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Jake Gyllenhaal - Dastan the trickster

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner appeared at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday where he chatted about his upcoming Prince of Persia graphic novel as well as Disney's in-development movie adaptation of his bestselling videogame.

Some of the more interesting things he had to say:
  • While the movie is based on the Sands of Time game, the script does not literally follow beat to beat the storyline of the game. Does not expect any potential film sequels to be based on the subsequent games Warrior Within and The Two Thrones since they took the game's storyline in a different direction. Nothing from either of those games, including characters, will be in the current movie.
  • Wants the viewer to be taken on an emotional journey and to care about the characters so that way it's not all just about fighting monsters and action set-pieces.
  • Chose the name "Dastan" for the prince because he believes its an old Persian name that means "trickster."
Well, close but not exactly. According to Wikipedia:

The Dastan is an ornate form of oral history present in Central Asia. The Dastan conveys values and traditions of generations of peoples. A Dastan is centered on one individual who protects his tribe or his people from an outside invader/enemy. This main character sets an example of how one should act; the Dastan has now become a teaching tool. (Read more at the link.)

Whereas, and I think I like these definitions better, a "trickster" is:

-- a human or animal character of a folktale who constantly tries to outsmart or outwit other characters but does not always succeed and is sometimes the loser, not the winner.
--a supernatural figure appearing in various guises and typically engaging in mischievous activities, important in the folklore and mythology of many primitive peoples and usually conceived as a culture hero.
--a character or figure common in Native American and African literature who uses his ingenuity to defeat enemies and escape difficult situations. Tricksters are most often animals, such as the spider, hare, or coyote, although they may take the form of humans as well.

In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal who plays tricks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and norms of behavior.

  • He's happy with the cast and that he trusts director Mike Newell on that because he's an actor's director and will make the movie a special experience for a game-to-film adaptation.
  • The film allows the prince to interact with other characters besides fighting them. He said that the pleasures of this type of movie is its large cast of colorful, memorable characters.
  • Wants the story to offer viewers a journey that takes them to more places than just a castle.
  • Due to secrecy, he would not reveal what powers the prince might have in the movie or discuss key plot elements.
  • Said that he at one time he considered doing PoP as an animated film but that the combination of Disney, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Newell doing a live-action movie proved too irresistible.
Oh thank you Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Newell for being irresistible.

Last December in a Q&A Mechner was asked what the differences are between writing for a video game and writing for a film? How closely does the movie storyline correspond to the games? At that time he said: "If you summarize the movie in one sentence, it sounds identical to the first Sands of Time videogame, but scene by scene it's actually completely different. It has to be, because games and film are such different mediums. On the surface they're deceptively similar -- you can watch five minutes of an action-adventure videogame and think "this could be a movie," or vice-versa -- but structurally the requirements are totally different.

Here's one example: The game kicks off with a cataclysm that basically destroys the world and turns all living creatures except for the three main characters into raging, murderous sand monsters. That was a great setup for the gameplay we had, which was "acrobatic Persian survival horror."

But if you put that setup in a film, it would be a "B" movie, and that's not the kind of movie Prince of Persia should be. Our model is classic epic, swashbuckling action-adventure movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Zorro, and Thief of Baghdad, with humor and romance and full of memorable characters. You can't get there if you turn everybody into sand monsters on page fifteen.

The goofiest photo manip of all time

Since we know how Mechner has envisioned Dastan maybe it's time to take a sneak peek into where some filming will take place.


According to several travelers to Morocco this past June, film sets were being erected at the fortified city of Aït Benhaddou along the Ouarzazate River in the High Atlas Mountains. Neither report included pics of the sets, but lucky for us some kind Flickrerers took a pop by. . .

Looks like the PoP set has been constructed just on the other side of the ksar.

Aït Benhaddou looks like something right out of the Universal/Disney/Paramount backlot. Even though many films have used this location throughout the years, there are in fact as many as ten families who still live within the ksar.

If you're planning a weekend break to Aït Benhaddou note that it is accessible from Ouarzazate and Marrakech, however, buses do not run direct to Aït Benhaddou but can drop you off at the turn off about 7km away from where you will have to get a lift.

From Marrakech it will be a full day trip and the best advice is to organize a private tour if you do not have much time.

Or one could travel to Aït Benhaddou the old fashioned way.

Photo manip courtesy of Ripten. Other photos courtesy of Flickr/Alison and Peter, Flickr/edisoncps, Flickr/SusieQMoon, Flickr/talkingdoguk


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Narcissa said...

I like this more and more!

One thing that bothered me was that, in these type of films, the hero is often a bland young knight errant, totally upstaged by either his sidekick and/or the villain. Think: Luke and Han Solo; Will Turner and Jack Sparrow; Spiderman and the various villains.

"Dastan the trickster" - this suggests that Dastan will have those characteristics of humour and devil-may-care dash that people respond to.

The pics are great!

cathy said...

Wow, fascinating ideas. I like going on emotional journeys with movies. I love the colors of the location and sets already - those "Rendition" colors of terra cotta and sand or something. Very interesting post! :)

bobbyanna said...

These are just great pictures!!!
Morocco looks like stepping waaaay back in time. Very magical!
I really enjoyed the shots of them building the sets, too.
I am more and more reassured as a read about Jake's character and the storyline for PoP. I think it really suits him, now, whereas before, I was anxious. You know. The hair. Disney, video games, etc.
Little by little, my worries are being dispelled. Except, now I'm thinking about his costumes...or lack of...I'm really convinced they need to leave that chest hair alone. Capisce? ;)

Eldest Daughter announced her travel plans for November include Morocco! I think she should take her mother,but she held out the carrot of London and sometime in the unspecified...

Lemon said...

Very cool looking set. I can see it all coming together now. I hope Dastan does have humorous characteristics narcissa.

oh! And I finally say TDK (IMAX experience baby). It was totally awesome

Bette said...

I've been absent for the last two posts. I was on vacation! Very lovely seaside resort. In any case, I finally saw TDK. Heath did an incredible. Love the Gyllensmirk of course! And Reese is looking very good lately.

This PoP information is really interesting too.

UltraViolet said...

Wow, those pictures of Morocco are amazing. Really makes me want to go. As Cathy said, the colors are incredible. And it's great having some idea of the places Jake is shooting. I hope he gets to take the car and not the camel to the set!

Off course, he should try the camel ride at least once!

I love the Mechner stuff, too. Yes, I know he's the writer, so he's not going to dis the cast. But I also lke his take on the prince and the differences between the game and the movie.

Mostly, I'm happy not to have to learn anything about the game!

And I love the idea of the dastan or trickster. Very happy to hear there will be humor throughout. I also had the fear, Narcissa, that the prince might be bland.

Great post, FL. I feel like I'm in more of a PoP mod now. Like Bobbyanna, my qualms are abating.

And welcome back, Bette. Glad you had a great vacation.

Anyone seen or heard from sass?

Vicky said...

Great post FL I am really looking forward to PoP now, I was a bit sceptical at first.

I hope sass is OK, wasn't she having an op last week?.

lawgoddess said...

What a great post, FL. I particularly liked the pictures of the city, and the travel tips.:)

Having a little more substantive info about the movie is making me even more excited!

TDK is the hot summer movie this year,and I loved it, but next summer will belong to our prince.

chica said...

The sets and location looks amazing, and love the description of Dastan as the trickster from Mechner!!

This movie sounds like it's going to be a blast.

PS: Reese looksgreat and really young in that picture in the previous post.

Erin said...

After seeing that Morocco set on Flickr

I don't understand why Reese wouldn't want to go and visit such an exotic place with Jake, instead of staying in LA

suvee said...

Great post, FL! TY for providing some much appeciated information on PoP (and lovely pics too). I was having a hard time deciding what I thought about this movie. But reading this......

Our model is classic epic, swashbuckling action-adventure movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Zorro, and Thief of Baghdad, with humor and romance and full of memorable characters.

...... reassured and excited me. Now I have a good frame of reference for what to expect. Adventure, humor and romance..... oh my! :)

Jake's last Morocco stint gave us stories of hallucinogenic toads and tangine overload. Maybe next year he'll have some good camel adventures to share!

Loved this post..... thanks!

Narcissa said...

Possibly because she is the mother of two young children, Erin?

shondra said...

Give Reese a break erin, she has responsibilities in L.A. I assume and it's just not for the kids. Didn't she just spend three weeks with him?

She doesn't come off as some clingy, needy woman that needs to be around her man 24/7 and most men are turned off by that. Plus I don't care how beautiful the pics are from Morocco and they are, it's still hot as hell there, even more so now and remote, i'm sure if she visits it wont be anytime soon. If he gets a long enough break maybe he will fly back to the States.

One week, just one week not a month. I'm glad to see she is independent, something she always will be no matter who she dates. This 1950's mentality regarding relationships doesn't exist now anymore, thank God, plus they aren't married. BTW she looks fab in that pic from the Swing vote after party.

Great post, the more I read about Pop, the more excited I get and I have to admit, I wasn't at first.

Narcissa said...

New pic of Reese on Perez Hilton. I won't link to it, because of the source and the comments. It's not very flattering. She looks quite... heavy.... as in.... thick around the waist....

Probably just the angle of the pic.

brothers spy said...

Hey I got an update from my very secretive source on Prince of Persia...

This is the same source who told me that they would begin filming on July 22 (which was true) and gave me the same information that FL got from her source. He also gave me a page of the new script they were rehearsing the day we spoke last. He's the one who told me that the script has been changed.

As for the update, apparently Jake is winning over whatever skeptics there may have been on set. They've already filmed an extended fight scene, with a lot of action, and he said that Jake was awesome in it.

I want to point out that my source was one of the skeptics. He didn't like the idea of Jake playing the Prince but has changed his tune completely.

I'm going to try to get more information but he's being very secretive. I'll tell you guys whatever I learn.


Why do you insist on annoying people?

They spent three weeks living together, went on a Parisian vacation together and have been apart for a whole nine days. Get a grip.

You know what's going on. You know Jake is filming and Reese is looking after her kids. When she and Ryan make the exchange, which may come as early as Monday or next week at the latest, she'll almost certainly visit him on the set of his film.

It's what they always do.

Erin said...

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"

or as they really say "Absinthe makes the fart grow stronger"

FluorescentLamp said...

Oooh great update, brother's spy. Although I'm a little sad there were any skeptics to Jake's agility and abilities at all. Silly people. I'm happy he proved Mr. Skeptic wrong.

I'm glad you guys appreciated and maybe even liked this blog entry, I worked on it for what seemed like EVAH! :-)

sheba baby said...

This movie is going to be awesome, great to hear that there is buzz at this year's Comic Con!!

Love this post and the pictures of Morocco and the set really give you a sense of the place, it looks so beautiful.

Love he Jake photoshop picture!

Anonymous said...

Stay classy erin.

sheba baby said...

I forgot to say thanks for the Pop info/update brothers spy! I know that they don't want too much to get out right now.

UltraViolet said...

Hey FL - I know you worked hard on this. I got exhausted just observing :)

Thanks for the info on filming, brothers spy. Someone posted something similar on IMDb:

I have seen him as the prince and he is fantastic. The fight scenes with the Hassansins at the farmhouse on the rock are gonna be awesome!! And Jake is a real prince, you will see him with his makeup and long hair, his costume, he is awesome.

It's one of those insta-members. S/he just joined and this is the first and only thing the person has posted about. So it could be someone who just read it here and added some details, or it could be legit.

I do like hearing it, though!

gabbana said...

What a great post and pictures - looks like we are really getting an "1001 nights" athmosphere.

Thanks for the update, Brothers Spy. I am not surprised that some people were sceptical when Jake was announced. It was the same when Heath was confirmed as The Joker - I remember very well the ractions of some Batman-fanboys.... or Daniel Craig, Robert Downey....
Jake will prove them wrong.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I agree with the "1001 nights", feel gabanna, what beautiful pictures and a great post!

I I heard the grumblings from some fanboys too, glad to hear that Jake is proving them wrong.

Thanks for the update brothers spy.

sallykirkland said...

They have a fine director for PoP and a cast of excellent actors. I'm delighted to know that Jake is
getting into his role, brothers spy!

I'll admit to misgivings just at first. I recall many years ago, I always loved watching old movies on TV, and seeing young, "Myles Falworth" utter the lines, "Yonda lies the castle of my fodda."

The same promising young actor went on to play the young, bastard son of a Viking, and then a slave seduced by Sir Lawrence Olivier!

Of course, Tony Curtis later "resurrected" his career with some amazing work in "Some Like It Hot" and "The Boston Strangler."

But his looks and his style were very contemporary, and I've worried this might be so about Jake. I now join the ranks of "relieved" fans! ;)
(Cues chorus of "I Believe!")

This post is very intriguing FL. Really loving these pictures of Morocco and the sets.

suvee said...

I always love hearing that Jake is awesome!
Thanks for the PoP report brothers spy.

There are so many reasons I love this site. How fortunate we are to have these tidbits of "inside" information courtesy of FL, brothers spy, UV! (sorry if I have inadvertently forgotten other contributors.)

josie said...

Jake's experience filming in Morocco will sure be different from Rendition. The location for Pop looks incredible and I love the fact that it's being talked up at Comic con!

Thanks for the link to the Mercher interview and all the great pics, and thanks to brothers spy for the update!!

brothers spy said...

Hey y'all...

Today is my birthday!

(For real)

lawgoddess said...

Happy birthday, Brothers Spy. :)

Maybe Jake will be photographed in Morocco, just for your birthday. ( Crosses fingers.)

Lemon said...

Bon Anniversaire brothers spy!

I'll be honest...I'm not reading the inside info. I still want my movies to be mysteries. I still like the idea of going to a movie with no preconceived notions. I will, however, probably backtrack through all these posts once I've watched Jake's up and coming films =]

brothers spy said...

Thank you lawgoddess and lemon.


I didn't add any spoilers, and won't in the future. A few people complained that my inside information on "Nailed" was perhaps a little too detailed, so i'm going to refrain repeating that.

Besides, if my source decides to talk to me again, I don't think he'd give me any plot points. He's very cautious and I suspect that the Disney/Bruckheimer hammer will fall on leaks. Although he did give me the new scene that Jake and Gemma were rehearsing one day so who knows?

He's a little unpredictable my new source.

I have to work this one a bit. But I'm hoping he's as good as my last one.

We'll see.

sass said...

Afternoon babblers,
Glad I'm back today cause I've been missing everyone.
TY TY TY UV and FL for all this fantastic information.
This is a Wonderful post with so many great links to articles and set pics...I checked all the links and am having a great time reading, googling hotels...just one?...and planning my virtual trip to the site.
I knew Jake would rock this character.
Happy Birthday brother's spy.
back soon

extra said...

Happy birthday brothers spy and thanks so much for all of your updates!

Love this post and the pictures of the location in Morocco and the sets, I can't wait for this film!

Anonymous said...

TDK is breaking all kinds of records:

' Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" earned a record-breaking $75.6 million in its second weekend from 4,366 theaters, bringing its domestic cume to $314.2 million and putting it on track
to reach $400 million in slightly more than a week from now.

shondra said...

Morocco looks breathtaking, what an adventure it must be for Jake and the cast! Thanks for all the links and updates UV, FL an Brothers spy.

Those are amazing numbers for TDK, I saw TDK yesterday and the movie was off the charts, Heath gives an incredible peformance, the whole cast is outstanding.

bobbyanna said...

Brothers spy!!!! Happy B'Day! Thanks for all the fun stuff you bring to the party!!!!!;)
I just read about TDK!!! I am just so happy about the success it's having!

shondra said...

Happy birthday brother spy and thanks for all your inside info on Pop!

Erin said...

I miss Jake back in LA
I also miss his short hair

UltraViolet said...

Happy Birthday, bs! Maybe you'll get a big old scoop of PoP news you can share with us :)

Hope you had a great day.

And thanks for your planned discretion re: PoP spoilers. Some of the Nailed stuff was too detailed. And you know you always have the Spoiler blog for the in-depth stuff.

I prefer the intangibles, anyway. Loved the stuff about Jake winning over the skeptics. If you get any of that kind of insider info on the behind the scene mood or interactions, and you can share it, that will be fun.

Sass, glad you checked in and enjoyed the post. Sending you lots of good thoughts.

brothers spy said...

Thanks UV,

Ya I was thinking about just sticking to the intangibles as you put it. I think I just got carried away with "Nailed" in that I had SO MUCH information from several different sources and having the script. I seemed to know what was going to happen, before it happened. I guess I just wanted to share what I knew with people.

No spoilers this time, I promise.

Thank you shondra, bobbyanna, extra and sass.


I hope you're doing well.

Good night to all.

I'm actually not working right now since i'm on holidays, but i've been away a lot these past couple of weeks --- being the summer, my bday and on holidays and all. But i'll probably be around this week just relaxing at home.

I'll try to get more information now that I have some time.

Bette said...

Brothers Spy thank you for the insider info, and happy birthday! I can't wait to hear if you get any other insider tidbits from the set. I'd love to hear how Jake's doing.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for that brothers spy, and hope you had a great birthday.

gabbana said...

Thanks for all the news and updates!

Hope you enjoyed a nice birthday party, Brothers Spy!

It will be surely difficult getting insider information with PoP- this one is supposed to be a "money making" project and TPTB will make sure that no pictures etc. will be making the rounds until they give the permission..

bobbyanna said...

"...TPTB will make sure that no pictures etc. will be making the rounds until they give the permission..."

I sort of agree. Maybe they'll do what was done with TDK and give us some "planned leaks" that they control, and generally build to interviews, etc.

They might even attempt to keep Jake's look under wraps the way they did Heath's, for a while. The problem is, The Joker was a household name, so even tho this is a darker, redefining of the character, it's still Joker and we knew where he fit in to the Batman universe.

With PoP, there are probably a lot of non-gamers (like me!) who'll need to be introduced to the franchise and the character, sort of like POTC. I think it's going to be HUGE. As prepared as he thinks he is, I think it might even amaze Jake how huge it will be. I mean...Bruckheimer/Disney? Oy!

FluorescentLamp said...

Ooops, I think I missed it. Happy belated b-day, brother's spy!!

And thanks for all the spy bits and spoilers you've given us. I, for one, love them.

As UV mentioned, should you run across anything super spoilery you can always post it on the Jake Spoilers blog.

Anonymous said...

Ben Kingsley talk about Prince of Persia, couple of minor spoilers.

Monica said...

Hello, Babblers!

I am happy to know that Jake is very well as the prícipe!
I have a bit of fear with regard to this, but after that information was quiet!

The images of Morocco are beautiful! I'm starting to imagine what Jake with the look of the prince in that place!

Brothers Spy, I hope you have spent his birthday next to people dear.
My best wishes in this new stage of your life!

Batman TDK deserves all this success! The film is very good! Seen three times!

Monica said...

This site speaks that Jake attended a party last week in London for the launch of the new Blackbarry:
UK BlackBerry

Ok Magazine talks that Maggie gave gifts to Deacon:

Reese & Jake Taking Things to the Next Level?

Vicky said...

Monica this is who they say is Jake. If you go to that site and click on "these great snaps" then search for Jake you get that pic.

I thought it was funny.

agent_krycek said...

Oh dear god, I'm not entirely sure who the bloke is, but I don't think Jake and Rachel Stevens are really likely to be on the same guest lists. Whoever did the caption really should have gone to specsavers *roll eyes*

chica said...

Not Jake but i can see if someone mistaken him for Jake, after a few gin and tonics!!

UltraViolet said...

Or Gyllentonics :) I saw those photos on flickr and just laughed.

Who is Rachel Stevens? Is she on the British celebrity c-list?

Loved what Sir Ben had to say about PoP.

extra said...

Maggie at the Tokoyo premiere of TDK, she looks stunning!

LOL, at "Jake" @ the UK blackberry launch!!!

Monica said...

Thank you, Vicki!
So I love this blog!

At the time I read I was in doubt, because I know that Jake is in Morocco.

Lemon said...

So apparently Reese speaks French? I would love to have a conversation with her. I have heard random bits of French from her but I always thought her accent was pretty bad (sorry!)

Also...this sounds petty, but I am extremely jealous of Deacon and his Batman memorabilia :P

Can't you just imagine little Deacon running around in a cape and playing Batman with Jake?

agent_krycek said...

Who is Rachel Stevens? Is she on the British celebrity c-list?

Once in maufactured tweeny band called S Club 7 (with annoyingly catchy hits - will be singing 'Reach' for the rest of the day now :( ), with accompanying tv series, failed solo career, much beloved of the mens mags and quite what she does these days, apart from turning up at the opening of an envelope I've no idea. C list is probably stretching it, maybe a few years ago, now much nearer to F List.

The bloke looks vaguely familiar, but can't place him.

Paula said...

Happy belated b'day brothers spy! I hope you enjoyed your day.

Thanks so much for all of your updates, i can't wait until this movie comes out!

Love, love the pictures from Morocco, and the sets so far looks very Arabian nights.

I'm off to read the Mercher and Kingsley interviews, thanks for the links!

I have not seen TDK yet, i will this weekend but from what I hear the film is too dark and vilent for the little ones so I can understand Reese's concerns regarding Deacon.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to shield little kids from stuff when it's marketed all over the place and everyone is talking about it. Reese's son is still at the "Happy Feet" stage, yet,it's hard to avoid!

I can't imagine Reese permitting Deacon to see TDK. I wonder if earlier versions are more age appropriate. At least they were more cartoonish. Even Ava is too young for TDK. Heath's Joker and Harvey Dent as Two Face is not something for the faint of heart!

Erin said...

I hope the kids can see POP

But I think the movie will be PG, they will be still to young to see it

Anonymous said...

I hope PoP is at least a PG-13 rating. I mean, Jake is supposed to have a love interest. You can't not have a few good makeout can't!!!

Erin said...

I hope if Gemma Arterton tries funny business with Jake, Reese kicks her ass

Gemma better keep her hands in check around Jake

enigma said...

Reese jogging in Brentwood. She's looking fit.

Erin said...

who knows when she'll see Jake again, could be weeks, months.

Could be 8 or 9 weeks before she sees him again, doesn't she miss him?

I have lost faith in this relationship :(
How can a relationship survive so much time apart

Erin said...

I see this relationship going to hell in a hand basket

they both have 2 separate lives, like my husband and I

8 WEEKS or a month APART!

I just don't get it, from my own life experience

My own husband is gone on the road and I am like a single person, why even have a partner

Bette said...

Erin breathe! They will be just fine.

Erin said...

I am going to quit posting, and stop reading Jake stuff.
Also get rid of all my Jake pictures.
I need to cut the celebrity stuff out of my life and deal with more important issues

bye everyone

UltraViolet said...

Erin, enough. I just deleted five posts of yours, all saying the same thing. All after your dramatic goodbye.

We get it. You don't believe Jake and Reese will last. People have made logical points but you refuse to listen to anything positive. Which is fine - we're not here to persuade you of anything. But we are also not here to listen to your neverending and mostly nonsensical crisis of confidence.

Either move on in your posts or just move on completely.

agent_krycek said...

I have no idea what Erin's on, but jeez, melodramatic or what :o

Anyhoo, and being a bit random, do you reckon Jake has to call Benny Boy Kingsley 'Sir Ben' the entire time, there have been reports in the British media (not the most reliable of things in the world) that he insists on it - won't speak to you unless you adress him as Sir

office of nancy pelosi said...

I have my suspicions about erin/twitter but I wil keep to myself.

Yes Jake is hot and Reese looks great as well!

Anonymous said...

I have my suspicions about erin/twitter but I wil keep to myself.

Me as well, yes Jake is very hot.

Xenia said...

Just a quickie to thank UV and FL for all their wonderful posts, all the news about PoP are much appreciated...I've got a feeling that this one is gonna be huge...:)

I wanted say Happy Belated Birthday to Brothers Spy,such a treasure for all us Gyllenhaalics...

I have my suspicions about erin/twitter but I wil keep to myself...

Same here and yes, obviously, Jake is hot!;)

agent_krycek said...

I have my suspicions about erin/twitter but I wil keep to myself.

Yup, same here.

Back on hot, to partially quote Randy Jackson on American Idol, Jake is a molton hot lava bomb (and no, I have no real idea of what that means, but is sounds good)

Erin said...

and no I won't come back as another person, I will be using my real name if I choose to say something.

But I choose to believe the relationship isn't real, nothing but a Hollywood fantasy

This is the only name I am using,so don't believe other people are me

Anonymous said...

Erin What a surpise - NOT.

Xenia said...

But I choose to believe the relationship isn't real, nothing but a Hollywood fantasy

Oh yeah? ;)

Anonymous said...

"Erin" you are not really interested in Jake at all as an actor are you?.

agent_krycek said...

But I choose to believe the relationship isn't real, nothing but a Hollywood fantasy

And there we have it, exactly what I've suspected for quite some time.

Anyway, on other news, I've just seen on imdb some of the other casting, and I may fall over in excitement, it includes Richard Coyle - I love this man sooooo much, and he is responsible for delivering the greatest line ever in a sitcom :D

agent_krycek said...

Honestly brothers spy, just ignore the annoyance, you're probably giving them pleasure by reacting.

But people, Richard Coyle!!! I freaking love this man, really talented, fabulous actor (and rather cute) - for those that don't know him, he was in a UK series called Coupling (sort of like a very, very, very, very rude UK version of Friends - but hilariously funny), co starred with Jack Davenport of PotC fame.

The 'Best of Jeff' bits on youtube are fabulous

bobbyanna said...

I'm just glad it's all come to a head so we can finally be rid of this troll. They keep saying good bye, but they don't leave! Thank you for the "intervention" UV. ;)

Gyllenbabble is a positive place!
I am sure there are other blogs that deal with things you'd rather talk about. I think you are just here to sow negativity and discord.
To call attention to yourself and be disruptive. It isn't working.

It won't work because many people who post here are "refugees" from just that type of behavior on other sites. I have a feeling you know exactly which sites I'm referring to.

I am certain you'd feel more comfortable with people who share your perspective and your attitudes.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the same about erin/twitter.

Richard Coyle!!! Yes I have heard of him, this cast is just getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

"Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the same about erin/twitter. "

Absolutely not! The odor was unmistakeable. This is a cool blog! Cool people.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the youtube link, Agent K! Coyle is delightful! This movie seems to be shaping up really well.
I am excited for it!

agent_krycek said...

Coyle is delightful!

He's really brilliant, just as good at the serious stuff as comedy, very well regarded name - I do now wonder if Jerry Bruckheimer is a Coupling fan as that's the second of the leads he's cast in a blockbuster.

Must confess, I've just wasted about an hour watching the 'Best of Jeff' bits on youtube - the 'I've got too many legs' line never fails to make me have hysterics

suvee said...

I'm late for work, but just wanted to add my hope that we are really seeing the end of "Eringate"...... I don't like that kind of negative distraction here at GB.

Very belated HBD wishes to brothers spy!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh he's great fun, this Richard Coyle, isn't he. Thanks you for hooking us up to those YouTube links, A_K! :-) Always a lot better to start the morning off with a good laugh than the sturm and drang of fandom drama.


So what are the thoughts on Jake's facial hair for PoP? Are we thinking he's going to keep his full facial stubble or what?

I ask because I've just seen a recent photo of one of his co-stars, taken in Morocco though not on set, and the young master is sporting a very similar face of hair to what Jake had going on when last we saw him in Paris.

brothers spy said...

I think the facial hair is for the film.

I think it'll be gone once filming is over.

brothers spy said...

Sorry to spam...


Did your source ever tell you how they're dividing the shooting schedule for POP? For example how long will they be in Morrocco and how long will they be in England?

I would ask my source (and have), but he seems to have gone on the lam again.

agent_krycek said...

For some reason I see the start of the film being a clean shaven Dastan, being all princely like, then as the film goes on and he falls from favour, a very manly, desperate, stubbley Daston dashing around.

Glad you enjoyed the RC links, I love this man dearly and hope the imdb info was correct.

FluorescentLamp said...

In light of recent discussions about whether Jake would have a full face of stubble, a goatee, a soul patch, etc., I thought it interesting to see his co-star with the full face of stubble. Makes me think that Jake will have the same and not look like the videogame version of the Prince.

I don't have any concrete news of how filming is going to be divided up - Morocco vs. Shepperton - though Jake's co-star said he'll be back in England end of August/beginning of September. Whether for a visit, whether to continue filming at Shepperton, whether the end of filming for him, I know not.

brothers spy said...

My gut keeps telling me that they won't be in Morocco that long. Early September makes the most sense. I had initially heard 5 to 6 weeks in Morocco, so that would coincide with late August or early September.

It would also give Jake a chance to go to the TIFF for Brothers assuming that it'll be shown there, and assuming that there may be a one-week break inbetween filming at the two locations.

I can see the majority of the film being shot in an British studio.

I'm just speculating on the little bits of information that I have.

FluorescentLamp said...

I've added a couple of pics to the main blog post showing where set construction is/was as of 10 days ago. I like seeing the near-finished product.

sass said...

So Erin is a concerned troll.
I really must've been feeling awful these last few months: I thought she was a 'tween' person because of her oft asked simple queries. OOPS!
love all the POP news,
love the idea of Brothers @ TIFF
back soon,

agent_krycek said...

I thought it said a lot about the people who genuinely post here that, despite many of us suspecting Erin's motives for posting, all their ramblings were treated with respect at all times - pity Erin treat this group with the same level of respect.

Anyhoo, thanks for those photos FL - the set looks like it's going to be very impressive

extra said...

erin or whatever was creepy, and yes i knew her motives for posting from day one, hopefully she's gone for good.

Thanks for all the Pop updates, I love this blog!!!

Lemon said...

...a very manly, desperate, stubbley Daston dashing around.

I vote for that...bang-a-licious!

The thought of Ben "Sir Ben" Kingsley being a demanding diva in Morocco makes me smile. I have this image in mind, of him looking up at Jake and demanding to be addressed as "Sir Ben". =]

chica said...

Thanks for adding more pics FL, and thanks for providing all these little tidbits about Pop, and you too brothers spy!

I was wondering when erin would finally implode. Always suspicious but when her only reaction to the Jake and Reese cuddling picture at that concert was her wondering what the real color of his eyes were, well there you go.

Narcissa said...

Such a relief to be on a civilized blog where even the obviously dodgy are treated with polite restraint. I have totally given up on several boards where the unbalanced and the permanently ANGRY!!! post. And post. And post.

Have we seen these?

Reese jogging

Narcissa said...

Oh and happy birthday brothers spy! And keep spying!

UltraViolet said...

I think you have an extra character at the end of your URL, Narcissa. Here you go.

I love the new set pictures. It's fun to see some of this stuff. And since there's scaffolding and stuff, it gives you just a taste not the whole picture.

Nice find, FL.

gabbana said...

Oh. looks like I have missed some drama.......:-))

I love the hints and tidbits we are getting from the set of PoP. I always look here first - I know if there are any news I will get them here....

Some not so good news - I just saw on Awards Daily the line up for the Venice Film Festival - no "Brothers"....

I really hope Brothers Spy is right and they will show it in Toronto. It has to be shown at one of the important FF.
I know I sound like a broken record with this film but I am a regular reader of the film/Oscar sides and blogs and it seems that nobody is even aware of this film...

UltraViolet said...

I did see Brothers listed on one of the Oscar sites, Gabbana - The Contender, I think. I'll have to find it. But it would be nice to hear more about it.

I also saw it referred to one place as the "unbuzzed-about Brothers." That stung!

Anonymous said...

I just wish we could get pics or a teaser trailer for Brothers, anything. The IMDB page has not been updated since March.

UltraViolet said...

Here is the site: In Contention.

Interestingly, they have Jake in the lead actor category and Tobey in supporting. Not sure if that's based on any knowledge of the actual script/screentime or just a guess on their part.

Oh, and I was also disappointed not to see it in the Venice line-up. Not even for the buzz so much as how hapy it would make me to see more pictures of Jake in Venice. And maybe even some Reese and Jake in Venice.

brothers spy said...

Most of the "buzz" we hear at this point is actually coming from producers and the studios.

How could anyone buzz about a film they haven't even seen?

The one thing i've noticed is that those Oscar prediction sites are all sheep. They essentially follow what one-another are saying.

I still say wait for the festivals. Reviews and buzz out of the festivals will ultimately make or break Brothers' Oscar chances.

As for those sites, some of the films they have listed are just outright ridiculous.

Their record for predicting films at this stage is actually very bad.

But it does make you wonder why the producers of Brothers aren't out there pushing it harder.

brothers spy said...

Not to spam...

But Anon 3:04 I agree with you 100%.

FluorescentLamp said...

More tidbits from this very evening - Moroccan time.

Filming starts this Thursday - 7/31.

They've been doing lots of fight training, horse riding.

Jake is wonderful, has been very helpful and very encouraging with everyone.

All the cast have their own apartments with pools.

Somewhere around the second week in August families are allowed to visit the set in Morocco.

Jake has been getting English accent lessons from his co-star. So expect Dastan to have a Suffolk accent. LOL! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much FL, Suffolk accent LOL.

brothers spy said...

So they haven't filmed at all yet? What happened to the fighting sequence at the inn?

There is an inn in the script.

FluorescentLamp said...

Perhaps they were doing set up shots, brother's spy? Second unit stuff?

brothers spy said...

Any idea how long they'll film in Morocco for?

Erin said...

Ok, I had no idea

Maybe Reese wasn't allowed to visit the set yet, they don't want any movie details to be leaked out by outsiders maybe?

"All the cast have their own apartments with pools"
Somewhere around the second week in August families are allowed to visit the set in Morocco"

and no I am not fighting and causing trouble today

Anonymous said...

Oh great.

Erin said...

Hey I am behaving myself

I had no idea family and Reese were not allowed to visit the set

Erin said...

There was just an earthquake in LA!

shondra said...

Oh dear God, I won't comment.

I have my fingers crossed for Brothers @ TIFF and Rome, brothers spy and gabanna. Thanks for the link UV!

Wow, thanks so much FL, this is my only place to stop for all Jake news, i love all the info/tidbits from the set of Pop! There own apartment and pool and family can visit around the 2nd week in August, that sounds great. I would imaginr they are very leery of any stuff about the movie getting out.

Also, thanks brothers spy for your Pop updates as well!!

gabbana said...

"Jake is wonderful, has been very helpful and very encouraging with everyone"
What a surprise! :-))

Thanks so much FL - isn´t it great to have someone who gives little tidbits and information from the set. Thanks also to Brothers Spy for keeping us informed.

Interesting link, UV, makes one wonder that the actors, director and writer are mentioned but NOT picture....??

"How could anyone buzz about a film they haven't even seen?"

Usually nobody has seen most of the films which are getting buzz - but people are talking about them. For example "Milk" and "The Soloist" are both coming out in Nov/Dec but we have already seen pictures etc....

But I will shut up now about "Brothers" until the line up for Toronto is out....(exception: if we get some real news)

UltraViolet said...

Jake is wonderful, has been very helpful and very encouraging with everyone.

Sigh. This is the kind of stuff I love. Thanks for passing that along, FL!

sass said...

I come here whenever I can to enable faster recuperation; I can't stop laughing...erin...please...
and of course it lifts my spirits to read positive Jake news.

I am linking this article...I hope it's OK...because it made me tear up a lot when Maggie talked about acting with Heath in TDK and her emotions watching him up on the big screen.

Maggie talks about TDK, Heath, and a little bit about Jake.

How could anyone EVER think that Jake was not totally best friends with Heath, Michelle and their daughter?

brothers spy said...

Hey Sass,

Hope you're getting better.

Thanks for the article.

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

I was sad to see that Brothers was not selected for the Festival of Venice. But I still have hopes that he will be selected for festivals in Toronto and Rome.
It will be very important for the film be selected for any film festival.
Who knows if it is possible to participate in the film Berlin Film Festival?

Jake is wonderful, has been very helpful and very encouraging with everyone.

This is wonderful!
Fl,UV and Brothers Spy, thank you for all the information.

Sass, as you are?
Maggie is a wonderful person!

Narcissa said...

Having seen TDK I am doubly pleased at the "Dastan the trickster" line that is being taken. That is because I have seen how the nominal hero can easily be eclipsed by a supporting character.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, narcissa, about TDK!!! I think that working with "Sir" Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina, and we can add Richard Coyle and a few others to the mix, I'll bet it is a very exhilirating experience to be in that environment as an actor.
This has to be a dream cast for Jake, and a lot of fun! But then, he's had a lot of great cast mates, Heath and Peter, both brilliant!

suvee said...

Great PoP update, FL! 2nd week of August for conjugal...... uh, I mean family visits, huh?
Well, it will be interesting to see if Jake has a visitor. ;)

I've been somewhat bummed by the lack of buzz for Brothers also. The only Oscar site I look at is the LA Times forum. So far, the only mention there for any kind of Oscar love is for Natalie as a potential Supporting Actress nominee. Absolutley nada for the movie or Jake. I'm really hoping Brothers turns out to be the out of nowhere, dark horse movie that takes everybody by surprise.

agent_krycek said...

The Suffolk accent thing has just made me nearly kill myself laughing ,although I confidently expect Dastan to have an 'English' accent, i.e. pretty much accentless - mind you, if they are going for an accent I would still beg for a Geordie one. (and if they want a very rough North London accent for Dastan - I'm still available for hire ;-) )

Fabulous to hear how well Jake is doing on set - and I so want confirmation that Richard Coyle is there, I love that man.

BTW, regarding Brothers, having seen the original, without saying too much, any nominiations for Jake I would imagine would come in the supporting category, not lead, the lead is Tobey's role, although there's not much to choose between the two - similar to BBM, in my mind both were lead roles, but Ennis's story was the driving force of the film.

brothers spy said...

"The Awards Circuit," formerly the "Oscar Igloo," has Jake marked down as lead as well and Tobey as supporting.

I agree with your assessment though agent k.

Just like the other sites, it only has Natalie in the top 15 in their respective categories, which goes to show what I said yesterday regarding all those sites essentially saying the same thing without any kind on analysis to explain their positions.

Essentially, those predictions mean nothing right now.

josie said...

Good morning!
Thanks for all the Pop news from the set, sounds like everything is going great!

Seeing the original Brohers as well, I would put Tobey in the lead and Jake supporting. We will see how that plays out, I just hope that it gets a screening at TIFF.

Thanks for the Maggie interview sass, I hope all is well with you.

agent_krycek said...

Seeing the original Brohers as well, I would put Tobey in the lead and Jake supporting.

Same here, although if the new Brothers pays more attention to the timespan of certain events, my one quibble with the original - I had no real notion of time passed, which would make certain events more explainable (hopefully that counts as spoiler free), it might move Jake into a joint lead role - there's not that much between the Tobey and Jake role, although Tobey's and Natalie's are the more obvious leads - judging by the original

And I seriously can't get the mental image of Jake talking with a Suffolk accent out of my head now, I keep bursting into giggles and am getting very strange looks in the office

enigma said...

People is placing Jake in Beverly Hills.

Jake Gyllenhaal, reconnecting with Reese Witherspoon after spending time in Europe. The actor patiently waited for his girlfriend at the Beverly Hills Hotel's Fountain Coffee Room as she had a business meal upstairs at the Polo Lounge. "He was such a good guy, just sitting there, hanging out [and] waiting for her," an onlooker tells us. "They looked so happy when they met up."


FluorescentLamp said...

There could be a small amout of truth in that People spotting; Jake's co-star, the one I'm getting tidbits from, was in fact home in Suffolk for several days end of last week through to Sunday.

Bette said...

FL my guess is they told them to go home for a few days to recharge their batteries before they started filming tomorrow. It would make sense. Thanks for the People article Enigma!

agent_krycek said...

The People spotting makes sense, and it's slightly too detailed to be a case of mistaken identity, nice to know they had a few days to hook up again :D

FL - is it possible for your friend to confirm the Richard Coyle information (apologies for banging on about him, but I seriously love this man)

brothers spy said...

Maybe they had the weekend off because of the comic-con in San Diego.

Prince of Persia was represented there, so maybe the film makers attended and gave the cast and crew the weekend off.

sheba baby said...

It makes sense especially if they were rehearsing for the past week or so in Morocco, if there was a break in between then I would imagine that the cast would touch base back home. It may be a while before they will have a chance to do that again.

Thanks for all the Pop updates and tidbits!!

i have too much time on my hands said...

There were pap pics of Reese in L.A. after her return from Paris from 7.18 - 7/28. Pictures of her shopping,jogging, walking her dog, at the Swing vote after party, etc. But there was (i think) a gap in between pics, none on 7/25, 7/26,7/27, that was this past weekend. (You do the math). There is no date of the People sighting but I assume it was over the weekend.

Jake has managed to slip through airports w/o paps, there was that eyewitness report that Jake was on that Virgin flight in June,no pics until later that he was in the UK.

Of course he took the Eurostar to Paris and probablly Morocco.

If we go by pics/sightings, he hasn't been back to L.A. since June, so it would make sense that he would be fore filming tomorrow.

The only question is, if she plans on visiting him in Morocco, will it be next month or did she return with him? We will soon see if there are any more pap pics of her in L.A. this week. The jogging pics are dated this Monday in Brentwood.

FluorescentLamp said...

or did she return with him? ... The jogging pics are dated this Monday in Brentwood.

I think Jake and cast were all back on set in Morocco in Monday.

A_K, I'll see what I can find out about Richard Coyle.

i have too much time on my hands said...

Thanks FL! And thanks for all the Pop tidbits!!

chica said...

Love all the info from the set of Pop, thanks!!!

Great news about the cast getting their own place and pool, much nicer than a hotel.

sag actor said...

Thanks for the update on Pop filming, it's really sounds like the makings of a blockbuster.

I hope that Brothers gets a screening at TIFF.

sag actor said...

I forgot to add: after reading that link about Maggie giving Deacon the Batman figures and script that Reese was in American Psycho with Christian Bale!

Monica said...

Reese in brentwood:


bobbyanna said...

OMG!!! Thank you very much, Monica. Jewelry Alert! If there is a way to embiggen the X17 pictures I hope someone will!!!!!
The left hand. A ring.

lawgoddess said...

Note to self; never read the comments on X17.

Reese looks very pretty though.And apparently not yet in a decline from jake's absence.:)

Bette said...

Is that the ring she wears off and on again? The one that's one of those single ladies, promise to themselves rings or whatever? She's had a ring like that before on her finger, but I don't think that's the same one. You can also see it in the jogging pics, here and here, but not as clearly as you can in those X17 pics. Celebutopia should have the bigger pics from X17 soon though!

Just speculating, where's Bobbyanna when I need her? Anyway, just speculation, could Jake have proposed this weekend? Because she isn't wearing the ring in the Fred pics, but she is wearing it here, and in the jogging pics.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a diamond ring.

FYI, Reese's friend Jennifer Garner wore her engagement ring on the middle finger for the longest time after Ben Affleck proposed (but before they confirmed it to the world), so who knows.

Maybe Jake proposed in Paris.

josie said...

Hmmmm. I noticed the ring here at the Swing vote party. I didn't point it out because I thought that it was just a ring, she used to wear a few off and on,especially at the beggining of the year than she stopped:

The photois fdated 7/24, last Thursday.

bobbyanna said...

Here I am! (waves!) I LOVE speculating!!!!;) I've had this feeling, and I talked about it before, but for a while now, things have just seemed different. I'm going back to March, April. Something shifted. I think they're engaged.

She wasn't wearing a ring in Paris, bcz I check all her pictures for rings (!) (No. I am not crazy. Contrary to popular opinion.)

I think Reese wore other rings on her other hand. She wore her wedding ring on this hand for the longest, then it was bare, now a ring.

Don't know if it is an actual engagement ring, but I'd bet a seven acre ranch in Ojai it's from Jake! - If I had a seven acre ranch in Ojai. I need a better view.

Anonymous said...

Swing Vote party ring is different then this one.

bobbyanna said...

I have a very strong feeling, and I don't know why, but I think Jake proposed and Reese said yes, sometime before they went to Columbia for Nailed. I cannot base it on anything in particular. I just feel that way. Who knows.

brothers spy said...

I think you may be on to something bobbyanna.

Personally, and this is just speculation on my part, I think they are in the "test phase" of their relationship. What I mean by that is, beginning with [i]Nailed[/i], Jake has been very busy making films these past couple of months.

Of course, they do the best they can with the situation and see each other when possible. She's gone out to see him in SC, he's come home a bunch of times (had a couple of weeks off during those Nailed shutdowns, and a couple of other weekends)and they spent those three weeks together in England and France, but it's still probably difficult.

When they first got together, they had eight or nine months of being together unfettered. Then they both filmed movies simultaneously (which I don't think was a coincidence) --- him Brothers, her Four Christmases. During that time we know they spent time together: a week in San Fransisco, she visited him on his birthday in NM, and they spent Christmas week together.

After this past spring when they spent all that time together, they were separated again due to his work schedule.

Thus, given the seriousness of the relationship now and the fact they've been together for a year and a half, I think there may be an understanding between the two that if they get through this little phase that the next one will almost certainly be marriage.

Just a hunch.

enigma said...

She is looking gooooood.

bobbyanna said...

Brothers spy, don't forget, Reese has a very light schedule since she completed Four Christmases. She did some animation work, and a bit of promoting for Penelope,her Avon stuff and that's about it.

I think she arranged her schedule to spend more time with her kids and with Jake. It looks like what couples in committed relationships do.

They couldn't avoid the schedule conflicts with Brothers, and 4 Christmases, but since then, she goes to whereever he is whenever she can, toting the kids along as well. THAT is serious! And he seems very engaged with the kids.

I think as things slow down for him, she will get busy again. But that will be next year. I haven't been to IMDB lately, but I think she is on some kind of break. Maybe one project lined up? My tea leaves tell me something is up.

UltraViolet said...

I hate to be a killjoy, but I don't think that's an engagement ring. It looks sort of like a signet ring.

I had hoped it was The Ring(s) from the good old days. But alas, it is not.

Not to say that it's not from Jake, of course :) It's just not a ring ring.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and Bobbyanna, you know I am always on Bling!Watch! So you're not crazy. Or we both are!

Bette said...

UV and Bobbyanna I'm always on ring!watch too. It's amusing to speculate.

agent_krycek said...

Having moved on from 'I'm saying nothing watch' ;-) I've also joined ringwatch - tis fun!

sheba baby said...

Bling watch, LOL!! Yeah I thought it was a signet ring, pretty and yes Jake could have given it to her!

UltraViolet said...

From the ridiculous (Jake Tells Reese He's Ready For Kids) to the sublime (Jim Sheridan on directing, including a little about Brothers and Jake).

(Thanks to Xenia for posting the link on WDW.)

It was nice to get some Brothers news after all of our talk the last few days.

UltraViolet said...

Some interesting stuff there from Sheridan - I imagine Jake was relieved to be working with a director who can't see himself doing 40 takes!

brothers spy said...

Hey you guys you should head over to and vote in todays poll.

The question is who is the cutest two-year-old and the choices are: Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Violet Affleck and Matilda Ledger.

The last time I checked Matilda had a very small 100 vote lead over little Violet Affleck.

I'm not sure how much I like the idea of pitting two-year-olds against each other like this, but I voted for Matilda just the same.

P.S. Thanks for the Sheridan article UV.

josie said...

Thanks for the link to the Sheridan interview UV!

Erin said...

Reese at the gym this week

I thought Jake might have made a secret trip home last weekend to see her, after the People story of him being in LA.
She hasn't seen him for what 2 weeks now?
I wonder when they will see each other again

and I am being on my best behavior

Erin said...

I was thinking from the People account, Jake might have made a secret low key trip back to LA for the weekend.
Or came back for a top secret visit, and returned on Monday to the set

Bette said...

Uh oh, it's the case of the disappearing/reappearing ring now!

Ring!watch continues.

That does put to rest any doubt anybody might have had if Reese was with Jake, but I bet she will be come the second week in August.

Erin said...

I don't think that story in People about him in LA over the weekend was correct.
Someone might have thought it was Jake

Anonymous said...

Most people know what Jake looks like. He's pretty famous. They had a long weekend off and didn't start filming until today. Maybe you just "choose to believe" that it wasn't Jake.

Anonymous said...

The sighting may have been old, there was no date for the sighting,the assumption was that it was over the weekend, but People and other rags often post sightings w/o dates. Sometimes a waiter may call it in but they don't always post it right away.

The sighting may be a month old for all we know,maybe from before he left for Europe in mid-June.

There have been pap pics of Reese off and on since she returned from Paris, the off days and correct me if i'm wrong were: last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don't know/think Jake would fly to L.A. for a 3 day weekend but I'm just speculating.

BTW: She looks positively giddy in the latest pics! I couldn't tell if she had the ring on yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The sighting said he was back after time from Europe. It's from this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

uv/fl, please check your messages.

Anonymous said...

It was posted on this thread that the cast was back in Morocco on Monday after a break, if there are no pap pics of Reese on F/S/S and there are now then you do the math. I would love to think they spent the 3 day weekend in Ojai, ah romance.

PS: If cast means most but not all then he could have been in L.A. for an extra day or so, hiding out his long locks even though we all saw them already!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am seeing thing but if you look at this Pic (you have to really zoom in) it looks like she has a ring on her third finger left hand. Perhaps thats why she was keeping her hands clasped?.

brothers spy said...

I don't know why people assume they were back on set on Monday. They didn't start filming until today as FL originally wrote.

I find the sighting to be believable. This is People after all, not Life and Style. The sighting was also definitely from this week or weekend, since it states quite clearly that he had just returned from Europe.

It's not unusual for cast/crew to have a few days off before filming, and Prince of Persia was represented at the Comic-con in San Diego over the weekend, so we know for a fact that some people flew in just for the weekend.

Maybe they flew in on a private jet.

Anonymous said...

Oh No

FluorescentLamp said...

Well the good news is - the cast can promote it at ComicCon...2010!

Damn. :-(

UltraViolet said...

Damn, that's depressing news, anon. While it always seems as if it would be a rush to get it all done by June, waiting almost a whole year later seems far too long!

Guess that would explain Jake's visit to the US, though - no need to rush!

Narcissa said...

I thought that 12 months for a big action adventure was pushing it! Looks like they agree! It's a long time to wait.... sighs.....

Bette said...

What? NO! That seems so far away. I can't wait that long to see Jake as the prince. I wonder if they'll slow down production too. No rush now.

lawgoddess said...

I'm crushed. I wanted to see Jake as the prince next summer, really bad.

Heavy sigh.

brothers spy said...

I wonder if this means that they'll go ahead with filming or whether that'll be delayed as well.

I bet this means they'll take a long break in between the Morocco shoot and the England shoot.

I too always they were pushing it time-wise.

Monica said...

UV, thank you for information on Brothers!
Jim sheridan is one of the best directors of all time. His films always touch me deeply.
It is good to know as a director works and what he thinks of his players.

May 2010?
What sad and worrying news.

UltraViolet said...

On the plus side, this could leave time for... other rings, er, I mean things :)

brothers spy said...

Could this have been why we were getting conflicting information about the start of filming I wonder?

Maybe things were pushed back because of this.

I can see them filming the Morocco stuff, given that they already have months of rehearsals and training in. Then probably take some time off in September and resume filming at the English studio in January.

Yes I agree UV, this would explain why so many POP people seemed to have been in California this past weekend.

Narcissa said...

I wouldn't call it worrying. "Worrying" would be if they had filmed it and the result was so bad that they kept putting back the release date (see: Valkyrie). :D
Nor are they dumping it in the Jan-March graveyard slot (see: Valkyrie). :D
Iron Man was released in May, kicking off the summer blockbuster season.

Obviously it's disappointing.

bobbyanna said...

Crap! On one hand, yes, it is REALLY disappointing. On the other hand, I don't think they will take a longer break or slow down. I think what it means is, a lot of pressure is off them to rush with the production. Now they can proceed at a reasonable pace and do things properly without excessive strain.

One thing is sure, tho. All these actors have other commitments and personal schedules that will require them to finish when they expected to finish.

The good news is that the post production period will be unpressured. Also, from a marketing point of view, they can market the hell out of PoP, with all kinds of brand-related stuff.

And yes, UV. Given the hiatus between production and opening, maybe Jake will get busy with other "projects." (sigh!)Plus, The UMP and Joe Namath await.

chica said...

I thought that June '09 was pushing it for Pop. I'm dissapointed that we have to wait for Pop until '10, sigh.

I agree with you brothers spy that they will continue the Morocco shoot as scheduled but push back the UK shooting, that will give the cast a nice break in between but the only problem with that is Disney has to make sure it doesn't conflict with the cast members other film projects.

PS: I can't see Reese's ring in the latest pics because her hands are clasped!

bobbyanna said...

Another thought: I just realized. Shia Le Whatsis was in a car accident and required extensive surgery on his hand. He was working on the very Transformers II movie that is allegedly affecting Jake's Prince. Now, it seems like Transformers production schedule is thrown off by Shia. So. Maybe they will fool with the PoP dates even more and nothing is etched in stone.

extra said...

Nooooo!! We have to wait to 2010??? That may explain all the different start dates for filming.

I agree that this will give them some breathing space and not feel rushed.

suvee said...

Phooey! I'm bummed now. Not so much because I have to wait 2 years to see PoP..... but because I hope it's delay doesn't inadvertently cause another Jake movie drought ( as in 2006, 2008) where we have a loooong wait between his movies.

We have Brothers at the end of this year, but Nailed seems so iffy. Surely it really will see a theatrical release..... 2009, right? Wouldn't it be a good choice for Sundance? I would love to hear what my fellow Babblers think will happen with Nailed.

UV, thanks so much for the J. Sheridan interview. I always appreciate hearing Jake's directors' thoughts about him. No such thing as TMI! :)

brothers spy said...

In other news...

The Boston Red Sox trade Manny Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-way deal.

They get Jason Bay, from the Pittsburg Pirates, in return.


bobbyanna said...

Yeah, brothers spy. And in other news, Pudge is gone!!!! I am a very sad Tiger fan, today.

bobbyanna said...

Not to spam, but, everything happens for a reason, I console myself! And I believe that Bruckheimer and Disney can do just about anything they want. So they must have really felt this was a good thing...if it is really goind down this way. IDK. :(

FluorescentLamp said...

I have thoughts. Not often. I wonder if this would explain Jake's co-star telling friends he'd be back home in Suffolk end of August/beginning of September. Perhaps a long break at that time. Which would certainly free up Jake for TIFF should they enter Brothers in the festival.

Also, depending on how well the first installment of PoP did, this was/is going to be a trilogy. That's an awfully long wait before filming the 2nd and 3rd installments.

And then, buhbye Manny Ramirez. Not sad to see him go. However, a little sad to see Brandon Moss go in the trade. Oh well, such is life in the Bigs.

brothers spy said...

If you guys think about it, it's actually a good idea.

1. It gives them the chance to make the film without rushing it.

2. They can also take their time with CGI ensuring they're not cheap and fake looking.

3. They can now come up with a real good marketing strategy. For example, they can take it to Comic-con next year and show some footage. They can produce a cool teaser for next summer. They can start spreading the word among people who like these types of films.

4. A Memorial Day weekend release is probably ideal and will help them maximize their profit (especially since they won't have to compete with Batman, Terminator, Iron Man and Transformer sequels).

So I can understand where Disney is coming from here. Also, this proves that Disney really has high hopes for this film.

chica said...

Good points brothers spy i agree although i'm dissapointed that we have to wait that long. Do you realize though if the Untitled moon proj. is filmed next year that Jake will have 2 blockbuster films out in 2010!

FL, it sounds like there will be a break after the Morocco filming, longer than originally planned. That will free Jake up for Brothers if it is screened at TIFF.
And yes Disney will not film Pop 2 or 3 until they see the BO for the 1st one, like they did POTC.

I have to admit suvee that i'm a bit worried about Nailed, the film had so many problems. And yes, Sundance would be a good place for them to try and get a distributor.

The Skankee fans are over the moon that Manny has gone to the Dodgers, I was surprised when I heard because Manny is always bitching to be traded!

I liked Pudge, but I will like him a little lees now that he has crossed over to the dark side, LOL!!

sass said...

Evening UV, FL and babblers,
I'm reading from the bottom up.:lol I'm not unhappy with POP's schedule changes. My son woke me show me some pirated scenes, shot by a camera stuck in a fan's hat during San Diego's Comicon, of 'The Watchmen' on YouTube this morning. I know those pirated few seconds are gone by now.
The Watchmen is another heavily anticipated movie by his age group and is due out Summer 09.
Far too many movies for next summer have been filming for months; maybe it's a good decision by the producers to wait and do it right.

POP should probably be shown at the NYC and San Diego Comicons in 2009 before its premiere, just as Iron Man and TDK were shown at Comicons this past year.
Recently attendance at Comicons has surged, as increasing numbers of comic and video fans attend, and I know the buzz generated by these attendees will be a huge plus for POP in 2010.

I am Sorry to hear about Shia's hand surgery being extensive. I think I read that production on Transformers 2 was not delayed...thank goodness I don't believe much of what I read about Hollywood:):lol:lol
Now a bit of fun in an ad that fell in my mailbox ...
I must admit I am glad I can mention Reese here ad lib without fear of offending anyone...especially since I am too tired to censor myself, because so many times in these last few months when Reese is mentioned so is Jake...good news for us all round.

NO discount code for Jake's heart:)

bobbyanna said...

TY,sass! Cute. OT, butnot: I've just been looking at the pictures you posted for thisthread, and a couple of them with pictures of the twon itself, reminded me of some of the scenes from Kingdom of Heaven, the Orlando Bloom/Liam Neeson movie. Anyone else see that similarity?

UltraViolet said...

I'm going to miss Manny :( Then again, I still miss Nomar. And Pedro.

The Variety PoP story. Nothing new, really:

...Officially, Disney said it wants to allow plenty of time for post-production considering that the tentpole will require extensive special effects to create its fantasy world and setpieces.

In addition, however, the move takes "Prince of Persia" out of the path of "Transformers 2," which DreamWorks and Paramount open on June 26, 2009.

Filmmaker Mike Newell began lensing the pic last week in Morocco and will remain there until the production moves to London.

Decision to delay the release by a year caught some by surprise, although the calendar could continue to see major reshufflings because of the ongoing labor strife in Hollywood. Studios may want to allow for extra cushion in case of any production delays.

Bruckheimer and Disney don’t want to take any chances with "Prince of Persia," which they are hoping turns into a mega-franchise, along the lines of "Pirates of the Caribbean," that can feed the entire Disney empire, from sequels to potential TV or direct-to-DVD spinoffs, merchandise and Disney theme-park attractions. ...

suvee said...

Now that's what I call creative advertising! Thanks put a smile on my face. :)

bobbyanna said...

OK. I just found the answer to my question. Kingdom of Heaven was filmed on location there, in the very area of those pictures. That is why the pictures reminded me of KoH.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, sorry, bobbyanna, I meant to answer that. Yes, you find all kinds of KoH tidbits when searching for PoP stuff.

And sass, that ad was cute. If Jake's heart isn't for sale, what about other body parts?

agent_krycek said...

(unfortunately, there's no code for Jake Gyllenhaal's heart)

That's made me awwwwww and giggle in equal measures.

Disappointing re PoP, however, I'd rather they took the time and made it right.

And if we're OTing on Sport - Ramos, just buy the Russian strikers already - if you don't and we loose Berbs we've only got Bent left!!!! (apologies to everyone who has no idea what I'm rambling on about)

Xenia said...

Thanks to Xenia for posting the link on WDW.

Thanks UV, glad you liked it. :)

Wow, this about PoP is really a long stretch but I figure they did it for the best, because they want it to be a huge success.
What is really worrying to me is that we could have a very long year without Jake films in theatres, without Jake on TV promoting them, if Nailed won't find its way out to an audience...This is worrying from a thirty-something Jake-obsessed POV of course...;)

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