Friday, November 6, 2009

What's the word of the day?

Overload? Extravaganza? Gyllenmania? Christmas-in-November? Well, according to Jake Gyllenhaal in this new clip from Sesame Street, it's "separate."

I guess that's appropriate. I know many of us are trying to separate ourselves from youtube and multiple replays of the new Brothers and Prince of Persia videos, as well as these Sesame Street clips.

Maybe our word of the day should be range - as in running the gamut from adorable to angst-ridden to adventurous.

Did I forget sexy?

Jake also does a little shout out on this Electric Company literacy video. I can't remember seeing this one before, though it's a quick blink-and-you'll-miss-him moment.

Off to try to get some work done before we get the next Jake video of the week. What do you think - maybe Doug Liman will release the raw footage he shot of him and Jake recreating the lunar landscape on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard. Or we'll get a sneak peek of Jake and Jim Carrey in very early preparations for Damn Yankees?

I know - that's all a long way off. But I feared we'd never see any Brothers promotion, and look what we got this week!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is true, there was a tweet yesterday about Jake being at Pitt airport.

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Premiere or another type of event related to the cinema?

thanks, anon!

Sag Actor said...

It's a bit too early for a premiere, it may be a special screening with a Q&A at the end. We will find out soon enough.

Sesame Street is 40 years old?? Boy do I feel old!

Extra said...

The Electric Co?? I didn't think that was still on the air! Remember the other tagline for the Electric Co?: "What about Naomi"??

Well they were referring to Jake and Maggie's mom Naomi who was a writer for the show!

If that twitter is correct, it does sound more like a screening.

It's been a busy week, thanks for keeping up with all the Jake news!

sass said...

The Brothers Trailer is extremely passionate and dramatic..two giant talents on screen...well I can't wait to see it. I purposely didn't see the original to keep my innocence so I'm very excited.

Chica, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I still can't believe what happened. I keep wondering if that MD was a mole always destined to kill our soldiers...who knows...I will keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Always like to wait a while when something horrible like this happens because the news seems to report anything they hear without checking it out. Later facts will begin to emerge.

mary said...

yeah finally got my sound fixed and was able to watch the po trailer plus jake sing sunny days how cute

mary said...

i meant pop trailer sorry lol

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Mary! Finally. Glad you can sing along now :)

Some tidbits from around the nets:

Amanda Peet has Jake on speed dial:

Question: So, was it the overall nature of the film that appealed to you?

Peet: Well, I thought the script was a page-turner, and I thought that it had some nice character moments, even though it was this big action movie. And then I called Jake Gyllenhaal, and I said, “What’s it like to work with Roland Emmerich?” And he said, “It’s a dream. Go – run, right away, and go work with him.” And he was right. Because he’s so lovely, and so easy and so supportive and gentle.

I wonder if this is the Benioff connection (Peet is married to David Benioff, who wrote the Brothers screenplay. Or if it's just a hollywood thing.)

Jake was always very complimentary about Emmerich in the promo for TDAT.

Jake is again in the People Magazine video flash of the 100 sexiest men.

Not sure when the Sexiest Man Alive is named, but I imagine it will be Robert Pattinson this year. Blech. I will always maintain that People blew it by not naming Jake in 2005 or 2006.

This game site has a nice review of the PoP trailer, with mostly positive comments. More interestingly, they have a podcast in which three of the site folks talk about the trailer. Very positive comments from what appear to be gamer geeks. It's the last story on the podcast, somewhere around the 22 minute mark, I think.

UltraViolet said...

i keep forgetting to post this link - Kendra/Jake Weird posted a short video of Jake and his father shopping in NYC from last week. Nothing major, but I like hearing Jake's voice at the end.

Thanks, Kendra!

Chica said...

Thanks everyone for your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for the soldiers that were killed in this tragedy and their families, it's been devastating for everyone.

Sesame Street and The Electric Company brings back such wonderful memories for me, I'm really looking forward to seeing Jake and Maggie on Sesame Street!

I have my fingers crossed that the tweet about Jake and Tobey is true. We may finally start getting early reviews for Brothers.

Another tidbit to add to that story about Peet UV, Jake and Reese's names were attached to 2012 before Peet and Cusack!

I hope People don't pick Pattison as the sexiest man alive, I just don't see his appeal and I agree that they really blew it by not naming Jake in 2006.

Anonymous said...

I imagine we will "suffer" an embarrassment of riches over the next few months, especially of you include the fact that Jake will probably be traveling the world, doing promotion for Prince of Persia.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the get-together the person was talking about with Jake and Tobey is one of those "interview" things where each person has maybe 5-10 minutes to talk to the actor about their movie then another person comes in.
Can use it for sound bites for tv shows and also articles.
(Just guessing).
Am thinking if another actor needs information from another and they don't have their phone number they can maybe get the studio or an agent to get it for them ???
The "People" sexiest man usually has someone who has a movie out at the time or has some other high profile thing going on.
Maybe next year for Jake. If not then he'll move up higher on the food chain.

mary said...

i heard the people magazine comes out nov 20 so well probably hear a few days before who they name the sexiest man alive hopefully not robert p

Anonymous said...

If there is some sort of Brothers premiere I don't think Jake will be there, I think he is still in Pittsburgh, there was a tweet that Reese is in Pitt and a pic of her leaving LAX yesterday on People.

FluorescentLamp said...

Looks like Pittsburgh it is this weekend.

LarZee: At Pamela's with Jake G and Reese W
9 minutes ago from Echofon

Pamela's is like Jake's drug.

Tweety said...

Yes, it looks like Jake and Reese are in Pittsburgh at the moment:

CMilesBurr: Just hung with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal at pamelas

I wonder if there will be just a screening of Brothers and the tweeter just assumes that Jake and Tobey will be there?

Jake is so cute in the Sesame Street promos, thanks for posting!!

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the soldiers that were killed at Fort Dix.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake is dorky and cute in those videos! I can't wait to see his segment on Sesame Street.

Thanks for the links to the Peet interview and the link to the Pop trailer comments. So glad that the gamers are starting to come around.

Looks like J&R are in Pittsburgh at the moment, curious to know what will be going on in L.A. tomorrow regarding Brothers.

The debate on the Health care bill is going on right now, we may get a vote tonight:

What happened in Fort Hood was a horrible tragedy, I can't imagine what those families and their fellow soldiers are going through.

My condolences and prayers.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh yes! Horrible tragedy! My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Found this on OhNoTheyDidnt, from comments on the Prince of Persia trailer

"Slightly OT, but last Friday night my BFF and I were coming back from a play on Liberty Ave. and were turning onto 5th Ave. when we came upon a whole bunch of people dressed up in business attire surrounded by a shit load of lights. We didn't know what was going on, so we just kept walking through. We turned back and asked one of the guys on the street what happened, and he just kind of gapes and goes "... We're filming a scene for a movie, and that guy you just nudged out of the way was Jake Gyllenhaal. Anne Hathaway came out behind you."

Be nice to hear more about that.

Anonymous said...

This is the link,if you want to see the original

Sheba baby said...

Heads up everyone: Sunday Morning on CBS this morning will be featuring the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street . Maybe we will get a glimpse of Jake! What a cute video, looks like Jake had fun.

The vote on the health bill was so close, now on to the Senate.

Hmmm, doesn't sound like Jake will be in L.A. for the Brothers event unless he leaves from Pittsburgh today but that wouldn't make sense seeing that Reese just arrived there.

He sure loves eating at Pamela's!

Prayers and condolences to everyone effected by the tragedy in FT. Hood.


Nicole said...

From Twitter :

elysianfantasy Just spotted Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal at Whole Foods! OMG 32 minutes ago from txt

Ginny said...

Another film for Jake, this time a sci-fi, he is busy.

Extra said...

I saw that too Ginny! Sounds interesting, a bit Sci-fi with a war theme.

Jake and Reese favorite CZ: Whole foods!! I guess that means that he won't be at the Brothers screening in L.A. tonight.

Ginny said...

"Sounds interesting".

I don't know, I don't usually like sci-fi films.

Anonymous said...

i dont care for sci films either but if jakes in it ill go see it any way at least its sounds as if that will be his next film not sure when the first quarter is

Tweety said...

21streetcoffee: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal stopped in for a pair of cortados. Drew and Kevin working- got to meet Russell Crowe last week too.
about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

mary said...

sorry thats me aanon 253

mary said...

what are cortados?

Anonymous said...

Duncan Jones will be the director, I remember he tweeted a while back about a meeting with Jake.

Tweety said...

A cortado is a Portugese version of an expresso Mary.

I remember that tweet from Duncan Jones too, so that's what they were meeting about!

mary said...

thanks tweety never heard od it before

Monica said...

Another film? Seems to be interesting.
I am with my fingers crossed to see good comments about Brothers after the exhibition today.

Anonymous said...

A tweet from

Just found out Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) is directing Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal - I've read the script, it's frickin' awesome!

Carla said...

A script review of "Source Code"

Source Code Script review


Sounds really interesting!

A screening of "Brothers" is taking place at the Director Guild, Jim Sheridan is doing some q/a:

Extra said...

Duncan Jones' blog:

Ginny said...

Thanks for the links Carla and Extra.

Anonymous said...

From twitter.

Just saw "Brothers." So powerful, like "Hurt Locker." Now listening to Q&A w/ Jim Sheridan. Fantastic filmmaker.18 minutes ago from foursquare

Anonymous said...

Duncan Jones is David Bowie's son.

Looks like this might be a UK project.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

In Argentina they publicize neither Jake nor to Brothers. In official web they announced that they would put on on November 24 and now it is not date ... neither
it has subtitles is Spanish. They have bothered us.
And on PoP, I know 6 persons who saw the trailer and they were charmed with him...

suvee said...

Yay.... another movie, so soon! I'm going to hope that Source Code is more thrillerish than sci-fi. I did notice that the rewrite was by the guy who wrote State of Play..... a very good movie IMO. Thanks to ginny, extra and carla!

Here's a little Brothers trailer tidbit. Just one person's experience, but I wanted to pass it along. (It's the last post on pg.9)

I finally had time today to catch up with all the comments. Chica, I can't imagine what your niece and her family must be going through..... my thoughts are with all the Ft. Hood family.

bobbyanna said...

Hi, babblers!

Great news about Jake's new project! A Sci-Fi thriller. Hmmmm.
I enjoyed State of Play, so I'm glad to know they are working with the same writer. Not famiiar with Duncan Jones.I'll be interested to know who else they sign up for this.

I'm feeling better about the Brothers trailer. Maybe the reason they pulled the original one out of theaters, was to re-cut it to make it more intense. I want to see it on TV!

Wonder if there's a way to get a transcript or a video of the DGA Q&A of Brothers with Sheridan? Sounds like it was very well received.

Jake. Reese. Pamela's. (sigh.) It's all good! :)

Monica said...

oh & btw the tears in the previews was 4 the new jim sheridan film BROTHERS w natalie portman, jake gyllenhaal & toby maquire~heartbreaking
20 minutes ago from web

Josie said...

This really has been a great week for Jake news! His new film sounds promising, I remember the tweet from Duncan Jones about meeting with Jake a few months ago. I haven't seen Moon directed by Jones but I heard great things about it.

It seems like the reaction to the new shorter Brothers trailer has been positive, I hope that we get to read the transcript from the Q&A from Sheridan from the Brothers screening.

Thanks everyone with all the links and updates!

J&R in Pittsburgh, I think that someone said that they can't stay apart from each for more than 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Football fans watching the Dallas-Philly game tonight. Right before it started they showed the preview for Prince of Persia.
These are always highly rated shows.

Anonymous said...

The Hollywood Reporter says Jake is "in negotiations" to be in the Duncan Jones project. It looks like it will go, but it is not yet definite. Duncan might be touting it to gain more support. I hope it goes forward. It sounds fascinating.

UltraViolet said...

Damn - I wish I had scene the PoP ad on TV!

Lots of news today. Thanks for all the links. The fun continues. New post.