Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy weekend

Updated with some Jake interview videos - below yesterday's set pics.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and the cast of Love and Other Drugs filmed in a winter wonderland on Sunday, one made of Hollywood magic. Flickr photographer carolsmith38 took these photos on the set.

Fall and winter in one shot!

Interviews with Jake and Jim Sheridan:

There are also three videos with B roll - behind the scenes footage. Sadly, like most things Brothers-related, the focus is mainly on Tobey and Natalie. But Jake does appear in this one. Beware - Spoilers!

Many more interviews (with Natalie, Tobey, the parents and kids and the writer, among others) here.

After a Saturday press conference,Brothers had its world premiere in New York City last night. Jake Gyllenhaal did not make the red carpet, but was seen at the theater and party. Here's hoping someone snagged a shot of him. There were many rave snap reviews on twitter, and now some other media outlets are weighing in.

Yesterday, we got an early positive review from the Boston Herald:

As other leading sure things fade “Brothers,” which Lionsgate is releasing Dec. 4th, looks to soar in year-end awards categories. Director Jim Sheridan is a longtime Academy Awards favorite and there has been sometimes vocal, enthusiastic reaction at screenings of this intense, incredibly dramatic but dramatically credible remake of a 2004 Danish film of the same name. It helps that the cast, child actors who have grown up before our eyes and are now playing adults, are at the top of their game: Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal. I thought a day later of the impact James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo had in “Rebel Without a Cause” and I don’t the comparison is far-fetched here.

Variety posted their review and while they don't think Brothers lives up to the original, the review is positive:

Still, that cast largely impresses. Portman has rarely been more movingly subdued as a wife and mother who refuses to let grief overpower her sense of responsibility, while Gyllenhaal is effortlessly believable as a drifter who finds, to his delight and ours, that fatherhood suits him well. Sheridan's empathetic touch with tyke actresses, so evident in 2003's "In America," pays off beautifully in his work with young Madison, who's heartbreaking as the older and wiser of the two Cahill girls.

The Hollywood Reporter also prefers the original to the remake. A few lesser known sites also have positive reviews:

Though riddled with powerful performances — Portman is gracious as the grieving, confused widow. Maguire is enchanting as the traumatized war hero. Gyllenhaal is simply unforgettable as the misunderstood black sheep of the family — “Brothers” falters where it should be strongest. ...

Regardless, “Brothers” is a must-see exploration of family, grief and war. Move over “Twilight: New Moon,” because Hollywood can obviously make quality films for adults and perhaps should make them more often.

We'll try to update with interesting ones when we get them - please feel free to post reviews when you find them.

(Photos courtesy of flickr/carolsmith38, Hollywood Elsewhere and IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Facebook sighting at Gypsy in Pittsburgh:

Jake for a little while and Anne for most of the evening hung out at Gypsy during the filming friday. They were very nice. Anne was especially sweet, and Jake bought a case of wine for the crew to enjoy at the end of the shoot. I didin't know Oliver Platt was in town! I would have loved to meet him. I really enjoyed hanging with the film crew!

A nice Brothers insta-review. (I think this guy is an actor on One Life to Live, one of the characters in their gay storyline which has been done much better than most on soaps, apparently.):

Brett Claywell Attended the premiere of Brothers tonight in NYC. Can't say enough about Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhall, and Tobey McGuire's performances. Truly a beautiful film, and especially poignant in this time of war. Thank you to those actors and filmmakers out there who are still inspiring.

Carla said...

So Jake was in NY but did not walk the Red Carpet? Hopefully he will be in LA for the premiere.

To me it looks like the filming schedule for LAOD is very tight - probably also the budget.

Another good review

Ginny said...

Great find on the pics UV, thank you.

The reviews seem to be mostly positive at the moment, especially the tweets, just found this one,

just saw the exceptional #film #Brothers with great #performances by #Gyllenhaal, #Portman & young Bailee Madison made true by Jim Sheridan.

Ginny said...

Forgot to say thank you to all who posted links from the previous post.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Carla and Ginny. Still looking for pics from last night, but I did update the post with some Jake interviews.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for these interview clips, UV. I agree with what someone said yesterday! There's an entirely different experience watching and listening to Jake in an interview, as opposed to reading what he says. :) He looks really good, too.
I enjoyed Jim Sheridan's take on his acotrs, too.

bobbyanna said...

Opps! Forgot to thank you for the set pictures from LAOD. My God, he looks stunning!

Shondra said...

Thanks so much for posting the interviews from the news conference on Saturday.

Transcripts from the interviews don't due Jake justice. I had a much better understanding on his take on his role from the listening to him.

Too bad he missed the red carpet part of the premiere. Tobey and Natalie look great and those two girls are such cuties! The reviews have been positive so far.

Thanks, UV, Ginny and Carla for the links and updates.

Shondra said...

Forgot to add that the last shot of the snow coverd tree from the set of LAOD is beautiful, so peaceful looking and it's fake!

UltraViolet said...

Umm, if you didn't notice, I posted the same part of Jake's interview twice. Just corrected that, in case you didn't go to the source. Part Two is definitely worth checking out, if only for Jake's mini-impression of Jim Sheridan, lol.

Bobbyanna, it is really nice to see Jake after reading the Herald piece. So good to be able to watch and hear him.

Shondra, I'm not sure when these were filmed, but they aren't from Saturday. It had to be a while ago, because Jake's hair is longer. And I agree on the tree shot - the tree itself is beautiful and I love the contrast with the autumnal tree.

You should check out the rest of the set, if you haven't. It's fun to see them winterize the place.

agent_krycek said...

Jake, I love you dearly, and I said nice things about your English accent, but for the love of goodness and my lovely Irish Mammy, don't ever attempt an Irish accent again - you sounded like the drunk who lives outside my local Tube station!

Thanks for all the lovely clips etc, haven't got time to watch them at the moment, but will tonight

UltraViolet said...

Man, this is just a treasure trove, exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for with this movie. If you haven't checked out Bailee's interview, she gushes about Jake again. Bless her heart.

Haven't made my way through all of them, but the interviews are pretty interesting, including the background folks. The Sam Shepard one irked me - I don't think he's quite as cool as he thinks he is/everyone tells him he is. Though I thought it was funny that he said he felt almost like he had to take care of Jim Sheridan, not the usual feeling one has for a director.

Oh, and I have to disagree, Agent K. I love Jake's Irish accent. Hee.

Anonymous said...

A negative review (I think),

It’s hard to put your finger on why something no longer rings true: why the tough-as-nails military Dad (Sam Shepard), skinny, stressed-out veteran (Maguire) and bewildered wife (Portman) veer toward cliche. For his part, Gyllenhaal gives one of the most subtle and nuanced performances of his career.

At least they liked Jake.

FluorescentLamp said...

The Sam Shepard one irked me - I don't think he's quite as cool as he thinks he is/everyone tells him he is.

Heh. Yeah. They should have cast Sam ELLIOT in the role. MmmmSamElliot.

FluorescentLamp said...

Apart from the fact that Bailee Madison looks exactly like the daughter of one of my best friends, she sort of creeps me out with her worldly ways and vocabulary. Couple that with her age-inappropriate red carpet outfit last night...eesh.

Anonymous said...

Getty has what looks like a set of 19 photos from the after party. Sheridan with Natalie, with Tobey, pictures of Tobey and Natalie too, etc. Random people like Harvey Weinstein, Stephen Dorff, and Ralph Macchio were photo'd, but not a sign of Jake! Beginning to wonder if he really did go.

shoe89 said...

did anyone catch the american music awards...there was a for your consideration type tv spot...i thought it was good.

get real said...

Anon., those pics at Getty look like the red carpet/entrance to me. I guess we will have to wait and see. I really hope Jake did make it for the screening and after party.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm so busy right now that I don't have time to watch the videos, but I will later.

Thanks for all the hard work in keeping up with Jake's week in review! The reviews seem to run from good to mixed so far.

I watched some of the AMA's last night shoe89, but I must have missed the spot!

I saw the tweets about him at the after party too but I'm wondering if he was actually there.

Love the Winter/Autumn photos from the set.

UltraViolet said...

Shoe89, was it the "greatest actors of their generation" spot? I'm dying to see that one!

UltraViolet said...

Report on the party, with no mention of Jake's attendance. Hmm. This is amusing, howeer:

How did the stars stay sane on set? “We definitely needed the lightness to deflate the intensity,” Portman said of the cast’s attempts at humor between takes. “Jake would make [director] Jim [Sheridan] say things in his Irish accent that amused us; like the word third, he says turd, so that provided pretty endless amusement.” As for the starlet and her personal history with love triangles, she claimed innocence, but seemed game. “It would be fun if they were like Tobey and Jake,” said Portman, who wore a bright blue Spring 2010 Jason Wu dress and electric purple super-high Aldo heels. No arguments here.

And another story about the premiere - it kills me that Jake wasn't there for allof this! Anyway, this one has a fun story about Jim Sheridan going to Ryan Kavanaugh's house to meet with investors.

get real said...

Damn, it doesn't sound like Jake was there. :(

I hope there is an LA premiere and that he goes to that.

sheba said...

Jake, I love you dearly, and I said nice things about your English accent, but for the love of goodness and my lovely Irish Mammy, don't ever attempt an Irish accent again - you sounded like the drunk who lives outside my local Tube station!"

Hehehe, you kill me AK :DD That's how I felt when I heard his cockney accent on the Jo Wiley show during promotion of TDAT. He's since redeemed himself with PoP :DD

They should have cast Sam ELLIOT in the role. MmmmSamElliot.

THAT'S who I thought they had cast when I first heard. You're right FL, that tash is as sexy as hell... and the rest of him.

UV and contributors, thanks for all the videos, photos, sightings etc. It's quenched my thirst.

“Jake would make [director] Jim [Sheridan] say things in his Irish accent that amused us; like the word third, he says turd, so that provided pretty endless amusement.”

LMAO can't you just imagine impish Jake doing that and poor Jim non-the-wiser. I love also how Jim says film "filim" in that strong Irish brogue. I'm falling in love with Brothers and those three polished performers. But so hugry for the other three films to come ;D

Anonymous said...

Quick video of Jake talking about the paps. Sorry I can't seem to make it clickable.">of jake talking about the paps.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Sheba! Isn't all of this fun? I love the fact that Jake seems to have entertained both children and adults on the set.

Thanks for that link, anon. Jake looks great! I love to see him laugh. And let me make it clickable.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I'm happy to see the video also because it's clear Jake was available for some interviews. So phew.

Also, note - it says to tune to Extra tonight for more of the interview with Jake (and NP and TM).

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV, I am in the UK so won't be able to see it, unless someone puts in on youtube of course.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the "Extra" link! Jake looks so cuddly! I checked and it comes on at 1:30 A.M. in Michigan, where I live! I hope they put it on YouTube!

UltraViolet said...

Stephanie might capture it, she usually does.

Just wanted to let people know that they've put up a few new clips at that Trailer Addict site, including two with Jake (Keys and Dead). I told myself not to watch, because I allegedly do not want to be spoiled, but I couldn't help myself!

Jake is going to kill me in this movie - it really looks unlike anything else he's ever played.

mary said...

luckily it comes on at 7 here in ca

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it's 7:30 here in Boston - hope I'll be home in time :)

This is a nice tweet, from one of the Dark Horizons folks:

Impressed with Jim Sheridan's Brothers. Powerful performances by both male leads. @lionsgatemovies should do well with pic.

UltraViolet said...

And a very funny Jake clip from Access Hollywood. Looks like Jake winced at the "greatest actors of their generation" tag, too. Hee.

mary said...

looks like their wearing the same clothes that they wore at the press conference so must have been interviewed the same day jake does look a little bit tired

bobbyanna said...

Those two clips, "keys" and "he's Dead" are really, really intense. I've never seen this Jake before. I remember that "keys" scene from the original.This one had more power for me. Maybe because I know all the actors involved.I only knew Connie Neilsen, in the original.

I watched Access's interview clip with Natalie after I watched Jake's. Talk about gushing! Natalie couldn't say enough about Jake! "He's one of the greats!" She says she wasn't "best friends" with Jake and Tobey, before,but on another clip I saw, she described Jake as a "dear friend."

Anyway, she went on and on about Jake until the interviewer asked her to "let's go back and talk abut Tobey losing all that weight!" LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Jake was not at the premiere or at the after party. He was in Pittsburgh filming.

Chica said...

We are getting so spoiled! Love the interviews, i have missed Jake doing them. I can listen to him forever, plus he really looks good in them.

Aww, his Irish accent ain't that bad, he is so funny!!

Extra comes on at 7:00 here, love that clip .I still haven't seen "the greatest actors of their generation" blurb yet!

Doesn't sound or look like he made it to the NY premiere, hopefully he will be at the L.A. premiere.

Anonymous said...

I bet Jake wants to finish up so he can go home to his loved ones for the holidays.

shoe89 said...

hey did anyone find that trailer that appeared on the american music awards...i can't find it on the internet.

mary said...

looks like E is showing their interview with jake tonight too

suvee said...

All this Jake goodness! I've watched the interview(s) only once, but will definitely need repeat viewings. It's so wonderful to see and hear him again.

And I agree about seeing a different Jake, especially in the He's Dead clip I thought. I could watch that clip over and over. There's a maturity and a subtle complexity I've not seen in him before. It's exciting!

Thanks to everyone who provided links, updates, tweets.... everything. And a big thanks to UV for keeping us updated during this very busy Jake week!

Anonymous said...

Rotten Tomatoes have 3 reviews up - comparing it to the original, which they prefer. There's going to be a lot of that and of course the current Brothers won't win with them.
But it's "the people" who have seen it who are moved by it.

Paula said...

This past week has been such a blast! I caught Jake on Extra tonight. It was pretty much the same inyerview posted here: The paparazzi, NY cab drivers thinkung he played Spiderman. I missed him on ET but i'm sure it will pop up on YouTube.

Thanks so much for gathering all these videos from the press junket from Saturday uv, I love watching him being interviewed. He is so funny, smart and charming.

You csn see just from the clips that have been realeased that Jake has turned into a fine actor, a lot the reviews are singeling him out and that makes me so happy!

Thanks GB/UV, FL and everyone else for keeping up to date with all the links to the reviews and tweets!

Anonymous said...

Jake has always been considered a fine actor from "October Sky" on.

Paula said...

As others have pointed out, we are seeing Jake in a role that is so different from his previous roles and people are Finally seeing that as well.

Some film critics are seeing that Jake is a fine actor, that's what I should have said. I always admired his choice in roles and he has such an incredible resume for someone his age.

Dec. 4th can't get here soon enough!

bobbyanna said...

Anon 10:34, I couldn't agree more. I remember when October Sky came out and everyone was buzzing about Jake. He was extraordinary in that movie. Flawless performance. I went to see it because of him!

UltraViolet said...

Shoe89, if you find that TV post, let us know. I'm dying to see it. From that Access Hollywood interview, it seems as if Jake was a little embarrassed by the moniker.

Bobbyanna, thanks for alerting me to Natalie's Access interview. she really did gush about Jake. And who can blame her?

There is another Access video where Jake talks about PoP.

It still cracks me up that the reporter, in attempting to say "slag off," (at least I think that's what she meant) says "shag off" and Jake corrects her to "sag off."

Jake was also on the Daily 10 on E! I didn't catch it but am DVRing the rerun.

Here's another story on the premiere.

Tweety said...

I caught that too UV, he does seem a bit embarrased about that bit.

Natalie sure went on gushing over Jake and who can blame her!

It's been a Jake overload, the updating and links are much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Portman was on Letterman last night for Brothers.I hope there's a video of it sometime today.

FluorescentLamp said...

Holiday week - Letterman tapes a bunch of interviews on Monday/Tuesday to air Wednesday, Thursday (I think Friday is a repeat). Natalie's Letterman is scheduled for Wednesday night.

Monica said...

New TV Spot:

anon 8:38 said...

TYVM, FL! I got confused when I searched You Tube and found a two part Letterman interview with Robin Williams!

debbie said...

Wow! Another trailer. Reminds me of when Jake met Natalie for her birthday, and gave her pink tulips.
They have serious, major chemistry.

Sheba baby said...

So many interview, so little time! Missed seeing and listening to the funny, goofy and serious Jake. Loved the Jim, Tobey and Natalie interviews as well, thanks for posting them.

I hope Jake does more than the Kimmell show. If he is staying on the West Coast next week maybe he can do Ellen and Conan as well.

Since he couldn't be at the NY premiere I have my fingers crossed that he will attend the L.A. premiere.

Wasn't there a Q&A last night with Natalie, Tobey and Jim at the Directors Guild East last night?

Jake and Natalie do have serious chemistry, missed her on Letterman so thanks for the heads up FL!

Love the on set pictures of Jake and Anne and love reading the Facebook sighting of them at Gypsy. They should be wrapping up by tomorrow.

shoe89 said...

man that look that jake gives her really is great but yes natalie and jake do have good chemistry.

shoe89 said...

her appearance on David Letterman is on Nov. 25 and same with the view.

UltraViolet said...

New pics, new post :)