Friday, November 12, 2010


Update: Finally a red band trailer for Love & Other Drugs.

I'm resisting for now, but if you watch, let us know what you think.

Jake Gyllenhaal attended the Harry Potter premiere in London last night. Or did he? And it seems Jake is still in London today, doing more interviews for Love & Other Drugs:

Here are Jake and Anne, continuing the cutest promotional tour ever, talking to Fandango about the secret world of Viagra sales and about each other:

Jake and Anne talk tushies: (Warning - at the end, you see a little more of the "Oh my god!" scene with Jake, Anne and Josh)

Happy Birthday, Anne!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

FL, People corrected that Cold Mountain mistake!

Some more twitter journo reactions:

i'ved Jake Gyllenhaal yday. He demonstrated his sales technique by noticing I wasn't married. Nearly went down on 1 knee there and then
And another:

@FilmGazer Actually he's lovely - not cold at all.
20 minutes ago via web in reply to FilmGazer

@UpstairsRitzy Charming, intelligent and talented, yes. Hot? I just don't see it. Clearly most women beg to differ!
about 2 hours ago via web in reply to UpstairsRitzy

Twenty minutes in a hotel room with Jake Gyllenhaal and I still don't fancy him. Baffling.
about 2 hours ago via web

One more:

Very jealous of @AnnekeHak interviewing the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal earlier. He was very sweet apparently.

From AnnekeHak:

We had a lovely chat with the gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway yesterday. Keep a look out for the interview on @handbagcom

In response to a tweet saying Jake had been in a mood yesterday:

think it's because he had Anne Hathaway in the room with him! I may as well have been a fence! :) x

I can report back that he was gorgeous. He was wearing the cutest green sweater jumper!

From the woman who reported Jake as grumpy:

Hmmm yes, I think he'd had enough of the nude scene questions... He did look lovely though ;)

UltraViolet said...

According to this, Jake and Anne may have been attending a screening for L&OD. Or maybe they did that and then went to watch HP?

But they did a Q&A after, so ... I don't know.

co-founder Ronald Grant saw Anne Hathaway's Love And Other Drugs last night + Q&A with Anne & Jake Gyllenhaal He thought Anne was superb.

Shondra said...

Cold Montain? I'm surprised the lazy entertainment "journalists" not only noticed but actually made the correction!

Well it looks like some are not impressed by the charms of Mr G., poor thing must have had an off day!

Love all the other reactions and of course all the fantastic GB coverage of Jake and Anne's LAOD PR express. They are just too cute together and are having a ball promoting this movie.

Thanks so mich for all the updates!

Shondra said...

Whoops, I take that back I just read the People blurb, they didn't correct the previous boo-boo, they just got it right!

bobbyanna said...

Well, I guess People Magazine figures, you've seen one mountain, you seen them all! LOL! Dumbasses.

Jake looks unbelievable at the Harry Potter premiere! Just beautiful.

Guess we won't have to speculate anymore about who his favorite on screen lover is.:)

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to add,I e-mailed Brad Barton on Fandango, to tell him how much I enjoyed the interview...and to ask if he had anymore clips or a longer version of Jake and Anne.

Well, he just responded! Unfortunately he said that was all he had for them. :(

Jake looks so delicious at the HP event. His hair length, and his scruff are just perfect!

JF said...

Another great interview with Jake and Anne. They are beautiful together. :)

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Shondra. This has been a fun week!

I know you're a big Jake/Anne fan, JF. This is a bonanza time.

Bobbyanna, good for you for emailing the guy. Too bad there wasn't more.

Anne and Jake are at the beginning of this clip.

A good review for L&OD.

Chica said...

That is a great interview, too bad it wasn't longer.

I'm enjoying their press junkets, they have sizzling chemistry and are so fun to watch.

He looks very sharp in the HP premeire pics except for the shoes!!

UltraViolet said...

Updated post with a Red Band trailer. Woo hoo.

I forgot to say I added a new video to the post: Jake and Anne Talk Tushies

Chica, I think those shoes/boots are part of Jake's fashion CZ :)

Extra said...

I watched the red band trailer, whoa!!! Especially the beginning, very raunchy.

Love the rush video, hell I love all of their videos, thanks for posting.

I think those shoes have become the new jeans or postal t-shirt:)

Happy birthday Anne!

bobbyanna said...

What she said ^^!!
Love that opening scene!
If the rest of the movie is like the red band trailer, I'll be camped out at the theatre the entire weekend.:) Wonder if there's more than one red band trailer...heh.

Jake was perfectly cast.

Carla said...

Anne and Jake are wonderful together, nothing looks forced or uncomfortable.

Also I had never expected Ed Zwick being such a nice guy and so proud of this film. When was the last time a director of one of Jakes films showed such an enthusiastic reaction?

Jake looked great at the HP premiere.

Carla said...

The Redband trailer ist just "WOW"!!

Very sexy!

Sag actor said...

I prefer the redband trailer than the other 2 released.

I saw a screening of LAOD and this trailer is more accurate of what I saw than the commercials that have been airing which they are selling as a typical rom com.

Too bad the redband trailer can't be aired on TV!

Monica said...

wow Great! Great!
thanks, UV!

suvee said...

The Fandango clip is my favorite L&OD interview so far (big thank you to bobbyanna). I can't get the expression "sweet, sweet movie love" out of my head!

These press junkets sure can be a mixed bag IMO. It's always nice to see lots of Jake, but inevitably, there's a mind numbing sameness to the interviews. At some point everyone's on automatic pilot. That's why interviews like the Fandango one are such a treat..... it was sweet and unguarded. Plus, I love that affectionate little gesture of putting his hand on Anne's leg. (sigh)

UV, I haven't watched the Red Band trailer either! I'm actually not really tempted..... I know the movie will be more enjoyable for me the less familiar it is. But that's just me. :)

mary said...

this may be a dumb question but what is a red band trailer ive you guys mention it before

UltraViolet said...

Mary, a red band trailer is generally more explicit and/or raunchier than the general trailer. And longer.

Suvee, it does get numbing to watch. I can't imagine what it's like to participate in them.

Glad to hear the red band works. Suvee and I will be here in the corner, resisting!

Zwick thinks Anne is Oscar-bound.

I find the headline and premise irritating but he does say some nice things about Jake:

...There are a lot of colors that I don't think she'd ever shown before."

The same goes for Anne's costar Jake, who seemed to come "fully into his manhood and adulthood" in this film, which is something we haven't necessarily seen in his other work. In order to bring out these great performances from two serious actors in what is ultimately a romantic comedy, they spent a lot of time together, learning how to trust one another. Of course, Anne and Jake worked for a few days together on "Brokeback Mountain," but Ed sent them to dinners and movies to get to know each other even better.

"They're both very serious about their craft, and it's funny when someone is very serious about their craft and what you're talking about is comedy, so you have to temper the deeper colors with lightness," Ed explained. "But they're also both very funny people and lovely, joyful people, and I think that was part of it for all of us. We had to get to know each other very well, we had to trust each other a great deal."

And Carla, you're right. It is nice to see how enthusiastic Zwick is, about the film and Jake.

FL said...

The same goes for Anne's costar Jake, who seemed to come "fully into his manhood and adulthood" in this film, which is something we haven't necessarily seen in his other work.

I guess Zwick never saw Rendition.

JF said...

"I know you're a big Jake/Anne fan, JF. "

I enjoy their chemistry a lot. I'm going to miss them together when film promotion is over.

Thanks for the Red Band trailer.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Well that red trailer sure woke me up, damn!! I'm really looking forward to seeing this:)))

I'm enjoying their press junket, they are wonderful together but it does have to get tedious for them.

Rendition and Jarhead as well FL. Zwick does say some nice things about Jake and it's refreashing to see how excited he is about the movie.

Anonymous said...

Anne's role is the more "dramatic" of the two so that will get the Oscar talk. But if it were reversed then Jake would be getting the same type of Oscar talk. And rem. Jake said he has no problem letting his leading ladies shine. As Anne said he's such a generous actor. He wants it all to be the best it can be.
But some still have mentioned he should have some nominations.
Also if Jake wasn't equal to Anne in the movie then it wouldn't of worked the way it does.
I rem. Heath saying BBM and his character would not of been what it was without Jake's performance. (or something like that).

The person who didn't find him that attractive. No one is going to be that to everyone. There have been some actors who, tho there is nothing wrong with how they look, I don't see them as handsome in the way others go on about them. Just personal preference. And that could of been an honest reaction from her.
And you never know too because sometimes when there's popularity and others are raving about someone there's always someone who says they don't see it, etc. and it gives them, to themselves, a kind of "superiority" to others. When, in fact, they might kind of like them.
I rem. reading about a girl who said she use to tell her friends (back when she was a teenager) who liked this or that person that she never saw what they saw in them and it wasn't necessarily how she did feel, but she just wanted to seem unimpressed with what they liked. Later of course she said that was silly.

sheba said...

Thank you UV for putting the trailer up, even though you won't watch it, it's great to give the rest of us a chance to. Like you guys I won't watch because I want to enjoy this film with new eyes like I did with BBM.

Whoop whoop, Jake's still in London, no wonder the sun's shining over here in November?!! (I've done two loads of washing already about to hand out a third all thanks to Jake. He is that omnipotent hehehe. or it could be that the WWE's in town with John Morrison HAWT! Nah, it's Jake.)

I think the fact that Jake isn't traditionally handsome or even good-looking can on a superficial level have people saying 'I don't get it'. I know many here even though we don't know him see that inate quality or the beauty and joy that's inside him that shines out of every pore. I'm sure he can be a real pain-in-the-ass but as I see it so are my sons and they're the most beautiful, joyous thing in my life next to Jake, seriously. I love him. I love him and Annie together, they are a joy to watch.

Suvee said..... "The Fandango clip is my favorite L&OD interview so far (big thank you to bobbyanna). I can't get the expression "sweet, sweet movie love" out of my head!"

Neither can I, it's priceless. Also the way he shakes his head to emphasise his point.

That's why interviews like the Fandango one are such a treat..... it was sweet and unguarded. Plus, I love that affectionate little gesture of putting his hand on Anne's leg. (sigh)"

Yeah, they've been touching each other quite a lot and their body language is amazing to watch. Well done Fandango for a decent question.

Get Real said...

That red band trailer is fantastic! Really get the real flavor of the movie.

I am still really enjoying all the Jake and Anne interviews. They are just a delight. :)

I agree UV, that MTV article title and premise is annoying. Just glad Ed had great things to say about Jake too.

Now we have a week of Jake on the talk shows!! Can't wait! :D

Tweety said...

I watched the redband trailer, thanks UV! I think that this trailer is more in the spirit of the film from the reviews.

I adore the Fandango interview, they are very touchy-feely here aren't they?

Interesting that Ed Zwick had them go out to dinner and the movies sounds like he was sending them out on dates! It worked because they sure clicked.

So Jake is still in the UK Sheba, I hope he is having some down time and is enjoying visiting his sister, brother in law and niece.

Anonymous said...

You think tho when they went to movies and dinner that maybe it just wasn't them alone at least on some of them. Possibly her boyfriend came along. Or other people they know.
Also even tho they didn't have a lot of days working together they did already know each other. Wasn't like this was the first time they met.
As said Jake isn't "classically handsome" (and neither was Clark Gable..) and i think for some it's not in their narrow vision of what that is so maybe they don't "get it".
But I think when people say he is "gorgeous" they are combining his looks and personality and just general aura...because that is a word that fits him.
When Anne says she was so emotional during the filming she was surprised Jake was sitting next to her (cute kidding comment from him too). But i think there is an understanding among actors that they are involved in "emotion" and that can do all kinds of things to you while making a movie. If you like the person you're working with you just go with it. Doesn't have an impact on how you feel about them.
Think sometimes too when there are these interviews (or press conferences) the interviewers kind of forget they aren't trained monkeys who are set up to be there to entertain them.

bobbyanna said...

I guess I don't "get it" when people say Jake's not attractive or convetionally handsome. Icompare him to an old time actor like Tyrone Power, and more recently, young Al Pacino.

I've seen him in person,and I'm one of those who think's he's asolutely beautiful, physically, from head to toe. He' a very physically beautiful human being.

It's pretty clear from twitter that people who randomly run into him, 95% of the time, say he is gorgeous in person, too.

I don't take it too seriously when someone says Jake doesn't appeal to them. I mean, I just don' see the appeal of Rob Pattinson. So there it is.:)

I do notice some people like to be contrary,so if everyone' gushing about Jake they'll say, "Meh" to be different. IMO, Maggie's the unconventional beauty in the family.

Nowand then he takes a bad picture, but mostly,the camera loves Jake,IMO. What's incredible, is the way his genuine inner beauty comes thru. I think it's because his inner and outer self are really in harmony. Open and natural. Real. He's comfortable with himself.

I see it in interviews, and public appearances.I've also read many times how nice he is to random strangers. He's fully developed intellectually, and emotionally. He isn't superficial or vapid. Anne remarks on it, too.

Mytwo favorite videos are the Access H'wood ("it was really organic!") and the Fandango.
Jake does that 'comforting'knee-patting thing in both!:)

Nice& sunny today. Going to rake leaves.:(

mary said...

yea bobbyanna every one has their own personal opinion on what they like in men i dont get upset when some one says they dont find jake attrative as you said the majority do find him very good looking

Anonymous said...

I think for me when "classically handsome" is mentioned I do think of a Tyron Power type tho don't see him looking quie like that..but he still is in another type of "handsome" category. I think people are surprised when they do see him that he's as good looking or more so than in the movies.
My friend who saw "Rendition" said there were moments when she thought of Al Pacino in his presence on the screen.

JF said...

"Mytwo favorite videos are the Access H'wood ("it was really organic!") and the Fandango."

I concur. To them I'll add the AP video. I like how Jake's staring at Anne's lips. :)

Anonymous said...

Tho Jake might not be in NY for Anne's SNL appearance If he was it would be fun if they could do some singing together.
We've got Gwyneth singing on tv all over the place now (and doing a nice job) and we know Anne can sing. Jake has yet to do a whole song in his natural voice. Let's hear it!

Anonymous said...

See where the new Entertainment Weekly and their movie preview for the Fall and Winter doesn't do much with LAOD. There is a medium sized picture of Reese's new movie out in Dec. Being a James Brooks movie those are always expected to be good. Again, just rem. those pictures of Jake on that set.

Extra said...

How do you know that Jake won't be in NY for Anne's appearence on SNL anon. @6:01? I was hoping for a surprise cameo!

I was hoping for a bit more from EW for LAOd.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jake would be in NY for Anne's SNL appearance because i don't know his schedule but if his schdule doesn't interfere with him being in NY on the 20th then there might be a chance he would do a cameo.
I was just wondering like everyone.

Saw the EW and it does have in the Oscar race..Jake and Anne as 'Long shots". But with all the pictures they have for upcoming movies, they don't show anything from LAOD. But a fairly large picture of Reese & Paul Rudd. (He's getting good comments).

mary said...

in EW fall movie preview issue LOAD had a bigger spot with a picture so thats probably why in this issue it had a smaller spot

Anonymous said...

Some of the same movies still given pictures, etc. were in the other EW issue.
Maybe it was because they were doing a kind of "Oscar" nomination type thing and they didn't include LAOD because of that. (with any story or pictures).
Would think Jake would be coming home soon. Got those t.v. shows to do.

FL said...

Just saw #Jake #Gyllenhaal at London Heathrow airport

Looks like he's heading out...back to NY?

Chica said...

Probably New York, he has to do the talk show circuit starting Wednesday!

bobbyanna said...

YaaY! Glad he's headed home!:) Just thinking. He has Jimmy Fallon in NYC on Friday the 19th, so maybe he'll surprise us and crash Anne's SNL gig.

Anonymous said...

Forgot Jimmy F. was in New York so that might work out fine.
Even if he doesn't appear on the show maybe he'll still be there, but then i'd think they'd make him do something..ha.

Anonymous said...

IHJ has started a new forum as the old one was having problems, you will have to re-register.

Lola said...

Thanks Anon 5:35, i re-registered and got to change my name to lola instead of using my old name twiggy. I'll settle for an apearence on SNL, but i wish he would host again.I think he did a fantastic job last time. I also hope he goes on to Ellen again. The last time he was on there was in 2007 when he was promoting rendition right? They have such a good repore with eachother.

Get Real said...

What is the new link for IHJ??

Monica said...

Thank you, Anon.

I like Ellen, but she is very nosy. So, do not want to see Jake in her program.

Get Real said...

Nevermind, I got the new IHJ link.

Thanks for the Jake at Heathrow info. I do bet he is on his way to NYC! :)

bobbyanna said...

A photographer tweeted hours ago that he ran into Anne Hathaway in Carroll Gardens in BK, so she's back,too.

Sheba baby said...

Another fantastic job with the LAOD updates, I just love the Fandango video.

I was tempted to watch the red trailer but I want to be a little surprised when I see the film, i've seen so many clips already and of course the first 2 trailers.

Thanks for the heads up about IHJ, I registered again!

Jake is doing talk shows later this week in NY and Annie will probably rehearsing her stuff for SNL.

I'm pretty sure Anne's parents were from Brooklyn, I think they live in Jersey now. I assume she has relatives in Brooklyn like Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Links are always nice, folks:

That's the new IHJ community.

It's a shame Stephanie and co. have to deal with this, and it's a shame to lose all those old posts, if they are lost.

This article contains an interesting review of L&OD.

Nice article about an actress who has Parkinson's and is in L&OD. Nice pic of her with Anne and Jake, as well.

Jake flies Taylor to London. Given that they spell Jake's name wrong in the URL and that it's, well, the Sun, read at your own peril!

UltraViolet said...

I've had connection issues all day, sadly. I forgot to respond to this:

I guess Zwick never saw Rendition.

It is a shame, FL, that more people didn't see and/or appreciate Rendition. But that's definitely a grown up, adult Jake.

Oh, and sexy.

Jake also had to be back in NYC for tomorrow's Variety screening for L&OD. A friend of mine was invited and is actually waffling on whether to go!

Stupid, silly man.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)