i think you can just get tired of the interviews and maybe just not have a lot to say. Or possibly stupid questions were asked and how do you answer those with enthusiasm.
But the others seemed to think things were "lovely".

bobbyanna said...

I really admire their professionalism and their grace.
I couldn't do what Jake and Anne do. Sitting in a room for maybe 9 or 10 hours,with a few breaks,and getting the same questions repeatedly.

Dealing with all these different types of personalities, and managing to stay alert, fun, and engaging,and keeping it fresh.

They did it Saturday and Sunday in NYC, then hopped a plane Monday, so they could do it again yesterday and today. Ugh.

FL said...

Yeah, I think he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Oh dear Jake Gyllenhaal was NAT [sic]in a good mood! Anne Hathaway was a saint though, big big fan now.

And of course I love reading that he wasn't much fun at today's junket. :-) Real person with real emotions and reactions.

FL said...

Or maybe he had an unfortunate run-in with someone before arriving at the Dorchester.

Monica said...

Real person with real emotions and reactions.

There are days when you're well, there are days when you're not well.

Happy birthday Anne Hathaway!

Anonymous said...

You never know what happened that day or if there was some not so good news and if it was something personal, he's not going to explain anything to people he doesn't know.
Or just having a down day. I'm sure anyone interviewing him have days just like that.
Johnny Depp did an interview with Oprah - for the whole show and it just didn't seem to go anywhere.
But..big deal..have seen much better interviews with him. That day wasn't one of them, but i still didn't think much about it as liking him any less. Took it for what it was and moved on.

Anonymous said...

Oh and remember Mendes saying Jake doesn't know how to be anything but spontaneous. That goes with the "real person" thing.

bobbyanna said...

FL:"And of course I love reading that he wasn't much fun at today's junket. :-) Real person with real emotions and reactions"

Definitely! :)

FL "Or maybe he had an unfortunate run-in with someone before arriving at the Dorchester"


get real said...

I love that Jake is real and everyone has bad days too. I agree, a real person with real emotions!

I do wonder if those folks who said he was "having a bad day" were trying to make things about Taylor? I bet if that was the case Jake would have reason to be not in a great mood when he is trying to promote this movie.

UltraViolet said...

A better impression of Jake:

Jake gyllenhaal is gorgeous in the flesh! Fab interview today! Lucky me

And from the woman who reported that Jake was not in a good mood:

hey hey ladies... he was grumpy yes, but he was still HOT!

mary said...

kate who runs the wet dark and wild site went to the london press conerence today said jake was quiet but very polite said he seemed tired though said she cant give out any ofirmation about the conference or about the film i quess they got to see too not until the film comes out in the UK in december so i guess we probably wont get pictures or any information from the press conference

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It would make sense that they interviews they are doing now in the UK will e released closer to the date the LAOD opens over there (Dec.) I'm not sure about the other dates overseas.

Ah, Jake has a right to be grumpy now and then as much as we are loving all of this, it has to be exhausting.

I love how he looks in these photos: sexy, swwet an a bit goofy!

He and Anne are magic together, I do hope they do anther project together.

sheba said...

Loving ALL the pictures, interviews, everything. The Anne and Jake show rolls on over here in the UK. So happy for them to be here. Uh oh about the Daybreak comment. That show is the former GMTV which is the premier breakfast show in the UK. If they sent some uninterested, unprepared, uneducated (in the movie world) reporter? to interview him I will be extremely disappointed and shall write to my mate Adrian (he's the anchor and fellow Brummie) to rebuke this woman and cast her out! :DD

I hope they get to have some fun whilst they're here like the Harry Potter premier or maybe turn on some Christmas lights, perhaps up North somewhere :/

bobbyanna said...

I'd read that Maggie is in London filming "Hysteria," so I hope Jake gets to spend time with her if that's still happening. Her birthday's coming up on 11/16th Maybe they'll celebrate early.

Monica said...

Oh, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watss are in the list of actresses to be in the new Batman movie!!
I love Naomi and Anne!


suvee said...

IHJ has new photos of Jake at the Harry Potter premiere in London.

Great scarf..... shoes, not so much. :)

FL said...

Socialite Life has some funny captions for the portrait pics of Jake in London.

I laughed. :-D

Tweety said...

I love the banter and warmth between them, nothing phony or forced about it.

Loving all the videos, etc from their NY press junket, I think we will have to wait for their UK interviews until around December when it is released there.

I remember some pics of Jake at the premiere of the first Harry Potter movie! I can't believe he still hasn't polished his shoes!

I hope he is spending dome quality time with Maggie, Peter and Ramona over there.

Happy birthday Anne, thanks for the heads up Monica!

I assume that the role Naomi and Anne are up for is Catwoman, i can see either one in the role.

Lola said...

Those captions on socialite life are hiliarious. I had to do a double take of the photos from the harry potter screaning, I thought he was wearing eyeliner! I actually love the hell out of him for always wearing those warn out boots.

Tweety said...

Those captions on Socialite are too funny!

bobbyanna said...

The captions were fun, FL.
How cool that Jake went to the Harry Potter premiere!

I found another cute video. Entirely too short at 3 minutes, but delightful.

Jake makes a comment about how sexy Anne is that gave me goose bumps. It's the way he says things. :)

Monica said...

thanks, Bobbyana. Jake was very beautiful at the premiere.

Tweety said...

Anne was at the HP premiere too!

FL said...

Oh god, has anyone seen this yet? PROOFREAD PEOPLE PROOFREAD!

"Um, wrong movie.

Hang on, I have to say something! I have been Jake's onscreen love interest for years, all right? You keep the conversation to me and only me, otherwise I'm going to get nasty!"
– Anne Hathaway, cleverly saving her Cold Mountain costar Jake Gyllenhaal from questions on his relationship with Taylor Swift, at a press conference for their new film Love and Other Drugs


UltraViolet said...

That is bad, FL! Wonder how long it will take for them to fix it.

I love the Socialite captions, too. FL had the idea for a Class photos theme on the Brothers conference pics. Ours would have been funnier, of course.


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