Saturday, November 20, 2010

Source Code and Sandwiches

That's probably how Jake Gyllenhaal feels after this long stretch of promotion for Love & Other Drugs. Apparently, the producers of Source Code thought we needed some variety in our Jake news, so they unleashed the film's first trailer. On a Friday night. (Let's hope this isn't a harbinger of their marketing strategy!) But let's get to the good stuff:

It's looks like a tense, mysterious adventure. What's happening? What is real? How does all this work? And why does Vera Farmiga look like a flight attendant? All mysteries to be solved in April. Oh, and Jake looks fantastic.

And spooky:

And restrained:

Reaction around the web seems mostly positive. It will be fun to see what other surprises the SC folks have in store.

Jake made another hilarious appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show. With the traditional musical number:

The interview:

And bonus footage of Jake and Jimmy during the commercial. They discuss Acting!

The NY Times interviews Ed Zwick, with input from Jake and Anne: It's the Relationships, Stupid!:

He compared the endeavor to the salto mortale, the 19th-century Italian circus act in which acrobats flew through a ring of fire into what they hoped would be a pair of hands on the other side. “I was asking them to make that leap,” Mr. Zwick said of his stars. “We were either in this together, the three of us, or not.” ...

By the end of the shoot they had “become pretty intimate” Mr. Gyllenhaal said, referring to the three-way chemistry among himself, Ms. Hathaway and Mr. Zwick. It’s similar, he noted, to what he finds in some of his favorite films: “There’s something about the chemistry between the two characters, but in the case of Billy Wilder, or James Brooks or Cameron Crowe, you feel the chemistry with the director too. It was all three of us in there.”

(Gorgeous screen caps courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

There was a tweet earlier in the week about Jake telling a fan he'd have to beg in order to get a photo. You can watch the moment in this video. I think Jake is the third or fourth celeb in the clip.

Much more light-hearted than it sounded in the tweet :)

Duncan Jones has a few tweets about the trailer. I think we all look forward to more of his ambivalent comments!

mary said...

managed to stsy up and watch jake on jimmy fallon but i think his last appearance was better i dont think jimmy is a good interviewer didnt talk much about the movie loved the musical number jake was great as always funny while watching the 11 pm news you know when they show lead on to the talk show coming up they showed jake in the yellow jump suit i thought it was clips from his last appearance LOL.

now im really tired going to be a long day for me then we have snl tonite dont know if i can stay up for that one.

Ginny said...

Thank you so much UV for all the updates (I should say that a lot more often),loved all the videos and interviews also love the Source Code trailer.

My Total Film came in the post this morning and has an interview with Jake with a pic I have never seen before, I don't have a scanner at home but if it is not online by Monday I can scan it for you then if you like.

mary said...

ginny please scan it for us if you can thanks

Monica said...

It was a surprise for me to see the trailer so soon. I thought we would see in January.

The trailer is great, looks promising, and Jake is great in the action scenes. The film has that look from Moon.
About Michelle Monaghan, hum ... I do not know...

bobbyanna said...

The second video with Jimmy shooting commercials was hilarious! They have great rapport!

The SC trailer was a surprise, but it makes sense from their POV I guess, to take advantage of Jake being so public right now. They can sort of piggyback on his popularity. It's also building buzz. Jake and Michele looked good in their scenes.

Chica said...

I enjoyed Jake's last appearence on J. Fallon, not to much discussion about LAOD.

The Sarah Palin rap song and dance was funny though!

I was expecting a trailer for SC so soon but I'm not going to complain! It looks exciting and Jake looks great!

I have to check out Duncan's tweet. I'm having a problem getting that pap video to play UV, I'll try to watch later!

Chica said...

I forgot to add that I actually like the banter between Jake and Fallon during that shooting a commercial bit that is posted on the NBC site than the actual interview!

Monica said...

Does anyone read what JW wrote about the trailer? He does not like Duncan Jones and not liked Moon.
And not like the trailer. And probably will not like the movie.
He is so predictable.

Get Real said...

The SC trailer looks great to me.

JW is so damn annoying and it does not surprise me he didn't like it. I will have to check out DJ tweets. Not sure why he is treating his own movie with ambivalence. So annoying.

I thought the Jimmy Fallon interview was fun but it the last time he was on was better. They didn't talk much about LAOD.

Extra said...

Yeah, very little talk about LAOD on Jimmy Fallon but the Sarah rap was a hoot, Jake was having a great time with that skit.

Wells is a pain in the ass, how the hell could anyone give a "review" of a movie based on a trailer??

FL said...

Duncan Jones has a few tweets about the trailer. I think we all look forward to more of his ambivalent comments!

And the ambivalence just keeps on rolling today. I've read through his newer comments. Can I slap him upside his head please? Not because I'm a Jake fan, but this man DIRECTED the piece, he should show a little damn excitement about it. Grrr

Oh promo time for SC is going to be SO much fun with Duncan Jones on board. I kid.

bobbyanna said...

It's really odd. There's no "ownership" there. I'm remembering comments DJ made a while ago, expressing frustration with "H'wood," too many people looking over his shoulder, etc., etc.

He also had some difficulty with FX people or something, a while ago, then finally settled down about it more recently. Whatever.

He often sounded whiney and immature. After all, he did direct the movie! Maybe he didn't have as much independence as he had with Moon, but out of respect for his actors, his producers, crew, and his own time, he should 'man up.' He's going to benefit from it, that's for sure.

At this moment he's one of my least favorite directors. And Jake giving him props several times, back when he was promoting Brothers.

Josie said...

I know that it has already been mentioned but Ed Zwick's enthusiasm and pride with LAOD and Jake and Anne has been a joy to watch, compare that to Mr. Jones and SC:((. I just hope his attitude changes when the film opens, reading his tweets are a bummer.

I had no idea that the banana boyz is on going skit on Fallon, for a moment I thought that they were repeating Jake's Hedgehog song!

It was funny but the Hedgehog sing was funnier.

Still so much LAOD info for me to go back and check out, I absolutely adore Jake and Anne together.

Not a fan of Kelly and Regis but I actually like that interview.

I'm a bit tired of Weels at this point, I wish he would actually see a movie before he decides to give an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I would think if DC is going to keep making movies he's going to have to realize things will never be what they were with "Moon" again.
Hope tho this is just an instant reaction to everything. I am sure he supports his cast, but this is "new" to him and he's going through these..changes..(I know..Bowie song just came to mind).
Thought the trailer looked good. It got more and more interesting as it went on.

bobbyanna said...

Just realized. Anne is hosting the Nobel Concert in Olso,
December 11th. Florence and the Machine will be among the artists participating. The Autralian premiere of LAOD is December 6th.

Monica said...

DJ did not expect to be releasing a trailer soon. And apparently it was not he who edited the trailer.
He wanted, but had no time to prepare a teaser.

It was a surprise to me, and although I was happy with the trailer, I agree it was a bit too soon. I also agree that they should have started with a teaser.

I like Moon, Duncan did a great job, but to become a brilliant director, is necessary to work with passion and not let the "Hollyweird" be an obstacle.

suvee said...

Here's my very small contribution to the virtual avalanche of L&OD news. It's from this week's UsWeekly, from a short interview with Jake. Nothing we haven't already heard except this (at least it was new to me!):

Q: The music in the film is fun. Did you have any input?
A: Anne and I both made suggestions and downloaded stuff. And none of it made it into the movie!

I'd love to know what music he suggested.

I'm surprised to see the SC trailer too. Bobbyanna's theory that they want to piggyback on Jake being in the spotlight now makes perfect sense to me. So far I can't say that SC looks like a movie I'm going to love, but it's early. I'm sure I will warm up to it.

Really enjoyed the USA Weekend and LA Times interviews. Both were good reading. Thanks, as always, UV!!

Oh and my Entertainment Weekly arrived today...... same cover as FL and Mary.

lola said...

Yeah, duncan Jones makes me so thankful for ED Zwick, and its such a pleasure to see how passionate he is about LAOD. Did anybody here hear about jake being rumored to be in New Years Eve the sequel to Valentines day? That movie was awful, and i'm the kind person who can not quit something once they started it, but i could not finish watching that movie and had to turn it off. I wish he would be a little more like ryan gosling, who always does great work, and gets tons of critical praise. This movie would have a lot of stars in it, so it would probably be a bit role. I guess its good that he's trying to do new things, but i would love to see him in another serious drama.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What great timing for releasing the SC trailer, I agree that they saw a perfect opportunity to attach this to his LAOD PR.

I love Sci-Fi so this is right up my alley. I love the trailer, thanks for posting it along with the L.A. Times and N.Y. Times articles.

Jones will need to get over it already, it's not going to do SC any good or his reputation in HW any good.

Wasn't Jake and Reese attached to Valentine's Day before it was filmed for about 2 seconds? I didn't see it, it sounded really bad.

I checked IMDB Robert DeNiro and Taylor Swift are rumored to be in it as well. It could be the reason they were hanging out but I don't think that they would be hanging out as much as rumored because of this, it an ensemble piece and I doubt they would get that much screen time.

She was in Valentine's Day and I think Busy Phillips husband was one of the producers or writer, not sure.

I don't have a subscription to EW so I will have to pick it up from my newsstand, I checked today and they didn't have it yet.

Monica said...

I wish he would be a little more like ryan gosling, who always does great work, and gets tons of critical praise.


i would love to see him in another serious drama.


Ryan Gosling is with a solid career.
As I said, he is a talented actor and deserves much more than that. I prefer him to stay two years without work, than to see him act in mediocre movies.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I agree Lola and Monica. Jake is a good, solid actor. I wince when I hear some of the projects he is rumored to be attached to, this included.

I may be in the minority here but I didn't like Jake's appearence on Fallon. The Sarah Palin rap song was lame and they spent very little time discussing LAOD.

bobbyanna said...

Just a guess, but maybe it was a nice change of pace, that he finally got to talk about the Edible Schools project, and the Brooklyn event with Alice Waters. The dance routine wasn't my favorite part, but I enjoyed the rest.

I'm SO glad he's not doing "New Year's Eve." I could tell from the trailer "Valentine's Day" was a bust. Sometimes I like those movies. Guilty pleasures.

"Love Actually"s a favorite, and I liked "He's just Not That Into You." But Ed Zwick's right. Most of them are trite, and poorly done.

Wow! Last December 4th, "Brothers" came out,PoP,now LAOD,and SC in a few months. That's a lot of work to release in little more than a year.

I keep remembering what Jake said in an interview, about feeling like he can make some mistakes, and it's OK. I can't wait to see what's next.:)

Tweety said...

I thought the Jimmy Fallon interview was fun, not my favorite from the other appearences he did this week, but fun.

The Palin rap was weird/random but it made me chuckle!

Loved the L.A. and NY Times articles, Ed Zwick comes across as so genuine and passionate.

I'm still waiting for Wells to post his review for Brothers, or did he and I just missed it?

The SC trailer has a Quantam Leap feel to it, Jake looks good in it but i'm surprised how early they are releasing it even though I know why they did it.

In one of Jake's interviews, USA I think he talks about age and he said that he has met people in their 60's and didn't think that they were mature but he has met 20 year olds and they were mature.

Just thinking of a 20 year old that he has been linked with ....

I think Franny's is in Brooklyn, I wonder if he will be making a surprise visit on SNL?

thirtyseven: If you're feeling like pizza, Jake Gyllenhaal is at Franny's.
12 minutes ago via web

Lola said...

I think Jake did that USA interview before he met TS. It said he still had that bushy beard. I just watched the jimmy fallon promo clip, and it was so funny. I like the jimmy fallon interview, but i didn't like the dance. I get really embarrassed for people.

suvee said...

...he said that he has met people in their 60's and didn't think that they were mature but he has met 20 year olds and they were mature.

Just thinking of a 20 year old that he has been linked with ....

Yeah, I had the very same thought, Tweety. :)
I didn't think it was an accident that he picked 20 to make his point.

bobbyanna said...

I remember the comments on maturity, now you mention it. I thought about the young guys in jail he met when he was preparing for his role in "Brothers." One got a small part in the movie, and some participated in a writing project with him.

I tried to watch SNL. Made it thru Weekend Update. I just couldn't get into it.

Viv said...

Wow~~~~~the trailer of SC is so~~~~good!!!
I have faith in Duncan Jones and I love the whole cast!!
I have read the script of SC before.It is awsome!!!
Jake spoils us too much in these monthes:)

UltraViolet said...

Ditto to noting the "20 year-old" comment in the interview.

I don't know what to think about Jake doing Valentine's Day sequel/prequel/whatever. I don't mind the idea of an ensemble, light, breezy comedy. Unfortunately, it seems VD was a mess of a movie. Maybe he talked to Anne about it and she recommended it. I think she and Jamie Foxx were in VD.

The constant Ryan Gosling comparisons do bug. RG does not have a perfect track record - has anyone seen Fracture? And The Notebook is the kind of movie people would screech about if Jake signed up to do it.

Do I wish Jake had a higher prestige film lined up than a possible Garry Marshall movie? Yes. But since we have no idea where this rumor came from, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

New post.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Viv - I agree. We are spoiled!

And I wonder where Carla has been. Hope she's seen the SC trailer.