Monday, March 15, 2010

More from Session 30

Update: New PoP still:

IHJ just posted more photos from Jake Gyllenhaal's recent photo shoot. One can only imagine what they'll have left for the magazine. But I can't wait to see. No new settings or clothes in this set. Just the same old gorgeous subject.

More from the Double 007/Double a-l set:

If James Bond had a Yearbook photo...

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Wow what gorgeous pics, thanks UV and IHJ of course.

mary said...

thanks UV jake just looks stunning

Monica said...

WOW, thanks UV and IHJ. Gorgeus pics!

'Damn Yankees' Remake Will Address Steroids In Song, Director Reveals

Sheba baby said...

He looks so yummy, and he is definately channeling James Bond! I can see him playing that role.

Thanks UV and IHJ!

Thanks for the Damn Yankees update Monica. I don't know how I feel about them adding the song about steriods.I wish that they would just keep the musical in the '50's, not sure if upating will work.

From the previous thread: I love how FL connected the dots, I hope she gets credit!

canadian babbler said...

US Weekly has a story this week about Jake and Olivia Munn. There's a video over at about it.

Personally, I don't think anything came from this meeting between the two. I think he was introduced to her by Jaime Foxx and just hung out with her that night. No biggie.

I do think he's seeing Kristen though. I could accept that they were only "catching up" if it weren't for the fact that they've been seen together (or at the same location) about a dozen times or so over the last two or three weeks at five or six separate spots doing all sorts of different things.

Again i'm not sure how serious it is, or how long it will last, but it's time to get real here.

BTW, nice pics. Are all of these pics, and the ones from Times Square, all from GQ magazine?

Monica said...

Source Code looking for Extras and Photo Doubles in Chicago!!

Atmosphere Casting of Chicago We will also be casting extras and photo doubles for the Jake Gyllenhaal/Michele Monaghan movie “Source Code” which will shoot here for 3 days, April 7, 8, and 9.

Anonymous said...

Good catch Monica. I wonder what they're shooting in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Can someone remind me of the dates they are filming in Ottawa again, according to that casting call UV discovered a couple of weeks back.

Monica said...


Chica said...

More beautiful and stunning photos of Jake, the last one is breathtaking. Thanks for putting a smile on my face UV and IHj, had a rough day.

Maybe Brothers spy can shed some light on filming in Chicago! Thanks Monica and for the D. Yankees info., I almost forgot Jake was attached to that!

Jake sure has a full dance card...

FluorescentLamp said...

The setting of Duncan's film is Chicago. So I assume the days filming there will be mainly background/atmosphere/2nd unit shooting and not necessarily involving either Jake or Michelle.

suvee said...

Very interesting update on Damn Yankees..... thanks for the link monica!

I really have mixed feelings about this project. It's pretty high risk, IMO. But I love that Jake has the balls to: 1. take on a singing role.... even tho he isn't a professional singer, there is a standard he will be expected to meet; 2. do a musical..... with the exception of Chicago, not exactly a movie genre audiences are flocking to see these days. Can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe Jim Carrey will be a plus here.

And can I just say that how cool it is that our own FL apparently got the Jake & Kiki ball rolling on the internet gossip sites. :)

Anonymous said...

How many people who know Jake have commented that he's "a great singer". There are musicals where the actor isn't a professional singer but it works because they are believable in the role. Am sure he would work very hard on the songs his character is involved with. The "Lola" song is sung to Joe - he doesn't sing and dance along with her.
'Hairspray" made over 100 Million.
as far as "9" goes it might of been because it just didn't seem that "interesting" to the movie going public.
If something looks like a well done fun musical it will have an audience.
And if it isn't a big hit - big deal - Jake has done that "different role" for him and his career will keep on going.
Tab Hunter survived the role and tho he was passable & did receive some o.k. reviews - he really wasn't a singer and nowhere near the actor Jake is.
Lets just wonder mainly about who Lola will be. Gotta get the right girl!

Monica said...

Jake auditioned for the Moulin Rouge. He was one of three finalists, along with Heath and my Ewan.
Jake was considered too young for the character.
If this was the main reason, Jake must have a good voice, considering that the character of Christian required a great voice for the songs.

I was on imdb and saw that POP will debut on May 28 in Brazil. The earlier date was 04 of June!

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Monica. You won't have to wait for this one. And thanks for the Damn Yankees link.

Not sure what to make of the changes, especially since I don't really know the music/story to begin with. I don't mind setting it in the current era, but maybe that won't go with the songs.

I am happy Jake is trying something like this, though I wonder if a genuinely modern musical would have been better.

Someone on IHJ posed some questions of one of the tweeters who saw Jake and Kirsten the other night. They were together, but part of a bigger group, it seems.

danni said...

Kirsten was milking her Jake connection less than three years ago with random stupid comments. Then Jake was seen to be coupled up with Reese,and she faded. Kirsten thought her "Jake connection" would help her, talking it up and so forth. Jake doesn't talk about his personal stuff anymore. He's more mature now, and he is looking for a serious relationship. So IMHO, I think the ship has sailed as far as them being together. I think there's too much that happened, and even after they were broken up for a while she was still trying to get publicity off his name.I don't think he liked it one bit. I even remember reading about him running into her when she was with that guy she did Marie Antoinette with, at some party in New York and they were extremely unfriendly. She was trying to get with him for publicity back then. She knew she messed up a good thing. Bleh!

Anonymous said...

Think this will work - a scene from the D.Y. movie of "Two Lost Souls" -

Carla said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks to UV and IHJ for sharing them!
That would be some smart, sexy James Bond....

Thanks for the MTV link, Monica. The first time we get some more information on this project. I am probably the only non-musical fan here. And I don´t know anything about Baseball. Todd Graffs comments give me some hope - I am happy they won´t go exactly with the original. I have said that before but I found Jakes character boring in the original - at least in the few scenes I have watched.

I would prefer him doing the Namath project - Joe was an eccentric character - the first sports "popstar" - it would be great seeing Jake portraying this guy.

The whole "Kiki & Jake" stories make me laugh - hilarious that People magazine is making a fool of itself and asking twitters whether they looked like a couple.

I have always liked Kiki and hope she gets her act together now.

brothers spy said...

FL are you sure the story is set in Chicago? In the version of the script that I read the story takes place in New York.

My initial gut reaction though is that they're going to Chicago for second unit (establishing shots, etc.) stuff especially since the dates conflict with the Ottawa shoot. The only thing that gives me pause is that, in the script I read, the story takes place in New York City.

I'll email my guy today, i'll ask him that and a couple of more questions.

Anything anyone want to know? Speak now, i'll check in before I go to work and will email him at work.

Josie said...

The picturea are gorgeous and so many! They seem to be releasing a lot of these Pop publicity stills early, I assume this are just outtakes from the actual photoshoot.

Looking forward to Jake doing Damn Yankees, he can sing as we saw from SNL.

Hi Brothers spy!
It sounds like the Chicago filming won't involve Jake, how will that effect his filming schedule? Will it end on May 1st as Duncan said or earlier?

Yay for FL on the Jake and Kristen scoop! Whatever really is going on she was the first to put 2 and 2 together.

bobbyanna said...

Hi. I just wanted to stop in for a moment to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your messages of condolence and all the hugs. My mother was 91, and tomorrow we'll be saying our final good-byes to her.

Talk to you soon.


Chica said...

You are in my thoughts, we are here for you.

Brothers spy: I do remember the story taking place in NY/NJ from the script, perhaps Chicago is a stand in ?

How's filming going overall so far? I noticed that on IMDB they had the film in pre-production and then back to filming.

I'm a fan of musicals, but not of Damn Yankees. You would think so since I love baseball but this vehicle seems "dated" even if it's updated IMO. Maybe they will surprise me with this, I love that he is doing one .

Canadian Babbler said...

I just read those comments on IHJ. Some people are acting like the sighting of Jake and Kirsten at that restaurant not looking "romantic" is a fait accompli regarding them NOT being together, but I disagree.

Think about this logically.

It's possible for people to be casual, hang out in a larger group and still be together. Jake probably just doesn't want this to blow up all over the media. Maybe he isn't sure if he wants to date Kirsten again in a serious way and just wants to keep the whole thing on the downlow. (BTW, according to one of those tweeters Jake was looking for her and her friends when he arrived, so they had plans to meet up there). But just them being there together is indication that something is up, right?

Understand that it's not like I want them to be together (this isn't like when people wanted/didn't want him to be with Reese and accepted/rejected sightings based on their exisiting point-of-view, i'm just trying to be logical here), personally I actually would rather he go for Rachel McAdams. But my point has always been that there are about a dozen or so sightings of them together now. There is more than a casual friendship/catching up thing going on here, in my opinion, if this is the case.

This sighting at the restaurant with their friends was only one of those dozen sightings. How do we explain away the movie theatre sighting, where they were alone allegedly, or the Forever21 sighting where they were seen together?

I don't know if they are together or not, but you'll have to agree that there is a lot of smoke here. You just don't hang out with an ex-girlfriend, especially one you lived with and considered your first true love, a dozen times in two or three weeks unless something else is happening.

I even think the fact that they were at the same restaurant and at the same table, but sitting on opposite ends, to be a sign that they're actually together. If they are only friends, why not sit together and chat with each other?

Doesn't the fact that they're sitting apart like this show some sort of familiarity, as if they've been together for a few weeks now? They're hanging out together at this restaurant, but don't want this to become a media-thing that's what I think. It was planned in advance.

Otherwise, why would Jake be there at all? Does he have a crush on one of Kirsten's friends? Does he think the cast/crew of her new movie are cool and he wants to get to know them better?

No, he's there because Kirsten is there and if he's there for Kirsten why aren't they sitting together? If they're only "catching up" why would they not sit together? It's because they've been talking/hanging out a lot and just made plans to go to a restaurant with friends after work or something and are not trying to draw attention to themselves, that's the most logical explanation.

Sorry guys, I don't want to beat a dead horse and I don't have any personal stake here, but I think they're together. At least they're acting like they are.

Sorry for my long post.

Tweety said...

Yeah it is cool that FL was on this Suvee, I would have never made those connections and I'm too lazy to translate the French tweets! I really have nothing to add to the speculation at this point but it is interesting to follow.

Jake looks so good in a tux and suit and tie. Love the "Bond" look, he looks so cool and sexy here.

I'm not a fan of musicals and I don't know what to expect from this updated version of Damn Yankees but I think that it's great that he will doing it. Just another impressive addition to his already impressive acting resume.

From the twittering mind of Duncan Jones:

@angeldominguez shooting Source Code right now.
40 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to angeldominguez

I hope that doesn't mean that things aren't going to well or maybe he is joking:

Into our third week of shooting... Can you believe it?! Crazy... I'm getting to the "wish I was editing" phase of the shoot.
about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck

Brothers spy: When will they start filming in Ottawa?


FluorescentLamp said...

FL are you sure the story is set in Chicago? In the version of the script that I read the story takes place in New York.

Yes I know. I've read the script as well. That's why I prefaced my comment with "Duncan's film".

My initial gut reaction though is that they're going to Chicago for second unit (establishing shots, etc.)

Yes, I agree, that's why I said that in my comment, mostly because, oh hey look at this

About to fly 2 Chicago for final shoot recce. Will be 1st time Ive had a 2nd unit. They'll shoot days of footage without me. Feels odd

There's a wealth of information especially on Duncan's earlier tweets, prior to the commencement of filming - you just have to wade through a lot of Moon-related talk.

UltraViolet said...

This is a big change for Duncan after sort of doing his own thing on on indie. SC has a big cast and crew. It will be interesting to watch his mood through the process.

Someone asked him what it's like to work with Jake:

Jake is fantastic. Really get on well with him. Very good sense of humour and a snappy dresser.

Love it.

brother spy said...


So my guy responded already, this guy is golden. Here's what he has told me.

It appears that FL was 100% right about the film being set in Chicago - you rock FL, man you're good at putting stuff together from bits of information. Apparently, according to my guy, this has always been the case since he joined the project so I guess i'm just the last to know. What they'll be shooting in Chicago are all the exterior train shots and that's it. No Jake or others in Chicago, just the second unit. The train that blows up in the film is a MetraRail train in case you were wondering. So that entire aspect is different than original screenplay. There are some serious, and obvious, SFX shots required during this Chicago shoot, so that's probably why they are treating it with such care.

Apparently, given these special FX shots, they expect post-production to last a little longer than usual so we may have to wait until next summer for this film to come out. Personally I was hoping for a March release but that may be too optimistic. So maybe this means Jake will have two summer blockbusters in consecutive years.

They begin filming in Ottawa on April 12th for one week, which will be the first Monday after they complete the Chicago stuff. I guess they requested the actors for the 7th to give them some time for prep? My guy hasn't heard anything in that regard, this is just me speculating. Anyway, everyone is working real hard and things are still going smoothly. Everything is planned out meticulously. I'm guessing that's to save costs, given the special effects required and the short length of the shoot.

Jeffrey Wright hasn't started filming yet. Like Vera he films his parts, in the Source Code Chamber, at the end of April (currently scheduled for April 19th to 30th in Montreal). So if you have read the screenplay you can pretty much figure out who they are playing.

One final thing, given everyone's sudden interest in this topic, he told me that even though no one has seen Kirsten Dunst on set, everyone is buzzing about her and Jake being together again. This must be a big story in Montreal.

My guy is willing to answer any and all questions, and he does so promptly. So if you have any questions you want me to ask please share them and I will do so.

FluorescentLamp said...

It appears that FL was 100% right about the film being set in Chicago - you rock FL, man you're good at putting stuff together from bits of information.

I didn't have far to look, BS. It was right there in Duncan Jones' tweets.

One final thing, given everyone's sudden interest in this topic, he told me that even though no one has seen Kirsten Dunst on set,

Why would she be? She's filming her own movie in Montreal. Surely you must have read that.

UltraViolet said...

Just added a new PoP still to the post. It's very similar to one we've seen, but it's also lovely, so I couldn't resist.

I also forgot to say hello to Bobbyanna. I know these are tough days, Bobbyanna. We're all thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

brothers spy said...

I haven't read any of Duncan's tweets so I didn't know that the story took place in Chicago until you mentioned it this morning. I asked him to confirm, not because I didn't believe you, just because I wondered how it would be different from the script I read where the story was set in NYC. The latter being the place I assumed the story took place in until this morning. He confirmed and told me about the MetraRail, etc.

Obviously i've read that Kirsten has been filming her own movie, FL. He even mentioned the film to me by name and other people involved in it. The point was that the crew is gossiping about them being together even though no one has seen them together. I speculated that the story is probably bigger in Montreal than it is everywhere else.

Chica said...

Thanks so much for the SC info. Brother spy and FL for clearing up a few the Chicago/NY filming.

That photo is lovely UV, thanks.

Cathy E said...

Beautiful new pic - I wouldn't mind seeing Kirsten back with Jake. :)

Cathy E said...

Bobbyanna, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother.

get real said...

So much news going on I can't keep up! Have been busy with work and now with the gorgeous weather we are having. Am trying to catch up. :)

Thanks for the gorgeous pics, news, tweets, PoP info, SC info, Damn Yankees info, etc.

(((Bobbyanna))) I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.

mary said...

glad to hear from you boobyanna our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family hope to see you around soon

UltraViolet said...

New featurette, new post :)