Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brothers/Jake's On A Train

This is the new Jake Gyllenhaal norm - news on not one not two but three movies today. Apparently someone at Lionsgate finally saw the "Promote Brothers" entry on the company To Do list. And not a moment too soon. The movie opens December 4th, and there's a new TV spot that many people seem to have seen Sunday night. Courtesy of Movie Web:

The official website has been uploaded with some new stills:

The promo people aren't completely clueless, as they have featured Jake's shower scene on the site:

Unfortunately, the site moves very slowly - at least in Safari. So it's a somewhat frustrating experience to navigate. But Jake is worth it. Now they just need some more material to, er, flesh it out.

You can also view two videos from the Brothers set. Sadly, neither one involves Jake. The first is a set up of Tobey in a truck; the second involves Tobey, Natalie and the kids around the dinner table.

It's always interesting to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Let's hope there are more of these, featuring Jake.

The was a screening of Brothers today at the Director's Guild. Not a lot of info coming out yet, but a few positive tweets:

Just saw Jim Sheridan's BROTHERS. Reeeeeally great.

Just saw "Brothers." So powerful, like "Hurt Locker."

From director Jim Sheridan:

Its about communication first and art second. You find out if it's art when you're dead."

While we look to the immediate future for Brothers, we've also gotten word that Jake is in talks to star in Source Code for director Duncan Jones.

Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star in sci-fi thriller "Source Code" for Vendome Pictures and The Mark Gordon Co.

Duncan Jones will direct and Mark Gordon will produce with Vendome’s CEO Philippe Rousselet and Jordan Wynn. Production is slated to begin during the first quarter. ...

"Source Code" centers on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown commuter and is forced to live and relive a harrowing train bombing until he can determine who is responsible for it.

According to Slash Film (warning: spoilers!), In the first scene, a man named Colter - Gyllenhaal’s character - wakes up on a train headed through the New Jersey countryside. He has no idea how he got there and nobody he speaks to can offer him any clues, though he is told that, to his surprise, he has taken this train every day for the last three months.

Jones recently directed the well-received movie Moon, starring Sam Rockwell:

Jones tweeted a while back that he had a meeting with Jake:

Also had a painfully early breakfast meeting with Jake Gylenhall. A proper, truly lovely gent! Very much want to work with him.

Was a fan before meeting him, even more so afterwards

And Jones seems excited for the chance to work with Jake now:

its a good step up in budget and ambition too. Im excited to work with Jake G too. cool guy. I like him

Thanks to Carla, here's a script review for The Source. The premise sounds tense and exciting. I look forward to hearing more about it and seeing the finished product. And I hope Duncan Jones tweets his way through the production.

And a bonus for all you six-degrees of separation fans. Jake is now one degree of separation from David Bowie.

Finally, we wouldn't want to leave Prince of Persia out of the post. Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are starting to post answers to fan questions submitted through Facebook. Nothing too exciting so far. But I think they delivered enough excitement last week that we can be patient.

(Photos courtesy of Lionsgate , IHJ. Thanks to an anonymous and very loyal Jake fan for the tip on the new Brothers material.)


lawgoddess said...

Thanks, UV, for all the great posts lately. If something happens in the Jake!World, it's here right away.

I saw a PoP trailer on one of the sports networks. Oh wow, that trailer is so fine.

FluorescentLamp said...

To borrow a phrase from the last post: What's the word of the day? Overload? Extravaganza? Gyllenmania? Christmas-in-November?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

It's like the Summer of George! Except that it's the Autumn/Winter of Jake!

I've just finished reading the original Ben Ripley script of Source Code. Oh yeah. This is a good one for Jake. And for me! If there's even a hint of time travel or having to do with parallel universes, I am so there. Sue me, I like that stuff. ;-)

I wanted to comment on what Anon @9.19 said in the last post, to wit:

The Hollywood Reporter says Jake is "in negotiations" to be in the Duncan Jones project. It looks like it will go, but it is not yet definite. Duncan might be touting it to gain more support. I hope it goes forward. It sounds fascinating.

I've been following Duncan Jones on Twitter since his August breakfast meeting with Jake. While he tweets about 50 times a day, he's never once "touted" this. I think he understands how the business works.

Awww look, Jake on a train. Perfect!

UltraViolet said...

Stop gloating, LG! J/K (and thanks for the nice words). I'm just so jealous that you got to see the PoP ad on a big screen. I wonder if they'll show it on Monday Night Football?

I'm a little discouraged by some of the tweets about it, but I am tickled that it made the PTI twitter page. PTI - or Pardon The Interruption - is an ESPN sports commentary show. Their tweet:

Does Jake Gyllenhall only take roles in which he doesn't have to shave?

BTW, I updated the p;ost a bit, LG. I added a link from Slash Film. A very spoilery link, be warned. But I liked the last line:

Source Code has definitely been one of the really hot sales at the AFM this year and to me, it sounds easily like one of the most exciting genre projects set to shoot next year.

UltraViolet said...

FL, we really should have used "Jake's on a Train" for the post title. Maybe I can change it now!

And it is an embarrassment of riches, as Jake is fond of saying. I'm glad the script is good. People seem psyched about it, and I think the premise sounds cool.

As you know I'm a spoilerphobe, but from what I've seen, it looks good.

bobbyanna said...

I LOVE it when there's so much going on !!!

Apparently, there's a good role for a female lead in the Duncan Jones movie. Hmmm.

mary said...

i saw a tv ad tonite for brothers finally

FluorescentLamp said...

Jeez, when it rains it pours. Two Jake movie ads on television in the same night? Wow.

agent_krycek said...

Looks confirmed, from Duncan's twitter page - 'Citing times!

RT @unklerupert: Confirmed - Duncan Jones next movie will be 'Source Code' with Jake Gyllenhaal:
about 12 hours ago from Echofon

Chica said...

The script for Source Code is fantastic, what a great role for Jake!! When it rans it pours and I love all the Jake news after such a drought.

I missed the Pop trailer last night. That time spot where it aired is fsntastic as far as exposure and the Brothers trailer was shown with Precious and the response has been great!

Thanks for keeping up with all the news, good times!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Sounds like a combination of a thriller and Sci-fi, right up my alley!

It does sound like it's a done deal. I was hoping the UMP would be next but If this is the next film for Jake, then YES!!!!

Happy to see that Lionsgate is finally getting the PR machine in gear for Brothers.

UltraViolet said...

Updated the post with a new Brothers TV spot. It emphasizes the Jake/Natalie relationship. Twitter was certainly abuzz about it last night.

bobbyanna said...

One thing I'm really looking forward to with Brothers is how Jake will develop his character as the badassed, ex-con. I know his character emerges as someone who steps up to try and be responsible after his brother's loss, but I would think they will have to do some "establishing scenes" earlier about Jake's character to contrast him with Toby's.

Thanks for the new trailer. I sure hate it, I missed Jake on TV last night. Guess I'm not the right demographic...:)

suvee said...

It is interesting how the Brothers trailer has been tweaked from the very first version we saw. Good idea to emphasize the relationship aspect, I think.

One thing I'm really looking forward to with Brothers is how Jake will develop his character as the badassed, ex-con.

ITA......I'm really hoping Brothers showcases a different kind of character for Jake.

I didn't see either trailer last night either. :(

UltraViolet said...

Definitely looking forward to badass Jake. I hope they establish it well before he morphs into cuddly Uncle Tommy.

Another script overview, from Cinema Blend.

Again, I skimmed to avoid spoilers. But the writer does say that a major flaw in the script is that the character played by Jake seems kind of stupid for not figuring things out. I hope they address that in the rewrites.

Oh, and for anyone who saw the PoP ad before the football game last night: Was it much different from the trailer? Was it just the shorter trailer?

Sag actor said...

I like the new trailer as well, it's more focused on the relationship but doesn't side-step the war issue.

The Source Code script has been kicking around, glad to hear that Jake is in talks to star and Jones has shown great promise as a director.

get real said...

Wow, more projects...fantastic! Sounds interesting and I hope it is another great vehicle for Jake. I love what Duncan Jones had to say about Jake. I am very excited for Jake and for us. :D

Btw, saw the movie Precious yesterday. Incredible movie that will definitely be up for Oscars. The theatre was completely packed. The even better news is that the trailer for Brothers was part of the movie! This movie broke records this past weekend and is already on everyone's top of year list. Having Brothers attached as a trailer is excellent promotion. Can't wait until December 4th. Squee! :D

Chica said...

Yes Get real, having the Brothers trailer attached to Precious is fantastic!

I haven't seen Precious, I will this weekend but from what I hearthe trailer seems to be getting a terrific response from people who have seen Precious.

Shondra said...

Great script and great role for Jake! I'm surprised that it was sitting around to be green-lit, sounds like sure fire hit IMO.

I missed the Pop trailer last night too but I did catch the Brothers trailer. Looking forward to seeing a badass Jake too, I like they way he looks in this film.

The photos of Jake on the train remind of when Reese flew to Paris to for the weekend to be with him, it was after Cannes!

Shondra said...

I forgot to add: How cool that you found a picture of Jake and Sam Rockwell, I don't remember seeing that before!

And Jake working with David Bowie's son, it doesn't get better than that!

Anonymous said...

I saw the PoP trailer before the football game last night - it's the same official U.S. trailer, but the only thing that seemed a bit more intense were the color of Jake's eyes - everything else seemed just like the one I saw online - the cute banter, the magnificent leaping, the "yeah, don't press your luck". I love a guy who's a challenge. ;) Fantastic.

Monica said...

The site of Brothers is wonderful. Amazing!
The lionsgate did a great job with photos and information about the film.

Source Code seems to be so good. I read the review and was impressed with the story.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking maybe critics had seen the "Brothers" showing but it doesn't sound like that so much. I'm sure there will be a showing for them soon. There's going to have to be those "comments" seen on the ads in the paper and on t.v.
Seems that Wells is still ignoring it. He use to write like he was looking forward to seeing it. So who knows what his reaction will be.

Sheba baby said...

I was wondering if it was a critics screening for Brothers too anon., apparently it wasn't. I was looking forward to reading some reviews from actual critics.

Wells seems to have lost interest in it, it wil be interesting to read what he thinks about it once it is released.

The new trailer looks really intense, I caught it on the boob tube!

The more I read and hear about Source code the more I love it, can't wait until this starts filming.

Anonymous said...

Source Code seems very similar to Deja Vu a movie of Denzel Washington, except SC takes place on a train, and Deja Vu took place on a ferry boat. It may be that Jake's character intrigues him and he sees things very differently. I will look forward to it, because I am always looking forward to his work.

debbie said...

Bet Jake makes lots of appearances on the "awards circuit " this year.
Not saying he'll be nominated, although I hope he is, but I'm thinking he will do a lot of presenting. 2010 is the Year of Jake! :)

Monica said...

Tobey, Jake, Natalie and Oscar: O 'Brothers' where art thou?

Sheridan received a tremendous ovation Sunday afternoon when he was introduced for a Q&A after a very well-received Directors Guild of America screening.

UltraViolet said...

Nice article, Monica, thanks. I wish Jake had gotten some more love, but anything that helps to push this flick is good news.

Speaking of which - I saw a Brothers ad during Monday Night Football. It was different from any of the trailers/spots we've seen. Not dramatically different, but it's interesting to see that Lionsgate has so many different versions.

I hope this overdrive continues.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal: Why Hollywood's Hardest-Working Guy Deserves an Oscar

Anonymous said...

Not having seen it yet of course, but Tobey's role is the "showy" role and those always get attention. I think tho there will be reviews who will mention how good Jake is in this.
Lots of actors do a number of movies but Jake does do many different kinds - as stated - but in the 30's and 40's esp. actors & actresses made 2-3 movies a year and people expected to see them often.

Anonymous said...

That's right, 11:07.

Back in the 30's and 40's a movie shoot was usually done in about five weeks and all on the studio lot. Actors could grind out as many as half dozen or more every year. Studios paid by the month not the movie.

Tobey is Spiderman. He is the most famous. They will talk about him a lot and his role is showy. But I heard very positive thing about Jake too.

Anonymous said...

Hi. One thing I noticed when talking about Oscar contenders this year many have been named but as said many have also been unseen.
Was it "Elizabethtown" from however many years back that was suppose to be in the Oscar race months before it had been screened. When it finally was its named was dropped from the list.
Lionsgate has been busy with "Precious" and have not had much left over for "Brothers". Guess someone wasn't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

so regarding the movie. how far do you think grace and tommy act on their attraction? i have seen the orginal and want to know what other people think or what other people are hoping to expect (jake and natalie love scene).

Carla said...

Interview from Slashfilm with Jake and Gemma on PoP set:

Jake Interview

Very interesting reading!

Carla said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that there is also a set report of the visit last year in London on Slashfilm!

PoP set report

Ginny said...

Thanks for the links Carla, interesting reads.

Sheba baby said...

Thanks Monica! Noticed that they mentioned Tobey and Natalie's performances but not Jake's, bummer. Stll I'm glad that Lionsgate is starting to promote it , it may surprise come Oscar time.

Also thanks for the moviefone article, Jake resume is very impressive !

The Pop Interviews and behind the scenes report on Pop are fascinating, thanks so much Carla!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the links, Carla. Working on a new post.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have not seen the original - but I think it could work either way, if Tommy and Grace just begin to acknowledge an attraction, but Grace doesn't want to act on it, or if they do make love and she then decides to not go forward, is troubled by it. You can see where Sam would feel, just by the experiences he's been through, might lose some self esteem and imagine that more might have happened than actually did. IDK, I'm looking forward to it either way - it's a great interpersonal drama.

Paula said...

Thanks for all the links and updates everyone. The Pop interview with Jake and Gemma were a fun read. I think we may finally be seeing some Oscar buzz for Brothers.If they are talking about Tobey and Natalie in that article for possible leads than would Jake be considered supporting? I think it's a long shot for acting but the film may be able to sneak in for B. picture with the expanded list.

Paula said...

PS: I saw the Brothers trailer on TV, finally some promo for this film. I can't wait until Jake does interviews. Missed the Prince of Persia trailer when it aired on Sunday.

I'm not a Sci-fi fan but the script does sound intriguing , the Source gave the script a rave.

UltraViolet said...

New post. We can take the Brothers discussion there. Thanks.