Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Academy Awards, Day Three

The Oscar ceremony goes for more than three hours, so I think we can get a third blog post out of it! More pics and video of Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet.

Watch Jake deftly avoid naming an Oscar favorite and then even more smoothly evade the "date" question. All that if you can do more than stare at Jake in glorious close up:

Here's a youtube version of the Nate Berkus/Oprah.com interview.

More of the sort of raw red carpet footage. Watch as Jake begs off from doing a Spanish shout out.. The video cuts off before he then has to say when he's going to do an Army movie!

In this one, Jake says he's looking forward to Maggie's category and then... I don't know what he says :)

"This one's for you."

Continuing with the pointing theme...

More Jake and Maggie


UltraViolet said...

I thought this was nice. Apparently, these two won an MTV contest to be an Oscar correspondent:

On the carpet we spoke with nearly everyone who walked in front of us. They were so willing to talk, many of them congratulating us on winning the contest. Jason Bateman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Zac Efron were especially kind, and hung around to talk for a few extra moments.

FluorescentLamp said...

Just saw this stream of tweets and loved them.

It’s always amusing working with Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s just the greatest... -JM

So when he asked me to suit him up for the Oscars, I jumped at the challenge. Challenge being, that he looks so damn good in everything.-JM

We went for a slim, classic Burberry 2-button tux which fit him like a dream and Jake red-carpet-rocked it. -JM


Yes, Jim Moore, he certainly did "rock" it!

Monica said...

More pics from backstage: Oscar

Anonymous said...

Jake-Rachel mania is in full force all over the internets, holy crap.

PopSugar even did a "fantasy couple" poll today regarding these two and the results were overwhelmingly favorable.

Polls involving Jake and Reese usually fared well with the two usually getting 65% to 75% of the vote regardless of the question. But here Jake and Rachel score with 79% (696 votes) agreeing that they looked cute together and were in favor of them getting together vs. 21% (182) against them getting together.

I hope Jake got her number.

Tweety said...

I love those tweets too FL! So much post oscar Jake news to catch up on, but I love it!

It must be a dream to dress him, he always looks so good
no matter what.

Thanks for posting the videos, I missed a lot of the interviews.

Jake was uncomfortable when Nate asked him about Heath. I cringed a bit at first but I see no harm in Nate asking about him. It must be still painful to talk about, especially in a venue like that.

The Jake/Rachel speculation is a bit crazy right now!

Anonymous said...

Also the fact Jake has not made any public statement about Heath because it was a personal & private thing for him.
I'm sure Nate knew very little about Jake and was not aware of that.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...


In yahoo now!!!...

Anonymous said...

PopSugar update. More than 1,100 people voted so far and now...

81% Want them together

19% Don't want them together.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Jake's humor or a delirium???!!!

"Jake Gyllenhaal introduced Rachel McAdams to friends as “the mother of his children” at the Oscars.

The Hollywood hunk is single following his split from Reese Witherspoon last year. He and Rachel presented the award for the Best Adapted Screenplay at the prestigious ceremony, and spent much of their time backstage deep in conversation.

They were huddled together in the lobby of Los Angeles Kodak Theatre, and only broke apart when some of Jake’s pals came up to speak to him.

“This is Rachel McAdams, she's the mother of my child,” Jake is quoted as saying to his friends."


Anonymous said...


1267 votes cast so far...

81% (1022 votes) want them together.

19% (245 votes) don't want them together.

get real said...

Nate really did spring that Heath question on Jake but he handled it in a really touching and honest way. I had a lump in my throat hearing Jake talk about Health. Jake is a total class act!

I think the other part of the video is adorable with him and Rachel, her dress getting tangled, Robin Williams, etc. :)

Can't stop squeeing at all the pics, videos, etc, etc.....SQUEE!! :D

Good to see you, FL! :)

Anonymous said...

I doubt if Jake knew his "Baby" comment would be everywhere.
Jake doesn't comment about much but maybe Rachel's people do and if she thought it got out of hand then maybe something might be said.
She esp. will probably be aware of the reaction of them together.
They do look like they'd have a nice relationship tho don't they.
But he's esp. busy at the moment..

Anonymous said...

I think it was just something he said. Not everything has some ulterior motive. Not everything is some sinister plot by PR. Sometimes you says something silly and it gets picked up.

But this is really getting the rounds today, isn't it?

And yes, they look real good together. Way better than with the Witherspoon.

get real said...

Anon 9:09 PM, Rachel McAdams is not known for being in gossip magazines. Everything I have heard about her does not seem like she or her people would make a big deal about Jake's comment.

Btw, I checked the Esquire site and they updated their pic of Jake as best dressed from an old Oscar pic to a correct one from this Oscar red carpet!

Anonymous said...

That sounds good - Rachel not being known for being in gossip mags.
As Jake has said there is that news thing that comes and goes so imagine that comment will be over with before we know it.
But, as said, hope they have each others phone numbers and e-mail..etc..

lawgoddess said...

Great videos, thanks for posting them all.

Jake looked every inch a movie star, and seemed to be having fun. So good to see him all spiffed up and charming.

UltraViolet said...

I love those tweets, FL. Always like to hear people gush about Jake behind the scenes. And Jim Moore genuinely likes Jake.

Love the backstage photos, too, Monica. Might add a couple to the post.

Get real, thank you for the Esquire update. That was really embarrassing for them!

And yeah, McJake (or whatever they are being called) mania is totally on. It's fun to see this sort of groundswell, even if it is eminently silly!

UltraViolet said...

I wondered about the Jake/Gabourey Sidibe photo - there was only one and there didn't seem to be any interaction.

She was just on Jimmy Kimmel and admitted that she photo-bombed Jake. She had to walk by, said she knew she was going to be in the photo so she flashed a couple of fingers. Hee!

I wish Kimmel had shown Jake's infamous Oscar party photo-bombs.

But Gabi said "I still don't know him!" I hope they get to meet for real someday.

Anonymous said...

LOL you're right UV, this Jake-Rachel thing is a grass-roots movement. It's like a draft-campaign. People seem to like the idea of them together. A LOT!

The reason I think it's happening is because you have Jake's fans (possibly feeling a little jilted by the Witherspoon), Rachel fans (finally ready to move on from Ryan Gosling - remember how hard core their fans were?) and maybe a few angry Reese Witherspoon fans (still upset about the break up, and her uber-quick rebound, and siding with Jake).

I think these groups together is what is fueling all this. It's kind of crazy, i've never seen anything quite like this before. It would be funny to see what would happen if they actually did get together.

BTW, here's the latest update from that POPSUGAR poll...

1,948 total votes.

81% (1569) want them together

19% (379) do not.

Chica said...

I was wondering about that one photo of Jake and Gabby and now we know!

Glad that Esquire updated that photo, how embarassing. Jake looked every inch like a classic movie star, no wonder everyone gushed over him.

Love all the post-oscar videos and pics, thanks!

debbie said...

The videos and pictures are great!
I think the whole point of Jake's comment was to make fun of the reactions to him and Rachel presenting and talking to each other. It's kind of his way of saying, 'Yeah were presented together, so now all of the sudden she's the "mother of my children!" Anyone he talks to or is seen with, people will create a story.
Other gossips were saying Olivia Munn was with Jamie Foxx, other ones were saying she and Jake exchanged phone numbers, etc. but all we really know is Jake was out having fun, socializing and looking happy and great!

Carla said...

Thanks do much for all the pictures and videos.
Jake seemed to enjoy himself and having fun.
I don´t think the interviewer Nate meant any harm asking about Heath- he was not even aware until he saw Jakes reaction.

Jake was by far the best looking guy that evening and Maggie also looked stunning, sometimes her dresses are questionable (to say it nice) but IMO this blue dress looked beautiful.

It is funny - as soon as Jake was seen with a woman the internet rumour mill is starting to work.
Jake was obviously having some fun with his comment "Mother of my child"....and he knew exactly the reactions it would cause...:-)

Anonymous said...

He didn't say the "baby comment" to a reporter.
Tho you never know when things are "reported" just how accurate they are.
The "press" wasn't putting them together (like the Jaime Foxx thing - when he said they had been friends for years) it was the reaction of the people watching them talking and laughing and looking at each other that made people think these folks should get together.
Doesn't mean it's any more than just that evening but there was a very nice ease between them and easy laughing and kidding. (Purse and Wallet and dress and her reaction to him having to mention Heath).

Monica said...

Maggie about Prince of Persia:
I need to ask and hope that no one has asked you this today. Are you excited for Prince of Persia?

I'm excited. My brother showed me the trailer on the internet and yes, I'm very excited!

Video: Omelete

UltraViolet said...

That was cute, Monica.

And I think we all know not to make more of the Jake/Rachel stuff than it is. Just a fun internet phenomenon.

New PoP featurette, new post :)