Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trailer Two and Crazy Man

Disney has released a second trailer for Prince of Persia, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. More banter, more British accent, more fighting, more flipping. More fun!

From IGN:

Not bad!

And we get our first glimpse of the young Prince:

Jordan Mechner posted this:

I love his pride/enthusiasm. Make sure to go to the LEGO page to see LEGO Dastan wielding his sword! It's hilarious.

From CMT, we get this photo of Jake, T-Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham at a concert/party for Crazy Heart in L.A. last month:


Anonymous said...

Too bad Disney caved to online criticism (waah waah moan moan he's not Perrrrrrrrrsian) and gave the reveal away in that latest trailer.

Cathy E said...

Wow, this pic of Jake with T-Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham makes my day! :)

I love the new trailer, Prince Dastan as a boy.

Extra said...

I love me some T-Bone, I'm a big fan of his. Jake + T-Bone= happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

Love the new trailer, and we get to se Dastan as a boy!

bobbyanna said...

The new trailer is gorgeous and the photo captures you posted are beyond gorgeous!!! I loved seeing Dastan as a kid.

As I understand it, Dastan is a street urchin and no one knows where he came from. The fact is, Jake looks SO much like the PoP character it's uncanny.

I really like the picture from the Crazy Heart party. Really.:)

UltraViolet said...

You really, really like me, Bobbyanna :)

Glad you liked the photo, Cathy, Extra and BA! Wish there were more pics from the party. Maybe we'll get more of the gang if Jake makes it to the Oscars.

I noticed that he's on the host committee for that Night Before party they hold annually. As he has been for the past few years, I think. I remember him going only once.

And yes, Reese is also listed as a host for those who'll ask.

Have to watch the trailer a few more times to get all the effects :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake does look so much like Dastan, I wish they would stop already with the he isn't Persian crap.

Love the new trailer, glad to see see a glimpse of little Dastan!

The stills are beautiful and love the pic of Jake, T-Bone and Ryan from the concert!

Not only is Jeff Bridges predicted to win, T-Bone is as well for best dong, he won a GG for it.

bobbyanna said...

OONP, I know you meant best Song.

(T Bone, who knew!!)

Yes, UV! I really like you:) And about Jim Bunning. Yes. Always an ass.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Bobbyanna! And OONP, thanks for making me laugh far too loudly in my office. I think that is a whole different awards show.

He is a big man... ;)

Cathy E said...

The Weary Kind is a really great song.

I think all of this "Jake isn't Persian" stuff is ridiculous. It's not like Dastan is an actual historical figure - and noone knows his background. :)

It's much more fun for me anyway to hear about Jake's latest projects, I'm just not that interested in who he is dating or his personal life, just an in passing interest.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Oh shit, best dong! Well he does appear to be "big", hee!!!!

A Weary Kind is a great song Cathy! He was nominated for his work on Cold Mountain and oversaw the music for WTL and The Big Lebowski.

UltraViolet said...

This is a good time for Jake fans, Cathy. There's a lot going on!

Russell Peters tweeted this AM that he was made up, rehearsed and ready to go - at 7AM! The life of a movie star :)

That Russell is big news in Canada - tons of stories about him getting this role. (Semi-spoiler alert)


The Brampton, Ont.-raised funnyman will co-star in the thriller Source Code, set for release next year.

The film follows a soldier, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, as he awakens in a commuter's body during a train bombing.

Peters's role as a comical passenger on the train has been expanded with additional scenes and dialogue, according to his publicist.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, OONP. We needed a morning laugh. I like Weary Kind, but I think I liked that Flying and Falling song more.

Not a big country music fan, but those two songs weren't bad.

Cathy E said...


I like country music, I like the folk aspect of it. I have forgotten some of the songs from Crazy Heart, but I saw it at a tiny theater, and as the previous showing was getting out, which was packed by the way, you could hear this song and I got so excited. Everyone seemed happy as they were leaving.

goldderby said...

The Guys Have It
for 82nd Oscar® Show

Beverly Hills, CA — Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Tom Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds and Sam Worthington will present on the 82nd Academy Awards®, telecast producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman announced today.

Butler, Cooper, Ford, Pine, Reynolds and Worthington will each be making their debut appearance on the Oscar show. This will be Gyllenhaal’s third appearance and Reeves’s fifth.

Jake Gyllenhaal will present his sister Maggie's nomination.

Tom Ford maybe will present Colin Firth's.

Keanu will present Bullock's?

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks, GoldDerby. Great news!

UltraViolet said...

Gold Derby, is that your speculation about Jake presenting Maggie's award?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone caved to the "he's not Persian". By the time the movie is out and anyone makes any comments like that most people will think it's silly.
I would think Keanu would introduce Sandra's nomination. She was pretty much unknown when she made "Speed" and he said she would be right for the role.

Goldderby said...

Hi UV!
No that isn't my speculation. Someone on the goldderby forum named Academy Awards Guru, posted that, I just cut and pasted it.

I don't know if they actually have inside info on that or it's their speculation.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, GD. It will be weird for Jake if Maggie doesn't win, which no one thinks she will. But it will be cool if he gets to say her name, rather than a pre-taped list of the noms.

Cathy E said...

Hooray! I'm so excited that Jake will be a presenter. It will be nice to have Tom Ford as a presenter too. So much good news! :)

Anonymous said...

Maggie knows she's not going to win but she's there to have fun.

UltraViolet said...

It's a fun day, isn't it, Cathy!

From the SC actress on twitter:

I wish I could twitpic more pics of the set. Its crazy how they built this from scratch.

We wish you could, too! Sounds cool.

And this guy apparently had dinner with Jake last night:

On the way to dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal tonight my girlfriend's baby puked all over my cashmere sweater. Jake didn't seem to notice. Phew!

Chica said...

I was hoping Jake was going to be a presenter at the Oscars, what great news!! I hope the speculation about Jake presenting Maggie's clip is true, that would fantastic.

The second trailer is even better than the first, love the stills you posed UV.

Thanks for the laugh OONP:))

I hope there are more pics from that night, love this one!

Would love to see twicpics from the set, but I don't think Duncan would allow it.

LOL! At the dinner with Jake tweet, too funny!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I guess we'll have to be content with twitter descriptions. Though I could see Duncan tweeting a pic or two - without revealing too much!

Jordan Mechner posted about the PoP LEGOS. I added it to the main post. Very cool.

get real said...

Weee, so glad Jake will be at the Oscars!!! :D That would be really nice if he presented Maggie's name.

Swoon, new PoP pics! As for the "he is not Persian" stuff it is ridiculous imo because he looks like the prince in the video games and he is right for the prince's background, etc.

I am at work but I can't wait to see the new trailer when I get a chance later.

And Jake is looking better than ever with Ryan and T-Bone. :D :D

Chica said...

Well since it's my "sister-inlaw" maybe I can talk her into just one pic, or at maybe convince Duncan!

UltraViolet said...

Hee - get right on that, Chica!

I think I misunderstood GoldDerby's post. I thought Jake was presenting Maggie's category, but according to this site, they are continuing the tradition of people introducing the nominees, but are using friends/people who know the nom. So that's why people think Jake will do Maggie's nomination.

There are some horrifying matches suggested in that article, lol.

Here's a wish list from And The Winner Is.... Jake is listed for Maggie there.

Some would be cool (Keanu for Sandra Bullock). Some of them are dreadful (Barbra Streisand for Kathryn Bigelow! Tyler Perry for Lee Daniels)!

Carla said...

I am so happy that Jake wil be a presenter at the Oscars. I had completely given up hope....so exciting.

I love the new trailer- young Dastan is cute.

It is difficult being up-to-date with all those news and infos :-))

bobbyanna said...

Yay!!! Jake is going to the Oscars!!!I thought I wouldn't care, but I am just delighted! He may not walk the carpet, but he's going to be there! I hope he does get to say Maggie's name and a few words about her.

Last year, knew it was Heath's night, but I think it showed some class and the other nominees appreciated it when they were individually acknowledged. It lessened the sort of "competitive" aspect. I'd love for Jake to do that for Maggie.

Having Barbra Streisand say something about Kathryn Bigelow has a certain logic. Babs caught a lot of flack for directing Yentl. It was like, "Who do you think you are!" Later, she directed Prince of Tides & that got a nomination or two. Nick Nolte? And I hope Bigelow wins! Finally.

UltraViolet said...

Hope you enjoy the trailer when you get home, get real!

And Carla, it has been a busy day. We go for says with nothing and then it rains news.

I found the whole "five people introducing five nominees" set up awkward. There was the surprise factor, I guess. I don't know. I'm a traditionalist. Just say the names. And let them give a speech thanking whoever they want to thank. (Nominees have been encouraged not to do a laundry list of thanks onstage but to save that for backstage.)

If you're in Montreal, we know the place to go for a Jake sighting:

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhal at Olive&Gourmando in the Old Port

Anonymous said...

Tho it won't be that way Keanu could even do the bit for Kathryn as he was in "Point Break" which she directed. Think I saw a list of people at a party for her and he was there.
Be nice to see Jake talk about Maggie.
Yes Barbra for Kathryn which immediately made me think of all the flack she got for directing.
Sometimes we live in a very strange world.

Sag Actor said...

Really positive reviews on the new trailer from firstshowing:


brothers spy said...

Reviews for the new Prince of persia is good across the board even among people on message boards.

I'm beginning to think that this film will do huge numbers if only because there isn't much competition among the tentpoles. Iron Man 2 comes out four weeks before, but that's it.

mary said...

yea jake will be presenting at the oscars i was about to give up any hope that he would be there cant wait

UltraViolet said...

Anne Hathaway was just on Jimmy Kimmel. She said she's seen an early cut of LaOD, and that it's a really beautiful love story.

Jimmy, of course, asked her about the love scenes, mentioning how enthusiastic Jake was when he was on the show. He wondered why they had to be naked for so long. She said because they are artists :)

Anne said she heard Jake talked about his merkin and said he was obsessed with it - that when he had close-ups in the movie, he wasn't wearing pants, just the merkin!

She was kidding :)

Tweety said...

Those legos are adorable! I love this trailer, this movie is going to be so much fun. I'm even more impressed with his accent here.

What a cool photo of Jake, T-Bone and Ryan.

Jake will be a presentrt at the Oscars, yes!!!! Can't wait to see Jake in a tuxedo.

Since he will be in L.A. for the weekend, maybe he will show up for the Night before party as well.

T-Bone "Dong" Burnett, LOL!! Thanks OONP!

Tweety said...

Anne's clip form Kimmel last night, I'm sorry I missed it!:


bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the clip, Tweety. You can see the entire show on hulu.com. There's something about Anne that reminded me of Heather Graham and I cannot figure out why! They have completely different coloring, etc. but I thought of it watching her on Kimmel. I got a kick out of Kimmel's "He seemed really horny!"

UltraViolet said...

Anne's a pretty good guest. She even got into her own Hathababble there at the beginning!

There's another screening of LaOD tonight in Pasadena. Hope we get a few reports.

Want to know what Jake orders at the local coffee shop?

$6 Canadian Dollars for a latte and chocolatine

Some stylist dishing:

You've styled quite a few celebs, so who was the best to work with? And who was the worst?

I love Sean Penn, not a lot of people do, but we got along really well. His ex-wife, Robin is also adorable. John Travolta is a nice guy.
Tom Hanks is the most genuine guy ever. Gena Rowlands, I adore. Sandra Bullock is sweet. Joan Jett is the sexy rock -n- roll genius. Jim Carrey is fun. Kirsten Dunst is a beautiful and sweet girl. Jeff
Goldblum rocks. Jake Gyllenhaal is gorgeous, styling and sweet. Love Gerard Depardieu. Cyndi Lauper is fun, fun, fun! Matt Damon is the world’s biggest sweetheart and last, but not least, is Warren Beatty. He is known as the world’s biggest charmer and it is true. He also has a real genuine love for people in general. He turned a horrible night I was having into the best night ever. I know I forgot a bunch, but you get the point!

As for the worst… Hands down: Marisa Tomei is the biggest bitch ever with a side of disgusting pig. I have many a story, but I will keep those to myself to protect said bitch. Let's just say she was insane, insecure and did everything possible to make sure every day was miserable for me.

What events did you style them for?
I didn't style anyone for events. I worked with all of them on movies and print.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal will present his sister Maggie's nomination."

Maggie's category--Best Supporting Actress--is the one that Heath would have presented (being last year's winner in Best Supporting Actor category) had he lived...
There is irony if Jake is presenting Best Supporting Actress...

Monique will win.

Prince of Persia will do well (it's a tentpole summer blockbuster--please) BUT remember Sex and the City Part 2 is opening the same weekend and I'll lie if I tell you I won't be going to that one because I will (I was a HUGE fan of the TV series and I did see the first movie--and yes it was bad but I love the characters and I will see this one even if it's worse than the first one).

bobbyanna said...

"As for the worst… Hands down: Marisa Tomei is the biggest bitch ever with a side of disgusting pig. I have many a story, but I will keep those to myself to protect said bitch. "

LOL! What's left to say! Glad they liked Jake.

UltraViolet said...

I know - she didn't hold back on Marisa. I'm always happy when people name a real name but damn!

Here's a clip of Maggie saying that end of the rainbow bit from Jake. Nothing new but I hadn't seen film of it.

Cathy E said...

Now don't shoot me guys, but I gotta say I loved Maggie's dress in that clip. The color is great on her, and I loooooove her hair. :) Can't wait for the Oscars on Sunday. I wonder what Maggie will wear? For Jake, he rocks a tux so that's easy.

Cathy E said...

Awwww, Anne was great on Kimmel. I didn't realize she was going to be on. She has such a lovely quality about her - LaOD sounds great, can't wait to see. :)

Paula said...

Dastan Jr, is a cutie, and even cuter all grown up! Loving the new trailer and the legos!

So happy to hear that Jake is going ot be one of the presenters this Sunday. It would be something else if he did the BSA catagory!

I loved that interview that Anne did on Kimmel, she is so funny, I can't wait to see LOAD, so much Jake stuff that it's hard to keep up but I'm not complaining.

I loved the movie Crazy hearts, what a cool picture of Jake, T-Bone and Ryan.

JF said...

Anne is funny and stunning. She has a career that most of her young female colleagues can dream of and it's all well deserved. Looking forward to see her and Jake on screen again. They had wonderful chemistry in BBM, I'm sure in LAOD they will too.

Kendra said...

Here's a clip of Maggie saying that end of the rainbow bit from Jake.

thanks for the clip link, UV! Maggie looks lovely, I hope she wins!

Anonymous said...

Xavier Bardem would be the most likely presenter for Best Supporting Actress, if he is attending.

amazon.com said...

Brothers comes out on DVD on March 23rd:


ihj said...

Promotional shots that will be used for Pop promtion, he looks yummy!:


Monica said...

The second trailer is much better than the first.
It will be wonderful to see Jake presents Maggie at the Oscar.
Thanks for all the other informations.

I'm in love with these pictures:

UltraViolet said...

Aww, Cathy, I think some other folks liked Maggie's dress :)

Thanks, ihj and Monica. Those pictures deserve their own post :)