Monday, July 7, 2008

It's a rainy day in London town

UPDATE: The face emerges!

Jake and Reese seen leaving Scott's restaurant in Mayfair after dinner with Jerry Bruckheimer.

Thanks, Stephanie, for your super speedy uploading skills!
Pics courtesy of IHJ.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon got caught in the London rain today as they were apparently returning home.

I'd know that nose anywhere!

TMZ posted the horseback riding video, so if you'd like to see it without that annoying Mr Pap logo, go here.

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks UV I'd know those hands anywhere, I live about 50miles from London and the weather hear was atrocious(sp) today, thunder, lightning, heavy downpours all day long.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh hey look! It's...umm... Wow, look at that nice sidewalk. Oh and there's Reese!

UltraViolet said...

Hee. How did the paps get so close to a member of the Gyllenhair Protection Program! Though the hood did remain firmly in place, so sceurity was not completely lax.

Erin said...

Dig! her silver purse bag!

Monica said...

Hello, bablers!

Thank you, UV and Steph!
I want to go to London !!!!!

suvee said...

"I'd know that nose anywhere!"

And I'd know those shoes anywhere! :)

Now, seriously....... exactly how long can he stay hidden under a hoodie? I know it was raining, but still......

I guess the paps now know where J & R are living (oh, there's that giddy/guilt thing!).

Thanks UV and Stephanie for the new pics.

UltraViolet said...

exactly how long can he stay hidden under a hoodie?

This sounds like the beginning of a riddle...

Another sighting. From the comments on that Metro article:

Funny, I literally ran into Jake at the grocer on Elgin on Monday evening. Guess the kids with him must have been Reese's. He looked tired but cute.

Ignore the ignorant other comments. Sadly, the haters managed to find their way out of their usual cyber cellars.

Erin said...

hmmm.. maybe Jake is doing some cooking while he is over there

grocer on Elgin

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake's letting someone else do the cooking :)

I'm off to see Get Smart (which can't be worse than last week's movie, the soul-suckingly miserable Wanted). But before I go, one more sighting:

and rumor has it that reese witherspoon is staying in a house down the street...people saw her and jake gyllenhal running in the park across the street last week.

lawgoddess said...

I'm sure they aren't happy about their temporary home being found, I hope they don't have to move.

But I'm giddy/guilty too.:)

Any word on whether there will be an actors' strike? I wasn't following the news when I was away.

Seems like originally people thought Jake was in England for a short time, maybe wardrobe fittings, but it looks like he's there for the filming now.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for those sightings, UV.

We're almost there.

josie said...

I feel bad about the paps finding out about where they live as well, but it's the giddy/guilty thing with me as well.

Thanks for the links to the sightings too!!

Erin said...

I wonder where Atticus is?

FluorescentLamp said...

He's at doggy daycare, Erin.

Erin said...

Jake probably misses Atticus :(

I bet Atticus is hiding in London, wearing a hooded dog collar

sheba baby said...

Looks like they caught up with them, hoodies and all. The second sighting of the kids, i know they are doing their best to keep low key, but it wasn't gong to last.

Yes we know that nose and hands anywhere!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of celebs in London who go about largely unnoticed. I hate that they are at their house. Out on the street is one thing, but outside their front door isn't something I can enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Pics of Jake & Reese out to dinner with producer Jerry Bruckheimer on the fadedyouthblog!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, anon. I added a couple to the main blog post.

His nose looks so gorgeous!

(FL has a thing for noses)

Bette said...

I'm enjoying all the new pics. I love how concerned Jake seems about Reese in the shots with Jerry. Awww. :(

Bette said...

Also the long piece of hair sticking out from the jacket hood. That's much longer then he had in the riding pics it seems like, or am I making that up?

Erin said...

I still see the chest hair :P

Reese looks stunning beautiful in that black dress coat and heels!

I still can't get used to Jakes long hair :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so fast FL. They're so cute in these photos!

By the way, what did you mean when you said that we're almost there. Almost where?

Erin said...

well I did a study of the pictures


His lips!!!!
His blue eyes in that protective Reese stare, his eyes seem more intense with the new long hair and hood up.
That little peak of chest hair
Ok I am going Jake smitten crazy here...

who is that little man behind them in the glasses and black hat?

UltraViolet said...

Wow - there is definitely something about these profile pics that gets to me. What a nice site to come home to. Thanks for getting them up so fast, FL! (And Stephanie, of course.)

There are a few more on WENN. I'm not going to post them because they have the big watermark al over them. Hopefully, Stephanie will be able to get them.

There's one full length of Jake alone, a few with Reese touching Jakes back. And one where you can just see their hands touch.

And a real Unabomber shot of Jake through the rainy window

UltraViolet said...

I found untagged versions of the three pics I mentioned and posted them, FYI.

agent_krycek said...

Firstly I just have to scream quite loudly I SWEAR I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT AS THE ONE JAKE IS WEARING - It's a Ben Sherman I think, 'tis my official pottering in the garden shirt (and stolen off an ex BF).

The weather in London yesterday was dreadful, the down pours were monsoon like, not looking much better today I'm afraid :(

agent_krycek said...

In fact, thinking about it, I haven't seen my Ben Sherman shirt in a while - JAKE HAS STOLEN MY CLOTHING!!!

Bette said...

I'm thinking we are going to get on set pics soon enough and get to see the hair in full. Not just him practicing somewhere, and I'm guessing he got extensions now. That is one long strand of hair.

brothers spy said...

Good morning everyone.

Hey agent_k,

It doesn't seem as if the weather is co-operating in London. What's the forecast for the coming days? Will there be any kind of let up in the rain?

BTW, there's no way his hair grew that fast, those are definitely extensions. But I must say, from what little i've seen so far they did a good job.

Anyone have any information regarding the filming schedule?

agent_krycek said...

The weather forecast is dismal for the next couple of days, sadly, and I've got a week off coming up, which practically guarantees rotten weather. And this is why us Brits are obsessed by the weather, one week ago, boiling hot, glourious, this week, wet, non too warm and a bit breezy.

With regards Jake stealing my clothing, he may have made off with my Ben Sherman shirt (and Mr Gyllenhaal, I have already phoned Scotland Yard, expect a visit very shortly), but I bear no responsibility for those bird patterned plaid things he seem to have a brief mania for.

BTW, forgot to say, being a bit taken aback by Jake's washing line stealing tendancies, Reese looks gorgeous.

Lemon said...

Is her hair even shorter or is it just me?

Jake's POP look is really starting to come together now. I guess it can't be long until filming starts.

Anyway, here's hoping they all have a good time in blighty...with the rain. Though I just got back from a London weekend, and it doesn't rain half as much as it does up here in the north!

chica said...

Thanks for the picture update! Unibomber, LOL!! Yes he does look like the Unabomber and I agree, those are extensions, no way his hair grew that fast unless he's a chia pet!

He looks casual and hot she looks dressy and gorgeous, and yes her hair is a bit shorter to me.

It looked more like a business dinner with Jerry there.

extra said...

Snarky comments from dailymail online about the different styles of dress for Jake and Reese. Also brothers spy they claim that he will be in the UK for a few months to film Pop and no mention of Morocco. They also say that the kids are in the US with Ryan but there have been a few sightings of the kids, I just think they assume they are in the US because they only spoted them w/o the kids, I assume they are with a nanny while they go out.

Anonymous said...

This was a blurb from fadedyouth that were posted along with these pictures:

"Meanwhile, rumours are mounting that Jake and Reese may join forces once again on the big screen. Though after the box office disaster that was Rendition, we’re still struggling to believe that one!

Hmmm. I haven't heard anything, last year it was some Valentines day movie, that rumor died and then this year it was 2012, that is now going to star John Cusack.

Is this an old rumor recycled or is something new brewing?

BTW: Metro is just another rag, the fact that they didn't even mention the Morocco filming speaks volumns.

bobbyanna said...

What a lovely way to wake up!!!!! Thanks UV/FL (and Stephanie, of course!). Had no idea weather was so soggy in the summer! I think it's only a matter of time before Jake is caught with his hood down ;)

Wonder if there have been any family outings with horses?

UV, I saw Wanted and I have to say. I totally share your oppinion. What a waste. Hope Get Smart was better! Haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

More pics on Celebrity Gossip, this one shows more of his hair.

sallykirkland said...

Great pictures! It occurs to me that when two young actors have their own production companies, it is extrememely helpful to be able to break bread with someone as successful as Jerry Bruckheimer. He's PoP's producer, yes, but might he also be accessible to them in an "advisor" role as well?

extra said...

Thanks anon., yes you can see more of his hair in that pic.

He also seems to be having a bit of a confrontation with one of the paps, it appears he is telling one of them to back away, he doesn't look too thriled.

lawgoddess said...

Unabomber, hee!

I get all mushy when I see how protective Jake is with Reese.Makes me love him even more.

Thank you for posting these so quickly.

sass said...

Morning UV, FL, and babblers all,
Good news for me on my way to of Jake and Reese with Jake as usual protecting Reese *swoon* his lady love and both looking drenched.
back soon to enjoy

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about that blogger mention of them jogging last week:

Last week the pair were spotted jogging together and when paparazzi tried to take their photograph Jake about turned and jogged the opposite way

Very snarky comment BTW, maybe JUST maybe, they want a little privacy and God forbd if they want to go out like normal people once in awhile. But it also seems like the paps caught up with them last week.

FluorescentLamp said...

At some point most of that facial hair will have to come off leaving him with some little goatee or some such, but I see Dastan taking shape quite nicely here.

Monica said...

What good way to start a morning!

Thank you, Uv and Steph! And all bablers the link's!

I love this suspense that Jake is to hide your hair!
I am more curious!

gabbana said...

Reese looks good in her dress/coat and Jerry Bruckheimer looks also fine but our Jake looks a bit like a homeless guy..... :-))

It will be interesting to see how long they will stay in London. I am not happy the paps found out their home there.

It looks like the rumours about shootings in Morocco starting at the end of July are true.
Are there any news about the strike? I am not up-to-date with this.

Anonymous said...

Lots more pics on IHJ.

chica said...

Jake is channeling Donnie Darko with these hoodie pics!

Reese looks fab but Jake looks like the unibomber, LOL!! Thanks for the pics!

chica said...

I checked out the rest of the pics posted on IHJ and he really looks upset and so does she. And the paps now know where they live as well, sigh.

Gabbana, I have not heard any updates regarding the SAG strike either.

UltraViolet said...

Reese has also already been papped this morning. So it looks like the gloves (but not the hoods!) are definitely off.

FluorescentLamp said...

I think we should keep in mind that all these pics were taken in a span of probably 30 seconds (maybe less) - from doorway to car. I think overanalyzing them is neither helpful nor correct. If he looks slightly annoyed it's probably because he couldn't find his way to the car door through all the paps and flashes.

brothers spy said...

I think Hollywood is assuming that another strike won't happen because there are several big budget productions either under way or about to start.

Big-budget films currently being made: Terminator Salvation; Transformers II; Angels and Demons (DaVinci Code sequel); Prince of Persia.

agent_krycek said...

What Reese is wearing today is making me laugh so much, it's exactly what the weather is like now, one minute is cold and pouring with rain - hence the jeans and cardy, next its bright, sunny and warm, hence the stappy wedges and sunglasses - just been chatting with a client saying how it's impossible to judge how to dress at the moment as the weather's changing radically from one minute to the next.

I think the paps from last night was actually more about them turning up in a swanky Mayfair restaurant, a pap hang out, rather then them being stalked, hopefully it won't get too bad, camping out of doorstep style, but as they're unlikely to pull an Amy Winehouse, it's unlikely, or start doing a Vicky Beckham and tipping them off to where she'll be.

brothers spy said...

I have a feeling that we knew Jake and Reese were in London together before a lot of people there (and maybe here). They got privacy last week because no one knew they were there. But I don't think that's going to last. Now that the paps know where they are, and where they live, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them.

This story is now getting a lot of attention in the UK. I just hope the paps aren't too intrusive. It's obvious they tried to keep things as low key as possible.

Thanks for the updates guys.

Back to work...

BTW, Reese looks cute with that scarf tied around her head (or is it a bandana?). Either way, head gear suits her well.

agent_krycek said...

I just hope the paps aren't too intrusive.

They're appalling if they think there's dirt to be dug up, she may drive me nuts by throwing away her talent, but the treatment of Amy Winehouse disgusts me, they're literally camped out on her doorstep eager to photograph the next stage of her descent, very depressing.

With J&R, if they're not in known celeb spots they should be okay apart from the odd street shot as they wander about doing their daily business, they may get targeted a bit early on, but in 'pap' terms they're a bit of a non story - happy, stable, in love couple going about their own business - no dirt to be had there.

Erin said...

I'm on Jake chest hair watch!

current chest hair Status: up over his shirt

just the thought of all that chest hair .. sets me in a hot frenzy

josie said...

I agree with your comments regarding Amy agent k and J&R, they wil probably bug them a bit in the beginning but they are a non-story, happy, stable, etc.

Love all the pic and updates, thanks!

bobbyanna said...

Everything depends on the market ($$$) for pictures. Before, there were so many celebs at the usual chic hangouts and hotels, they didn't have to work hard at all to get pictures. Since Jake and Reese were not in the popular haunts, they were largely ignored.

Hello! announced Jake in London, then Reese was spotted at the airport, but it took a while for the paps to work their way around to them.

If there's a market for Jake and Reese separately or together, they will be followed. The furor may eventually die out in the UK, but for American tabloids, it will remain profitable. Morocco may be coming up just in time. I'm very grateful the kids have been left undisturbed. Hope the weather improves.

UltraViolet said...

If you want to try to count Jake's eyelashes or strands of hair under that hoodie, check out Celebutopia. They have some really big pics from last night. Make sure to click the pic to embiggen.





UltraViolet said...

Stephanie has posted even more pics, including one in which Jake adheres to the rules of the Gyllenhair Protection Program.

Also, Reese and the kids at the Tate Museum

sheba baby said...

Thanks for all the updates/links/pictures everyone!

I'm starting to come around to Jake with long hair and Reese looks fabulous. They didn't look too pleased with the pas, can't blame them.

So now we know 100% that the kids are in the UK too, Ava looks so grown up with her glasses.

enigma said...

Reese looks great in that bandana.

UltraViolet said...

Reese looks great these days. And why wouldn't she? :)

I meant to link this earlier, but got wrapped up in the picture frenzy. It's nothing new or definitive, but Variety puts the Brothers release date at December 4.

I've seen alternate dates/date TBD listed on sites other than IMDb, which has 12/4. So I'm happy to see it hasn't gotten pushed back, as far as Variety knows at least.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV. I wouldn't be surprised if Brothers screens at TIFF in September. I think that UMP and the Joe Namath biopic are way down the road, sometime in '09. Jake will barely catch a break from PoP before it's time to promote Brothers. Then Nailed in '09? (hopefully.) I hate to say this. I really hope he gets a good chunk of down time...but I also hope to see more movie projects added to his schedule, too.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking how different it must be for Reese to be with a man who laughs and smiles a lot. So different to Ryan Phillipe.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments I have been reading on various sites are just so mean and sad.

Anonymous said...

Then don't read them. And please don't bring them here.

UltraViolet said...

Snippy anon, don't tell other posters what to do. The anon before you didn't say anything specific; s/he was not dragging the nasty stuff here. Sometimes, you just need to vent

Two-above anon: Venting a little is understandable, as it is quite sad to read some of the idiotic comments around the net today. But instead of just complaining about it, why not post something positive or informative, as well?

And anon-up-three, let's not do the Ryan-bashing thing.

Monica said...

Thank you for information on Brothers!
I believe that Brothers participate in the Veneza Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival.

UltraViolet said...

I hope so, Monica. I'd love to see Jake back in Venice, especially. Sigh... Venice.

If he goes, I hope Reese goes, too!

UltraViolet said...

I don't think I saw anyone post this link. I know some of the shots are a bit funny, but they made me smile. And the commentary isn't hateful, which is always nice.

Narcissa said...

I'm finding the rough look rather hot. :) He'll look something like that in Brothers, I would say.

Some of the Lady & the Tramp comments are actually on the money!

UltraViolet said...

Hee - the Lady and the Tramp jokes cracked me up, too, Narcissa. There are other, much uglier comments to which I was referring. But enough of that. Rough Jake is a much sexier subject.

mustthinkofaname said...

I don't think this pic was posted here yet...

Reese with hand on Jake's back

Bette said...

I absolutely love all the new pics. I'm hoping we'll see pics of Jake with the kids soon too, even if they are intrusive. I think I'll die from the cuteness of that though.

shondra said...

Thanks for the link to the Variety article UV, I hope that Brothers is screened at TFF and Venice too monica and bobbyanna.

I think both Jake and Reese look hot, they looked a bit annoyed at the paps but still hot!

Ava looks adorable, i never saw her wearing glasses before.

extra said...

According to Just Jared, this is the part of the museum that Reese took the kids to:

Kudos to Reese for taking her kids to such a cool museum and I'm with you bette i would die from cuteness of Jake/Ava/Deacon pics!

Anonymous said...

Ultraviolet that link is adorable! Rough!Jake is extremely sexy. Reese looks really cute...but maybe just a wee bit "tired?" sitting in the car.

I wonder how I'd feel if some random photographers were trying to lean into, or force their way into my car for flash pictures. Talk about an invasion of space!!

I have no idea how paps are in London, but they have been known to shout at their subjects and say things that can get kind of offensive and boorish.

Erin said...

I feel bad the paps bother Reese and Jake, that is just part of fame and wealthy

But I am very sure they have plenty of behind close door moments :p
if you know what I mean.
I'm sure they are not lacking private time

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese only got papped at a popular restaurant, or Reese out shopping, or at the museum with the kids. All public spaces.

At least they didn't have helicopter paps shooting them from the air in the privacy of their own home, like Ryan did.

UltraViolet said...

Guess you didn't see the shots taken yesterday as they were returning home, anon. Nice try.

suvee said...

I'm finding the rough look rather hot.

You and me both, narcissa! He looks pretty freaking good to me. Loving his hair... well, what I can see of it.

And can I please get a round of applause...... I just (finally!) figured out how to italicize and bold. It's a miracle. Many thanks to FL for the tutorial. :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Suvee, THIS is for YOU!

suvee said...

Thanks, FL! You are a great teacher. :)

I'm not sure I'm ready to attempt proper links, but I will try eventually. Baby steps.....

Bette said...

HA! Suvee the day you do a proper link is the day I'll link you to a gold star. It will be a glorious moment. :*

smile said...

Hi Babblers,
this has fast become the number one place of news concerning our favourite couple.
Thanks for the links, pics and news.

And I dare everyone to walk through a storm of flashlights and not hide their face or squint or look annoyed. I know my eyes would be firmly shut the whole time. I look awful when flashlights are used and always have my eyes closed. It´s quite challenging to look good with that kind of treatment.

Liked how the Daily Mail had a spy inside, who commented on their being close.
I think it´s classy that they try to make every picture, which is taken, into one her kids may see without them being irritated. That´s real class.

agent_krycek said...

There was a little bit in the Evening Standard last night about the dinner at Scotts, nothing new in particular, although the shot of Reese was stunning, I think she was sitting in the car. It mentioned they were on there way to a house party after (I really want to make a silly Mr Blobby/Noel Edmunds based joke here, but as it would mean nothing to anyone outside the UK, I'll refrain).

Ava is a right little mini me of Reese, she looks so sweet in her glasses, and the Tate is great. I think it might be museums again today, the rain is pouring :(

gabbana said...

While reading through the blogs and sides (and ignoring the mean comments) it is interesting how many people thinking that Jakes sruffy look is sexy....:-))

It was obviously a kind of business dinner with Bruckheimer and "Scotts" is a pap-frequented restaurant. I am sure there will be enough nice little places/pubs/bistros and restaurants where they won´t be harrassed and enjoy their privacy.

"I have no idea how paps are in London, but they have been known to shout at their subjects and say things that can get kind of offensive and boorish."

There is a reason why Robbie Williams left England and now lives in the US.

Thanks for the link to the Variety article, UV. They are usually very reliable and the 4th of December sounds like an excellent release date. "Brothers" as a serious, character focused film will need some buzz - a premiere at one of the Filmfestivals is a must.
The first screenings seemed to be promising...

Jake will have a busy schedule during the next months - filming PoP and then promoting "Brothers".

And I keep my fingers crossed that "Nailed" will find its niche too..

brothers spy said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for that Variety link about Brothers UV. That December 4th date (first Friday of December) seems to be the one mentioned most, so it seems to make sense that it'll come out then.

As for the Festivals, for what it's worth I heard a rumor a couple of weeks back (around the time they had the screenings) that the producers would be submitting the film for consideration to both TIFF and the New York Film Festival (I heard nothing about Venice). In fact, the submission deadline for Toronto was a week or two after those first screenings, so maybe the timing wasn't a coincidence.

Neither festival has announced which films were accepted for viewing yet. Apparently, and I didn't know this before, hundreds (if not a thousand or more) films are submitted to these festivals and only a handful are chosen. There is a deadline for when a film can be submitted. The deadline has passed for TIFF, I think. This bit of information would coincide with everything else we know regarding screeings for Brothers these past couple of weeks.

Personally, I strongly suspect that Brothers will be shown in Toronto. But that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

From the Daily Star, one of the worst UK rags, but could be true.

Snog on Menu

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant one of the worst tabs.

Anonymous said...

I came across this post/comments from It's one of the pictures of Jake and Reese leaving
Scotts. It has a different take on the pics and if the Daily Star is even partially true about the staff catching them kissing near the cloak room and them resuming behind the bike shed, maybe the comments here aren't too far off:

They did look a bit buzzed to me in the pics.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 7:23 here again: I also want to add that Jake's hair appears to be wet even though he has his hoddie on, and Reese's hair looks a little damp. Did it get damp from leaving Scott's and getting in their car or was it because he had his hood down while with Reese while they were near the bike shed, as in outdoors in the rain?

My theory: That they weren't so much pissed at the pap presence at Scott's but was spooked at the thought that they got a picture of them smooching in the rain near a bike rack which sounds hot/romantic to me but for them with the kids in the UK, that pic would have been splashed all over and i really think they try and have kept their PDA to a minimum, we only get glimpses like that fan photo last week.

Just speculation on my part, but plausible.

agent_krycek said...

Anon 7:39 AM, I don't think the bike shed comment was meant seriously - the whole 'behind the bike sheds' comment is just a phrase, the bike sheds was the place, at school, where the naughty girls and bad boys would go to snog out of sight of the teachers (not that I'd know anything about that ;-) )- just a turn of phrase really, I'll guarantee Scotts wouldn't even have bike sheds :D

Knowing the Star and how it works, a quick peck on the cheek as they pass each other will rapidly become a full on make out session.

Anonymous said...

The "bike shed" reference,I think, was an expression to continue the "teenagers" metaphor. Reese's hair was dry. The smooching inside the restaurant sounds much more believable. They have been known to 'indulge' in the past...;)It is also possible they were tipsy. Who knows! They've successfully avoided notice for nearly two weeks. They will again. Now the paparazzi have their pictures, there isn't anything left to report. Same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ok thanks for clearing that up!

They still look a litle buzzed and damp to me.....

Anonymous said...

I agree about the "buzzed" look! Wondered why Jake's shirt is all wrinkley towards the if someone was clutching it??? (sigh.) I think Jake looked OK for dinner. Imagine him earlier, with his hair combed and no jacket, unwrinkled shirt. All he'd have to do is smile and he's just fine! In fact, he needn't even smile.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add, Reese doesn't look tipsy so much as she looks like she is more then ready to continue whatever they were about in the cloakroom. My, but they do generate a lot of heat!

sag actor said...

Update on the SAG contract:

AFTRA members voted for the contract, 64% of the member did, that means that about 40% rejected the contract. SAG is still negotiating. The prevailing thought is that SAG will eventually agree to this contract as well, a strike would be devasating to the industry. So all SAG is doing now is blowing smoke.

sag actor said...

And from variety:

The AFTRA victory signals that there's not enough support among SAG's 120,000 members to vote for a strike authorization, which would require 75% approval. Still to be decided is whether the 37.6% support for SAG in the AFTRA vote shows that the guild has enough clout to persuade the Alliance of Motion Picture & TV Producers to include a sweetener or two to close the deal with SAG.

SAG and the producers meet again on Thursday and that meeting will provide the key clue of how long talks can be expected to last. TV and film productions want to know as soon as possible how quickly they can resume a normal work schedule

tell the truth said...

Here the spin stories and lies start :(
I doubt Jake was drunk or he and Reese were making out/drunk Geez.. at at a Bruckheimer dinner, yea right

Now the spin needs to start to see the Reese and Jake pictures, normally Reese and Jake are respectful and low key, the paps need a story to sell their pictures.

"Remember that airplane sex story"

I believe none of this shit..

you know who I am....

Me said...

I am not a troll, I am expressing what I feel

Can't Reese and Jake just walk from dinner to their car without all these stories, drunk, kissing this or that

They just were walking to their car after dinner

bobbyanna said...

I agree somewhat. I don't think Jake and/or Reese were "tipsy" at dinner at all. Especially at a semi-business dinner (bcz even if it were social, Bruckheimer is still the producer of his film.)

So, yeah. Very possible the media is trying to spin a story to go with the pictures, which are really pretty ordinary pictures except for the way Jake looks.-

However, I have no problem at all believing they stole a kiss by the coat room. Maybe it was reported as much more then it actually was, maybe not. But it could've happened!;)

Thanks for the information on the status of the SAG contract. Sounds like they will probably settle. At least the possibility of a strike seems less.

agent_krycek said...

Here the spin stories and lies start :(
I doubt Jake was drunk or he and Reese were making out/drunk Geez.. at at a Bruckheimer dinner, yea right

As I said, knowing the source of the story, a peck on the cheek became what was reported. Please realise, in the scummy world of the UK tabs, the Star is right at the bottom on the feeding chain (Only the Sport is lower), the Daily Star makes the National Enquirier look like a bastion of truth and accurate reporting.

UltraViolet said...

Normally I'd delete the anon at 11:38, but I'll leave it as an example of someone jumping all over another poster for no reason. Try to think before you assume the worst, finger-pointers!

As for the photos - there are a few pictures where one of both of them look buzzed, but we have no way of knowing if it was just an illusion, a little bit true or if they were really both hammered.

Okay, I don't think they were both hammered, but it is funny how the new storyline is drunk Jake, with a little drunk Reese on the side.

I love the bikeshed metaphor though. That will be my new saying!

And thanks for the strike updates, SAG actor. Fingers crossed that things are worked out, without the producers screwing the actors too much.

UltraViolet said...

Also, it's amusing to see an anonymous poster calling someone else a troll. Why not cowboy up and pick a name and an identity?

gabbana said...

Sorry - this story is so BS IMO, but made me laugh so hard.

So J & R were waiting for their coats and suddenly got horny and started making out....And where was J. Bruckheimer?? Paying the bills or what......*lol*

Honestly - such a behaviour at a business dinner?

And to me Jake also did not look drunk in most of the pics, perhaps some wine or beer...but reading some of the comments people seem to like a drunken Jake.....This pairing is obviously too "boring" and normal for the tabloids - there is no scandal? Lets make one...

Thanks for the updates on the strike/non-strike, Sag Actor.

agent_krycek said...

I love the bikeshed metaphor though

*Adopts stern voice* Just remember the rules of the bikeshed are, what happens behind the bikeshead, stays behind the bikeshed ;-)

Bad Cowboy said...

I'm sorry. Consider me properly chided, mate.

bad cowboy said...

Could you erase my original post now?

UltraViolet said...

Sure thing. Love the name :)

bobbyanna said...

Methinks Agent k has a little more then passing familiarity with the bike shed.....;)

Alas! I went to an all girls school with lots of nuns and no boys or bike sheds!

UltraViolet said...

I think you're right, Bobbyanna. Agent K seems very familiar with the protocol!

*Adopts stern voice* Just remember the rules of the bikeshed are, what happens behind the bikeshead, stays behind the bikeshed

Do you mean that if I get some bikeshed pics of Jake and Reese, I have to keep them to myself??

Lemon said...

I don’t know guys; I don't find this story [i]that[/i] hard to believe. Obviously they didn't go at it in a public place (or I imagine not). But think about it. The relationship is still fresh, they're in a foreign city, enjoying dinner out, a few glasses of wine, both looking gorgeous, ...

Certain moments can from one thing to another. Maybe they stole a wee kiss or maybe they got a little touchy feely. Nevertheless, it made me laugh so I'll believe it ;o)

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Lemon - it did make me smile, too. I don't have a problem if they stole a few kisses or copped a few feels. I'm pro-bikeshed!

Lemon said...

Hehe! Copping a feel behind the bike shed is one of life's pleasures =]

I've had many an American tell me they think London is romantic, so I'm guessing that plays some part.

agent_krycek said...

I simply don't know what you're all talking about, I'm a nice English girl, sitting here in my nice crinolene outfit being a good girl - look here's a picture of me talking a break from my embroidery and hymn singing

*I really, really, really will learn how to do links, promise*

UltraViolet said...

Copping a feel behind the bike shed is one of life's pleasures


And Agent K, you are the very picture of propriety. I'm thoroughly persuaded. ;)

Oh, and a belated Brava! to suvee for her bold mastery. Soon, you will all be linking and italicizing all over the internets.

law said...

"Do you mean that if I get some bikeshed pics of Jake and Reese, I have to keep them to myself??"

A vehement "No" to that, UV.

I don't know if Jake looks a bit lit or not, but when I was 27 I occasionally had a few drinks in public places. IMO not a big deal, especially since he wasn't driving.

I did think it was interesting that the picture of Reese with her hand on Jake's back was labelled "calm down." I think just as Jake is protective of Reese, she is protective of him. She is very touchy-feely with him, there are several pics/videos of her rubbing his back, touching him etc.

Lucky woman!

lawgoddess said...

"law" is me. Not sure how that happenned.

bobbyanna said...

"...the internets."

OMG. a "bushism."

I love the notion of them doing bikeshed kinds of things...I've seen enough photographs to decide Jake is very adept at copping...and, I think he is very, very familiar with the Bike Shed Philosophy. I am just delighted that Reese is on the same page!;)

Dear Agent k! From your vast experience, can you perhaps suggest which public venues have the best nooks and crannies providing a Bike Shed Atmosphere?
I would like to know just for my own edification? (busily looking up papparazzi e-mail addresses.)

Anonymous said...

There's something about Jake that makes you want to touch him.

sass said...

This iz the place to hang for laughs and fun! So the paps finally found them after two weeks...good onya Gyllenspoon. I'm still laughing.

Copping a feel behind the bike shed is one of life's pleasures



I heard that!

GO Gyllenspoon...more bike shed activity please.

I love how she's everywhere he is ALL the time...their thing is
And I loved this comment, Ms. Preppy McPrepperson, cause though I've been a fan of Reese's forever, her style choices rock now. Reese the scene wearing that coat and bag and shoes with rugged sexy Jake makes my day. OMG, she had her hand on his back. *damn* *swoon*
TY Babblers ALL!

paula said...

As much as I like seeing pictures of Jake and Reese, i find these pictures sad because IMO they both look upset. It appears in a few pics that he is pleading with the paps to back off, this plus the fact that they know where they live and are probably camped out there as i type this.

The kids are there with them as well and leaving and entering their home or arriving seperately isn't going to keep the stalkarazzi at bay.

FluorescentLamp said...

Heehee, that pic is funny, Agent_K. Oh I mean, you look every inch the proper lay-dee!

Now let's say you took the link from that pic and at the front of it insert a left facing caret ~ < ~.

And right after that caret you added the letter ~ a ~ without leaving a space between the left facing caret and the letter ~ a ~.

But then you hit the spacebar and typed in the following ~ href=" ~ (without the squigglies of course).

And then right after the open quotation mark you pasted the link of your choice.

And then you close the quoted link by adding a closing quotation mark at the end of the link you just pasted ( " ) following immediately by a RIGHT facing caret ~ > ~.

Then you want to give the hyperlink (because that's what we're doing, making hyperlinks) a name - you can name it anything you'd like. So you'd type that in directly after the closed and quoted link.

And THEN when all of that is finally done you have to close the href hyperlink by yet ANOTHER left facing caret ~ < ~ then adding a front slash ~ / and then the letter a again and finally, FINALLY you add the right facing caret ~ > to lock and close the whole thing up.

Et voila, you should have your hyperlink!

It's always important to remember that blogs and message boards have different commands - blogs use the open and close caret whereas message boards use an open and close bracket. And it's always important to remember to close your links or italics or boldings with the forward slash command - or the Off command.

UltraViolet said...

Maybe we should open up an old post and people can practice their html there!

Good afternoon, sass! I'm glad we (okay, Jake and Reese really) put a smile on your face.

A vehement "No" to that, UV.

LawGoddess has laid down the law - what happens in the J&R bikeshed doesn't have to stay there :)

I did think it was interesting that the picture of Reese with her hand on Jake's back was labelled "calm down."

And they also say she looks embarrassed. The creative interpretations are almost as entertaining as the pics themselves!

And Bobyanna, the "internets" never fails to amuse me! I probably use it too often, but hey, we're almost rid of him (YAY) so I'll use it while I can.

And Paula, don't be too upset by these pictures. It really was just a momentary thing. The pictures of them going home were worse than these, I think.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn'tbe surprised if they decided to find somewhere else to stay or else Reese and the kids stay some place seperate until the paps get bored.

gabbana said...

"I wouldn'tbe surprised if they decided to find somewhere else to stay or else Reese and the kids stay some place seperate until the paps get bored."

Reese checked into a hotel?

I don´t know if this is reliable...

extra said...

Don't know how reliable that is but i wouldn't be surprised if true. The firstpictures of them together in the UK were right in front of their place in Notting Hill, the 2nd set of pics was of them later on at Scott's and I suspect that they were camped out there all day and followed them to Scott's. Yes, it's a pap camping ground but there sure were a lot of them there that night.

They managed 2 whole weeks to avoid them and then BAM!! What next, pics of them and the kids leaving and entering their home?

If Reese and the kids are going to remain in the UK for a while longer, it best to find another place to stay with Jake or have seperate residences, sort of like the situation they have back home, together but they have their seperate homes.

erin said...

I bet they can't wait to get the hell out of London

The thought of them having to stay at different places breaks my heart :(
I feel this is a sad day

I hope this doesn't cause stress in their relationship

I am indeed sad at the news :(

FluorescentLamp said...

I somewhat suspect that this pic -

Reese at front door

Might have been the last straw. For not only does it appear the pap is right on their front stoop, it also looks like he could have been hiding behind the trash bins lying in wait.

I totally understand her wanting to remove the kids from that situation.

Erin said...

hmmmmmmm.. I wonder why they did think about a more private location before they moved over there.

They should have given this thought beforehand, like Brad and Angie rent a country estate.


UltraViolet said...

Don't get all atwitter, Erin. They aren't necessarily apart. It's just as it is in LA. Technically separate places, with Reese's place being more protected. As FL said, the paps just got too close.

chica said...

Thanks FL, I have not seen that picture. I don't blame her one bit, just surprised that it took that long to catch up with them, it looks like they were stalking them all day.

Don't worry erin, it would have been stress if they remained there, this is a lot better although i'm sure they are dissapointed.

I just don't see how she will return in a few days like that blog claims, I would think they would find another flat to rent if they choose, somewhere closer to the studio and far away from Notting Hill.

Erin said...

I hope all this bullshit doesn't cause stress or problems in their relationship


Anonymous said...

I think chica is right.

I predict they leave Notting Hill soon.

extra said...

Simmer down erin, this isn't bullshit, they made a mature, sensible decision. It would have caused stress/problems if it remained the same.

As UV said, they have the same set up like they do in L.A., maybe they should have done in the first place or maybe rent a flat with some security.

When news came out about Notting hill and the Us story about them living together in Brentwood, youseem tobe upset, Itook that as you not approving of them "living in sin", then it was yuor non-reaction to the backstage snuggling concert pictures.

I just find your comments odd.

Erin said...

I did comment on the backstage picture

As far as moving in and sharing a house I wish them the best

and when I said bullshit, I mean paps and picture taking bullshit

I am leaving this for a few days

Bette said...

Woah FL where is that pic from? I mean the source of the pic, not the house address. Though I could probably make it out in one of those pics. How sad. I hadn't seen it. That is so creepy. I didn't know they got pictures of them at the house after the restaurant. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I found that pic creepy FL, In a way I am hope she has gone to a hotel.

sheba baby said...

Geez FL that picture, nowonder. What a nightmare for the kids, Jake and Reese are used to it but I noticed that recently there seem to be less pics of Jake and the kids and Ryan and the kids out and about, with the exception of the week leading up to Fathers day.

I think it was deliberate on their part and especially with Ava, I noticed it more. The British paps are just as bad and probably worse that the US paps.
I don't think I have ever seen a picture that close up of a celebrity home, even a one rented for a month or so, that's not only intrusive but dangerous as well.

I would hope that Jake would find other living arangements as well, hopefully they can together find another place with privacy.

FluorescentLamp said...

Okay, time to move on to a new post.

See everyone there.