Friday, July 18, 2008


After that dark January day, finally - The Dark Knight.

If you want to talk about your reaction to TDK or read other people's reviews and comments, FL made a Joker/TDK post on the Jake Spoiler blog. Please feel free to talk about it spoiler-free here, as well.

Heath Ledger died too young, leaving behind performances as faceted, brilliant and few as a handful of diamonds. His final gem is no less radiant for being pitch black.

(Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. and WENN; quote from the Houston Chronicle.)


UltraViolet said...

A really nice article discussing Heath as Ennis, the role of his lifetime.

sass said...

I'm waiting up for the midnight TDK crowd...I am so sleepy:)
Oh UV, TY for sharing this truthful, thoughtful, beautifully written article about our dearest darling boy.
How can Jake stand it? I miss Heath so much sometimes and I hardly knew him.
I also feel as if he is out there going about and maybe enjoying the fuss. I just feel that way; there is no reason or rhyme to it, but I know he is, as does this writer. Heath never really want to leave Matilda or Michelle, or us. TY again.
love to ya:)

josie said...

Thanks so much for setting up the TDK post in Jake spoilers. I will be seeing TDK tomorrow night.

Thanks for the lik to the Heath article UV.

Lemon said...

Oh man! I am so excited about this movie. I also hate all Americans right now. We don't get the movie until next week and you guys can see it already.

The trailers look amazing and I'm already very impressed with Heath's Joker.

bobbyanna said...

I'll be heading out in a couple of hours. Thanks, FL, for setting up a place for us to talk about TDK.
YouTube has the E! True Hollywood Story up in five parts. I watched the first three and 6 minutes of the fourth part last night. Part 1 especially was a joy to watch, because it showed a young, less guarded Heath, and he was such a beautiful, beautiful boy! Even at 16 he had that voice. He must have been irresistable!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks so much for the link to that article UV.

I'm seeing TDK today after work, I can't wait.

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!
It is today! It is today!

Finally I will attend Batman TDK!
Finally I will watch the performance of Heath Ledger!

Thank you for the article, UV!

lawgoddess said...

Perfect post, UV.

Beautiful quote.

In the end ,all Heath left us is his work, and a little girl. I think that's enough.

chica said...

Going tomorrow, lookeing forward to reading everyone's reviews.

The reviews have been incredible, I can't wait.

This post is perfect.

Anonymous said...

"...all Heath left us is his work, and a little girl. I think that's enough."

It's not enough by half, but it will have to suffice, LG.

Paula said...

It's sold out at all the theaters near me for today and tomorrow, I have'nt seen anything like this since LOTR.

I'll probably see it during the week or next weekend. I have so many mixed emotions about TDK, that's the reason why I didn't buy a ticket right away. It's still hard for me to grasp that Heath is really gone. All the promotion, reviews for TDK has really hit me. I was afraid i would start to well up in tears in the theater.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the nice words about the post. Wasn't sure how to handle all this.

Paula, I welled up when I saw the trailer in the theater. I was surprised, as I'd seen it online and read so much about the movie and Heath's performance. But I guess the reality of it set in.

As everyone has probably seen, TDK set records with its midnight take.

There's a theater in Boston that showed it on all 13 screens, all sold out. Amazing.

get real said...

Hey there

Just got back from TDK and Heath really was brilliant. Am on the Blackberry now but will chat more tomorrow when I can get to a real computer.

Bette said...

I am not seeing it until Tuesday!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the quick report, get real. We expect nothing less, but we still want to hear it!

UltraViolet said...

One more little Paris treat. A very short video of Reese, Jake and kids in the Luxembourg Garden.

sass said...

Hi there,
UV you're a peach...TY for posting another look at our fav family. I wish I were thin enough to wear leggings and cute shorter skirts again, since as Carly Simon sings..."they're coming around again,"...they held my bottom in really nicely...soon maybe.
My son is still raving about TDK...He says all the midnight and 0400 shows were sold out...I've not experienced this in a very long time.

bobbyanna said...

Whew! Well, I saw it. I was really kind of agitated getting ready to go over to the theatre. Brought tissues. Got there early enough to watch a lot of really dumb commercials, and coming attractions. I decided to just really focus on where I was, and be in the "now." I blocked out everything except watching the movie. It worked. He is amazing.
He is loose and edgy and really into his character. I love the way he moves. And his voice characterization was so unique, it was just indescribable. It stays with you tho,and the emotions came afterwards, like a shot in the gut.

It looks as if it is on its way to breaking all kinds of box office records. I could have gone in the middle of next week and avoided crowds, but I wanted to be part of breaking all the records. He deserves it.

UV! Thank you for the vidoe clip!!! I can't help it! I'm in love. I may even go shopping for some orange colored pants! Looks like my sweetheart sure keeps things interesting. My heart almost stopped, watching him take off running with that stick!

agent_krycek said...

Completely screwed up my home internet connection a few days ago, so I have loads to catch up on today. Thanks for all the photos etc from Paris, and the latest little video, with Deacon looking like he was about to attack a pigeon was priceless.

Not sure when I'll get to see TDK, it's really difficult with work at the moment, hopefully not too far into the future, really looking forward to it, and really dreading it at the same time.

There was a report that they're looking at late July for a wedding - so this would be in Morocco then, with long hair - yeah, really. I think it's Maggie and Peter as well, there's whisper out there about a wedding with the Gyllenhaal name attached, and the media have gone for the higher profile couple, and I think J&R's will happen, but it won't be this summer, especially if we're right and it is M&P.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I saw TDK yesterday after work. The theater was packed and there was such a buzz even during the tedious previews.

All memories of Nicholson's Joker went out the window, Heath is brilliant & scary, the reviews were spot on.

Cristian, Maggie, Aaron were all excellent as well, I won't say more here, I'll post later in the TDK thread in the Jake spoilers thread.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the video clip!!! That Deacon looks like he's a handful!
I'd need roller skates to keep up with him.

Anonymous said...

Do we have any way to know if Jake is in Morocco by now, or did he and Reese go back to London with the children? If they start shooting on the 24th as I read it somewhere, I know in the past Jake likes to report in a couple of days early to get things in order, etc.

So, maybe they all went back to London and then she will take the kids home. Kids tend to get restless when they are on long trips. At some point, they want their own bed.

sag actor said...

I thought I read that Jake was suppose to join his co-stars in Morocco after the Paris vacation a week early for rehersals before filming started on the 24th. If true then he would be in Morocco now I would think, probably has been for the past several days.

There have been no sightings or pap pics of them in the UK or Paris since Monday night Bastille day and of Reese since Tuesday in Paris for that photo shoot.

I assumed that she took the kids back to L.A. after that and Jake went on to Morocco. Don't see any reason why any of them would go back to the UK at this point since the next phase of Pop is Morocco.

I'll be seeing TDK this afternoon, can't wait.

bobbyanna said...

"All memories of Nicholson's Joker went out the window, "

I know!!! Amazing isn't it? You can't even compare them bcz it's like two entirely different stories altogether. Nolan's whole concept of the Badman franchise is on another level. This one is stylish and smart and very dark with moments of laugh out loud humor, but more subtle then the Nicholson Joker, and more authentic.

bobbyanna said...

^ "Badman" = Batman. Heh.

Erin said...

I am confused about where Reese and the kids are now

Dad was seen with his girlfriend last week out in LA, he didn't have the kids.
so I kinda thought Reese still had the kids

extra said...

TDK sets a new record for midnight showings:

'The Dark Knight' raked in $18.489 million in its midnight opening, according to distributor Warner Bros. That sets a new midnight opening record, beating 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith's benchmark of $16.5 million. 'Sith's full opening day ended up at $50 million.

This marks 'The Dark Knight's second record after posting the highest theater count ever: 4,366.

All TIme Opening Days:

I will probably see it next weekend, I waited until the last minute to buy tickets for this weekend and of course it was all sold out near me.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

In Argentina TDK it had the premiere on Thursday. Yesterday on Friday I could not see it... Exhausted Income! I will have to wait! But already I have my income for Friday, the 25th!!!

And always I am grateful to them that Gyllengabble exists!

Cordialmente > Leonor.

box office mojo said...

TDK has made over 66 million so far!:

sass said...

Afternoon babblers,
Go TDK GO Heath..what a treat for Matilda Rose when she grows up...knowing her dad was in this groundbreaking blockbuster.

Linking for ease

Go TDK...66.4 million dollars opening day!

sass said...

Hey there again,
I can't wait until 8:30 turn. My boy has been talking about TDK ALL day long:):)
The fans boys have pushed it to # 3 on IMDB. BBM is not yet on IMDB's top 250 movie list but we know why...unfortunately.
Happy/sad times for us all.

sass said...

Not spamming UV; my mind is like scattered bird shot.:)
I just read the article you posted about BBM and Heath's performance, and I have to express my gratitude by posting; I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us.

chica said...

Happy/sad times indeed sass. I will be seeing it tonight. Thanks for the links, the numbers are staggering.

bobbyanna said...

I've been doing my Saturday rounds, including a walk around our shopping district, and everywhere I went, people were talking about Batman...and Heath Ledger. How strange to hear people say,"I want to go see that Heath Ledger movie!" But I did. And it was wonderful. Those who'd seen it were making plans to see it again, those who had not seen it were on their way. You're right, sass. Happy/sad times. I think this evening, I will spend with William Thatcher.;)

ellena said...

Let's hope we see an AA for his role

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

Batman TDK is great! The cast is great!
The Joker is crazy! He never saw the Heath on the scene, but the Joker!
Thank you, Ledger!

Monica said...

Reese is in LA:

Reese Witherspoon At Neil George Salon

suvee said...

Monica, thanks for sharing the Reese sighting.

I have a feeling there's gonna be a whole lot of texting going on. :)

Erin said...

I wonder when she will see Jake again

Maybe in LA taking the kids to Ryan

sheba baby said...

I won't be able to see TDK until next week, but i'm curious to find out how you guys feel about it.

I don't think I have heard one bad review.

daily mail said...

Yeah, i know the source but still she was in London (with a side trip to Paris) and now she is in LA, next stop Morocco??:

"Reese is said to be taking a four month break from working in which she is travelling back and forth from LA to London.

She is rumoured to join Jake in Morocco when his film Prince of Persia moves production there".

sag actor said...

Saw TDK this afternoon, Heath was amazing, played the Joker as a total madman, creepy and riveting, he was the best thing in the movie IMO.

Loved Bale and Eckhardt as well, Maggie was good but she wasn't given much to do, still i liked her better than Holmes.

The end of the film kinda of fell a part a bit at the end, but that's just a small quibble for me, this was the best movie I have sen this year and I can understand all the oscar talk with Ledger.

PS: I was right, Reese did return to LA.

UltraViolet said...

Glad to hear everyone's reactions to TDK. And to see some folks delurking - hello :) :) :)

I think I'll be seeing TDK Monday night, if it's not sold out.

There really is an incredible buzz. We had a wrk offsite on Thursday, and we were discussing over cocktails. One of my colleagues said "I think we have to see it, don't we?" So it's a social imperative now!

I have a feeling there's gonna be a whole lot of texting going on.

Hee! I think you're right, suvee.

UltraViolet said...

Loved this Jake quote about Maggie, from a Times Online article:

A quote I’d read comes back to me: something about someone asking her little brother, Jake, to say five words about her and him replying, “Can I have six?”, and then saying, “She is not as she seems.” Well, he should know.

Holy run-on sentence, Batman. But still, a very interesting and telling quote.

enigma said...

Reese and her cute dog in Santa Monica. She looks lovely.

sass said...

Morning peeps:)
TDK is not a movie to see at 9PM, get out near midnight, get home at 0130 and then try to get some shut-eye. NO WAY!:)
Babblers all, you will NOT see Heath on screen, just the Joker.
I was riveted to the screen, shocked at the dialog, the characterizations, frightened out of my wits sometimes, but I had a hella 2.5 hour ride.
I will go over to spoilers and try to compose a small post/review tomorrow, but I fear I may have to see it again, to get my puny thoughts in order, so that it will make sense.

Jake is going to love Maggie and Heath's performance. Heath gives one of the most evil, psychotic, frightening, with just a touch of comedy performances, I've ever seen in my entire life.
I liken his performance to Hannibal Lector of "Silence of The Lambs" and Anton Chigurh of "No Country For Old Men", both of whom gave brilliant, cold, psychotic, chilling performances.

OH NO babblers, I was not sad tonight; I yelled, screamed just a little, almost jumped out of my seat a coupla times, cheered, shed a few tears, laughed and applauded both during the movie and during the dedication to Heath, as did all the other movie goers in the theater.
I had hella good time; trust me, you will not think of Heath not being with us for that 2.5 hours, because he is THAT good on screen. There is NO Heath on screen just the JOKER!
Maggie is definitely an upgrade from Katie. She's a real talent, the real deal and a great actress. I am glad she's getting this exposure. She rocked her part.
Aaron Eckhart surprised me with an intense powerful performance. The cast is superb; beyond brilliant in my estimation.
Each member of the ensemble works; the movie should be nominated for an Oscar: Christopher Nolan made a crime drama, not just a comic book movie; Heath should win a posthumous Oscar...the first since Peter Finch, if the Academy does the right thing.
He has given three totally original performances with characters created using his genius: Monster's Ball, BBM, and now The Joker. He'd better get an award this time; an Oscar if you please members of the Academy.
I'll be back later tomorrow to post about the plot, scenes, particular dialog and other events in Spoilers...if the joker will allow me to sleep:lol:lol

UltraViolet said...

Wow, Sass, thanks for the great review of the scene and the movie. It's amazing what an event this is turning out to be.

Such a shame that Heath isn't here to see the reaction and to see the reults of his hard work and creativity.

On another note, Gemma Arterton's site has a brief interview with her. She discusses PoP a bit and also mentions that she hasn't met Jake yet (s of the time of the interview, obviously).

I'm a little surprised Disney cast a lead couple without testing the chemistry!

gabbana said...

Thanks everybody for the reviews and experience with TDK. In Germany we have to wait until August 22, so no buzz so far here.

Heath would surely enjoy all the reactions especially of the fans - all the press and promotion hoopla perhaps not so much...

Wow, Gemma A. calls PoP "sultry" (I had to look that word up.:-))) and "sexy".

UV I agree with your "chemistry" comment - there are so many films where the lead actors are lacking this chemistry so one would think this is an important aspect while casting...

gabbana said...

Has anyone seen this interview with Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan on Nailed

This sounds so strange - I really hope they manage to get this one released and not going straight to DVD.

And on the IMDB side of "Nailed" Jon Stewart is listed as "himself".

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for that gabbana, Nailed is indeed sounding, err, very strange

chica said...

Wow, what a great review sass!!

I agree, you don't see Heath on screen you just see the Joker. I will add that there was a touch of Alex from Clockwork Orange that I was reminded of. What a performance, i will be shocked if he isn't nomminated.

The movie is dark, more so then Batman Begins, the rest of the cast were excellent,Maggie, Cristian, Aaron. Nolan has hit it out of the park with his direction.

I'll stop now here before I give away any spoilers. I'll give the full review on the spoiler thread later.

Anonymous said...

I think Nailed is gonna be an entertaining movie. Funny and strange. :)

Erin said...

sorry for the bad link :(

The kids are back in LA with father, and there are pictures of Reese to

extra said...


Batman breaks box office bank
'Dark Knight' nabs an estimated $155.4 million

bobbyanna said...

Thanks erin and extra!

I see my guy has his "Invincible Iron Man t-shirt on!! I love watching his expressions, especially the "menacing frown" at the photographers.

When you consider that TDK hasn't opened in the UK or the rest of Europe yet, I think it will probably end up in the four or five top grossing movies of all time.

I think while the franchise itself is popular, it was Heath's Joker that really put them over the top. I only wish he were here to squirm, and fidget and try to be modest. At the end of the day,you know he probably would have been delighted his Joker is so well recieved.

He took a risk doing it with Nicholson's Joker etched in the popular imagination. But as he pointed out, they are two distinctly different characters.

josie said...

I was going to say that TDK was the best comic book movie ever and it is IMO, but I will go further and say it is the best movie I have seen this year. I should also ad that it was more than a comic book movie, it was a dark, well acted, directed crime drama. Not for the kiddies.

Heath was off the charts, wild, creepy, funny just brillant. The rest of the cast were excellent and Aaron Eckhardt was a standout as Dent. Loved Maggie (improvement over Katie)and of course Bale.

The talk of Heath and the oscar isn't hype, he is that good and I will go farther and say that TDK and Nolan deserves AA nods as well.

shondra said...

Thanks for all of your reviews, I can't wait to see it.

Reese is adorale and so is her dog, thanks for the link!

extra said...

Vote for which magazine you will buy:

The People magazine cover with Brangelina is in first place followed by Jake and Reese on Us in second place.

sass said...

Evenin' babblers,
TDK visuals are still flashing through my mind...just checking in to say hi:)

Reese is holding a rather hi-tech device: she was never ever papped with it that I can recall before you know who.;)
I say there, who is making this couple's house rules again? :lol:lol:lol

Reese is texting who?:)

Anonymous said...

Box Office Mojo has the weekend projections in and it's official. TDK has outpaced Spiderman 3!!! If you combine overseas from Australia mexico and South America, it is already hovering just below $200million for it's opening weekend!!! This is amazing, especially since it wasn't a three day holiday weekend opening. It may very well top Titanic for all time box office record, once it's run is completed and DVD sales start.

Erin said...

sorry I am confused, is that blue phone Jakes?

also I thought in the pictures she was driving Jakes BMW

sass said...

OH Erin... gotta love ya...I was talking about Reese being papped while texting on her Blackberry; a new activity for her or so it seems. I have been her fan for a very long time...since before Fear or Election, and had not seen her texting very much...and we all know Jake is totally attached to his Blackberry I felt like trying to make a funny but I may missed that boat.

Erin said...

now I get the joke, I reread what you wrote
I don't know how to text :P poor me

sass said...

One more TDK note. For the first time in few years, a movie, TDK, has toppled The Godfather and is #1 ranked in the Top 250 movies.

IMDB TDK is #1 movie

Anonymous said...

The UK premier of The Dark Night is today, pics of Maggie and Peter in London on Wenn. I wonder if Jake will go?.

agent_krycek said...

Unlikley Anon 3:19AM - he's in Morocco filming at the moment.

sag actor said...

TDK is the #1 movie on IMDB!?? That's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it yet (not really my sort of film), but those that have can you honestly say it deserves to be anywhere near the top, is TDK anywhere near as good as The Godfather, BBM (which isn't even in the top 250) will it go down as a masterpiece, or is it as somebody elsewhere said a popularity poll.

bobbyanna said...

Personally, I really do not like to compare films, especially different genres of films. I think each work stands on it's own merits.

So for me, comparing The Godfather with TDK, doesn't ever even cross my mind. I mean, box office is, in effect a " popularity contest" with a quantifiable unit of measure, dollars.

In its own way,the IMDB list is a "popularity contest" too, because of how it's developed, but that doesn't make it less valid. Certain films appeal to certain demographics at certain times.

What is far more interesting to me, is the older films that have sustained a level of popularity and interest over time. So having Charlie Chaplin films on the list, or Clint Eastwood's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on the list interests me.

Will TDK become a classic? only time will tell. Because, for me,I think time determines what is "classic." In popular usage, certain words are thrown around rather promiscuously, so the term "classic" might mean different things to different people today.

But I definitely think TDK does belong on the list, and I think it will be a classic in its genre. I felt it had some editing/pacing issues, again, my own observation,
but taken as a whole, it was well executed, had excellent production values and a stellar cast.

I also thought it raised some very interesting questions and reflected a very accurate picture of some social and cultural and even some political (small "p") issues we need to think about.
So, yeah. I think it belongs on the list.

FluorescentLamp said...

New post. See you there.