Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Miscellany

Update: Looks like Jake wanted some new pics for the post. Arriving at LAX:

A couple of new photos of Jake Gyllenhaal from the opening of the Edible Schoolyard in Brooklyn:

And a semi-new photo of Jake from CMJ night last week:

And to spice up this post, a few from the archives...

No idea what this is from - Jake with Harold "Who You Gonna Call?" Ramis:

Some shots from Coachella:

That's all from Memory Lane!


UltraViolet said...

Well, here's the verdict. Rope of Silicon reviewer really didn't like L&OD:

The one name that faded the hardest for me recently was Anne Hathaway for Love and Other Drugs, a Jerry Maguire knock-off that doesn't come close to living up to the hype that was generated earlier this year. The film starts off all right with both Hathaway and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal charming the pants off the audience, but as it moves on it just gets worse and worse to the point you are waiting for the "You complete me" and "You had me at hello" quotes at the end. I don't see a nomination in Hathaway's future, though the film will certainly enjoy a major push as it was just announced Hathaway will follow Scarlett Johansson one week later as host of "Saturday Night Live" on November 20, four days before the film's release.

A much more positive review.

This tweet did make me laugh:

Wow, Taylor. I thought John Mayer was jumping the shark. Now Jake Gyllenhaal. Are you stuck in the J's? Watch out, Jack Nicholson.

Monica said...

Arriving at LAX Airport:

Monica said...

Coachella ... snif snif snif ... good times!
Wow, I'm dramatic!

Coachella is one of my favorite moments of Jake and Reese, along with photos of basketball, in Washington last year and some from 2008, mainly one in which they are shopping in Santa Monica. They were so cute together

I know how bad it was over, but I can't deny it was fun to watch them together.

The last picture is so cute.

Jake drunk talking with Busy. Drunk and tired. hehehe

I want to see pictures of him and Michelle together! I love Michelle.
I hope she had a great day with Matie.

thanks, UV.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pics guys, We always seem to get more pics when he is in LA.

Looks like Taylor is in LA also

JF said...

Well, here's the verdict. Rope of Silicon reviewer really didn't like L&OD:

A much more positive review.

Mixed reviews.
I wish there were just good reviews so far. :D

Anonymous said...

There is, overall, never 100% good reviews for even the best of movies.
This person has Jerry McQuire in mind so they probably compare it to that all the way through.
Sometimes people are bothered by nudity..sometimes people are bothered by illness protrayed.
And i guess sometimes they just don't care for the movie. It's gonna happen.
But regular audiences I think are really going to enjoy the movie.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the great pictures! I'm hoping we'll get some good stuff from the AFI event that kicks off in a week. I think it's so cool that LAOD is opening the festival!

He looks incredibly hot in these LAX pics! Jake's been away so much, I hope he gets a chance to enjoy being home for a bit.

Viv said...

OMG!!!! He is too hot to handle!!!
We miss you!!! An insanely hot Jake without beard!!

Sheba baby said...

I always loved these set of pics of Jake and Reese too Monica:)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane UV!

He looks happy that he's back home, he has a busy week ahead with the premeire of LOAD at AFI on 11/4!

The reviews seem like they are a mixed bag so far, they will be coming fast and furious in the weks to come.

mary said...

thanks UV jske looks great glad to see him back in LA for awhile

UltraViolet said...

You know, Viv, I was so focused on getting the pics in the post before I left this morning that I didn't even notice he was less scruffy.

I love the Coachella pics, too, Monica and Sheba. I know sometimes people don't want to see Reese, but as Monica said, there were a lot of good times in there.

And the pics with Busy just crack me up.

Speaking of things some people don't want to talk/hear about: Ellen teases Taylor Swift about Jake.

Monica said...

^^ It's a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Love the pics, i know its wrong but i love seeing him out & about being normal & enjoying himself - hope you all know what i mean, not that red carpet Jake is darn sexy as well :)

I know this subject as been done to death but i just cant get my head round the whole Jake/Taylor thing now im old enough to know its his life etc etc but i dont get it, Reese i got, but watching an interview with Taylor earlier this week on E she seemed so child like in both mind & dress - fact is i dont get it, i hope Jake is happy & keeps making fab films that i cant wait to see but it doesnt feel right.

Sorry for rambling


Anonymous said...

Even almost one year, I still feel so bad about this split. They are so cute together.I don't want to deny it.And now, link to Miss T????I got heartache again.

Anonymous said...

I thought Taylor did well on Ellen. This is one of her more mature appearances, I thought. :)

bobbyanna said...

How would you know, "anon" since Ellen airs NEXT Monday? Most people do well on Ellen. She's good at what she does & it's a friendly room.

My primary interest is Jake,so I look forward to seeing him and Ellen together again. They always have fun.

I'm trying to keep things in perspective.We have no idea what Jake thinks, or how he defines this "relationship" at all.

IMO, he's a single guy out enjoying himself. We will very likely read about him with other girls, at some point,too! He's a gorgeous man, and he is unattached so he is "cannon fodder." LOL!

Single people date, they hang out, they have fun. it could be a now and then thing or a two week fling, or a six month 'affair' or whatever! I'm not going to throw an engagement party, or take this too seriously at all.

In fact, there have been disclaimers that have appeared in print, about not taking this seriously, but these seem to be largely ignored, in favor of people determined to embellish what they see and hear.

My biggest problem with this,(I'll keep the others to myself!:)))

Jake always, consistently keeps his private life out of public discussions, especially when he has a movie to promote. He always works hard,always willing to promote his movies.

He takes his work very seriously, and it's really, terribly unfair to all the people who worked on the movie with him, to have the distraction of the media hounding him and asking him about his love life. It's just wrong. It's unprofessional.

The people who are getting all giddy and excited about this latest fling, fail to take that into account. It's never been part of Jake's PR strategy or his style.

mary said...

well said bobbyanna

get real said...

First off, thanks for all the great pics and LAOD reviews.

Second, extremely well said, Bobbyanna. I totally agree with what you posted.

I don't know Jake at all and people are way to invested if they lose respect for him over something we know nothing about. Who knows what is going on between him and Taylor.

My main concern and frustration is that I don't want the gossip about all of this to be a distraction from his promotion of LAOD and his work as an actor.

Do I have opinions about who *I* would love to see him with, Anne or Rachel McAdams come to mind, of course, but it is his life and his business.

What is most important imo is his career and I want to hear about LAOD!

bobbyanna said...

Guess there's actually a video clip online, promoting Ellen's show,talking about Jake.

Monica said...

Just have to say that in these pictures of the airport, he seems more relaxed and happy. And hotter than ever.

Here is a podcast with Kris Tapley and Anne Thompson. They talk about laod and other things.
Anne weaves many compliments to Jake, saying he is very funny. She also says that the movie is good, but unfortunately I am not able to hear everything, can someone please help?

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I posted a link to the video :)

Are there people who are giddy about Jake and Taylor? All I see are people dismissing them and him. The outrage continues to amuse me. If they are dating, I hope he's enjoying his fling. If not, I hope he's laughing at the craziness this has prompted.

Monica, I'll try to listen to the podcast and report back.

bobbyanna said...

Yes, UV, I'd definitely observed an element of giddiness coming from her side. Her fans and quite probably her flacks & her. Her fans are quite excited for the most part.

Who she dates is an important part of the PR/marketing for her CD. Now Jake's part of that discussion. John Mayer comes up, obviously, but she can finesse that now, since it's balanced by Jake questions.

Monica, love your avatar! LOL!

The podcast was frustrating! I could hear it,I just didn't like what I heard! SO nit-picky! As if they have a duty to balance their enthusiasm by straining to find fault.

me, again said...

"If they are dating, I hope he's enjoying his fling. If not, I hope he's laughing at the craziness this has prompted."


Anonymous said...

The print publicity before her cd came out was all over the place and the interviews and such probably happened before Jake, as in with all the publicity she has already gotten she really doesn't have to rely on Jake (or use him if some of you are thinking that)..if he was not around she would still be doing interviews and there would be more publicity. She's the biggest "country" star at the moment and whether he is there or not she's going to be "everywhere".
I just think they like each other and may be no more than that.
Maybe He might think it's silly the way people are against her.

Chica said...

He does really look relaxed and happy here and he has just the right amount of fuzz on his face for me,he looks great!

It's none of my business who he sees and I don't see what that has to do with being a fan. I'm just concerned that this doesn't over shadow LAOD promo.

Bravo Bobbyanna, you summed up a lot of my feelings on the subject.

I love the old/new Coachella pics UV, and Jake does looka bit tipsy!

The Rope review isn't the first time I've read that it compares to Jerry McGuire.

Off to listen to the podcast, thanks for the link!

mary said...

new pics of jake out on his bike on ihj

also this weird i have the local news on here in la and they just showed a bus driving indown town LA with taylor swift performing on top of the bus looked like one of this sight seeing buses with no top

Lola said...

AWW, the last picture of Jake and Reese is cute. Yeah i agree with you guys about TS. Main problem is, I don't want it to overshadow LAOD. Jake looks hot on his motorcycle and the airport pics.

hollywood & highland said...


"heads up 4 the show I was at the taylor swift la performance and we spoted jake gyllenhaal aren't there dating rumors about them?"

bobbyanna said...

I couldn't find the motorcycle pictures. :(

Monica said...

here: IHJ

bobbyanna said...

Thanks monica! Gahhh! I love these!He looks like a real badass! :)

Is this the same bike he had when he went to lunch with his dad? It seems different. Bigger.

Extra said...

Jake on his motorcycle, SQUEEEE!!
I was waiting for these pictures, thanks for the heads up Monica.

We can see his gorgeous face again, he looks hot in these pics of him at LAX.

Sounds like Anne T doesn't really like LAOD, bit thinks it will be a hit.

I like the pics of Jake and Reese at Coachella too, they seemed really happy then and I don't mind looking at the pic from that time.

Taylor dodged Ellen's questions from that video.

Jake was at the concert, where was he? On the crowd? The concert took place on top of a tour bus on H. Blvd!

bobbyanna said...

OK. I checked and it's the same bike..the same shoes...the same jacket! Bless!:)

Anonymous said...

Esp. with the movie junket the talk will be about LAOD.
Other type of interviews who knows, but at the same time Jake will say what he wants to say and not say things if he doesn't want to.

And then there is Ellen who, as said, thinks Jake is adorable and likes him very much.
Rem. when Reese was on the show and she played the word game and Reese goes to read it without seeing it and she "had to say" Jake's name..she gets giggly and all. She had rarely said his name in an interview, so as Ellen does with guest she likes to tease them.
Don't think she'd do it with any guests she wasn't comfortable with.

mary said...

the news out here in LA just showed the bus for a little while going down the street i just saw a lot of people on top of the bus but it was so quick i couldnt recoginize anyone not even TS i doubt if jake was riding on top maybe he rode inside

suvee said...

It might be a cliche, but there's just something so cool and masculine about a guy on a bike. These pics make me glad he's back in Cali!

I wouldn't worry too much about L&OD being overshadowed by Jake & TS. If it really is as sexy and erotic as reported, that will keep a lot of attention on the film itself. And Jake is pretty deft at controlling where the spotlight stays when he is working & promoting his movie. He knows what to expect.

I too always loved those Coachella photos. Thanks for posting them, UV.

I keep reading that TS is in talks to star in the film adaptation of Rock of Ages. Wasn't there a rumor/theory/guess at one time that it was a potential Jake movie?

bobbyanna said...

Annie,what's going on now isn't really the same as Reese's visit to Ellen at all.They'd been together about two years by then. This is more like a manufactured media "mini-frenzy":)

Of course Jake says what he wants to in interviews! But so does the media. And Jake can't control how they act.

Look at Twitter and FB. Last week,I enjoyed comments about Jake and LAOD. I searched for video clips of Q&As,feedback from screenings. I enjoyed Jake's Edible Gardens events,or that he supported friends at the Ballet.

Since last Sunday,it's all TS, all the time. That sucks. And there's nothing new. A lot of it is just spinning and manufacturing stuff.

Rummaging thru Twitter and FB isn't very much fun lately. I'd just like some balance and for things to calm down. The only thing I give a damn about is Jake & his Thanksgiving movie opening.

mary said...

once jake starts activitly promoting LOAD things should settle aand the focus will be on jake and LOAD jake knows how to respond and deflect personal questions really well and also on the talk shows i think they can be asked or requested not to ask person questions and most hosts i think will respect that

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to thanks IHJ/Stephanie for the LAX pics. And the new bike pics, of course.

Poll on whether Jake or Usher looks better in all denim.

UltraViolet said...

From an interview with Marshall Herskovitz, L&OD producer:

EI: You’ve got two A-listers in Love and Other Drugs. When Anne Hathaway walks into a room, do rainbows appear and birds sing?

MH: I’m like a member of a cult now. I find her to be so delicious as a human being that it’s hard for me not to sound like a press agent. The combination of Anne and Jake [Gyllenhaal] in these two parts was so delightful from day one.

EI: Guess I need to ask a question on behalf of our female readers. That Gyllenhaal guy. He’s, like, good-looking. Anything else to say about him?

MH: Jake plays a guy who’s been an utter failure in life except at one thing, and that’s getting laid. He’s kind of a jerk. Jake is a very nice, sweet person who had to find something very different in himself for this. It was pretty amazing to watch.

Monica, about the podcast, I'd say Thompson liked it more than Tapley. She says it will be a big hit. She liked Jake a lot, more than AH. Thought it was very sexy, but too TV-like. Wasn't deep enough. Tapley was very down on it, as we knew from his review.

Anonymous said...

It looks like someone is trying to spread another false rumor about Jake appearing at a TS show. He was never hiding out in her dressing room when she played in NYC nor was he on the bus. The person who posted their tweet re NYC was in the crowd, not backstage and when it was picked up by a gossip site, they used another site as their source however, there was no mention of this so called story on that site. This latest tweet claiming he was at her LA show is using the same tactics - post the rumor where Jake/TS fans will read it and spread the news. If Jake had been at either of those shows at least one other person
would have seen him but no one else saw him.

Hi, Jack! said...

It's so funny how far people will go to try to disprove something. The NEw York story was on the original site for a while before someone noticed and posted a story with more details. Who knows if any of it was true. But you don't have any insider info and you have your facts wrong.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He's home and ready to rock and roll!! I love this look on him, very casual and sexy and he shaved most of his chia pet off, ha, ha!!!

Thanks for the link to him on his bike, I think motorcycles are so cool!

The mixed reviews have me a bit anxious but I still think that the film will do well at the BO.

Hopefully the chatter about Jake and Taylor will die down when Jake starts doing promo for LAOD, unless we get a flurry of twitter and F sightings of them together.

bobbyanna said...


I'm getting ready to go campaigning. Very tight race to hold onto a Congressional seat here!

There's a "Commit to Vote" project. Very easy, on FB. I urge people to check it out. All you have to do is 'commit to vote' and them send it to all your FB friends. Some races are very tight.
If we can boost turnout even a little, we can hold on.

Thanks anon, 4:21. Sometimes spotting Jake is like Where's Waldo! LOL!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hey Bobbyanna!

Same here in CT. There are tight races all over the country so it's very important to get out the vote.

I will be doing some campaigning myself over the weekend.

Thanks for the info on the "Commit to Vote" FB, what a great idea!

FL said...

Jake and Busy at LaMill

Anonymous said...

As noticed and as said by Taylor, she may write songs about people in her life but in interviews she won't talk about them.
(just read an article on Hank Williams, Sr.. of which almost all of his songs were about his life and his relationships).

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL!

Carla said...

I don¡t have regular access to the internet because I am on holidays but I try to keep up - love the new pictures -Biker Jake...:-)

I hope people will focus again on LAOD during the next days, especially with the screening at the AFI Festival.

So far the reviews are mixed?

I just hope for Jake it will be a huge Box Office success.

UltraViolet said...

Watching the rally. The Roots are a great band.

Full page L&OD ad in the NYTimes

UltraViolet said...

Busy's daughter is adorable. Thanks, FL.

Carla, there have definitely been some critical slams. But also some real praise. And most Twitter reaction is good.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm watching the rally too!!

Thanks FL, Busys daughter is a cutie:)

Anonymous said...

This will be minus a "family audience" but am sure there will be enough people from 18 on who will want to see it.
It does have the "draw-back" for some because of the sex and nudity. Some will refuse to see it because of that but with the way some other movies have done I think it will still do well.

Monica said...

Thanks for the info on the podcast, UV. I think the biggest mistake of Fox was to create a Oscar buzz for this movie and perhaps the people of Anne saying that she would win an Oscar for this role.

I think all this has put a pressure and changed the view of how the critics would see it, join it to the factor that is a film by Ed Zwick, someone who is not liked by critics.

I have noticed that both Jake and Anne are great in their roles, with some people saying that Jake is better than her.
I loved Anne Thompson's comments about the movie. She saw it with another vision, without the Oscar.

I'd rather have my expectations for this film as an audacious romantic comedy with some cliches, but fun and good performances.

I love Busy. I remember her in Dawson's Creek with Michelle. I watched Dawson and loved the character of Michelle, which for me was the best actress of that show.
Her daughter is beautiful.

Oh, she was also at the Oscars with Heath and Michelle. Busy was so beautiful.

Tweety said...

I love the Coachella pictures, and look Jake is pictured with Busy today too! Her daughetr is adorable.

Jake and Harold Ramis?? That name is a blast from the past, I wonder what happened to him?

It may seem cliche Suvee, but I feel the same way about a man on a motorcycle and Jake on on brings out the fangirl in me::))

The Oscar talk regarding LOAD was premature and annoying IMO because we all know how that turns out: see Brothers.

A movie like this has an audience, Jake and Anne have gotten really good reviews even when some critics didn't really like the movie.

I'm sure Jake will not let any Taylor talk get in the way of promoting LAOD.

I'm watching the live stream of the rally!!

Anonymous said...

As critics are people too...they have certain things they like and don't like and also their are directors some critics will never like their work, and some who like everything someone does.
There are actors and actresses some critics don't care for and will never give them a good review.
(not talking about Jake or Anne here).
It's always up to the people anyway.

FL said...

Jake and Harold Ramis?? That name is a blast from the past, I wonder what happened to him?

I meant to comment on that picture earlier...before Katherine Ireland (the textile designer not the former model) sold the Ojai house (that by all accounts she lived in for 5 minutes) to Reese, Harold Ramis owned that house for a number of years.

suvee said...

Confession time..... Harold Ramis was so geeky sexy to me. He was my fav Ghostbuster! What can I say?

Just curious..... does anyone know if Busy and Jake's friendship is a result of being Matilda's godparents, or were they friends prior to BBM? I do like knowing that Matilda's godparents are friends that stay in touch. Thanks, FL.

I'm sure Jake will not let any Taylor talk get in the way of promoting LAOD.

ITA, Tweety. Jake's too disciplined to take the bait.

bobbyanna said...

I just spent a couple of hours hanging doorknockers and reminding ppl to vote. I have to admit, my anxiety level has been thru the roof, but it was beautiful outside today and maybe Tues. won't be too bad.:(

I'm sure Jake can handle anything! He's always prepared and sharp for his interviews and talk show appearnces. It's the Access H'wood, E! stuff, they say ABOUT him when he isn't there, that's often irritating. I'm also looking forward to his foreign press interviews. They are usually so interesting.

(I have a great idea for an SNL skit for Annie! All she'd have to do is wear a long, curly blond wig and get some bright red lipstick!...and a guitar.:))

Monica said...

BFCA Scores: Love & Other Drugs:
Once again, I’m breaking down by category the Broadcast Film Critics scores. Last year’s cutoff for Best Picture was 85. Neither Made in Dagenham nor Love and Other Drugs has managed to start out with anything better than a 3-star rating, but it’s early yet.

Love And Other Drugs - 77

Here she is talking about Oscar, but as my thoughts on Oscar to laod is zero, I think this score really good!

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:
Jake's on the cover of Esquire (UK Edition), love the headline!:)

UltraViolet said...

Jake looks pretty good on the cover, even with the lumberjack beard. Thanks, Bobbyanna.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I like the title, too. Hope it's not just a tease.

Shondra said...

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane too UV, thanks::))

I think I spotted Busy husband Marc in the photos from Coachella!!

I love the photo of Jake from the Edible school event where he is seated between those 2 lucky women, he has such a beautiful smile.

That pic and the pic of him on the cover of Esquire (thanks Bobbyanna) is a reminder of how he looked a few ago, he's looking good, cleaned up and happy in these Lax photos!!!

Not sure if I like the cover but I prefer this to the cover he did for GQ earlier this year.

Interesting reading all of the reviews for LAOD. The Oscar talk seems to have simmered down, even for Anne.

I really don't care if they or the film gets recognized come oscar time, I just wantit to be a hit, fingers crossed.

Vroooooomm, born to be wild, loving Jake on his motorcycle, be careful!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone and please don't forget to vote on Tuesday!!

Monica said...

Thank you, Bobbyana. I guess I'm one of the few people who loved this look, then, to me, the cover is good!

Interview with Ed Zwick: LA Times

Happy Halloween for those who are celebrating.

bobbyanna said...

I think I love Ed Zwick! He seems like a real sweet guy!:)
Thanks, monica!

BTW: Anne Hathaway will be on Leno this week. November 4th! I don't watch him anymore, but I'll make the sacrafice for Annie:)

Happy Halloween! Can't believe tomorrow is November 1st!

Chica said...

I love that interview with Zwick, thanks Monica!

It sounds like not only did he get along with Jake and Anne but enjoyed their input and energy.

I like that Esquire cover, can't wait to read the interview.

Hope everyone is having a happy Halloween!!

Lola said...

I like that magazine cover, I too,like monica, are one of the few who enjoy's that look on Jake. I agree Shondra its way better than the GQ one. I hope the fact that LAOD is R rated, and the first enstallment of the last harry potter movies coming out a week before it wont hurt it's chances of being a hit at the box office. I also hope that tittle on esquire Magazine isn't a teese;)

bobbyanna said...

Congratulations to monica on your new President Rousseff!!!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What exciting news Monica, President Dilma Rousseff, yes!!!

lawgoddess said...

Jake looks great in the jeans in the airport shots.

And the trip down memory lane was fun!

Thanks, UV. :)

UltraViolet said...

He does look good, doesn't he, LG :)

Lola, I hope Harry Potter is just its own phenomenon and doesn't affect L&OD. I don't think it will. Fingers crossed.

Forgot to say thanks for that BCFA link, Monica. As we've all said, awards aren't the consideration here. Just want a big hit for Jake.

And congrats on the new president :)

Lola said...

Congrates Monica on the new president.

Happy Halloween everybody! We just got are first and probably Last trick or treaters, and my dogs had to ruin it by barking their heads off and running out of the house:)Thank god the little girls didn't mind!

UltraViolet said...

I didn't get any trick or treaters :(

Glad your dogs didn't scare the last visitors, Lola!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

No tricker treaters at my end either:((

I like Jake on the cover Esquire too, he looks very mature and sexy.

bobbyanna said...

I just love that he got an Esquire cover! And yes, he looks very sexy and mature!

I never get Trick or Treaters, either. I guess I don't live on a "good block." None of my neighbors give out candy, so it's hardly worth the effort for kids.

My brother and sister-in-law had about 50 kids last night. He lives about 1/2 mile away, around the corner.

Ben Lyon's posted on FB that he'll interview Jake Gyllenhall this week. He also said Anne Hathaway, but from the way it's worded it doesn't seem as if they interview together. I wish they would :)

bobbyanna said...

Oops! Can't believe I spelled Jake's name wrong! :) It comes from using all the search variations on Twitter & FB, I guess :)

mary said...

i like the esquire cover too i was afraid the beard would be too bushy but its not would love to see the pictures on the inside does it sell over here any one know?

i didnt get any trick or treaters either but i had to work and didnt get home till after 800 but since i moved to an apartment 8 years ago i never ahce had any trick or treaters.

mary said...

hey i just saw a tv promotion for LOAD so their starting to promote on tv now!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, someone tweeted about seeing an ad but I wasn't sure it was accurate. So thanks for the info, Mary!

Why does Ben Lyons get to interview anyone? Although Jake seems to like Ben, so I guess he doesn't mind.

It comes from using all the search variations on Twitter & FB, I guess

It would be so much easier if his name were something unique with no variations!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say that looking at the Esquire cover more closely reveals a few flaws. What's with the suit - it doesn't look like it fits him.

Glad they trimmed or photoshopped the bushy beard though. I didn't mind the look but it's not what I prefer to see in a photoshoot.

bobbyanna? said...

I was surprised to see that Ben was interviewing him. If I recall, didn't Jake have an unpleasant exchange with Ben Lyons a couple of movies ago?

Monica said...

Thank you. I didn't voted in Dilma, she really wasn't my choice, but I hope she will do a great job.
She is the first woman president of Brazil. Historical moment.

Ben Lyons? He is a complete idiot.
Ben Lyons by LA Times

UltraViolet said...

I don't think Jake and Ben have had words, Bobbyanna. They are usually very jokey.

Apparently, UMP isn't dead. No word on whether Jake is still attached. Perhaps someone else will ask about that.

Anonymous said...

Since Jake seemed to have an input into UMP it would be too bad if he couldn't do it. Something that takes a long time tho might interfere with other planned things. Would think they would say something before long.

Sometimes when people kid with others and some folks don't understand that type of humor they may think it's something its not.
Would think if Jake didn't want to do an interview with Lyons, he wouldn't.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UltraViolet said...

There has been a lack of Jake tweets the past few days...

From twitter:

Celebrity sighting in big sur: Taylor swift n Jake gyllenhaal (or whatever his name is... )

They said it wouldn't last said...


Hot tip just in! Just learned that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur this weekend. They were seen together over breakfast and also by the pool. Swifty was wearing a beret. There was some handholding and their arms were around each other and she was touching his hair and getting lost in his cute ass amazing face.

Minibreaks already?

suvee said...

What's with the suit - it doesn't look like it fits him.

Yeah, between the beard and the baggy suit, he looks a little schlumpy. Hard to make him look unattractive, but IMO this isn't his best look.

There better be a great interview/article inside to make up for it! :)

Chica said...

Congratulations to the Giants, WS champions!!!

If my Mets couldn't do it, I'm happy that the Giants did!!

PS: That suit does look too big for Jake on the cover of Esquire.

Jake and Tayor at Big sur? I think he was spotted there earlier this year.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, I had been hoping for a kickass photoshoot for this sexy movie. Doesn't seem like we got one. I guess there's more than enough sexiness is in the film!

Congrats to the Giants!

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