Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On screen, on set, on the Oscars, on an ostrich?

I have a feeling today is going to be like a Prince of Persia version of the Source Code. We're going to get many different versions of a Jake Gyllenhaal interview and set visit done last year. And we will dutifully make our way through each one of them!

Before we start on that, some Brothers info. The LA Times reports that the film got a standing ovation after Sunday's screening at the DGA:

The story also mentions possible Oscar buzz, while Moviefone suggests that Jake Gyllenhaal deserves an Oscar for his variety of roles. Hear, hear!

Certainly no one expected Jake's name to emerge as the Prince of Persia. As we see above, Jake makes a dashing and determined Prince. (Thanks to trekfan for the scan from AMC Theatres magazine.)

/Film visited Jake (as well as Gemma Arterton, Jery Bruckheimer and the rest of the gang) on the PoP set in London. The interview time was short (10 minutes) but full of wonderful GyllenBabble!

On why he wanted to do the role:

Jake Gyllenhaal: I think just on a personal front, it was just so unlikely and so unlike anything I’d ever played really, and any type of movie that I think anyone would expect, that I just kind of wanted to do it.

How did you develop the character or what did you bring to the role?

: 40 days and 40 nights of misery. (laughs) The most important thing for me always is just somehow playing against what’s there. The development of the character was massively physical at first, just getting in shape and doing all that stuff and learning Parkour, learning how to swordfight, learning how to get into the mentality of a warrior, somebody who as written is someone who can really fight. That was a big part of it for me, and I knew that if I got through that, then I knew I’d be halfway there. And then the rest of it is just being able to… we worked on dialect and I have a British accent in the film and everyday on set, I’m in my accent and I very rarely bring it out only for special occasions, my real accent. All of those things. I could go into really pretentious crap for you, but I don’t like doing that. I’m going to lay off of it, but there’s just a lot of it.

What has been the most fun part of making a movie like this? Is it the battles? Is it riding the horse across the desert in 103 degree heat? What’s the best part?

: The best part of the movie I think is… God, I mean, you play like this when you’re a kid. This is how you play when you’re a kid, and you go outside and I remember specifically many times I would go outside and be like, “I play him and you play him and let’s fight!” And we’re just like doing that every day. (laughs) So the best part of it for me is because I’ve never done a lot of fighting—sword fighting, hand-on-hand, any type of combat that there is and any type of evasion and persuasion. More than that also I find really fun is being able to get humor and performance in the middle of it all, which I find so difficult. I have utter respect for people who can put that kind of thing, a performance or any type of feeling while you’re battling someone, because that’s like chewing gum and walking at the same time and that’s really tough for actors. (laughs) It really is difficult, and it’s a fun mindwork to say, “Okay, at this point, we can put that piece in.” That’s what I enjoyed the most. I actually enjoy the heat, so I did enjoy that and I think Morocco was unreal. We were shooting as if we were shooting an independent film. You know we were moving, moving, moving and I just love to move quick, so we were running around and picking it all up really quickly.

Oh, Jake - we know you can walk and chew gum at the same time!

So you weren’t complaining about the 130 degree heat?

: The one promise I made to everybody on this film, ’cause most of them are British and I’m from Southern California, is that I would not be complaining on this film about the heat. And I didn’t. I do, I enjoy it. I think the desert is actually a place of clarity. It’s a wonderful place to be I think, when you’re equipped with lots of water and food and making a massive big budget movie. (laughs)

Who's complaining? :)

On the film's real stars: I remember there’s a whole scene with ostriches in the movie and there are real live ostriches, not CG ostriches. There’s not a CG’ed ostrich in this movie. They’re all real ostriches, highly paid, and we were all briefed on them for weeks before like “They’re these massive destructive creatures that can tear your heart out with their claws.” (laughs) I swear to God I never thought of an ostrich this way! And I was shaking in my boots when they finally brought them out and they’re (does an ostrich impression) and I walked up to it and one of my stuntmen was in the ring with them, and finally, I was like, “When am I going to be in a f*cking cage with ostriches again in my life? I gotta get in here!” So I got in there and they were the sweetest things. I did everything with them, I eventually did that, but every day is like that. You gotta get in there and you gotta do it and that is an experience I’ll never be able to… well, hopefully ostriches will come back again… either in reshoots or hopefully in a second one. That sort of sums up the movie. (laughs)

So which is scarier, Jake - an ostrich or a toad?

There's a lot more at the sources. In addition to the interview with Jake, there's one with Gemma, as well. And the sites all describe the set visits - basically, the English verisons of the set report we brought you en français a few weeks back. It's good to have the English version to decipher some of the finer points.


bobbyanna said...

“When am I going to be in a f*cking cage with ostriches again in my life? I gotta get in here!”

Bless him!
I think this is classic Gyllenbabble! We might want to start an archive...or something.

Lovely post, UV. Thanks.
(Going to clean up the tea I spewed on my computer screen.Ostrich talk does that to me.:) )

Extra said...

Now I have images of Jake and ostriches in my head! He is so funny, an archive of his gyllenbabble would be perfect.

Reading his interview we now learn that he had 14 stunt doubles? Imagine having Jake walking around looking like that and then 14 doubles?? Of course nothing can compare to the original.

Checked out the site for Brothers, it's about time Lionsgate added/updated it. I haven't seen the Brothers nor the Pop trailer on the tube yet. I like the new shorter trailer for Brothers and i'm thrilled that it got a standing O at the screening on Sunday with Sheridan.

His new flick sounds very Groundhog dayish, I will have to read the script. That said, people seemed to be hyped over it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! He looks gorgeous in that scan on the right - all wild hair and I love the bead. Thanks Trekfan!

Great interview and great post! :)

agent_krycek said...

The one promise I made to everybody on this film, ’cause most of them are British and I’m from Southern California

Why Jake, are you suggesting that I live in a cold, grey and wet country! *Looks out office window at cold, grey and wet weather*

Love the Ostrich babble, no idea how on earth this fits into the film, but I simply can't wait to see it.

FluorescentLamp said...

(Going to clean up the tea I spewed on my computer screen.Ostrich talk does that to me.:) )

Hahaha, very funny,bobbyanna :-D

Some of my favorite soundbytes and GyllenBabble from the /Film:

I could go into really pretentious crap for you, but I don’t like doing that. I’m going to lay off of it, but there’s just a lot of it.

I’m someone who really doesn’t love to be inside ...

You know we were moving, moving, moving and I just love to move quick, ...

So those are just a few comments that caught my eye and I found interesting.

Anonymous said...

I should have added to my Brothers comment from the previous post: it's probably equally troubling for Tommy's character, as much as Grace's.

UltraViolet said...

Hi anon - I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how far Tommy and Grace take their relationship. I'm guessing they don't actually have sex, but I guess we'll find out soon!

Updated the post with links to some other site versions of the interview/set visit, as well as a Lego ostrich :)

The ostrich stuff is just classic. Ostriches, toads, sheep. Plus all those chickens in Ojai. Jake's an animal guy!

magine having Jake walking around looking like that and then 14 doubles??

This is a very nice image, Extra! As you say, the original is best, but 14 almost-Jakes would be fun to have around!

Love the hair and the bead in the scan. It was a great find.

Poor Agent K - you'll just have to let Jake and company sweep you away to a far off land, where there's sun!

So many good quotes in the interview, FL. I couldn't quite fit them all in. But plenty of material there for sure.

bobbyanna said...

I really hate to speculate and dissect a movie I haven't even seen. And since Brothers is a remake, and there are people here who haven't seen the original, I think it could be way too spoilerish to get into a detailed discussion of what the characters might be up to, or not.

This is just my own personal opinion. I mean, commenting on how the actors look, or on the trailers, or articles, or photos is one thing. Critics and actual audience reactions are going to say more than enough, unfortunately. (I am glad it's being well received.)

Getting into the real guts of the storyline, the plot of a movie you've already seen, and speculate about the characters' behavior in this reinterpretation, makes me very uncomfortable.

There's nothing to base such speculation and dissection on, at this point. That's about the only comment I can contribute to the discussion, Anon 10:50..

I'm not trying to inhibit discussions in anyway, so I hope you don't mistake my comments,but I just don't want my movie experience "spolied."

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not at all! I'm not a big fan of spoilers either, but someone had asked about it. If people find it too spoilerish, I agree, we don't have to go into it. :)

Chica said...

How does one do an ostrich imitation? I would love to see it, maybe he will do it during one of his interviews for Pop!! Love the interviews, thanks for posting them.

He has such a way with words, gyllenbabble as we say I love it.

The scans are beautiful, just stunning.

I'm curious about the relationship between Tommy and Grace too since I saw the original Danish version. The new trailer certainly suggests it, and Sheridan does say he did some re-shoots. I guess we will find out when the film finally opens.

Chica said...

Sorry, I hope I didn't contribute to any spoilerish talk! The Jake spoiler link is still up and Brothers was discussed then when it was filming, both versions.

Perhaps if it get to that point we can post stuff there, just a thought.

This film looks to be very intense and emoitional and timely.

zume said...

Jake and Natalie having sex would probably be in the trailer. But then, who'd want to pay $15 to see a movie with Jake and Natalie in bed, if it's in the trailer, right?

I also think Reese and Jake would have proudly announced their engagement,or their wedding plans, by now.

UltraViolet said...

Holy non sequitur, Batman.

No engagement, but they were looking at rings yesterday! From a comment on ONTD:

Jake and Reese came into my friend's donut shop in the Strip in Pittsburgh yesterday. One of them is filming a movie (no clue which one of them or what movie; too lazy to go to IMDB). He said that they were very nice and very, um, affectionate with each other.

Monica said...

So much to read ... but I'm busy at the moment. Thanks, UV!

I found that image of the scan, but different:
Jake POP

Monica said...

I am happy to read this news about Brothers. The trailer is bad, but still believe in the potential of this film!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, that's a gorgeous version of the picture. Will put it in posthaste :)

Anonymous said...

"Ostriches, toads, sheep. Plus all those chickens in Ojai. Jake's an animal guy!"

Don't forget the goats!:)

UltraViolet said...

Wells has a Brothers post up, basically wondering when Lionsgate will have screenings.

He mentions an 11/22 NY special screening and a 12/1 "premiere" screening. I don't know if that means a real premiere or a just a press premiere or what.

I do wish Lionsgate would press things - glad to see the different trailers and TV spots. But they need more than that and lame tweets.

Bette said...

I loved reading that interview. It makes me even more excited for the movie.

Anonymous said...

Some quotes from Gemma's interview:

. . . she's a high priestess so she's not your typical kind of gun-wielding [heroine]. She's very spiritual, so it's an interesting take to have someone that's action-driven but that has got religious beliefs. It's an interesting character.

. . . it's very full of banter, and I like to compare it to Beatrice and Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing. Obviously they fancy each other but they don't show it. They kind of have to join forces when they find out all the bad things that are happening in Persia, and they learn from each other.

Hooray! This is sounding better and better. Now I just want to read about what her "boudoir" was like that was translated from French!

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV, you made my day :)

Anonymous said...

User review of Brothers on IMDB not to spoilerish and they give 10/10.

Monica said...

Another TV spot of Brothers:
TV Guide

Josie said...

I love the first picture posted, he's gorgeous!

Lot's of gyllenspeak in that interview, it's fun picking out the really good quotes.

Wells is right, he mentions the one screning on 11/22 and then the NY premiere on 12/1. This film deserves better.

suvee said...

You can't imagine my reaction when I opened up Gyllenbabble this evening and saw that PoP photo.... I almost swallowed my gum! That pic is one of my very favorite ones from the style guide I saw. Here's my description of it from back in June:

A very quietly intense expression on his face. His hair is in disarray, stray strands falling over his face. One of the strands of hair falling over his left cheek has a silver bead in it...... It's just a very powerful photo because it's a perfect example of how incredibly expressive Jake's face can be..... and it's primarily through his eyes. In this photo he is the essence of defiance and pride, with a heroic soul. (sigh)

You don't know how many times I tried to think of a way I could safely share that particular photo with all of you here at GB! I wanted everyone to enjoy it...... it's such a beautiful portrait of Jake/Dastan, I think.

Haven't had a chance to read the PoP interview in depth. But that ostrich tale is classic Jake......and it made me realize how badly I've missed his "babblings". He is a great interview, and so entertaining! :)

Thanks to everyone for all the links, photos, articles, etc.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh you know, Suvee, when I saw that photo I thought it looked familiar! Such were your amazing descriptions of all the Jake photos from the style guide, I could see them in my mind's eye! What a treat that must've been to see it here today. :-)

On a Brother's note, it deserves so much better from Lionsgate than it's getting.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I thought of you right away Suvee and your incredible descriptions of the Pop guide you saw when I saw the first picture!

You did such a fantastic job in descrbinging the photos that it jumped right out. It a beautiful photo of Jake/Dastan.

I wish Lionsgate would show a little more love and support for Brothers. I can understand them pushing Precious, and by most accounts they should. It's been getting incredible reviews but they can certainly promote both films equally.

Monica said...

Morena Baccarin

When asked which Hollywood hunk she would marry, date or dump, Morena gives a surprising answer. "Robert Pattinson is definitely dump material," she says. "He’s way too young for me. I’m torn between Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal to marry, but I think you marry Brad and date Jake. You want Brad around for keeps."

Good choice!

FluorescentLamp said...

I had a dream of Morena Baccarin last night. How odd to see her name pop up here.

I sort of agree with her. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I have mixed feelings about Precious - I want to see it, but the clips I have seen are very visceral.

This first pic of Jake is so beautiful - his hair, his eyes, his fire - not overdone, but there.

Anonymous said...

I think Robert Pattinson does have an appeal, but he is very young. I think Jake is for keeps! :)

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, Jake is the keeper out of those three for me. I'd definitely dump Pattinson, though. That's a no-brainer.

Stephanie posted a high res version of the Suvee Shot, as we'll call the latest PoP picture. I replaced the one at the top of the post.

I remember that description vividly, suvee. You totally nailed it. Still love "essence of defiance and pride" and "heroic soul." Perfect.

Another Brothers review. Well, not the whole review, just some excerpts. It's negative, with nothing much nice to say about Natalie Portman. Jake is referred to as "average" and "respectable." Not sure if Tobey is good or bad.

Let's hope for more positive ones to come.

bobbyanna said...

I love that picture of Jake/Dastan!
suvee, you described it perfectly.

I finally saw the Brothers trailer on TV! Yay!

Agree with Morena Baccarin about Pattinson.I'd love to hang out with Brad, but Jake is definitely a keeper.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say thanks to Monica for the link to the TV Guide Brothers spot. That's the spot I saw the other night.

Hope they keep coming up with different versions!

UltraViolet said...

Another donut report, from the source:

Peace, Love and Little Donuts
Donut maker to the STARS!!! Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were here on Sunday and were very much enjoying each other and our donuts! If they ever come back in, maybe we can grab a picture together?!!! My two oldest daughters had fun talking with them and serving them hot, fresh donuts.

In the comments on the Hollywood Elsewhere Brothers post, someone wrote:

The new Film Comment writes it off--Portman too young, Maguire too smirky, Sheridan too manipulative.

So I guess that answers the question raised in my post above, about whether they thought Tobey's performance was good.

Anonymous said...

so the brothers website is going through several updates.

Another wedding story said...


Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are getting married.

The couple have been dating since 2007, but Reese has been reluctant to tie the knot as she found her divorce from Ryan Phillippe so hard to cope with. She has now decided she is ready to fully commit, and the pair are planning a wedding sooner rather than later.

"Reese told Jake about a month ago that she's ready to get married and he's over the moon," said a source. "He feels like he's been wanting to marry her forever and he can't wait until it happens. He'll be 29 on December 19 and told her that would be the best present she could give him.

"They've only told a few close friends and relatives that plans are in the works for a small, secret wedding, hopefully before the New Year."

Reese, 33, was reluctant to fully commit to Jake until she was sure her children with Ryan, Ava, 10, and six-year-old Deacon, were comfortable with him. After seeing how happy they are around him she decided to make things more permanent.

The source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Reese wanted to be ultra-cautious not just because of her own fears but for her kids. She never wants them to go through another divorce."

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can certainly understand her being cautious. Best Wishes!

agent_krycek said...

That wedding story, as run in the Enquirer had the amusing little 'fact' that Reese had agreed to marry him after they'd been parted for 4 months during the PoP shoot and he hadn't strayed. Wonder if Reese realises there was a very cute little blonde with him most of the time, looked amazingly like Reese now I think of it *rolls eyes*

Tweety said...

That wedding story sounds like a rehash of the wedding story that came out last year around this time. It suppsoedly came from the Pop set and he was telling the crew that they were getting married on his birthday.

Love reading about them at the donut shop ,now that is a true story!

I can't wait until Jake starts doing interviews for Pop, the ostrich stories alone will be worth the wait. That pic IS Suvee's since we all felt that we have seen it from her vivid details.

I agree with Morena, smart woman,LOL!

Too bad that Brothers review from Filmcomment isn't online, I would like to read the whole thing.

FluorescentLamp said...

"They've only told a few close friends and relatives that plans are in the works for a small, secret wedding, hopefully before the New Year."

Uh ohhhh...cat's out of the bag now! Someone's gonna get in heaps big trouble!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh please this is so unbelievable

phoebe said...

There is something about the wedding story that seems like a mix of old news rehashed, and new. I'm inclined to believe it. I don't dismiss the Enquirer as readily as I do Star Magazine. Put another way, I would not be surprised at all.

The timing makes sense. I've felt that they'd marry before the PoP "explosion" which looks like it will begin sooner than later.

Also, in the past few months, I've felt a different type of 'energy' between them. Both of them look very happy and very relaxed and comfortable in a different way.

As for the kids, two pictures come to mind: Jake taking Ava's picture at the 5k run in Chilmark,their expressions, and Jake and Deacon walking down the street together, just the two of them, and Deacon looks just blissed out, happy.

This is definitely a new family. He is already their "stepfather," even tho I do hate the term.

Oh well. Time will tell, I guess.
I'll be over the moon about it,...when it happens:)

Anonymous said...

Well, I have the feeling that a wedding is bound to happen, one of these days. :)

Sheba baby said...

Love how close friends of celebrities just can't seem to stop blabbing to the tabloids! Such BS, if and when they decide you know it won't be announced/spilled to Star or the NE.

That photo of Jake up close is breathtaking, love the beads in his hair and the look on his face, just beautiful.

It's hard to get a feel about the critics reaction to Brothers,all we are getting are bits and pieces so far.

Thanks for the links to Wells and Playlist and of the J&R encounters at the donut shop in Pittsburgh.

Ostriches, chickens, pigs and goats on the roof!

phoebe said...

I'm thinking it needn't be a "close friend" who divulges secret doings and secret developments. For instance,Reese would likely discuss future arrangements with Ryan,who'd certainly tell his BFFs and his girl. Reese would tell her parents and her brother. She does have an extended family, a few of whom may be brought into the picture.

Jake would tell his parents, sister, brother-in-law, and a few close friends, and relatives. They have no control over who these people tell;or who the people these people tell it to
will tell (!).

I'd think it's impossible for it to stay a complete secret. They may deny it but it's bound to leak in tiny dribbles here and there. Jake just doesn't seem like the type who can keep great happiness or good news a secret for too long. He'd give it away with just his smile.

Surely publicists will squash anything resembling a leak, and do it vigorously. But it's still likely it will happen sooner than later. With awards season gearing up, it would very easy for Reese to be looking at special dresses or conferring with her favorite designer without raising notice. Jake has no such problem. All he has to do is show up.:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some critics will like 'Brothers" but it seems the best reaction to it overall have been from just regular folks getting a chance to see it.
Sometimes critics are wary of a movie that wasn't released when it was suppose to be so maybe that might color what they think they're going to see...
Even tho Jim Sheridan was there if the audience hadn't cared for the movie then they could of just given him polite applause.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? I'm looking forward to Jake having hot love scenes with Natalie Portman. If he doesn't I will be really disappointed. The trailer shows them kissing, and him in a towel, and then those feet I assume were theirs, so I want to see more hotness. I'll feel misled if they don't. It would make the trailer dishonest and I would feel like they manipulated me.

mary said...

love the new pic of jake as dastan simply gorgeous

Nicole said...

The new PoP-picture of Jake is just beautiful. Thanks UV and FL for keeping us updated with all the news.
I don´t belive the Star story ,I´m quite sure that their friends won´t talk to tabloids.

Monica said...

I sent an email to a brazilian film critic (she lives in LA) asking about Brothers and she said:
I'll see next week ....

She did not say a date.

Chica said...

That version of that photo of Jake as Dastan is just perfect!

I can't wait until we start reading actual reviews for Brothers.

Thanks to the men and women that serve and protect our Nation on Veterans day and everyday.

mary said...

my son is in the navy and im very proud of him

shoe89 said...

does anyone know where else you can view the tv guide clip of brothers online?

suvee said...

Lionsgate has their FYC site up now......they are campaigning for both Precious and Brothers.


I haven't seen the original film, but I'm surprised they have put Tobey in Best Actor and Jake in Best Supporting.

At least they are making an effort to help Brothers get some awards love.

Monica said...

Shoe 89, don't know.

Suve, I saw the original. Jake is support!

Extra said...

Thanks Suvee! I see that Sam Sheppard is listed also as supporting actor and Natalie is in supporting. She should be in lead.

Based on the original both Jake and Tobey are leads but this way they will have a better shot for a nomination. Shades of Jake and Heath and BBM.

Monica said...

They should have put some pictures!

Shondra said...

The picture of Jake is gorgeous, he looks just perfect as the prince. The interview is just a reminder of how much I miss Jake doing interviews!

The marriage rumors sound like something made up by some interns at that rag.

Natalie is in the wrong catagory, Jake and Tobey are in the right one. Both of their catagories are crowded, but it would be great if they managed to slip in.

I saw the Brothers trailer twice tonight already!

UltraViolet said...

Lionsgate needs serious help with their interwebs campaigns. That Brothers site is just awful - the design is terrible and there's almost nothing of interest there.

And that awards site is just boring. But perhaps I am not the target audience, not being a member of the Academy!

Agent K, this made me chuckle: "Wonder if Reese realises there was a very cute little blonde with him most of the time, looked amazingly like Reese now I think of it *rolls eyes*"

Funny how the tabs can't even remember recent history!

If you want to know important details, the Pittsburgh donut place revealed Jake and Reese's choice: old fashioned with double chocolate icing/sprinkles

I'm not a fan of icing on donuts. Or sprinkles. Just in case you were wondering!

UltraViolet said...

No idea if this is a made up name or the real deal for Doug Lima's Moon movie. But there's another auction for a visit with Jake and Doug - on the set of Trip of a Lifetime.

Fly me to the Moon — Doug Liman will invite you and a guest onto the set of his upcoming action adventure movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal about a private expedition to the moon. Join us abroad in Eastern Europe or stay closer to home with U.S. filming (location and dates TBD).

DOUG LIMAN (Director/Producer) has become acknowledged as one of the most vibrant and original young voices in American film with his critically acclaimed features Swingers,Go, The Bourne Identity series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and many more. Spend a day on the set of his new action adventure starring the one and only Jake Gyllenhaal!

Donated by: Doug Liman

Terms: Valid for 2 people in Eastern Europe or in the US. Dates and location TBD.

If you're in Seattle on November 30, you can check out a screening of Brothers at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Not sure if we knew this already, but it lists the running time as 110 minutes.

Tweety said...

If true, this is moving quickly!:

vWv124: Prep starts next week on Duncan Jones' follow up to Moon - SOURCE CODE with Jake Gyllenhaal - hurrah!
29 minutes ago from web ·

Thanks for the link to the TV guide trailer Monica, it's the longer version.

Love the update on what type of donuts Jake and Reese ordered, love all kinds except jelly!

Anonymous said...

That's really great news, but prep work on Source Code could just mean their starting to storyboard it,( if Duncan does that kind of thing)or create sets, or scout locations, or hiring a crew. This might mean Duncan's $$$ for the movie is in place. I'm glad they're starting, but they might not get to actual shooting for a couple of months yet. Who else have they cast?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That festical screening for Brothers 0n 11/30 is very late. The film comes out four days later.

I have no idea why it wasn't shown taht the TIFF or the London Film festival, by all reports the film was ready.

I agree with you UV about Lionsgate. A very uninspiring site and FYC ad. The tweets are beyond lame.

I'm looking forward to seeing this just disappointed on how it's being promoted. Reminds me a bit like Zodiac, which was poorly promoted IMO.

Tweety said...

Trip of a Lifetime? I hope that's the working title, not feeling it.

I wish I had enough $$$$ to bid on that set visit! Eastern Europe and the US? I wonder if it's either Russia or Romania.

There is some Oscar buzz for Brothers on some sites but I think that's because of the FYC campaign by Lionsgate so far.

UltraViolet said...

It's a terrible title, tweety. No question. Maybe whoever wins the visit can persuade them to change it!

And speaking of Oscars, new post :)