Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The look of Love

Love & Other Drugs is almost upon us. As the reviews come in, we still have some promotional stuff to enjoy. Here are portraits of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway from the Los Angeles Times. Taken in New York on November 18:

Some new videos. Here's Jake and Anne with Moviefone talking about working together again after BBM:

From MTV, more harassing of the interviewer:

I think this has been seen before but can't remember, so here it is again. On the Nudity:

A quick clip from MyFox:

Repeated from the end of yesterday's post: a red carpet interview from the NY premiere, for a change of pace. Jake makes a Viagra pun!

This interviewer did a longer piece for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. That article is more of the same stuff we've read. But in her conversation with Jake, we get some of the usual questions but also some new material:

Do you wanna give any other shoutouts to the cast?

Josh Gad [who plays Jamie's brother] is the engine in this film. Josh Gad will be and is becoming a force to be reckoned with. He brought all the humor and energy to the movie, and was a huge influence on me, and an inspiration in terms of comedy. He's a great actor. Working with Oliver Platt and Hank Azaria, they're comedic geniuses but also really great actors.

What was it like to work with real Parkinson's patients in the film?

That was a hard day. It was moving in so many ways, but also really funny. Two of the women who helped Anne were at the [LA premiere] the other night and they're wonderful women, so funny and lighthearted. And with the passing of Jill Clayburgh [who played my mother in the film], I was just thinking, some people live healthy long lives and don't really ever live. And some people's lives are shorter and they live it to the fullest extent possible, in sickness and in health. Those are the people I admire and would love to mimic my life after. You can be some slick ol' pharmaceutical salesman who's #2 in the country and financially stable and got it all together, or, you know, you can have love. Which would you pick?

The reviews are coming in and they are decidedly mixed. Though most have great praise for both Jake and Anne. But this was a nice one, from the San Jose Mercury News:

So let's give thanks for, and bestow a big smooch on, the risk-taking ways of "Love & Other Drugs." The passionate dramedy about the combustible relationship between pharmaceutical salesman Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) and artist/cafe worker Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) is just the antidote the romantic comedy has desperately needed.

It's sexy, it's funny, it's sexy, it's sad, and, oh my, is it ever sexy.


Monica said...

Bad news for me:
New release date for Love And Other Drugs in Brazil: April 21. Seriously!

This is absurd.

What will happen? The movie is already in DVD on the internet before the debut.
I don't understand the film industry.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, that sucks! I don't understand that either. You'll almost definitely be able to see it on DVD before then.

Everyone wants to see Jake in glasses. Even at 9?

I have no idea if that is really Jake, btw.

Another Zwick interview. That man has done his PR duty for this flick!

FL said...

Everyone wants to see Jake in glasses. Even at 9?

More like 8 (Little League season is spring/summer).

Right click, save.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a DVD of a movie is listed on Amazon or other sites like it but they don't have a release date on it yet. They know it will be on DVD and it's on the site.
No one is able to buy it yet because it won't be out until possibly April or May.
I know there are American movies released in other countries much later than our date and we will have them on DVD as they are opening in those places. But in whichever country it is showing it shouldn't be available to buy until the usual 4-6 months.

bobbyanna said...

OMG! What a sweet picture!! \

(((monica!)))That just sucks!!!

I still need to see TKAA&Social Network. My personal list includes Black Swan,Fair Game,Helen Mirren as Prospero in The Tempest,Blue Valentine,The Fighter, The King's Speech, & Winter's Bone. That ought to cover most of the potential Oscar nominees' stuff.

IMO, as long as a movie review praises the acting,they're also acknowledging the director & script,to some extend.

If some of "critics" have problems with "all the nudity" or try to categorize/define the movie as one genre or another, I don't really care.

It's likely Harry Potter's going to be #1 over TG. Maybe Tangled will do really well, too. LAOD will beat Burlesque, which is really getting shredded by critics and test audiences,and The Rock's new movie.

I wonder is Jake sick, or was it a PR mix up. Actors don't usually do live satellite feeds for local stations. That's why there's all those generic video interviews. Local markets use the stock to air their own promo features.

OTOH, L.A's a major market, so maybe he has a bug. He's supposed to do CBS morning show tomorrow.I hope that happens.

I love the teasing with MTV guy. They're all having fun. probably 'interview fatigue' too.:)

UltraViolet said...

I love the way Anne is looking at him in the LA Times pics, Bobbyanna.

I think I said after reading David Edelstein's NY Mag review of L&OD that I wasn't sure if he recommended it or not. He seems to in the NPR version. Definitely a 50-50 review. I've read quite a few of those.

Anne defends her SNL Katie Holmes impersonation. I did think it was very pointed and wondered if she'd get flak for it. I think she should just refrain from comment rather than pretending it was supposed to be all about Dawson's Creek Katie.

bobbyanna said...

I love it too, UV!!! The Times set is gorgeous. He sort of envelopes her. (sigh.)I love the MTV clips, too; they're hilarious.

But the sweet picture I was referring to, is Little League Jake. Is he missing a tooth? Those look like his ears. Plus that kid loves the camera!:)

UltraViolet said...

Ah, sorry for the confusion. It IS a cute picture.

Here's an interesting take on the status of Jake's career. Definitely more positive than some of the discussions we've been having, but with a lot of snark in there for PoP and Jake as an action hero.

I'd love to see Jake get a Bourne-like franchise to prove people wrong. But overall, it's not such a bad picture.

(Also, the agent snark about Jake's "peers" is ridiculous. As the article points out, thje names mentioned are all much older than Jake.)

bobbyanna said...

The author lost me when he credited Robert Redford for Rendition! Then he leads us to believe he's consulted "industry experts" & agent types ? Please! He pulled all that failed PoP franchise talk right out of his rear end. He didn't need to talk to "experts." He could visit any internet blog and find those opinions.

Interesting that PoP's viewed as an act of desperation and a failure by this author, and yet when we read the magazine article scanned frm Ginny, it was viewed as a hit at $335M worldwide.

Jake's young. If he can do a Clooney that's great! Matt Damon/Leo? Great. I'd love to see a really smart caper movie. That would be a good franchise. Like Ocean's 11 only much better!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The look of love and I love looking at them, what a gorgeous set of photos of them.

That pic of Jake is adorable and yes it looks like he has a tooth missing! It reminds me of that other pic of him taken with his little league baseball team, but it was with a different team, het were wearing red and white.

That is an interesting take on Jake's career so far UV, not as dire as some think, we gave discuseed Jake getting a Bourne like franchise here before.

They made a mistake though, they have Robert Redford as the Director of Rendition!

If they had some sort of satellite interviews set-up for today, perhaps he decided to cancel because it's really close to Thanksgiving and maybe Maggie, his Mom, etc are in town.

He does have an appearence tomorrow on This Morning but they may be taped, we will find out.

That stinks Monica, I can't believe that the release date has been pushed back!

UltraViolet said...

Man, I totally missed the Redford thing in my skimming. Must read more carefully!

Having said that, I skimmed this review from the LA Times and it feels like a rave. Maybe a few quibbles but not all the misgivings in other reviews.

Oh, and EW gave it a C+. Stupid Lisa Schwarzbaum.

But great news: Jake and Anne on Charlie Rose tomorrow night! I knew the visit to that building, with Jake dressed up and a stylist, had to mean something!

FL said...

But great news: Jake and Anne on Charlie Rose tomorrow night! I knew the visit to that building, with Jake dressed up and a stylist, had to mean something!

When was this?

UltraViolet said...

Early last week, I think, a stylist tweeted that she was with Jake for L&OD, then later that she was in the Charlie Rose building. I mentioned at the time that I hoped that meant Jake was doing the CR show, and it seems like he was.

UltraViolet said...

Also just added an interview clip from Moviefone with Jake and Anne. It's a good one.

get real said...

More news to catch up on. :)

Yeah that NY Mag take on Jake's career is interesting. I would give it a bit more weight if it didn't have misinformation like the Robert Redford/Rendition bit and anon sources, etc. They do snark over there and sometimes it makes me roll my eyes. I guess it was on the positive side though.

Hope Jake feels better. :/ Sorry he had to cancel the interviews.

So glad they will be on Charlie Rose!! Since he didn't do the show with Heath/Ang I am glad he gets to do it with Anne. :)

Boo to EW and C+. At least the LA Times was a good review.

get real said...

Monica, sorry about the release date...that sucks...and not in a good way. :(

Anonymous said...

The review from Salon:


Chica said...

Charlie Rose, yes!!!! I'm so happy that they are going to appear on his show, thanks UV! He is one of my favorite interviewer and we can expect more thought provoking questions than the nudity in the film.

I think they were mixing up Rendition/Hood with Lions for Lambs/Redford, they had similiar themes and came out around the same time in that NY magazine article.

The article is interesting and does a good job tracking Jake's a career but how do they come to the conclusion that Jake doing Pop was an act of desperation?

The photo of Jake as a kid with his baseball team is so cute!

Looks like I have some more stuff to catch up on!

Extra said...

A mixed review from the NY Times:


Thanks for the Salon review Anon, and the L.A. Times review UV, both good reviews.

Thanks for the heads up on the Charlie Rose show!

Get Real said...

Just watching a new LAOD commercial where they use "Tracks of My Tears" and some really good quotes from reviews!!

I think the NY Times review was okay. I am glad that Jake and Anne seem to be getting positive comments.

Glad the Salon review was good!

Btw, had to go aww at adorable young glasses!Jake. :)

mary said...

yea get real ive seen that same commerical several times today too

suvee said...

I loved the Moviefone interview! His description of L&OD as being where they have "thrown sunlight on it to make it grow" - referring to the relationship he and Anne began in BBM - well, that just killed me. Great quote, Jake!

UV, a big thank you for linking the NYmag article. I must be in the minority but I thought it was, on balance, positive and complimentary. It was very interesting and thought provoking. Some things I agreed with, a few I didn't. I still don't get the apparently popular notion that he "must" have a franchise. Maybe I'm naive....

So, so excited that Jake and Anne will be on Charlie Rose!

I was pleasantly surprised by Tony Scott's review of L&OD. Mixed, yes, but he did have some nice things to say as well.

Monica, I can't believe you have to wait until April for L&OD! That makes no sense at all.

Lola said...

Oh boo monica, that sucks.

I love the young Jake in glasses so cute.

Instead of seeing LAOD tomorrow we're going to see it on thursday, because some things came up. I think we're going to put the turkey in the oven and go catch the movie. I have no idea how that is going to work, but im determined to see this movie on the big screen, and to see it on opening weekend.

suvee said...

A mixed (but with nice praise for Jake and Anne) review from my home town newspaper. Actually, this is a decent review from this critic..... he can be a bit prententious. We all know the type. :)


Sag actor said...

So far rotten tomatoes has LAOD at 36%: rotten 25%/14% fresh:


Looking forward to the Charlie Rose interview.

Viv said...

Eh.... rotten tomatoes of LAOD is even worse than POP right now.....this is not what I want :/
Hope it can go up.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

friends, you deal for that rie and Jake applauds?


Monica said...

The score at RT is a surprise to me, but looking at some reviews, both are being praised for their performances. The problem is that Zwick failed to find a balance between drama and comedy. And everyone hates Josh Gad.

For people who like Metacritic, the movie is with a score of 58, with 10 positive and 10 mixed.

Monica, I can't believe you have to wait until April for L&OD!

You think I'll wait until April to see this movie? hehehehe

Good news on Charlie Rose, UV. I remember Heath Ledger and Ang Lee there. Great interview.
It would have been wonderful to see Jake with Heath in the program. I think it would have been much better than that appearance on Oprah.

Jake was a great support to Heath on Oprah, because I always have the feeling that he wanted to go there.

Monica said...

For those who love Roger Ebert:
He obtains a warm, lovable performance from Anne Hathaway and dimensions from Gyllenhaal that grow from comedy to the serious. The scene with the husband of the Parkinson’s survivor has a simple grandeur. As a filmmaker by nature, Zwick gives that scene its full weight, no matter that it’s not a good fit in his movie. That counts for something.

UltraViolet said...

That was a nice snippet from Ebert, Monica. It's a shame he and so many others don't like the movie apart from the performances.

I'm looking forward to Charlie Rose. It always bugged me that Jake wasn't there for the BBM interview.

His description of L&OD as being where they have "thrown sunlight on it to make it grow" - referring to the relationship he and Anne began in BBM - well, that just killed me. Great quote, Jake!

I loved that part, too, suvee. Anne looked touched, too, as I recall. Jake's been asked that a lot but I think this was the most poignant response.

I also loved his wince when she suggested they play brother and sister next!

The NY Mag piece definitely ended in a positive place. I didn't appreciate the title or the snark about PoP. But there was some good stuff in there.

I can speak only for myself, but I'd like to see Jake in a franchise because it would allow him to do other movies and give him some security in Hollywood.

I'll be seeing L&OD tomorrow. Hope everyone gets to see it soon. Check in with your reviews :)

Anonymous said...

I've read some of the reviews that rottentomatos.com have classfied as "rotten" and have assessed them as correctly being on the "positive" side. It seems that rottentomatos.com attaches a personal bias to the reviews it assesses as positive or negative. So don't take them too seriously. And anyway, how many people review their assessment before going to see a movie??

JF said...

So far rotten tomatoes has LAOD at 36%

I did not expect it to be this low. Argh! Regardless, I'm looking forward to see LAOD. I enjoyed other Jake movies that weren't liked by critics, hopefully LAOD will be one of them.

Thanks to Jake and Anne for this fun movie promotion and I hope they stay as close friends as they seem to be now. :)

Anonymous said...

New pics from Esquire photoshoot

Anonymous said...

Rottentomatoes is strange the way it calculates the reviews, i.e.

L&OD 37% with an average rating of 5.7

Burlesque 38% with an average rating of 4.6

So which of the 2 has the better rating?.

Monica said...

I posted the wrong link to metacritic. Here:
Score: 56


bobbyanna said...

At some point we might want to think about a "special" award for
some of these "critics." :(
I'd nominate James Veriere, from the Boston Herald, @ theedge.com. He didn't like the movie. I quote:
"It might have worked if the leads had more chemistry. But I didn't buy the relationship."


My own newspaper said Annie and Jake were wonderful,the direction was subpar and the word "messy" was used...again. He said it was too bad the direction didn't live up to the cast,which he really loved...except for Josh Gad.

"Messy" comes up often in the local reviews. I guess EZ should have made a movie that was "either/or" instead of "and."

As I recall, Legends of the Fall, Last Samurai and Blood Diamond, were not universally loved by critics either.

I'm seeing it twice today. Opening weekend's really important. The local critic said "Burlesque" was just bad. Called it the Thanksgiving turkey of all films. He also said "Tangled"'s the best Disney animated movie in 15 years.

Esquire photoshoot was hot! There's at least one pic I wish had been in the mag!:) Just caught Jake on CBS. Nice.

mary said...

thanks for the pictures from the esquire photo shoot guess jakes cover was a popular one people wnated more who can blame them :)

going to see load today too first not till 1130 was hoping for a earlier showing then ill see it again on saturday with my daughter

Tweety said...

Those are hot shot's from Esquire, the one with the scissors looks dangerous and sexy and the first pic with the dog is adorable! Too bad they couldn't use all of the photos.

I forgot Jake was on CBS this morning!

Thanks for letting us know about Jake and Anne on Charlie Rose tonight. I adore the portrait pics from the L.A. times piseted, especially the was she is looking at him:)

My local paper gave it a mixed review too, they liked Jake and Anne but thoight the movie was trying to be too many things.

I plan on seeing it after work with some friends. It has tough competetion with HP, Tangled and some new flick with the Rock. Burlesque got a thumbs down in my paper too, lol!

Tweety said...

I wonder if Jake is picking up a turkey too!:

marisagnwld: i let jack pick up the turkey this morning and guess who he's standing in line with? yes, jake gyllenhaal. why did i do that?

Extra said...

Pic from yesterday Jake leaving his hotel in NY:


UV said...

Love the turkey tweet!

Those Esquire pics are fantastic. The page is down though. Glad I snagged them already :)

I'm off to see the movie now. Hope anyone seeing it is having fun.

mary said...

just got back from seeing LAOD what can i say but WOW movie was good and jake and anne were fanatastic together plus they showed the source code trailer so double dose of jske cant wait to see it again on saturday

mary said...

stephanie has the pictures up too

Paula said...

I'm rushing around doing last minute stuff for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Decided to take a break and catch up on all the LOAD Jake and Anne goodies!

They look gorgeous and perfect in the LA Times portraits and I enjoyed reading the interviews and watching the videos. This has been such a treat watching him promoting this film along with Anne and Ed Zwick.

I wish the reviews were better but hopefully it will manage to make the top five for this weekend, LAOD has some tough competition.

I plan on seeing it on Saturday and I will make sure to watch Jake and Anne on Charlie Rose tonight, I wish Ed was appearing as well.

Thank you UV/FL and everyone else for keeping us posted and up to date, it's much appreciated!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thankgiving.

bobbyanna said...

I loved it! It was just beautiful! I can't imagine anyone else doing it as well as Jake and Anne! Perfect casting.(Hank & Oliver were outstanding, too!) The media never gets it right. This was about SO much more than focusing on just nudity! Altho, I have never seen anyone as physically beautiful as Jake Gyllenhaal. Never.

My cousin & I saw it at 12,(she wanted to see the new Anne Hathaway movie!:)) then our pre-Thanksgiving lunch. She loved it, BTW. Thought 'that guy' was incredible! After we parted, I caught the 5:30 show. Alone.

The first time, I could see some flaws with dialogue and pacing during the family dinner scene. Couple other places too. But they were SO minor, compared to what Ed Zwick got right, that they're hardly worth mentioning.

Oh. Josh Gad wasn't bad at all! I liked him! I'm mystified why critics are shredding him! Yes, he had annoying moments, but he had more laugh out loud moments. His dialogue got clumsy once or twice, but that's his character!

This is just a lovely movie! And yes, I got teary-eyed a couple of times. Jake's Jamie is glorious! Maybe a silly way to put it, but that's the best word to describe how I feel.

I'm really happy for Jake about this movie! Anne, too. I'll definitely see it a couple more times before Monday!

Looking forward to Charlie Rose.

bobbyanna said...

Looks like Maggie's home!

From Twitter:
"I just went by Maggie Gyllenhaal in park slope"
5 hours ago

Chica said...

Thanks so much for your review Bobbyanna!

Wow, you already saw it twice! I'm seeing it on Saturday with my sisters.

I figured Maggie had a break in filming in the UK and she Peter and Ramona would be home for Thanksgiving.

I hope they have a Happy Turkey day and I wish the same to everyone here at GB as well.

Monica said...

Twice, Bob? Wow!

Only today was shown the interview with Jake on Letterman on Brazilian television. Very fun.

I need to know when the interview on Charlie Rose will be shown in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have the L&OD script?

Monica said...

I have the script!

UltraViolet said...

Hello, all. Everyone is probably sleeping. I just put up a new post and will put my reaction to L&OD there. Wow is a good summary, mary!

I got teary-eyed a couple of times, too, Bobbyanna. I hope more people get to see it tomorrow or over the weekend. It's cool that you could see it with a "civilian," hee.

Paula, good to see you - happy TG to you and to everyone celebrating.