Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal, Esquire

Update: From twitter, Jake in the subscriber edition of Esquire UK:

And the scans of the article, courtesy of IHJ:

And some pics from the story, as well as some interview snippets, courtesy of PopSugar:

On how to get Anne Hathaway into bed: "We talked about what we thought was sexy, about what were the things that interested us, and through the discussion became pretty intimate with each other."

On sex scenes with Anne: "Annie and I had already had sex on film (in Brokeback Mountain). There’s something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical. It’s all about rhythm. There’s a rhythm to writing, there’s a rhythm to sports, there’s a rhythm to sex."

On letting it all hang out on set: "Annie, because as a woman I think it’s harder. She said at one point, 'Well, we’re both topless and we both show our butts.' And I was like, 'Hmm, but it’s a little different for you.'"

On admiration for his sister Maggie: "I admire her and continue to admire her. That might play into the reason I don’t have much of a problem letting the women I’ve worked with shine. I love women."

On his friendship with Anne: "I feel like she’s a comrade. The thing about Anne is that she develops her characters in absolute detail. To the point where she went down to the Lower East Side to buy fluorescent bras for her character. I knew Annie could f**king kill it."

On being naked in the movie: “I was naked a lot in the movie. I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director’s cut? I don’t even know how that would be rated.”

On where he is most at ease: "I think comedy. That’s why I loved working with Robert Downey Jr (on Zodiac). He and I had this similar kind of working. His energy is a bit more frenetic than but in terms of work, we meshed."

Yes, get those two in a comedy ASAP!

Jake in Esquire UK. No news on any US magazines yet, but here's hoping we see Jake on lots of covers, chat shows and carnivals. Okay, maybe not carnivals. How about commercials? There was apparently an ad for Love & Other Drugs during Dancing with the Stars tonight, and the twitterverse reaction was very positive.

Shouldn't we be getting another trailer or some photos? Maybe it's too close to
MTV posted another video from the recent NYC screening. In this one, Jake talks about having to "pump up" the other person when doing a love scene. Yes, Anne does giggle at this choice of words!

If you haven't seen the rest, they are here.


UltraViolet said...

From Facebook:


McConnell's is an ice cream place in Santa Barbara.

From another poster:

I was just talking to Jake gyllenhal while waitin in line for the restroom and Taylor swift was waiting for him in the car... he was actually pretty cool lol gotta love sb

dnt know but he has a nice. Black audi SUV and Taylor looked weird in person
6 hours ago

what?! where were they?
5 hours ago

I seen them at Mobil on mission and Castillo.

ooh crazy
5 hours ago

crazy he was cool and she was just on the phone the whole time... He was kinda funny
5 hours ago

so i guess its true they are dating :)
5 hours ago

Yup I just seen them on the front of a magazine and then they pulled up and I was like wtf! She looks weird up close... Kinda pretty I guess

My favorite comment was the poster's father, saying Jake was lucky to meet him. Aww!

For people tired of the Taylor stuff, there were lots and lots of non-TS-related tweets, mostly about L&OD. So I'm hoping that's a good sign that people are getting excited for the movie, regardless of whom Jake is dating.

mary said...

i saw tv ad twice once this morning and again tonite

Monica said...

WOW, UV. We're finally at the beginning of the promotion of Love And Other Drugs.
I'm still hoping to see Jake and Anne in Entertainment Weekly!

Lola said...

Hey what do I type in on the mtv website to see that new video? I can only watch those videos on the main site and i clicked on the link, but they only have the old ones i've seen.

Anonymous said...


Could it be that they are just friends hanging out?? like he does with Busy or Maggie even.
We have pics of them hanging out in NYC, Lots of tweats about hanging in LA but only the odd one that claim they were holding hands & kissing (which were picked up first on both occassions by the same website)but strangely no pics which if everyone is seeing them we'd have a pic!!!!
Im still not sure about the romantic side of this relationship if im honest it freaks me out thinking bout it, sources claim they are just hanging out & its not serious - maybe their right?

bobbyanna said...

"...there were lots and lots of non-TS-related tweets, mostly about L&OD. So I'm hoping that's a good sign that people are getting excited for the movie..."

Happily,I noticed that too, UV!
I guess I tend to worry unnecessarily that the PR will go off on 'tangents,' but I see how things are building with the marketing now, and it is looking good.

I even noticed some promotion that was co-sponsored by Stella Artois for free tickets to the premiere and a chance to meet Jake.
Thanks for the new video clip. They are so cute together!:)

I had the DWTS channel on last night but left the room when they cut to commercials! Never saw a thing:( They are on again tonight, so I will definitely be paying attention.

Don't forget to vote today!!!
And I just want to say right now, that I think Nancy Pelosi has been an outstanding Speaker of the House.

I wonder how many people out there realize that the Speaker is a Constitutionally mandated position, next in the line of succession if, for some reason, the President and Vice President were both removed from office by some event? ((((Nancy))))

UltraViolet said...

Lola, I'll check when I get to the office for the direct link to the video.

Monica, I hope they get the EW cover, too!

Bobbyanna, you know I agree on the Speaker.

I've already voted and updated the post with a new Esquire pic. Suppose I should go to work now...

Monica said...

Jake Gets Frank About Love, Drugs, and Sex in Esquire UK

Pop Sugar

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love that new shot posted of Jake from Esquire UV and thanks for posting the clip of Jake and Anne form their Q&A!

I caught a LOAD commercial last night, and I love the twitter responses to it.

I don't think the chatter regarding Jake and Taylor will get in the way of LAOD promo.

There is talk that if the Democrats lose the House as expected that Pelosi will retire rather than take a minority leader post.

If does does than it would be such a lost. I had a few issues with some things regarding her over the years but she has been an outstanding Speaker of the House and leader. She worked hard behind the scenes with the President and others and delivered, the negativity that is leveled against her is due to the fact that she gets things done.

I voted already, there are a lot of important and tight races so it's important that everyone get out and vote today!

FL said...

I had the DWTS channel on last night but left the room when they cut to commercials! Never saw a thing:( They are on again tonight, so I will definitely be paying attention.

I wouldn't do that if I were you, bobbyanna. Unless of course you are a glutton for punishment. Taylor is one of the guest performers tonight.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, FL. She's everywhere!!!

Updated the post with the new Esquire pics and quotes from PopSugar.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that I love the first PopSugar Esquire pic, the one of Jake leaning. And you can see that the jacket and pants are more of a morning suit. Much better than the cover pic.

The third one, where he's making a weird face? Not my favorite.

mary said...

thanks UV for the new pics from esquire probably going for the british look with the suit.

i voted by absente ballot already because i never know if ill be off on ellection days i work 12 hour shifts plus today is my birhtday:)

UltraViolet said...

Aww, Happy Birthday, Mary! Glad we got some new Jake photos for your present.

FL said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Chica said...

I needed this post today, it's not starting out to good so far so thanks UV!

Love all the pics fro Esquire except the second one, what's with that goofy/weird face??

I love Anne and Jake together and this clip of them shows the ease, warmth and chemistry thay have. I love his quotes from Esquire.

I haven't seen the LAOD trailer on TV and I don't watch DWTS so I missed it last night but i'm sure I will catch it soon!

There will be few if any political surprises here in NY. Mario's son is expected to win the Gov. seat, YAY!!!

Please vote today!

Chica said...

Happy Birthday Mary!

bobbyanna said...

FL, if there was an emoticon I could post of someone banging there head against a wall, I SO would! LOL!!

Joking aside, I've done more research. TS is a serious writer. Writing poetry since elementary school, completed a novel(unplublished), and didn't fit in socially, very well.

She was bullied so much, her parents took her out of school after tenth grade,&she was home-schooled. No high school graduation,etc. I have a lot of compassion for that.

There was an interesting piece on one of the entertainment shows about the celebrities in the "Disney stable," & how they're transitioning from a "tween" idols to grown ups.(She'll be 21 DEcember 13th)Image changes that go beyond hair and make-up. (But start there:))

TS wants to be a serious actress. Just introduced her own perfume line, (No. Not Avon!:)),and had a grueling concert schedule since last February. So I'm done with the scowling, etc. But I still don't care for that type of music.

(OT: Amanda Seyfried will be 25 in December, is dating Ryan Phillippe who turned 36 recently.)

I just have to remember I'm not in charge of Jake's marketing and PR, I'm not his mother, and I certainly don't want to seem like a disapproving old whatsis.

Long ago, I went to Big Sur with someone, and it's one of the most beautiful areas anywhere. We stayed right near Point Lobos. Jake has such class!

me, again said...


Happy Birthday, Mary!!!!

mary said...

thanks every one

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the Esquire snippets and the pics, too! I think we need to start a petition for a Director's cut with "special feaures!":)

Sag actor said...

I caught a commercial for LAOD last night, so far i'm liking the promotion for this movie. I hope it does well. I saw a screening but I plan on seeing it again when it comes out.

Wanted to comment on the status of UMP in the previous thread. I hope Jake is still attached to this project because out of all the rumored projects his mane has been attached to, I was looking forward to this the most.

Liman is a busy man these days.

I voted before I went to work, it's looking a bit grim around the country. Hopefully the Dems can hold on to the Senate.

Get Real said...

I love the Esquire pics! And I love what Jake had to say in the interview. Chica, I do agree about the one pic with the weird face.

I have seen two LAOD commercials. It was great to see them!

I felt good voting today. I have been sick with the flu but I had to vote especially this year.

UltraViolet said...

Quick update: Posted a better pic of that alternate Esq cover.

And Jake and Taylor are apparently still in Santa Barbara this afternoon.

bobbyanna said...

Thought this was cute! From Twitter:
"Finds it funny that the American #election is the top trend in #Canada, yet during our elections last week, Jake Gyllenhaal was a top trend."

me, again said...

OK. One more From Twitter:

"Lining up interviews in NYC this weekend. Harrison Ford Jim Carrey. Anne Hathaway . Jake Gyllenhall. Russell Crowe."

This is from a reporter based in Tacoma. Sounds like the press junket begins in NYC this coming weekend?

Monica said...

^^ Will be next friday!

Scans:Esquire Magazine

Extra said...

I prefer some of the inside photos from the Esquire shoot to the one they chose for the cover. It's ok but it's not what I would have picked if I had a choice now that I have deen some of the other photos.

It does look like the PR machine for Jake and LAOD is starting up in NY this weekend doesn't it Bobbyanna? If so he will be making the rounds on the NY talk shows!

You mean I have to watch that crap DWTS tonight if I want to catch the LAOD trailer??!! Ha, ha!!

Thanks for the scans and qoures from his interview and posting that delightful video of Jake and Anne!

And please, if you haven't voted yet please do!

Monica said...

Sorry, but what is DWTS?

Monica said...

Getting close to finishing Source Code now… Hopefully we are doing the last chunk of ADR with Jake today. Effects keep rolling in.


mary said...

monica ita show called dancing with the stars where a celebity is paired with a professional dancerand they complete each week and one couple gets elimanted till there is a winner goes for about 6 weeks very popular here in the us

Anonymous said...

Is that article scan or pictures? You have to be registered to see them.

Monica said...

Thanks Mary! And Happy Birthday!

Scans, Anon, scans!

Anonymous said...

Actually for people who go on Dancing With The Stars who are not that trained in dance or who haven't danced much at all it takes a lot of guts to get out there. Some find out they actually can dance and even some who have danced in their act find out that ballroom dancing is a lot different. And it takes a lot of practice and time. (the Professional Dancers work very hard and have to work with non-professional dancers and make up the routines every week.) And it's very tiring. And it hurts sometimes. People have gotten injuries.
So hope no one thinks they just show up and dance and that's it.
Might not be something some don't like at all, and that's fine.
But it's not crap.

mary said...

thanks monica

Anonymous said...

Can you repost the scans or let us know if there's anything interesting in the Esquire article. Tks.

Monica said...

I have not read the whole article, just a few things. I guess I can not post, because this is part of the forum I'm stalking Jake.

...That movie continue to last, and a large part of that has to do with how extraordinary Heath Ledger was, and what an extraordinary force he was as an actor. If he were still alive everybody would be clamouring to work with him. I just feel honoured to have worked with him and to have called him a friend....

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info on the scans, Monica. That's a nice quote on Heath.

Anon, I'll repost them as soon as I see them. I'm pretty sure ISJ reposts IHJ and other people's photos and scans all the time, so I have no idea how or why they'd object to these being reposted.

Monica said...

UV, Vanessa told me that I could post on my blog, but she just wants that I give credit to the forum I'm stalking Jake.
I am very careful with these things.

UltraViolet said...

So I just watched TS perform for the first time - my first time, lol. She wasn't bad. I couldn't tell if it was really live or pre-taped. But she was definitely singing live. She was pretty good, as was the song.

Not my usual cuppa, but it wasn't bad.

Info on Jake and Taylor from Us.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, no problem, Monica. I know it's not you.

It just cracks me up when I see all the things that have been taken from us with no credit.

Monica said...

The first time I saw TS was in that MTV awards, where Kanye West was. I saw the replay of the awards just to see what he did to her. That was horrible.

And to think I need him today. hahahahaha Just kidding!

I read that one of her favorite books is To Kill a Mockingbird!!

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I hear you Extra!:)

I'm feeling almost "virtuous!" I watched both songs, and honestly didn't mind them. I guess I have to echo UV. I had no idea TS is so tall and thin.

The only LAOD commercial I saw was on E!It was about 30 seconds and had a couple of different scenes from what had been in the other trailers.

suvee said...

I voted bright and early before work this morning. And I live in a red state.... which means that about 85% of the time, my vote goes for naught. But, I still vote!

Thanks for the additional Esquire photos and snippets. I would be in heaven over the subscriber's cover photo if it weren't for that *@#%^$ beard!

Bobbyanna, I appreciated your Taylor mini-bio. She sounds very interesting. Once I recovered from my initial shock, I realized I shouldn't assume things about her based on her age. I remembered the Kanye West "incident" at the Grammys..... at the time I was so impressed with her grace, poise and, yes, maturity, while being publically disrespected by that insensitive and clueless egomaniac. I liked and admired her for that.

Happy Birthday, Mary! Today is one of my dearest friend's birthday, too. Just got home from a wonderful bd dinner party.

Tweety said...

I like the first pic, it's quirky and so is the whole photoshoot, not his best photoshoot but much better than his GQ cover as it was already pointed out!

Lot's of tweets about how much people like the LAOD commerical and that they can't wait to see it.

Still a lot of tweets of Jake and Taylor and I did catch her on DWTS. Not a fan of the music but she has a nice, pleasant pop voice and she has a good stage presence.

I voted earlier, blue state here and it looks like it wil remain that way.

bobbyanna said...

We gave away or state offices, so Michigan is red. It looks like my Congressman will hold on, so far. He was running against a Tea Party candidate.

Our new Atty General & Sec. of State are terrible. I'm afraid to check on state legislative races.

People don't realize that after the Census, we have legislative redistricting. A bad time to have Republicans control legislatures, state courts, Sec. of Ste,& AG offices.

No more TV tonite. Don't need to hear about it.:( I'd rather examine the pictures in Esquire UK.:)

Glad Duval Patrick got re-elected.

FL said...

What's this I see? People are coming around to the idea of Taylor Swift? Here on this blog?? And they said it couldn't be done!

I guess I don't have the problem you all seem(ed) to. As my wise maternal unit said to me "There could be worse women he could be involved with." Apparently, my mother is a closet Taylor Swift fan.

Not a fan of the first song she sang on DWTS. Like the second one more. Had that torch song feel to it...much like 'Dear John' from her new CD...a song that just won't leave my head.

Have you noticed how nice Jake's nose looks in that large Esquire scan posted? I hardly even noticed the beard.

FL said...

Glad Duval Patrick got re-elected.


Anonymous said...

Awww, I always liked them as a couple too. Love the new Esquire pics, especially the jacket and the alternate cover in a sweater. Sigh, Big Sur sounds very nice. :)

UltraViolet said...

I was happy about Patrick, too, Bobbyanna. It's been a good night for me in Massachusetts though not elsewhere.

Lola said...

Happy birthday Mary!

I like the alternative esquire cover, and his quotes. True TS isn't the worst person, but i still don't like them together. I'm still hoping this will be a short term thing. Maybe if I see photos of them together I'll come around, or throw up, either one:)It would be ironic, and my luck, if this turned out to be long term since most of Taylor's relationships have been short.

Office of Nancy Pelosi::(( said...

I'm happy about Duval Patrick too Bobbyanna & UV, can't believe MI is red now:(

Blumenthal gave a smackdown to McMahon! The news elsewhere is turning out bleak, I better turn off the TV and hit the sack, i'll have time to hear about the rest of the results tomorrow.

bobbyanna said...

"What's this I see? People are coming around to the idea of Taylor Swift? Here on this blog?? And they said it couldn't be done!"

Well, I'm not "there" yet, FL.

I am doing better.

mary said...

thanks every one again for the birthday wishes

i comimg around to seeing them as a couple was a shock at first but dont know how long it will last right now its too early to see how serious they are well just have to wait and see

i saw ts on dwts too and she does have a nice voice


UltraViolet said...

IHJ has the Esquire scans here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Taylor's relationships before have been short, but then they haven't been Jake.
It may not last but at the moment it seems they are enjoying their time together.
He likes who he likes and should respect him for that. Of course it wasn't easy after his break-up. Reese jumped back in quickly but it seems it takes time for Jake and that's a good thing.
But at the same time he's not some fragile little boy who needs looking after.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for scanning the article! I love to read about how much Jake loves acting, and the way he talks about process. I always learn so much, and it's fascinating to see how he approaches his work. Maybe one day he'll sit down with James Lipton and do "Inside the Actors Studio"...if they still do that show.

The last part, about him being "in transition" was intriguing to say the least. It seemed to encompass a lot.

Anonymous said...

There have been some pictures of Jake and Taylor together just not the type where they are in front of a camera looking right at it.
Even when Jake and Reese were finally caught by a camera together some people still didn't believe they were a couple it just happened to be that they were in the same place..or something like that. Maybe she just happened to see him and said she'd drive him wherever.
And for the almost 6 months before then many refused to believe it and thought it was all made up.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, the scans were from the wonderful Stephanie/IHJ.

Interesting interview, though not the deepest. I wish there had been a question, direct or indirect, about Reese and the end of that relationship. And it was very odd that there was barely a mention of PoP.

I liked Jake's tips for sex scenes, though the last one makes you wonder exactly what (or who) was making him want to bang his head against the wall.

I'll have to read it again - I read it quickly last night.

Oh, also, Bobbyanna, I forgot to say I liked that tweet about Canada! Hee.

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if this is legit or not, but tickets for another L&OD screening and Q/A.

Monica said...

On-screen flames fly down for premiere

HOLLYWOOD'S hottest new screen couple, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, are winging their way Down Under for a red carpet premiere of their romantic flick, Love and Other Drugs.

The on-screen chemistry between the two young actors has already sent celebrity bloggers into a keyboard frenzy.

Gyllenhaal and Hathaway will attend the Sydney premiere on December 6 and are not booked to come to Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Both Jake and Reese were making movies at the same time in Pennsylvania. They were back and forth seeing each other. Making of the movies were coming to an end in Nov. That is the time - Thanksgiving time - when things ended. So....

UltraViolet said...

Yes, one has to wonder if he's talking about the end of things with Reese. But she was not making a movie in PA when Jake was. Her movie had already finished filming.

Cool news, Monica. Can't wait to see Jake in Sydney.

UltraViolet said...

This is a pretty funny "picture" of Jake and Taylor. Hee.

Anonymous said...

I do rem. them being together while they were filming both their movies. Some lovely pictures.
She might of finished hers before his, but think i rem. someone seeing them at an ice-cream place (it was mentioned on their site) and this was in Nov.
Whehter or not, still think it was around that time when, in my opinion, and what do I know, ha. But it was in that time where he knew the relationship wasn't going to go any further than it had.

Anonymous said...

Ha, that was a funny pic of J&T; I loved the one about Katy Perry's and Russell Brand's wedding too. :)

Anonymous said...

^^The Katy and Russell pic is actually kinda beautiful, without the captions. :) So's the J&T one.

la española said...

What do you think it means "support does work, fannily enough. At least, whith the women I want to be with"?
maybe it's a lesson he learned with reese and her personality typeA. It seems she always wanted to have the control and jake saw that she never let him share the liability. (Just a theory)
I don´t understand what he sees in Taylor. I see her like version of Reese,even more twisted manipulative and typeA.
Maybe he hasn´t surpassed reese and he has sought a younger version of her.

Anyways, we'll see what happens
Sorry for my english,I´m still learning....

UltraViolet said...

No worries about your English!

I think Jake meant that being supportive actually IS a key to making a relationship work. I don't think you can really infer anything about why he and Reese split from that statement. Unless perhaps that he didn't feel supported. But it's too vague to be able to interpret accurately with regard to his and Reese's relationship.

As for Taylor? I don't know enough about her to make any judgment on her type of personality.

On a separate note, apparently CNN is interviewing Jake and Anne. They are soliciting video questions, so fire up your cams!

UltraViolet said...

New pics of Jake at The Medical Building.

UltraViolet said...

And more at JustJared. X17 has video.

UltraViolet said...

I'm quadruple posting here - are you all working or something?

That L&OD screening I mentioned before is one of those Variety Screening Room events. We'll see if we get actual video of this one, unlike Brothers.

A couple of funny things from the interwebs. From FB:

God was seriously showing off with Jake Gyllenhal

Headline of the Day:

Love & Other Drugs Uses The Most Effective Ad Campaign Of All Time: Naked Jake Gyllenhaal

The story is amusing, too.

maary said...

im not working today looks like jake back at this favorite medical center hope the visit is inregards to a movie roll he does look good happy and relaxed love all the tweets about LOAD hope we get lots of pictures from the AFI event tomorrow night

Anonymous said...

New pic of Jake from Source Code at Coming Soon

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV. Love the one about God showing off!:)

Love, love, love seeing Jake all smiles at the medical center. Those visits are usually preliminary to a new project!

Oh, I hope there are tons of pics and video footage from the AFI Festival screening tomorrow!!!
I think Anne is on Leno tomorrow night. I never watch him, but if she's on I'll try to catch it.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics from today

The one thing I don't get is after reading the esquire interview he seems so mature, in control etc but then he dates TS who doesn't come across like that and even in the accounts of people in the ice cream place seems a little immature and giddy.

Still back to facts he is looking hot love the hoodie but what's with the pink bracelet xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry I think this should be the correct link.

mary said...

i think the pink braclet is in support of breast cancer awareness

Josie said...

Thanks for the Esquire scan IHJ & UV! He sort of looks menacing on the cover, I prefer the goofy and fun pics inside.

I love Anne's giggle in that video:)

There are a couple of interesting tidbits regarding working with RDJ and the "process" he and Anne went through for their sex scenes but a lot of it seems to be a lot of rehash from previous interviews.

Loving all the LAOD goodies and Jake on the red carpet at AFI tomorrow!

Jake looks happy and in good spirits at his favorite Medical Building. I don't know if his mood is due to Ms. Swift. Thanks for doing that research on her bio Bobbyanna, a lot of stuf about her that I wasn't aware of!

Thanks for the CNN link, I have a few questions I would like to ask them!!!
That pic of J&T is too funny!

Thanks for the new pic of Jake from SC Anon, that film is coming out in April isn't it?

I thought that everyone knows that wearing a pink braclet is to support breast cancer research.

Anonymous said...

I rem. a couple years ago after the country music awards and Taylor had won a lot of them ran across a radio show and she was on it. When she left the dj said she was the only winner that accepted the interview and he'd always found her to be accessable and a favorite guest.
She is a smart girl and if she's a bit giggly that just may be her way of laughing. She is talented and her #1 thing with this success is to not change. And have noticed she is a good sport.

Monica said...

Happy!! More and more anxious to see Source Code!

Thanks for all informations!!

Immature? Ice cream with someone who can be your girlfriend is immature?
I do not see it. Sorry.
All I read was so natural. The problem is that people are trying to make this sounds ridiculous just because Jake is with someone much younger.

What they wanted they were doing? Sex in the pool?

mary said...

i just saw 2 ads for LOAD twice in the last hour on CBS.

i agree with what you just said monica

Lola said...

I saw a preview on the E channel for LAOD, and they showed some new stuff that wasn't in the trailors! Yeah that esquire artical wasn't very good. It was like a rehash of things from other interviews. He looks very good in the medical pic. So the austalian premire is on dec.6? I thought that was the london premier date. I'm fine with the TS thing as long as their relationship doesn't become public, Which is usually what she chooses to do with her relationships.

suvee said...

I'm quadruple posting here - are you all working or something?

Sorry, UV! But, yeah, I was actually working. :)
Not to mention my employer frowns on its employees using company computers for personal business/fun/whathaveyou.

The UK Esquire piece wasn't great IMO. It's a bad sign when the interviewer trots out the "Paul Newman taught you to drive, Maggie directed you in Cats" stories yet one more time.
Should we worry that Jake ended by saying that he doesn't know what he wants to do next? Hope that doesn't mean we are in for another big wait between movies. :(

I'm kind of excited about the CNN Jake & Anne interview!

Lastly, I have yet to see a L&OD ad on tv. But I've seen about a zillion ads for Morning Glory.

bobbyanna said...

Yes, E! did a nice job promoting Jake and the movie tonight! I saw two different commercials for LAOD. Then E! News featured Jake a couple of times.First of course, the "Ice Cream Interlude" with TS, then at the end of the hour,they did Jake's Sex Scene tips from the Esquire article,as well as scenes from LAOD.

bobbyanna said...

Not to spam, but yeah, suvee, they are really, really advertising "Morning Glory." The other movie trailer I'm seeing, not nearly as often,is "Burlesque" with Christina Aguilera and Cher...opening on November 24th.

Chica said...

I saw a commercial for LAOD tonight, they showed it during the local news, It was the 2nd trailer.

I'm looking forward to the CNN interview with Jake and Anne, thanks for the heads up!

He doesn't look upset to see the paps stalking him at that medical center, another one of his CZ, hee!!

Yeah the interview is a lot of stuff we have heard before, but I loved what he said about heath and wanting to work with Mochelle and Robert again.

Monica said...

I wonder if Jake and Michelle are thinking about doing something together. Talking about it. It is the second time he says he wants to work with her.

bobbyanna said...

I hope Jake works with Robert again, and with Michelle again, too.

My favorite quote from that article, possibly one of my favorite Jake quotes is this one:

"I love the act of storytelling, the feeling of making words your own, having something move through you. It brings me great joy. It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling."

I hope he never stops telling stories on film.

suvee said...

Yeah, that was a lovely quote, bobbyanna.

I think my favorite was "There is freedom on the other side of discipline." And I loved how he continues with praise for Danny Kaye, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart...... "all those actors who create the space for ease....". I think I can see how he relates to that quality, because there can be a real sense of ease in some of his performances..... an almost serene effortlessness.

Lola said...

"There is freedom on the other side of discipline."
Wow, i can't believe i missed that quote! Thanks suvee. On the commercial for LAOD my favorite part was that scene outside the hospital where he said to Anne " You need someone to take care of you" That made me swoon! You guys probably already know this, but I just found ou taylor swift has an twitter acount her user name is taylorswift13.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Jake's photo jumping he remembered another photo ... The famous photo of Bresson Cartier...


bobbyanna said...

OMG, yes, suvee!

"There is freedom on the other side of discipline."

That was pretty brilliant! I love it when he shares his thinking about the process.

mary said...

i have seen quite a few ads on tv for LOAD alot more then i ever saw for pop.

BTW some one posted on wet dark and wild that jake is scheduled to be on regis and kelly nov 18 so he hell probalby do GMA or THE TODAY SHOW around the same time also letterman

FL said...

Jake's photo jumping he remembered another photo ... The famous photo of Bresson Cartier...

It sure does remind me of that photo, Leonor! Nice find. :-)

Paula said...

I'm not too crazy about the photoshoot but I love some of the quotes from the interview. I love reading about his thoughts about filming and acting and him talking about his admiration and friendship with Heath.

He and Anne have great chemistry and I would love for him to do another project with RDJ and Michelle.

He obviously is a fan of actors from the golden age, he talked about Danny Kaye in that radio interview last year.

Your're right Mary, we are seeing a lot more commercials for LAOD then for Pop, I can't wait for the AFI premeire tonight!

Get Real said...

I have seen lots of LAOD commercials on a lot of different channels during different shows!!

And thanks for the heads up of Jake and Anne being on CNN. And that they will be going to Australia.

I also really liked the interview too. I hope he does get to work with Michelle again and with Ryan Gosling, who I love too, and Jake really seems to admire.

He looks great in SC and in the new pics. I love him in a hoodie, his hair is all perfectly russled and he is perfectly scruffy....sigh...:p

I will check out the E! news stuff too.

UltraViolet said...

NYC folks, there's a free L&OD screening today. Details here.

Monica said...

OSCAR: Vets Spotlight Strong Best Actor Field
JAKE GYLLENHAAL in LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (20th Century Fox) - Gyllenhaal has never been better or more appealing in this vibrant and sexy comedy where he is teamed opposite Anne Hathaway. OSCAR CHANCE: It could be perceived as too light and frothy to compete against some of the heavier contenders in the category. Gyllenhaal’s best shot will likely be at the Golden Globes in the Comedy or Musical category, but people will love the side of him he gets to show here and it could give him a real shot to win there.

OT: I'm anxious to see 127 hours. I read yesterday that another person fainted during a screening!

UltraViolet said...

Love that photo similarity, Leonor. thanks for posting it. You may have given us a great idea for a future post!

Sorry, UV! But, yeah, I was actually working. :)
Not to mention my employer frowns on its employees using company computers for personal business/fun/whathaveyou.

Suvee, working at work? What has the world come to?! The nerve of employers frowning on internet fun :)

Found this on the god-awful L&OD FB page. The question was whether you are going to see the film on opening day:

Yes, seeing it the day it comes out......for Jake's ass, and cause I'm a extra in it (sadly not in one of the scenes where he gets naked...I'm in the medical convention scene).

Yes girls, he really is that hot.......even more so in person.....and he's so nice and sweet, he's dreamy!

UltraViolet said...

I was happy to see that, too, Monica. I'd love to see Jake get a GG nod, since he was snubbed for BBM.

I don't have any interest in 127 Hours. Franco bugs me these days, and it's not a story I'm interested in. I read an interesting article that said the movie is overrated and that any number of good actors (including Jake) or even lesser actors could do a good job.

If you want gigantic versions of the Jake Esquire pics, go here.

The bending pic is so big, it's a little scary. But gorgeous.

bobbyanna said...

FYI: Just remembered, Anne is on Leno tonite. Not a Leno fan, but I will make an exception.

FL said...

HOLY MOLY! You weren't kidding about the size of the bending pic. I can literally count the hairs in his beard!

bobbyanna said...

Yes, you can, FL!

I was counting the stripes in his trousers! LOL!

suvee said...

Suvee, working at work? What has the world come to?!

Sad, isn't it? :)

But I am a loyal Babbler.... I do try to follow the news here at GB during the work day on my iPhone.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Whoa, what a closeup, it took forever to load for me!

Leno, ugh but I'll watch it for Anne, thanks for the heads up Bobbyanna.

Thanks for the link Monica, Jake and Anne's best chances are for a GG nomination.

ihj said...

New pics!


bobbyanna said...

The Gala screening at the AFI Fest is supposed to start at 7:30 PM L.A. time. I wonder if EW or any outlet will live blog. E! said they'd cover the red carpet tomorrow, if we miss anything tonight. Guess twitter might have some Red carpet info.

Monica said...

Love And Other Drugs - New video:

Great chemistry!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. Fun video, and it's good to see them actually doing something there.

New post for the premiere.