Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! Echoing FL's comments from the last post, thank you to the GyllenBabble family. Thanks for visiting and commenting and making GB such a fun, friendly place. And thank you to FL for co-running this place and helping to keep all you in line :)

Hope you all are spending the day with people you love and have a happier day than Jack!

Thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal for bringing us all together.

And finally, thanks to Lionsgate for finally getting their act together and promoting Brothers. This is a new UK trailer. Now if we can get them to schedule more Jake's appearances... I'll make a wish on the wishbone!

Happy Day, everyone.

(Photos courtesy of and IHJ.)


Carla said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating!

And many thanks to UV and FL for the hard work and finding all the little gems for us Jake fans!

Bad day for me - for some reason I always believed that Germany has the same release date than the UK for Brothers - today I checked and saw that there is NO release date for us Germans so far....:-((

Monica said...

I loved this trailer. Is the best of Brothers!
The music and the new scenes are wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving Gyllenbable!

Shondra said...

Happy Turkey Day to everyone here at GB! Thanks so much UV & FL for making this blog the one-stop place for all Jake, you do such a great job here!

The UK trailer is so powerful,i'm so happy that Brothers os getting such positive reviews so far.

lawgoddess said...

Happy Thanksgiving, FL and UV. Thanks for all the work to make this a good place to Jake!

agent_krycek said...

Channel 5 are a UK tv channel who's website is apparently run by monkies.

Thanks for all the lovely links, nice to see the UK trailer - and of course the kiss.

UltraViolet said...

Eek, Agent K. That is pathetic.

Morning, all. Hope everyone's recovering from turkey overload or just having a good day at work or home.

I updated the post with a new pic of Jake from this story, which praises Brothers and the performances.

This very short article talks a bit about Jim Sheridan's casting of Jake and Tobey:

That casting approach was also applied to the role of Maguire’s ex-con brother who is surprisingly played by the typically gentle Jake Gyllenhaal. “Jake is often thought of as the lovable centre-of-attention character,” said Sheridan.

“I found it interesting to cast him as the edgy ex-con just to play with that image.”

IGN runs down the list of the best recent trailers and includes PoP.

Nice Brothers article from Irish Central. Praise for the film and discussion with Jim Sheridan, as well as Jake, Natalie and Tobey.

UltraViolet said...

In non-Brothers news: IGN runs down the list of the best recent trailers and includes PoP.

Also, I loved seeing this video. I remember when Zodiac was at Cannes, and Just Jared had a quote from Jake about how he, Chloe and Mark Ruffalo all held hands on the set. Well, now we can see it.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't include the part about the nap!

Oh, and one last Brothers item: a nice review from a French site. So if Lemon or any other French-speaking GBers are out there, enjoy :)

UltraViolet said...

Sorry for the spam, but I forgot to say thank you for all the nice Thanksgiving wishes - I did in the last post, but I wanted to repeat it. We have the best posters :)

And Carla, I'm sorry there's no German release date. That has to be just a glitch - I'm sure you'll get an official date soon.

If you want to see David LEtterman gushing about the movie, here's the clip. The Brothers talk starts at about the four-minute mark.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope everyonr had a great Thankgiving. I'm home recovering, no black Friday for me!

What a great photo UV, and I love the article. They really liked the movie and just gushed about Jake and Tobey. And speaking of gushing, Letterman really loved the movie, I can't wait to next Friday.

Loved the Zodiac/Cannes clip and I remember the quote! He lookd so good there, hopefully he will be at Cannes next year for Pop.

FluorescentLamp said...

If you want to see David LEtterman gushing about the movie,

Well he certain did that. It would seem to me that having Letterman absolutely gush over your movie is a pretty damn good endorsement.

Is it my imagination or does Dave look a little choked up (and Natalie as well) when they come back from showing the clip from the film?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

No it wasn't your imagination FL. I also wondered what Dave whispered to Natalie when she first came out on stage. It looked like it was serious by the look on her face, probably about Brothers.

Loved his reaction when she asked him what will he be doing on Thanksgiving!

Natalie looked gorgeous, and I agree FL, Letterman's rave is a great endoresment for the film.

bobbyanna said...

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! More great finds! Thanks UV.
I noticed that choking up thing, too, FL.

OONP, I am So not into Black Friday! No. Way. My youngest tweeted from ATL that she went to the mall at 2:30 AM(!) and was amazed at how crowded it was. Nuts.

OT, but not: some time ago, the real estalker had an item about Natalie's new house. Lots of pictures. It is quite grand. If you Google "real estalker Natalie Portman, it comes up.

Cathy E said...

My goodness, Natalie looked gorgeous on Letterman - I love the dress, the color is amazing, I love the comb in her hair, the earrings and her hairstyle - very elegant. And of course the shoes. Even the way she walks and sits down is so graceful and elegant. It did look like David whispered something about the movie in her ear - the way she mouths "Did you?"

I agree, it's a great endorsement from DL, especially since it's their industry, a movie would have to be really something to impress.

debbie said...

I saw Brothers commercials all over the TV yesterday!

I just read somewhere that Natalie studied ballet dancing for years as a child, so that helps your posture.

suvee said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting and making GB such a fun, friendly place.

I'm just so grateful that we have this wonderful Jake place to visit and be a part of. Thank you to UV, FL and all of the GB family..... you are all the best.

Thanks for all the new info..... I especially liked the very interesting Irish Central article.

I'm afraid I need to go to Hobby Lobby today..... pray for me. :)

Chica said...

GB is a great blog thanks to UV, FL and all the posters that comment here. I am thankful that we have a place to hang out and talk about all things Jake!

Thanks for the links to the new articles and the Letterman video, loved David's endoresment.

I remember reading about Natalies's new place before, i'll think I'll check out realestate stalker, thanks bobbyanna!

I haven't shopped on black Friday in ages. I stick to online shopping, a lot easier.

You are in my prayers Suvee, good luck!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with friends and family.

bobbyanna said...

This is a link to pictures of the actual "house" Natalie bought.

wish I knew how to do links correctly. I'm a techno-klutz.:)

suvee.You take care out there,
ya hear?

FluorescentLamp said...

Link to RealEstalker re Natalie's house

Link to virtual tour/panorama of property

It's lovely if you like lots of wood. Which I don't. I'm a minimalist lover myself. :-)

sheba said...

A gorgeous collection of pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate. Thank you GyllenBabble especially for being one of my guilty pleasures.

shoe89 said...

i think natalie's house is cool she probably has sick ass parties.

Anonymous said...

This site gives LOAD a release date of 24th Nov 2010.

Chica said...

Thanks for the links to Natalie's home. It's um very "woody" but spacious! I can imagine some great parties thrown there. Hope she had a nice Thanksgiving there with her family.

LAOD will be out a year from now, that and along with Pop and hopefully Nailed it's going to be a great year for Jake and his fans!

Thanks Anon.

Tweety said...

Tweet from today from NY:

SocialiteNYC: Jake Gyllenhaal game in2 the store 2day I almost had "Brokeback Mountain" and a Destiny's Child
34 minutes ago from web

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

Thanks for all the updates, love the photo posted of Jake and the journalists from the Phillipines.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the link-up, FL. I agree, the wood is pretty overpowering. Reminds me of one of those "Old Hollywood" mansions. I kept waiting for Gloria Swanson:"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille!" Not enuf bathrooms, the grounds are just beautiful,the pool is..meh. It's a whole lot of house for the $$$.

We're going to watch Four Christmases tonite, and veg out.

Sasha the Stone said...

Awards Daily on David Letterman's Brothers rave:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that link, Sasha. Letterman's gushing really was out of character and, I think, sincere. He needs to have Jake on now, closer to the movie's release date, to reiterate his praise!

Hope you had fun with Four Christmases, bobbyanna. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Some latenight links: The NY Times talks to Jim Sheridan, David Benioff and Susanne Bier:

Reached on the set of her new Danish film “The Revenge,” Ms. Bier said that watching Mr. Sheridan’s version was “a strange situation, like watching your baby being brought up by another parent.” But she called it “a very personal and sincere film.” For his part Mr. Sheridan said that when he watches Ms. Bier’s films, “I see stories about love and redemption that are kind of about inappropriate love, but they never go so far as immoral love.”

“Her ‘Brothers’ is a kind of inappropriate love story,” he added. “Mine is kind of about putting the family back together. So I think they’re different stories. Even though they’re close.”

The SF Chronicle talks to Jim Sheridan. My favorite part:

"Where the movie lives and dies is in the relationship between the two brothers," says Sheridan, who says Maguire and Gyllenhaal deliver in roles that are more grown-up than what they customarily play.

To look convincing as a prisoner of war, Maguire dropped 25 pounds from his already thin frame.

"He is a vegan, so as far as I am concerned he doesn't eat anyway. He ate less vegan," said Sheridan, who worries about Maguire's extreme diet having a long-term effect.

As an actor "Tobey likes to control a lot. That is the way he lives. He has a cook that cooks for him. His world is very controlled. Even when acting, he is not the kind of guy who would get loose. He's quiet and pensive and thinking about things."

By contrast, Gyllenhaal is a "free-wheeling actor. He is always looking around. He has three or four things going through his head, and normal stars just have one."

It would mean trouble, Sheridan believes, if a director told Gyllenhaal to just stand there and hit his mark. "The way he lives in a scene is to be half there and half out there looking around. I found it completely fascinating."

It's interesting that Sheridan described Jake a little like the way Jake described RDJ when talking about Zodiac.

UltraViolet said...

A review from what looks like a Folsom, California, web site, News Blaze. They give the movie only two stars, but this was a nice bit:

Scenes between Maguire and Gyllenhaal emotionally detonate with a rare passion and intensity on screen.

Anonymous said...

I so want this movie to do well. I found the scene in the trailer when the police come very distressing.

Carla said...

It looks like the actors are getting more praise than the film itself. Lets hope Lettermans rave will be putting some more butts in the seats next week.

Also I have a bit hope for the awards season - Jim Sheridans films have always been appreciated by the academy.

According to some twitters Jake has spend the holidays in NY?

Will be interesting to see whether he has to go back to Pittsburgh- no mention that LAOD filming has wrapped- or directly to LA for the premiere, I hope sincerely that he will be part of that one...

get real said...

Wow, Letterman loved Brothers!

As you said, UV, Letterman does not go on and on about most movies. He is not one to gush at all and this was a shock to see Dave, who is a bit of a grouch, seem genuinely impressed and excited about a film. :D

Thanks for all the info updates, so glad to see the positive reaction to the movie.

Tweety said...

It looks like that CRL, these tweets are from yesterday afternoon/evening. You linked to the 3rd tweet already, he works in at Uniglo like the 2nd tweeter. All these tweets are from Soho, like the previous tweet I posted. He may work in Uniglo as well!:

taibeau: Dinner @ Il Buco. Sat next to Jake Gyllenhal(sp). Great food, great wine, great company I'm going home. Gotta know when to call it quits.
about 8 hours ago from UberTwitter

galacticpunter: O!M!G! @ Jake gyllenhal @ uniqlo! #fb
about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter



Thanks for that link UV, that was an interesting read.

I like Four Christmases more than I thouth I would too!

Monica said...

Daily News:
Jake of all trades: Acting A-lister and local man about town Jake Gyllenhaal has all bases covered

bobbyanna said...

I guess that kind of sums it up:"I liked 4 Christmases better than I thought I would." Reese and Vince Vaughan as a couple sort of strained credulity. But what the hell! LOL!

Jake's probably not finished with work in Philly. Doesn't sound like Reese is with him, but she's been in and out of Brooklyn and Philly pretty regularly over the past few weeks with very little notice, so who can say.

Anonymous said...

Reese was last seen going to the hair salon in LA on Wednesday.
Have there been any denials about the recent marriage rumors this time?

Tweety said...

Sorry , I meant Carla not CRL of course! I hope he plans on going to the L.A. premeire too Carla. I thought filming on LAOD wrapped?

Thanks for the link Monica. The article really isn't an interview, just some old stuff including some NY Jake sightings and quotes I swear were from his press junket for TDAT!

Monica said...

Brothers review:
Jake is quite vindicated here in terms of his acting potential. He shows a depth missing from “Jarhead” and a vulnerableness that was present at times in “Donnie Darko” but perhaps, in many ways, not seen since then. His physical transformation no doubt due to “Prince Of Persia” informs his thoughts here. He is in much rougher form and yet that certain fragile element still comes through but without being forced. As a result, his pain is the most revealing and the most heartbreaking of all because despite his intent, he still can’t win.

Monica said...

Tobey Maguire...His intensity turns into a type of mugging for the character which would not be noticed as much if Jake’s performance wasn’t so rich.

Bailee Madison:

She matches most of the grown up actors toe to toe without being presumptious. Like Jake, in my mind, she deserves an Oscar nomination for their work because it is so purely emotional. The film is a surprise of riches wrapped in a small package, ready for delivery for those who are able to see its reflection. Out of 5, I give it a 3 1/2.

Extra said...

Wow, I don't think I remember Letterman praising any film like he did Brothers in that clip. Natalie looked geniunely surprised and pleased. What a ringing endorsement!

Loved what Sheridan said about Jake's approach to his role vs Tobey.

I do hope Jake makes the premiere and I wish he was lined up to do more talk shows, I would love it if he was on Letterman and Ellen.

That Daily News article does appear to be stuff cobbled together over the years,I thought that it was part of the press junket for Brothers. They do say some nice things about his performance in Brothers .

It's a NY paper so they had to play up his NY angle but you would think that he was from NY reading that!

I ventured out yesterday solo to do some shopping o black Friday, stupid me. Solo because I didn't want hubby and the kids to see what I was getting them. What a nightmare and I only bought one of the several gifts that I was suppose to get!

Thanks so much for keeping everyone up to date !

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it whilst you can. I have a very strong feeling, once Jake wraps up his promotional duties for Brothers,he will disappear from the public eye for a good while. We might not set eyes on him again before mid-February, if then. Hopefully, we will get our fill during awards season...if such a thing is possible. I wonder when he will begin his work on Source Code?

Monica said...

I wonder when he will begin his work on Source Code?

I think it will be in February!

anon 11:18 said...

I meant if such a thing as "getting our fill" is possible.

Anonymous said...

The entertainment news shows will probably show more clips from the interviews done at the press junket last week. So we'll probably see a lot more of all three actors. At least I hope so.

The live shows like Conan,Jimmy Fallon, Leno, Jon Stewart,and Ellen is more difficult to schedule. Natalie's done The View and Letterman. Coordinating everyone's schedules needs more lead time.

Lionsgate's not off the hook with me, because, with proper planning, they could have handled everything a lot better.

I'm glad Lionsgate finally got off their butts, but they really haven't been as organized and thorough as they might have been for Brothers. They have papered over their miscalculations, but just barely.

bobbyanna said...

OT: My poor sister-in-law called to say she and two others were down with the flu. Fever, respiratory congestion,etc. So I've been out walking for the past couple of hours. It's beautiful here and very sunny. I 'm feeling so healthy I'm going to have some pie!

Josie said...

I've been so busy these last few days with family ,friends , Thanksgiving and shopping that I really haven't had time to stop by my favorite blog!

Thanks so much for posting all the reviews and videos. I haven't had a chance to read and watch them all yet but i watched the Letterman interview with Natalie.

His endorsement for Brothers is amazing and it will definately get people in the theaters to see it.

Is the L.A. premiere 12/1? I forgot but I hope he attends, next week is going to be even busier.

I would love to try some more pie right now too bobbyanna but i'm afraid i over did it on Thursday, i'm still recovering!

Anonymous said...

Well at least the rags tried to start rumors after filming ended:

It might be a good thing that filming has just finished on the new movie Love And Other Drugs, starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake, 28, is currently dating Reece Witherspoon while Anne is seeing actor Adam Shulman – but with 3,000 miles between Anne and her man, it was left to Jake to help her celebrate her 27th birthday recently.

‘Jake and Anne have been getting on really well in Pittsburgh where they are filming,’a source said. ‘They have been spending a lot of time with each other off screen and Jake surprised Anne with a special dinner party in his trailer for just the two of them as a birthday treat.’

The pair starred in the 2005 hit Brokeback Mountain, in which they played husband and wife. ‘They have had to film a lot of love scenes so the ice has definitely been broken,’ added the source.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I was sure the rumors would involve Natalie Portman. But hey, why not! He did spend Thanksgiving without Reese and she hasn't been seen around lately. I don't think anything is going on with Jake and Anne. I'd find it more believable if it were Natalie.

American airlines said...

Jake's schedule:

11/26: PIT-EWR-BNA: Thanksgiving in Nashville

11/27: BNA-JFK:Gyllenhaal-Foner after Thanksgiving in NY

Reese stayed in Nashville with her kids and family.

Jake flew to NY on Friday.

Reese has been more than around lately and she has been to Pittsburgh/PA more than the tweets revealed. She hasn't spent quality time with her family in awhile.

They should be headed to L.A. in a day or so.

The reason IMO they didn't jump on the the Jake/Natalie thing was because she was dating someone at the time. Anne is seeing someone as well but they have the BBM connection and they couldn't resist! At least they decided to do it after filming ended.

The NY times will be doing a story on rothers tomorrow, don't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I want Reee and Jake to get married!Jake will make a wonderful dad! I am looking forward to Gyllenbabies!

I don't like it when rumors start, as if someone was just stirring things up. I do think Natalie is crazy about Jake, and he is very fond of her, but in a not girlfriend/boyfriend kind of way.

I also think Jake and Anne are genuinely pals. Whether you are male or female, I think Jake would be a wonderful friend. He seems like a stellar person.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Sam Mendes say something along the same lines about just finally giving up and saying he'd just aim the camera wherever Jake would be...don't take that word for word - ha - but the same "idea".
Hope in December Jake and Reese have some nice non-travelling time together.

UltraViolet said...

New week - big week! New post.