Friday, November 5, 2010

Clip Show

It's the day after, but no L&OD hangover for us. The party continues, with new stills from the official site and lots of red carpet clips.

Jake from On The Red Carpet:

Jake and Anne talk music and rhythm:

MovieWeb interviews Jake, Hank Azaria and Ed Zwick

Reuters video:

Jake on the red carpet, from the LA Times:

Viagra "Confession:"

Jake dodges lame attempt to ask about Taylor Swift:

Extra pretends to ask about Taylor but doesn't really ask anything:

A selection of interesting pics from last night:


Monica said...

Great post, UV! thanks!

David Poland loves Love And Other Drugs, but did not like the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal:

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Monica!

FL linked me to that Poland review a little while ago. From the little I know of him, Poland is an ass, so I'm ignoring it :) As most of the world will do.

Here's a positive review, but with some misgivings.

Linking this not for the subject but because I can't remember if we've seen that clip at the end before, of Jake and Atticus during the BBM shoot.

UltraViolet said...

Funny story from Jamie Reidy's Facebook:

As Jenn and I were getting photographed by the papparazzi on the red carpet, a ton of "Jamie! Jamie!" went up. Turns out, Jamie Lee Curtis was getting out of a limo.

Monica said...

UV, thanks. It was necessary to see with off the sound. Where are all those images from Brokeback?
Are we going to wait until the movie was ten or twenty years for them to launch a commemorative version with unseen footage and interviews?
I was really disappointed with the DVD of Brokeback. The movie deserves more than just those extras.
And the deleted scenes? I want to see all those scenes that were deleted, especially the scene with the rifle.

bobbyanna said...

UV this is just a great, fun post! I think we'll be getting a lot more, too!:)

I hope someone will tweet from NYC about interviews, etc.

"I was really disappointed with the DVD of Brokeback. The movie deserves more than just those extras."

Oh, monica, I agree! Maybe one day.

FL said...

Sad news

Jill Clayburgh dies

She plays Jake's character's mother in L&OD. So sad, on the eve of the NYC press junket for the film.

I've always liked her.

suvee said...

I'm shocked to hear about Jill Clayburgh's death. I did not know she had leukemia.

What a wonderful, gifted actress she was! I always really liked her too. This is such sad news..... can't believe it.

Tweety said...

What sad news about Jill Clayburgh. I stopped by to catch up on the news about the AFI premiere and other news. I'm shocked, I had no idea she was ill.

One of the many reasons I was excited to see LAOD was because Jill was in it.

RIP Jill

bobbyanna said...

That's such sad news, FL!

Monica said...

Very sad. She was a great actress!


MARY said...

post UV thanks for all the new pics and updates


Sag actor said...

What sad news, a wonderful actress.
She will be missed.

Thanks for the LAOD reviews, updates and photos.

UltraViolet said...

Such sad news about Jill Clayburgh. I had no idea she'd battled leukemia for so long. Or that she was married to David Rabe. She worked a lot and did a lot of good work. RIP.

UltraViolet said...

Trailer Addict has some AFI interviews. I don't see a Jake one, but there is a b-roll clip with a lot of Jake and Anne on the red carpet.

Added the Extra video to the post. Here's the Access Hollywood clip.

sheba said...

I can't get enough of those two. They interact so well together, it's palpable. So sorry to hear of a little sadness surrounding the film. Did Jake say in that 3rd video clip on the post "Anne's the sh*t"?! LMAO. I wonder what their 'word' is going to be for all the press junkits. Maybe 'erectile disfunction' or something more obscure.

As for Brokeback ...."I was really disappointed with the DVD of Brokeback. The movie deserves more than just those extras."

I want to see every deleted scene, every B-roll, every bad take, just everything. Maybe we'll have to wait till the 10th anniversary :(

But thanks UV for putting these up so quickly. It makes the wait less painful :D

Viv said...

Another very positive review about LAOD

and he says this is new favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performance :)

Looks like the script indeed has some major problems. I think the scores on rottentomatoes won't be pretty.But if people want to see a movie for a date, I hope LAOD can be their first choice :)

Chica said...

I had no idea that Jill Clayburgh had leukemia, such sad news. I think that after she filmed LAOD she did another film that will be released next year. RIP.

I enjoyed watching all the videos posted, and i'm loving the interaction between them too Sheba. Even the reviews that were not so positive raved abouth their chemistry.

Count me in too as disappointed in the DVD release of BBM, you would think a landmark film like that would have had more to offer.

bobbyanna said...

A tweet that posters of LAOD are in the lobby of the Waldorf, & other clues that the press stuff will be at the Waldorf today, if anyone's in the neighborhood.:)

Also, found out Jake will do Letterman on November 17th, Regis & Kelly on the 18th, and Jimmy Fallon on the 19th. Nothing for Jon Stewart so far.

They'll likely fill in morning show stuff soon. No word yet on Kimmel or Ellen,based in L.A.

This is SO fun! I'm very excited for him. It looks like LAOD's being very well received, and it will do really well. Seeing entertainment shows like E!, Access, etc. all on board,doing spots on Jake, Anne, the movie, etc. regularly, weeks in advance, is certainly a nice change of pace!:)

Shondra said...

I love when Jake gears up for promotion and there is so much excitement with LAOD even with the mixed reviews.

Is it me or does there seem to be more chatter and noise as far as PR is concerned with LAOD than Pop? maybe it's just me but for instance I have seem way more commercials for this than I saw for Pop.

Jake and Anne have such incredible chemistry and they look so good together on the red carpet at the AFI premiere and I love the pics of Jake and Gads!

Have to catch up on all the videos posted, thanks for keeping up on all the LAOD news UV & FL.

All GB/NY peeps, keep an eye for Jake today, thanks Bobbyanna! I hope Jake gets to do the Daiy Show this time around.

I can't believe that Jill Clayburgh is gone, such sad news. Condolences to her family.

FL said...

A tweet that posters of LAOD are in the lobby of the Waldorf, & other clues that the press stuff will be at the Waldorf today, if anyone's in the neighborhood.:)

OH NO! Not the Waldorf! They're all over the news at the moment for having some major bedbug problems.

mary said...

looks like jake will be doing the new york side of the promtion wonder if if anne will join him in any interviews be nice to see them appear together

Chica said...

The Waldorf! An out of town couple that stayed there is suing them, they said that they bought the nasty little things home with them ewwwww!!!

This is the third NY bedbug incident that is Jake related. The first was the bedbug infested theater, the AMC in Times square that was fumigated in time for a LAOD screening a week or so later and then he attended that Ballet gala and later it was reported that one of the dressing rooms had the nasty things hanging out!

mary said...

stephanie at ihj has posted more pics of jake boarding the plane yesterday didnt say where the plane was flying to but i would assume hes flying back to new york i guess well find out soon

bobbyanna said...

LOL!!! Forgot about the bedbugs!!!

Well, maybe the Waldorf was just promoting the movie! Maybe the press stuff is somewhere else. But I can see the Waldorf wanting them there.

Luckily Jake has a place to stay instead of a hotel! Wonder if the press people were offered free rooms! LOL! Courtesy of Fox.:)

My oldest daughter refuses to go to the moveis because of the bugs.
She's paranoid because she has to travel a lot, too.

FL said...

Nah, I think you were right in the first, junket will be at the Waldorf.

Even Ed Douglas says so.

Get Real said...

Great videos, pics, etc!

I agree the promotion has been bigger for this than PoP. I see a lot of commercials for this!!

And the press is at the Waldorf today?!?!? :D :D :D

Oy the bedbugs are insane and obnoxious. Lol at the Jake/bedbug pattern.

Monica said...

From twitter:

@iamBenLyons Ben Lyons
Got questions for Harrison Ford, @JimCarrey, Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rachel McAdams? I'm interviewing them today for @ENews
32 minutes ago via ƜberTwitter

Tweety said...

Da7e: Saw Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Now nap time. Then, meeting, then, Morning Glory. Then, Karaoke, then...sigh...
34 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Monica said...

Fake Armond
@ArmondWhite Fake Armond
14 minutes ago via

14 minutes ago via

Hum. JWells will interview Jake. I want to see!

Monica said...

Waldorf Drugs:


Extra said...

Photo from the press conf. this morning at the Waldorf via Jeff Wells:

Just finished watching the video posted, Jake and Anne are fantastic together! And I do think that there is definately more buzz leading up to LAOD than Pop, with Pop it sorta fizzle out at the end.

I am so sad to hear about Jill passing away, it has to be on their minds today.

Extra said...

Jake and Anne comment on the passing away of Jill Clayburgh at their press conference for LAOD this morning:

Anonymous said...

I don't see a video in the Wells post. Did he take it down?

Lola said...

R.I.P Jill Clayburgh:(

Jake and anne look great together. Love their chemistry.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Love the videos clips and pics from AFI, he and Anne are just amazing together.

Poland isn't much of a movie critic IMO.

I don't think Wells put up a video Anon.

Thanks for posting that article about the Q&A at the Waldorf today Extra, I liked what they said about Jill, it has to be difficult and sad for everyone.

RIP Jill::((

bobbyanna said...

Got up ridiculously early today!
I have a "visitor." I HATE squirrels.:(

I've watched all these videos yet again,and I just marvel at Jake's poise, the ease, and the sort of calm intelligence, the subtle side of his sense of humor. And he has such a flirtatious style!!! He can't help that thing his eyes do. Or the way he smiles. Maybe.:) He just expresses himself so well. (Also got a kick out of his publicist,who was standing by, alert, ready to pounce! LOL!

As I was rummaging thru Twitter, couldn't help but notice references to "Jake Gyllenhaal" apparently being used in a Kanye West!?!

Monica said...

@JakesTakes Jake Hamilton
Getting ready to talk to JAKE GYLLENHAAL and ANNE HATHAWAY for their new film, LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS.
2 hours ago via web

@EDouglasWW Edward Douglas
In case we needed any further proof what a great actress Anne Hathaway is she pretended to flip out on a journalist at the press conference.
20 hours ago via web

Edward Douglas
@EDouglasWW Edward Douglas
It was seriously one of the scariest things I've seen, especially when she was back to smiling right after shouting at the journo.
20 hours ago via web


Get Real said...

Thanks for all the new pics and the new vids. Enjoying all of it. Bobbyanna, I agree, Jake does have such great poise, class and charm. I love the way he deals with these interviews.

His comments about Jill Clayburgh, RIP, were so lovely and touching.

Monica said...

LAOD press: Jake and Anne

mary said...

thanks monica

Monica said...

Source Code: Out of the American Film Market, we now have a full plot synopsis and the first photo from Jake Gyllenhaal's upcoming "Source Code" sci-fi movie, which hits theaters on October 14th, 2011 and is directed by Duncan Jones (Moon). Check out both below.

Worst Previews

bobbyanna said...

Great pic of Jake and Anne, monica! Thanks. Wish more people would take pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Wells comment about seeing LAOD a 2nd time and he didn't think it held up as well.
He was still a big fan of Anne's performance but was extra annoyed by Josh Gad.
O.K..originally didn't he think Jake was pretty much equal to Anne in performance or at least he thought he did a good job.
But now it's all Anne again.
When the movie is out i think, tho certainly people will think Anne is great, Jake will get a very enthusiastic reaction.

UltraViolet said...

Too bad that Wells cooled off. Not because I care about his opinion, but now we might never get to see anything he taped during the press conference.

How typical that the only thing he mentioned was something about himself. And even that sucking up from Zwick hasn't apparently helped the cause.

Well, hopefully we'll get to see this interview:

Jake Gyllenhaal told me that I should be a director after the interview...he and Anne Hatheway had such an emotional moment during it
less than a minute ago via Touiteur

I can't wait till yall see the was really funny and also got really emotional...Hatheway actually started crying at one point
26 minutes ago via Touiteur

Just interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hatheway together...One of my favorite interviews ever...Hatheway gave me a high five after...

And I'd love to see the Anne Hathaway fake-out, going off on the journalist. Thanks for that tidbit, Monica, as well as the others from you and everyone.

I think I posted that SC synopsis a few posts back. There's a very odd spoiler at the end.

UltraViolet said...

Jake's comments about Jill Clayburgh were very touching and babble-ish. Bless him, I really think it was an honest, genuine reaction to sad news. It has to be very hard/weird for all of them dealing with the press on that subject.

A little more from CMJ.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we may not see video of the press conference coz I want to hear their comments about Jill Clayburgh.....

Anon 1:44

Trust me, moviegoers won't care about whose performance is better if the movie isn't good enough.
I am getting tired of Jeff Wells and his fellas keeping working hard on "The chance of Anne Hathaway getting nominated" topic.It's not the most important thinhg anymore(at least for me).That's why the studio is trying to make it looks like a totally rom-com film, and it works XD

bobbyanna said...

The tepid to unfavorable reviews that I find really upsetting, are the ones from syndicated columnists/critics and/or wire service reporters. Those reviews take on a life of their own, and are often given much more weight and prominence than they deserve.
Wells is nitpicky. Wonder why he stepped back. Maybe his less enthusiastic colleagues got to him?

JF said...

Maybe his less enthusiastic colleagues got to him?

If Mr. Wells is a criitc who can easily be influenced by colleagues, he's not a critic who deserves respect.

Well, hopefully we'll get to see this interview:

I'd love to see this interview.

Monica said...

BFCA - Love And Other Drugs: 80

Can anyone explain more about this score?

JWells is betting in Anne H and he will not quit. If she receive an Oscar nomination, it will be important to him because he will gain credibility.
He liked Jake, but it is obvious that his biggest concern is and always will be with Anne Hathaway.

I agree with you, Bobbyana.

bobbyanna said...

OT but maybe not really:
Found this tweet from Nikki Finke:

This is something I'd love to see Jake involved in. The Weinsteins? The project doesn't name a director. Maybe Harvey should call Doug Liman. LOL!!!!

Altho, I get a sense Jake is leaning strongly towards doing something with music. (No puns intended!)

me, again. said...

Jeffrey Wells is on a huge power trip. Ed Zwick should have had lots of attitude and used reverse psychology on him, instead of being nice and civil.

You're right Monica. He wants credit if Anne gets any awards or nominations.

Monica said...

About Anne and the journalist:

@EDouglasWW Edward Douglas
@BrianWCollins No, it wasn't someone we know... they asked about true love and her relationship with... Taylor Lautner (???)
6 Nov via web


Chica said...

I really don't give much credit to blog movie critics like Wells. I prefer legit critics like Denby from the New Yorker, but the movie blogger reviews seem to get more traction on ther net.

I think the BFCA rating of 80 means they gave it 3 stars Monica

That SC spoiler is rather odd UV. Was that in the original script? I can't remember.

I hope we get the full interviews that Jake and Anne did this weekend as the roll-out for LOAD PR machine starts!

Monica said...

Documentary style? Seems District 9!

Bobbyana, I wanted Jake back to acting in a indie films. Sometimes I see Lars And The Real Girl and Blue Valentine and I am thinking of Jake in these roles.
Jake was supposed to be doing these roles.
Sometimes I look back and remember all that year he spent filming POP for nothing. And how many roles he refused.

Anonymous said...

LAOD isn't exactly an Indie film but if it cost 30 million that's not a high-level studio film type.
If something comes along he likes and he has time am sure he would do a "small film". "Nailed" wasn't a big type of film either.
I think the fact that Jake enjoyed doing POP. It was the type of "a lot of work" he likes and had fun running and jumping and such so I don't think it was for nothing.
And every role he does is a learning experience.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, L&OD is not a big budget film. I don't begrudge Jake the work or time he spent on PoP. It's something he wanted to try, and he did. I wish it had worked out better than it has. But that's the risk of movie making.

There are not that many movies I look at and wish Jake had been in. Lars and the Real Girl? Not really. 500 Days of Summer? Sure. But Nailed and Brothers were not exactly huge blockbusters. They didn't work out. Again - that's Hollywood.

Do I wish the outcome of some of Jake's roles had been different? Yes. But so far, I don't think Jake can be accused of doing only blockbusters or selling out.

As for Wells, someone asked him directly about Jake. It will be interesting to see if he backpedals. Because he was full of praise for Jake on the first go-round.

Chica, I never read the original script and had avoided even synopsis until I saw that link. From what I hear, that was not part of the original script. And probably for good reason!

New post.