Friday, November 19, 2010

New York Days and Nights

Update with a nice Jake and Anne interview from the LA Times via the KC Star:

Anne Hathaway vividly recalls the first time she made out with Jake Gyllenhaal: It was on the set of 2005's "Brokeback Mountain," in which the actress played the neglected wife to Gyllenhaal's smitten cowboy, and they were filming a steamy tryst in the back seat of a car.

"Jake had touched me everywhere except my boob," says Hathaway, patting her chest as the pair sits together to discuss their new film, the upcoming romantic dramedy "Love & Other Drugs," which opens in theaters Wednesday. "We did it very methodically: I would cover, they'd bring me a towel, I'd get out of the car, go behind a screen and get redressed. All of a sudden I hear a throat clear from behind the screen. It's Jake. 'Ah, Annie, so the thing is, in this scene, if it was really you and me in the car, I just think that, you know, ah, can I touch your boob?'"

"And ... I don't think you asked me this time," says Hathaway, turning to her screen partner to tease him about his behavior during the many love scenes they shot for their new project and laughing uproariously.

"I already asked. Your offer was still good," Gyllenhaal says with a shrug.

Yeah, Jake, I think that is probably a standing offer from many women!

Jake Gyllenhaal visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for an interview with USA Weekend. Jake talks about love and loss and the things he's grateful for. And in other versions, he reveals that Ramona is a tough critic and also discusses sports and the Joe Namath movie. It's a good read. Some excerpts:

In real life, humor —at times on the raunchy side — is part of the actor's substantial allure, says co-star Hathaway. "His humor has the ability to repulse and charm simultaneously," says the actress, adding: "For a young male celebrity who's one of the most beautiful men on the planet, no caveats, he's super-duper grounded. He's a terrible texter, though. Awful."

The actor is less philosophical when asked what he learned from his broken hearts and trying times in relationships. The biggest lesson: "Mostly just to shut up," he says, flashing a smile. "There's a lot of love in the silences or in listening. That's the best I can do for right now."

As for the future, swinging single is not exactly on the agenda.

"Children are really where it's at," says Gyllenhaal, who turns 30 next month, on Dec. 19. "That's what I feel turning 30, more than I ever did."

The actor's thoughts then turn to his own parents and their breakup in 2009.

"My family's been through some stuff over the past little while, and it's just brought us all really close," he says.

"People find their way toward loving like water. Sometimes two rocks are set up in the wrong way and the water has to part and go, and I've seen that happen recently. As my family's broken apart into different pieces, I can also see that there's more love as a result."

Before hopping back on his bike, he ponders his life one more time, and he realizes how good it is for him right now, despite the heartbreaks.

"It's Wednesday, the middle of the day, we're sitting in the botanical gardens, I rode up here on my bike. Life ain't so bad."

Jake attended the FINCA 25th Anniversary celebration at Capitale in New York City last night.

Jake's friend and former costar Natalie Portman is an Ambassador of Hope for the organization. There are a couple of videos of Jake and Natalie here and below:

And a couple of shots of Jake, Natalie and Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine), from Red Carpet Report:

Video of Jake posing for pics with fans outside the David Letterman show on Thursday:

If you missed Jake on the Ryan Seacrest radio show yesterday, you can listen to it here - with a few photos of Jake to pass the time:

There's also a lenghty interview with Ed Zwick at Coming Soon.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Great review from Leonard Maltin. Less than a rave from Newsweek.

Jake spotted last night by a few people at this place:

spotted jake gyllenhaal eating filet mignon at Le Marais at 46th st.

From the NY Daily News about the premiere:

Jake Gyllenhaal knows how to make an entrance. The studly star stunned us and other reporters at his "Love & Other Drugs" premiere at the Directors Guild Theater on Tuesday when he vaulted over the velvet rope that separates celebrities from the press to give us a one-on-one interview.

But after we and a few other journalists reacted to his spontaneity by scampering back like terrified squirrels, he raised his hands in a conciliatory gesture and returned to the red carpet. "Whoa, whoa, okay. I don't want to break the rules," Gyllenhaal said before reciting Billy Crudup's line from "Almost Famous" about the press being "the enemy."

Tweety said...

More goodies to catch up on, I love the USA interview, he sounds very reflective. He really loves Brooklyn, I wouldn't be surprised if he moved there.

I was wondering who that redhead was! Jake mentioned during Pop promo that he liked Florence and the machine and guess what group will be the musical guest on SNL tomorrow?

I thought that Jake would probably show up to do a skit with Anne, but I wouldn't be surprised that it's a musical number!

Natalie is so pretty, and Jake looks almost perfect except for those brown shoes.

I can't wait to get my hands on the new EW cover!

Off to read the Maltin review, thanks for the link!

Bobbyanna being cranky because there's a raccoon in my attic being noisey all night... said...

Thanks UV! I feel very sorry for the Newsweek reviewer who obviously never had sex with their clothes off!!!:)

After watching countless interviews, roundtables, Q&As, etc. with the actual actors & the director, it's interesting to observe how writers, bloggers, etc. twist, distort, spin, and fabricate what actors say, and what they were actually talking about.

They'll steal a phrase from here or there and come up with an entire article based on a false premise to suit their "magical thinking." I take most of that stuff with a grain of salt.

But I'm particularly surprised at someone writing for Newsweek, saying Jake & Anne demanded Zwick take off his clothes, etc. I know videos or audio can be edited, but I find them more accurate and more informative any day. So this critic's credibility is crap IMO. Apparently he couldn't get passed his own hang ups to do a decent review.

I'm a grown up.I really don't need some random jerk moralizing about nudity. How sad all he could think about was Anne's dietary habits and Jake's workout schedule.

Tweety said...

Maltin is one of my favorite movie critic, happy that he gave LAOD a thumbs up.

The Newsweek critic seemed to be obsessed with the nudity in the film, that's all he seem to focus on, so IMO it really wasn't much of a review.

What passes for the press today is really sad. Quotes are attributed to people and then you find out later that they didn't say it, was taken out of context or was said as a joke or worse it's an old quote from some other pres junket. I stumbled accross a few going through some of the LAOD stuff.

mary said...

i wouldn't be surpised either if jake moved to brooklyn he sure hasnt spend much time in LA lately.

REGIS didnt seem to like all the nudity either.

Get Real said...

I like seeing Jake out and about and with Natalie.

I agree that it is very frustating and annoying to see how lazy the press has gotten. They don't even seem to care if they get their facts wrong and usually make shit up to be gossipy and create drama. The worst is when they can't even bother to make sure Jake's last name is spelled correctly...grrr.

Still basking in all the great LAOD promotion going on. Jake on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Love Jimmy and Jake together. I hope Jake does a singing skit. Springsteen just did a hilarious version, with Jimmy as Neil Young, of Whip My Hair Back and Forth.

And I do hope Jake is somehow involved in SNL with Anne. They need to sing!!!

Monica said...

What a great interview. Thanks, UV.
I love reading about the love he has for his family.
He is intelligent, adorable, humble, beautiful, sexy ...
It will not be a surprise to me if he resolve to move to Brooklyn. And I think I'll love if this happens.

UltraViolet said...

Possible spoiler alert for tonight's Jimmy Fallon:

Last night when Anne was on LJ, he told her they are going to try to get Jake to rap. I think he said Jake didn't want to but they were going to make him, lol.

Jake and Anne talk to MTV. There's a short video clip with nothing new.

UK readers correct People's SMA mistake.

I've seen this in a bunch of links but can't find the original source:

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN stars ANNE HATHAWAY and JAKE GYLLENHAAL have become culinary pen pals in real life - they help each other out with kitchen nightmares.

The cute couple, who played man and wife in the 2005 film and team up again as lovers in new movie Love & Other Drugs, often text each other cooking queries.

Hathaway has been taking cookery lessons to perfect her kitchen skills and Gyllenhaal is considered one of the best celebrity chefs in Hollywood - so they always have a lot to text about.

The actress tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I now have a go-to cooking teacher, which is wonderful."

Gyllenhaal adds, "She texts me when she has questions about cooking... The other night, Annie texted me and she was like, 'How can I make breadcrumbs quickly?'

"I wrote all these instructions, and it took me 15 or 20 minutes. And she goes, 'Oh, yeah, I already thought of that. That doesn't work.'"

UltraViolet said...

Liked the Maltin interview. The Newsweek one was ridiculous, as many have pointed out. I guess the writer would say the nudity overwhelms the story so it took over the review, as well.

And ditto to the bemoaning of "journalism" in the internet age. Fact-checking is apparently obsolete in some places.

I think it's a wonderful interview, too. I wish they'd gotten a photo of Jake in the Botanic Garden! I love to hear Jake talk about family. This is also an interview I'd love to see a video of, just to see his expressions.

Brooklyn might be a little too tame for Jake, since he doesn't have the family yet. But who knows. It would be interesting if someone asked him if he's going to leave L.A.

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with a couple of new photos and a link to a great new interview with Jake and Anne. No video, just words :)

Chica said...

As much as I love the EW covers, the pics you just posted of them UV from the LA Times interview has to be my favorite.

I love that Jake didn't have to ask to touch Anne's girls this time around!

They look beautiful together, i'm going to miss this LAOD tour when it's over but thankfully there will be tons of pics and videos to remember.

It would be too funny if Jake does rap on Fallon, and I also think that he will pop up on SNL as well.

Brooklyn may be a bit low-key for Jake but he speaks of the neighborhood so fondly and of course he has family there as well.

Get Real said...

Sigh...I agree that that pic is so beautiful. They are gorgeous together. And I love how his hand is laying over hers. And can they give good interview. :)

UltraViolet said...

They look great together, though I can't decide if I totally like Jake's look in the photos. I like the way they are together.

I'm a broken record, but I'd love to see the video of the BBM/L&OD boob discussion!

Added yet another new photo and a new link to more from the USA Weekend interview. It's annoying to have it all in different links!

They do give good interview, get real!

FL said...

Here's the EW cover I got in the mail at home today. The address label cut off his right elbow. Which is a pity; he has wonderful elbows.

JF said...

"For a young male celebrity who's one of the most beautiful men on the planet, no caveats, he's super-duper grounded. He's a terrible texter, though. Awful."

:) I'm gonna miss seeing Jake and Anne together when movie promotion is over.

Great review from Leonard Maltin. Less than a rave from Newsweek.

I'm hoping for more reviews like Maltin's.

Nice pic of Jake and Natalie. :)

mary said...

i got the same cover on my EW cover FL

UltraViolet said...

Pesky address labels, FL!

Make sure to read the post if you haven't since this morning. That LA Times feature has about four different links. Don't want anyone to miss anything!

Sadly, JF, it feels like the reviews are going to be mixed. A C from one; a better reaction from another.

Most people have probably seen this by now: Every Shirtless Pic of JG. I bet they missed some!

It's fun, but those annoying lines over other people are just silly.

Shondra said...

I think I read akk the kinks to the LA Times interview, that is one of more interesting interviews.

Love reading all his thoughts about turning 30 and his family. He adores his niece, he will make a great Dad.

I can see him moving to Brooklyn too.

I'm enjoying Jake and Anne entirely too much, they are adorable together, they have wonderful chemistry and obviously enjoy being around each other.

I noticed that Anne and now Natalie have appeared with Jake at an event wearing white and they both looked stunning!

The reviews are mixed and I have a bit of anxiety about it's BO.

Can't wait for his appearence on Fallon tonight.

Thanks for keeping up with the interviews, reviews an videos UV and everyone, I have some carching up to do, I know I missed some things!

Shondra said...

^^^^ ^^^^

That should be "all the links"

I had a long day, glad the weekend is finally here!

Monica said...

I'm tired of translating many interviews. But at the same time is fun to do.

These interviews are great.
I love the idea that he wants a family, but he is not "desperate" for that as many people have suggested over the years. He is living his life.
I understand that. We have the same age and we are in a similar situation.

The quote about courage reminded me of Heath Ledger when he said he did not think anything brave about playing Ennis Del Mar.

Monica said...

ITunesTrailers Exclusive: See Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code:
Source Code

mary said...

thanks monica thats cool

Monica said...

I am having trouble accessing the site of Apple!

FL said...

No worries, Monica, the trailer is on YouTube already. :-)

I can never get Apple trailers to work for me either.

Monica said...

Thanks, FL! :)

mary said...

gosh i hope i can make it to 1230 to catch jimmy fallon tonite i have to work sat and sun and i get up at 445am those days usually in bed by 1000 and try to catch snl tomorrow nite maybe if jake doesnt make a appearance some can let me know oh well the things i do for jake.

FL said...

Mary, I think you'll be able to catch Jimmy Fallon's show on the NBC website from tomorrow. And I'm sure someone will have YouTubed Jake's appearance by then as well.

mary said...

yea i know i can watch them on you tube or the nbc site but when i watch them on my computer its too slow takes me like 30 minutes to watch a 3 minute video my son tried to fix it but couldnt

Sag actor said...

Thanks Monica and FL, that SC trailer lookes really cool!

You guys have been doing a great job on keeping up with all the LAOD promotion, thanks!!!

Lola said...

I love the usa artical. Its so nice to hear him talk about his family, and wanting to start his own. The SC trailer actually looks good. I wasn't sure at fist, but by the end I was loving it. I'm going to be sad when the LAOD promotion ends, its been a joy seeing these two together. I was wondering awhile back if Jake was going to leave LA, but since he was born and grew up there i bet it would be hard for him to leave.

FL said...

Well that was very nice of Jimmy Fallon to leak his new Sarah Palin rap song with Jake. The interview portion is on that page as well.

bobbyanna said...

USA Weekend cover and a great article! Yesss!

Monica & FL, thanks for the Source Code trialer. Looks good!

I really enjoyed seeing videos of Jake and Natalie at the FINCA event. He looked like he was in a great mood.

UltraViolet said...

Goodness, busy Friday night! I really like the SC trailer. And the Fallon clips were hilarious. Interview wasn't bad, either.

What a week this has been! I need to go back and read some of these interviews. And watch the Max 60 videos again. Like suvee, I think these are my favorites. So refreshing to see something different.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)