Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lloyd's of London

While he's in London, Jake Gyllenhaal might want to make an appointment with the lead insurance agent at Lloyd's to enquire about a hands and fingers insurance policy. Every time I see a photo of him clutching two cellphones in one hand I think how important those hands and fingers are - to him, to us, to the entire population of the planet.

Oh sure, laugh if you must, but there have been others who have done the same. For instance, while Britain's skiffle craze was on its way to influencing The Beatles (who themselves were insured for $1 million on their first American tour), a washboard player named Chas McDevitt protected his own career by insuring his fingers for £5,000. Unfortunately, he didn't think to insure the popularity of skiffle, an early form of rock 'n' roll that eventually melted away.

Surely, what with inflation, Jake's fingers could be insured for more than £5,000, couldn't they?

Just the fact that he's able to extend his freakishly long thumb and flatten against the width of this palm must be worth several millions, shouldn't it?

Shouldn't those fingers be further insured so he's able to safely (and seductively I might add) rake them over his not-yet-insured perfect lips?

What if he accidentally bit into his own finger while brushing it across his lips? Not to fear, Lloyd's of London has it covered!

Jake could also find himself in amongst this eclectic trio -- Liberace, French pianist Richard Clayderman and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards -- all of whom insured their hands.

Here's the number, Jake. +44 (0)20 7327 1000 Call them.

Photos courtesy of IHJ, and other places.


Bette said...

LMAO You win FL! It reminds me of all those comments on that other site about his fingers.

FluorescentLamp said...

Going back to the conversation at the end of the last blog post, I really don't think Jake and Reese could have been aware of what type of paparazzi coverage they were going to receive in Notting Hill. They'd have to be psychic.

They stuck it out for a few days, realized the current situation wasn't safe, especially for the kids, and moved to correct it. I think it's what any parent would do.

FluorescentLamp said...

Bette, I won't lie, I read those comments, laughed a lot, and then thought "hmmm...there's a post in here somewhere." And here it is. :-)

UltraViolet said...

Hee - great post, FL. And forget Mary Hart. Or Michael Flatley - ick. Lloyds definitely has to protect the Gyllenfingers.

UltraViolet said...

And you know, the lips might need a separate policy :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Ohhh the GyllenLips. No add-on rider for those lips. Yes, a whole separate policy for sure. Maybe worth even more than the hands and fingers policy.

I once saw Michael Flatley in LotD. He was truly amazing. Ego the size of Europe, but the man knew how to step-dance better than anyone.

Vicky said...

Great post FL.
More pics of Reese shopping today Here

Is that Mr B with her?.

Bette said...

I love this pic. It cracks me up every time. I know she's yawning or something, but it's so funny.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think that's Mr B. It's nice to see Reese out and about, despite the crappy weather and the need for a bodyguard :(

Reese gives good pap pics - she makes some funny expressions!

Monica said...

Hello, Gyllenbabble!
The His lips are perfect!
Bela choice of photos!

The Maggie is not officially married with Peter?


josie said...

Ahhh, the gyllen fingers, i have always had a bit of obsession with those long fingers, love the post!!

Don't think that's Jake's BG, I saw him in the pics yesterday of Reese and the kids.

I love her funny faces too, and her smile despite the crappy weather.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, the Maggie interview you're referring to, I think, is basically cut and pasted from a bunch of old articles. But I've always doubted whether they are really married.

shondra said...

That dude is her BG, if it was just her driver he would wait in the car, he does look a lot like Jake's BG.

I'm concerned with all the chatter about her moving the kids away from Notting hill and the BG maybe something else happened, I hope not although that story has not been picked up yet and this blog says she went back to Jake's pad after shopping, although how would they know that?

The previous information may have been missinformaton to throw the paps off and have her shopping in another part of London but I would hope that they would find other lodgings.

I really like her in hats, she looks cute!

I always found Jake's fingers sexy....

bobbyanna said...

Lovely post, FL! I have always had a soft spot for Jake's hands...especially his lonnnng, graceful fingers. He has very sexy hands...

I'm not so concerned with where they stay. I'm sorry they might have been forced out of their flat, but I know that where ever they are, they are together.

That picture in the last thread of her going into her house was just beyond appalling. I had no idea the paps'd gotten that brazen!

The four of them had about 17 blissful days of a pap free life. it couldn't last. But they will be fine. Neither Jake nor Reese is a stranger to this aspect of their jobs.

Both of them are very intelligent, caring people who will do the absolutely best thing for the kids. The pictures from the Tate excursion look mostly like they were taken from a distance.

I have a feeling the kids have friends and activities and some kind of schedule while they are in London. A busy, full, fun vacation. I also believe that Reese and Jake's PR team is on the job as we speak to see how they can cool this situation out.

These two have taken the major step of living together. I really do not see that changing. Moving house might prove to be the best thing. They will just have to be very careful HOW they do it. It will have to be stealthy.;)

suvee said...

What if he accidentally bit into his own finger while brushing it across his lips?

Oh dear...... remember his poor mega-bandaged thumb from last year? I think you may have come up with the real cause, FL!

Reese looks quite cheerful and sunny in the PopSugar shopping pics from today IMO. And I adore her trench!

Great post, FL..... I needed a chuckle after my day at work. Many thanks!

bobbyanna said...

BTW: THere are a couple of
JakeFinger pictures that I wish you'd posted. The very memorable Venice Brokeback Finger picture and there's another one of Jake outside somewhere in a parking lot, maybe with a film festival credential around his neck doing some kind of FingerSignal?
I know I sound like I'm off my meds, but I know what I mean;) I only hope someone else will, too.

FluorescentLamp said...

Bobbyanna, there are at least 200 GyllenFingers and GyllenHands pics I could have used. Seriously. They are the first things I usually notice in a picture of him. But if I had started to post my faves, we'd be here all day. ;-)

After the initial shock of his ginormous eyeballs while seeing BBM the very first time, it was his long and lean fingers that caught my eye.

Agent_K, glad I could make you smile after a crap day. I know about those.

UltraViolet said...

PoP filming date confirmation from this Wall Street Journal article on the possible strike:

A spokeswoman said the studio also plans to begin shooting its live-action "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley, July 27.

agent_krycek said...

I honestly don't think the paps are doorstepping them, as there were no photos of them going into Scotts, what I think happened was they arrived, the call went out to the paps, they were photo'd leaving and then, disgustingly, followed home and that photo was taken.

Whether that Reese moving into a hotel for a few days is true I've no idea, although I could understand it if there were some hanging around, but as there's no photos of this, and believe me the British paps are ruthless, they will stand around taking photo's of Amy Winehouse out of her head wandering down the road wearing just a pair of jeans and a bra, rather then helping her, I think there would be photos of Reese, or at least suitcases, moving out.

Hopefully, the night at Scotts was just a wee bump, and things will settle down again. (BTW, Gyllenspoon weather watch - bloody raining again!)

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese's London lovenest tonight on The Insider via Ok magazine, yeah I know, consider the source!

The story yesterday that she and the kids moved out for a few days makes sense but agent k is right, the paps were pretty much there all day Monday and if nothing could be done to make them dissappear then I would asume they would be there the next day looking for their $$$$ shot, and yet there were none, just of Reese solo and Reese and the kids.

sheba baby said...

Great catch FL on Jake carrying 2 cell phones, I didn't catch it in the chaotic set of pictures! And speaking of pictures, what's all this about Jake appearing drunk on some blogs? He looked upset not drunk to me.

Yes Jake's long and sexy fingers should be insured by Lloyd's of London!

Thanks for the confirmation on Pop from the WSJ UV. I really don't think a strike will happen. I also think that Reese and the kids will head back to the states once Jake leaves for Morocco for filming.

I really don't know what's going on over there regarding their living arrangements and I don't see them staying at that place in Notting hill with no security (I don't know what picture I found more upsetting, the one with her at the front door of their palce or of the BG trailing her yesterday)and I don't see her holed up in a hotel for the rest of the summer with the kids no matter how fancy it is so she either goes back home or finds another more private place.

The insider/Ok are saying London love nest and the other story isn't being picked up so far so who knows, she was spotted shopping in East Lndon yesterday instead of West London.

A place in Sheppard where the studio is would be ideal, i assume Jake is filming the special effects stuff there now.

agent_krycek said...

Are we sure that is a bodyguard and not just some random bloke walking beside her?

Spitalfields isn't particularly 'East' London, it's very central, just East of the City of London and very easy to get to from NH. I sort of doubt the hotel story, but if true I'd just like to let R&J know I have a couple of spare rooms and no paps round my house ;-)

UltraViolet said...

I think the bodyguard was in the pictures from the Tate, as well, Agent K.

According to Sky, this is the love shack.

They maintain Jake and Reese could do better. And maybe now that everyone knows where they are, they will have to.

brothers spy said...

Hey all.

I'm confused about something. Do you think they begin filming on July 27 or do they begin filming in Morocco on July 27?

Five weeks in London seems kind of long for just pre-production stuff. I also remember them saying that they would be filming three to four weeks in London and then six to eight weeks in Morocco.

If so, that would mean that Jake has already begun filming POP in the studio. Is this common knowledge and i'm just behind here?

BTW, if Reese or Jake are reading this blog, once production moves to Morocco I say leave London (and all the paparazzi craziness) all together and rent a nice little villa in Algarve (Southern) Portugal. It's beautiful, private and only a one-hour flight away from Morocco.

Think about it.

Off to work. Later.

agent_krycek said...

They maintain Jake and Reese could do better.

A three storey, Georgian town house in Nottinghill, at a rough guess and ignoring the state of the market, easily a cool £3 - £5million (approx $6 - $10 million.) And those houses are huge and gorgeous inside. We sold a similar one where I work, loved doing viewings there, all the gorgeous original features, beautiful houses.

Just a shame they don't appear to have rented in one of the gated cul de sacs round there.

chica said...

It reminds me of when that blog posted Jake's address in Columbia, SC , he seems to have no luck with that, maybe he would be better off staying at a hotel when he is filming.

I know he had Reese and the kids in mind probably, but unless you are going to get a place that is secure and private then a hotel would be better. That flat is on the street and it doesn't look like there is a back exit.

It sure looks like their place although it doesn't say Notting hill, it has been reported elsewhere in the British press.

I just hope things are settled over thee regarding and if tshe and the kids are at a hotel, then good for them,I would suggest Jake do the same.

I love long fingers on a man and Jake's are just perfect!

agent_krycek said...

Sorry to spam, but looking at that photo I'm pretty sure I know that street, which is entirely crap for them, much as I've joked about stalking them I obviously wouldn't dream of it, but if I can work out the street, and I'm not from the NH area, it won't be that difficult for anyone else with a working knowledge of London.

extra said...

I find it ard to believe that either Rees or Jake would rent that flat. I'm wondering now if that place was just a part of some missinformation, making people/paps thik they were staying there.

I bet they were/are elsewhere maybe a hotel or some other more private flat because i can't even see Jake remaining there now.

brothers spy, i assume they mean that filming will start in Morocco on the 26th.

Love his big blue eyes and long eyelashes,but there is something about Jake's fingers they are long and sexy!

bobbyanna said...

Maybe Reese is will take the children home to their father at the end of the month, then join Jake in Morocco.

Some how, I think they knew this attention was coming. I don't get the sense they're unprepared. The fact they have a BG tells me they have half expected paparazzi stalking for a while.

The BG was very discreet at the Tate and walking with Reese the other day, too, but I'm glad he is around.

Anonymous said...

Reese and Jake appear to be as popular as ever.

US Weekly has had three polls over the past couple of weeks involving them and they won each handily.

Poll #1.

Should Reese and Jake marry?

Yes 87.84% 14,237
No 12.16% 1,971

Poll #2.

Who would you want to go to a fourth of July BBQ with?

Reese/Jake 46.94% 117,123
Will/Jada 30.2% 75,370
Jess/Tony 20.12% 50,210
Tom/Katie 2.74% 6,837

Poll #3.

Who should have a baby next?

Reese/Jake 56.56% 38,699
Nick/Mariah 18.01% 12,326
Nick/Vanessa 16.09% 11,011
Paris/Benji 9.34% 6,391

Anonymous said...

The first poll came last week with the cover story about them living together. The second poll ran the whole long 4th of July weekend. The third poll ran yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I love the caption for this picture: Jake clears the way for girlfreind Reese in London on Monday:,,20210739_5,00.html

I really love Reese in hats, she looks adorable:,,20211416_2,00.html

Lemon said...

...there are people who want Paris Hilton to breed?

I'm amazed how people think that Jake's London abode is not that great. I bet that's one pricey pad (as agent_k said). Those old buildings are fabulous from the inside and surprisingly big.

Anonymous said...

The many faces of Reese:
The 31-year-old visited an edgy art gallery specialising in prints of street art, such as Banksy and other graffitti artists.

After spending 35 minutes browsing she left empty-handed and headed off for some fast food.

The Hollywood star, is reported to be living in boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal's home in Notting Hill while he films scenes for his new film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Reese is said to be taking a four month break from working in which she is travelling back and forth from LA to London.

She is rumoured to join Jake in Morocco when his film Prince of Persia moves production there

The first part is not news, but Morocco too? I thought she would head bake to the states.

sallykirkland said...

I fully expect Reese to be with Jake where ever he is. And vice versa. That has been the pattern consistently for the past year.

They are a couple involved in a very serious relationship. She and the children are a constant presence in his every day life, including the waking/sleeping part.

Those children appear to have adjusted very well to Jake in their lives. I am certain, that as a responsible mother, if her kids were not ready for this, it wouldn't be happening in quite this way. I'd bet Jake is someone it is very easy to like a feel close to.

As a couple, they've shown they will do whatever they must to remain together. They are both young, and very attractive, and certainly have the freedom to do anything they choose.

They seem very comfortable with the life they are building together and I find them completely adorable, even tho' I usually find that expression rather off-putting.

I find Jake's hands erotic. Just like the rest of him. Cute post!

Anonymous said...

I always assumed, given their 50-50 custody arrangement for the summer, that Ryan would take the kids while Jake was in Morocco and she would join him there on her own.

She may go back to the states for a time, and obviously to make the exchange, but after that she'd go back to be with Jake.

office of nancy pelosi said...

That's sounds about right to me anon., I expected her to visit him in Morocco as well.

I'm surprised to see where they allegedly are staying in London, it looks nice but no privacy.

I hope the weather is a little better today over there.

You can really notice his fingers in the pictures posted!

sass said...

TY UV and FL,
What a lovely post. Jake looks tired but happy and Reese, well, she looks like a very happy young girl. It makes me happy to see her smile again. And I know we all can appreciate the source of her happiness...lucky girl.
I am sorry they have to probably move, but I'm also sure they are happy together someplace in London with their children.
back soon:)

UltraViolet said...

Slow day! It's funny how quickly I got used to seeing photos again everyday.

Some of you might have seen this pop up today. A short (three-minute!_ clip of celeb sighting/stalking. Courteney Cox and Bono first, then a brief shot of Jake in a restaurant, then at the end, he comes out with Mr B. Taken in April in NYC.

Erin said...

who is Mr B??

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

I found the house beautiful and simple. An excellent choice.
Do not like to see the dissemination of photos of the house. That is dangerous.

Here on this site speaks a little about the price of houses in Nothing Hill:
Nothing Hill

Sass, is so nice to see you there. Kisses!

UltraViolet said...

Mr b is the bodyguard who was with Jake in Cannes and in NYC during Zodiac and Rendition promotion.

Monica, was "Nothing Hill" a typo or a judgment on the neighborhood? ;)

Monica said...

About the place they chose? Or on the site that posted?

About the choice of Nothing Hill, I liked. I found a beautiful and peaceful place.

If on the site, was just a note on the local.

Sorry, but my English is not very good

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, I was teasing because you said Nothing Hill instead of Notting Hill. Just one letter off but it makes a funny change.

And please don't apologize for your English. It is splendid, especially compared to my Portuguese!

Monica said...

Now that noticed! Heheheheheh

enigma said...

Anyone seen this Avon ad from Reese?

She looks stunning.

josie said...

Wow, she is gorgeous, thanks for the link enigma!

I was out and forgot to tape the Insider today, they were supposed to have a story about Jake and Reese in London, anyone catch it?

Erin said...

I saw the Insider, it was a quick blurb about Reese and Jake in London
very quick comment, you didn't miss anything

UltraViolet said...

Cheers, Monica - glad you got a laugh, too!

Thanks for the Insider report, Erin. I wondered what happened with the Insider report.Typical buoldup with not much follow through.

A nice article about Maggie, with a cute bit at the end, about her lingerie ads:

But, like with Dark Knight, the scope of the project — and the attention she'd get for it — didn't really register with Gyllenhaal until later.

"I didn't know how scrutinized I'd be. My brother called me and said, 'I'm in Heathrow, and there's a 12-foot picture of you upside down in a negligee.' People are really rough on you when you do things like that. But I had a good time."

josie said...

Thanks erin, typical insider "report"!

Thanks for the link to the Maggie article UV, I love her and can't wait for TDK. I liked the Maggie lingere ads, thought they were a bit different than the usual ads.

sass said...

I can imagine Jake telling Maggie about the 12 foot high pic of her in the lingerie...brothers:)

I appreciate the article on Notting Hill real estate...didn't know Jake and Reese had bought there...but I have been in love with the idea of living in the gated areas with all the parks and benches since Julia Robert's movie Notting Hill.

Reese does look great in the Avon ad...her heart-shaped face and almond shaped blue eyes are spectacular...poor it any wonder he fell for her.
I never imagined when I followed her Avon race a few months ago that I would pray real hard real soon to be one of those pink survivor ladies. I thank her for her courage and commitment to woman's issues and causes all over the globe. Jake's family should be over the top happy that he has chosen her.

Finally, to relieve a potentially maudlin mood that's coming on fast, I will post my favorite pic of Jake and Reese out and about at dinner. Jake is so da*ned big and deliciously broad of shoulder; Reese can totally disappear behind him...and of course he encourages her by always sheltering her and always protecting her when out and about in crowds. *swoon* lucky couple.

linked pic below.

Jake Reese touching his back *thud*:)

Erin said...

I hate to pry, I know its purely personal
but do you think Jake and Reese want to have kids together?

agent_krycek said...

but I have been in love with the idea of living in the gated areas with all the parks and benches since Julia Robert's movie Notting Hill.

It is a lovely area, the houses are gorgeous and the little squares are just lovely, one thing that has to be said for London, we do good parks (although Central Park in NYC takes some beating - love it), St James Park is especially worth a visit if anyone is every over here, not the biggest, but utterly lovely, and if you can get to Richmond Park with its herds of Deer, totally worth it. (And no, I don't work for the British Tourist Board :p )

office of nancy pelosi said...

Love that picture too sass, very sexy and calming because he did appear tobe upset with the paps.

Thanks for making it bigger!!

extra said...

Jake and Reese at the Eurostar in London on Thursday, you can really see his hair in these pictures!

Vicky said...

I was just going to post that extra, I'll make them clickable for you.

Jake and Reese Eurostar

Anonymous said...

Wow Jake looks super-cute with his long hair. I wonder where they're going.

Paris maybe?

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh my. That fake hair looks beautiful! Sigh...

Nipping off for a Paris weekend are we?

Jake needs you said...

Ladies it's time to represent.

US Weekly has an ongoing poll asking "who's baby would you rather have?"

The choices are:

Matthew McConnaughey
David Beckham
Pete Wentz
Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake is currently winning, but it's early. Go vote.

agent_krycek said...

Actually, I'm quite digging the hair, it's very manly and rugid looking, I was a bit scared of him turning up with some glossy bob for some reason - plus the smart use of sunglasses as hairband - trust me, there was no ofther need for sunnies in London yesterday

sheba baby said...

His real hair or extensions, I'm really digging his look!
Reese's handbag is as big as her!

A little trip to Paris for the weekend? Like last year??

agent_krycek said...

I'm wondering if Ryan may be over here at the moment and have the kids, so they're having a quick weekend in Paris *is jealous of Paris trip, it's an age since I've been*

Erin said...

Ryan was seen in LA this week, X17 or some crap like that had pictures of him out and about

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of the fact that when Reese was spotted at the International Terminal of LAX the kids weren't with her, yet the popped up in London. Maybe this is the same case.

UltraViolet said...

Extra, extra - new hair, new post :)

Thanks for posting the link, Extra!