Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love and Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. Before we get to a post stuffed like a delicious turkey, I want to say thank you to all of the loyal GB posters. It's much more fun to follow Jake Gyllenhaal when we can come here to share in the feast. Thanks also to FL, for her friendship and co-bloggership. Finally, thanks to Jake for the making it so rewarding and fun to be a fan. And for making movies like Love & Other Drugs.

Speaking of which... some fun photos from the L&OD Facebook page. Thanks to Monica for finding them.

You've probably seen these Esquire pics already, but it's Thanksgiving. You have to get seconds:

A few stray interviews for the overset table. First up, from a terrible CBS interviewer:

The same reporter asks Jake and Anne how they will celebrate Thanksgiving. And Jake gives Anne more unhelpful cooking advice!

Another local TV station interview:

If you missed Jake on the Early Show, you can see it here here.

Cute and short video where Jake lists his holiday plans.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

(Thanks to Stephanie/IHJ for snagging the Esquire UK photos.)


UltraViolet said...

Follow-up tweet from the woman whose husband was standing next to Jake as the guy was buying a turkey:

Dickson's Farmstand-Chelsea Market! SO bummed! Jack asked Jake if he was making t-day dinner--he said just makin sausage.

Other funny tweets of the day: A couple of people tweeted that they saw Tobey Maguire at their showing of L&OD.


It deserves to be reiterated that basing a whole movie on Jake Gyllenhaal's insane fuckability was a really great idea.

I'll ditto that!

A Jamie Reidy interview in Newsweek

UltraViolet said...

A quick L&OD review:

I loved it. I don't understand what the majority of critics are on/off about. I am not saying it's a masterpiece. And there are some scenes that do feel like they belong in a different movie. But I don't think the film veered too dramatically from comedy to drama. It falt natural to me.

I feared that I would hate Josh Gad, but I thought he was really funny. The only scene I objected to was when he was on the phone in the backseat and calling his wife a "fucking bitch." I didn't find that funny or necessary.

Some of his other stuff was raunchy and I could have lived without it, but I didn't cringe and wish him off the screen when he appeared.

Supporting players were all good. Love Oliver Platt. Never a big Hank Azaria fan but he was really good. Too bad Jill Clayburgh wasn't in it more. Same for Judy Greer. I didn't even mind George Segal!

Jake and Anne? What can I say. They were both wonderful. Chemistry galore - clothed and unclothed. I think Anne had some overdone lines/scenes to do but she mostly pulled them off. She was very moving at times.

Jake was funny and sexy and charming and touching. He can sell romance and a joke and a little blue pill equally well.

There were some plausibility issues (she never objects to him being a part of an industry that many people believe victimizes patients. And how exactly does she pay for all of her meds and that amazing loft?). And I wish we had seen Jamie had "interacting" more with those two woman at the PJ party.

But overall, I loved it and can't wait to see it again.

Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts!

Lola said...

It deserves to be reiterated that basing a whole movie on Jake Gyllenhaal's insane fuckability was a really great idea.

Thats so funny! How was the charlie rose interview? Did anybody watch it? I'm hoping I will be able to see it tomorrow. I really wanted to watch it with my sister, but she has to work on thanksgiving. I think she actually wants to see it, and she has a huge crush on him, so that sucks. I hope everyone here has a happy thanksgiving! You guys make being a Jake fan so much more fun:)

Lola said...

^^^^ I'm talking about seeing LAOD not the Charlie Rose interview:)

UltraViolet said...

If anyone missed Charlie Rose, it's usually repeated the next day. Not sure if that will be true on Thanksgiving.

Lola, I thought you meant your sister has a crush on Charlie Rose :) I hope you get to see it soon.

I have to watch the interview again but I thought it was good. CR did not ask all the usual questions. And he didn't even talk over the guests as much as he usually does. hopefully someone else more awake can do a real recap tomorrow!

Oh, and Mary - I can't believe you got the Source Code trailer! That is amazing. I would love to have seen it on the big screen.

We had horrible previews, including the freaking Chronicles of Narnia.

Nice to see the Rotten Tomato score in the 40s, at least. but even better is all the twitter and Facebook love the movie and Jake are getting.

Anonymous said...

From "Open Salon"

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!

mary said...

yea UV iwas surpised to see the source trailer wasnt expecting it nice surpise though.

I also saw the CR interview it was pretty good. jake was wearing the same suit he wore for the LA times interview and pics so was anne but she did change her blouse so they must have done those interviews the same day.

happy thanksgiving to everyone i have to work so ill my turkey dinner at work. off to work now

Anonymous said...

Get Real said...

Hey all!!

Saw LAOD last night!! Really loved it....Jake and Anne were beautiful inside and out. I will give a more complete review after T-Day.

Also, it was great because the theatre was packed and they showed the Source Code trailer too.

Also saw the Charlie Rose interview. Makes me love Jake and Anne (and Ed) even more.

A lot to be thankful for today. :)

Thanks for the new pics, Jake is looking fantastic.

And thanks for the continued posting of interviews, videos, tweets, etc.

This blog rocks and I am thankful for UV, FL and everyone who posts here!!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!! :)

suvee said...

It deserves to be reiterated that basing a whole movie on Jake Gyllenhaal's insane fuckability was a really great idea.

That's probably the best review of L&OD I've read! I'm going to see it tomorrow. Yay!

I was a bit disappointed in the Charlie Rose interview...... it felt very Anne and Ed focused IMO. He didn't spend anywhere as much time on Jake. Oh well.

Great new pictures this morning! Thanks for getting my day off to a very good start. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American GBers! I'm thankful for so much in my life..... including this great place to share our appreciation of Jake. Thanks to UV and FL, thanks to every member of our GB family, and of course, thanks to Jake!

Get Real said...

I was a bit disappointed in the Charlie Rose interview...... it felt very Anne and Ed focused IMO. He didn't spend anywhere as much time on Jake. Oh well.

I felt the same way. I was a bit frustrated that he didn't seem to give Jake the same attention. I did think Jake was incredibly gracious to Anne and Ed with his comments regarding their work.

I too am of course very thankful for Jake....talented, sexy, charming and brought us all together. :)

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for your review UV, I'm planning on seeing it tomorrow, I'll be much too busy to see it today.

I felt the same way watching the Rose interview Suvee, Charlie was very focused on Anne and Ed and not enough of Jake .

What glorious pics to wake up to!

I have so much to be thankful for, it's been a tough year for a lot of people but I count myself lucky that I still have my job, my health, friends and family that I love and that I have GB to visit to get my Jake fix!

I'm also thankful for UV and FL for making this blog a fun place to visit and to all the posters here for making it fun too!

Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate!

bobbyanna said...

UV, we basically agree. I had anxieties about Josh,too, until I saw the movie. I said earlier, most Critics just don't get it right. The things they highlight or rant about, aren't important in the scheme of things.

They seem to subconsciously attempt to re-invent a movie to suit their own taste, instead of appreciating it as it is. Sort of like looking at a painting like The Mona Lisa,saying, well she should have smiled more! It was just a beautiful movie! (Maybe the PJ Party will be in the director's cut!:))

I saw the Source Code trailer, too! Watching a Jake movie, and seeing the trailer for another one. I hope we can do that again...soon!:)

Charlie Rose focused mostly on Anne. Jake and Ed Zwick didn't say as much as I'd hoped.

The article that talked about how nuanced and affecting Jake's performance was, hit the nail on the head, IMO. Yes, the camera loves him, but watching his face, his eyes, he is so expressive in small ways! He gives his character dimension and authenticity.

Jake'd said he felt Jamie was kind of lost. That came thru, and may be a part of why the audience could embrace him in spite of his caddish behavior. Maggie had a brave front, but so did Jamie.

I know I'll see it again before Monday.:) Those small "moments" you notice on second viewing. Jake is really exquisite.

I'm spending TG with my brother & his family, doing my apple/pecan stuffing! My kids are traveling! They'll be home for Christmas. I'll pop in before I have to leave.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day today!!

I love coming here, and I appreciate all the hard work UV/FL have done to keep us all "in the loop!" :)

Chica said...

Love visiting this place too, and I'm so thankful that UV and FL has provided such a relaxed and fun haven for us to indulge our Jake obsession!

The Rose interview was a bit disappointing, I was really looking forward to it. He seemed to be more interested in interviewing Anne , oh well.

Thanks so much for your reviews UV and Bobbyanna, as I mentioned in the previous post I will be seeing it Saturday.

I'm off to Long island to celebrate Thankgiving with my Mom and siblings.

May everyone here enjoy this day with family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I will be seeing it this weekend!!!!

Love the new Esquire pics, the one with the dog is cute, don't know what kind of dog it is though.

Looks like him and Taylor are together for Thanksgiving.

From Twitter
emilyfayeoakley I'm thankful for working on thanksgiving because Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift came in and I made them laugh


Monica said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for all links and information. Happy to know that everyone is enjoying laod and also that he is a good movie.

JoeAnn said...

Coming out of LAOD, I'm absolutely gobsmacked by Jake's "insane fuckability" too, and this from someone who looks at pics of him every single day. Jeez, Jake, what are you trying to do to us? Sexy, funny movie, wish it had been sharper in places, but I'll forgive any and all shortcomings based on the obscene number of Nekid!Jakeypoo screen caps that will soon be flashing as my wallpaper. Good times, Gyllenhaalics, good times.

Anonymous said...

It looks like LAOD will open to fifth place at $15 million for the five day weekend. Not good.

Fuckability or not, another bomb for Jake.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that on this type of weekend that an R rated movie with a lot of sex and nudity was going to do as well as the others out there.
It may not do well with the boxoffice like other "romance" movies and some of them don't do esp. well, but as far as performances - this is not a bomb.
That would be a movie with performances that would be easily forgotten.
They will be remembered for these roles in a positive way.

Shondra said...

Just popping in for a minute to just say thanks for all the updates and I hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving!

I will be seeing LAOD this weekend.

LAOD is an R rated film, the rest in the top 5 are either PG or PG-13 so it's BO take is about right IMO.

Viv said...

LAOD is a bomb? I don't think so:)
Sure I want it's BO number be higher, but considering its low budget ,R-rated,theaters count and was tracking low double digit before etc..,LOAD just did decent for me.
But two leads' amazing performance was indeed killed by poor script....sigh

Monica said...

Anon, Jake must be very important for you to come here to celebrate that he has another flop in theaters. When I do not like someone, I do not care what happens to that person.
Well, laod cost 30 million dollars, means it is earning half its cost in five days. Could it be more? Yes, but it debuted in a week with many other films and is still the second week of Harry Potter.
For a moment I thought it would be worse.

I want to see this movie!

Nikki said...

Looks like him and Taylor are together for Thanksgiving.

Possibly. I thought she was going to St. Louis for Turkey Day? She tweeted she was at a family gathering watching cat videos on Youtube on the 24th but didn't say where. Probably Nashville or St. Louis, who knows.
The girl who tweeted serving them works at Gorilla Coffee, one of Jake's CZ. An editor of JustJared contacted her about posting it on his site citing her as an "exclusive source". Could have happened but it's odd how no one else spotted them around Brooklyn, considering how many people tweeted about them the last time.
Interestingly, Gorilla has a shitty rep as employers, the entire staff quit en masse over work conditions back in April and posted an open letter in the NY Times detailing their grievances with the two owners. Apparently since the NY Times printed the letter, business has declined and Gorilla have threatened to sue for defamation. Just a thought but maybe they're using the whole Jake & Taylor thing as a way of gaining some publicity to try repair their reputation and increase profits?

Monica said...

OT: I read in the BOM (with information from the LA Times) that Tangled costed 260 million dollars!! Surprise for me!
I want to see this movie since I saw the trailer.

Lola said...

Yeah i also thought that Taylor and Jake tweet was weird, considering she said she was going to spend thanksgiving with her family in St. Louis, Missouri, and the tweet of her own about being with her family.I'm not really going to believe they're a couple until we get pictures of them that say something.

I'm happy with the box office of LAOD. I thought it was going to be worst with it being R rated, harry potter, and that tangled movie for competition.

I changed my plans to see it on sunday, since I was stuck with making turkey dinner. My dad wants to see it so he will be coming along instead of my mother, and this way I think my sister will be able to do it:)

Oh, by the way i will never understand why people hang out at fan sites of people they do not like.

Lola said...

^^^ I meant my sister will be able to see it with me. "to do it" What was i thinking:)

Lola said...

I want to see Tangled too, but I will probably wait till it comes out on dvd.

Anonymous said...

Could have happened but it's odd how no one else spotted them around Brooklyn, considering how many people tweeted about them the last time.

Someone else did

beatbelow:two of our kids just held door for jake & taylor at our local coffee shop. unfortunately not youngest one, who would have "totes freaked!"

Nikki said...

Whatever, so many public dates yet still no pics...

Monica said...

OT: Just watched Winters Bone and, in my opinion, is a great film, melancholy country music, with a fabulous performance from Jennifer Lawrence. And the children of movie are lovely.

bobbyanna said...

The fact that Burlesque is ahead in projections is disappointing, but not unexpected. The two leads have a huge, well established fanbase. I fully expected the more family oriented movies to come out top three, led by HP.

I'm not concerned with the ranking of LAOD. I'd rather focus on the $$$. It's doing fine, and will probably do even better as it opens around the world.

That "second" sighting's by someone who describes himself a "journalist." LOL! Don't know what's really going on. Don't really care. I'm still on my LAOD high. Need to see it again.:)

Anonymous said...

As Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday..schools are out through the weekend. Some people take time off from work so it's really a 4 day "Thanksgiving". So think sometimes people can be with their family on one day and then go somewhere else with other people during that time.

bobbyanna said...

monica, there's a LOT of buzz about Winter's Bone and especially about Jennifer Lawrence.Guess I have to put it on my list.:)

Nikki, I'd forgotten about the controversy surrounding "Gorrilla."
Thanks. I agree their image could definitely get a boost from Celebrity regulars.:)

UltraViolet said...

Somehow I don't think Gorilla Coffee's rehabilitation strategy involves promoting or planting tweets on Thanksgiving.

Good to see everyone on turkey day. Even the sad anon who wants L&OD to bomb. Poor little troll.

Here's a video of Jake and Anne talking holiday traditions.

I love the short clip I posted at the end of today's post, where Jake talks about his holiday plans. I'd love to see more video from that press day.

Lola said...

I heard Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing performance in winters bone, but I probably won't be able to see it there are just to many movies on my list that I need to see!

Did anybody watch Oprah today? She had an old interview of her and JFK Jr. Unfortunately my TV was skipping so I couldn't hear it. But it showed some of the women he dated and they seemed so random. It just reminded me of Jake:)
I really hope my sunday date sticks and i'm able to see LAOD.

UltraViolet said...

That Salon link posted above is pretty funny and has some nice words about Jake and how he plays both the cad and the caring lover equally well.

Thanks for posting it, anon.

Glad people liked the fuckability tweet. Still makes me smile.

I didn't notice a great disparity on Charlie Rose. I'll have to rewatch. But it was nice not to have the usual nonsense questions.

Haven't seen Winters Bone, not sure I will. But I have heard that she is great in it.

Just watched the end of Brokeback and teared up.

mary said...

hope everyone had anice thanksgiving i had to work but it was a nice day not too busy have to work tomorrow then off for 3 nad to see LOAD againon saturday.

and another big thanks to UV and FL for keeping this blog going this is like asafe haven for me to relax and enjoy talking about jake and his movies with every one so thanks again

UltraViolet said...

Oh, you're welcome, Mary. Forgot to say thanks to you and all the other people saying thanks :)

A couple of other videos:


TV Guide

Cute story and photo of Jake and Ed visiting a high school film class. Hope we get to see that deleted scene (and many other less g-rated ones!) in the DVD.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm slowly recovering myself and I'm off to see LAOD later.

LAOD predicted BO was as expected given the competition although like you Bobbyanna, I'm a bit surprised with Burlesque.

Checking up on all the updates, thanks for doing such a bang up job UV and FL, I love this blog!

FL said...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the nice words of...thanks about the blog, but credit and thanks should really go to UV - she's done an insane amount of heavy lifting leading up to and including the release of L&OD. I'm having a tough time keeping up with/reading all the great things she's posted!

Let me just say how jealous I am of everyone who got the double-dose of Jake at their theatres with Source Code being one of the trailers shown before L&OD. One of the theatre chains around here MUST be showing it before L&OD. I'll have to look into this.

I hope the movie does well through the weekend and it should judging by the amount of tweets and FB postings. I don't think it deserved some of the bad reviews it received. Sure it has some continuity issues but it works well overall, plus Jake and Anne have an amazing amount of onscreen chemistry, and he just looks so damn beautiful.

FL said...

Cute story and photo of Jake and Ed visiting a high school film class. Hope we get to see that deleted scene (and many other less g-rated ones!) in the DVD.

Oh, I forgot to comment on this. What a shame that whole scene was deleted. And what fortitude these kids had that they didn't post any of that encounter on social networking sites at the time.

bobbyanna said...

It is bone chillingly cold out there today!! And all the Black Friday maniacs are out in force. Perfect day to spend the afternoon with Jake, Anne...and Josh! :)

Also, the squirrels are gone from my roof and all necessary repairs have been done!!! (This year, everyone is getting homemade cookies for Christmas! :))

OONP, I wasn't really surprised, bcz Christina and Cher have a huge fanbase, but I was disappointed, since the critics really blasted Burlesque. So much for critics!

FL, I'm thinking back to a wonderful evening in Toronto, after seeing Jake, and seeing Rendition, and we were having a conversation...and UV was "there" too. Definitely. :)

This. Is. The. Best. Blog!

bobbyanna said...

Kudos to heavy lifting!:)

One thing. UV, I was rather surprised to discover in the blogosphere,a very 'militant' opposition to Gorilla coffee out there. There's been an active boycott in effect for some months now,and it's a sensitive issue.

Doesn't necessarily mean anything, relevant to recent "news." :)

Get Real said...

Happy after T-Day everyone! :)

Thanks again for the updates.

I do want to check out Winter's Bone. Heard good things about it.

As for BO well I don't know how they can say what the figures are when the weekend isn't completely over! I mean you have today, tomorrow and Sunday. I plan to see it again on Sunday. Burlesque looks like shit, sorry to say, but I don't get the interested even though I like Christina and Cher.

It was wonderful and Jake was just fantatic imo. Saw another side to him in this character and it was cool to see him do the lothario thing. ;p The chemistry was off the charts and I was caught up in them and wanted to watch just them over and over again!

Get Real said...

^^ Sorry meant to say that LAOD was good...

suvee said...

Happy Day After everyone!

Saw L&OD today. Jake was awesome..... he was born to play the charming sexy scoundrel! Anne was wonderful as well and their acting and chemistry is totally what made this movie worth seeing IMO.

I do agree with the 3 movies in 1 criticism... that got on my nerves. But I think it's so ironic that Ed Z. had to be talked into casting Jake, and Anne had to be convinced to take this on. Without their talent and obvious chemistry..... well, L&OD would not have been half as good as it was. The 2 of them saved that movie as far as I'm concerned. No wonder Ed is so complimentary! :)

And they showed the Source Code trailer!

I suppose everyone has seen this. I actually DVR'd her special last night, watched it this morning. I'll gladly admit I have revised my initial opinion.... and to quote a previous comment here at GB, he could do far worse IMO. :)

Tweety said...

I saw LAOD on Wednesday.

First off Jake was just perfect as Jaime: a charming and sexy player. He has really good comic timing and he made you care about his character even when he was being sleazy.

Anne's Maggie was a wonder to watch and she did a really good job of conveying a wide range of emotions. Together they were magic and had incredible onscreen chemistry.

The movie on the other hand was uneven, bouncing from raunchy sexy to a Lifetime type of movie, that worked sometimes, other times not.

I liked the supporting cast including the much trashed J. Egads, I do wish we saw more of Jaime's parents.

It was an Ok movie, saved by the amazing chemistry of Jake an Anne.

Will I see it again? probably yes just so I can watch Jake and Anne on the big screen again!

They showed the SC trailer!

I didn't watch the Thanksgiving special last night with Taylor Suvee, but it was on and I heard bits and pieces of it as I was stuffing my face, ha, ha!!

I've heard and seen the latest tweets,I wonder if pics will show up like the last time they were in Brooklyn.

Tweety said...

This site is pretty much explains the Gorilla Coffee controversy. Search the site and they have several articles archived.

This is just a repeat of Jake and Taylor spotted there. One of the posters said that they were standing in line with them and that Taylor's hair was frizzy. I guess they means she only had her hair straight for the AMA awards and now it's back to normal.

bobbyanna said...

The movie version of "Rock of Ages" is still listed as shooting in early 2011. They've got Taylor listed as part of the cast, but no one listed for the part of Drew, yet.

She starts her world tour in February, leaving no time to shoot a movie for months and months, once it starts. So there has to be some movement very soon, if they still plan to shoot in early 2011.

There've been a lot of references to Jake's singing voice in the interviews for LAOD. Hmmmm.....

Maple lattes??? Made with real Vermont syrup? Sounds way too sugary.

Anonymous said...

There are photos circulating the internet, taken from the film LAOD, that shows the tip of Jake's penis. That's right. You see his actual dick.

Anonymous said...

4:20 I saw the gif, you don't see Jake's lower part of the body (you know what I mean).

Anonymous said...

4:20 : It's fake and apprenly you never saw a dick in person because you seem either shocked or excited!

Extra said...

Ok, .....

I've been away from my computer, busy with my family for Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

After I do my laundry, I'm off to see LAOD, I can't wait!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the reviews, folks. Hope you enjoy the movie, Extra and others seeing it today.

Like Jamie Randall, I'm having connection issues. But it's taking more than two hours to fix them!

Suvee, I was curious whether you thought Jake showed another side of himself, no pun intended. I know you've been hoping for that.

I'm disappointed that this isn't a breakout hit. But I hope the box office stays for it.

Off to battle some shoppers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are in Nashville now if this tweet is true...

itsSUZYY @PerezHilton Spotted in Nashville: Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal sharing food @ eatery Fido!

FL said...

Pic - At Fido's in Nashville

Monica said...

When someone celebrates the failure of another, is because that is the only way her feel good, it simply means that life is a total failure. He is so stupid that he can not do anything to change their own situation.

Josie said...

I just got back from fighting off the shoppers myself UV, I'm in for the day! I will be seeing LAOD tomorrow with my cousin.

I agree with you Monica but I still don't understand. I was hoping that LOAD would ene up in the top five for the weekend. I checked boxoficemojo and they project that it will come in at #6.

Ir's not the big hit that I and othere has hoped but the film has an R rating amongst films that are either PG or PG-13 so it's not surprising plus the mixed reviews.

I had a great Thanksgiving with my family anf I hope everyone here did too.

I am so thankful for GB and UV and FL for keeping all of us gyllenhaalics entertained, happy and up to date! The coverage of the LAOD PR tour has been outstanding!!

A pic from Nashville, I was expecting another one from Brooklyn.

Friends don't fly to NY to spend part of their Thanksgiving together in Brooklyn nor do they fly to TN to spend time together in Nashville. You do that if you are dating.

bobbyanna said...

All I'll say is, it looks like Jake's having a much better Thanksgiving this year, than he had last year, and that makes me very happy for him.:)

Monica said...

Josie, laod had bad reviews, and has debuted a time where people are more interested in family films. I think they should have debuted before, just an opinion.
But promotion was great.

That last Thanksgiving was bad, Bob.
But I still have the same thoughts as before. Still do not like this whole situation.

Anonymous said...

But I still have the same thoughts as before. Still do not like this whole situation.

LOL! In your previous post you chastise people for being critical of Jake's movies, but it's OK for you to criticize his relationship. Hypocrite much?

Anonymous said...

In that picture Ms Taylor looks like a 14 year old and Jake looks like her uncle.

Good luck Mr G. - you will need it!

Monica said...

Are you kidding? I just criticize the person who came to celebrate that Jake had another failure in the cinema.

UltraViolet said...

Shouldn't all the trolls have shopping to do?

Bobbyanna, I like your sentiment. It's nice that Jake might be celebrating the potential beginning of something rather than mourning the end.

I hope he's happy in his personal life and that he's not too upset that, professionally, this movie didn't perform as well as it could have. Hope he's happy with the good reviews for his performance.

Monica said...

Yeah, UV. I read some comments on the website In Contention of people who saw the movie and they praised the performances and the chemistry between Jake and Anne.
I am very happy to read a lot of praise for both and hope to soon see this movie. Although not the way I wanted to see.

suvee said...

Yes, UV, I did see something different from Jake in L&OD. And I was delighted to see it! :)
(That's not to say that I still don't really want to see him play a truly flawed, bad guy.)

There's more than a movie's BO $ that can impact an actor's career. I can't help but believe that the wonderful job Jake did with the role of Jamie will (hopefully) open some doors that might have been closed to him. I mean, Ed Z. initially couldn't see Jake in this role (based on his past work), and had to be cajoled and begged by Jake to give him a chance. So even if L&OD isn't a smash hit, I imagine there could be another kind of payoff for Jake in the form of future roles.

Friends don't fly to NY to spend part of their Thanksgiving together in Brooklyn nor do they fly to TN to spend time together in Nashville. You do that if you are dating.

Thank you, Josie! It's amazing to me how desperate some people are to avoid facing this "inconvenient truth".

I'm happy for him if he's found someone special to care about. And I trust his judgment and values.

suvee said...

Oh, forgot to say "You rock!" to FL. I'm guessing that the much anticipated Jake & Taylor photo was here before anyplace else.

Lola said...

I still don't like her, but I'm not going to complain about it. It's he's business.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Saw LAOD and both Jake and Anne shine, they have a very real chemistry. They manage to be sexy and sweet.

Jake plays the womanizer Jaime well, someone you definately disliked in the beginning of the movie but warmed up to and liked towards the end. The charactrs are not likeable at first but you were definately rooting for them.

Their scenes together were the best thing in the movie and the films saving grace.

There were scenes that I felt that were not needed like the extended scene of the side effects of viagra and the scene with Jaime's brother and the tape was squirm worthy.

When the movie moved to Maggie's Parkinsons disease it felt like I was watching a different movie.

It could have used a more focused script and tigher direction, the movie would have been better.

A good but not great movie with outstanding acting by Jake and Anne.

I hope that HW will offer another role like this to Jake too Suvee, he is that good.

And as far as Jake and Taylor is concerned, he's a grown man and it's none of my business, as long as he is happy.

Monica said...

I saw the nude scenes of Anne on a website and a video that is on youtube. There is also a picture of a scene with Jake and Anne.

bobbyanna said...

"It could have used a more focused script and tigher direction, the movie would have been better."

I agree, OONP. Funny that Zwick had to be convinced of Jake and then Anne! They were the heart and soul of that movie.

I almost wonder if one of Josh Gad's functions in LAOD was to insure Jake's modesty! :) When Jake goes into the living room to get his camera, etc. LOL!

Now I've seen it three times(!) I can think of four specific scenes that really irritated me. There was no reason they were handled the way they were. I won't discuss them, bcz they contain spoilers and I realize some ppl haven't seen it yet.

Just caught the last 30 minutes of "Shakespeare in Love." I didn't know Ed Zwick was one of the producers! It was so well written,flawless really, and very well directed, etc. John Madden did an outstanding job. So did Norman and Stoppard, who co-wrote it.

Saw "Winter's Bone," too. Jennifer Lawrence was excellent, but her character lacked a lot of range and shadings. She was grim, determined, and fierce. The guy who played her uncle, Teardrop, had more opportunities to "act," IMO.

It was a very low budget indie that was very tight, well directed, and authentic. She and the movie should get recognized for the Independent Spirit Awards.


me, again said...

LAOD should open a lot of doors for Jake. Whether or not he decides to walk thru them's another story.:) He really was flawless, and not just physically. What he manages to convey with those eyes, probably eliminates about 30 pages of dialogue!
He's quite a package. A beautiful man, and a hugely talented actor.

I think some better editing could "fix" sme of the pacing problems I noticed.

FL said...

Now I've seen it three times(!) I can think of four specific scenes that really irritated me. There was no reason they were handled the way they were. I won't discuss them, bcz they contain spoilers and I realize some ppl haven't seen it yet.

I had some issues with several scenes as well, though mine were more along the lines of continuity. Don't know if that's what you're referring to, bobbyanna, or whether your issues are script/direction issues.

Monica said...

The guy who played her uncle, Teardrop, had more opportunities to "act," IMO.

I loved his performance too.
Jennifer is so young and can give a great performance.

bobbyanna said...

My criticisms centered mostly on script/dialogue, and pacing, FL.
Which, are mostly director's problems. I am SO looking forward to the DVD.

There were some absolutely outstanding moments of acting in this movie, impossible to ignore! Jake brings his A Game, matches Annie scene for scene.

Viv said...

Too bad LAOD didn't break out.
But to those who keep saying Jake can't carry a movie, can give me "ONE" male actor under 30 actually carry a movie by his own?
Sometimes I even think it's too soon to push Jake carrying a movie box office.

But we can still wait for his next film to be a hit as long as he keeps acting.Maybe source code will be a surprise :D

Chica said...

I saw LAOD yesterday with my sisters even though they wanted to see Burlesque. They decided to see LAOD with their big sister after I kept whining, LOL!!

The movie for me was a mixed bag. I loved Jake as Jamie, a role he has not played before. The first half of the movie was the best where you got to see Jaime as a womanizing jerk to a Pharm rep who engages in sleazzy behavior in his new profession. He meets Maggie where lust turns into love.

The chemistry between them has been talked about over and over but I will just have to repeat it, they are electric on screen.

Both Jake and Anne did a great job bringing their charcters to life.

The character of Maggie could have been fleshed out more and I could have done w/o Jaime's brother. The character was annoying and creepy.

The film could have done with some editing and there were scenes that either didn't make sense or should have ben edited. I won't go into them now because they contain spoilers.

I think there were 3 writers credited to the screnplay including Zwick and that is were the problem is: too many cooks spoil the pot. They tried to do too much.

A love story using the backdrop of the viagra craze in the 90's with the added questionable tactics of the pharmaceutical companies may have been a tall order to film and it could have easily been two seperate movies.

The first half was the best but it became muddled towards the end.

I give it a B- based on the wonderful performances of Jake and Anne.

BTW, my sisters liked the movie and glad they went. They are not Jake fans but they thought he was hot and they enjoyed the movie for the most part.

Hope everyone here had a great Thankgiving including Mr. G!

suvee said...

Chica, your L&OD review pretty much summed up my feelings about the movie. I'd give it a B- too.

I loved the first half of the movie..... it was sort of reminding me of Up in the Air. But it fell apart in the second half. Too much of a Lifetime movie..... and the not very funny "Judd Apatow lite" scenes were distracting and unnecessary. They really took me out of the emotion of the main story.

But having said that, the good things about L&OD (and there are indeed plenty of good things) are totally due to Jake and Anne. Can you imagine what this movie would have been like if it starred Ashton Kutcher and Kate Hudson instead? :)

bobbyanna said...

Suvee:"...the good things about L&OD...are totally due to Jake and Anne."

Chica: "I think there were 3 writers credited to the screnplay including Zwick and that is were the problem is

I pretty much agree. I gave it a B...(except on Yahoo where I gave it an A+.:))

I saw a trailer for Ashton & Natalie Portman as BFFs who fall in love. Don't like Ashton. Can't watch him.

I had no problem with the LAOD getting serious. It gave the story substance for me. If it had just been one way or the other, it would've really seemed "been there, done that" to me.

It could've used more editing,and done it more effectively,tho. The flaws are definitely writers/director related, for sure.

fb said...

Inside of Fido in Nashville with FB comments on Jake and Taylor:

mary said...

off to see LOAD again later today didnt make it yesterday went shopping instead i agree with what most every one has said about the movie jake and anne were fantastic and carried the film great chemistry.

regarding jake and taylor as survee said i trust jakes judgement and if hes happy im happy im sure weall want jake to be happy.

and yes i think GB had the first pic of them

Anonymous said...

Here is another sighting from today.

FaithLjohnson Jake Gyllenhaal + Taylor Swift = Frothy Monkey right now. God she's pretty. DANG he's HOTTTTT

This sighting is in the comment section on

Jake just spotted at the Whole Foods - no Taylor in sight. But, he's still in Nashville!

suvee said...

JustJared has pics of Taylor (sans Jake) taken in Nashville today. Our much loved Mr. BG is with her. :)

bobbyanna said...

Suvee, I saw that too, and thought the same thing! There's definitely a resemblance, but I'm not sure it's him.

I just read that Leslie Neilsen passed away. RIP, Leslie.

Extra said...

Here is my review of LAOD:

Jake was born to play a role like this, he was able to show off his comedic side and I hope he gets a chance to play a role like this again.

Jaime is a cad, uses women and is an all around jerk and Jake plays it to perfection. His scenes with Anne as Maggie are magic and I really hope that they get a chance to do another film together.

Their love story was the best part of the movie, the rest was a mish mash of good intentions but they just didn't gel IMO.

I didn't have a problem with Gads but others in the audience made their opinions known:(

I liked Oliver and Hank and the soundtrack was great, but I had a problem with the direction and dialog.

I agree Monica that they should have released the film earlier or perhaps next week when the competition isn't as stiff, no pun intended!

Even with the problems I mentioned, I did enjoy the film, not the best film I have seen this year but enjoyable and it has Jake in it looking gorgeous and delivering a fine performance, it should have done a bit better at the box office IMO.

Lola said...

I saw LAOD today, and also got to see the source code trailer! I agree with everybody else and I don't really have anything new to say. Jake and Anne were amazing, and this definitely made my craving for them to be a couple in real life worse. I actually enjoyed Jaime's brother, and most of the laughs out of me were from him.

As we were leaving the theater I asked my dad if he liked it, and he's said it was a realy good movie. He also said that he thinks that guy(Jake) is a really great actor, but he said he liked him in spiderman and that he saw him and other movies but he cant remember. Im sorry to say I just didn't have the heart to correct my father. Also i think he's the only person in the world who doesn't know Im obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal, and I would like to keep it that way:)

Monica said...

I agree Monica that they should have released the film earlier or perhaps next week when the competition isn't as stiff, no pun intended!

Anne Thompson:

Read the comments. Very interesting.

I saw Harry Potter, but I'm tired for comment.

RIP Leslie Nielsen.

mary said...

saw LOAD again loved it even more the second time my daughter and even my son went with with me my duahgter thought it was better then she thought it would be and my son said it was okay they both liked the source code trailer though and said they would definitely see that with me my sister went too and she liked alot didnt take my mother because i knew she wouldnt like all the nudity in it

mary said...

forgot to say the body guard with taylor sure looks like MR BG

mary said...

LOLA thats a funny story about your father reminds when bbm had come out my mother and my aunt went to see it thinkinfit was a cowboy movie boy were they surpised:}

UltraViolet said...

Good to see Jak establishing the Nashville CZ!

Frustrating week for me. We are still having connection issues. Luckily, there's nothing going on with Jake. ,)

I'll have to comment more thoroughly from work tomorrow. Thanks for all the reviews. It's clear that Hollywood wants to see that Jake can carry a movie at the box office. There's no question he can carry the action or story of a film. I hope SC will be a success but the timing isn't great for it.

It's a shame critics weren't mote open to L&OD. I think it might have helped a bit at the BO. And this was clearly not the right weekend to open it. It's a pity.

I saw it last night with two friends who both really liked it. And the audience really seemed to enjoy Josh G.

Thanks for all the updates over the weekend. Back to the real world tomorrow. Boo.

bobbyanna said...

Lola,glad your dad enjoyed the movie...Toby Maguire should send a thank you note! ;)

I enjoy reading other people's reactions to the movie.
Seems most of us who were able, did our best to boost opening weekend box office receipts! (Yay, mary! :))

Often, marketing campaigns falter in the days immediately following a movie's opening. I've seen lots of ads for Burlesque all weekend, even some for Russell Crowe's new movie, Tangled, and Harry Potter! I don't think I've seen hardly any LAOD ads since last Wednesday.

Overall, I can't fault the marketing this time, and negative criticism didn't affect Burlesque as much as I hoped it would.(!)
So I definitely agree they should have picked a different weekend to release an R rated movie like LAOD.

Jake's definitely leading man material. Ann Thompson should read the tweets and FB comments.He's getting major, positive reactions, and multiple viewings,and WOM are all about seeing him. I also love the fact that critics are praising his acting as they are as Anne's.

Monica said...

I also love the fact that critics are praising his acting as they are as Anne's.

I am also happy about it, Bob.

James Franco & Anne Hathaway To Host Oscar?

EXCLUSIVE: I've just learned that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has asked James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the Academy Awards, and it "looks like" both young stars have accepted the offer. There is always the chance that one of them might back out because of prior commitments. But my sources say the host announcement could be made as soon as this week. Both are starring in Fox movies out in theaters: Franco in Fox Searchlight's 127 Hours, and Hathaway in 20th Century Fox's Love And Other Drugs. Hathaway did a major dance and musical number with then host Hugh Jackman at the Academy Awards two years ago. Franco is also a multitalented actor. Both are equally adept at comedy and drama. Their selection, if true, is an inspired choice and demonstrates how much current Academy president Tom Sherak wants to improve Oscar ratings.

get real said...

Disappointed about the BO. I thought the movie was great and Jake and Anne were fantastic.

I do think if they opened earlier when there wasn't such a crowded weekend that would have helped.

I think it is cool that Anne and James Franco will host the Oscars. Big fan of both. Certainly a different rout than they have gone before.

Anonymous said...

I think what hurt alot of the movies this week was Harry Potter being out, that is a hard movie to go up against. Maybe if they would have put it out on another weekend it would have done better, but it does not mean the movie was not good.

A new sighting today. What is up with the damn coffee shops? lol.

maryreynolds85 nearly passed out when jake gyllenhaal walked in crema w/taylor swift.just saw love&other drugs and then he walks in.i'm starstruck.again.

Anonymous said...

"I think it is cool that Anne and James Franco will host the Oscars. Big fan of both. Certainly a different rout than they have gone before."

Yes, but it speaks volumes that they did not ask Anne and JAKE......!

UltraViolet said...

Jake is definitely a leading man, but he needs a hit movie to cement his status. I just tell myself that most actors go through cycles - good and bad movies, good and bad box office. Unfortunately for Jake, his most recent movies have done poorly (Rendition) underperformed (PoP and now L&OD).

Since L&OD didn't cost a lot, it will be profitable. But it can't be pointed to as a hit. It's a shame, because I think it could have been.

There isn't a lot coming out this week, so maybe L&OD can perform better than most second week movies usually do.

About the Oscars - it makes me a little sad, because this is the kind of thing I think Jake should be offered over James Franco. OTOH, it could be a disaster. But it does pain me a little to see this written about them: " personify the next generation of Hollywood icons— fresh, exciting and multi-talented" and not Jake.

The fact that I'm not a James Franco fan might have something to do with it, and not just jealousy!

Monica said...

I like James Franco. He is very hot! He loves literature, he is a writer, he is intelligent, amazing ...

UV, I did not want to see jake as host of the Oscar. It's a big responsibility.
These two are very brave.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think it's brave, really. And I think Jake could do a better job than Franco.

I'm a bitter General Hospital fan who had to sit through Franco's little performance art project for months. So I think of him as just a pretentious ass. I did like him in Milk, though. He is a good actor.

Monica said...

There are many negative comments about it.
And some are frightened by the possibility of this being a strategy of Anne Hathaway to be nominated for an Oscar.
I hope we both do a great job.

UltraViolet said...

I hope they do a good job, too. I think they will. There are always negative comments about anything new. Good luck to them.

New post.