Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jake Week in Review

It was a hectic week for Jake Gyllenhaal fans, punctuated by three beautiful new photos. Tomorrow will be the Brothers premiere. But before that excitement, let's review the week in Jake. The big news of the week was People Magazine's choice for Sexiest Man Alive. For the 5th straight year, they got it wrong. But they did make up for it slightly by choosing a new photo of Jake:

I hear People put someone else on the cover, but here's the real sexiest man alice: Jake Gyllenhaal.

The week began with an InStyle photo of Jake - and a stunning photo it is:

Friday brought a gorgeous new poster from the Prince of Persia:

We also got new Brothers photos and I found bigger versions - just click:

And even better, clips - especially, The Kiss:

Of course, the week isn't over yet. Who knows what the day will bring...

ETA: Oh, look - a pic of Jake and Anne on set yesterday, courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

A couple of business links related to Jake:

Variety on Vendome, the production company behind Source Code

Variety on Kavanaugh

Man, if only Ryan Kavanaugh had put as much effort into publicizing Brothers/Jake as he has himself!

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm seeing various tweets here and there from quasi film critics after seeing Brothers.

Since there's no stated Twitter embargo, I can say that Brothers was quite good... actually surprising. But in the hands of any other filmmaker than Jim Sheridan, I'm not sure it would've worked so well.

Seems they're actually surprised they liked it as much as they did. Oh ye silly people.

Monica said...

anamariabahiana:Look behind you, Tobey, Jake & Natalie: 9 year old Bailee Madison has just stolen your film, "Brothers".
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

bobbyanna said...

This has been such a fun week! Kudos to Gyllenbabble for keeping up with all the Jake news for us!!!! When I consider that this publicity onslaught is just getting started, The next few months are going to be amazing!
So much to look forward to and share! (*blows kisses*)

Extra said...

I'm running out of breath keeping up on all the Jake news! GB is the one stop source for all the Jake breaking news, thanks for keeping up!

That People pic is gorgeous, I can stare at his beautiful eyes forever.

I think it's funny too that critics are surprised that Brothers is so good.

Anonymous said...

Usually when a movie has been held back from when everyone thinks it should of been released (like a year ago) there is the impression there was more work to be done on it because it had problems, etc. They probably went seeing the movie thinking it wasn't going to be good.
Along with that are the performances who some might be surprised that it's so well acted among all the characters in it.

UltraViolet said...

Seems like there's a Brothers junket today - an E!Online tweet from that annoying Ben Lyons said he was interviewing the cast of Brothers. Talk about undeserved! But this made me smile:

Off to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the flesh. I can barely type. Also lovely Natalie

This Film Experience guy really does love Jake. I hope he has a good interview with him.

mary said...

im wondering if hell be interviewing them together be nice if he was

UltraViolet said...

Hi Mary - I'd love to see an interview with all three or with Jake and Natalie. Not sure how today's interviews will work - hopefully we'll get some tweets.

BTW, Tobey is going to be on Ellen. What a shame if that means Jake won't be, which it probably does.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they were all together at a press conference:

Jake G was hilarious at press conf., The class clown while Tobey played serious actor and Natalie smiled silently, the goddess 'tween them

I hope they did solo interviews as well. Jake the Class Clown, lol!

Chica said...

Just got back from grocery shopping for turkey day. Flipped through People magazine and saw that pic of Jake, the man u=is just too hot and beautiful for words.

Thanks so much for posting the pic from people UV, what a feast for the eyes!

Thanks anon., loking forward to more reports from the press junket todday.

Tweety said...

I guess she was at the news conference too!:

katieaprincess: Sat feet from jake gyllenhall, i hope he noticed how nice i smell. Natalie portman, how does your hair stay so shiny?
15 minutes ago from txt

Thanks so much for all the updates. Jake's eyes are so blue and beautiful in that photo, sigh.

It's going to be a busy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Some pics from the set of LOAD, I think they were taken yesterday. There are a couple of Jake and Anne.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. Just posted one of them in the post. Unfortunately, not the best shots. Is this the first time we've seen Jake and Anne in the same frame on set?

Monica said...

Thanks for the image, anon 03:55!
I am very anxious to see LAOD!

get real said...

Squee, so glad Jake made the press conference!!! I love hearing that Jake sense of humor. :D I am running around the city today but I will keep an eye out for them all. They came on a weekend with great weather.

Adore the new pic with Jake and Anne!

All this Jakeness is just making me :D :D :D.

Josie said...

I can't wait to hear all the details from today's press conference!!

The new photos are swoon worthy:)

Finally, pictures of Jake and Anne on set. I was thinking that we would never get them, thanks!

Carla said...

Jeffrey Wells just posted a short video of the press conference for "Brothers" on his blog!!!!

Brothers press conference

shoe89 said...

hey so here is a little snippit of the press conference....its all tobey but at least everyone else is there to.

Chica said...

Thanks Carla! It's all Tobey in that clip talking about how he prepared for the role.

I hope we get the full news conference. Wells sounds like he had a bad day which means he is extra cranky today. And there is Ryan Kavanaugh right up there with them. Like you said UV, he does do a lot of self publicizing.

Anonymous said...

I think that's it. Tobey has been known by so many people as "Spiderman" (tho - he had done regular drama before) that it's taken as a "light" role I guess by critics. So when he is in a heavier role like "Brothers" again they seem to of forgotten so a lot of attention will be there because it's a "surprise" & there will be a lot of raving about it.
Heath was never given the serious actor role by critics for a lot of his career. Tho he had started to show them he was a good actor it wasn't until BBM that it seemed like they couldn't get over the fact that he could act - and that got so much of the attention. (As it was deserved).
Then there's Jake who just continually gives excellent performances & it's not a surprise.

shoe89 said...

found a fan review

Monica said...

Images of the press conference:


thanks shoe! This review is great!

Anonymous said...

Are there other critics or reviewers who might post something soon?

Will you post a list of Jake's appearances if he does any television?

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the press conference info shoe and Monica. Now we wait for Wells to say if he liked the movie or not.

Good review, too, shoe!

Anon, we won't have a running list - IHJ has one here.

But we can scratch SNL off the schedule. They just announced Blake Lively as the 12/5 host.

Sadly, the Jimmy Kimmel appearance is the only one so far.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, forgot to thank Carla for the press conference link, too!

Carla said...

I wanted to say thank you for all the news, pictures and excitement during the last week but after I posted the link my PC crashed... too much Jake hotness..:-))

Typical Welles - posting video and pictures but no word whether he likes the film or not.

Not surprised about the SNL news - obviously more wishful thinking from a fan.

So far word of mouth is really good for the film and the actors. I believe (or hope) that we will get the official reviews after the premiere today.

Monica said...

Natalie Portman opens up to EPIX about kissing Jake & Tobey!
Natalie Portman

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

There are no words left to describe these photo of Jake, I just hope that they are a part of a photoshoot!

Bummer about SNL. I have my fingers crossed that he will appear on more shows and not just the Kimmel show.

The reviews from some bloggers so far are good. I expect to see reviews from critics starting next week.

Wells is a movie blogger not an actual critic (I think) so i'm puzzled to why he hasn't given his opinion yet.

Thanks for keeping up with everything UV, it's been a busy week plus there is the screening tonight in NY!

Anonymous said...

I favor the picture with the glasses over the one without. I'm liking his hair better.

No SNL appearance is a disappointment, but I'm sure Jake must be longing for home after being away for so long, and traveling back and forth to NYC. I think he did manage to get at least one trip into LA whilst he worked on this movie. I'm guessing that if he is "in the neighborhood" he will do the NY promotions, but he may opt for the LA end of things. Which would include Ellen, right? :)

I just can't see her letting him get away with not being on her show if he has a movie coming out, and the other actors in it are going to stop by. I wonder if there will be any UK promotions. (I know Jim Sheridan is doing something in Ireland.)

Anonymous said...

Wells was still going on he other day about "Hurt Locker" (after he had seen Brothers).
Its hard to say what he will say because way back when he seemed to be looking forward to it then when it wasn't released last year he has shown very little interest in it. And he has always been at odds with Dave Poland as a critic and he liked it so who knows.
I'm sure Jake will be on Saturday Night Live again if not this year there is next Spring..and even next years new season.

FluorescentLamp said...

Well at least the most recent incarnation of Fake Reese Twitter has been good for one thing - they found a pic of Jake at the White House Ceremony back when Reese was photographed meeting the President.

Okay sure his back is to the camera, but there he is. :-)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a great find FL!! I knew a pic would show up soon enough.

Extra said...

From the Q&A yesterday: Jake and Jim:

You can spot Jake even with his back turned, love your detective skls FL!

Anonymous said...

thanks extra love hearing from jake about his experiences with his roles and his sense of humor

UltraViolet said...

Oh, great find, FL. Someday we'll get a shot of his face at the White House!

Thanks for the interview link, Extra. Jake sounds like he was in rare form.

It's annoying that the Herald is going to run features on Tobey and Natalie and not Jake. The PR for this movie is really starting to irritate me.

Okay, it's been bugging me for months but this is crunch time.

Will have to go back and reread - there was some classic Jake in there. I'm trying to get a feel for the Jake/Jim Sheridan dynamic.

UltraViolet said...

If this is true, is Jake going to be MIA from the NYC premiere?

psst...jake gyllenhal and anne hathaway filming at magee right now. I can confirm sighting

If that's the case, I hope there is an LA premiere and that Jake attends.

mary said...

dont remember where i read it but it said that it would only be tobey,natalie, and jim at the nyc priemier i guess has to work sounds like hes back at work already at least he made the press conference its probably too close for finishin the film for him to have any extra time off if their to be done by december

Tweety said...

If he is back on set today, then it's what I suspected: He will film from today-Wednesday, possibly the last day day filming.

You know that there will probably no filming the day after Thanksgiving and i read that filming ends the end of November, revised from 12/1.

I think he will be at the L.A. premiere. Thanks for the link to that interview extra. Love what he had to say about Tobey's approach and preparation for the role and his as well.

Anonymous said...

Notice that Wells still hasn't said anything about Brothers.
Of course he might be waiting until closer to release date.
A long time ago he took anything to do with it off the "Oscar" section and tho i just glanced over it..still don't see it mentioned. Tho it might be he doesn't update it but once and a while.
But there are plenty out there who are going to talk about it as an Oscar contender - such as the Boston comments.
Since "Precious" has done well at the box office and gotten good reviews maybe Lionsgate feels it doesn't have to keep pushing it as much as they did and now they notice there's another of their films that is getting attention.

FluorescentLamp said...

Yep, back in Pittsburgh.

about 1 hour ago from txt

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Boston Herald article. Now I understand why you call this Gyllenbabble...after the innovator who invented it! LOL!

get real said...

Ahh, I love Jake and his commentary! He is not only charming, thoughtful and cares for others, his humor is in full force. Gah, we need video of this!! :D

Oh, thanks for the White House pic, FL...even if it is his back, lol. I really hope we see a full front pic of Jake and the President one of these days. :)

UV, I think the Boston Herald article was Jake's feature. I would imagine they will do the same thing with Tobey and Natalie. We will see. If they do get bigger articles, then I will definitely share your frustration.

I am also so glad to hear the reviews that have come out so far be so positive. Even the guy who was the first interviewer at the press conference was raving about the movie. :D

Tweety said...

Pic of Bailee Madison at the Brothers premiere:

lawgoddess said...

Lots of exciting Jake stuff lately, it's a fun time for us here.

Love the picture of Jake's back!

Thanks for all the good stuff you post, UV and FL.

FluorescentLamp said...

danielled29: Magee Hospital was covered in fake snow! And it was called Massachusettes General Hospital for the movie!

Just a little more about the scene today in Pittsburgh.

Oh did you know that Boston was on the short list to host the Brothers filming? And then I read that tweet above...totally bugs.

suvee said...

The PR for this movie is really starting to irritate me.

I was remembering that I didn't really care for the Brothers poster when I first saw it...... it seemed to make Jake appear to be an afterthought. Turns out, it was prophetic! Who knew the poster was a preview of how the promotion of this movie was going to play out..... Tobey and Natalie front and center, Jake on the periphery.

A big thanks to extra for the link to the Boston Herald interview. I'm going to need to read it more than once...... trying to follow his thought process hurts my brain sometimes! Jim Sheridan's comments about Jake as an actor were fascinating..... I couldn't tell if he liked Jake's uniqueness or thought it was a pain.

FL, the White House picture was a great find! GB is, hands down, the best place for everything Jake.

Anonymous said...

Tweets are jumping about the premiere. Terrence Howard is there, Emma Roberts, Jessica Lange came with Sam Shepherd, of course they are tweeting about Bailee Madison. No mention of Nat, Tobey, or Sheridan, yet.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm going to need to read it more than once...... trying to follow his thought process hurts my brain sometimes!

LOL, so it's not just me then? Good. Ahhh Gyllenbabble at its finest!

Jim Sheridan's comments about Jake as an actor were fascinating..... I couldn't tell if he liked Jake's uniqueness or thought it was a pain.

I feel like a lot of this interview/press conference would be better seen/heard than read in text. For instance, if you hadn't already read that Jake was the class clown at the press conference then you might be scratching your head right now over his snow angels comment. :-D

Sheba baby said...

It's been a whirlwind week in Jakeland this week, so much to keep up with but I'm not complaining!

So much Gyllenspeak to wade through in that interview, God bless him, LOL!

I think the Brothers poster is symbolic of Lionsgate approach to promoting this film, it's really dissapointing. It doesn't look like Jake will be at the premiere since he is back filming. Sounds like he will be wrapping up before Thursday.

I knew it was too good to be true that he was going to be on SNL. I would love for him to be on Ellen again but Tobey will be on that week.

Wells is driving me nuts, I guess he will post his review after all the other critics do.

Love the WH pic of Jake (His back!), Reese and Paul. Maybe a few more will show up,thanks for the find FL!

justpremierewatching: said...

Ang Lee is at the Brothers Premiere, so is Kevin Connelly who is friends with Tobey and Amanda Peet is there too. Tobey made two movies with Ang, and Jake, obviously, did BBM.

Twitter said Natalie is wearing some hot purple shoes.

Sag actor said...

I know that Tobey did The Ice Storm but what other Ang Lee movie has Tobey been in? Amanda Peet's husband is the screenwriter from Brothers.

Thanks justpremierewatching!

Tweety said...

Natalie being interviewd on the red carpet. She is so beautiful:

suvee said...

LOL, so it's not just me then? Good.

Definitely not.... I'm there with you! :)

I have noticed that it's easier for me to follow his train of thought when I am listening to/watching him speak. I think his "babbling" doesn't translate well in text. I need to see all his facial expressions and hand gestures to "get" his meaning sometimes, you know?

UltraViolet said...

Monica, thanks for that clip with Natalie. I guess the interviewer couldn't really say: "Tobey's just mad because everyone knows you'd rather kiss Jake than him!"

I was remembering that I didn't really care for the Brothers poster when I first saw it...... it seemed to make Jake appear to be an afterthought. Turns out, it was prophetic! Who knew the poster was a preview of how the promotion of this movie was going to play out..... Tobey and Natalie front and center, Jake on the periphery.

Ugh, suvee, you killed me with that. It's so true. Why has Lionsgate orchestrated it - or bungled it - so that Jake isn't at the premiere and not available for interviews?

It's just not right.

Especially with that list if people in attendance - I'd love to see Jake interacting with Ang or Jessica Lange or Amanda Peet.


Monica said...

LOL, so it's not just me then? Good.
Me too.
I had to read several times to understand!

I loved the interview!Jake is a great person!

UltraViolet said...

Agreed on the Gyllenbabble - it's easier to follow Jake when you can see/hear him. Also, the Herald clearly made no attempt to edit or clarify.

UV, I think the Boston Herald article was Jake's feature. I would imagine they will do the same thing with Tobey and Natalie. We will see. If they do get bigger articles, then I will definitely share your frustration.

I could be wrong, but feature implies an actual article, not just an interview transcript.

I shouldn't carp - the Herald is the home of those irritating gossip women who love to reprint falsehoods about Jake, like the infamous "all the US soldiers did in the first Gulf War was jerk off" quote.

In much happier news, a rave for Brothers in the University of Pittsburgh paper:

In an era when overwrought tales of shimmering vampires dominate the big screen, “Brothers” — a remake of the 2004 Danish film, “Brødre” — is a refreshing deviation from the typical, which is a major part of its appeal.

Visceral and stunning ...

Though riddled with powerful performances — Portman is gracious as the grieving, confused widow. Maguire is enchanting as the traumatized war hero. Gyllenhaal is simply unforgettable as the misunderstood black sheep of the family — “Brothers” falters where it should be strongest. It’s called “Brothers” and supposedly deals with complicated sibling dynamics, especially because Sam and Tommy are consistently being compared by their father — but the story moves along more like the Sam and Grace show than the Tommy and Grace show, or the Sam and Tommy show. It seems the movie is aware of this too, as both Tommy and Sam make it a point to affirm that they are definitely related at various times during the movie, just in case you forget. ...

Unforgettable unless you're Lionsgate PR!

Anonymous said...

If Jake wasn't making a movie he would be at the Premiere. It depends on the filming. How much they are doing today how early he'd have to be there tomorrow.
Lionsgate wouldn't keep him from the premiere.
He wasn't at the Golden Globes which BBM won..and there was talk about him not going because he wasn't nominated...which was silly..he wasn't there because Zodiac was filming that evening and he couldn't get away.
Would think "Love" would be finished filming in time for him to be at the LA Premiere.

Chica said...

I had to re-read that interview twice too. I think we should seriouly start an archive like it was suggested before of all of his gyllenbabble quotes!

I agree get real, we need video!

Looks like a I made the right decision to not go into the city tonight to hang out at the premiere. Not that It wouldn't have been great to see Natalie, Sam and Ang Lee, etc., but there was no Mr. G!

I think he will be at the premiere in L.A.

Love that review, thanks for posting it UV.

mary said...

just saw at the movies and they were counting down the ten best movies of the decade and one of the reviewers had zodiac at number 6

Monica said...

Pictures of the premiere:

bobbyanna said...

I'm definitely going to have to read that Boston Herald interview with Jake a second time! :)

I think Jake was involved with the decisions on how they would use him for personal PR for Brothers.

I'm really disappointed that most of the focus seems to be on Natalie and Tobey, but it makes sense I guess from their point of view. (Lionsgate and Kavanaugh are rather clueless, IMO.)

Jake's performance will speak for itself. Months ago, at early screenings, people were talking about how awesome Jake is. If this movie was just about Tobey and Natalie, I don't think many people would notice it as much.

Can't wait for video on the news conference and on the premiere!

Tweety said...

This tweet has to be a joke I think. And wouldn't he be partying with Tobey and Natalie? Plus he is due on set tomorrow :

ScottFeinberg: Proof the 2005 Oscar race is behind us: CRASH star Terrence Howard is partying with BROKEBACK star Jake Gyllenhaal at Abe & Arthur's in NYC
22 minutes ago from twibble

justpremierewatching... said...

That tweet didn't say Natalie and Tobey weren't there.I have no idea of Jake's shooting schedule.He could easily have left Pittsburgh early this evening for New York. If he did.

Ride With The Devil (1999) Ang Lee directed, Tobey starred. Terrence Howard is supposed to be in negotiations to make a movie with Tobey.

FluorescentLamp said...

This tweet has to be a joke I think.

I don't think so, Tweety. Perhaps Tobey and Natalie were schmoozing in some other part of the restaurant. Also, Scott Feinberg was the moderator of the press conference yesterday.

Tweety said...

You're right,he could have finished filming today and made it in time for the after party. We should be getting more tweets about the party.

I had no idea that guy was the moderater for the press conference yesterday, too bad Jake to fly back and film today.

I thought that he was due back on set tomorrow or maybe that was revised and he will stay in NY for the screening tomorrow as well.

Anonymous said...

Is there an LA screening? I hope Jake is present. It would be nice for him to be more involved. Natalie just started filming "Black Swan" too, so he's not the only one busy.

Tweety said...

He was there, he just skipped the red carpet.

ohtea: Saw jake gyllenhaal at the screening of "brothers" at SVA theater
5 minutes ago from txt

Anonymous said...

Good to know. But why in the world would he skip the red carpet?

Anonymous said...

He probably didn't make it in time.

Josie said...

If he was filming today in Pittsburgh then he probably just got in time for the screening and after party. Too bad, hopefully we will get pictures from the party.

He wasn't listed to be at the Q&A screening tomorrow with Natalie, Tobey and Jim, so I assume he has to fly back to Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

If Jake was there it was similiar to the Globes I mentioned before..he wasn't able to be there during it but he made it to the after party.
It would take an effort for him to be there at the get-together after the Brothers premier and then fly back to Pittsburg.

Monica said...

He always supports his films. So it was with BBM in GG and now with Brothers.
This man is unique!

UltraViolet said...

He is unique and uniquely wonderful, Monica. I meant to say thanks for the Getty link. Some very cute pictures with Natalie and Tobey and the "daughters." Too bad Jake wasn't there to take some!

mary said...

this shows how devoted jake is to his work image how tiring this must be for him to fly back anf forth like this if it wsnt for his movie about ready to wrap im sure he would of been able to make the red carpet hopefully he can make the la priemre

suvee said...

I'm so happy to know that Jake was able to attend the after party in NYC. Pictures, please!

My earlier reference to his being on the periphery of the Brothers promotion wasn't meant to imply an unwillingness on his part...... but rather for whatever reason(s), it appears that we are not going to get all the interviews and appearances we're used to with a new Jake movie.

bobbyanna said...

I'm hoping for the best. Maybe they haven't been able to confirm Jake for the talk show rounds, because he is getting to the end of the shoot and it might be hard to predict when he might be available.

He could still pop up on Conan, or Ellen. He's doing Jimmy Fallon, right? Looks like maybe he is on the West Coast for his PR stuff. He's due for a good relaxed holiday season after all of this!:)

FluorescentLamp said...

Listen, I know it's disappointing that Jake isn't doing the usual PR rounds on this one. But the way I look at it is once the Disney PR machine starts up for PoP we are going to be absolutely INUNDATED with Jake. He will be everywhere. And we may even get sick of All-Jake All-The-Time. Okay no we won't.

So I'm not too fussed right now. The film's the thing for me. Not too much longer now. :-)

bobbyanna said...

You're right, FL. I'm just hoping he'll visit Ellen so she can tease him the way she teases Reese.

(All Jake all the time is a good thing!)

UltraViolet said...

I know Jake will be everywhere with PoP, and I'll love that. But I want to hear Jake talk about Brothers. I want to read articles where he discusses making it and waiting for it to come out and other things about his life.

We got short shrift on Rendition - not many good, in-depth features on Jake. A bunch of stories with the usual storylines. I was looking forward to reading some new and interesting things about Jake, seeing him on talk shows and on the rede carpet for this project.

So the fact that we'll soon see a lot of him doesn't take the sting out of this for me.