Friday, July 11, 2008

Let the debate begin

New pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal leaving London this morning will allow us to investigate, speculate, postulate and hyperventilate to our hearts' content on the world's most burning and controversial topic: Does he or doesn't he?

Have extensions, I mean!

And here's one from Paris:

And remember: scissors down, people. And try not to hurt the Gyllenhair in your investigations! Meanwhile, I'll continue to enjoy Paris vicariously.

(Jake pictures courtesy of IHJ; Paris picture courtesy of Flickr/ancama_99.)


UltraViolet said...

FYI - I have no idea how scurrilous or sensationalized it will be, but E! is showing a True Hollywood Story about Heath, tlnight at 9:00 EDT.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm not at all familiar with the use of hair extensions, but why would he be wearing them when he's not working?? My vote is for "his own hair".

Erin said...

( I think that is his real hair)
however real or extensions

I wanna run my hands through that beautiful dark hair, getting all kissy and passionate just grab the lush Jake hair and go wild

what woman wouldn't

bobbyanna said...

"Bobbyanna, enjoy the documentary. Do you want to erase the pics? So you can think of something else?"

Ohhh Nooooo! Never erase!

I think the stuff in back is extensions, but the top and sides are his. He has an abundance of hair all on his own, but the length in back just couldn't be grown that fast...but since this is Jake and he is...very hairy... perhaps it is his own. Can you imagine him shirtless and unwaxed...I tremble...OK. enough. I'm fine.

I'm wondering. Does anyone think his new look is affecting his attitude? Like, maybe he is more bad ass?

Gotta go. I hope Johhny Depp will help calm me down.

Erin said...

Just thought of the chest hair and new wild look, what it must be like to unbutton his shirt in some passionate manner

My naughty little mind...

He still has the chest hair, no waxing yet
I am on Jake chest hair alert ;)

paula said...

The back looks like extensions to me, but like anon. says, why would he be wearing them if he isn't filming unles he was told not to remove them??

UltraViolet said...

First Paris sighting - no real details:

We saw Jake Gyllenhaal shopping in Paris today. Yes, the Brokeback mountain hottie.

sass said...

Jake's Hair is so beautiful.
Be still my heart...TY:)
I'm watching the 'E' channel Heath special, ready to turn it off at the first offense. So far so good. I think I may have to watch this special in small's on again tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM EST.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the heads up on the E special on Heath UV,

Looking at these pictures again, i vote extensions, still looks hot!!

First Paris sighting, Paris city of romance, yeah the kids are there but still....

suvee said...

Pardon my French, but..... Holy S**t!

If you had told me last year that it was possible for Jake to be even more gorgeous and sexy, I would have said, "No way!". Well, these pics prove me wrong. I was a little apprehensive about the long hair....... boy, was I wrong! He's not called the "Much Loved Sexpot" for nothing.

He looks like a sexy, intense, bad ass man. And hyperventilating is not the only physical reaction I'm having here! ;)

Bette said...

hah Much love sex pot is right. I really dig the hair, in fact I think he looks downright sexy in this shot. He actually doesn't look that annoyed with the paps either. I like seeing Jake so happy and it's obvious that Reese and the kids make him that happy. I was worried about him balancing out having such a huge career move on his shoulders with what has become his family, but it seems like they are doing it very well.

Can they get married yet?

Anonymous said...

Hair extensions? I think not -- 100%. We know Jake can grow his facial hair out rather quickly for roles -- like Brothers in the past. The boy has just stopped getting --for now--his fabulous movie star haircuts (which I adore) and his hair is getting naturally long for his Princely role. I assume when they go to Morocco to really start filming the move stylist would trim it up some. It would wild and fabulous on Jake, so I'm gonna enjoy it even though I'm most in love with his normal sexy style.

Anonymous said...

Jake's been doing green screen in London. His hair will probably look the same for filming in Morocco. This is how the PoP will look. Altho towards the end, and in the sequel if there is one, his hair may be a bit shorter.

I absolutely agree. I didn't think it was possible for Jake to be any sexier. Now I have a feeling he is just going to keep getting better and better over time. I think we can expect at least another 20 years of Jake just getting more and more sexy.

mustthinkofaname said...

I vote extensions. Nobody's hair grows that fast unless they're superhuman.

Er, wait. Okay, maybe it's his own!

Anonymous said...

It would seem that with trains there are any number of stations where they could have boarded. So I am curious as to how the photographers knew to find them there. I have a bad feeling they were tipped off.

Erin said...

Jake has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen

wow, side view of the lashes

agent_krycek said...

I'm voting real hair, just because the colour matches so well, and for some reason I expect his hair will be darkened when they start filming. Lucky Reese, a completely ripped body and that hair - yes, I know she loves him for his mind!

I'm thinking Euro Disney is on the cards cos they've got the gorgeous kids with them. And the whole Jake/family thing - just *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I say real hair, but whatever he looks GOOD. Acording to someone on IMDB they have been Rehearsing for the last 2 weeks.

agent_krycek said...

Some one's posted a close up of one of the side shots on IHJ, and I'm now leaning towards extensions - which may blow my darkened hair theory out of the water - can you dye extensions alongside real hair, as it all looks like his natural colour (don't know much about extensions, never used them)

Right, I'm off the China Town to buy some serious Dim Sum and a steamer (just to be a bit random)

Anonymous said...

I thought extensions were real hair? So you can dye it all together.

chica said...

I was going to say his real hair, but the back looks like extensions to me. Since they were filming for 2 weeks according to that poster on IMDB perhaps the back of his hair are extensions and he is wearing them in between filming.

Someone on Jus Jared (yeah I know) claims that Reese has thekids for July ad Ryan in August which would suggest that she wil be joining Jake in Morrocco.

I missed the E story on Heath last night but they repeat it again this morning at 11:00.

Sunday Morning on CBS will have an interview with C. Nolan, director of TDK tomorow morning. He will be talking about Heath as well.

brothers spy said...

Whatever they were doing in England they seem to be finished now.

I think Jake is off until July 28th, when they begin filming in Morocco.

I suspect that they're on a two-week family vacation in Europe right now.

Anonymous said...

Michael Caine,on Leno, made it very, very clear that "at the very least" Heath deserves an Oscar nomination. He was pretty emphatic.He was obviously, unapologetically affected by Heath's death. Called it catastrophic.
And it was. At the very least, it was catastrophic.

agent_krycek said...

Classy guy Michael Caine, loved him for years.

I doubt they have finished over here, it wouldn't surprise me if they're just on a mini break, the Eurostar is really quick London to Paris, it's a very easy day trip to do so a long weekend, perhaps at Disney, is very possible.

brothers spy said...

The reason I say they are finished is because, according to that poster on imdb, the same day Jake left with Reese and the kids to France, trucks packed off all the equipment/sets they were using in London for shipment to Morocco.

Also, let's not forget that they were never suppose to film that long in England to begin with. It was only suppose to last 3 weeks or so. Jake has already been there for more than that.

sheba baby said...

I also thought that after Morocco that they would return to the UK to finish, but I may be mistaken.

If so it would be odd that they rented that flat just for 3 weeks, that could have stayed at a hotel.

It could be that with breaks inthe Moroco filming, they would fly back to the Uk as a home base rather than L.A. since it seems anyway that she may join him in Morocco as well.

I vote hair extentions!

Anonymous said...

This is from IMdb. They weren't sure if they were going to Pinewood or Morocco, and it sounds like they were rehearsing, not filming, maybe green screen stuff? If so I woould think they would have to go back to the UK for the interiors, exteriors would be in Morocco:

I've been working at ealing for the last 2 weeks where they've been rehearsing. I bumped into jake gyllenhall and gemma arterton on the stairs. The trailers have left, just today and I think they've gone off either to pinewood or morroco. I also mike newell - very exciting, but you cant speak to any of them or you risk getting kicked off.
I hope this helps your enquiry

Anonymous said...

The poster mentioned filming at ealing, then they were either going to Pinewood or Morocco. I know that Pinewood studios and Sheppeard studios are in the same area but they don't mention Sheppeard studios at all. I think that Disney has done at least weeks of filming already.

agent_krycek said...

I think they just mean the Pinewood studio at Shepperton - Shepperton is part of The Pinewood Studio Ground.

Wonder what they were doing in Ealing, which doesn't strike me as particularly Morocan in character :p(yes, I know, they'd have been at the Ealing Studios)

Shame, for me, they have to go to Morroco, but as we don't really do deserts in the UK I suppose I'll put up with it, Blackpool Beach was never going to really work as a stand in.

Re the long hair, I'm now totally wanting Jake to play Heathcliffe in Wurthering Heights :D

Anonymous said...

"I'm now totally wanting Jake to play Heathcliffe in Wurthering Heights :D"

Now, I want him to play a biker! Must confess. He does long hair MUCH better then Mark Wahlberg did in that rocker movie.
Too bad they didn't cast him in 10,000 B.C. ! (Just kidding!)

brothers spy said...

I think all they're filming at Pinewood is the green screen stuff. I could be wrong though.

It's possible that they were doing rehersals, training, and possibly some green screen stuff, etc. and then will film in Morocco for several weeks and return to England for two weeks of interior shoots. But I don't know.

I'm not sure why they'd go back and forth like that. Wouldn't it be more economical to just do all the England stuff at once, and then move to Morocco for that stuff? Wouldn't moving things back and forth like that create additional, and unnecessary, costs?

Also let's remember that Jake has been in England now for four weeks. Could they have been only rehearsing the entire time?

I don't doubt that they were rehearsing during the past couple of weeks, but couldn't they have scheduled some filming as well?

FluorescentLamp said...

I kind of think that pre-production on a major motion action picture with a huge budget would take at least 4 weeks.

Also, the brief bit of goss I received said they're still learning to do stuff, i.e., the horseback riding while weilding swords, etc. So not out of the realm of possibility that all this has been pre-production. We're just more aware of it since Jake moved to London to do it.

Anonymous said...

We also don't really know what all was removed to Morocco or why.

brothers spy said...

You guys may be right.

I still say that whatever they were doing, be it rehearsals or outright filming, in England is now complete and they are getting ready to move on to the next phase of production.

I also think Jake is currently enjoying a respite that will last one or two weeks before filming starts proper.

cathy said...

He does resemble what I imagine Heathcliff to look like, dark and brooding (in some pics), the long hair and the angsty expressions. I didn't think that was possible. :)

agent_krycek said...

There is a new Wuthering Heights film being made, Natalie Portman wanted to be Cathy and actively campaigned for the role, got it, but suddenly withdrew and copped a fair bit of flack over here for that (it might have been to do with the bad reviews her 'English' accent got in her recent film) - unfortunately Heathcliffe's been recast and it's not Jake - sad, I could totally see him with a Yorkshire accent, striding the Moors, tossing his hair and being all broody and slightly insane :D Actually, if they ever do a Marco Pierre White pic Jake could do that instead, although I don't know if I could handle extension and a perm :o (Apologies to those who have no idea who MPW is and have no idea what I'm rambling on about)

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, Agent K. I have to draw the line at a perm. I'm totally surprised at how much I am "taken" with his long hair. He is sexy, and rough looking, and really hot. But a perm would just stretch credulity. IMHO.

When I saw those first pictures of PoP, (including simulations of Jake as Dastan) I nearly had a heart attack. I have to find him believable...and I didn't. To say the least. But now, I am totally there. But I don't think I could handle a perm. I'm still worried about his Joe Namath mullet.

BTW: How in the world can people who have blogs or websites simply post some crap like:" I was out shopping and I saw Jake Gyllenhaal." That's it? You SAW him in the flesh and you have nothing to say? Bcz, my theory is that now they are on the move, the only way we can keep up, is if there are blogger sightings, especially on weekends.

brothers spy said...

lol bobbyanna.

I don't think Joe Namath had a mullet. I think it was more like one of those Jew-fros. I think Jake can pull that off being that he is half Jewish.

I would love to see Jake with a foo-manchu though. That alone is worth the cost of admission.

agent_krycek said...

Believe me bobbyanna, they do come back to London and I'm lucky enough to spot them, it will be detailed like you wouldn't believe :D

Perm's a bit too far, sort of frizzy and unkempt is a better description - sorry I'm a bit MPW obsessed at the moment, he's got a programme going on right now, plus I used to see him quite a bit when I worked in Central London and he had a resturant up here on Dean Street - the man has a very strange, mesmerising aura about him, put it this way, for those who don't know him, he trained Gordon Ramsey, and, apparently, used to make Ramsey cry and hide from him - they now hate each other.

The possible mullet scares me also - mind you, if I can get past the Jack Twist Porn 'Tash, I'm sure I can cope :p

Erin said...

if someone can help me with these links, here are some pictures of Joe Namath
I think Jake could really rock these looks

FluorescentLamp said...

I would love to see Jake with a foo-manchu though.

Jake's attempt at a Fu Manchu.

Of course they'll have to use shoe polish on it to match Namath's. ;-)

cathy said...

Mullets and perms? No way. But I love the long hair on him, he looks incredibly sexy, and I like a man who looks a little rough. You mean they've cast someone else to play my Heathcliff? ;)

bobbyanna said...

I love that picture, FL.

There's also another picture out here somewhere of Jake doing Fu Manchu. I remember it. He was driving a sports car and running his hands thru his long-ish hair. Black and white. OK. It was sort of a Fu manchu. He looked really dangerous. (sigh.)

Monica said...

Hello, Babblers!

In my opinion this is hair extensions! Impossible that his hair has grown rapidly!
Maybe he has not decided to keep the work to place every day before starting the film.
It was a execelente work!

I am crazy to see the special of E! on the Heath, but here in Brazil will only be broadcast on 23.
I will watch the film at the premier. I can not expect more!

extra said...

I caught the special on Heath on the E channel, nothing new was uncovered and it wasn't sensational. It's going to be hard for me watching the TDK when it comes out this week.

I think he is wearing extensions, and he looks hot as hell, Reese is a lucky woman!

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons the long hair makes him look so sexy is bcz he has a scruffy beard. It isn't a heavy beard,so I wonder if he will have a beard or scruffy look for PoP. I hope so, bcz that is why this whole look works, IMO.

sass said...

Back again, The Heath special was not bad. I saved the last few minutes for this morning... too teary to finish last night.
They talk with friends of his I'd never heard of...we hear how women just threw themselves at him as he was growing up...Duh?:) Of course they did, and we watch him propel himself out of Perth and on to Hollywood.

One thing I never saw until this special was the actual photos of the paps shooting Heath and Michelle with water guns and saying to him, "You spit on us."
Heath looks terribly upset and ran away from the scene. We all know he sold his home there and moved permanently to the states and Boerum Hill in Brooklyn to the delight of all New Yorkers.

NYC fell in love with's hard to describe but if you live here you know how that works and how it feels--to me it felt almost like how we fell in love with JFK Jr--the way Heath was respected when he was interviewed...he was regarded here as a a very shy man, with a huge talent and a beautiful family. Those feelings come across in the special.

One of the pics they used to demonstrate his love for Matilda is the photo of her clinging to his leg while he drinks his coffee to wake of my favorite photos...all people interviewed talk about his great love for his much he missed seeing her everyday... but that he would pull himself together and go to work in relatively good spirits.

He was sick in London according to cast members and did take meds to combat his cold/flu and his insomnia.

I don't think I will have too bad a time when I go to see TDK next Saturday night...I get so involved in the trailer...Heath nearly makes my heart stop when I watch the trailers and I haven't seen the entire movie. Of course, now that I've written that, I'll probably sit in my seat and blubber for 150 minutes:lol:lol

Its just so strange looking at his true story on E and realizing that he is gone physically from us.

I'm happy to read that Michelle is making a film about Heath for Matilda Rose, so that she will know her father.

sass said...

this is for Erin....
I can't convert your pics but enjoy these of Broadway Joe:) I know why Joe chose Jake...he's going to be great in this part too.:)

Broadway Joe

Joe 2

Joe posed passing

LJRWfan said...

Looks like Im the only girl but I think its jake hair. Looking back at the pictures from june its not impossible his hair grew out especially if he trimmed it regulary that can also help to make hair grow as is the case with me. Plus when jake was promoting jarhead didn't he say that he had to get it shaved every other day or something cause his hair was growing back too fast. Here are a couple of pictures of jake from last month. I unfortunately don't know how to hyperlink the photos or whatever it is you call it.

josie said...

Good morning everyone!

I watched the E special too Sass, and you have expressed my feelings about it so well.

I really didn't see much of a resemblence between Jake and Namath but I do now, thanks for the links.

Several things I noticed regarding the recent pictures(I thik that's his real hair). That Reese and the kids are covering their heads and Jake isn't, deliberate? It does seem that they all are deliberately walking apart and Reese and the kids are covering up, Jake is up front, leading the pack and is not wearing his hoodie.

Maybe to focus on him and not them??
The BG is not Jake's old BG but one I think was hired for them in the UK, 1st seen early in the week with Reese and the kids and now traveling with them to Paris and the BG carrying special pre-prepared food I assume for Jake.

The pics looks like it's a weekend trip, they are all carrying their own bags but in the earlier pics it looked like Reese and Jake were walking next to other luggage, maybe it was their's or not??

Long trip or short i think maybe they took a break to have the Real estate folks over there find them a private, secure flat, I can't see them going back to the other one or if the kids are returning with them to remain in a hotel.

Erin said...

If you mean Jakes cooler??
he carried that cooler from the airport during Nailed to.

But I also believe he is eating a healthy diet, because when he was over on the plane to London the witness said he got a special meal

"Dinner time came and Jake must have requested a special meal as he was served first with something which wasn't on the menu. Perhaps he went low fat? Would he go kosher? It looked like a salad. That was all he ate. I wondered if he had a anti-jetlag plan. They say you shouldn't eat on sleeper flights. Or eat very little"

extra said...

Reminder: CBS this morning will have an interview with Chris Nolan, director of TDK this morning.

brothers spy said...

Possible Prince of Persia information...

I just heard from someone that the principle actors (Jake and Gemma) are actually moving on to Morocco this upcoming week sometime and they begin shooting on the 21st or 22nd, not the 27th as was first reported.

I'm not sure if he's reliable, but i'm in contact with him. I'll let you know what I learn.

shondra said...

Thanks for the info brothers spy!
It seems like the filming schedule continues to shift. 3 weeks in the UK at a different studio then first reported and now they are bumping the Morocco shoot up a week it seems.

It looked like Jake, Reese and the kids were planning a weekend in Paris, if Jake is scheduled to head to Morocco sometime this week maybe Reese and the kids will head
back to L.A. A little getaway before Morocco, I don't see her taking the kids to Morocco too, but I may be wrong. She may join him but probably after she takes the kids back home.

Once the shedule changed, their stay at that flat in NH was cut short to just a few weeks rental, once the kids joined them, they stayed at a hotel for the remaing few days.

Anonymous said...

If i'm correct, the distance from Paris to Morocco is shorter than the distance from the UK to Morocco.

If filming in Morocco was bumped up, and filming for the time being (I think) is done in the UK, then it would make sense that it was a 2 week rental in NH.

The UK rags would no way know what was going on behind the scenes and the adjustments that would have to be made due the the change in the filming schedule.

There was no mention of the change in filming at the ealing studio at all.

If true then it shows how much they want to be togehter as much as possible while he is filming.

agent_krycek said...

If they're going to Morocco early, that might indicate things have gone very well in the UK - and yes, Paris to Morocco is a shorter distance then London - Morocco.

I'm guessing this is a short, perhaps spur of the moment, break before Morocco happens - it wouldn't take a lot of organising the book some Euro Star tickets and head out - and considering how grotty the weather was last week I don't blame them in the slightest.

brothers spy said...

Like all tabloids it's possible that HELLO MAGAZINE got a kernel of truth right (that Reese and Jake were renting a home in Notting Hill) and basically made up the rest (the duration of their stay, etc.).

Perhaps like other media, they just assumed that Jake was filming in London all summer. We know that he isn't.

Who knows though?

But what anon 1:10 writes makes total sense. After all, Morocco use to be a colony of France, run by and from Paris. So it would make sense that they would move there while Jake was filming in Morocco.

Reese can stay there with the kids during the week, while Jake works. He can visit them on weekends. Then when it's time to make the exchange with Ryan, and she's on her own, she can visit him in Morocco itself.

sallykirkland said...

LOL!!! Goodness! All these opinions of what they're up to! OK. Here's my take. I think Paris may be the wind up of a lovely visit/vacation,EuroDisney, etc.

In a few days time, perhaps Reese, the nanny, the BG, and the kids will be leaving for home in L.A., and Jake will be heading to Morocco.

There might even be a few days or a week of quality time for Reese and the kids to have the Grandparents over for a visit.

Then the kids go off to be with Ryan at the new house, and Reese makes her way to Morocco. That seems to make sense. But who knows!

Vicky said...

New pics Here

Anonymous said...

Thanks, vicky. Does he really think he can "disappear" a face and a body like that?

agent_krycek said...

Thanks Vicky. Jake looking quite Parisian for some reason.

BTW, if anyone is wondering why there were so few photos of the kids over here, the British papers are dreadful in a lot of ways, but there are strict laws about photographing kids without the permission of the parents. Until she went to the US I had no idea what Kate Moss's little girl looked like, because her face had to be pixlelated out of all photographs - Jude Law insists on the same with his children. Although a couple did appears on the net at the museum there won't be that many taken, because they're of little use to British publications, which does tend to stop things like the airport debarcle from their recent holiday.

Erin said...

that bodyguard looks like he is tough!

Jake with his little hat on :P
I sense he doesn't like the new hair

josie said...

Thanks for the link vicky! Yeah I say he isn't comfortable with his hair, he wasn't aware of the paps in the eurostar pics.

They don'tlook too pleased and i don'tblame them.

I love how he blogs think they are going back to the UK to continue filming unless they no something.

Erin said...

I feel a lot better now seeing that burly big bodyguard ready to kick ass for Reese and Jake :p

paula said...

I hope the presence of the BG doesn't mean something else. Hope they are enjoying their little vacation in Paris.

I love that they planned this time together around his filming schedule and i hope that the paps over there will leave them alone.

UltraViolet said...

Put the new pics in a new post. I hope we get some more :)