Monday, July 21, 2008

Why is Jake Gyllenhaal smirking?

Sure, he has a smile that can light up a room - it can be sexy, sultry, soft or shy. But today, we celebrate the flip side - the Jake Gyllenhaal smirk.

Because of where his other hand is...

Because he knows the effect this photoshoot will have on people all over the world.

Because he knows in about two minutes the photographer is going to drag him over to a desolate part of Brooklyn, dress him in light green and pose him in the middle of an an intersection with a can of soup in his hands.

Because he can go from schoolboy...

... to grandpa, and still be sexy

"Because it's major - and it's a promise."

"Because let's be honest: I don't need this guy!"

Because he knows we all want to see what's under that tease-through shirt.

Because underneath that top coat is nothing but Jake.

Some Prince of Persia news: Jerry Bruckheimer on Jake:

Bruckheimer shared his excitement for making a movie with Gyllenhaal, who has been on the producer's radar for a long time.

"I've always wanted to work with him," Bruckheimer said. "I've been chasing him for a while, so I finally got him, finally found something he liked."

Also, UV's fears have been realized: Jake will be using a British accent for PoP. The good news is that he has a really good coach.

Her glittering cast of former students include Gwyneth Paltrow, whom she trained for Emma and Shakespeare in Love, and Renee Zellweger for Bridget Jones's Diary and Miss Potter.

Paltrow won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love and Zellweger was nominated as Bridget Jones, but probably the greater tributes to their English accents were the nominations from an obviously impressed British Academy - they sounded the part.
Berkery has also coached Brad Pitt (Seven Years in Tibet), Jim Carrey (A Christmas Carol, due out next year) and Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean), and is currently working with Jake Gyllenhaal on his English accent for Prince of Persia.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ. And thanks to suvee, for suggesting the post and providing samples!)


agent_krycek said...

Jake - British accent - falls over in a heap of excitement.

I'm presuming this is going to be a 'home counties' accent, although I'd die to hear Jake speak with a Geordie or Glaswegian accent (personal fantasies, don't ask!). *Sniff* I'd have been quite happy to train Jake to speak 'English' *completely ignores the fact that I own an accent born and bred on the streets of Tottenham and make the cast of Eastenders sound like the Queen and Dastan would have ended up sounding like a barrow boy*

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL, now see, A_K, that's EXACTLY the sort of accent I DO want to hear from Jake!

bobbyanna said...

I think they probably wanted something that would remove Jake from the comtemporary persona he is associated with most of the time, and place him into the PoP fantasy world...he already is in my fantasy world;) Like smirking pictures very much. Jake even has smirky eyes in these pictures!

Agent K, when I think of all the time Jake wasted in Notting Hill when you were available to coach him...

agent_krycek said...

I know bobbyanna, I know, nevermind, so the Prince won't sound like he went to the local comprehensive school and spent far too much time drinking cider in the local graveyard in his youth - their loss!

(Not that I ever did that obviously, drinking cider in graveyards and any happenings behind bikesheds have all been told to me by other people)

Loving the smirking Jake as well, he does have a fine, fine smirk

UltraViolet said...

Ugh, I knew it was coming, but honestly, the whole British accent thing in movies just irritates me. But as someone pointed out when we first discussed this, it is probably the most common accent among all the actors, and it doesn't make sense for everyone to be speaking with a different accent.

Anyway, I'm glad Jake has a good coach. I wonder if he stays "in accent" all the time and if so, if Reese and the kids teased him :)

I love, love, love the Gyllensmirk. Great pictures, great captions!

Anonymous said...

The Gyllen-smile. The Gyllen-smirk. Oh but I do love them both!

Where his other hand is and what's under that coat...hee.

agent_krycek said...

I think that's it UV, Kingsley, Alderton, Molina and the bloke playing his best mate (who's name I've forgotten) seem to be the main players alongside Jake, so it makes more sense for them to all do one accent, and the British accent is probably easiest as it only involves Jake changing his accent - I'm pretty sure he'll do a great job, especially if surrounded by Brits on the set (although that didn't seem to work for Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins :o )

bobbyanna said...

Alas, Agent K, but chimney sweeps and Princes do not share accents very well, I think,.

(Cider in the cemetery? My goodness, what an interesting childhood some peope have had! ;))

I can't get over Bruckheimer saying he's been after Jake!!! You have to wonder how many parts Jake has turned down that probably would have some of us tearing our hair out. Good thing we aren't his agent, bcz 99% of the time he's done just fine without our "help."

chica said...

Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, one of the worst accents ever!!!

Makes sensethat his character has a Brit accent as well since his co-stars are all Brits. Love the gyllensmirk and great choice of pictures!

UltraViolet said...

As a Bostonian, I'm acutely aware of people doing horrible accents. It's been a long time since I've seen Mary Poppins, but it's hard to believe Dick Van Dyke's accent is worse than Rob Morrow's Boston accent in Quiz Show.

Fingers crossed that this is not a list/contest on which we see Jake's name in the future!

I always love hearing him put on accents and do imitations, so I'm going to be optimistic. A rarity for me!

FluorescentLamp said...

As a Bostonian, I'm acutely aware of people doing horrible accents. It's been a long time since I've seen Mary Poppins, but it's hard to believe Dick Van Dyke's accent is worse than Rob Morrow's Boston accent in Quiz Show.

I can go you one better. A Boston-born actor, made to lose his Boston accent in Hollywood, only to be in a movie where a Boston accent is imperative to the storyline and then...doing it HORRIBLY. Yes, I'm looking at YOU, Matt Damon.

UltraViolet said...

Ha - yeah, that was bad. Very bad. And the other attempts were just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Hmm smirking sexy Jake lovely.
I have every confidence that Jake can pull off the English accent.

Narcissa said...

Going off Zellweger in Bridget Jones and Paltrow in Emma, that voice coach is excellent! Looking forward.

sheba baby said...

Jake with an English accent, sigh. I can't wait and he has a good coach. Love the gyllensmirk and smile, love this post!!!

extra said...

Wow, Maggie looks amazin at the UK premiere of TDK, ignore the usal comments:

Looking forward to Jake doing an english accent!

suvee said...

Brava, FL! It goes without saying that I LOVE this post..... and the captions are perfect. The Gyllensmirk...... it's never smarmy or arrogant..... it is wry and sweetly self amused. Just makes me like him even more.

Ugh, I knew it was coming, but honestly, the whole British accent thing in movies just irritates me.

I agree, UV. I'm sure Jake will do a bang up job, but I keep picturing K.Costner in "Robin Hood" (shudder). I don't want anything about PoP to be cheesy or a target for ridicule. Didn't someone (a costar?) say that Jake was a whiz at accents?

Thanks again for this great post. I came home from work to a very warm house..... it's 95 degrees here today, and my bloody a.c. decided to quit. I am not a girl that likes the heat, give me cold any day. Repair guy just called and is on his way...... wonder if it's overtime? :(

sass said...

Evening UV, FL and babblers,
I can't believe you guys brought up nearly every bad English accent ever done in movie-land. Kevin Costner's accent--what accent--was an offense against the spirits of the universe.:lol:lol

I always thought Matt Damon's accent was a good one--but what do I know-- because he is a Bostonian, but I guess not:):)
Love the post, love looking at Jake of course, and love the captions.
see ya later:)

Erin said...

There needs to be a team of Morocco paparazzi :p
We need to see what Jake is doing over there in the desert

lawgoddess said...

Very charming post, Jake's smirk could rule the world.:)

I guess I'll have to withhold judgment on the accent.

UltraViolet said...

I can't get over Bruckheimer saying he's been after Jake!!!

I loved hearing that, too!

You have to wonder how many parts Jake has turned down that probably would have some of us tearing our hair out.

A quick look at Bruckheimer's IMDb page doesn't reveal any movies I wish Jake were in. I would be curios someday to find out what Jake turned down, form JB or other producers/directors.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee! Glad you enjoyed the post. And I hope your AC is fixed! And thanks for the prodding on the post. It's good to get creative input :)

Erin said...

Maggie on baby blog

suvee said...

Hi UV! Yes, I loved the post.... that smirk certainly deserves it's moment in the spotlight. And, you're welcome, but my intent really wasn't to prod you ladies.... I just felt guilty for not offering to help. :)

I'm with you..... someday I would really love to find out what films were offered to Jake..... and why he turned them down.

suvee said...

Forgot to add that my a.c. is up and running. I'm a happy (and cool) girl again!

bobbyanna said...

UV, Bruckheimer isn't always so awful. I loved Veronica Guerin. In fact it's one of my favorite Cate movies.(The music always makes me cry.) He produced Blackhawk Down, Gone in 60 Seconds, and the two National Treasure movies,(as well as POTC,I,II,III.) IDK. Maybe Jake would have had fun with National Treasure. I can see him stealing cars, too. ;) Seems like JB likes to collaborate with Nicholas Cage.
You're right. JB hasn't done much of anything JGB would have worked in.

agent_krycek said...

I agree, UV. I'm sure Jake will do a bang up job, but I keep picturing K.Costner in "Robin Hood" (shudder).

That was just hilarious, he didn't even attempt an English accent, never mind one from the Nottingham region. Although the worst ever, but not English, was Mickey Rourke's accent in a Prayer for the Dying - started off in N Ireland, took a quick tour round southern Ireland, nice little visit to Liverpool and Scotland before bording a plane back to the US.

I'm sure Jake will do a great job, he's done accents before brilliantly, I'm thinking it's going to be very Home Counties - very standard English, what I'd call 'accentless' - much as I'd love to hear him as a North Londoner, there's too big a danger of stepping into Mockney territory, similar to how Guy Ritchie and Amy Winehouse speak, completely put on and false

sass said...

Hi again...after chatting on IMDB about Jake and vigorously defending him as best choice for POP...silly me...I thought I post this article over there and skedaddle back to my own home and share it here with fellow babblers:) ASAP!
Below is the article from Pavand's Iran News about Jake and his new movie role in POP!

A Persian Prince in the making by Darius Kadivar

agent_krycek said...

Goodness, just seen pictures of Maggie from last night - stunning, absolutely stunning.

shondra said...

Wha a great post, thanks Uv & suvee! The gyllensmirk, never smug but always sexy! Some of my favorite pictures too.

I think Jake will do just fine with accent, I can't wait to hear it.

Maggie was stunning at that premiere yesterday, old hollywood glamorous.

bobbyanna said...

Yay, sass!!! Thanks for the article. I love that they called him " of the... hottest Hollywood Stars of this millennium."

Fortunately, Jake has a spare, understated acting style, so I think he'll do fine with his English accent. It's the wall leaping a jumping from bilding to buiulding I worry about! I just hope he doesn't leap off any wall higher then 3 feet!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for that article sass!!!

"One of the hottest hollywood stars of this millennium", no arguements from me with that statement!

He will be just fine with the accent and I just love the gyllensmirk!

agent_krycek said...

*Attempting to type with a straight face*

Well, ready for this week's entirely reliable and 100% true National Enquirier update? Apparently they haven't named the date or location, but when they do, their ring bearer will be....... wait for it.......seriously, you'll love it.......Atticus!

Vicky said...

Agent_K I just burst out laughing in the office and getting really funny looks.

Erin said...

Atticus is getting married!

I did wonder where he has been all summer

that sneaky Star Magazine gets all the details

Narcissa said...

Reese in Santa Monica

josie said...

So if Atticus is the ring bearer, woll Coco Chanel, Reese's french bulldog be the flower girl??? LOL!!How silly.

Jake sounds like he has a really good coach, so i'm not worried.

The 8th picture is my favorite Jake pic, the smile and THAT shirt!!

smile, smiling said...

Thanks Agent K, loved that post.
I can picture this really vividly, one has to love this NE bs.
Also thanks Erin for the laugh.

*giggles while humming "here comes the bride..."*

Erin said...

POP started Morocco filming today!!!!!!!!

"Prince of Persia begins filming "We're starting Prince of Persia on Tuesday [July 22]," Bruckheimer said. "We're prepping all the locations right now. The actors are rehearsing. It's very close. I leave tomorrow to go up there."..."

UltraViolet said...

That Atticus story was also in this week's Star, home of The Rules story. So you know it's all true!

I don't think this was posted - from Zwecker:

Witherspoon-Gyllenhaal romance looks like it'll lead to marriage, but her ex Phillippe may get to altar first

July 18, 2008
BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist

Even though spokesfolks for both Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal deny or duck all questions regarding the increasing seriousness of that coosome twosome's budding romance -- trust me: It's the real deal.

Not only has the couple been on a European jaunt with Witherspoon's kids -- further checking their compatibility as a potential family unit -- but Gyllenhaal reportedly has been seriously shopping for a nice chunk of bling to slip on his Oscar winner galpal's engagement finger.

Ironically, Witherspoon's ex-hubby Ryan Phillippe might beat her down the aisle -- to tie the knot with the woman largely considered responsible for splitting up the Witherspoon-Phillippe marriage: Abbie Cornish. After spending ages denying they were more than "just friends and colleagues" (they met filming "Stop-Loss" last year), the duo have been making the scene in Hollywood and acknowledge they are dating.

"Dating" may be a bit tame. A close Phillippe pal insists the romance "is really the real deal" and expects them to become Mr. and Mrs. within the year, "if things keep going the way they have been."

This guy loves to talk about Jake and Reese and jewelry!

sheba baby said...

Yes I remember that columinst before talking about Jake and Reese, i think he is a gyllenspooner!

sag actor said...

The news about Christian Bale's arrest is disturbing, I hope he sorts it all out.

sag actor said...

Sounds like Pop's filming schedule has been extended unless this includes time off:

Icelandic Actor Shooting Bruckheimer Movie in Morocco
Icelandic actor Gísli Örn Gardarsson is currently in Morocco to play one of the main parts in the new Jerry Bruckheimer movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Shooting began yesterday.

The movie is being shot in the city of Oukaimeden, at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters in the Atlas Mountains, Fréttabladid reports.

“It is much more exotic than I expected. I thought the city would be more Western,” Gardarsson said. “It is like from 1001 Nights; snakes, monkeys and desert storms.”

Gardarsson will be involved in filming until November and the final shots are scheduled for December 12. Other actors who play key roles in the movie include Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina.

sag actor said...

Sorry for spamming, but someone posted this on IMDB on 6/30. The info is incorrect since we have since learned that they were rehearsing in the UK not filming. It would be ideal to film in Morocco in the fall instead of now since the temperture is even more brutal now, but I originally heard that it would be a 3 month shoot, July-September, not a six month shoot unless they actually mean doing special effects stuff:

On edit: It appears that they will begin filming in London, not in Morrocco. They're filming in London over the summer and in Morocco in September/October.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, SAG actor! The description of where they will shoot in Morocco sounds very remote!! I think, if true, location visits might be very difficult for Reese. Maybe they will get breaks every so often so they can go into Marrakech for R&R. Six months might include both the London segment and the Moroccan segment.

Erin said...

"We're starting Prince of Persia on Tuesday [July 22]," Bruckheimer said

agent_krycek said...

Thanks, SAG actor! The description of where they will shoot in Morocco sounds very remote!!

I googled for pictures, very remote looking, but very beautiful. I'm not surprised Reese isn't there, can't really be that much for her to do whilst Jake's filming - in London etc there was plenty to amuse herself and the kids. I think she'll visit, but it won't be a long term stay - anyway, she'll be busy at home getting Atticus measured for his wedding suit ;-)

Vicky said...

LOL Agent_K, anyway Ben Kingsley said in an interview that he flies to Morocco next week to film POP.

UltraViolet said...

SAG actor, those IMDb posts are pretty old in internet terms. It's been reported in multiple places, from multiple sources, that filming in Morocco begins this week.

The gyllensmirk, never smug but always sexy!

Forgot to quote this yesterday, shondra. I love it. Sums the Gyllensmirk up perfectly. Though I think the definition of "smirk" implies smug, that's not how I tihnk of it with Jake.

FluorescentLamp said...

I know at least one of the actors has already been in Morocco filming. So they started a bit earlier than most reports it seems

josie said...

Yes FL, I remember that, the cast member started filming when Jake was still filming Nailed if I remember correctly.

FluorescentLamp said...

Actually, actor in question left London for Morocco on the Sunday while Jake and Reese were still in Paris (13 July). Filming has been in the Medina. Which Medina, I know not. :/

Monica said...

Hello, Babblers!

Medina means Old City.
Some images of Morocco:

FL, your post is great. The photos are wonderful, especially this:
Jake sexy smile
The smile of Jake is the most beautiful and sexy in the world!

Tomorrow I will attend Batman TDK for the third time!

Monica said...

Sorry you put a Brazilian site with images, but was the only place I found with images of beautiful place.

Here's more:

Morroco images

brothers spy said...

You can't really trust those imdb boards. It's always something someone heard from someone else. Not to mention all the times people contradict themselves.

Unless it comes from someone involved with production, I would be extrememly skeptical.

I seriously doubt they would take six months to film. You have to understand that the film will be released next June, and I can't imagine them finishing filming in late January and then still have all the CGI and post-production finished by June.

I've always heard that they will be filming until October with the lion's share of that being filmed in Morocco.

They began filming this week and will probably go on until the first week of September or something. That gives them about 7 or 8 weeks. Then Jake can have a week off for the TIFF (where they'll be showing "Brothers") and return to England to film the "green" stuff until October.

That seems to make the most sense right now.

Anonymous said...

Will they be showing Brothers at TIFF?. I haven't seen anything.

brothers spy said...

Very quickly...

I've heard that it was submitted, and that all but guarantees that it'll be showing at TIFF.

The big story this year is the LACK of studio films competing at any of the fall festivals (Venice, TIFF, NYFF). Many films have either opted out or will not be ready on time. Some of these films include: Milk, Revolutionary Road, among others.

That assures that Brothers will be shown, and prominently so. I actually think it helps its Oscar chances because, assuming the film gets good reviews, it will not have very much competition early on. All the Oscar-bait films seem to be premiering in December. I have a feeling there will be a lot of attrition going on.

Brothers will have the advantage of being shown first.

bobbyanna said...

No way to know about Brothers at TIFF. It might screen in Venice first. We probably won't know about Toronto until the latter part of August. I wonder what Toby and Natalie's schedule looks like for late August- early September?

The pictures of Morocco are stunning. Like stepping back in time! I also checked out Oukaimeden. High in the mountains. Very remote and not much going on at all. But it's being touted as the next big thing! As a ski and golf resort??? Who knew!

I thought the place where they were shooting is closer, about an hour or two from Marrakech? Ouarzazat? These names are making me dizzy. I've heard of Marrakech, Fes, Tangier, Rabat, but then things get pretty foggy.

Jake's films are giving me some great geography lessons ever since Banff, and Calgary and BBM. Youngest Daughter went skiing near Banff, and had dangerous adventures with the Ski Patrol that still knot up my stomach when I think of it!

Erin said...

Reese out in LA again this week, looking super cute
how can they stand to be apart :(

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, brothers spy!! I didn't see your post. Glad to hear it was submitted to TIFF. I really hate when movies get stacked up for December release!

I do think there will be a lot of good offerings at TIFF, though. It's extremely important for distributors/studios.I love going to TIFF, but it's becoming really touristy and commercial now.

From my own past experiences, NYFF has always been the smaller one, compared to Tribeca, with fewer mainstream choices.

enigma said...

Thanks erin. She is looking amazing. She's got great legs.

extra said...

Thanks for the link erin, she looks great and i agree enigma, a great set of gams!

suvee said...

Jake's films are giving me some great geography lessons ever since Banff, and Calgary and BBM.

Yeah, me too..... apparently I was wrong in the 7th grade when I thought I'd never use geography in "real life"! :)

Hope the speculation about Brothers at TIFF is correct. I am so looking forward to this movie! It's funny.....seems like lately I've been so focused on Nailed and PoP, I'd almost forgotten that we have Brothers coming up. Hope there is some major buzz for this movie soon.

IMDB said...

Harry Gregson Williams will be doing the score for Prince of Persia:

Paula said...

Thnaks for the info brothers spy, I have my fingers crossed that it will be shown at TIFF, I can't wait for this film to come out!

extra said...

We should keep tabs on this blog:

They plan on interviewing on of the cast from Prince of Persia when there is a break in filming.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake will get a supporting actor nod for Brothers?
Bothersspy, who out of the three main cast members gets the most buzz? I hope not Tobey, I don't like him.

Anonymous said...

Another poll: The hottest couple, Jake and Reese are winning so far:

brothers spy said...

anon 5:59,

Honestly, as far as I can tell, the one getting the most "buzz" right now is probably for Natalie Portman.

But it's still very early.

Now that TDK is out and done with, my full attention has shifted to Brothers. I know the film isn't getting the attention that some other Oscar-bait films are getting, but honestly I have a really good feeling about it.

brothers spy said...


It should read that "the person getting the most 'buzz' right now is probably Natalie Portman."

get real said...

OMG, nothing better than the Gyllensmirk. I agree that Jake always makes the smirk totally sexy and seductive. Thanks for all the great pics and captions that go with the smirk. ;p

Thanks for all the pics of Reese back in LA. She looks great.

Bothers Spy, I thought Jake was getting buzz for Brothers so far?

Thanks for all the PoP news everyone. Jake and an English accent!! Can't wait to hear that. :)

More of my thoughts on TDK, no spoilers so no worries, which are a bit cut and paste:

Heath stole the show in TDK. He was just mesmerizing and had such command and while lethally dark, also gave the Joker a great sense of levity. Which may sound weird but he does it. He brings every ounce of his being to the role. Maggie was a huge upgrade, Christian, Aaron, Gary, Michael and Morgan, all great, and the whole cast and Chris Nolan did brilliantly.

My theatre was packed but everyone left fairly quietly (for NYC) at the end on behalf of Heath.

Well. I will be close to MV this weekend, wish Jake and fam were there too, on Cape Cod. Will be checking in for sure but not sure when I can post until Monday.


Anonymous said...

"It should read that "the person getting the most 'buzz' right now is probably Natalie Portman."

Oh well, we will see. I still hope Jake will get some awards for this.

shondra said...

Thanks for you review of TDK get real, I will be seeing it this weekend. Enjoy ther Cape, I'm so jealous!

Thanks for the news on Brothers brothers spy, I hope it gets a screening at TIFF.

fez said...

If this is where Pop will be filming then it's not really as hot as I thought:

sag actor said...

Report on Comic Con from N. Finke. Jake should be there next year promoting Pop big time!:

FluorescentLamp said...

I thought that, too, sag actor. But if TPTB are pushing for a June 2009 opening date, they'll be too late for Comic-Con (always at the end of July).

Erin said...

how cute is this picture

sag actor said...

I forgot about that FL, unless Disney pushes for a later date, then Pop will be out before Comic con next year. Too bad becasue I have a feeling that Jake would have a blast there!

Erin said...

Reese out at Yoga this week

not with Jake :(
doesn't she miss him???
I wonder how long they will be apart, sad

Seems like they have been apart for weeks now, I guess they don't mind

Anonymous said...

They've been apart for one week. After being together for three. He's just started a new film.

I think they'll survive.

Erin said...

My guess she last saw him around July 16th or 17th

She probably doesn't know when she'll see him again

FluorescentLamp said...

Too bad becasue I have a feeling that Jake would have a blast there!

Having been to the east coast version known as DragonCon, I can't imagine anyone but hardcore comic/sci-fi/gamer fans enjoying themselves. But then celebrities at Comic-Com there to shill upcoming movies are in and out in a couple of hours. What's not to love!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Why would Jake be in L.A. going to a yoga class with Reese when he just started filming a big budget in Morocco? She was with him for three weeks before he left, most HW couples(who are not married) don't spend that much time together before filming or maybe they do, but it looks like they planned everything out.

He will be getting a break in filming and he can fly home or she can fly there for a bit. I love them together but to much togetherness is creepy IMO. Besides the kids in L.A. she has other things to take care of I assume, she can't just drop off her kids and hop on the plane the next day.

I was thinking of Comic Con too for nerxt year, I forgot that Pop is scheduled to come out a month before.

sheba baby said...

PS: I bet she knows when she will see him again erin, like i said they probably have everything all planned out, relax.

brothers spy said...

Hey you guys,

I love that you brought up the comic book convention. I was thinking about this as well given that Nikke has been reporting on it.

I'm thinking, and this is all my own assumptions, that I really don't think that this film will be ready for a June release.

If filming goes on until November, as I am now hearing, I just can't imagine that post-production will be ready only six or seven months later. Especially given all the CGI I suspect they will have in this film.

Just my opinion.

So if they should push back the release a month or so, as I suspect they will, it'll give them a chance to use the Comic-con as a strong platform to launch the film.

I think it makes sense.

FluorescentLamp said...

But Comic-Con is the end of July and studios don't want to release their films end of July/beginning of August - historically a summer vacation/not go to movies time.

brothers spy said...

You make a good point FL.

Like I wrote, I was just making assumptions.

enigma said...

Reese attended the Swing Vote after party.

Erin said...

she looks very beautiful and happy

but I'll just keep my mouth shut...

Anonymous said...

The pre screenings for Brothers were very positive, that's why I think there's a possibility for Jake to be nominated for best supporting actor and if Heath gets nominated too for supporting actor, they'd be up against each other. I'd be happy if either of them wins or anyone else. Being nominated is great enough.

6:04 said...

Reese looks very pretty.

lawgoddess said...

Reese looks very pretty and young in that picture. Well , she is young, but she looks even younger.:)

I am afraid access to PoP filming will be tightly controlled to avoid leaks and to build up excitement. So no pictures for awhile, maybe?

extra said...

Speaking of Comic-Con:

"Prince of Persia" creator Jordan Mechner kept details of the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation of the popular video game series close to his chest while speaking to Con-goers in San Diego on Friday. The movie is based on the "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" game, which was the first in a trilogy of POP games released by Ubisoft. Mechner did tell that he had mulled an animated feature film of the property following wrapping up production on the "Sands of Time" game, but the lure of a Disney/Bruckheimer big budget summer film was 'too hard to resist.